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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 2, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we are tracking the routine back up almost fell 580 make your way past livermore speeds averaging 40 mi. an hour. expect these
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rights to worsen for the morning. the bay bridge toll plaza quit the back up the cash lanes. were bumping up your drive time in 11 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street san francisco. sam a tale thicker here than we saw last report but still a good ride no problems are delays across the span. wrapping up with a live look at the golden gate bridge. never problem here nice and easy ride still 21 minutes from novato into the city. >> ac transit commuters are hoping delays and route cancellations will end as the judge will issue a ruling today whether to issue an injunction the union asked for an injunction that would stop ac transit from imposing a new contract on the drivers. until it arbitrator can weigh in on the issue. ac transit is been
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forced to car routes because of drivers calling in sick. new fire chief starts this morning it's going to be a busy first day for him the city looks for a new proposal the firefighters and doubt in an effort to save jobs. 10 percent or call last week 49 of them due to budget deficit. many lay off fire fighters turning your matches yesterday the union proposes to get those jobs back. they will take a 5 and 1/4 pike pay cut reduce retirement benefits. the city's chief negotiator says proposal doesn't hurt by its san jose with the savings it needs. he goes on to say the union needs to sept. cent pay cut. were following the latest set of danville the brother of a giant behind jack charge with hit and run. the brother of the eight hit a bicycle is a light pole
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and two cars in danville before witnesses were blocking with their cars and haldeman told police arrived. you can see some of the damage if here's how one witness described the driver. >> he was very much influence under the influence of something he could hardly talk his eighth air bag had deployed so the impact on the front of the car was severe. he was still driving the car. they ask him what he was on he said it was alcohol. but you know. >> he's being held that martinez jail. new this morning health- care workers into nursing homes beginning a five day strike. they say would her workers and endangered residents today news faster return to a sole reporter jack is this a lot this morning.
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>> you can see dozens of workers from united healthcare workers out on the picket line in front of tremont gardens one of two facilities the workers have decided to stage a five day strike here on by the same parent company they are unhappy with the negotiations they got out here at 5 and they say they will remind remain out here for five days. >> are the homes prepared to have other workers still in? >> i talked to management and they said they are deployed abroad and replacement to fill the gaps they would not say how many workers it broadens the workers say at a normal shift there are 50 employees inside these include everything from nursing assistance to foodstuff workers. management says they were prepared and they brought in a replacement workers.
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>> so they will be out there for five days a matter what happens? >> that is the plan obviously if negotiations go back to the bargaining table and they are able to reach an agreement and it would go off but for now say five days. >> thanks for the updates will check back. another developing story the latest on the oil spill today engineers hope to pump mud and cement into the well to seal it off. if it works than the mud and cement will be pumped through a relief well into the reservoir to seal that. fishermen of the government has reopened to fishing they say small tests on fish revealed traceable amounts of toxins. fishermen think that they will lose money because people will think it fish caught have toxic
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contaminants. president barack obama move leaving for alabama. we expect to hear more about the plans for final withdrawal from iraq. we'll listen to that later this morning.
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all levels of debt the golden gate is but get there. new this morning blowing lindsay low hand has been released from jail she's not exactly a free woman she was distraught charged hours ago after serving 14 days of 90 days she's required to begin three months in rehab. the shortest it was not unexpected although was long for than the 84 minutes she spent in 2007.
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they typically serve between 10-25 percent of their sentence. chris hogan upper hand on the wildfire near palmdale they hope to have convened by tonight 87 percent contained rain afterburning i think is 2,200 a.. for moments and for out buildings were destroyed. you can see how close it was to the homes. the fires to believe to be sparked by some working on a car wheel. we will be right back really foggy here this morning.
