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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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interstate 580 and early morning stall in the westbound direction she had not turned it into a hot spot but it may be one of earlier. the freeway system looks good and the bay area bridge check for the ride westbound at the bay bridge toll plaza where the meter and lights have not yet been activated it c,gv5 still like an easy ride m all the approaches as you gete m toward the toll heading towards a san mateo bridge will give you right look on the ride on 92 letters this morning. no back up yet as you get towards the toll plaza. still better conditions
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for 808092 interchange since they did the reconfiguration of that interchange about 10 days ago. golden gate bridge ride probably meet the windshield wipers coming across as an here. if you're using them during daylight hours to cure wipers are on your headlights have to be on as well. no problems for the marin ride 1 01 southbound. san francisco in crosstown freeways a live camera all lot of drizzle and the city this morning so weicker's will be active. a good and that no problems to report. southmark. >> many operators will receive 6% increase as other city workers agreed to pay cuts. board of directors will review the pay increase today the hourly wage will increase to
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$29.50 an hour. they guarantee wages will be the highest in terrible to to drivers. here's reactions from union riders. >> i believe unions but this union is out of control. >> i think raises are inconsistent with reality of the times. >> they will have that chance to change the way to rule in november. >> ac transit has not yet decided whether to appeal an injunction that blocks the contracts the agency post last month. if there really is really is a victory for the workers they can keep their pay and benefits and go back to their old schedules for now. ac
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transit says the real losers here could be the riders. every week it is bleeding more money. without concessions from workers the only choice could be even more service cuts. >> we have made $9 million worth of the administrative cuts. that is only 25 percent of our budget. we can't go any further without making major changes. >> union leaders say they will make concessions but won't talk specifics they will do that at the bargaining table. >> city of san jose and firefighters continue negotiations this afternoon in an effort to rehire the 49 firefighters the lost jobs last weekend. they are born to meet at 2:00 today to discuss the latest proposals. the proposal includes a demand to guarantee no layoffs as well is changing retire benefits for new hires.
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palo alto voted not to place a plan for public safety on the ballot in november. death the council members agreed in needs to be reexamined a few felt the need to study the effort for their before sending it to voters. >> san rafael police are asking for help this morning in identifying a man who sexually assaulting the woman in a terror park appeared to and 30 sunday night the 24 year-old woman was walking through munson park. she was in the park she was approached from behind by a man he had a knife he forced her to the ground and so sexually assaulted her. the man is white or hispanic 6 ft. tall about 250 lbs. he has a goatee and thick
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lips. >> developing story arizona icahn has been shut down in phoenix area and jackknifed big rig has spilled all over the freeway. the lettuce cleanup continues this morning it had shut down icahn in the area. we will be right back alive look from the san mateo bridge of fog the start but traffic moving close to the speed limit. [ man ] i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this.
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a live look at the foggy golden gate. no major problems getting in for marine count except for the fog which is very thick from the walled old tunnel to the bridge. >> emergency chief says the wild fires are out of control. video of the firefighting effort in russia. the fires killing 40 people so far and destroyed 2000
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homes. there are 10,000 fire fighters there thousands more troops tens of thousands of volunteers also battling the blazes at least one dozen provinces seven provinces are under state of emergency. >> boeing says it will move to defense programs out of california to ogle ms. city in the next few years. one of its programs beginning of next year the other one by the end of 2012. they say the lower operating costs and low, is a factor. >> we will be back with more overnight news and breaking news this morning as well on kron 4 morning news a live shot of walnut creek you can see 680 traffic nice in late you do have company there we will see sunny skies later this afternoon we will be right back.
