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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 2, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning welcome to the kron 4 morning news saurian job of the golden gate, but difficult those rings, which is prized, we have a look. a little bit of drizzling is about the door to many to windchill wipers no big changes in terms of the temperatures. slightly below average jump pictures. let us take a look at where that far is just to give you an idea what we're seeing this morning their first raptures some patchy fog streamlining river under the bay. question of the north bay as well. so it does look like fog at this point. as we head
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into 6-73 and continues to zepa fog fairly widespread in and of pushing into the dull stuff of making its way towards the central valley. for 10:00, until back a little bit will burn backed by the coast as we head towards noon. during temperatures 52 degrees did a sister, 50 half moon bay, 57 hayward, mountain view, livermore. 58 san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rolwarming up slightly temperatures are very similar to yesterday. down along the peninsula we're gonna see about 75 degrees for mountain view, about the same for redwood. 74 degrees for hayward. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. desire real show any big changes, tuesday, wednesday,
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thursday, friday mild weather started: opposite head towards the end of the week. tempters are below average for the timing at the end of the week well below average. warnke with erica. >> traffic is nice and light ride a construction boom because traffic is so light it narrowly from. bay bridge toll plaza calls are staring on by. we do want to tell you about some overnight construction in effect and both sides of treasure island. the two left and lanes we closed until 5:00 a.m. because traffic is so light it is just a minute ride from the macarthur maze to san francisco. golden gate, and no cars on the road a very nice come easy commute as you make your way. 21 minutes and your ride from the robertses san francisco. highlights 37-5808 minutes. wrapping up with a lot better maps nervous around 800 is)
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meets 92 the detour is in place. this is only affected of ibm. james. >> thank you, a new story for you this morning a judge now is expected to issue a ruling and a labor dispute unrolling drivers and management for ac transit the union representing drivers c,gv0v judge for an c,gv)p management from continue to oppose a new contract until an overture ravages to weigh in. transit officials have been forced to cut some roads to the driver's calling in sick union officials say drivers are not taking part in a sickout the management says 15-20 percent have not been showing up for work. a man is behind bars after allegedly warning into a bicycle is a light pole, and then into cars all this in danville several new sources are reporting that during driving suspect is the brother of a giant 04 alternate sure of. bridge camera does this happen. >> mn arrested and thenseveral
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charges including hanlon, dri causing bodily injuries police say he allegedly cashed their drug use driving into viceless, the christian, to other cars. he is being hauled hundred and $30,000 bail. >> of his new fire chief is starting this morning there will be busy day for him on his first in the job the city of san jose just cut 10% of its fire fighters do to its new budget deficit many of those later firefighters are turning in their gear, badges they did that over the weekend but a last- ditch effort the union tried to get them to rehire them by agreeing to accept cuts to wages, benefits dahlin has a look at the proposed concessions and the rest of the story. >> the union desperate to get the newly unemployed firefighters back to work all day offered new concessions to the city of san jose in hopes of
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helping save millions of dollars. here's one, on the firefighters will take a 5 1/4 pay cut the city's chief negotiator says that is still not enough he slams the only amount to about $4 million in savings this city needs about $10 million both sides hope to continue to negotiate. >> meanwhile a total of 49 san jose firefighters have been laid off all of them turning in their gear in their badges of the activity of the scene of the fire training center this happened over the weekend as fire fighters returning in all of their gear some of their colleagues showed up to lend some moral support. the layoffs firefighters average less than a year with the permit. dave guingona was there and talked about the emotional toll this taking. >> the chopin's was from the some foreign observers of the laid off for the weekend now is recovering and how to wait for the city to reject or approve the new proposal made by the
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firefighters union to see the movie returning to their old jobs or looking elsewhere from foreign. brigandine was emotional as he talked about his experience last week when he was in a crude the restored to recall what they your growth died. >> sitting back and forth on that situation after i know engine 30 the true that from the girl there no longer working today the girl that on the body she is no longer working today. the first truck driver unseen they're working today. when i go home, my first your engines will no longer be working today. it is a little rough. it is a little hard to taken. i drove said the city comes to some kind of agreements. >> him have 48 hours such records for invading a year in the job. >> if you were to place a wall
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near red are to go out for four more years. it is important that the bond accretive here with my other brothers and sisters and the online personnel who have become mentors to me there shepherdess there really tragic times. it is important to us to come back and continue that family that we created. >> all the futures drop in his career on nylon echoed the thoughts of many of his colleagues expressed his concern for public safety. >> when anything i of your phone but people might get hurt there could be live loss in the city and that scares me is it is an awfully scared everyone. >> just a few miles away this fire station now stands empty. this is our station 33 of the vinca done as thursday morning it's a now lies in the hands of san jose's city management san
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jose dave guingona kron4 news. >> ball of fire burning in southern california crews say they've gotten the upper hand on the fire smoldering your palmdale the road to have it fully contained by possibly tonight, that is a roll. the fire is 87 percent contained has burned 22 a. for loans, for about buildings have been destroyed lower temperatures have out firefighters knockdown the blaze this fire believed to the minister bert thursday afternoon by someone working on a car wheel. meanwhile to the list of the gulf of mexico today engineers have to pump mud and cement into the well to some of if that works that mud, would you consternate dean thousand four relief wells in three or zero feedings a leak. will sale of everything at that point. fisher and think that the government reopened area to early the fda says smell test on such and other sea life from the area revealed nearly triple
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amounts of tocsin for. if fishermen worried that there will lose money even the perception that the cuts could be orally or contain toxic this reference. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's go outside #give you a live look as we go see what differences there looks like. friday, kohl and as you heard from louisa it will be of a coal, nickel yet as we had towards the end of the week. if you miss the forecast a kron4 or another and coming up.
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and we're back, drivers commuting between pleasanton and milpitas now have their own age of the land to ever set for faster account will not attend a dollar toll credit if the date news towards the news succeed cirrus for slate said to open next month only solo motors will be required to play that role carfuls, hybrid vehicles and transit vehicles as those morsels will continue to have free access. the credits cannot be used towards bridge roles go.