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a quick recap of top stories and judges expected to issue a ruling today whether not to
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issue an injunction on the ac transit issue. following the latest. health-care workers at a local nursing homes beginning friday strikeover new work policies we will speak to those workers in a few moments. bp could attempt a static killed today involves pumping mud and cement into the well that could permanently stop the leak. some hot spots out there with traffic. >> tracking our first big hot spot of the morning eastbound 80 rate were meets 1 01 a closer look shows all the red on our screens involving the big grid and spun out ban traffic being diverted on to the off ramp a closer look at our camera traffic has a pretty slot slow crawl. taking a look now the bay bridge toll plaza not a hot spot yet but definitely a slow spot the back up in the cash lanes fast-track living well. meter
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like to have been turned on expecting 11 minute drive from the foot of the maze in fremont street san francisco. the bay area forecast with lewis' death. >> walnut creek dealing with low cloud cover but it looks like a walnut creek's not bad this morning and here's a look to your current conditions by noontime getting into the upper '70's high temperature 83 degrees back down to 78 by 8:00 hour. we're dealing with fog this morning pushing through the gates open to the north bay, east is all right now no delays at s f o we are getting clearing as to make their way south down the peninsula. 57 in oakland, 56 mountain view, 54 san jose, the afternoon by all the yellow indicating '70s a mix of '60s and '70s today than by about the 3:00 hour your
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afternoon i getting into the 80s in some spots. the orange shows you the 80. here's a look and numbers for you. fairly comfortable in santa rosa today. 76 and san rafael same in mill valley 73 through vallejo. 62 san francisco along the coast keeping it in the '50s hopping to these bay 76 for berkeley and oakland and to union city. mid- 70s through san ramon valley low 80s as we head to the livermore valley into antioch and pittsburgh. south bay upper '70's and a few eighties as well. your 7 day around the bay we are keeping the forecast a mild over the next couple of days there's a slight cool down gradual cool down through each day until we head to the end of the week cooling it to the end
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of the week by friday. >> starting today drivers to sign up for a fast track for the i 680 express the will get its c,gv)p only solo riders will be required to pay the toll. the credits cannot be used towards bridge tolls for more formation participating businesses like cost for safeway. the lane opens next month. munis and biasing riders about construction that may affect commuter today many machines will be installed at the west portal. only one fair game will be open the entire project and many stations is expected to finish in the next three months. this morning to cranes are being moved for the port of oakland to the part of boston each crane the height of
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false story building will depart on this borge leaving at 830 this morning the greens were used to accommodate safety issues windier station within service boston now needs a crane is due to the proximity of its container terminal to the airport. san carlos has the transit improvement project in improving bicycle access. sidewalks will be widened and high efficiency streetlights will be installed. it will make it more livable and safe. the latest with pakistan flooding president barack obama says they will provide $10 million in humanitarian assistance as they struggle to deal with aftermath of the flooding. massive flooding the official death toll 1200 rescue workers are trying to reach 27,000 people
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trapped by the waters to see some of the homes collapsing rescue efforts have been aided by the slackening of monsoon rains. president barack obama is setting a course for the changing mission in iraq he will speak in that let's at the national convention here is a live look from andrews air force base. the president about to depart from air force one. he will address progress being made for his deadline to withdraw all combat troops by the end of the month. we will carry that live at 830 this morning. >> or tracking acicular on westbound 80 traffic at a standstill due to an injury accident traffic being diverted to the off ramp and the central freeway expect fully enclosures.
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welcome back to kron 4 still tracking similar 101 meet seventh street traffic at a crawl being diverted to the ninth street off ramp. full lane closures still 645 this morning more details coming up. >> 7 day forecast former inland upper 80s or far inland but the fog thick along the bay and right here along the coast temperatures staying in the '60s for the next few days a cooling trend in towards the weekend. rabies epidemic is what we're falling indonesia's island of bali packs of the impact of dogs roaming the streets. officials have killed 200,000 dogs. hospitals across bali face
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shortages of the vaccine. they have issued travel warnings. this weekend china is successfully launched the satellite it's a crucial part of its space in your structure in monitors public security natural disasters. it provides mobile navigation services by 2020. after keeping members of the public reporters away from her wedding chelsea clinton now show impose. onetime presidential daughter named mary hurt long-term boyfriend. she wore to your way and dallas won for the wedding went for the reception no plan on where they planned to honeymoon that's the secret to. we will be back in two minutes a live look for mount tam one of the few spots
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the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. [ woman ] nice tights. what's your story? the citi forward card can help you write it. a minute away from the ringing opening bell you can see them assembled there traders expected to start the first day in a full sprint. free market trading higher the dow better than a hundred and 26 points to the good side not bad news here strong economic earnings and overseas added to the whole there's a global recovery picking up pace. there is so is skepticism in the united states our report on manufacturing due out later today for now the market is trading up as they rang the opening bell the world track it. we are expecting it to
