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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 2, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and the judge has decided to side with the union, workers'. she has granted an injunction a double overturned that the new contract. it was implemented on workers a few weeks ago and pushing this into a bitter dispute. she new contract and returning to the old one was not good faith bargaining. and for ac transit to implement that contract and it created irreparable harm on workers because the new contract changed their schedule. just a few moments ago, the outset of the ac transit headquarters we spoke with mary king. in about one hour, the board of directors will be meeting with their lawyers and trying to find exactly what this ruling, judge means. they will decide tonight, hopefully if they're going to appeal this ruling. and what does this mean for commuters?
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and once this old contract-new contract was thrown out. there would use $300,000 per week and savings and they could have to cut weekend service. mary king said there is not going to be any committed to change for commuters. basically, they're going to put their thinking caps on and how to deal with this. any changes would not be of immediate and it would be a process. with public hearings, trying to decide how to deal with these loss of savings. at the bottom line is that the judge decided to overturn the new contract was imposed on workers. and in one or, the will decide on what to do next. reporting live in oakland, christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> and a southern california, they finally got the upper hand on the wild flflowersand vicki liviakis the full details >> the rash of wildfires in
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southern california tonight they appear to be out o-in control, and palm bill scorched 14,000 a. and burned nine houses. at one point, two dozen people were forced to leave their homes and mechanics are being blamed. investigators say to mechanic for cutting a pipe that caused sparks to fly. that caused brushed to inflame. and they're fighting flames on the ground, air with helicopters and planes it dumping fire retardant. all roads in the region are open to traffic in the evacuation centers are closed. crews are clamping down the hot spots. >> this is about 10 a. and growing. >> the west county in kern county burned 64,000 structures and 15 a.. overall, 22,000 square miles have been charred. perfect firefighting winweather
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is allowing them to deal with this tonight and the only hitch is the temperatures go up and if winds go up. and if so? the will stay on until the fire is fully contained. vicki liviakis >> and dan is from cal fire. and i heard things are better? and where are they facing the biggest challenges tonight? >> we still have five major wildfires over california tonight. over the weekend firefighters' made great progress with a handful as weather conditions cooperated. good progress made on multiple fronts. >> can i ask you if any buildings are still in danger or threatened? them with the major fires that been burning, at this point, no structures are threatened. a lot of aggressive firefighting has been happening of the last couple of days to make that happen. still, some hot spots that need to go put out so we're in a clear.
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>> and we were looking earlier, and this is video from earlier. dan, there is also a is infoglendora can you tell us about that? >> i do not have any information on that but this is were consumed more and more well fires. as we get later into the summertime, september, october, his courtly those are the most worrisome most damaging. we're going to-historically, we will see more damaging in late fall. we will still have more months of potential. >> and are they still dousing? and vicki liviakis was mentioning that? is that still a possibility? >> today's focus on the wild fires is to make sure that the hot spots are out. we do not want any hot embers to blow in the wind. will pass those containment lines and could possibly start a new buyer. to make to those hot spots are out is within our focus to not start
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a new-b wild fire. >> thank you, and the brother of outfielder nate is 10 counts of the d y hit-and-run. he had hit several cars, people in this 1 mi. stretch. mark jones said of this began right next to the san ramon valley high. >> 22 year-old keaton hit a bicyclist and then a pedestrian. according to witnesses he kept driving his red pickup truck into another truck. and then a another corner and drove off on a sidewalk over this city traffic light. >> he hit this heart. and then, it was totally been tkeep it this-hard. and about one block away, he'd made a right into residential neighborhood. >> and on la mesa la hfau bouled
