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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 3, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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live this is conference at 530. at 530 its national title in cities across the bay area was taking that this street spirit the goal of national my bill is to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness appeared to generate support an anti-crime programs and build community. this up your oakland will host a forum to to to neighborhood parties the most ever for the city. kron 4 found some folks who explain why they're participating in the neighborhood safety event for the first time. >> this is our first it together. >> national night out. >> these residents on 12th street are getting hot dogs ready and passing out fliers for the first national night out neighborhood block party. the folks told me problems with crime in the neighborhood are getting a little better, however with oakland police losing their jobs residents getting to know each other is more important than ever. >> losing 80 policemen and officers 0 we need to, we can
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take care of the neighborhood. >> they're still problems and we still have some a few nights that are little shaky. >> i haven't had a bullet hole in my truck for a while that's good. >> if she's new to this community but said she is committed to see it become a safer place. >> i got here in 2008 i want to make this a good area for my children cared i haven't had any yet but we really want to currently not a safe neighborhood tried to make a better one >> in oakland kron 4 news. >> in richmond the party is already underway the target on mcdonald avenue in redwood city. the dancing on the square of the courthouse square. and a painting plant party in san francisco can go side neighborhood all part of the national night out. back in east palo alto where we were at the park we see the blossoms are out people are gathering we saw earlier they were preparing to eat. a parade will wrap up this particular part in a few
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minutes. to conceal the preparations for the festivity already under way there appeared and vallejo event organizers are preparing for more than 100 participants expected to attend the city's national night out of hand. john martin said she hopes the music, family atmosphere will help change the image of vallejo and show the city has a more positive side. >> we want the community to know that to we are pulling together and try to be a great community. we can do by ourselves we need everybody to participate in this great events that happened in vallejo. were hoping were going to get a whole bunch of people here tonight to participate in this event. >> the event is set to begin at 6:00 p.m. tonight and will last until 8:00 p.m. is located at tennessee moderates street in the city of vallejo. the union city police report and has a new tool in the fight against crime cameras pleas are video recording some interactions
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with the public in order to help document evidence and protect themselves and the public. each union city's 73 officers has been issued the page your size camera that can store up to three hours of footage. officials say the cameras help supplement the other cameras which are already in the police vehicles. >> 90% of the officers it to veer out of the car. he may be talking off-camera if you're using in ankara video system. officers had a camera on the chest you can see what they're looking at at the time they're having contact with people. >> cameras can easily be turned on or off by the police officer. there's no policy as to when the officers are to use the camera but they are encouraged to use some of they believe they will be in a situation new details tonight officials say they're totally reforming the way california tracts its parolees. they tell kron 4 the reforms were under way before the filigreed zero case made
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headlines. that's a picture of greed or you may remember he was a parolee who allegedly held g c do corded captive for more than 18 years. most of the time while he was under the watch of california parole system. to guard was recently awarded a $20 million settlement from the state as kron 4 mark jones reports the new changes started weeks and some started earlier this year. >> in january apprehension began sweeping the state looking for solace who violated parole and disappeared. the track and rearrested nearly 2000 of those fellows. 100 were sex offenders. starting soon san francisco, said a clear and alameda county will have new reentries house and up just ahead of prisoners were about to go back into the county of europe for allegiance will have their caseloads reduced from 70 to 48. that means the have more time to talk to police and track the progress. proles will be more involved in their planning for
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the future. more agents will be hired, experienced agents will be promoted all agents will get more training. at san quentin mark jones kron 4 news. >> the 12 year-old oakland boy is under arrest tonight accused of driving a stolen car. he's 12 years old. the alameda county sheriff's department attended a couple the stolen car over the driver would stop he led police on the pursuit when you buy the stock the boy took off running. police caught up to 12 year-old he was arrested on suspicion of stealing a car and evading police. unless you the worst more than $60,000 is once again the most popular among car thieves. the 2007, a 2009 cadillac escalate has been stolen more than any other vehicle appeared one in every 100 stolen cheered necks of the most popular stolen vehicle list d s to 50 crew cab pickup, and indeed she 37 two-door car,
