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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 3, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, 4:00 a.m. here on this tuesday morning in a live look from our bay bridge camera was stunned 80 traffic moving towards the toll plaza so far so good. there's a lot of fog of their ran out so much of it on the way in let's find out more in the fog with louisa. >> drizzle to reducing far this morning to not be surprised if you need your when children occurs, we are seeing seven for the widespread. below average temperatures as we head for the day, we might get a bid of lifting today a little quicker than we did yesterday temperatures may go up a couple of degrees. for the most promise somewhat yesterday cooling trend
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continues to the rest of the week. sulliva baj satellite give an idea of where the fog is. sitting near the east bay, peninsula, san bruno rap, san jose. the 7:00 a.m. the fog stores to thicken as the sun rises as a head towards 9:00 we will see a killing back a little bit and started to burn back towards the coast as the head towards the 10 qw 12 11:00 hour. will the current conditions you might see some bright sunshine however. 57 for oakland,, 54 and livermore, 54 fremont, 59 san jose. at your eyes '70s-'80s, 75 novato, 79
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napa, 69 oakland, 90 livermore, 88 morgan how, 80 san jose, 89 lost starters. here is a look ay around the bay. you can clearly see that cooling trend is action kicking in to rob, partly cloudy conditions continue tomorrow. thursday, friday expect widespread fog as we headed to the weekend to keep watch from around the mostly clearing to the afternoon. temperatures still sitting below average. check your morning commute,. >>, conditions underwrite construction with that said bay bridge ferruzzi to seek further selling on by from all of perches, pretty well ahead westbound. the overnight construction and was fined 80 the tulips and into a week rows of 5:00 a.m. because traffic is so light not from all. san
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mateo, a dark shot but dresden when i say it's pretty good conditions as to make to win new direction. bright lights begin their in the hayward. hood 12 minutes for men tend to, golden gate foggy but a nice easy ride. at 37-5808 and a ride. we want to quickly remind to the northbound 880 where meets 92 is closed up 4:30 a.m., so just follow the detour in place until then. james. >> thank you, the free this morning in the operators are set to receive a nearly 6 percent wage increase and even as all other city workers have agreed to cuts. the border directors will receive the pay increase for review and i should say
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today interpret the 22 barbara grow from 4791219 will miller corporate off for his reaction about the possible hit their right. >> i believe in union but this union is out of control. >> i think the raises are inconsistent really of the times. >> voters will have a chance change the wage rose in november to above measure that would open operators pay to negotiations. also developing this morning ec transit labor dispute a judge made a ruling on the dispute. in effect of blocking the contract at the agency in rows on this or the 1700 employes was month this morning the siege of the board of directors is not sure of their right to appeal the injunction. kron4 is jonathan bloom has latest. >> here and out with a judge has ruled against ac transit saying it did not bargain in good faith before imposing new rules on its workers. that means the old rules, but to affect
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something the officials say could cause the agency awards of three dozen dollars a week. the two sides will go back to the bargaining table as a teacher as it continues spending deeper, deeper into our home. if they do not reach an agreement quickly it could lead to them entirely cutting we can service to the of the budget and increasing bus we just over one hour. >> and of course you can continue to read more in yesterday's ruling for yourself, the board has decided they're not sure they're not your right to appeal or not we pose of the entire courtyard men on board said. thus has a free to retreat to the bargaining table with the firefighters' union their in the transfer under way to bring back some 49 firefighters there were layoffs during the weekend. the offering a proposal which includes cuts to wages, benefits. as kron4 kate thompson reports it does not go far enough records mayor. >> stunned crowd of reporters or
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been laid off, the union on sunday announced this provo, of 5.25 percent pay cut, reduction entire reserve for its, the new deployment sensate 20 overtime. mayor chuck reed says the latest proposal looks like all lot like the previous two-three. nothing falls toward the city needs a 10 percent said. >> what they ever offered is a 04 million dollars in concessions, because of. >> the august is were under $20,000 without the benefit of tension that comes jones up another $60,000. >> the average price or fire for error, please seltzer is now over hundred and $80,000 a year. we cannot afford to keep as many as we like. the >> union says the police determined that i have to cure the 10% and whispered layoffs. but the police the room and is twice the size of the fire
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department said the savings and does not. >> the place of this is double the size and terms of dollars saved, will place the reserves came out all more savings that allow us to avoid the layoffs of 70 police officers. >> meanwhile, the gulf of mexico spill, home they tend towñy÷ pua c,gv)+pxustranglehold onbñ19ud while there are a threatbñ19ud trusting the global budget to determine whether nugget to handle the ceiling up process. if it works engineers than plant from heavy mud done that well and will follow-up with concrete. in all tropical tuna: has store far of any of land that early for us to put on track or not the way the seaboard, rather than into the gulf of mexico. the national working center says it has a maximum sustained winds of your 40 mi. per hour, some essentials reasoning is expected. meanwhile but you're in the bay area part
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of the major thoroughfare and from a woman is shutdown after a water main project bridge or fault up in amounts. it averages of 3:30 p.m. to 1 under block a petaluma boulevard and north. fire fighters a their boards of water leaking, the shutdown north and southbound lanes between western avenue and east washington. cruz renounced on the scene tran make the repairs, more on the story and a teacher and a precursor of the day. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. outside, a quick look for james liked, traffic is moving well year southbound the fed but there as of r 1014 as the peninsula so far, so good.
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india at, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. once way far east to the date, heavy not
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the with a lot to cell of their. to not be surprised if you turn the wipers on. it will burn off about 89 inland, a live look at west 90 zeroth towards the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is nice and light note issues getting to the positive sell the approach and does tousling shutdown you're getting by without any problems. barely any traffic to getting your way. complete with picture jury and a breakdown of your forecasts coming up. national news, the seven is abating and elaine mckay this nomination this year there of botha's expected before the end of the week to confirm the presence nominee she is in line to succeed john paul stevens to become the third, the court she is expected to be voted into confirmation. most rodents a she is unfit to be justice, because she does not have enough experience of the judge. but
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again it certain to be confirmed. mark evans, you're sort futures soared of this morning as to investors are anxiously await reports. the reports from personal income and spending, dick, give hope consumers a during. hospital legal skills for june and august sales and report on june factory orders. pinsetters argued for a half percent dip in june on total orders. in all boeing says it will move to dispense programs an expected five of its 50 engineering jobs are out of california, with the oklahoma city. it will take it race over the next couple of years boeing will move one of its programs to be a 2011, the other will be moved towards. boeing officials said the lower operating costs and oklahoma were a factor in the company's decision. in but this is some california employees will we moved, while
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other positions will be filled locally. we will see what happens. trouble continues for toyota this morning new documents show that toyota knew of this lease six a sudden acceleration incidents as as early as 2003. including some that are verified weather and technicians and dealers. the dolphins are 4 of history in our journey as orders sprawling litigation against the japanese automaker, one new filing seeks cross-section sons for vehicle owners that really put the value because of diminished. the heather seek damages for people who were injured or even killed in accidents blamed on sudden acceleration. toyota says it will defend itself against its those obligations. federal city royals hitters or foreign rollover accidents by ticker texturing paper ain't, leslie, at another house of his materials. they want to know if requirements similar to the stability systems would help prevent take a roll overs the
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orders for the hearing today and an accident that the last year in indianapolis when a propane truck hit a guardrail on a busy interstate, rolled over and ultimately exploded. for slate no one was killed all 05 people were injured. the canada escalade is once again the most popular vehicle to be stolen, the highway loss data institute says the blink out 2007-2009 cadillac escalade has been stolen more than any other vehicle off. cummins these go the extra mile to get them, other cars included here on this list f to 50, in city, dodge charger, chevy corvette is said 06. good luck to fuel one of those cars. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here's a live acaricides, which according to dr. richard u. really thick rug out there. you can even see the bullet and whites in the muck around. that is that it is
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out there.