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he hit another car, and then they detained him. and kayden was driving with a dui, and also is facing 10 counts. his bill it was set at $350,000. in danville, mark jones. >> the california department of he had a dui in 7 when he was 17 years old. an early-morning hit- and-run daniel villareal and san francisco daniel from the mission district. >> and 19th-folsom, a man was killed by a hit and run and they still love no suspects. just after 4:00 a.m. emergency crews found and unresponsive man on the corner of this mission district intersection. the medical office has confirmed that is that is consistent with a hit and run. his name has not been released into the family has been notified. the car has
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been left the scene and so far, no clue. and in san francisco, daniel villareal authorities are looking for a suspect in a sexual assault in terre linda. a 22 year-old woman was a sa approached by a man with a knife. he is described as white/hispanic. 6 ft. tall, 25 0 lbs. and has a goatee and thick lips. >> 150 health-care workers in two different nursing homes continued with a five day strike. protesting policies that hurt workers and in danger residents. piedmont gardens, grand lake gardens can get fired for being out of five days or more even with a doctor's note. the spokesperson says that they are continuing to hold talks with the union to try to reach
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an agreement. temporary workers have been brought in to replace the strikers. ♪ >> to take a look to our current conditions it is cool coast to the coastline. only 50s, 59 degrees in san francisco because of that fog hugging the coast. 60s, 70's for the rest of the bay with the exception of the inland with nine degrees in antioch. and our headlines, the fog is hugging the coast line and fill an overnight. dense overnight and even drizzle expected. tonight, and tomorrow will see some clearing of sunny, mild. and a bit overcast on the coast. however, a big cool down in the middle of this week with your details on your extended forecast coming up. >> another check with the bay bridge toll plaza. going into of in the traffic is still moving very well.
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>> time for tech talk gabriel slate's tech report >> with a wife by internet can be really confusing. and a wife like. and some of these rockers a 20-30 steps wifi. some of these rockers and you have to go in to a step by step with a technician over the phone. and cisco has a valey and they claim that anybody can install and it is very simple, easy and it only takes three simple steps to get going. let us put this to the test. and with this router, ethernet and this usb stick. and this is going right into your computer. once a plug this and a wind will pop up requesting to
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plug this and. to connect the valley to the internet modem with the blue ethernet cable. and on the screen it prompted me to hit next. after that, it is connecting to the valet after two minutes, that was it! i was surfing, wirelessly that was incredibly easy. this is a great solution for anybody looking for easy, simple way for a wifi connection. it was under five minutes. after this installation you do not need the usb stick. this is on silver now for $100 francisco. that--on sale. >> to block black. messaging. no, neighboring arab emirates is going to block web access from blackberry in october. they're planning security concerns because it is assented encrypting information the government cannot monarch. and
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also with visitors not able to use for business travelers and o abl people using the dubai airport. which is 100,000 passengers per day. >> to take a look and our extended forecast will be very similar to what we saw today. cooler by the middle of the week and details when you can expect incoming up and just a bit. ♪
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>> the gulf oil, the new estimate leaking into the ocean has exceeded previous estimates. what was a worst-case scenario government scientists are adults with 4.9 million bar. was the estimate. and the 2.6 million was the original estimate. no new oil from the leak. engineers are looking at the as the static kill.
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>> we have got the of equipment and in place for the static kill. once we get this cement in place. >> if all goes as planned, bp will pumping blood from ships on the surface. this animation- pumping mud. with 1 mi. down with a series of pipes and eventually into the old, failed blowout preventer. it will then be pumped into choke off the flow. also, it is truly to different relief wells. it should reach the target with 10 days, and it is drilling two different relief wells. this permanent seal is the part of the spawns ability. >> after that, the restoration. and i know the we're going to we're not going anywhere. >> the engineer from bp hope that the static deal will provide the depth solution.