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dodge charger with high-powered have the engine and the chevrolet corvette is said 06. the vehicles least likely be stolen are the " os 80, saturn view and the son ronald, honda pilot and this to grow and present. in the battle against plastic pollution san francisco is once again waging war on plastic bags. kron 4 vicki spoke with a politician who started it all. >> san francisco led the region by boring plastic bags of the brochure store. city supervisor ross is responsible to the first plastic bag ban three years ago. now he's introducing new legislation to extend the ban to all retailers including department stores and boutiques. everybody from the little store >> the way it works is like this, recyclable paper,
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compensable and reusable bags. the new law goes beyond the grocery checkout stand it extends to everything except produce and garment bags. since the first and went into effect its estimated 100 million plastic babies a year have been removed from the way system. he says he's got some low backs but mostly people are only too happy to go not plastic. >> we were wondering if this would take san franciscans are doing a great job. >> he is considering imposing a 10¢ charge for paper bags were now the new expanded beg and beats the statewide ban backed by the governor and if it passes san francisco will still be at the the bigger purchases, just not plastic. san francisco vicki kron 4 news. >> its starting to look a lot more like some real air temperature was curator in the spots of breeze and low 90s this
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afternoon. near 80 in a turkish north bay locations 81 of santa rosa appeared a mix of '70s and '80s in the south bay of much cooler closer the coastline before the fog is a factor. 55 and half moon bay. kahane it will be dance along with coast along with a drizzle this evening carried into tomorrow will have a stronger sea breeze winds which will really cooler temperatures down and the cooler weather will last for the rest we call in details in your extended forecast coming out of bed. >> live look inside a traffic this is that the bay bridge toll plaza so heading westbound traffic moving up at a great trip in all the lanes. stay to and will be back with a lot more ♪ [ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪
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the next generation of does. a rare phenomenon known as the solar tsunami has set a massive wave of a magnetic parcels and should arrive tonight. for years the sun has been in a quiet phase but all that ended last
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weekend when the solar surface erupted in a frenzy of activity. huge solar flare shown here in white, and an unrelated solar tsunami rippling across the suns surface. in this closeup you can see a plume of magnetic particles. when those particles hit the earth's atmosphere they ripple across the sky near the north and south pole. in fact, the new solar storm could make them visible in the northern united states. what worries scientists is what might happen three years from now when the sun's activity is expected to peak. nasa scientists believe the earth will be hit with unpresidented levels of magnetic energy possibly with catastrophic consequences. the sun storm ripple everything from hospital equipment to banking, and air traffic contol systems. even knock out home computers, ipods and gps devices. government forecasters say there's a 10 percent chance the new solar storm will have a
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significant effect and 40% chance that it will have some effect. jacqueline. >> are extended forecast cooler weather expected for the remainder of this week and the weekend. temperatures will one back up but still stayed below average. a full the forecast coming of stay with us.
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she was walking in a residential, a brooding conquered the suspect was described as a hispanic man in his 20s by foot 7 in. tall and weighed about a hundred 50 to 1 and 65 lbs. with brown hair and a buzz cut. the victim a 20 year-old concord resident said she walking in the 2000 block of sunshine drive a car approached hurt the suspect to open the rear passenger door which refuse he allegedly grabbed to rest and try to pull in the car. he leaves allegedly punched a suspect in the face and the letter go. anyone with the permission should contact concord police. live in the
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newsroom kron 4 news. >> temporary trend a bus terminal set to open for public use the saturday as you can see our main street. this is us the demolition and construction work for the new terminal continues and will continue for the next seven years. honor that the proximity of everything. davis is a look at the oakland facility that's really located just a block away from the old terminal. >> ec transit and rail and bus drivers spend time getting used to maneuver in the bus on the new terminal. if those companies will be operating within the temporary facility it had remained well other bus lines such as muni, of will be accessible are around the perimeter. greyhound will have an indoor terminal and ac transit customers will have canopy bus with when barriers to protect them from the weather. kiosks with real time digital schedule information an automated ticket information have been installed appeared one-quarter of the terminal will not be completed until early
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november will be completed pure the be secured in duty 247. transit officials say this was designed to handle 14,000 commuters that currently use the trend a terminal. san francisco dave kron 4 news. >> note to the backpacks are ready to be donated and still it's not enough. the family giving tree wants to give 16,000 backpacks some fell to 60 students. so for the group has collected 9000 your organization such a sacred heart community services and san jose in the more than ever as the economy remains bleak. >> collaborate with sacred heart they're a great organization we do what we can with them and today were able to provide a hundred backpacks. near the end of our backpack campaign here we may be able to lead them some more that remains to be seen just yet. individual donations are down corporate donations are up a little bit and that's keeping us just about even. >> family giving tree is