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welcome back, shot itself this morning. you're dealing with a little bit of fog, even a little bit of drizzle this morning. currently in san jose temperatures there to 5 degrees, and in getting up to 72, high temperature 80, but to get 74 by 8:00 p.m. we're still keeping those temperatures below where we satirically beat the summer of your, psychic gestures were the fog is. question towards the doubt and not quite getting their bets and entered the east bank, which run back to fremont and san jose. it was like morgan hill is in the clear, but we are getting a little bit of that fog along the coastline. 7:00, assuring that fog certain that the of the bed as we head toward the road 9:00 a.m. we will see light napa
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bed. today it could exercise a faster, allowing for maybe a few degrees of warming today attending m we will see some clear to the north bay into the east is well by about noon and looks like those clouds will pole but towards the coast but we'll keep partly cloudy conditions of the picture today. 53 san francisco same for redwood. the upper 50s amount you, san jose 54. upper 50s and to antioch and into the afternoon were getting out to road 78. 79 napa done in san francisco 63. 86 for concord. really warming up getting into the upper 80s for morgan hill, floss colors. 7 is around the bay upper 60s for oakland. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows a cooling trend over the next couple of days with a cooling off livermore to maul getting properly cloudy. also keeping the morning fog as
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well widespread fog expected from a thursday and friday then we'll see some patchy fog into the weekend mostly clear conditions in the afternoon. very nice weekend ahead, still below on average temperatures are expected to continue. jackson hit me with erica. >> over and extortion in the venture because traffic is so light of that it will not affect c,gv)+pv$0t÷ñswá÷oé7élcc,gv)+pt construction on effect forgv)+pt westbound 80 between england treasure island to the plans we closed until 5:00 a.m. traffic is really light of that is in the minute ride from the foot of the reason to fremont. conditions are pretty good across the span no reports of any problems or delays. one way traffic control is in effect until 6:00 a.m. between man and force a discreet. golden gate, barely in occurs inside no overnight construction year in
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this coming easy ride traffic is moving up to a limit will roberts with a shrug of the south bay 101 driver is moving just fine job is not to run as to make our way. . james. >> decision in 2010 make women has been nearly $100 million in a quest to become governors california. easies of crossing the single record for previous get that and 91 in million dollars is for all in. women raise about 3.3 million from outside sources during a six week period ending on june 3rd this world drew brown reportedly has raised 2.6 million, or campaign has about 10.3 and a girl he has 23 million in cash on hand as mentors to 1 under and 31,000 during six weeks. women said she spent 20 million during that same. . following
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billy this with the race for lieutenant governor of money does not seem to real problems are far in gavin newsom bid to unseat rewarding. campaign finance directors as the newsom with a to the fund-raising advantage and newsom had for under and 95,000 in the bay get the point compared to mow the lawn as 91,000 but that does not include unpaid bills on both sides. an initiative thinking to suspend the global warming lot is attracting more money than other proposition. prop. 236 to delay regulations on greenhouse gas emissions and so california's unemployment rate falls to 545% and stays there for li's one year. supporters oil companies raised $2.1 million and your prosing it raised about 2.4 million. we also have new details on the
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california health department and says that the whooping cough academic is continuing to grow classic a baby and san diego became the seventh incident to die from the disease kron4 is our maureen kelly explains why this for rental disease is becoming such a big problem. >> the son of a whopping cough is growing larger rehearing california. the state department of health says so far this year 2174 cases or warping of otherwise known as have been reported statewide. that is six times more than this time last year i spoke to an epidemiologist who is as we're seeing such a big spike because unlike other diseases kitchen whipping cop does not give you let them immunity. >> if you get measles, you're protected for life but is not the case with whopping cough. even people who were infected with were begun still are susceptible again after a number
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of years. this makes it really hard disease to control. getting the vaccine is one time in your life is not enough because it loses its strength up to about five years so the state is version 1 message this summer. vaccinate. the best name. but state. so if your and adults and u2 not know the you've had the vaccine recently your success roll. that is practically all of bob's a source of people the plan to be around infants under three months ago. babies experience the most of years of the ems. and conduct. z bring county has the highest rate of wiping off and the state to under and 38 cases have been reported so far this year the cabbies says reports of the disease appeared to have peaked in the late spring and are now on the decline. the house of
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resting in a panel has church california democratic with violating the ethics rules waters a senior member of the house for it to services could face a trial in the fall election negotiate a settlement she is under investigation for the possible contract a revised level rehearses a survey that was seeking federal aid the specific charges have not yet been made public. former president it dick cheney is out of intensive care but still in the hospital after having heart surgery last month his daughter says he may go home this week. doctors implanted days of competition is hard to keep the blood from being. he has said five cars and so far, but she says her followers to get back to or least a couple of his hobbies fly-fishing, hunting. i do charlie sheen has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault charges in the domestic abuse case in exchange for the withdrawal of two other charges
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including a felony sheehan entered the plea it turns out at announced record yesterday the romans then from a christmas day argument did she not with his wife he was sentenced to 30 days in california renown. there is separation and 36 hours of regular management. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. your latest overnight news straight ahead here on the kron 4 morning news. a lot of lack of such regions like again traffic on the central freeway highlights of itself is moving pretty good. travertine the lower deck is also moving there a delay this morning.