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>> and two different men, have been plotted to flow up cargo planes. and of coothese two mene convicted on conspiracy and if they wanted to kill thousands of people and spectacular attack. there were trying to get up from militant muslims including al qaeda from donn >gyunaa >> and the screens are leaving towards boston to accommodate a flight safety-these cranes. boston needs these cranes because container terminal is close to the airport. ♪ >> a live look outside for more mount pam cam. you can see that
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fog offshore. and it will overnight tonight and into tomorrow. current conditions are cooler along the coast with the fog is sitting. 60s and 70's, and in the is, is upper 80s, low 90s. and mostly in the south bay, a mix of 70's and let us take a look it what we can expect tonight and into tomorrow. that fog oppress back and by tomorrow it is going be pressed back into our inland. briefly. by 7:00 a.m., the coastal-bay fog will prospect by the coast on noon. -press back. temperatures will be pretty consisted of there today. and inland, just very briefly by 6:00 a.m. already scaling back in the delta is the seeing some patchy fog. 8:00 a.m., the fog of the hovering around the bay shore. the north bay will be in the clear. 60s, 70's tomorrow. and later on the coast. and to
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take a look and our temperatures tomorrow. similar tomorrow. to what we're seeing today, 80s, low 90s. 79 degrees in santa rosa, 69 in santa rosa, san francisco and take a look kron 4 7 day around the bay nearly identical weather for tomorrow. however, big changes roll in for wednesday, thursday with dense fog and cooler temperatures. will start to warm up as the go towards the weekend. >> investigators think that the driver fell asleep earlier on an accident that killed one person. through the san francisco band, members of early gradeves the driver lost control and nine people were on board. one passenger was killed. the name has not been released, the driver, a passenger had to be hospitalized and both are expected to recover. nobody in the van were wearing seat belts. >> lindsay lohan is out but she
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is now in a rehab. short walk straight to a uc medical center. and she spent less than two weeks of a three month sentence behind bars for missing alcohol consolaticounseling, and which a violation of probation, and she is sentenced to 90 days of treatment. >> the and and nicole conspiracy trial opening statements will begin wednesday. today, prospective the jurors will be. and how to the michael jackson case affect their . opinion on prescription drugs? >> and anna nicole wanted the drugs and if so? that could change the complexion of the case. the lawyer and both of the doctors will be over prescription of her medication causing her death. >> the princeton review top-10 party schools you see, santa
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barbara king and seventh. we have a look of the top five, the university of georgia was named the top party school. it is in a small town of athens, ga. only 30,000. however, it has 100 bars! those are pack from thursday-sunday and georgia beat ohio, penn state, west virginia and the university of mississippi. you are looking at the golden gate bridge on the foggy afternoon. traffic is moving well. and a quick look of the san mateo bridge it is going eastbound. across the city towards hayward. and so far:no big problems. ♪ ♪
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>> the latest and identity theft is stealing your child's identity for financial gain. and kimberly? >> with companies like the market leader in the on line with buying industry. there will fine restaurants, bars and other businesses that are providing daily lunch at discounts. and with more cities than any other company every day. and discounts for an item, and if enough people sign up? and their main competitor, living social with this site as they share the deal. three people join the deal with the link provided by the company. the zero original buyer gets there for free and three deals each day. and this one, it is called useinthe city and to read all about these what's on
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the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> a look outside from our roof cam. through san francisco, the fog skies and if they are clinging to the coastline. and if that is going to setick around your kron 4 news at 6:00 p.m. is coming up, next.