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we're keeping clouds along the coast afternoon partly cloudy conditions. break from the
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sunshine 54 napa, 56 hayward down in the south bay upper 50s for madame un san jose iraq to new highs upper '70s reset rosa run the park, san rafael 70 degrees and along the peninsula 63 percent for the cisco, 744 hayward mid-70s for union city and fremont san ramon valley temperatures around 84 degrees but antioch and the livermore of '80s and maybe the '90s. down south 88 morgan hill 77 santa clara 79 in milpitas. dear 7 day around 8 highlights the cool them tomorrow it will kick again we will continue cold temperatures through the work
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week that pattern of low clouds and fog in the morning continues throughout the week. >> the fog is damping down the commune fortunately no hot spots in the area of the concern we had about 580 not a problem it has moved to the right-hand shoulder. no hot spots around the area at the bay bridge toll plaza your westbound ride looks good all little more volume than we have seen for awhile at this early hour. we don't see the metering lights being activated as of yet. it doesn't look little busier at least to my eyes if san mateo bridge looked little lighter for the west bound commute of direction. fog not such a factor here there is condensation on the lines here. it is foggy on the stand and especially the north end of the bridge even over the wall of grade. southdown 1 01 drive. the
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freeway is completely clear 41 01 south not cured codfish tracking the commune in the south bay looking at around 1 01 heading north down from the one made by parkway towards crumbled accrues no backups or delays as you head towards that a car. >> 699 to decision 20 staying meg whitman has spent almost $100 million in her quest to become governor easily surpassing the previous record for single candidate. 91 million was her own money. she raised about 3.3 million from outside sources. her opponent brown raised 2.6 million her campaign has 10.3 million in the bank and brown has $23 million in the
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bank. whitman says she has spent 20 million during that period. >> money isn't a problem for seven cisco's mayor to upset news and has a 2-1 fund-raising average over mauled the needle. johannas found guilty in the shooting death of oscar grant is said to be sentenced november 5th. supporters for johannes rallied outside of city hall. you can see here the march " one of them was his father. he spoke out for the first time he says he's concerned about sentencing but he appreciates the support for the sun. >> who think golf epidemic continues to grow july 27th the number of cases have climbed
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2206 times the number of cases through the same period last year. there has been seven infant deaths statewide. maring county has the highest rate of the illness in the state. 238 cases this year in the county's public office says the report appeared to have peaked in the late spring. >> federal safety investigators are probing rollover accidents by tanker trucks carrying hazardous material. they want to know whether equipments lamar tuesday ability equipment required for cars would prevent tanker rollovers. six teenagers
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have ground brothers and sisters in louisiana this 6 ranging from 13-18 years old did not know how to swim witnesses say they were waiting in an area where sand bars cableway officials say it's unclear whether one team fallen and pulled the tried all the other one out. a 14 year-old was rescued there were adults presence but they did not this one either. >> developing story out of connecticut with of following it since 6:00 our sorry our 5:00 hour several people have been shot and three believe killed. in manchester the gun man among the dead of rain out. this is the video the scene. the shooter entered the lobby shot three people those people believed to be dead. three
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others are believed to be wounded. a local hospital treating the 31 of them is in critical condition the other is unfair and an unknown what condition of the third is. the suspect all mark thomas he was called in to work to be laid off basically let go. embla rifles. he reportedly shot himself as police approached. that is some of the latest three believed dead in a workplace shooting. will have more from the deck >> we will be right back after this short break an update on whether and 30
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taking a look at the seminar on the bay forecast as to conceive fog and drizzle and a great start to the morning. then we
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may wait for sunny skies. her not too bad out there, warm inland 89 degrees. then sliding the temperatures down throughout the week mid-80s by the weekend. >> the concord man allegedly called this batch signer under times over the weekend. they tried to get him to stop calling but they continued. they identified the caller went to his house spoke to him the officers suspected he was under the l: 7 kron q was arrested and. a movement underway to mandate local hiring of local residents appeared at a minimum of 50 percent of hire workers to be san francisco residents. this comes after reports found 24 percent of the work hours in 30 public in stress structures were going to residents.
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supervisor says he hopes to introduce legislation to require some level of local hiring. >> 628 is the time we will be back in a couple of minutes we're two minutes away from the opening bell at wall street.
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wall street the bells ringing dow jones yesterday up almost 2% 208 points yesterday however we got a report coming out consumer spending and income were flat in june. we will see how the markets react to the news. >> all looked at walnut creek traffic is nice and light. they will have sunshine right from the get go this morning. i wonder if this won't punch through the clouds and fog. >> meant tampa cam highlighting
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the low cloud cover we are socked in this morning even fog producing centers what they're as we head into the afternoon keeping the below average temperatures and we do have a cooling trend starting to kick in tomorrow. if you think today's cool tomorrow be cooler. a look at where we are seeing temperatures get up to as we head through the day san francisco 59 degrees by noontime high temperatures 63 back down upper 50s by the o'clock hour and san jose a little warmer than that as we head towards noon mid-70s high temperatures today 80. in concord high temperatures 86 those c,gv)+pxu the village on the face today. to all look at your fog trucker. settle to through settlements among petaluma, san rafael it's starting to move into the livermore valley is settled through san jose this morning. current tempters 524