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as needed here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. still mild today although little warmer this afternoon's morning we just have to get to all of that fog, drizzle that is really dragging the bay area once it is gone and we did the son out there you can see temperatures and then get up to 89. '70s around the bay below 60 still along the coast. i live look at roadside whenever cameras by win 92 traffic is moving welcome both east and west run directions now a lot of companies out there this morning making good time. the plan to build the stadium for the a's has had a snake. kron4 is jeff bush explained what the problem is and what next. >> this building is owned way
4:26 am
at&t it's is a minimum of the spot where the voters want to build support for the 18th as our lead is not for said the mayor said rss says at&t is upset because the city zoning change. >> they're not sell us unless we approved the change in zoning they wanted or rising than a. we did not tie those together for, we did not approve the changes since in a robe and since then they have just said the land is not for sale. >> what up next bridge or the mayor says he is accused of it that at&t will come around because the building is that a crucial part of their operations. the mayor also says that at&t is trent stay above the fray of territorial rights the giants are climbing. >> your to remember that this place called at&t i think as long as major league baseball has made a decision at&t is not
4:27 am
likely. the waiting game continues in san jose, just bridge. >> the four menendez had their first full practice with hands- on the church ran his team very very rare to the practice. but smith hoped to help improve on last year's aid in need season with its and is second in the as c,gv)+pv$0 the forty- niners and open the regular season on to george roll against the seahawks. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here is a live look outside as we go showing you that fog really heavy here at the golden gate. closer look coming up. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night, why go one more round ? you don't need a rematch,
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one of a 4430 a quick look at the james lick. traffic is set aside one on 11 you're those headlights so far so good we do some fog in the city of one drug replaces louisa is following up. >> i'm not sure if you consider this camera shot is the underdog we get a flag upside for the shattered downtown camera it is really far from this morning getting a bridge overpraise as well. san francisco years in the morning five reducing the drizzle. that fog it may lift a little bit quicker demo site yesterday still keeping those clauses amounted to the afternoon cooler tran continue. the film is a local rate now were the fog is this morning, you can see it right to bid up into the north bay. petaluma, rose as well moving down and assess the this morning reductor san jose and the coastline. the seven portions of the peninsula at
4:30 am
getting a bit of a gap there clearing in morgan hill. 7:00 the fog is expected to thicken up. we're so keeping low clouds around as we head towards 10:00 we should see good run of lifting into the north bay from the state. the call is going back towards the close vernon officers at the afternoon so keeping some clouds around reminds his embrace of sunshine stomachs was an art lover. 57 and oakland down to the south bay, mind you, san jose temperatures in the upper 50s. as we head into the afternoon temperatures may actually get a few degrees warmer than yesterday that is because the fog may lead still a bit quicker. but brady's in places like los dollars, morgan hill, 93 reading for livermore. 73 around the bay of upper 60s for oakland. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you can see a little bit of a cooling
4:31 am
trend over the next couple of days of widespread fraud is expected thursday night in tears friday. and that is going to be more patchy nature for the weekend and into the afternoon mostly clear conditions are expected over all this is once again a very cool forecast. erica. bay area roads, bridges are in really good said shape, or overnight construction at the bay bridge toll plaza as you make your westbound towards the city between client and treasure island this is in effect until 5:00 a.m. to 2 left in lanes will be shut down. and traffic is so light it is not really a problem, still does the minister and the maize into san francisco. the ride over to san mateo, conditions of little bit thicker but so pretty decent ride as you major in the new direction towards foster city.) let's begin their way into hayward. not really a problem of their just about 12-13 minutes for men to timmons. golden gate, you can see foggy out there whether arise but in this coming
4:32 am
easy ride weather wise. 21 minutes under ride from novato into the city limits. a shot of san francisco, james lick. traffic is moving south run towards the peninsula moving just fine as you make your way eastbound no delays either. james. thank you. in news story for you muni operators are said to receive a nearly 6 percent wage increase even as all other city workers have agreed to pay cuts the border directors will review the pay increase today approved the 22 operators there are late wage will go from $27 to $29.52 expect more action through the morning. there was a judge that made a ruling yesterday on the disputed basically blocking of a contract that was imposed by the agency on its were uncertain hundred employes. within much truth
4:33 am
there or to appeal the injunction or not. the justice ruling is a victory for workers because they get to keep their pay, benefits and direct their own schedules for now. ac transit's general manager says the real losers could be the writers. every week ac transit is spending deeper, deeper into a whole without concessions from workers she says the only trace could be even more service debts. >> the reality is it could be weekend the could be a lot of time between buses up to an hour or more. >> making gave those words of warning after a meeting. hours after a judge to award it did not have the right to start negotiations and impose a hundred or workers means present
4:34 am
government's probe. >> this is the third time the report showed you and said we're here, ready to negotiate. negotiations broke down when the union would offer enough concessions to balance the budget. we've made over $9 million worth of the minister etiquettes. our administration is a lucrative for% overbudget so without which a going further they're making some changes. they say they will take. alvaro de cancel buses. >> there's never secure. >> the bus schedules is there for now, for fear where things can be cut and lawyers will decide whether not to appeal the dredges ruling the board could make a decision on both matters when it meets on our his 18th. and of course you can read the crawling for yourself we opposed to the entire document on our website at also for you this morning the city of
4:35 am
san jose and the firefighters union will continue negotiants afternoon in an effort forced to rehire at least some of the 49 firefighters who lost their jobs lost against the union in the city are scheduled to meet today at 2:00 to discuss the union's latest proposal which the cd as mother rejected nor accepted. it is eliminating a demand on the city to guarantee no firefighters laos as was changing retirement layoffs for new hires. johann johannes mehserle is scheduled to be said the store or ferret yesterday's supporters for johannes mehserle rally outside city hall about 20 people marched resigns johannes mehserle father was there he is concerned about the upcoming sentence and a jobber but appreciates the shore support for his sons. >> we were just like to think
4:36 am
it's tragic the dissolving is gone on we like to play a lot more sense or through your really truly is. (inaudible) (inaudible) >> or legislative plan to hold this was once a month until johannes mehserle is freed. also this morning some of my calls around the bay a concord man has been arrested after calling the police dispatch center more than 100 times for the weekend the strike to demand stop calling but he continued to do so officers identify the caller says frank roque mozi went to his hair was once a jar jim the officers began to suspect that news under the influence of a runner, but he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs and making a
4:37 am
false report or an emergency in 19 robert racine is among the victims of lustrous paint-in cards stand. she was listed in the college of national research as a war begun her sophomore year this fall she was on the air blue jet there was trying from karachi to islamabad and a grudge killing all 132 c,gv)+pv0t was on the likely criterium. a movement is c,gv)+pvzséno carrierring
4:38 am
no carrierringconnect 2400 
4:39 am
them as well as police shut down all lanes in both directions between western nannies washington street crews still at scenery now trying to get that fixed. i live look outside as he had towards our commercial break, a live look at the golden gate bridge. father get there appeared to the gunman for the month of august. a lot of fun get there particularly heavy at the golden gate will get a closer look of your forecasts coming up in a bid.