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>> a judge has ruled in the ac transit dispute on weather or not the ac can and impose their contract of workers. christine connolly is live in has the latest of what this ruling means. >> catherine, that means as a victory for ac transit workers. the judge has sided with the workers to throw out the new contract. this was imposed on workers to weeks ago. within hours, the board of directors will meet and speak with the lawyers about this meeting and decide weather or not they're
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going to appeal this ruling. the judge said that it was not good bargaining to impose a contract " arbitration is going on. ac transit did this to balance the budget and it is the duty of the employer . and the changed work schedules have been wreaking havoc on the system. ac transit said the with of the new contract they're going to lose $300,000 per week. and they threatened to do possibly which is cut weekend service. we asked the interim manager and what this ruling means for commuters and this is what she had to say just a little bit ago. >> with regards to the cutbacks that will not be made immediately because that is impossible. hopefully, things will resolve themselves in a better way to making those cutbacks but i cannot see where that is right now. the board
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will be talking about that and put your best thinking caps on. hopefully, we can sit down with the union,. >> and if any changes would be happening quickly cured if it takes place at all. and it sounds like negotiations would continue and the board will meet in about one hour. reporting live in oakland, christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> thank you, christine. and san jose has laid off 49 firefighters. they're hoping that could be retired and the firefighters' union offered a new proposal to the city. the they could be-retired. kate thompson reports that the mayor-to retire these 49 people. >> sir run toch-----rehire the union offered this proposal, a 5 percent pickup, a reduction in retirement for new hires and a
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over time savings. and chuck reed says that the latest looks like the previous two, three and they fall short. the city is requesting a 10% cut. offering $4 million in concessions which is not enough. >> the average salary is $120 k and 8 is with another additional $60 with pension and health benefits >> now, the average salary is over $180,000 per year and we cannot keep as many as polite. >> the union does not have to give up the 10% and was spared layoffs. and the police is twice the size of the of firefighter saw the fir savings to no add up. >> and in terms of dollars saved. the police came up with a lot more savings that allowed the delayed layoffs of the 70 police officers. reporting in
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san jose, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> and despite the big budget problems, the muni drivers will have a pay increase as early as tomorrow. dan kerman explains why. >> despite derri cut, heights, d with the trolleys, and light rail. there will see their salaries increase by more than 5% tomorrow night. and with the muni board rubberstamp and an increase required by city law and how was that possible? the city charter says of the salary operators to do a compare will transit agency, and two of the highest paid. and average of the two highest-paid and that is what the san francisco muni paid half to get paid. whether or not they are in a budget crisis or not. and what ac transit is in a crisis, and already, the transit agency will shell out an additional $14 billion per year
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for this increase >> i believe in unions but this union is out of control! >> these races are out of timing with what is going on. >> this is the loan group of city group that did not make any concession and you bet they want more. >> and a november ballot measure to wipe out the pay hike requirement in this recocharter >> and to get this placed on the november ballot. this will be the last year we have to deal with this if we get the required signatures. >> and in san francisco, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> to take a look at our current conditions, cool coast to the with the fog. tenders mostly in the 60s, the 70's in starting to cool down inland. previously, we're in the upper 80s, low
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90s, and antioch is still warm. here is what mechanics but tonight, tomorrow the fog hugging the coastline and state dense along the coast. by tomorrow, we will have fog inland and it will clear by noon. left with a sunny, mild. and mid-week, a bit of a cool down and i will have details coming up in just a bit. stay with us. we will be back after this break. those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing.
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this just in to the kron 4 news room billionaire meg whitman has spent $99 million for request. this has surpassed previous candidate, she has spent nearly $20 million during six weeks ending june 30th. included before/after the june primaries. with a $91 million of our own money. and jerry brown reported that he has 23 min dollars in
6:10 pm
cash on hand. and he has spent only $131,000. with $23 million he has. >> a brutal beating, stabbing. over san francisco park over the weekend. and daniel villareal @ san francisco dolores park a brutal stabbing took place at the weekend. with life- threatening injuries. . 19- church for emergency crews found a man that was stabbed, repeatedly. he was walking to the park 1:30 a.m. and was a victim of a robbery. multiple suspects. originally, the police thought that 12 people but some of them were just bystanders. they arrested three men. they're looking for two other suspects. the victim has not been identified released. he is a 40 year-old and and is in critical condition at san francisco
6:11 pm
general hospital. daniel villareal >> to take a look corp. extended forecast, there were similar tomorrow. however, to take a look and our extended forecast, cooler weather. a extended cooler forecast just moments away. what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same.
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introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.