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half moon bay, upper 50s is current no. 59 mount view and san jose your afternoon highs getting up to 78 percent of rows at 80 in sonoma, cooler than that down in san rafael about 70 degrees and along the peninsula only 63 so cool in san francisco school around the coast upper 50s for overtocean beach. 74 in hayward the inland spots we could get into the 90 degree marks and livermore 88 in antioch, san ramon valley mid- 80s. the south bay the lower 80s upper seventies the cooling trend through the west at rest of the workweek continuing. you can see the cool down fog expected to continue as well. >> lisa we're taking a look on
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580 westbound direction we've had stalled at no. flan road. it's close to becoming a hot spot here the first one of the morning the westbound direction. you conceive 580 looks good that is no real problem the problem is to all five ended is as you move out of tracy you will see the slowest traffic. the altamont itself looks pretty good so does the right three livermore out to dublin. 680 still doing very well. a bridge check for you a bridge westbound metering lights activated for real in looks like a little more volume this week them we have seen last. it's a pretty good trip across still in saddam free for the west bound state stand. san mateo bridge no problems for the right here by the traffic volume is definitely building now for the west bound 92 canoed. golden gate bridge has had no problem so far this morning north as the marin
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county ride on 1 01 we mentioned the accident on durable we had a vehicle left the roadway emergency vehicles on the shoulder. but 1 01 itself no problems for the south bound ride. darya. >> 634 out bigg's store were following union operator said to but relief san francisco public transit operators are set to receive a nearly 6 percent wage hike even as all other city worker unions have agreed to pay cuts. the san francisco municipal transit agency board of directors will review the pay increase on tuesday. if approved, the average wage for local 250-a employees, which represents 2,200 muni operators, would go from $27.91 an hour to $29.52 an guaranteed because of a provision for transit operators operator wages are not bargaining like every other city union. voters will have the in november through a ballot measure that would open operators' pay to negotiations. why do think it is not right that the muni drivers have this contract in place where they came get the second highest paid
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in the country. >> it's not that every other city employes and has made the sacrifices your when you look at the ryder ship it has been cut 10% fares when up it's just not equitable for one group in a budget to receive this increase will everybody else is getting a decrease. >> they're taking the average of boston drivers and santa clara drivers make and that's where they're coming up with the pay increase. the union twice turned down concessions. what you think that happened. >> you might explain the first time they are just putting negotiations. the second time is unexplainable there is no explanation. i think the voters will express their opinion come november. >> the meantime they will get the raise in you will have to come up with the money. >> that's exactly right we do
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have the money but we have it as a result of cutting service time%. this hopefully will be the last year we have to do that. >> riders will >> notice this> i think they're ready have we had to implement this cut a couple of months ago to prepare to save the money to pay this bill. >> they accuse john for your time this morning we appreciate it. other stories city of san jose the firefighter unions continuing negotiation this afternoon an effort to rehire some of the 49 hot fire fighters who lost her job last weekend. they will meet today to discuss the union's latest proposal which the city has neither rejected or accepted. eliminated demand to guarantee no firefighter layoffs and changing retire benefits. >> change state law and for san
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jose unified school district to install fire detectors when there remodels the school. this after the fire that destroyed much of trace last month. they would like to amend state law to install alarms and sprinklers regardless of funding. >> watching wall street doubt jones a slight drop rain now quarter of a percentage point. but what a day yesterday was up to 08.
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kron 4 newsroom about that massive earthquake in indonesia we have learned there is no threat of tsunami. that coming in from the geological survey id is 6.3 construct a hundred miles offshore 26 mi. down. it's been an hour now no word of damage or
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injury so we're hopeful it is good news. indonesian no stranger to earthquakes. in 2004 it had a huge tsunami. the update no tsunami warning in the wake of the earthquake off the coast. >> 641 trouble continues for toyota new documents show the company knew six sudden acceleration as early as 2003 including some that were verified by its own technicians and dealers. they were filed yesterday in orange county as partwgeñ of the litigation case against the automaker. one filing seeks class action status in the value of the cars have diminished. one seeks damages for accidents that killed people
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>> the winner is the cadillac escalade it's the most popular stolen vehicle in america. price tag $62,000 has been stolen more than any other vehicle car thieves are going the extra mile to but get one. other cars the infinite dg 37. and a chevy corvette. >> we will be back with more in a couple minutes a look at san francisco's would you concede clouds and drizzle
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will come back to kron 4 morning is a period of your looking at a stockton shot of the golden gate bridge morning fog producing we are seeing delays at sfo at this hour of about 37 minutes. a look below average temperatures expected into the
