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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  August 2, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> changes things like work rules, employe contributions to health care, pensions. the union wants to overturn a new contract and keep the old contract until arbitration is in place. the judge thinks that is the only fair place. and if that is thrown out? ac transit will lose it ran a thousand dollars a week in savings and ahead of the off workers, and reduced weekend bus service. they are asking for a eight month in dollar bond will arbitration continues that would continue six month loss savings. and the union says the cannot impose a new contract will arbitration continues. at 6:30,
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the arbitration building will meet to hoped to discuss whatever the judge has ruled. and the court is closed at 5:00 pm hopefully it will hear something before 5:00 p.m. as this ruling goes. in the meantime if you'd like to get more information about this delay, cancellation? link. for ac transit. reporting live in oakland, kron 4 news. >> despite huge budget problems muni drivers are one day away from a pay increase! apparently nobody can do nothing about this. kron 4 will dan kerman. >> despite the many service in the fair hikes. muni will see those salaries increase by 5% tomorrow night. the board will heavy rubber step increase required by city law. how is that possible? >> the city charter says that with the salary operator, with in parable transit the both pay
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the most money and average of the salary. that is what the san francisco muni operators behalf to get paid. in the city is in the budget crunch or not. >> the city employees have agreed to a city cuts in the many operators refused. the already-strapped agency will shell out an additional $14 million per year for this increase. >> i believe in unions but this is out of control! >> i think these pay raises are inconsistent with the reality of the times. people are basically impacted by the economy, and the writer ship. i think that needs to be considered as highly regulated- ridership talking bidders are also and cents, in city hall. with a november ballot to wipe out the pay hike requirement in the charter. in san francisco, dan kerman. >> the mayor of san francisco,
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by the firefighters union. they say it does not go far enough to save the city money, real money. with 49 firefighters laid off. with a union of a pay cut of 5%, reduction in . -chuck revo-san jose, and with the benefits of firefighters are too expensive. >> the average cost of a firefighter, a police officer. it is over $180 k per year! we cannot afford to keep as many as we would like. personally, i wish the whitmore firefighters, police officers were this cannot afford them. -i wish we had more. >> the would like 10 percent more to rehire the 49 that has and recently laid off. ♪ >> that fog is hogging the coastline and just for the past couple of days over the golden gate bridge. -hugging. our
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current satellite is showing that it is a couple of breaks of sunshine into the north and on the san mateo coast but not that much. fog scaling into san francisco and our current conditions is cool closer to the coastline. they denied degrees in san francisco, 57 degrees and happened in inland, warmer but still below average for this time of year. 86 degrees in antioch is the warmest. and down in the south bay, 70's and los gatos, and 60s, 70's and the north bay. tonight/tomorrow, is what we can expect that fog rolling in. by 7:00 a.m., many along the coast, bayshore. and it is going to press along the coastline by 3:00 p.m. mostly, sunny skies, elsewhere in temperatures will be almost identical to what we saw today. a bit of a cool down, in the middle of the week with details coming up in just a bit. >> the next 24 hours could be crucial for bp. what is seen as the final solution for plugging
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the oil. and jim explains that process. >> earlier today, bp wrapped up a technical briefing on what is going to be happening over the next 12/24 hours with the static collaboration. the very first part is the injectivity and they're going to see weather or not they can force the oil that is inside the ruptured well. through the containment back down into the reservoir. they feel that if they can get back into the reservoir thicken inject that mud/cement. and basically, there are ships on the surface of the gulf of mexico that are going to start pumping mud inside the containment that is rof sitting on top of the ruptured well. and the hope is that once again get to this process of prompting that mud. there will take pressure readings. those pressure readings will indicate the integrity, and if
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it is feel like it is still in place? to process, and then the cement to that same process. down towards the containment and into the ruptured well. down towards the reservoir. if they can bring that cement down towards the reservoir? they're reasonably confident that they could kill this with this static coprocessor. if not? and for good measure, and-this process. and also, this relief will will anderson of the relief will with 1-weeks, two-weeks and in that process called the bottom kill. to inject that mud/cement into the ruptured well to the relief well. the hope of this one-to punch, once it is all finished will kill was once and for all. bp was saying earlier today that this a technical briefing. not only are the pressure readings down in that will pretty good so far. the weather is also cooperating. even though it is close to 100
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degrees in orleans. the weather is still pretty good for this static killed to began. with the next 12-24 hours. back to you. >> thank you, gen. and a quick look at the james bridge. and the north is a san jose, and towards the lower deck of the bay bridge it is moving fairly well at this point. stay with us. ♪ my mercury moment happend right after our wedding,
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>> a new survey so that social networking is the top activity on line. web producer, kimberly sakamoto talks about the new numbers. kimberly? >> the nielsen is tracking online activity of 2000 americans from june 2nd 009, june 2nd 0010. and face facebook, twitter, and they say that americans now have an average of six hours per month on social networking sites. and they're not just teenagers any more. nielsen discovered that
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twice as many americans over the age of 50 or social networking and under 18. and online gaming, is the second. most popular. to check out the most popular statistics? what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. >> and the golden gate bridge, where there is fog beginning to settle. traffic is moving just fine in both directions. let us take a look of the 680, near the interchange. the ca headed towards us is northbound. and not bad so far, the cars northbound. ♪
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>> danville is investigating a dui in the smile long path before people managed to stop him and told them-1 mi. long. 23 year-old his brother of san francisco of filter schulz. nobody was seriously hurt but
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the driver is facing serious charges. >> and here on danville boulevard on the southbound he hit a bicyclist on the south bend, and then hit a pedestrian and kept on going. and then he hit a pickup truck and kept on going. he drove on the sidewalk, and it destroyed a city traffic light. and then kept going, and then turn right into this neighborhood. >> 1 mi., after this started the suspect was driving this direction in la mesa party rented and suv in this direction. by this time,-where ended. fog and he was detained by citizens. and he faces 10 charges, with his bill is set at $350 cake. last year, his mother's house burned to the ground. >> the plan to build a stadium
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for the san jose a' and what the problem is and what could happen next. s >> this is owned by at&t and is right in the middle with the developers want to build this stadium. at&t says the land should and the mayor of san jose, chuck read is upset because the city denied a zoning change. for another at&t property near santa rosa. >> that would not sell us of that land of we approved the exchange slush zoning by the santa rosa-change/the zoning. because we did not approve the saddle row. they say that now, the land is not for sale. and they're hoping that at&t will come around because the building is not the chief concern of at&t operations. also, to stay above the giants one step ahead.