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>> danville police are looking day the wife who had several people and cars. d --dui the 23 year-old is the driver of san francisco giants outfielder and nate shareholders. mark j say that nobody was \ / \ seare hot >> sherrholtz hit a bicyclist in this lane and then hit a pedestrian. and kept on going. hit a pickup truck and kept on driving. he drew on the sidewalk, and hit and destroyed a city traffic light. he
6:15 pm
continued to drive another block and then took a right into this neighborhood. after 1 mi., the suspect was driving this stretch in a land of miso where he hit another s u v. and by this time a lot of people were following him. >> detained by citizens and montero try. citizens are looking at his charges of over 14 charges, and he isn't a lot of bad luck. and his mother's house-he has had a lot of bad luck. and he is held on $350,000 bond. >> and he was also convicted in contra costa county in 2004 when he was 17. >> there was a second rally in san jose in support of johannes meserle. 20 people showed up showing support for meserle. they argued that he was
6:16 pm
wrongfully accused and should be freed. and one of them was johannes meserle ' as father and he is not sure of the upcoming sentence but appreciates though appreciation for his son. >> this is out of our control, out of our hands. we just... as tragic as this whole thing has been. it is a really true time for people to come out. and he loved his career, and he loved working in law enforcement. >> organizers said they planned to hold these rallies once per month until meserle is freed. >> and another story with richmond, three teenagers injured in a drive-by shooting
6:17 pm
are expected to survive. there were shot yesterday afternoon and they do not have any suspects, yet. no motive, clear. in pittsburgh, they're looking at a murder of a 25 year-old. and possibly, though roommates are going to be questioned. and in santa cruz county, a suspect was arrested and accused of murdering a man found on friday. the body was found inside a car near a high school. in san rafael, a woman sexually attacked and the attacker approached her from behind with a knife. and they are looking for that suspect. and in san francisco, a crash on doral drivyle drive from a tour bus bt everybody is expected to survive. and this has been a snag with the dispute with at&t. and jeff bush explains the problem and what the mayor is
6:18 pm
thinking that this is happening. >> this building is owned by at&t with developers want to build a stadium for the 80s. at&t says of the land is for sale but the mayor of san jose, chuck read is that because the city denied a zoning change near santa and a row. >> there would not sell us the land for the ballpark and thus we approved the zoning change near santo rana road. and becaue would not approve santana a row now they're saying that the land is not for sale. >> and what happens next? the mayor, chakrhuck reed things thy will come around and i think that they're also trying to keep above the ray. >> and also, there is something in san francisco called at&t
6:19 pm
park. with a major baseball, i know think at&t is going to be ahead of the commissioner of baseball. >> and so, the waiting game continues. and san jose, jeff bush. >> and look at how dark and dreary from a bridge tower. you can barely see the bridge toward. that fog is hanging on but warmer temperatures. " we can expect, that fog will roll back in it this evening. fog along the coast and along the bay and will press along the coast by 12:00 p.m.-noon. sunny until 3:00 p.m. similar with 59 degrees along the coast and fog tracker for tomorrow morning. it is going to extend inland. briefly. by 6:00 a.m., already pressing back. and with the south bay in the clear, and watch how quickly it clears. by
6:20 pm
8:00 a.m., clear skies which means temperatures in the 70's in the afternoon. fog will be lingering and kicking back along the coastline by 10:00 a.m. it will be hugging the coast line for the majority of tomorrow. a few of a bricks qamar but really it will be at lingering on the coast for the next couple of days. get breaks, but really, and inland, 86 degrees in livermore, 90 degrees in antioch. 60s, 70's for the most of the bay with the exception of the south bay. and a look kron 4 7 day around the bay with cooler weather expected with a dense fog expected all the way into the inland valleys. it temperatures will only be and the 70's and low sixties around the bay. around the weekend, a warm-up but stay below average. stay with us, we will be right back after this break
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>> this just in to the kron 4 news room to lawsuits against
6:24 pm