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afternoon coltrane kicking in for tomorrow expected to continue the rest of the workweek we do have a shot of your satellite picture gives you an idea of where the fog is this morning moving through the gate for the north bay and the stake moving into the livermore valley and into the south bay to san jose fairly sock did as well. continuing to see the fog and low cloud cover expecting to continue that is when we see a bit of the fog lifting in the north bay in the state as well low cloud cover burning back toward the coast as we head into the afternoon. giving clouds out there some bricks of sunshine however but a mixture today. 53 santa rosa, and up 51, 57 hayward your. your afternoon highs showing us settle as a 78, along the peninsula getting in
6:47 am
at 63 for san francisco down and redwood city 75 war more than that in palo alto. east bay 73 degrees for castro valley is to heading to union city temperatures will get into mid- 70s today over through the san ramon valley mid-80s. the upper 80s and maybe 90's for the livermore valley the further inland you go you certainly see the warm-up also the further south as well. santa clara coming in around 77 san jose about 80 for an afternoon high 7 day around the day highlights a cool down really kicking and tomorrow and continuing through the end of the workweek. morning fog expected to stick around as well widespread fog for thursday in your credit. q george. >> 580 and highway for the first of course low spots. let's call them developing hotspots for the right coming through the altamont pass heavier traffic on
6:48 am
the floor of the livermore valley at 680 southbound still a good ride. i way for you will see some red showing up through antioch the right through concord out towards will pass looks good so by the way does this the bound commuter on 68242 leading down to walnut creek lafayette no problems there. interstate 80 the westbound direction a live camera look at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic volumes of the bed me during my cabin on for 20 minutes now. still not back up for you commute either to or across the upper deck of the bay bridge. we have been in some freaks over this morning stalls or accidents to slow the ride. some retail bridge looks good so does the golden gate. >> gulf oil spill a permanent spot checks is set to start today three months since this bill began clear picture is showing us how much oil actually
6:49 am
spelled and its bp is worst case scenario. >> this massive oil gusher that spewed cruised for weeks lead to 4.9 million bar. rise of oil which is close to the worst initial estimate. now an effort to plug it up for dead. >> it is a potential one part of the diagnostic tests and is being done it's not and and she of itself. >> a leak was detected and repaired yesterday so they can now go forward with the static. the closer could come later this month mud and concrete palm from the bottom after a relief well is attached. now the argument is around disbursements. was too much use to break up the soil? it may take time to see how harmful it was. >> it is getting into craft crab
6:50 am
larvae. >> ago for recovery plan is under way bp hired the mud chief to organize the effort. >> were developing a plan that would be associated on where money would be spent. we may be helping governments with some claims that have been outstanding any to be looked dead >> so far bp has doled out $270 million in claims and despite the well being plugged up for good perhaps the near future the economic pain will linger for some time. >> 650 right now. starting delay debate on its main akkadians nomination to supreme court its expected to by the end of the week she is in line to succeed john paul stevens and become the
6:51 am
fourth woman on the high court's. all democrats and a handful of gop is will vote for her but most republicans say she is unfit because she doesn't have enough spare and as a judge. >> world news turmoil in pakistan dozens of vehicles and shops set ablaze after 37 shooting deaths. lawmakers assassination in a mask set off revenge attacks in karachi. tempe bore arrested police and military have been dispatched gunfire is still being heard and fires are still being set. c,gv)+p1] the flight catastrophe continues in pakistan water ishe receding but leaving behind a devastating mess one that could take years to repair. as many as 1500 people may be dead. 100,000 are risk of disease. and million other has lot of their homes to
6:52 am
the high waters. united states is providing $10 million in emergency aid it is provided rescue boats water filtration steel bridges and packaged meals. >> we will be right back alive look outside from of canada above the fog.
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there were bay area forecast clearing later today inland spots near 90 degrees '70s along the bay '60s of the coast. limited sun coesite. cooler temperatures to form words weekend. >> people are not one to see signs are gore them stanley roberts takes a look at close drivers. >> let's watch the driver the blue a audi. there are actually two people in the car. making
6:56 am
that point for reason. the two are in the carpool lane to the bay bridge this lane requires three. they back up and head into parking lot all come back to them in a moment. this is brian street in san francisco between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. this strip is car pools. he jabbed three passengers in the vehicle unless you have a two-seater. what happens is they ignore the signs when they make it to the on ramp they make you turn illegally. like this driver, and his driver, and this driver. except she gets out to talk to me. >> are you with the permanent traffic. >> with the news. >> reagan reports there's no sign.
6:57 am
i came off it does as a bridge only. >> she was almost right it was a sign that said no access to second straight. back to the bloody. they were worried that i was a cop that they sat there all the while asking for my badge number. then finally they had on their way. since the bryan street approach is car pool you could be subject to a fine. so could make this illegal u-turn appeared it could be avoided if you do one simple thing read the signs. in several cisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> we will be right back as the news continues after the break we are expecting to get numbers from ac transit will there be a sick out again today even though the contract has been left it we will find notes. in the meantime all live look from san francisco the fog very thick
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meantime all live look from san francisco the fog very thick this mo[ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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