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confirmation you can call 511 or visit participating businesses like saving from costco. a jet market headlines it looks like wall street will have the ground running this month with futures restrict higher on its first trading day of august. traders are riding in overseas rally the dow was up better than one under a point earlier this morning it will open a 10,00465 economic data is due out today includes a look at the manufacturing center. and also today the commerce department releases its reading on june construction spending the market broadly site router is backed up and running after being out of commission for a few hours is too big. santa is based company says it was nothing more than a means but it did affect roughly hundred million users around the world. is the economy heading for a double-dip recession while the odds are that is not it is only been one since. with 15 million unemployed in economic growth slowing there are some economists fear it could be
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coming. their warnings could become self-fulfilling prophecies of different and that the bullet pulling back from their spending. consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of all economic and activity and a thing of further rattle's consumers can undercut the economic recovery. new for you this morning lindsay lawman has been released from jail, but she's not exactly a free woman the actress was discharged road three hours ago or after serving 14 days of a 90 day sentence for violating probation she is now required to be given a three month stint in rehab thief she headed straight there from the jail house, her previous day was not unexpected although was considerably longer than 84 minutes that she found at the very same facility back to 2007 inmates serving time typically serve between 10-25 percent of their sentence. she's in riyadh this morning. back with more in
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a minute.
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got him out of the car, and held them and tell the police came. >> was the acting crazy? >> he was very much under the influence of something. he could hardly talk, is your big even deployed so obviously the impact on the car was severe and the air raid had deployed. he was still driving the car with your big deployed. they ask him what he was on he said it was c,gv)+ptno carrierringconnect 2
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recovering he'd been talking to the park alone kron4 is maureen kelly has the latest on the police are calling a broker, senseless crime. >> it was here at this covered stories near 19th and church the police say the victim before your occasion nell was walking alone in the park around 1:00 a.m. saturday morning when he encountered a group of as many as rodman drinking here in the park a few members of their group route to the victim, beaten and robbed him. one says that stopped the victim of " crimes in the abdomen, sides the victim fall of his attackers for half a block disorients the park, where he collapsed and was found present posturized
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rendered aiding 491 police detained seven people and ultimately arrested three hispanic males to young adults and one juvenile for robbery, attempted murder police say there's no indication that this is a hate crime just simply an increase of wrong place, wrong time. this is such workers and residents shaken from my concerns. >> it should be for in a denny's in some of the city. i certainly think of it as a fairly safe plays are not so sure now. >> a place tenants as folk rituals of the park like this and you're looking at are retained. will they will likely step up patrols and light of this incidents she does not consider doors park announced it is to be. even tonight. >> is a lot of cars, like restaurants. if you think about it there's a lot of foot traffic, but also for traffic to the buses. i would not call of unsafe. >> as we said police are still looking for one other person in
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connection with this crime, we'll let you know. update on the forecast for this monday morning it is gonna be rather cool week ahead. good morning louisa. >> below average today, tomorrows world. temperatures will be clobbered on through the week. san jose, little bit dark. but we are dealing with a little bit wrong this morning 58 degrees san jose, noon time getting a 73, at the jail lot warmer than that and then back down again and the clock tower. satellite pictures, you can see is pushing rates down through the gates, and to the north bay down the east bay. san jose degenerative brain, a lot of a peninsula to not getting as much about fraud, barbara along the coastline through downtown quarter fog. 6:00, barack still continue to see widespread fraud by the time we had a greater
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crop will keep showing back this month roberts and the courts will give it lifting out. you can see it as falling backward along the coastline by the afternoon 52 san francisco about the same redwood city upper 50s and oakland, hayward said they same story. 58 san jose, 52 los gatos. adn said orza 77 napa. 78 novato, 86 fairfield. redwood mid-70s, could get to that ada done in places like los gatos. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. no big changes are this week a gradual cool down by the end of the week temperatures are going to become well below average. erica. no drums on bridges, or in the construction traffic is so light it will not affect your drive one good. they bridge road
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was the inaugural occurs on or address run towards the city off the light is shed overnight construction is in affect a broad directions of 80. the two latin lanes are closed and 05 a.m. but again not affecting dry thyme 1 dead just eight minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. elected directors san mateo, traffic is little the decker, still a pretty easy ride nonetheless, new directions george foster city the bright lights making their way into hayward just a word pro minutes from and to end. as you make your way towards half moon bay, one way traffic control and a factory in maine in the creek that is an effective 6:00 a.m., golden gate no problems in overnight construction nice, easy ride traffic is moving at a memory now we want to wrap broke with a shot of the suspects, 101 you can see traffic is moving just fine and broke the northbound insult from directions. james.
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>> today more monsoon rains are restricted to hit pakistan and area's are devastated by floods. 1000 people have been killed and 30,000 are stranded millions have been affected in some way or another. >> the simple structures in the side of pakistan were no match for heavy rains and floodwaters. >> two or three bedrooms all those things are some in the waters. distribution is difficult was raised, bridges washed away. thousands are stranded efforts to assist have two major fronts. it's a risky operation, as well as an aid operation, >> related stories in sorting of killed done since in afghanistan since thursday. and military
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advisor when out on a rescue mission and does not everyone was friendly to you as an afghan interest. >> some of the folks were in fact tom band. he hopes it won hearts and minds and this kind of questions would sway their them towards being a loyal to the government of afghanistan. >> kron4 news. >> are rabies epidemic has proved to the indonesian island of bali as past of infected dogs or receipts that are been 78 deaths in the past three years if officials have killed about 200,000 of those dogs for their visitors approach is more to rexene and several countries have issued warnings advising the people to get free storage trees reconaissance. if china lost its and shelley did the space. churchill's part of the
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speech and fro. the devices monitor national disasters public security, transportation the system will be capable of providing global navigation services for the year 2020. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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to ukraine's air being live from the port of oakland to the port of boston in massachusetts this
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morning to local flood has called in to the head of metro story buildings will depart on a barge schedule the 10:30 a.m.- they were used when the alimony air. there accommodative bypass safety issues each screen is made of straw hundred tons of steel and your brains and oakland have ready been installed replace them. this distortion will start today at the west for a musician to help customers access it more quickly. construction will start raising the westbound erection and only one variegate will be open the construction will last wednesday in the entire project at all underground stations is expected to finish in the next three months the city of san carlos has received a $2.2 million grant. it is designed to
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improve pedestrian and bicycle access to present, jobs in the side of the city. the improvements or expected to make the area more livable and safer for residents, businesses staying on the topic of transit here in munich kron4 stanley roberts looks a complaint on toll takers in this edition of people we regret the. >> to whom may concern i received it toll evasion revelation. >> that's our letter was addressed in the lighter air crest was made for the falling evans the first name of the ford probe black shift supervisor their current shares rose a charter in order and the shiv servers disciplinary kron4 record now you might think this is an accident investigation, lawsuit for something more serious. but it is not. it is because the driver pulled up to
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the road with only $3 and then receive the television there as in the mail. a foot in the public records request for complaints against bay area toll takers excluding the golden gate bridge. i received dozens of complaints about toll takers will also found something else going to documents. drivers be giving badly. for example, in one letter his complaint >> by german standards, the papago and to will the star known management it would not a record of the problem of structure its third director they're playing. all cards are doing this is another option. >> it turns out the jurors in a fire truck plant. >> another written complaint the jurors upset because towed it or not is up and vocalizes a roll. >> when i was crossing the bridge i give the jurors and $4 and change and one of the corn is all but there was consensus on topers and said the close non-american. >> your reuter toll collectors were gloves, a source in assays
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be to me a driver wanted it told baker ahead road dog waste. now that's really behaving badly. tonight our special edition of kron4 news at 10:00 p.m. i was sure use some of the complaints filed by drivers against world figures and the next edition of people behaving badly. >> love you, understory eddying in manila said people beginning of the alabama. will you back to normal lens in a moment. quite cool down and saw for the weekend ahead. and live look better golden gate camera no traffic to speak of easy commute.