quota. they knew of sudden acceleration from toyota, verified by technicians, dealers. the allegations came with documents filed by attorneys suing as a sprawling litigation with defects in its vehicles. attorneys say that six different sudden acceleration incidences were submitted to a toyota. toyota it is asubmitteda statement and is looking forward to defending its allegations. >> and international news, charlie sheen has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor. in exchange for a withdrawal of two other charges which one includes a felony. and this happened in aspen, colorado. on christmas day, there was an argument with his wife. he was sentenced to a california every have center, 30 days of probation, and 36 hours
6:25 pm
of anchor management. amazon and apple are trying to stop competitors from offering lower eb ook prices, and they are looking at agreements. and they tore publishers from other e book providers and the attorney general says of the agreement is hurting competition. he hopes to look at both issues and poolsides to defend each issue. >> and enhanced e books >> catherine, book, shysimon and schuster, and the 2008 best seller, nixon the land, this e book has an original interview with the author, and 27 of his videos in this original text. a few of the traditional publishers have produced similar
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e book and this could be fed nbeginnin of a new e book. , to give the ipad and mobile applications a edge. over a candle, the could not supthe amt the video. that can give these new e book de radnich and read s completely. what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. >> and now, stand roberts. to these people are in a blue body, and now, stanley roberts. two of these people are in the spoof audi and this lane requires three passengers. however, there are only two passengers. and this through san francisco, 3:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. this is between a car pool. you need to have three
6:27 pm
passengers unless it is a two- seater. and the drivers ignore the signs, they make this to the on ramp make a u-turn, illegally. like this driver. and this a driver, and this is driver in this saab. that this person gets out. >> are you with the department of traffic? >> it is crazy here. >> i and with kron 4. >> and that is a car pulled lyipool lane. >> and this is prettily! >> and i checked choose nearly correct. -bridge only, no access to second street. and back to this blue audi. and they were asking for my badge number. with and finally, they were on their
6:28 pm
way. since this entire uses this car pool, and an illegal u- turn, could all be subject to fines. if you do one simple thing? just read the sign. and in stanley roberts. >> and if given in idea story? e-mail us at: stay with us. we will be right back.
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
6:30 pm
>> to check your top store, the judge has ruled in favor of the union and the ac transit. our top story, christine connolly is an oakland. christine? >> this is really a victory for these workers. the judge sided with the union and to throw out the new contract that was imposed on them two weeks ago. and ac transit said the drivers of calling in the seick the unin is saying that the new contract
6:31 pm
is wreaking havoc on the schedules. basically what is happening is that the new contract is gone. they will go back to the old contract. right now, the ac transit board of directors are meeting and trying to decide what happens now. they will meet with the lawyers, and decide on the judge's ruling and discuss the judge's ruling in whether or not they are going to appeal it. ac transit has said that they will lose $300,000 per week would of this new contract. it saves $15.7 million and now i have to go back to the drawing table and figure out where to get those savings. there could possibly be cutting service and threatening to cut weekend bus service. we spoke to the interim director. at ac transit and she said that if there were cuts? or click, there would be
6:32 pm
several public hearings. right now, there likely will not see changes right away for commuters. however, back to the drawing board for the savings. reporting live in oakland, christine connolly. >> right now, with cost coverage across the bay area. here are today's top stories. >> mere chuck reed says the new proposal by the firefighters' union does not 04 enough to save the money for the city. if a recently laid-off 49 firefighters, and if the union includes a 5.4 goquarter of this city is requesting a 10%. the average firefighter is $180 k! annually. reporting in the san jose, kate thompson. >> danville, the brother of san francisco out filter cououtfiele
6:33 pm
schelder hit a bicyclist on danville boulevard, kept hitting, testing, kept driving, and then had a city light, and kept driving, and then it turned into a neighborhood. and then hid and occupied as you be and there was a deatheprior to dui conviction, and is bill is at 350 k! >> -bail. >> and how can it this muni drivers be getting a raise? there is a city charter, and comparing to to the most money and average of the salary and that is with the many operators are going to have to get paid. and this could go away if it makes its way onto the november ballot with enough signatures. >> and in san jose, the
6:34 pm