4:40 am
in a real back up, world news pakistan's largest city became a sea of unrest today with dozens of vehicles and shops set ablaze. after 37 shooting deaths, take a look here there is one bus or was a bus now completely engulfed in flames. the, lawmakers assassination on the mosque said of a cycle of
4:41 am
revenge judson 7 city at least 10 people arrested. police and military troops were dispatched by the lush czech gunfire can still be heard. fires are still being said set. all manpower tht cannot in dividing the four squares that ago the least 40 people have the fires come after weeks of searing heat and practically no rains it strives opponent there. the rich as the moscow area wouldn't or hundred degrees did local officials if they don't respond accurately into these fires their risk losing their jobs. president barack obama will send affairs said the act which there is the disparity between sentences for crack as a in a recession and those for carter croquet's. the president holds a town hall meeting at the wide service for
4:42 am
young african leaders he would discuss these leaders their vision for the next 50 years in partnerships that can be fostered between the u.s. and the country. in see news at, regulators have approved revised illegal international repute. who halted double punishment into prison officials improved the execution process. the new regulations from was immediately challenged by a lawsuit that could delay executions even logger, the last execution took place in back in 2006. supporters are but the initiative in seeking to legalize recreational use of marijuana have raised more money than their opponents even as the proposition is expected to gain favor. prop 19 allow adults to prison is up to 1 oz of marijuana, local governments to tax it cells. the suitors raised an arthritic thousand dollars has more than hundred $60,000 into a prominent. the maker
4:43 am
proposing initiatives and has nearly $19,000 dry run and, so far has raised about $41,000. california's highest road hazards of the state's affirmative action lot, the 14 year-old bars preferred to treatment government hiring and contracts and is 6-1 ruling the state rejected arguments to this date of service diskette the lot known as of 29 budgets of federal equality projections opponents of the band saying it creates barriers for minority and women that do not exist for other groups like veterans seeking preference. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we have got more headlines on the other side of the bia live look vercammen not sure your whole lot of fog is still sitting a waffle iron? nooo. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back, now is for 45, this tuesday morning in taking a peek at the creek, one of a creek currently starting to warm up we're we are seeing centers of this hour and 54 degrees by noon time getting of 73 high temperature to day 84 degrees not to drive them back down again 66 this is one of the warm response to date. satellite picture giving it the were the fog is a machine up to the north bay long 101 done it petaluma it does not look like it's like pushing into the delta but we are seeing a really sell rate around the bay area to the east bay and along the northern portions of the peninsula. on offense and paprika and even some drizzle you leave the trench of wiper's the five is looking down into the half moon bay area. hamas and to livermore valley still city of 54 degrees every headed the afternoon
4:46 am
temperatures may exit or up ever so slightly from yesterday because the fog of the little bit quicker. 80 and sonoma along the peninsula may be a few degrees of warming up coming in or around 63. army at the mid- upper 60s for berkeley and oakland, castro valley. as we had some other warmer spots we could act to come in the the 90 degree reading for livermore. 88 antioch, 84 pleasanton. temperatures in the upper seventies, lower 80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. harris will be continuous cold out as we headed the next couple of thihoughdays. " a stuy conditions. after morning fog, it will mostly be clear to the afternoon still keeping the temperature is cool. jeff vinik
4:47 am
me with erica. >> traffic is moving well around the bay we do have an accident about will get get second. bay bridge toll plaza, where the injury esmond traffic is ailing, and we have sort it is written in effect and was about 80 the two left san lanes are closed rain now that is an effective 5:00 a.m. because traffic is so light. you can see traffic is moving pretty well across the span with no instances are any problems to report out there, golden gate that is a foggy shot traffic is nice and light. deftly moving at the limit, 21 minutes on your ride from novato in san francisco. and overturned vehicle and westbound highway-4 it is not blocking any lanes reno, traffic is still moving at top speeds. james. >> thank you. stay on the subject of traffic kron4 stanley
4:48 am
roberts is looking at some people behaving badly in car pool lanes. >> let's watch the driver of the blue body, there are sure to will and the car, and making that point for reasons. the two were in the carpool lane of the bay bridge. this plan requires three, so they back up been added to a parking lot. i will come back to them a moment. this brian stevenson of the sister, between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. mr. between real answers street is corp. roll. you get three passengers in your vehicle as your two-seater. when chavis is drivers ignore the sign when they make it to the honor of the media to illegally. like this forever, the star, and his driver. they said she argued the
4:49 am
traveler? >> know. channel four. >> but there's no sat down there. * sears i come up here as as big as a bridge are released. >> tech tonnage was almost right. there is a sign that says no eye since his second straight. >> but to lower the there's a word that hours atop this at their. all the while asking for my god number. >> then finally they will have on their way. >> since the entire approach is kron4 it could be subject to a fine and so could make in this illegal u-turn but this all could be avoided if you do one simple thing, read the signs. santa sissel, staley roberts, kron4 news.z >> will if you got a comment or a story idea for stanley let him know said the minimill that people behaving badly at
4:50 am let us talk tech news you made one in to some from sitting of your wife but and if you have the right be an easier way to and solid kron4 stick reporter gabe slate has the details. >> 7 of 59 internet in your home or business can be really confusing, as some of these orders have 20-30 steps to europe to go to run your computer to get it going. a lot of the times the power to call tech support and go through a 40 minute conversation as they walk you through step-by-step trend of the early things. check this out sister has just come up with what they call the l.a. a new wire ordered that they claim anyone can install that it is very simple, very easy. it only takes three steps to get it going, but to the test. >> here's what is in a box for things are rutter of blood and even the cable and a small u.s. peace deck. the one-page instructions as the flood which is this year is the stick in
4:51 am
your computer to gorilla, one set foot in the sec a window pops up going to put in the router in the wall of, that as it is connected to miantonomo them viet the blue ethernet cable became with that. then on the screen it prompted me to kid the next one, after that it said it is connected to the ballet it took about two minutes to configure then follow up that was it i was surfing the web wirelessly that was incredibly easy. this is a great solution for and the giver and easy if, simple way to restore what told they took less than five minutes. after the install you can remove this did you do not need that anymore, this is a rally is on sale now for $100 gabe slate of, kron4 new. >> and other tech news steady rate it will block like breasting later thi onel block g
4:52 am
later this month. because the device sends information to the government cannot monitor. allegis oregano research in motion the matter of black cherry took a hit in the stock yesterday on the news. new this morning to not be alarmed if you see flames or smoke driving through marin county tomorrow or thursday, the rent money for it or will there as 868 your control burned. between 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. the burn is meant to improve non in case of a visit. the anti we'll back with more interest among all levels coinciding give you a live look shot of the golden gate showing you how heavy the fog is particularly their in marin
4:53 am
4:54 am
this and we're back, for 50 4:00 a.m. a live look gets up from a rooftop camera and that a checked on the forecast with louisa. if >> that is a dark shot james, here's a look it's and a tail end of a dark shot at their low cloud cover expected even a limited drizzle and used about the door by noon time getting out to about 70. 76 and then back down again to the low seventies by the clock tower. your fog trucker dead shows were the fog is this morning pushing into the north bay received seven cities they never floating down to the south with this morning san jose is getting some low cloud cover. even a little bit of drizzle. down into morgan hill, in the clear to
4:55 am