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>> and remember, that at&t park in san francisco and as long as there is baseball, with at&t it is not likely to get out ahead of the commissioner of baseball. >> the waiting game continues in san jose, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> in santa clara, the forty- niners and their first practice with pads. a difficult three- hours this morning, and with the starting quarterback alex smith helped recruit less season. finishing second. helped finish and the september 12th at plank the seattle seahawks. ♪ playing >> with a dense fog along the coast and as a would take a live look it in san francisco. some of that fog in that sunshine in the background with clear skies, inland. temperatures are warming up is still below average. and 90 degrees, in concord, the same
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in livermore and much cooler along the coastline. 60 degrees in san francisco, to the seven degrees and have been paid, and most is 60s, 70's, to the bay area with the 57 degrees and half moon bay. that fog is hugging the coastline, with dense. and even drizzle possibility, and tomorrow morning that fog will be pershi inl bu be clearing but opm and love with some of the mild. there is similar to today. however, but a big cool down coming up in the middle of this week. first, the fog tracker for this morning, starting early inland. and at 6:00 a.m., the delta is seeing some patchy fog and clear in the south bay. and lead to morning hours, 8:00 a.m., still a lingering along the bay shore and of course, along the coast line. half a couple of bricks qamar, north, and through the san mateo coast. for the most part, if we will be shrouded in with fog. and verisimilar
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tomorrow to what we're seeing right now which is 90 degrees in antioch, 85 degrees in livermore with a mix of 60s, 70's. 59 on the coast, 80 degrees in los gatos, and kron 4 7 day around the bay tomorrow, verisimilar. and however, as ago wednesday, as the arctic, with the fog will intensify. dense inland. and it will cool, dramatically with the 70's in the end. >> earlier hit and run with tragedy. and daniel villareal >> on 19th and a man was killed by a hit-and-run driver. there is no suspect. it was after 4:00 a.m., emergency crews found an unresponsive man on the corner of this mission that district intersection. and they have concluded that his death was consistent with the hit-and-run with a vehicle. his name is not released until the family has been notified. there has no
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suspects, or the vehicle identification and they're asking anybody with information or. and the sentences, daniel villareal >> and the was the sexual assault last night and to linda. it happened in munson park. a 24 year-old woman was attacked which was walking home from work. she was approached from behind with a knife that was a salted. and white/hispanic with 6 ft. tall, and with a goatee, and to check on traffic. to look at the bay bridge toll plaza, on the left. and it is really not much activity in either direction it is moving well. she was a salt nnouncer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't.
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this just in to the kron 4 news room the california department of health is showing of the whopping cough of it epidemic is not shoslowing down, now it is climbing to 2100. sixfold increase from the same time, last year. because the
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community vaccination and the community appears of californians should get their shot not just in since. everybody 10 years of age and older should get a booster shot. live in the newsroom, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and sliding in nationacitingl concerns, with the web producer kimberly sakamoto. the fallout from this. >> catherine, today, then a u.s. is disappointed in the u eight employes in the gulf nation it is a dangerous precedent and limited information. they you a government is just announcing yesterday that the black. devices require represent a national security with encryption software. so impossible for security to intercept messages. and this will affect blackberry e-mails, texting but not voice. also today, research is showing that the blackberry customers
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assuring them of their data is secure. to read all about this what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> the death and pakistan is near 2000 at this point. this high water crested and a lot of people are waiting for help from the government. >> for the past three days they been without food, shelter. >> we did not have anything. >> and this pakistan they have plenty of mud. despite local and the government has been overwhelmed by this disaster the monsoon carried away entire villages. >> nothing is left! >> 2 million people have been displaced. >> fights a broken out. with overcrowded boats and many awaited their way into an uncertain future. and they have been caring what little they can salvage, with what to make shelter. this map shows the extent of the devastation. the
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yellow is bad, the brown is where the waters are headed next in the swamp belli was hit the worst. the prime recording area for the taliban and the focus to this disaster is likely to help that effort. >> the united states and the united nations and promised hundred dollars each to emergency aid. also, the united states is what using pre fabrication, water filtration, and water packs and pakistan m recaprepackaged meals from a helicopter. >> and with temperatures cooling down dramatically as a result with your full forecast coming up in just a bit. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news of 4:30 >> and we're continuing to monitor the latest on these rulings of the contract dispute between drivers and ac transit management. christine connolly has been outside


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