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trade higher out of the gate. >> of hot spot in traffic is good erika in the traffic center >> we are tracking a hot spot east and 80 if we can take a closer look you can see tow truck on seen with chp another emergency crews due to an earlier injury accident. one lane has been reopened expect all lanes to be opened within the next 30 minutes. taking a closer look all the red on your screen indicating a backup well beyond remonstrate. the bay bridge toll plaza and not a hot spot yet justice low spot the backups are persisting in the cash lanes appeared meeting lights are on expectant couple of minutes delays 11 minutes from the foot of the maze into fremont street san francisco. a
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check gone morning forecast. >> once again dealing with low clouds this morning we are so often. a breeze blowing the trees a but. let's take a look at whether headlines drizzle along the coast. we are sticking with low average temperatures through the week. your satellite picture shows as were the fog is moving through the golden gate into the bid for a bridge as well. san jose at this point is in the clear saying to fog the south of morgan hill. fog trucker force that widespread fog continuing killing of back as we head towards 9:00, 10:00 clearing out through the night east bay and seen low cloud cover burned back along the coast as we head into the afternoon. current temperatures 52 in san francisco warming it up to 57 in oakland and hayward
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south bay 56 or mound you about the same los gatos 564 fremont. getting up to about 80% rosa rosa parks san rafael mobile and 76 over vallejo 73 along the peninsula school once again breezy keeping temperature around 62 for san francisco the close staying round the '50s on for to the east bay 76 richmond down into castro valley 72. san ramon valley temperatures low 80s warming up more for their inland to go in to the mid to upper 80s. same story south. tercet clara valley upper 70's. in 7 day around and beguin shows today one of the warmer days we continue to cool it off each day toward the end of the week or back into the low eighties for inland spot '60s around the bay up to fifth upper 50s for the coast. >> health-care workers starting
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the 5 h street today piedmont gardens have been bargaining since feb. joining us is miriam which united health care workers. . what was the point where you've billion had to walk out of your jobs? >> members have been bargaining for five months now and management has persistently proposals on the table a letter some standard. in jamaica worker be fired for five absences in the year that includes five for being sick. we have workers that have been fired with 30 years of service because they called and said more than five times in a given year. we want make sure workers have rights to bargain over this procedures and make sure there's very disciplined
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and disciplinary procedures. the bottom line fair treatment in respect of the workers rather than economic. >> you have any meeting scheduled to work things out? >> not at this point. >> you hope this helps makes them sit down with you again? >> workers decided to show management they will not be taken the lack of respect they've been taking across the table we helped management listens we are concerned about the compromise care the residents will receive because as you know the scabs are not quite to provide direct care for them because they don't know them they don't know the system this is our first strike or seven more people, and ford we all management comes to the senses. >> you'll be out there five days this week? >> correct. >> do hope you meet with management this week or next
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week? >> we hope management gets the message and can't access to bargain that's where we're at this point. >> united health care workers thinking. time this morning. >> another developing story the latest on the oil spill officials gearing up to finally try and plug up the oil well and a subcommittee accusing federal officials allow bp to use excess of chemical disbursements officials deny it. >> the first of two procedures to plug up the well once and for all could get under way as early as tonight. it's a static the war mud would pump into the top part of the well. >> you should not run an obituary for this event until it sealed. >> >> the two relief wells and the bottom to procedure would put mud and concrete from the bottom of the well. the final step might not happen until the end
6:36 am
of the month. still official said the work to clean is not over. >> if we will be here for very long time i know people are worried about that because the well has stopped worrying slowing because well but clearly were not willing to do that. >> they're being criticized for using too much chemical dispersants it's a charge federal officials ndp denied. >> we worked hard to not use more than we had to. but i would say it's an effective tool in fighting the spill these are trade-offs when of the things we didn't want is oil to reach the shore line and disbursements disbursements were effective and that. >> me with local state and federal officials involved in the effort appeared in washington on sandra and do. >> brother of a dry behind bars this morning to church with the you i hit and run canaan brother
6:37 am
and eight hit a bicyclist a pedestrian a light pole and two cars before witnesses could block him with their cars and hold him and to please arrived. he is being held on $350,000 bail here is the path he took coming off of 680 and continuing down danville boulevard he went on tour railroad avenue. at that point he was finally blocked off and stopped when he made his way to montero drive. >> we have all hot spot right now back up showing up here this morning for traffic making their way on the skyway an update as morning for traffic making their way on the skyway an update as kron 4 and when kron 4
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overnight trading had a lot of pluses in the news that is what is driving all the activity things looking good google of half a percent apple up 1% this morning>j casinos the dow wento triple digits 90 seconds is a trading day. >> traveling from mexico is getting easier starting nov. as alaska airlines announcing a flight will be available three times a week. the service is scheduled to start a car or 20 nonstop wednesdays, saturdays, sundays. spirit airlines charging the first carry on v
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the cost $30 in advance for anything that has to be stored in an overhead bin. if you wait to check-in to pay the price its $45 they hope people will from people to bring of your items onto the plane. anything that gets under your seat is free. a nice of them. as a live look at our hotspot in sampras's go near 101 a big backup the left lanes are blocked we will be back c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhpsç>>
