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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  August 2, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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>> everybody is waiting at this point for a decision to be expected at any moment. in the two operas, they're going to be meeting behind me to discuss the decision in two-hours and how the possibly affect service. the judge is deciding what to do with the new contract imposed on workers a couple of weeks ago. after months of negotiations have been stalled. and they have been saved $15.70 by changing over time, and employe contribution to health care, pensions the union is saying that without these contract the want to go to the old contract while arbitration continues. that is what we're waiting to hear from the judge what will happen with this contract. and in the meantime, 150 workers have called and. and with delays, cancellations continue. and continued to stay with kron 4. reporting live in oakland,
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christine connolly. >> and other news, with a kron 4 covering other important stories. five local stores and 2.5 minutes. >> and san jose, mayor chuck ree says thed this does not go far enough to save money. san jose recently laid off 49 firefighters fought. and the new firefighters union includes is a quarter percent 5 percent pay cs not enough, the work city is requesting a 10% cut. the average firefighter is $180,000 per year. reporting in kate thompson. >> and san francisco, the muni operators are one day away from getting a 5 percent pay hike. and how was that possible with other city employes with concessions in the budget constraints? it is already written into the city charter. and to average of the celery and
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that is what the munich opera writers will have to get paid. and on this november ballot, would make that go away. for muni salaried employees. >> and the brother of neate sherhold is being held on 14 charges, and hit a bicyclist on danville, hit a pedestrian, kept driving, and then hit a pickup truck, kept driving. and then are rounded at this corner and hit this city traffic light, kept driving. moved into a neighborhood, and hit and occupied s u v. and with a dui, and driving without a license and this bill is at 300 to keep thousand dollars. in danville. >> and the stadium for the a's has had a snag and this building is owned by at&t is right in the middle of the proposed stadium site. at&t said the city is not
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for sale. and mayor chuck reed said that at&t does not need the building and the company is digging its heels and because of another property anin santana fr row and the city has refused to rezone this for at&t and now at&t is not offering his property to the city. >> with three suspects in april stabbing at this park. it was did mid-19th/and beaten, robbed, stabbed a 1:30 on saturday. a rich like a police thought that at least one dozen people were involved but they just thought that there were innocent bystanders. three people a been arrested, 16, 17, 21 and is seeking to others. a 40 year- old victim is and general hospital with a life-threatening injuries daniel villareal >> new details on the wildfires
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in southern california. crews are finally beginning to get the biggest scandal with the key vicki liviakis who started this, and when crews can have this fully contained. >> the rush of oil fires that flared up in southern california they appear to be under control. the largest, the crown fire near palm dale and the high desert scorched 14,000 a. and burned nine houses. at one point, 2000 were forced to leave their homes. mechanics working on a car are being explained. investigators say there are cutting a pipe when sparks flew and brush was set on fire. at the peak, nearly 1000 firefighters were fighting flames at the ground and up in the air. with helicopters, planes, dumping fire retardant. all within the region, everything is up and running in the evacuation are closed. crews are clamping down the remaining hot spots. >> this looks like it is 10 a.
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and growing. ke >> the west. rcounty with four structures, in kern county, 22 square miles of been charged in southern california. a perfect fire fighting weather is allowing working crews doused these wild flowflowers fires by tonight and if the winds increase? and temperatures soar? and then, the firefighters will stay on until the fires are contained vicki liviakis >> and also, we have an update. daniel villareal and things are getting better? >> yes. over the weekend, firefighters across the state especially in southern california were very busy. and as the weather conditions have cooperated, great progress on multiple fronts. >> daniel villareal and the homes? or is everything? >> the worst, is definitely over with. and some of their real strong winds. when this fire and
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pressed it out of the mountains and down into their rural areas. pond bill, and even to even urban areas of the city. palmdale. >> and mechanics are to blame for cutting a pipe to we know how the other big ones began? >> well things are so dry it this year. even we've had some rain late this year things are still a very dry. it does not take much. the incident, in southern california some simple activity on a normal ticket of done nothing. because of the dry conditions, could have sparked this fire. >> and we're looking at pictures of a lot of flames. and is getting more difficult to spot them. and they're making progress? >> definitely, right now, the main focus is to put up a hot spot. >> right. >> and each amber is near the kindling is down and when the winds pick up back up?
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>> and daniel villareal quickly, a small brush fire is near hearst castle. is that still burning? >> at that point, that is 15-20 a. outside of san tinian. some cruise in the fire, and we are making progress. working crews. >> daniel villarea thank you for join us, daniel purify ♪ >> the live look of cited the bay bridge toll plaza, with sunny skies and we are seeing foggy conditions closer to the coastline. from our satellite picture, that is exec what we're seeing fog hugging the coastline. exactly what we're seeing, and a san mateo coast is and that this hour with your cool temperatures on the coast. 57 degrees in half moon bay, 60 degrees in san francisco and inland, warmer. it is six in alivermore, and 90 degrees in antioch about a cool down this
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week. as pagoda mark, the fog will move in 9:00 p.m. and tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., fog along the coast and the bayshore is similar to what we saw, today. and will be called back by 12:00 p.m.-noon and left with sunny skies and temperatures are not changing. by the town with a, a cool down and please stay with us, we will direct back at to this quick break. ♪
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>> had a big rally with the dow jones, raising. at over 10,006 seven four. the nasdaq rose 40 points. and back-to-school spending is except to increase but spenders will be cautious. and what does this mean for retailers? >> and this thing gears up, retailers are ready for back-to- school shoppers in the national retail federation is expecting a school supplies, clothing to jump 60% over last year. because last year was so weak--16. the
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average children family is expected to spend $60 more than last year. shoppers are still cautious and is going to stick to the basics. with clothing taking most of the budget. school supplies will also be part of the budget. and with cash strapped schools do not have the supplies families are expected to do so. the good news is that retailers will have a big discounts. what happens over the next few weeks is important for the next economy. back-to- school sales is a barometer for sus inch spending for retailers and holiday shopping, and they will use this as a litmus test. >> and let us look at this james bridges is slowing down just a bit. on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. and still s but flowing relatively well. please stay with us.