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438 m a look from our rooftop camera in san francisco with low clouds, fog, cooler temperatures and will be in that trend all weeks. >> do i get the sense the you're getting a little sick of this? >> knows is that weird that is
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this: august. >> in fact be about a string of coal mines, as we head into august and seven of the coal mines like this it would discontinue. to declare around this area regencies and temperatures more than this. more fog commager's love to go is no big changes in store for this week most of the day's lows a pretty similar to what their stay below average temperatures but there is a cycle them by the end the week. here's a look your satellite picture, giving is ideal for the fog is. pushing on to the grade in north their portions of the east bay. we are seeing a good amount of clearing along the peninsula to some patchy fog down on morgan help. 6:00 a.m. staking a number of it is you never drawn to the delta and the central valley. it o'clock, we're so busy low clouds, fog of their it will push back to the coast as we head towards about noontime. temperatures about 52 in san francisco, 57 for livermore, hayward and around you. 55
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fairfield in concord. a decrease in rosa hall of resume mr. novato 62 your afternoon-7 cisco. dunnage redwood city same story for fremont, monday. 86 for antioch and livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing 80 degrees for an afternoon high at some of the war was in an spas' upper 60s run the big blows is ridiculous, will continue as very similar temperatures or the next few days is like cool them with family and others da. sissy's at apprehensive to the crows. erica. >> the writer on the bay is a good with no real delays to speak of, and no real cars on the road address hundred city we do has awarded a construction to warning about him those corrections of your duron road.
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the to let them live their clothes of a live minnow. eight minutes from the macarthur maze this is consistent. in two san u make your way one way traffic control is in effect that is in effect a 6:00 a.m. but traffic is so light it is not too bad a problem. taking a look at the golden gate you can see just a couple cars on the road making their way into the city your ride from highway 378 minutes. we want to wrap up here with a look at our albany kem west of 80 traffic is moving well as golden gate and making your way towards the toll plaza. james. >> thank you, new for you this morning a judge now expected to issue ruling today in the labor dispute involving drivers and management for ac transit to. unions representing drivers as
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the judge this house ready for an injunction that would stop them from continuing to oppose the new contract until an arbitrator had a chance to weigh and. present officials have been forced to cut some routes because of drivers calling in sick union officials say drivers are not taking part in the six out of management says about 15-20 percent have not been showing up for work. and while new details a man behind bars now after allegedly running into a bicyclist hitting a light pole hitting of detergent and then striking several other cars all this happened in danville several media papers are reporting that the drunk driving suspect is the brother of a giant of four older needs. >> dan gomez theater say came entrance hall started his rampage are crushing the richard king was driving into a bicyclist was traveling south on dingell villard. investigators
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say he fled the scene and continued on as the other direction along danville boulevard were hit a progression sitting in a bicycle lane. the 23 road then swerved from repression to afford a contract he did not stop there he drove to rebel revenue and struck his label will driving on the sidewalk. police say he continued driving where he collided into lexus sc v. when he got to launch your drive that's when several witnesses took action, they followed him and blocked his truck so he could not leave the st.. >> a bunch neighbor's car around and got amount of the car, sort of held them until the police came. he was very much under the influence of something. he could hardly talk, his every get deployed soviet obviously the impact on the front of the car was severe. the the amount of
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high. >> is being held at the martinez dellums ridden $50,000 bill. >> seven days to fire chavis during this morning and will be busy for state for him the city of san jose cut 10% of its reporters last week because of the budget deficit many of those firefighters turned in their gear, but is over the weekend but a last-ditch effort their union did try to get them got rehire them by agreeing to accept such to wages and benefits it just wasn't see enough for the city. doll land has a look now at the pros concessions and the rest of the story. >> the union says those new concessions should allow the city to bring as firefighters back to work with the city says no the cuts are not deep enough. the union is as rigid is unemployed firefighters back to work this year morning the new residents of the city and a proposal which he thinks will help san jose's save millions of
4:36 am
dollars. do we believe that the sleazy have the money in place zero jobs. here's some concessions all the firefighters will take you far recorder pay cut. reduce retirement benefits for new hires and buy new defier miles to savor and overtime costs. we think it is as real solutions and it goes into areas not on the instructional reform but in the form of were to bring key concerns of the city in the frost and is partially because the floor model is designed to save millions of dollars. the city's chief negotiator says the numbers do not and that explains all the cuts amount to about foreman dollars in savings from the city needs to save $10 million so big gap there. the city four as of the reducing retirement benefits for new hires will help san jose save money in the future. the kitchen needs money now. the city negotiator says there's no guarantee in new deployment model will work, no one knows how much overtime money it will
4:37 am
save. right now the proposal is a rollicking good. the negotiator says he wants to keep talking to the union and hopefully come up with a compromise this city's says to rehire these are rhetors the union needs to accept its 10% pay cut. >> we're still hopeful an agreement will be reached and again to the extent that it saves money that can be used to retire this for reuters. the city will still look good this is a union proposal there would like to service that gives the buyer have both rivers bart to work. da lin. now to the latest on the wild fires burning in southern california crews say they have now gone in the upper hand on the fire they hope to cover fully contained threats night. the fires 87 percent contained it was burned over 22 a. in the high desert terrain from scalfaro buildings have been destroyed higher humidity
4:38 am
and lower temperatures helped firefighters get the upper hand the fire believed to been sparked thursday afternoon by someone's working our car. the latest of the gulf oil spoke live pictures from the gulf war and today engineers hope to pump blood, as cement into the well to syllabub if there were some that will use mud, cement to from do the really fall in the reservoir which is hours a feeding the leak that they say will see live up for good. fishermen in the area think the government reopened that area just a little too early will the sba says small tests revealed clearly traceable amount of toxins the fisherman are worried that they will lose money even if there's a perception that they're judged to be orally or contain toxic disbursements. a 13 year-old sacramento borings now safe and sound are to place it is more from a similar change into the kitchen table for several days. police responded
4:39 am
to a juvenile walking around the neighborhood hangout in chains. he was active role, this happened friday night the boy reported that his father, stepmother had changed in down to keep him in the house where he went gambling. police arrested the father and stepmother for cruelty to a child goes are in our own bill but the boys currently in custody of his biological mother. winslow and has been released from jail but she is not exactly a free woman the actress was discharged overnight about three for five hours of your december 14th days over 90 days and since. she is required to begin the three months did her stay is not unexpected although was longer than are 84 minutes that she stayed in that same facility back in 2007 in a serious time for nonviolent offenses to the between 10 and 20%. list of
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side, we'll check in on the ride for san jose at 92 is moving well. we'll get a full check of your community, forecast coming up.
