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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 2, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station at 5:00 >> the operators of are going to see another race worth millions of dollars. despite a budget deficit as it continues to get worse. tonight, how voters can stop muni increases that do not want to give up. first, a contract dispute between ac transit the coast to court. pour several weeks, the could not operate normally because of call in sex. a judge is winning and, and christine connolly. calling in-s >> and literally, they're trying to find out the ruling. still waiting to hear the details. what we do know is at the bespot that this point, 150 called in
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sick and more delays. and 1.5 hours at 6:dirty, a board meeting with ac transit. at that point, the will and discussed the judge's decisions and impl implement. a new contract s imposed between several months of stalled negotiations. once that new contract is in place, it helps balance the budget of $15.7 million by changing work rules, employes contributions to health care, pensions. the union wants this overturned and keep the old contract in place until arbitration. they say that is the pure thing and that is what the judge is deciding. and if this contract is thrown out? there will lose $300,000 per week and go in the red, like office, and the late or reduce
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weekend bus service. -let off workers. and they are even requesting a bond be issued to keep them going for six months. and about 1.5 hours they will be meeting in this building behind me. to discuss the judge's ruling. and of course, state tunable the latest on this developing story. live in oakland, stay tuned. in oakland, christine connolly. >> and muni drivers are getting a pay increase. and apparently, no into anything about it. dan kerman explains. >> and despite muni cuts, and fare hikes, people that drive the like real, will mi increase. when the barand how was this possible with a 5% increase? the city charter says that a muni operator, is it should be a comparable transit agency. and
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average about two highest salaries and that is what the san francisco muni of orders are going to get paid for the city is in a budget crisis or not. >> and this city employees have agreed to city cuts but the muni refuse to in the cash strapped agency will show about 14 additional million dollars per year for this increase. >> and i believe in unions but this union is out of control. >> and i think these are inconsistent with the times. >> and the commuters are incensed and so is city hall. >> this is the one city group that make no concessions and you bet they're going to expect more. the november ballot to wipe out the pay hike requirement. >> to measure 75,000 and a and this year, we can deal with this. if it lands on the
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november ballot. have >> and san jose has laid off 49 firefighters. and in hopes that some of them can be rehired, the firefighters' union has a new proposal to the city including cuts in wages, benefits. and as kate thompson reports the mayor says that it does not go far enough to save the city enough money. >> surrounded by fire fighters and the been laid off the union announced this proposal. a five. quarter pay cut, reduction and rare retirement for new hires and mayor chuck reed says that the firefighters union looks like a lot like the previous two, three. and the ball short. the city requesting a 10% cut- fall short. we're offering a $4 million concession and it is not enough with their offering. >> the average salary is $120 k and with health benefits, pensions, that is adding another
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$60 k. >> the average cost of a firefighter, a police officer is over $180,000 per year. we cannot afford to keep as many as we would like. >> the firefighters' unions of the police did not have to give of the 10% and was scared layoffs. and the police is twice the size. -speered layoffs, and they're saying that these savings to not get at up. in in terms of dollars saved, the police had a lot more savings. to avoid the layoffs. with 70 police officers. reporting in san jose, kate thompson, kron 4 news. if ♪ >> a live look, the golden gate bridge with foggy skies hugging the coastline. you can barely see the bridge through this shot. temperatures are cool in those locations. 87 degrees in half moon bay. picking and degrees i 57 degrees in half mo9
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degrees in san francisco. 90 degrees in antioch. what we can expect for the next couple of days with fog hugging the coast line at this hour and it is going to be dense tonight, tomorrow. and even if fo drizxle to clear by noon. sunny, mild and the middle of next wethis week, a big cool don details coming up. >> a quick check on traffic, south towards a san jose. stay with us. ♪
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>> there was a brutal beating and stabbing at a popular san francisco park. daniel villareal and what happened. >> at the san francisco toward spared a brutal stabbing took place over the weekend with a man of life-threatening injuries. and it was here at 19, a church that the war spared a
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man found was stabbed, repeatedly. he was walking through it 1:30 a.m. and the victim of a robbery were multiple suspects, involved. our original, police thought that " people were involved of later, the some of those herbalife standards. they arrested three men in connection and are least loolooking. a 40 manyear-old maa suspect in critical condition at san francisco hospital. daniel villareal >> 3 teenagers injured in a drive-by shooting in north richmond are expected to survive. the 16 year-old, 14 year-old, and 14 year-old girl were found shot at fifth street, market street. they were standing on the sidewalk when somebody drove up and shot them, no suspects. and the motive is unclear. >> to take a look and a more extended forecast very similar to more to what we saw today.
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and a big cool down coming up with details in your complete forecast coming up.
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>> the plan to build a stadium in san jose has hit a snag. jeff bush is explaining what happened and what will happen next. >> this building is owned by at&t were developers want to build a stadium for the a's. at&t says the land is not for sale but the mayor of san jose, chuck read is saying that at&t is upset. there were denied a zoning before another area. >> they denied us a sale for the ballpark because we tonight a zoning change and santan and because would did not approve the santana row. and since then, they say that now this land is not for sale. >> and now, the mayor says that the at&t will come around because it is not a crucial building for their operations.