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>> 150 health-care workers and
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two different nursing homes have began a five day protest. policies of the claim could endanger residents and hurt workers. piedmont gardens, a grand lake gardens could get fired for being out sec 5-days even more. even with a doctor's note. a spokesperson says they continue to have talks with the union and temporary work has been brought and with people that are on strike. two giant cranes, from the port of oakland, to the point of boston. each crane is the height of a 12 story building. to accommodate flight safety with the naval air station. in a service, through a boston. and boston needs it because their terminal is closed to the airport. >> a live look outside for more mount pam cam and looking into the bay sunny skies. and however, on the coastline some coast fog. and temperatures, a
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cool for the coastline of the fog has been hanging on all day. 60 degrees in san francisco, 59 degrees in half moon bay and inland, warmer war should be for this time of year. upper 80s, 90s, and upper 80s, 90s in livermore, concord. . verisimilar to warsaw last night. have fog is going be pushing in all verisimilar twice all last night. patchy fog along the delta, and east bay, the peninsula. clear in the south bay. starting to press back to the bay shore by 8:00 p.m. and temperatures in the north they will post to be in the '70s, tomorrow by 8:00 a.m. and still, that is going to be killing about 10:00 a.m. and stay al day tomorrow. -state. temperatures qamar will be very similar to what the word today with 62 degrees. 80s, low 90s, inland.
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again, close to where we should before this time of year. kron 4 7 day around the bay and that is all going to change on wednesday look it is cooler temperatures inland. only in the 70's, low 60s on the bayshore. and a steady with the upper pettis for the rest of the week and towards the weekend a little bit of a warm-up. however, below average for this time of year. >> and in world news, 34 people died and wildfires that destroyed hundreds of homes and russia this is amateur video. 500 new vide fires have be sparked with many people being put out but they are in an intense heat wave. the worst on record. with western/central russia burning 370,000 a.. the prime minister of israel is telling the u.n. chief that israel will take part in a u.n. investigation. the is really kelly read on the flotilla. and
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that the prime minister's office issued a statement that from may 31st. they boarded this ship and killed nine people and israel is defending its action despite worldwide condemnation. >> president barack obama gave that s speech to the americans disabled and america's role in the middle east will and a august 31st as scheduled. >> over become a closed and turned over hundreds of bases to iraq unmoving millions of pieces of equipment and the largest logistics' operations that we have seen in decades. by the end of this month, we have had a more than 90,000 of our troupe brought home from iraq since i took office. over 90,000 have come home. >> the violence in a in iraq has been dropping and he says that america will change its military mission from combat to
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supporting, training iraqi security forces. >> now, here is a stem the roberts found people behaving badly. >> and with a total violation. >> this was addressed to the caltran. a request was made for the following items, the first name of the 45 year-old black shift supervisor, the shocurrent shift supervisor, and the shift supervisor disciplinary employment record. and you might think that this is an accident, accident or loss to the investigation? it is not. the driver pulled up to the toll booth with $3 and have an eviction notice otoll eviction e mail. and with the golden gate bridge i received dozens of complaints about polltakers. i also found something else, drivers behaving badly. for
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example, one letter said that his complaint was >> i drove into san francisco one month ago and the toll booth was dark with nobody managing it. and all of the boats were dark and i drove without paying. all cars for doing this because there were no other options. >> the driver was in a fast truckling. >> another written complaint, that fast track. --and he would not demo when the porpole person watold l refused to change as payment. >> and with a concern of why collectors where gloves? at one point, a toll collector has reported of receiving a handful of pet waist. this just in to
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the kron 4 news room >> and damage to this property as at $10,000, this afternoon, the arrested jason price. some of this storm and copper is in his possession. live in the dan >> another quick check, 680, it is starting to move a slowly toward traffic coming towards us is northbound. and it is going slow but fairly well. please stay with us.
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>> charlie sheen has pleaded guilty of misdemeanor in a domestic abuse. in exchange for the withdrawal of two other charges including a felony. this happened on christmas day argument in aspen, colorado. he was arrested and she was sentenced to 30 days in a rehab center. 30 days probation, and 36 hours of manageanger managem lindsay lohan is released but
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not a free woman. she was left out at 1:30 a.m. and after serving 14 days of a 90 day sentence of violating probation and now is beginning a three month rehabilitation. this is for shot of. she only spent 84 minutes and 2007 and inmates serving nonviolent least spend 10-25 percent of their sentences. and a new study that household cleaning products to have a threat to children under 5 years old. web producer says that new research. >> catherine, this was published in the journal of pediatrics. with 40 percent of cases and poisoning and other injuries from household cleaning products. with admittance to the emergency rooms and it is constant during the 17th year study. overall injuries from
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household chemical struck by one half. research this but could be the case because sprig alston of tcity packaging others do. and it is just an easy thing for a spray-bottle to access. to visit all of this what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> a look at our current satellite picture with fog hugging the coastline. a few bricks along the north bay coast. temperatures are quite cool, and a few breaks, with 57 degrees in half moon bay, 59 degrees in san francisco. inland, where we should be for this time of year of upper 80s, low 90s. what we can expect tonight, tomorrow, that fog of removing and. fog in the along the coast and the day. it will be wrapping up by 12:00 p.m.- noon and that fog is still good to hog the coastline and there is some what temperatures it it tomorrow of what we saw today.
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but still with us. the news of five is coming up, next. stay wr
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