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in merrimack, a check of your ride and san francisco are james lick freeway camera showing you those headlights headed off the freeway on the 101 and the peninsula moving well traffic to the lower deck is also moving their minute problems. news here traveling in the escargots mexico from the international airport got all little easier at least it will starting in november alaska airlines announced its flight will be available three times a week this service is scheduled to start november 20th as run nonstop ones it, but, they. spirit airlines is now the first church bronze doors for a carry-
4:42 am
on items. the cost $30 in advance for anything that must be stored in the overhead bin. if you wait till you chicken to play the jump to $44. the airline is hoping it will prompt able to bring less stop on the airplanes and lead to foster boarding anything of its under your seat is still considered free. michelle a vault well adapt better children nutrition today she will urge congress to rush legislation that calls for higher nutrition senate for school meals the chart of the egyptian ago will court choir and more fruits, vegetables, whole grains. less fat, less of the bill was approved last month. jury selection begins today for the trial of and and nicole smith the question is filed for bridgeport year's show most of them knows something about the models live, that's howard k. stern and two doctors have pleaded not guilty to a
4:43 am
writer with massive amounts of opium, said it is the judge says he hopes to see the jury sometime during the next today's fans and mark the anniversary of the grateful dead luncheon incidents as serious it jerry garcia died 15 years ago at the age of 53 croats celebrated with the music of their daughter crocker at the park. perseid growth in san francisco. we're going to take another break woo back with more airlines in a moment. here's a shot and was about 80 traffic is your approach to be bridgeport was up moving well no issue on the stand you're making good time.
4:44 am
good morning, monday morning here's a shot of the james lick. one of the places we're dealing with low clouds, fog. in fact we could produce a little bit of drizzle. out drizzle keep that in mind as he stepped out the door a. oakland is 50 degrees
4:45 am
noon 62, 67, but that the 61 8:00 p.m. here's a look to that satellite picture given an ideal for the fog is morning going gate is getting quite a bit of fog. struck his version of a long 1012 san fell even portions of santa rosa getting the fog this morning sent to san jose we will continue to keep it clear some gaps in the fog in the southern portions. 6:00 7:00, continue to widespread aid accord you could see receiving back a little bit by the time we hit about 10:00, clearing up to the north bay down to the south they bring back to the coast as we head towards noon time. 527 cisco 52 on last gatos. mountain view, san jose upper 50s. 77
4:46 am
napa, 62 is in a disco, 67 oakland, 75 redwood and mountain view, 79 san jose, 87 morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. mall whether continuing rebound through the week keeping the temperature is below average day. a gradual cool down as we head towards the end of the week to thursday, friday look to be the coolest days of the week well below average temperatures only topic guaranteed zero. lower 60s around the bay, a '50s to the coast. check on your monday morning commute. >> thank you overnight construction that i've been talking about is finally beginning to clara note with that said to take on over to the bay bridge, model orders the lead westbound we did have some overnight construction both sides of the treasure island but officially over, done with.
4:47 am
judson avert further 15 minutes or so, nice, easy ride is emitted from the foot of amazing to fremont. jumping over to read this in detail you can see it is still darker side still a pretty good ride nonetheless as you make your way. the israelites making their way hayward rain now never really prom though just drove 14 minutes for men to to end. golden gate just a couple cars on the road and a scummy easy ride it is rocky of their but so does the 20 minute ride from arrive from nevada to sentences group. looking at our maps we had some construction dropping out for no. but 80 needs highly-uncouth the slaves were closed the should reopen in a few minutes. james. >> national news, the latest political figure to support arizonas new crackdown is sarah pailin. the former candidate for vice-president colza a lot a good thing. she also criticizes
4:48 am
president barack obama for not enforcing a federal immigration law. >> as the company is our president does not have to go for all americans that is arizonans in this desire of ours to secure our borders and allow legal emigration to help build this country as was the purpose of our immigration laws never owned president will not enforce a federal law more power to them and 44 other states story in line to help support in state laws, state efforts to do wetter president will let you. since the passage of years on his immigration reform bill many people across the country have raised their voices for a against it one mexican-american family is divided. >> for 33 years the family has made friday night talk tonight. all seven of josephine is grown
4:49 am
children try to be here each week along with 11 grandchildren and eight great- grandchildren. >> we also reruns over, there's a lot of people their non- hispanic better friends and they come see how far we're of their family. >> on this that there is division. >> we of five ford. >> bridge against terrorism and. >> this large hispanic american family finds itself split on the intake a legal immigration law that has rocked the state. march this week with the protesters. we're worried that this is going to leave to preserve for filing. >> i think it will happen. i mean is so easy to see the cars again it is just such an easy way to say they're firmly here illegally.
4:50 am
>> it will be rough going, but i feel good it will be the best thing for arizona. the oldest sibling racial profiling maybe she says but something needed to be done. heidi think it's and held house and as of the immigration from torchmark once it is fast it will give a little bit of easy for the people more non-hispanic it will make the film more from the role rainout they think all the immigrants are coming in are coming in as criminals and their normal criminals. for those on the pros said their arguments and health care from she's concerned hartack supported services can be overwhelmed by illegal immigrants. >> tran immigration problems is affecting the state arizona's economy. the medical, the benefits for secure security and education. on the other side of the table it is really turn the mexican people into being like
4:51 am
the villains they're blaming us for the autonomy. it is a farce in the economy. but the redskins are not the problem. but no matter how eager the heated arguments get there will always be back the following friday for dr. knight and a family celebration that made this evening special for more than three decades. >> dance them in. kron4 news. >> other airlines is morning after keeping members of public and reporters away from our wording chelsea clinton is now sharing some select froze here's a few of them, this is a family parcelling out a few pitchers ed time. the onetime presidential guard married her longtime boyfriend yesterday in the posh estate in new york. we now know that chelsea war to their wedding gowns one for the wedding in the other for the reception. no word yet on where
4:52 am
the couple plans a honeymoon and of course that will be kept as secret. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's go inside, a love look froufrou slowly still cool temperatures will the cooler as we head toward the end of the week we'll have the look of the forecast coming up.