cell of the san jose in the clear as well. 53 san francisco. redwood city 53. 58 monday a. 57 allows governors. 54 livermore and fremont. warning of just really from yesterday. 80 sonoma, 88 fairfield from 75 vallejo. 63 years in san bruno. or to the space temperatures in the upper 60s to berkeley from richmond. santa fremont about 76. one response might-i get up to 90 degree reading in livermore. ysabel livermore and a half. third santa clara valley temperatures in the upper '70's and even low 80s as well. 89 and last august. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. once that faultless a day wearily as of early cloud conditions we might see some bright sunshine
4:56 am
out there the you can see that a cooling trend over the next couple of days wife each for the fog gets corrected by thursday, friday tempters really cooling down so even the warmest and in spots by thursday only getting up to 81 degrees. upper 60s to the bay. fifties for the coast. if you think today's jelly tomorrow is going to be even chillier. just a used to it. >> thank you, one california school made the princeton review's top-10 party schools. we are taught him but uc santa barbara came in seventh. here's a look to the top five. university of georgia made the top rank there, that is because it's in the tiny town of up since. it only has 100 burrs. it via ohio, and say, or estrogen and the university of mississippi at anybody with the
4:57 am
kids we are seeing university of georgia hang on. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. do not forget muni operators getting some good news today we will tell you what is happening that could make some riders from a taxpayer's angry. good news for the driver is not so good is for rebels and the weather is also a big news. golden gate were the fog is blanketing parts of the bay area as you can sheet is likely it with the every goes abroad. we'll have more on your forecasts coming up. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
4:58 am
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get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. and we amtrak and before 5:00 p.m. top stories despite huge budget problems in service that san francisco muni drivers are in line for a pay increase today. we'll explain. a big blow
5:00 am
from ac transit drivers after a judge rules in favor of an intention on their news contracts to will service back to normal? we'll take a closer look. san jose and the firefighters the union have agreed to return to the bargaining table to try and find a way to bring back and leave some of those recently laid off firefighters more on these stories and a minute. first check on the weather with louisa. now let's see if there undercarriage. >> ever was right there you see some fraud. from lights and the golden gate bridge you can see the ring around lights this morning indicating arafat you might feel a little bit of misty drizzle of there as a step of the door. drizzle producing far this morning below average temperatures this are to continue in the afternoon may be a slightly warmer than yesterday. the cooling trend continues as we had to address the week. sunday pictures. pushing to the grave. 7 see a
5:01 am
portion down and prices like san jose bautista said the problem bay. 53 in san francisco, oakland heading up to 57. said the upper fifties around you. 9:00 the minister of '50s and '60s by news and notice of this hill we could get into the '70s. notice the red on the screen that shows is the '90s which is pretty much convinced the central rally we might see if united is still your deliver more. mostly temperatures in the '70s, '80s. after in highs getting the upper '70's for places like santa rosa, reuter park. mill valley about 69 degrees. along the peninsula 63 degrees for san francisco. for the 910 degrees or intimidate. the steppers a system berkeley, all claims. the rogers in the
5:02 am
mid-70s. in the wars once they will make it a 90 degree reading for livermore. down to danville, tenders red 84 degrees. south bay bring is the upper '70's, low 80s. south of san jose, worry about maturity 88. the nine los gatos. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a little bit of a cooling trend over the next load days continuing to keep morning fog and a venture becoming more widespread in the thursday to friday. jackson your commute with their care. >> all is well on the roadway, only one accident to tell you about in the meantime we want to treat the bay bridge toll plaza is a lot of cars had westbound towards the city yet toward the construction and the fact that is over and done with. all lanes are open as a major way towards the city of courses leading lights of keep your really low drive down just a rookie minutes from the foot of macarthur maze and fremont street san francisco your right to san mateo is a
5:03 am
good run conditions are looked thicker there was some of the restored plaza, still a pretty decent ride. as you major in the new directions george foster city as bright lights making their way into hayward, and to throw 13 as amended to an end. golden gate, foggy of their bearnaise come easy conditions of that you cannot even see any cars in the camera shot rang out 21 minutes under ride from the carriage. reported an overturned vehicles on westbound highway 4 of antioch it is not purely blocking any lanes you can see we're still in the greenery and now. >> thank you, a news story for you muni operator said he received in nearly 6 percent wage increase the day even as all other city workers have agreed to pay cuts. ms. porter directors is said to review that increase is approved the hourly wage would grow from
5:04 am
$27.91 to 2952 an hour. here's some actions from new writers. >> the believe in unions but this one is out of control. >> i think raises are in a consistent with reality of the times. >> voters of a chance to change in of the ac transit board of directors has money and decided whether not it will appeal an interest in the plot is a contract to the agency imposed last month the judge's ruling is a victory for their workers obviously meaning they get to keep their pay, benefits and by several schedules for now but easy trends of general management says the real losers could be the riders every week the agency is leading more money without concessions the only chance could be still interested should be. >> we have made over $9 million
5:05 am
worth of the administration tried spirit so we of begun reject going further were there as may be some changes. union leaders say they are willing to make concessions this is one dark specifics. will we do crawling up story city of san jose and the firefighters union will continue bargaining here in an effort to rehire a lease some of the 49 providers the loss their jobs. the union, the city is scheduled to meet today to o'clock discussing the union's latest proposal which the city has neither rejected nor a set did. the proposal includes a pledge eliminating a demand that guarantees no fire for layoffs. paul does city council voted ross made in the far-4 road not to place a provision for serbs to bridge and enables a three
5:06 am
member arbitration panel to settle labor disputes in a city the most council members agreed the parisian needs to be rezoned a few felt that they need to study the issue further. san rafael police as the public's health this morning in identifying man suspected services. about 1030 sunday night the victim was walking two months apart. what issues in the berkshires a perch from behind by suspect in armed with a knife. now the suspect is described as a white, the citadel. we're going to take a break. new met with more in in a moment. let us go outside in give you a quick look for some of the camera, 01 rape by the court will be over kras, traffic
5:07 am
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the airbag market has nice stock futures are damaged this morning we have investors anxiously awaiting a slew of reports today less rundown was first the government or for on personal income, spending that will give economists an idea of how consumers are doing also due to a report contending home sales for june, sales for july and june factory orders of schedule to come out today instead or deferring half percent dip in turn orders. boeing says it will move to defense programs and a search of 550 engineering jobs from california to oklahoma city. boeing says own move one of its for terms the beginning of 2011, the of the program will move towards the end of 22 rob. the lowering operating costs in
5:11 am
oklahoma were a big factor. in all of trouble continues for toyota is running new document so the company knew of a list 67 integration incidences' as early as 2003, including some there were verified by its own technicians, dealers the documents were filed yesterday in an trent is murder sprawling litigation against the japanese automaker one new filing seeks class-action status for. the injured or killed in accidents is blamed on sudden acceleration terraces and looks forward to defending itself. the cadillac escalade is once again the most popular vehicle to be stolen the highway loss dublin institute says the 2007-9 cadillac escalates of the solomon and any other vehicle and curtseys go the extra mile to get ahold of one of them. give occurs include the ft 50, affinity de syrup 37, george
5:12 am
archer and chevy corvette. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. and for the 600 traffic headed northbound.