stadium is this problem, owned by at&t is right in the middle of the proposed stadium. at&t told the city that the property is not for sale. however, mayor chuck reed does not think that at&t needs its building because there is another property in question. at&t wanted a free zone and a santana row. the city refused. and now, at&t has taken this property of the market. and the san jose, jeff bush. >> and gabriel slate's tech report wifi network can sometimes be difficult however, this cisco valet of installing this very easy. three simple steps, and it works! and i installed this in under five minutes and it is very easy. anybody can do it i really like
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this thing! it is $100 and it is called the cisco vaelt >> the makers of the snuggie and how you can produce and even appear in a new commercial for this blanket with sleeves. >> that is right, and it really, this came around 2008. you can see that quickly became a viral hit on the you tube. and they really skyrocketed 11 now, they are looking for a new way to capitalize on the success of the previous campaign. the rules for this this stopped the snuggie choice awards, make your own. , attribute it just has to be no longer than three minutes. and submit it to this website, and the six finalists will be thrown flown to newark's city in october, and the grand prize of
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the opportunity to appear in next year's big commercial. and the six finalists will be flown to new york city in october. what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> a live look of side with our rubicam. you can see that roof cam with the fog rolling and and especially towards the middle of the week. our extended forecast, and very similar to what we saw today with the fog hugging the coast line. by wednesday, thursday, the fog is going to be pretty dense. a press all the way, inland. that cool air is going to keep is mainly in the '70s. los 60s from the bay. and as we continue towards the weekend will have a below average trend. stay with us, we will be right back after this quick break. ♪
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enough the gulf oil engineers are running the final testing before making the new attempt to seal off the leaking well,
6:40 pm
permanently. qamar, they hope to begin the process known as static kill, tomorrow. >> we of the a equipment already for the static carole. once we get the casing and the cementing, static-kill. if all goes as planned, the bill will pump the surface mud. this animation will show the path. 1 mi. down to a series of pipes and eventually to the old, failed blowout preventer. it will be pumped and to chew out the flow. also, is drilling two different relief mills and it should reach its target with 10 days. two different relief wells, and this is only a part of the permit responsibility. >> and then once this is done, we're going to focus on the restoration. and we're going to be here for a long, long time. and people are worried about that. and if we are going to pack up and leave?
6:41 pm
>> the answer is no. >> and that the static is not enough? there will continue to stop it. >> and gary is up next, with the sports and the 49ers training camp. >> and right now, to check out our your neck of the bay area, and if you want to check of what is going on the san francisco peninsula area? to check that region, news, weather, traffic, and the video reports. the pen in your area, to check your recent off region
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> good eating ever become the bay area is still buzzing over the giants. good evening. and a lot of people saying that he
6:45 pm
cannot play anymore and look at what he did not national television. and yesterday, two- run triple as the giants held off a three game sweep for the dodgers. finally, and with the los angeles with this the recorder start, the giants are one for five games away from the padres. the padres will begin the series tonight with the dodgers. more importantly, the dodgers' lead the wild card. and it could be the end of tonight but it will not. and the giants- post season are in colorado tomorrow night. and it is the case aga kidder kans city get the calcium. and-these agait kansas city. and with kansas city, they had a couple of practices that are open to the fans. with alex smith, the 49 years anders so many people thik
6:46 pm
they have a chance. and in fact, it is the first time since 2000 02 they ar quick to go into this thing, and favored as the post season. vern is back after a six week vacation vern glenn, and you look younger, happy! did you get cosmetic surgery [laughter] >> in fact, if anything i am a bit larger in the midsection with my mother's cooking. we have a five hours of pro football and said, clara. and what you are witnessing is fans, exiting. and but these 9 practices open to the public. and first, to put these pads on, gary. and as early as 8:30 a.m. this morning. >> the 49ers when nearly three hours of the awful precious and
6:47 pm