4:53 am
and we are back, here's a quick check this morning of your weekend box office leaders, first place for the third week general inception christopher nolan sci-fi thriller made more than 27 million earning turner million overall. the connate dinner for schmucks, a french from, steve rollins him red team up making $23 million. third place in the latest release spy
4:54 am
thriller salt. m 8 m 19 million. also attended mount tradition is that the night market is reborn incentives as those trends and district here is video of the opening ceremony saturday night said suffered refocus a while because the city's funding. it now will be open every saturday night to the beginning of our approach each week will showcase a new aspect of the chinese culture. foe's jet on the forecast with louisa. >> good morning james. in his look far down him kids see us this morning low clouds, fog in the along the coast fishing in real along the golden gate bridge feared we are doing a little with a drizzle of there. by noon time getting up to 58, high temperature 62 back down again. that started the triggers an idea of word is. a few gaps along the peninsula getting a
4:55 am
little better clearing down to san jose as well. you can see that fraud is forcing its way into the east bay and up to the north bay as well. petaluma duck the senate fell. 52 for san francisco, 58 degrees in oakland. 57 for hayward said they are perfect his as well. 52 years for were starters. sinners' a formal report. 62 for san francisco, a little bit breezy out there along the coast of the jews in the '50s. 57 for oakland, berkeley castro valley. warming it up to the mid-70s run fremont. further and the warmer spots 83 & broad valley the low 80s. mid-80s over towards livermore, and the act. 79
4:56 am
campbell about the same percent there and san jose. warmer getting to the upper 80s to morgan hill. 7 they shall now mild weather persisting agreed on through this work reached into the weekend as well. no big changes in store for this week, you can see a gradual cool down as we head towards the end of your work week sitting down into low 80s by thursday, friday those '60s around the bay '60s for the coast. james. >> thank you, we're trying to take a break, let's look of a few cameras in tran arrived first of san francisco you're seeing the central freeway those headlights headed southbound on 11 toward the peninsula will not prevent her problems reported by the chp easy ride from the city that the sfo. he disease until it's headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge we of nothing getting in your way as you make your way out of san francisco east on interstate 80
4:57 am
and live look from our golden gate bridge camera a little foggy of their in nothing thick enough to slow you down your visibility is still good enough that you're moving at the speed limit this morning no issue on 101. ride from highway 37 are due. here's the charter were sunday tehran the of the shot of the bay bridge from oakland traffic headed for differences gore as you can see everybody's attitude toward its avertin the issue there was some caltrans work a troubling shut down because that there to get the counter as we speak in just a moment from now smooth sailing with all lanes open. for 57 to take a quick
4:58 am
4:59 am
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and mayor back time as 5:00 a.m. a top stories that is our judgment arose early as this morning on a bitter labor dispute between ac transit and their drivers. the latest on the division and possible delays coming up, said it killed bp will begin processing today at least the process to begin stopping the kron4 of silver good to of details on that street ahead. what you're receiving actress lindsay lohan release from jail what is next for the main roads are coming up. following weather to a sharp here early on a rooftop camera along the fog cool temperatures that will be the pattern again this week the reason is tracking them. >> it is a little windy yet there too. this is one of this was the we're dealing with the dense fog the golden gate, the fog is making four straight to the gate into these big, still without with a drizzle of the coast however as a major way to
5:01 am
the weekend against a live below temperatures rose again today. satellite picture giving an idea where that fraud is you can see making a portrait on to the north bay down to the east as well into portions of the southern portions of the peninsula. cosine getting some patchy fog making its way into morgan hill. san as it is valid to but. 58 oakland 57 and hayward. mind you, as the upper 50s 52 degrees for low starters. afternoon getting up to about 80 degrees for is a kron4 park, sonoma, san rosa. 78 in novato for today. peninsula little good show lawyer to san francisco 62 degrees above the '50s as he had towards the coastline. the crowds around the curves for most of the day. 67 berkeley and oakland. 72 castro. 86 her
5:02 am
pleasant din and livermore. 79 percent clara, campbell and san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. pretty consistent no big changes were you this week the only thing that we are seeing is a slight cold down as we head towards thursday, friday even when temperatures are below average rain now there will become well below average as a head towards the end of the week. we're really keeping it cool once again in other cool month for you as we headed the beginning of august checked and it you would bear cub. >> thank you. coal is restored in the driver to from we have no rooms or delays to report you will take a writ to the bay bridge for was that as you can see just a couple cars had westbound towards the city we had some overnight construction but that is over, done with. the minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze as you make your way toward fremont. taking a look to to read the golden gate, just a couple cars on the road i'd just rather reconfigure the
5:03 am
lanes so it is now for lanes as you make your way in the supper and direction just 21 minutes on your ride from the rotor and the city limits we will wrap coat with a look to the south bay, 101 in san jose traffic is a little thicker here but still a pretty good ride in both directions to a just world and it's as you make your way from downtown san jose at it as a career. james. thank you, a checked know of ac transit where commuters are hoping that delays and wrote council originally a thing of the past the judge is expected to assured they are delaying the decision as far as writing in the ongoing labor dispute the union asked for an intervention that would store management from continuing to grow in the kron track to an orchard has a two to seven the
5:04 am
city would set new proposals allow for the fire virginian has said in an effort to save jobs 10% of the city's rivers were car last week many of those layoffs refers to determine their gear, about this the union has proposed that all firefighters take a 5.25 percent pay cut reduced benefits for new hires. the city's fire negotiator says the proposal does not provide san jose with the money in needs to save those jobs for now and the higher the newly laid-off firefighters the needs to set its and percent pay cut that is the city's surgeon. the brother said the sister giant baseball player is now behind bars this morning church with the ride from a hit-and- run. to ensure rows the brother of and a zeroth hit a bicyclist a light pole and then to cars and then go before witnesses are
5:05 am
finally able to block him and hold him until police arrived. >> he was very much under the influence of something, he could hardly talk. his aircraft had deployed so he obviously the impact on the front of the car was severe. q. so driving the car with the air bag. as a call them up. they ask town where he was on, he said it resolved. >> well as he is being held in martinez go on through and $50,000 bail will have more on the story as it develops. now it's the latest on those boats they engineers hope to from mud and and cement into the well to still that for good if that works, mother and cement walls be pumped through the 18,000 for relief while to lock it all up permanently. fisherman think the government at may reopen their
5:06 am