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also, they think that at&t is up above the fray that the giants are keeping and san jose. >> and remember that there is a place called at&t part with major-league baseball. and it is a decision that at&t is not going to be out ahead of baseball. >> so, the waiting game continues. jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> jonathan blum is in or this controversial land is. >> it is in the middle, the ballpark that is proposed. it is a 31,000 seat park. it is unclear smaller than at&t part because they wanted a more intimate than you. and it is actually-smaller record to zoom out, and show you that it is right above the caltran tracks. you are taking a nice look at downtown and beyond. it is supposed to of a nice view and threw gravel earth, why it is a
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desirable location it is right next to the caltran. and our according to the google earth, the shark tank, and it is right in slated for sports. also, a transportation hub. and this is the problem, right in the middle of the ball park is the at&t building. it is over one half of the site. and without at&t planning ball, san jose's code of a difficulty putting it and this spot. fast and with this area, it is the pg and the substation and already there and talks to move this. and across the street, the firefighters' training facility in the could have a department parking. and this firefighter is actually on board. the only delay is this big building from at&t. jonathan blum. >> and the san francisco 49ers
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alex smith is hoping to help improve last season's record. with the were second in the western division and the 49ers open the regular season september 12th in seattle to play the seattle seahawks. ♪ >> a live look outside this afternoon for more with cam over downtown san francisco. you can see some of our fog and the background is some sunshine making it all the way, inland. to take a look to our current satellite is the fog is creeping in, and hugging the coast line with a few breaks of sunshine. and temperatures are mild/warm throughout the. this afternoon. inland is even more, 86 degrees in concord, 86 degrees in livermore, 90 degrees in livermorewhere we 90 degrees in, where a should be for this time of year. 60s-'70s to the bay area and a bit cool along the coast. what we can expect is that fog will be moving in by
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9:00 p.m. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., the fog be on the coast, the bay shore and typically. press off the coastline by 12:00 p.m. and by 3:00 p.m., mostly sunny and what we are seeing right now. a very little change in our temperatures for tomorrow. to take a look and or fog tracker is stretching inland. starting to scale back its 6:00 a.m. with a patchy fog along the delta of but clear, inland valley. and in the south bay. at the rest of the fog will scale back and by 8:00 a.m., fog around the bay shore. and not in the north bay so temperatures were on duty in the 70's in the north be tomorrow. and will fog will press off by 10:00 a.m. and stay away from most of the afternoon. 67 degrees in half moon bay, tomorrow. and another warm-hot but upper 80s, low 90s inland. 70's and the north bay, 79 degrees in santa rosa, 70's, 80's and the south bay. and a
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look kron 4 7 day around the bay tomorrow is going to be very similar to what we saw today. the fog is going to clear, with a fairly identical forecast. wednesday, thursday, a bit of a cool down. pretty dense fog and move all the way inland and stay there for part of the morning. temperatures will only be in the 70's, and a low 60s. and will warm up as we go towards the weekend. >> california highest court has held of the anti affirmative action. the preferential treatment of women and minorities and contract negotiations and a six-one, the supreme court rejected rulings from san francisco and the city jury brown the that law known as proposition 209 violates federal equality. proponents of that said that accretes. as for minorities, women. and did not exists for other groups.
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proponents of that-proposition 29. >> and how mixing waters is in violation of fat maxine waters >> maxine waters hiis under investigation with helping a bank out of financial trouble. her husband had considerable shares. >> and doctor's put a prompt into this bart and dick cheney has had five architects. and hihe has had five heart attacks
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>> researchers have a new unit would loss bill could be approved by the fda as january. web producer, kimberly sakamoto. kimberly? >> kathryn, research said the new weight loss local healt and it is to mean components of the spill. the first is a drug that treats alcoholism and there is another of the help smokers, and patients with depression. while those medications have been widespread for over 20 years the rest never been a weight-loss pill for any country approved with this combination. researchers say that this is going to suppress an uptight and reward center and particularly useful for people being derailed with cravings. and with the fda, approval could come as early as next year. to check out all of these details what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. >> let us check on this commute. this is on the 680, and it is
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getting a bit jammed up. and going towards us is northbound and the ones are one in san jose, the overpass. -101 in san jose, and the southbound is the heading towards us. and it is still moving great in both directions. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis,
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we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. meg whitman. a plan for jobs.
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this just in to the kron 4 news room >> 9 worker 7 killed and a seven trapped in a central china coal mine. and it was called by " a cast outburst ". and 107 miners and 111 escaped and the mining industry is the world's deadliest with accidents killing 2600 miners to of the country just last year. we will bring you more details as we get them. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and the death toll and pakistan is a mere 2000. and a high waters crested last friday. many survivors are still waiting
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help from the government. >> for three days the been without food, shelter. >> we do not have anything. >> people and the pakistan and this swamp valley have plenty of mod to throw at police. but the government has been overwhelmed by this disaster and the monsoon carried away entire allegis. >> nothing is left. >> and as many as 2 million people have been displaced and the entire--villages. >> with overcrowded boats. would to make shelter. this map shows the extent of the devastation. the yellow is bad, the red is worse in the brown is shown with the flood waters are headed next. the swap valley is the worst and the prime recording area for the television. and the slow response is likely to hope that effort would be--calibtali
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the united states as the offering pre dedicated steel homes, thousands of meals, water filtration and water boats, and $10 million from the un. and $10 million from the united states. >> and from the fog hugging the coastline and temperatures are only in the 50s. inland, finally starting to see like summer. with upper 80s, low 90s but big changes coming in the midweek. details of a cool down coming up in a bit. >> and look of that beautiful blue sky from our rich cam. stay with us.
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[ male announcer ] introducing our fastest internet with speeds up to twenty four megabits per second. switch to high speed internet from at&t and get one-hundred dollars back via promotion card. live from the bay area's news station at 5:30 >> 2 deals are coming in tonight on the ac transit dispute. christine connolly is live in oakland with the latest. christine? what is happening. >> the judge has made her


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