full pads. and the defense is sharper than the offense. >> it is difficult to get a sense of what the other guys are thinking. and i know some of those guys were getting after it. and i do not what they are thinking or what but that is part of the deal. >> and the animated coach, that the disabled nutcracker droll. and they're playing against each other with the one on one strength. >> there are a different versions of this nutcracker drill and oklahoma, they're going to the twitter or to beat each other to death. it is not that. and to have a profoundly found technique. >> and to put your hands in side the ball and just keep winning and running. >> and we put that in there, the defensive linemen. 38 0 lbs. because he is filling in for royal frankland is still not in camp. he has the franchise tech
6:48 pm
and usually not required to be here. that is why we put the big fellow in there. the other and nugget of news is that david boss suffered a mild concussion today. and the n f l is treating this very, very seriously and it could be a long time before david is allowed back on the field. and take a look at this! and this is to is one of the ninth practice is open to the public. and to give you some idea with 1000 of the san francisco 49ers show up to watch alex smith. and as the san francisco 49ers opened their doors and a set of clara. and as kerry diluted to, and the groundswell of the anticipated. sentiment because the san francisco 49ers are still favored to win the nfc west. and as we take it to the
6:49 pm
indianapolis colts and the first production season game. and this is the start of of something new. with love, joy, anticipation, gary. >> burn, really quickly, that those glory days. and everybody is working for or price, and timontana and who do think of te two most popular 49ers of these fans were clamoring for? >> i would say a burn and davis and alex smith. -- vernon davis and you can make an argument for patrick harris. but everybody with pictures, and ovations for those. and as long as the interceptions, the cheers will keep on going. >> and really quickly, and did he leap you your his vacation
6:50 pm
schedule? >> i have him on the speed dial and i could call them. >> and shore. you are the king. working under the thing and great to have him back! the goalie knocked the sharks out. andthis fellow and the chicago black hawks knocked out the sharks to win the stanley cup. and only that 826,000, and now, 2.7 5 million. and the black hawks say that against arbitration, get out of here and they cut him. the goalie for the stanley cup champion was cut, today by the chicago blackhawks. and the warriors have a new owner, and in new cheerleading group. when we come back and when we do this every once in awhile. and barbara, and lacey
6:51 pm
why only one name? >> i like to keep it simple. >> . good. and just down to the wire. the final cheerleading squad. >> and jackie? we you a cheerleader? >> no, i was never aired a cheerleader. >> the 1, the only,lacie, next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> one of the most popular dance teams the warrior curls. 17 of the 18 spots filled 18 ls have won the remaining apiopening and will give yo uthe details and lacey .
6:55 pm
>> will don be held as a coach? >> i do not have any idea [laughter] >> and heavy metal the new border coach kush mark >> not yet. >> and oh my gosh! >> and he told me during the break that you were the reigning miss new orleans, correct? >> yes, 2009. >> and this gave it up and january. >> and if i am not crowned i want to dance for the nba, the warriors. >> and if this did not work? >> i was speaking about the mavericks'. and ideas wanted a new life. >> and if you'd like to be in show business? >> i do not know. i am pretty open. >> by the way, the city is supposed to be in great
6:56 pm
recovery? >> yes. with the exception of the oil. >> and the city itself. >> yes, a lot better. >> and what do you enjoy about showing off in front of 18,000 people what gets you going? >> the lot is passion, performance, dance, and i love performing. there is no better feeling the the entire crowd watching you cheer, and have fun on the court. >> the try out tomorrow, there is one spot? >> yes, there are three finalists and on the going to get one more girl of the 18 girl squad to just choose your favorite. >> and if your pet home? and perhaps if you think your gordy cheerleader quash a
6:57 pm
few largess just sitting at home. and lacy, thank you wind
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
major celebrity news. i'm lara spencer. is on. >> bill and hillary, give their little girl away. >> chelsea clinton's intimate wedding album. >> the dress, the surprise guests, the first dance. >> the honeymoon shocker. >> chelsea herself didn't know the honeymoon destination. e wa. >> and exclusive ceremony details from the official wedding planner. >> this is the wedding her parents wanted her to have. >> dad, bill, brought to tears. >> and vera wang's best weddingo tied the knot this weekend. >> this, just in. >> lindsay lohan release from jail. the n


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