fishing areas to are we. fda says the conducted some of us on fish and other sea life and it only relieved merely trace amounts, the refresh for assurances they will lose money if there's even the perception that they're cut could be morally or contain toxic disbursements. another story lindsay lohan has been released from jail which is now exactly a free woman gestures was discharged three years ago coming aboard four hours ago. after serving 14 days or 90 days sentence for violating corp. she is now required to begin a three month stint in rehab. researchers say it was not exactly unexpected although was considerably longer then the 84 minutes that she spent at the same facility back to 2007. in a sincere thyme are typically released after a blistering 10- 24 percent of their sentences and because of overcrowding. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:07 am
let us go by, a quick look better james lick for which camera traffic headed sat down on 101 moving without the much delayed. auburn is straight
5:08 am
5:09 am
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and mayor back, live pictures this morning of oakland verner's said again in five days straight their processing policies they say her workers and in danger residences. this is a five day strike these their workers at piedmont girtin's there's also workers said a grand experiments they say under current policies they could act to get fired for being out 65 or more days a year. even if their doctors know to the bargaining for a new contract since february and of course they're out there in force being very visible about their issue with their current employer we will fall the story this morning hopefully getting a chance to talk to some of those walking the picket line creek chicken
5:11 am
market headlines and looks like wall street is actually going to hit the ground running with futures moving sharply higher on its first trading day of august. traders are riding in overseas rally the dow was up better than a hundred points this morning in over the 10,00465 economic data drew today and looks at the nation's. supply management will release its july index and the car's driver or raised its rating on the june construction spending as well the micro plugging site twitter is finally back up and running. after being of service for a little while yesterday the census surveys companies as it was nothing more than planned maintenance but it did affect roughly 800 users are on the world. president barack obama said in the course for the nation's changing mission and rocked the president will speak in of that did the national convention of disabled american veterans there he will address the progress being made. the transitional force of 30,000
5:12 am
troops will stay on to train iraqi security forces and ride the security for on during urus syrian efforts crews have gone the other helicopter hand on that wild fire that burns near palmdale. this note carefully contained vice night the fire is 87 percent contained for homes, five out buildings have been destroyed in this fire higher humidity and lower temperatures did give firefighters the upper hand there were able to get the majority of this fire contained the fire is believed to been spared thursday afternoon by someone working on a car. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. more headlines come overnight developments late breaking news straight ahead here's a live look as we go, shot from the south bay 101 those taillights headed north on right by these seven into change.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
what a mess kron 4 morning news, time now is 5:16 a.m. a shattered said they, san jose, 101. temperatures around 50 degrees is ahead towards noon 73. high temperatures should problems and then as a writer on the upper 70's fact done again to 72 degrees by the o'clock hour. let's go red in take a look to your current tempter 52 for san francisco. upper 50s to places like oakland. then into monday, san jose temperatures in the upper 50s. 52 for love status. as we had during the day by endicott will continue to see 50 said there by noon of roe warm enough notice of this bill touches as the '70s. mixture of '60s, '70s by noon warming it up even more for your afternoon highs. a few eighties out there and some the inland spots also
5:17 am
just south of san jose. getting out to about 80 degrees that is the common number, for santa rosa, sonoma and 62 degrees since some of the disco. warming up in palo alto to 78. over to the east bay getting into the upper 60s. union city's 73. antioch, livermore 86th. eight easton san ramon valley down into a standard clara valley. the bradys in places like los gatos, morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. no drastic changes we're keeping that mild weather around temperatures today are below average. by the time we had the end of the workweek. check and a >> commune with their good> easy come a breezy conditions on our roadways with no major problems
5:18 am
to report will take care of such a the bay bridge to was that a couple more cars on the road is still a nice, easy ride as you make your way westbound. eight minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze towards fremont. over now to read your san mateo you did your conditions are thicker. still a nice easy ride no major from across band as him. major when he spent 92 the sand in the roadway due to an earlier accident caltrans is on the scene cleaning it up definitely look there for that. golden gate, you can see just a couple cars on the road for a. denies come easy ride 21 minutes from the bottom san francisco. wrapping up what they look across and traffic is the james lick, just a couple of nice and easy ride towards the city in mexico. >> 518 drivers demanding now have their own nature of the land starting today terraces i
5:19 am
never foster will get a $10 toll credit use on the 680 for slate. almost so motorists will be required to pay that troll carpoolers, however vehicles with a valid sticker as well as motorcycles will be allowed to continue using the age of the land for free. the credits cannot be used towards bridge rosa keep the mind from our formation call 511. or visit safeway and costs over more formation. construction will start today at the was prone muni station to install new fare gates emergencies speaking dates as well as ticket vending machines in all in order to help access the subway quicker using that smart card as well. construction will take place in the westbound direction will only have one for gate opened in the westbound direction and structure will last until wednesday the entire project on all nine stations expected to be all wrapped up in the next three months or so. two cranes are
5:20 am
being moved from the portable oakland to the port of boston. that will happen this morning this is pictures of a low profile-trained each one of these as a high of 12 story building. but though buoyed departing on a barge attend 30 a.m.. the grants were used when the air station was in service to accommodate flight paths safety issues. each train is mandatory hundred tons of steel and every been replaced and oakland with new brands of boston still uses these low- profile keyneses' of their with their to be put back into service. san carlos has received $2.2 million in grant money from the transit improvement project the said community transit project is designed to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to housing, jobs and the trends on the city's east side of the improvements are expected to meet the area liveable and safer. also making headlines and
5:21 am
the bombing administration says it will provide pakistan with $10 million in humanitarian assistance as it struggles to deal with the aftermath of miles of floods in the northridge this region of the country. the official death toll has risen to 1200 west your workers are still trying to reach 27,000 people trapped are these high waters. rescue efforts have been aided by a slacking of the monsoon rains that caused the worst flooding in decades. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. as you go outside will give you a quick live look from inner structure in oakland will have a live report coming up will city while businesses are walking streets.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., of our sixties around the bay low 60s along the coast. but some kind of hold on to the cold war forecasts throughout the week and back to market its and even cooler. we get things back above the upper 70's ladies in here wednesday, thursday gaieties try and find back into the '90s saturday. still a cooler than normal pattern for august. this the first week of august. warner forecast in a moment. state
5:26 am