5:13 am
5:14 am
and then back from a quick update on this is the 20 to one. and women has spent nearly $100 billion on her case to be she's also raised 91 million of for own money. a good bit of it is coming from our own church work she raised about 3.3 million from outside sources during the six week period ending on june 30th is full jury brown reported he raised slightly more than 25
5:15 am
6 million hurricane has about money this does seem to be as big a problem for san francisco mayor gavin lewis and the bid to unseat republican attended governor intendant novato. newsom has a 2-1 fund-raising advantage newsom in fact has risen more than 15 4 million vs if fame as a giant bird is. foggy tuesday morning high their louisa. >> the fog is in the midst of all we hear in the bay area. the fog is moved into the and the san jose. we are expecting a little bit of a drizzle from as far. a 55 san jose brendon getting into 7274 by the a clock
5:16 am
tower. your father is moving into the north bay, you can see that 1 01 also settled into these bay bridge in san jose seeing a few gaps here just to the south of half moon bay but the contents of the northern portion is religious of the net fog. kron temperatures to 36 of this group. order hayward for to six degrees upper 50s and non view, san jose. future cast as 7 9:00 showing a mixture of '50s, '60s the mostly sixties out there by one in a given to the '70s and then noticed the red trooping in that is our sin '90s have been mostly in the central valley women-again in 90 degree reading in through livermore as well. been made a partial warm slightly because of rock is restricted to the lower court for today. he'd tear for sonoma. down to about the upper 60s and along the peninsula 63 percent
5:17 am
of those go. so did trees and a tail. east bay temperatures sitting in the 66 cos hop6. 93 e 88 in the act. tom rogers reruns 84. afternoon highs in the subway 77% average 80 degrees and those daughters. 7 they that cooling trend is kicking in really tomorrow tempters cooling off even more to run more the next day widespread fraud expected thursday, friday. they're good. >> the writer on the bay is a good one of the rope from from the delays so we'll take it a century the bay bridge toll plaza it personally on by from the 580 headed westbound towards the city. the israelites are still offering now to keep murillo drive time just a minute from the foot of amazing to fremont. just general to write
5:18 am
to cell of their in conditions are looking pretty good cross van note from store for in either direction. having 921 which traffic in the 6:00 a.m., the training courses creek. golden gate, traffic is moving while it does look like they're reconfiguring the lanes for the morning commute supper and traffic is moving could barely any kurds north front nice, easy ride 21 in the direction of water and the city limits. and you assignees 580 solo vehicle accident currently blocking the left in lanes as you can see no back strain now so this silliness, cried. james >> thank you, on the other news johannes johannes mehserle demand for gilts in the shooting death of austrian is scheduled to be sent on august is trees supporters for johannes mehserle rallied about 20 of the march from me to see them here
5:19 am
carrying signs one of them was johannes mehserle father a spokesman for the first time since he's concerned about the upcoming sentencing but appreciates show support for his sons. . >> is not hurt. . ask not huin'n tragic. (inaudible) (inaudible) >> organizers say they plan to hold those rallies once a month until johannes mehserle is freed. coverage is warping of the epidemic continues to grow as of july 27th the number of cases this year as brian to
5:20 am
nearly 22 under that is six times a number of cases in the same period last year. 77 incidents statewide from the disease california is on pace to have the most cases of whooping cough reported in more than half a century orange county has one of the highest rate of what we talk here in the state should and 38 cases have been reported so far, the kauai's public health office says the reports of the disease appeared to peak in late spring and awfully there on the decline. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. more headlines late sister's overnight coming up, here's a live look from of the camera sure the westbound 80 assuring you have lights from hercules data berkeley it looks like they're moving our it will get a complete check and wetter, a drop of coming a waffle iron? nooo. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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and we're back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. where we have fog in the mixed today like has been just about every morning in recent memory drizzle to. but it will leave is eventually and that also is up for some warm temperatures and then 89 degrees for the east bay low seventies around the bay, low 60s along the coast. holding up modern cooling enough of it as we head towards the weekend. other high blood that we're falling six teenagers have drowned in the red river in louisiana. this is range in age from 13-18 they did not know how to swim. witnesses say the teams were waiting in an area was san days gave way to a 20 ft. drop
5:24 am
in order. officials say it is unclear whether one team fell and pull down the others of their return address bridge other and that some of them within a 17, 14 or were rescued there were adults president but they did not know what is the mother. headlines around the bay concord man has been arrested after calling police dispatched more than 100 times more weekend please try again to stop but he continued to do so officers identify the caller as a man by the name of fladeboe gas co, they went to his cousin once they talked and they realize maybe this man is under the influence of order product. he was arrested on suspicion of driving into the influence of drugs and making a false report of emergency. a 19 roberts is soon was among the victims of last week's plane crash of august in the shadow of what was a student of the college of natural resources and would abandon her foot sophomore year this fall she was on the air blue jet there was troubling from karachi all one of the two
5:25 am
died. the move is under way to mandate the hiring of local residents for construction and differences go local groups are running and a minimum of 50 percent of hired workers these differences residence this comes after. supervisor john of follows says that he hopes to introduce legislation that requires some level of local hiring. in new news on the textron, if you're very trouble setting up your wife by in your own there are some might be an easier way to get it all done, of debt. kron4 tech reporter for it sit down. >> city of why via internet in your home or business can be really confusing it to be really difficult task, some of these four fires at 20-30 steps they have to get going. i love sons
5:26 am
year than the kron tech support and goats or 40 minute conversation as they walk you through step-by-step tried to install these things. check this out, says there has to come out with what they call ballet. the fiery rhetoric that they claim anyone can install it is very simple, very easy. it only takes three steps to get it growing. was for it to the test. here's what's in the box for things, a writer, a ploy to bart and the senate kerala's milieus be stick that one agent sergeant says the plug this stick in your computer to get started. once you do that when you're processing to bargain the writer into the wall to give it power i did that, this is to connect the rally came to the modem via the louisa and that cable the game with that. then on the street in front of me that the next one, after the city is connected to the rally it took about two minutes to configure, then a fall lot that was it i was surfing the web wirelessly that was incredibly easy. this is a
5:27 am
great solution for anyone looking for an easy, simple way to install 15 the holding to less than five minutes. after the and so you can remove the years be sticky do not need it anymore. this is the rally is on sale for $100. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> breaking news coming into kron4 apparently we have reports of a may 2nd 64 fibers break that has just struck eastern indonesia this coming ritter requires as we speak, in this great gap in his moments ago not a lot of ration is now under than the magnitude of 645 the reports of any death, injury or death just yet. as is mr. getting some reports from local media will lay note. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look to the james lick freeway as we go, it checked on the ride sons, 101 headed towards the peninsula looking pretty good job in the ron brown headed to the lower deck is
5:28 am
pretty good without any so my mercury moment happened during our family camping trip. i grabbed my son a juice box...and left the cooler lid open. twenty minutes later, all our hot dogs were gone. and so was most of the car. my mercury agent, steve, told me the car was covered. i switched to mercury because i saved hundreds of dollars on my car insurance, but it was the service that really made me a happy camper... er...ex-camper. call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast, free quote and start saving today.