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quick recap top stories and judges expected to issue or ruling on the contract dispute breezy transit the union representing drivers want to stop management from the new contract they have been imposing until an arbitrator can weigh and three months of talks failed to reach a deal. no absolute deal engineers hope to
6:46 am
show mud and cement into the blown out well this data killed method works that could make it easier to end the gusher for good. well your sleeping lindsay low and was released after serving 14 days for brought ladings probation she's required to begin three months in rehab. san jose fire chief stores this morning it's going to be a busy first day the city of san jose at 10% of its firefighters 49 last week the close the budget deficit many of those turned in the gear and badges yesterday in a last-ditch effort they're trying to get rehired by agreeing cuts to wages and benefits. dahlin has looked at the proposal. >> the union is desperate to get those firefighters back to work they have offered a few concessions in hopes of helping save millions of dollars. one of
6:47 am
the concessions firefighters will take a 5 1/4% take at the negotiation are says that sun enough that will only amount of $4 million in savings the city needs 10 million. both sides hope to continue to negotiate. in in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> update on our hot spot air gun in the traffic center. ñ details on ous bound 80 near 1 01 a closer look at our camera traffic is moving well just because all lanes have been reopened chp and emergency crews left the scene traffic moving while south would take a closer look at our map to conceal the red and yellow that is because of the backups rain now to 80 is probably the best alternative. the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up pass a parking lot in the cash lanes of
6:48 am
fast-track is moving fine. i got off the phone with chp and those metering lights are off right now is i don't know what's causing the back up 11 ride from the foot of the maze in fremont with one raft of with good news 1 01 san jose traffic moving well in both directions still a 12 minute ride from downtown san jose and santa clara. a check on forecast with louis upgrade >> overcast conditions no surprise there dipping down through the buildings in san francisco this morning one of the places often even getting some drizzle downtown san francisco along the coast as well. 52 degrees by noon time getting to 58 high temperatures 62 back down to 57 by 8:00 p.m. elsewhere was the temperature is really for the most part sticking in the '50s this morning chronicle in redwood
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city 51 degrees 56 degreesw7yvì+ mountain view salmon fremont 54 in livermore valley. through the morning trade o'clock are still bringing fifties out there looks like we will not been to the '60s until early morning early afternoon '60s and '70s expected by noon by 3-4:00 all the orange moving its way to the forecast shown this '80s. for their inland to go you'll notice '80s and the north called bay as well. upper 80s and to novato and mel valley san rafael 76 degrees along the peninsula today staying cool once again san francisco topping out at 62 and december up 78 mid-70s redwood city san leandro upper 60s. over in the east bay you can see some major users san ramon valley but their low 80s. looks mid to upper 80s further inland places like livermore and
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antioch. up for 77 clarabelle the '80s for los gatos and morgan help. 7 day around the bay shows below average temperatures continuing to cool it off as we head through the rest of the work week. by the end of the week low 80s through warmer inland spots low 60s around the bay '50s for the post. >> 34 people have died and wildfires in russia here's amateur video inside the vehicle trying to get away from the flames 500 new fires were sparked within the last 24 hours most of them were put out immediately the country is in a middle of a intense heat wave. the fires were burning out burned 300,000 a.. saudi arabia will be blocking blackberry message and they did not explain why was made they will block
6:51 am
blackberry e-mail web access starting in october citing security concerns because they send in corrected information that the government cannot monitor. iran's president invites out president barack obama to debate. he says the meeting could happen during his september trip to new york for the un generalwóúz assembly he s proposed telephone televised debates and offer dismissed by washington. israel has agreed to take part in an investigation of the deadly cloud to low rate. they will incorporate into may's rate on the flotilla. the decision was made following a formal request. we will be back as kron 4 continues a live look at the golden gate rain now.
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traffic light but fog deck.
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to the toll of our men received complaints to 2007 many complaints drivers were upset toll takers used foul language will exchanging cash. in those cases most toll takers said they don't recall the incident. a driver to join the trailer was concerned he was overcharged. he writes i hope you give serious consideration regarding system vicious behavior that i experienced on the stand until bridge. he goes on my riding when i go through my receipts and notices say i only paid $6. the indication is that paid an extra four bucks and what happened to my overpayment. mtc
6:57 am
refunded the $4 and launched an investigation. then there was this complaint was father tried to pay his toe with a hundred dollar bill. >> * if we didn't have some good bills we answered know she got mad when outsiders station came back and side with attitude and forced us out. >> this is one my favorites. >> i handed a $20 bill was handed back a bunch of once when i got my destination the toll gimme $10 and once i would like to know who i need to contact to get my money back. >> and complaints are laughable >> i was crossing for the tall and i came across a gentleman who was gossiping i gave her hundred dollar bill should occur time still gossiping all i can imagine i recounted since it is mine and a large amount i was about to say think you should tell me don't have an attitude i said i don't i'm counting money
6:58 am
should tell me we don't have time for that they should be off as i was not important report customer service. >> i knew there was reason i use fast track. >> we will be back in two minutes with kron
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