headlines and 83.6 earthquake rattled king city last night. no reports of any damage or injuries. the jury questioning is scheduled to begin today and the drug conspiracy trial of and and nicole smith's doctors. the watchdog is considering how to regulate political appears to voters to come through a tweet, status update on facebook as well as give the buyers. a 13 year-old son from a bowl and it is now save practically say his father, stepmother change in down to the kitchen table off and on for several days. police responded towards of juvenile walking around the neighborhood handcuffed with chains around his neck asking people. that boy reported that his father, stepmother had chained down the kitchen table to keep him in the house fully with gambling. police then arrested the father, stepmother for false imprisonment and cruelty to to of both of released on bail. the
5:27 am
boy is currently in the custody of his biological mother. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here is a live look from our walnut creek camera will give you a check on current conditions, 56 degrees it will borrow to 68, a high
5:28 am
5:29 am
in nearby 5:29 a.m. new freed as many health-care workers at two nursing homes began a five day strike this morning. for testing policies that they say hurt workers and in danger residences. workers at heenan gavin say that they can actually get fired if they are out sick five days are more a year. even with a doctor's note. workers have been bargaining for a new contract news. let's turn to kron4 as jackie sissel was out there at humor in accordance. it looks like there and foreside jackie. >> dozens of workers from the
5:30 am
united healthcare workers serve your this morning in fact did is now started to dig opera on the block there protesting for route 30 minutes each jar was contract negotiations about 150 workers and all here red he mark burns both assisted living as is they say they're on a friday strike and they got here brittan early. >> did you find out or those the facilities at a business it is our days? today replacement workers? >> we're being told that there are fleas the workers and i'm gonna talk to those days manager in about five minutes so did a better idea of exactly what they plan to do the next five days. >> thank you. we will check back with him throughout the morning. also making headlines and the brother of san francisco giants baseball player is now behind bars charged with d u i hit and run. police say cane and sugar
5:31 am
halt hit a bicyclist, a pedestrian, light pole into occurs before finally coming to rest when this is action held him down till police arrived this all happened in general he's being held in the martinez still on the record $30,000 bail i have the google roadmap for the kind of what is now out the path that he serve, flosses danville, resume in and take a look it began on the boulevard, witnesses say he had a bicycle is there an anywhere further down structure pedestrian that is when he turned so and traveled up a sidewalk there knocking down a light pole and then continued on to linda mason were police say he collided repair rear of less tv and then went on that is sanders by her or from the able to call of the truck and hold him there until police arrived, is a wild ride
5:32 am
they're likely all of those people are in hospital. everyone is expected to survive. it is for this to be a story that we follow as it develops your update on the forecast. >> we're throwing the ball this morning, every morning and falls as we're so starved in this morning in the golden gate bridge seeing a little bit of drizzle at the close this morning no big changes in the forecast as we head toward the week we're seeing slightly below average temperatures those will continue to drop ever so slightly over the next couple days. fog tracker, pushing rates down through the gate moving up to the north bay along 101 to petaluma duck his nfl also fortunate sees this morning we do have a good amount of clearing. get a little bit much as far this morning in morgan hill by the 6:00 hour it will thicken up 8:00 it will start to
5:33 am
peel back ever so slightly 10:00 clearing up to the north bay into the livermore. we'll burn a backed to the coast as we headed to the afternoon. 54 degrees and then fell 58 oakland. 55 concord. 57 livermore. 52 los gatos. 50 happen in vain. into the afternoon 80 degrees for center rosa, sonoma. '70s through clearly in up to 74 in san mateo hopping over c-span upper 60s to berkeley, oakland. fairness to the fremont area getting into the mid-70s and over indians brought san ramon valley sharing as low 80s warming up and submit upper 80s further inland binges of san
5:34 am
jose reed and his santa clara valley looks like we'll talk about in the upper 70's. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. does not show any dramatic changes mild weather expected to continue cooling off dyslalia as we had resisted the week. erica. >> all is well on the roadways, still a pretty light ride around the bay area theater to the bay bridge toll plaza more kurds on the road that was on our last report still for the darker side of pretty good ride. leading lights are off nine minutes for the reason to fremont. if japan or to read this in detail from the conditions are a little thicker. no delays as you make to win the westbound direction sports' foster city. conditions are pretty good is to make your way into hayward. he spent 92, we now stand in the roadway currently causing minimal delays with caltrans is currently working on a from. over now to the golden gate, more cars on the roads and careless of still pretty good condition did you make your way towards the city here red from highway 37 is a
5:35 am
sure, eight minutes. a quick peek at the creek. darker side but a pretty good read unsexy 0 and was barred to far is still see no delays. james. >> thank you, san jose is a fire chief is starting this morning it will be a very busy day for him as the clocks in, the city of san jose does cut 10% of its firefighters last week because of huge budget deficit many of those laid off firefighters did turn in their gear, by jews over the weekend. in a last-ditch over the union did try to get the city to rehire those rare artists bay agreed to exempt but to wages, benefits kron4 stahl and is a closer look good rows concessions. >> means desperate to get this newly unemployed fires back to work the union offered new concessions to the city of san jose and hopes of helping it did millions of dollars here's one of the concessions all the firefighters would take a 5 1/4 to take care. the city's chief
5:36 am
negotiator says that is so loud enough though on the amount to about $4 million in savings this city needs about $10 million both sides hope to continue to negotiate. >> another developing story we're following this morning ac transit riders could be in for another day of delays this morning it judges as for to make a ruling on the ongoing labor dispute between the. agency and its the will trent has the latest. >> the buses are starting to roll out of the bus line, add this one is too early to tell how many busters might be calling in sick, as soon as i find that the numbers so give an update. ac transit said it the judge lives the contract there is a chance that there might have to do layoffs and eliminate all weekend service. the union says though drivers are not staging a sickout, they're getting used to a new schedule in new roads. that they do not plan to do any stories no matter
5:37 am
what happens. reporting from revell will tran, kron4 news. >> today engineers helped pump mud and cement into that well to cell that as it works much as the men would then be prompted for any team doesn't relief well into the actual reservoir that is feeding the leak that they say will kill a well, still that permanently. federal officials are being criticized by congressional flannel for allowing bt to use such terms as gold disbursements. is a church for officials in bp to nine. >> we all were tellers to not use any more that we had to, it is a very effective tool and help fight this bill these are all trade-offs and one of the things we did not want to see happen is it reached a solon and things affected. i know people are worried about that but we'll be here. we're not in a pack
5:38 am
ups. >>. local, state, federal as officials of all the effort. quick break, we'll come ardmore halides we're following the latest weather. albany camera, as a talk about that it will be cooler again today and then it will remain cool for the rest of the week, here's a live look from 802 albany the eschar as you approach golden gate fields moving well. an update on you approach golden gate fields moving well. an update on traffic, weather coming up. saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers.