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it's 5:00 p.m. the golden gate bridge this morning isaak dan and bob you can see those rings clearly around lights morning indicating that fog it is your producing elizabeth drizzle this morning get ready to use as winch of workers. below average temperatures in the afternoon as a cooling trend that kicks in tomorrow. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. san francisco forecast as we head toward noon we're pushing 60 degrees, not quite getting their high temperature 63 back down again to 58 by the accord hour. san jose been in getting up to 75, 80 for high stay back down again 74 a little more than not getting it 76. 86 for never in my back down again to those '70s. fog trucker is showing the
5:31 am
father of the the north bay settled the these pages started to course through the livermore valley. clearing however the southern portions of the peninsula done to morgan while it could lift a little bit quicker than it did yesterday allowing for a little warmer temperatures despite a few degrees. 53 in san francisco, salmon redwood city upper 60s for san jose. 54 and livermore. as we had during the afternoon we're getting close to 80 not quite getting there for santa rosa. 77 and petaluma upper 60s and of delhi. done on the peninsula 63 for san francisco 10 degrees warmer in san mateo. 75 redwood city. east bay getting up to the upper 60s to berkeley, oakland test run a world 73. we might even get a 90 degree readings they and livermore of trees and antioch
5:32 am
84 in tehran rally. so they come with temperatures dropping and the upper 70's, 80's even getting up to the upper 80s it was gatos, morgan hill. decline in temperatures kicking in tomorrow we will continue as morning fog, widespread fraud for the thursday and friday. mostly there for the weekend. erica. >> bay area roads are in good shape, you can see still a nice, easy ride is the major oil westbound towards the city is dark of their but those meter and lights are in fact offering now the minister and the foot of the macarthur maze and to fremont. japan over to ride deuced a sister, conditions are a little bit thicker as you make your way and the commute direction towards foster city those spreads making their way into hayward rainout pumping of your drive the average couple of minutes, 14 as for men to end. not really too bad there, golden gate is you can see a couple more hours on the road but still
5:33 am
traffic is moving at the limit. you're a from highway 37 to 580 so this shore, a minute ride. get a look to the san jose camera, 101 traffic is moving fine but we do have an incident report no. 1101 disabled vehicle currently blocking the right lanes but other and that traffic is moving just fine all-around said bay. james. z >> following the latest of this breaking news at of indonesia were real 645 earthquake that has just registered, this according to usgs. no reports of injury or damage, we are waiting for more local media to get out there is a situation as it is again updates will cross want you. also following news of the city of san jose, firefighters' union will be meeting today to talk about that. new free this morning to call bonds in four and a $3 million deficit all
5:34 am
citizens as goes the boys never agree to take a big head except for muni. those operators said to enjoy a raised today. kron4 is will durant tells why. >> if approved the muni operators quake 27 don 91 will move from to $29. the reason why is they have a special provision in the city charter that guarantees that they make the average of the two highest paid transit agencies in the country one is in boston, the others and said a prayer. many operators would bring the middle. i will hear reaction from muni and writers throughout the morning. >> also sworn in a city of san house and the firefighters union would continue negotiations in an effort to rehire at least some of the 49 firefighters that lost their jobs or the weekend. the union, city are restricted to meet today they would discuss
5:35 am
the latest proposal that the city has not said either way what is opinion is. going in with an open mind, the proposal does include eliminating the demand for the city to guarantee the no firefighters were laid off as well as changing retirement benefits for those that are new hires to the garment. ancient parents of trees elementary are prodding school board members to change state law enforcement disclosure to install fire straight goals and automatic fire did directors when they remodel schools this after a fire destroyed trees or a merger last month and is part of the cameras the parents would like to commence a lot to force pictures to install fire alarms for guerrillas of credit funding. although the state or choir is fully automated stores when remodeling. a loophole allows them not to use the money to assess themselves. that is the
5:36 am
latest of san jose this morning say bp engineers in the gulf of mexico plan to run a key test of their first-ever towards putting a permanent stranglehold on that loan out well. they will test the blood pressure, to see a vacant handle the selling up process. if it can engineers plan to start a procedure called a static still. that basically all we ever got the house better explain how that said it killed woodwork, crews will then prompt tran lead and cemented to the pipe down into the containment camp. they say the pressure readings look good, but to become and some men down internet selling off from the top. if that works for final step would be to do was call the bottom killed and that most pumping mud and cement to the early fall. so we both and says the black up for good. bill of tropical storm column has for far and the atlantic, and early
5:37 am
forecasts for on track to be hassid said seaboard. the national hurricane center says the storm as the maximum sustained winds of 40 mi. per hour and that some additional it straight is expected as it approaches north america. also today in the national fund the senate will start debating on the lean and cadence nomination for the supreme court of vote is expected before the end of the week to confirm the president tries, and is in line succeed retired justice john paul stevens become the fourth, the accord. nearly all democrats in the heavily gop senators are certain to vote in our favor. some say she is understood to serve justice because she does the hon of experience of the judge. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. one there's a way to discuss the reds a few moments ago and indonesia 6.5 the magnitude we will
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
and we are back, this is an authorities say several people have been shot now at a beer distribution company in connecticut these are live pictures coming from the scene. south windsor's we're talking about where police say several people were injured this morning at her for distributing a. is a manchester about 10 mi. east of hartford. police say that several people are down, but they're not clarifying that they're not saying people how many have been hurt or how bad the injuries are the state police and other surrounding towns and state authorities have been called to the scene, this is a work the shooting. not a lot of information is that right now. live pictures coming in through it to you. other headlines, pakistan's largest city became a scene of the unrest with the governors
5:41 am
vehicles shot and said the bridge is after 37 shooting deaths. this is video of just one of those vehicles on fire in the middle of the street. a prominent lawmakers assassination in a mosque is what some of these six of a roll of revenge attacks. then people have been arrested police and military troops have been dispatched but a less direct gunfire can still be heard and fires can still be seen burning in the street. meanwhile a catastrophe continues to bark and then uses of the area of pictures showing the widespread nature of the flood waters are beginning to receive. but they are leaving behind a devastating as one that could take years to recover from. just listen as some of the struggling no. is staggering numbers should say as many as 1500 people are believed dead. a hundred thousand are at risk of disease, and the a million others have lost their homes to
5:42 am
the high waters or been displaced by flood damage the united states is providing about $10 million in emergency aid and it is also provided rescue ropes, water, street from a restated its steel bridges anything the dickenson said there to help them get through this. a russian emergency official is urging provincial employees to throw all manpower that they have at fighting the rask fired first fire. these of fires, after weeks of searing heat and practically no rain they predict temperatures to get to run a hundred degrees from the minister is warning the local officials to respond acrylate to these fires that have so far destroyed some two dozen homes risk losing their jobs. will a falling those stories as they develop. let us go back as we had dared to break. we have a word phrase
5:43 am
fight. people have been heard although they will not to those held by unclear how about the injuries are to give the updates as we get them.