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in the merrimack, a quick check on stock futures they're still up for. but quite a ways actually the dow was up better than a hundred points. this occurs a flat performance on friday or starts but the best monthly gain in the year with the dow and s&p 500 both rising more than 6% for the month of july there was also the first positive month after decades in may and declines. the dow closed
5:42 am
area unchanged at hand as of 466 the nasdaq managed to gain more than a 10th of a percent to close at 2000 to 55, will watch the numbers as the opening bell ringing in about 45 minutes you for you this morning telling few months ago quoted in your starting in november of last inland loans last week the site will be available three times a week to los gatos. the services that his current no. 28 and will run nonstop wednesday, saturday, sunday.4? you know this was comg spirit airlines and now the first airline to urge passengers for carry-on items that cost about $30 that is a view declared in advance. if you wait till the day you checking will pay about $45 for that hearing and said it the airline is hoping this will from people to bring less tough on to the plains. and need to foster
5:43 am
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and we're back, we want to give you a quick look at some of the top stories we're following a judge's expected to release today in a contract dispute involving drivers and management for ac transit union representing drivers of some management from imposing a new contract until an arbitrator can weigh in. three months of talks failed to reach any labor deal. also there's no guarantee that it will work for bp engineers on the golf course next was still hope to start shoveling mud and have cemented into the blue know well. this that it kills is what
5:47 am
they call it, if it works it could be the end of the beginning of the beginning of the end of shoulds it for the well. vallejo was a gm doug will stop looking completely. crews have to have it welfare contain some tentative europe's lot is now 87 percent contained hydrogen in the lower temperatures all helped bart riders get a handle on that ways. >> monday morning, we're doing a little bit of fog one of the places that we're sort of in the glare is san jose, here's a shot san jose this morning down in the south bay rain never mountain view wilson tempters 4056 degrees by noon getting up to 71, high-temperature it in the mid-70s back down again to 70 degrees by the airport tower. kron temperatures, 57 for oakland, hayward 56 degrees run
5:48 am
view but the same most of us. local and san jose and 54 degrees in livermore. we will cut it those temperatures and 50 even cell of the o'clock the hour as a hedge risk in time all this deal in the case '70s kind of a mixture of '60s, '70s by noon warming up for their in and you move grain under the livermore valley. here's a look at this afternoon high as 80 degrees for santa rosa. also in sonoma. mill valley centers' ritter and 70. 627 cisco san francisco. i've got run over to these basic 7 per berkeley. oakland into fremont's temperatures in the '70s. as 87
5:49 am
in pittsburgh, 86 livermore, 79 and san jose. 75 amend it. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does not share any dramatic changes in fact used to this pattern of fog in the morning clearing in the afternoon temperatures were collapse ever so slightly as >> the key is building around the bay area you can see that around the bay bridge toll plaza hours a year for senator back up in the gas lines crumping of your dry times is a little bit. tenants in the foot of the reasons the fremont streets. san mateo no problems, delays to report our last four weeks or two boats and sent to the roadways and 92 eastbound that has since been cleared so nice coming easy ride across been. over the golden gate is a few cars on organize come easy ride 21 minutes and your right from novato and his aides is good. your ride is still short
5:50 am
statement. wrapping up with a shot all the neon was ready to air traffic is serving his five pass golden gate as you may george were separated stroke plaza. >> thank you, a quick note of these 34 people have died in wild fires that destroyed hundreds of homes in rusher, this is an amateur video of those fires and to try to get a there's grass again, 500 new fires were sparked your rusher with in the last 24 hours most of them or for towed immediately the country is in the middle of an intense heat wave the fact of the worst record the fires roger burning in western and central russia have burned road 317,000 a.. saudi arabia will apparently blocked bradbury messaging later this month. the officials speaking on their behalf of the country did not explain why the decision had been made and neighboring arab perhaps as it will black black very messaging
5:51 am
starting in october because of the rice is send in troops to the information that the government cannot monitor. stanley roberts is a closer look get complaints on toll takers in this edition of people living badly. >> this is a copy of an apology letter signed by yvonne thomas r. tolbert supervisor. this is just one, of more than dozens of your apology letters to orders from bay area bridge supervisors excluding the golden gate bridge. i've ridden public records request to the bay area toll authorities and received complaints dating back to 2007. in many of the complaints dry ribs were said the toll takers use of falling bridge while exchanging cash. in those cases almost all figures had a brief relapse by some of the city they do not recall the incident. there as is his or draw
5:52 am
resources concern that he was in our church. >> i'm of we give serious ration it raised serious. and since there bridge. >> the driver was charged $10.20 thought he should epitasis. he goes on writing >> when i go to meyers did i notice is said ellie paid $6, the indication here is up a venture $4 or more gavin to repairman? >> can see rounded the driver has $4 and launched the investigation, >> then the resistance by for a passenger her true father tried to a stroke on the dollar bolted >> should rosa on the doorbell and of rittenhouse in the bills, mr. back no gm eyebrows at decision came back with that attitude because desire. >> this template is one of my favorites and proceeded to the martinez bridge stroll and head of the total there is headed back roger once when i got back to the destination the tour guide gave iraq $10 and ones
5:53 am
are lights no right to conduct to get my money back. >> some of its and as possible, i was crossing to the troll and a game of oxygen is busy gossiping with another employee of the run the dollar but to remind got to bring it had bridge change our reed added since it was mine and a large amount as a resource they think you should only don't have an attitude i told our the money shortly we there are dire that this year of our was none important barrier for prisoners service. >> i knew there's a reason why is fast track. new newsom, stanley roberts kron4 news. >> we're going to take a break, we'll be right back.
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in nearby, here's a look at how the movies this weekend at the box office number one, third we can narrow inception. that's christine noland sci-fi thriller starring leonardo taproom made for the 27 million this past weekend that raises overall take to but turner million. in second place, the dinner for schmucks based on a tour of europe french from their pcs steve crile amid are 23 million so this past weekend. rounding out the top three angelina dili's spy thriller salt made about 19 million in its second week in the breeze is domestic take or to run around $70 million. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. in fact just a
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