5:44 am
5:45 am
but the jurors that a fetus for a semi truck carrying lettuce it jackknifed but he's done 580 it's blocking allotropic the you see all that blood is on the side of the road it is blocking traffic, i don't know where the other half of it is in my be there and look at were not sure about the condition of the driver or the condition of the vehicle that will be gunning of those for those tran had to work in the phoenix area and interstate 10. hollywood is on the powerful earthquake that quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.57 beneath the ocean for no reports immediately
5:46 am
hear of any injuries or damage to those cities there there was affected by this. no word of any tsunami warnings but we're keeping an eye on that. indonesia of course deals with a series of faults that obliges the needs the nation one of the most earthquake phone in that part of the world's. not unusual to be an art critic and a 615 nothing to sneeze at, will give you updates as we get more. find out more about the weather here in the bay area for a lot of turns louisa. >> did tuesday morning steve james, here is the son of sam a dead deal will look a lot of. tests and sam zell currently about 55 degrees by noon time getting up to 70, the high temperature 76, back down again to 71 by the clock tower, here's a look rate now at your satellite picture. san jose,
5:47 am
livermore. as we headed the next couple of hours or even get that fog fitting up a bid by about the 9:00 hour we see a cooling back a bid by the selling rate over the bay area. right to the north bay little bit of clearing 3 10:00 hour, then we'll see a bit of a live thing as we head into the morning, early afternoon continue to see some clouds around breaks the sons and six of clubs today. 53 set francisco 57 oakland. outbid upper 50s. 54 livermore. as a major way into the afternoon we're still in the upper seventies for standards or bart that his dinner fell. 68 for san bruno. 63 san francisco, down and also ran around 77, over to the east bay temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for oakland, berkeley, richmond. 73. in the warm response day weekend-a warm up to about 90 in livermore. 88
5:48 am
for livermore 84 is, number for danville and ceremony. south bay, and temperatures in the upper '70's lower 80s the further south you go the more heated up again. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. equaled the specialty in small for thursday, friday widespread fraud is expected by thursday and friday morning. check and a commune with erica. we're surrendering some of the freezing conditions on the road was no road proms are delays. you can see a couple more cars on the road that was on our last report but still a nice, easy ride headed westbound towards the city the meeting lights are off to about eight minutes from for the macarthur maze into fremont. over now to read some of their conditions are a little thicker now been no delays or incidents to report across been in the the direction. you're right of the golden gate bridge is a foggy one, but an easy one. traffic was just a couple cars on the road arrived novato and the differences go clocking
5:49 am
in about 21 minutes. finishing off with just a quick peek at the creek. traffic is the hill launched 680 just fine westbound 24 is experiencing some minor delays at of were in the period to >> market headlines in area's today we started with a huge rally the dow was up better than to under points to close at 10,00670 the nasdaq also jumped by six were intended to dozen to 95 this morning futures are big makes the dow and s&p are negative as the nasdaq is only slightly positive and this is new evidence really that the economy ended its second quarter on a weak note and that is our starting skepticism just a bit here in early trading the commerce department says the personal spending was unchanged in june the third straight month of lackluster demand incomes were also flat in fact the weak showing in nine months. the market is set to open in 40 minutes we will see how traders react all of this new approach
5:50 am
will not be in a positive direction we will see. to not be alarmed if you see flames, smoke was driving through marin county daman and then again on thursday the marin tired of promises it will be conducting a controlled burn just ease the point raised. between adm and 2:00 p.m. the burn is meant to remove any non native and invested. let's also say on the subject of traffic or to our attention to traffic kron4 stanley roberts is looking at some people behaving badly, those people in the carpool lanes. >> let's watch the driver of the bureau audi, and there are she to people and the car. i'm making that point for reasons, the two were in the carpool lane to the bridge, this land or forestry. so they backed up and headed to a parking lot i will come back to them in a moment.
5:51 am
this is brian since there francisco, between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. mr. between his car fold. and the dow of three passengers in your vehicle unless you're a two- seater, what happens as jurors ignore the sign our the make it to the honor to make a u-turn the illegally. like the server, the struggle, and his driver. it said she gets to talk to me. >> are you a job? >> note the channel for. it's crazy aken report on the fact that there's no >> >> i know. >> as nervous as mayor bridge early. i came up here because it does not say bridge early. i will look at. i looked up into some was rise there is the son of says no exit second street
5:52 am
>> they're so worried there as a cop, they decide they're. all while asking me for my budget number. then finally they had under way. since the entire brand street approach is cupful you could be subject to refund, and so could making is illegal u-turn but this all could be avoided if you do one simple thing. read signs. san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the data when we come back a developing story that we're falling live pictures and cinephile where police are asking for your help in identifying a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman in a park over the weekend the attack happened sunday raid here mountain park these live pictures are showing you the area in which this happened to apparently the victim was in the park approach from behind the suspects had an and forced
5:53 am
the victim to the ground were hit after much more to come. will your back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
the latest from cnn's the cab of a big rig on the back of research are being hauled away this is a scene of a semi truck accident that truck was carrying blood this. apparently
5:56 am
jackknifed on eastbound. we saw earlier shots of the trailer on the side of the road absolutely demolished with lettuce, produce ever were. that part of the freeways shutdown that will cause a problem for morning commuters it was fairly dramatic we should get through the one moment ago this the update the crop has been all the way they are working now to get all that produce a third step back here in the bay area we're falling since the news the improbable they're murdered by a federal judge the originally halted capital punishment until prison officials to approve the its kitchen process but now these new regulations are almost immediately challenged by a lawsuit they could delay the even longer the last california execution took place back in 2006 supporters of a ballot initiative seeking to legalize or duration will use of marijuana have raised more money than their opponents even as the proposition is struggling to gain favor we're talking " prop.
5:57 am
19 it is on the november ballot in it would allow adults to possess up to an hour of marijuana and also allows them to tax itself to groups supporting the initiative have raised we're told some $300 those in opposition of have about hundred 60,000 in cash as for the ribbon opposition there ever is over $19,000 to will vary quite a disparity there there were $41,000 in cash on hand. california's highest court has upheld the state's anti and germany law. it bars preferential treatment of women and minorities in public school admissions government hiring and contracting there was a 6 to 1 ruling the state ruling objected and attorney general during rounds of the law known as prop. 29 violates opponents say it creates barriers for minorities for women that do not exist for other groups such as veterans. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news,
5:58 am
weather and traffic in just a few moments. in our last 30 minutes a powerful earthquake hit in the waters of indonesia it happened about 530 or so it had a magnitude of 655 is now been downgraded to a 6.3 you can see it here and just off of sullies the island. about 54 mi. of vinny's the ocean for so far no reports of damage.
5:59 am
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