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targeting students at schools where everyone relies on the free lunch program. there are 17 schools in santa clara county will the target is 16,000 backpacks. they're hoping for 20,000 to truly meet the needs. >> live look good side in the golden gate bridge cloudy skies here and all open down the coastline. shredded and fog this afternoon but sunny skies elsewhere. the law will move back in this evening about 9:00 it will push back into the bay. dense fog and drizzle to the coast line patchy fog in our inland spots 7:00 a.m. they will be scaling back but again the coastline will be shrouded in fog again tomorrow and likely for the rest of the week. more often and wilson discussed elsewhere but temperatures will cool down a boat by to 10 degrees as are sea breeze once he got rid fog tracker for tomorrow morning the fog pushing toward inland valleys and scaling back fairly quickly at 6:00 a.m. pureed rescind patchy fog along the delta clear skies and san jose. fog would be
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a little slower to peel back from the north bay san rappel little cooler out there tomorrow afternoon 80 am tomorrow will of fog clinging in the look around the bay shore pushing back to san francisco and coastland by 10:00 a.m.. our tablatures for tomorrow 59 half moon bay, 60 san francisco rate now or in the spots are upper 80s and low 90s a big school down tomorrow. 79 in concord the lower 80s elsewhere appeared cooler in the north bay are mostly in the '80s there succeed in san rafael, 76 in santa rosa tomorrow afternoon. a look at your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the bay forecast. temperatures only in the upper '70's for in the spots for friday. we will want a little bit as we head into the weekend but temperatures still well below average. >> the tragic story to tell you about in louisiana were six teenagers who drowned while on a picnic. kron 4 vicki explains how happen. >> their trying to beat the heat
5:51 pm
by taking a swim at to report louisiana red river. no family and friends are grieving or the deaths of six teenagers come to the families. this is what investigators say happened trip apparently tried to cool off the team wandered into the shallow part of the river there was a deep drop of about 28 ft. at some point he slipped into deep water and started to draw on. six fourteens went to his rescue and only one of the 14 year-old made a back shore. the parents stood helpless on the short and watched as their children struggled and eventually slipped into the water. the adults could not swim easier. three of the drug teens were brothers. the key kron 4 news. >> a man walked into a beer plant in connecticut today and shot and killed eight people before shooting themselves. union officials say he worked there but he been caught on videotape stealing beer. they
5:52 pm
say the man opened fire after being asked to resign today the man omar's borden described by a survivor as being as cold as ice as he shot colleagues. a union representative is among the people that he killed today. a nice man with an assault rifle shot at a birthday party in indianapolis two people killed, six people wounded. the man managed to get away around 30 people have been attending a birthday barbequed when the shooting happened just after midnight. mode of not clear this point the mayor of indianapolis is calling it a tragic events at an otherwise peaceful summer. americans are heavier than at their according to a new government survey of the adult obesity rate is now 27 percent and rising. nine states have an obesity rate of 30 percent or more peers in the year 2008 was about 30%. mississippi has the highest rate at the 4%, colorado was the lowest with obesity rate
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of 19% california's obesity rate is 25 percent under the formula of 5 ft. 4 in. tall woman is obesity weighs 174 lbs. or more. why for attention and bits that description is to raise at least 209 lbs.. a live look outside a traffic again the golden gate bridge the fog is taking over there appeared traffic coming into the city on the left side of the screen a little back up your on the right side moving at a meeting clip heading north out in marin county. the san mateo bridge the headlines east bound moving medium speed in both directions. will be right back.
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out due to strong customer demand. amazon said the new kindled will be available once more in september. and you $99 each reader set to debut this fall and it could stroppy the more competition in the key reader price war. charlie tells us which is good for that money >> hope the device which you can see right over here ways and just a little over half a pound features a 5 in. color lcd display to gigs of storage and up to four hours of battery life and it's just one in each line of devices that could be up plans to launch your the one making reading more accessible to a mass audience say not everyone could afford all the high end devices. the part that may pose a challenge to established competitors is copious new social e reading platform where it's not just about the book is also the sharing information and connecting with friends on facebook and twitter on the reading device appeared to read
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all about the new $99 you reader is a whats on the web sectional >> live look over downtown sunny skies here and for most of the bay area of the fog clinging to the coast. at fog will cool things down to the next several days of full forecast is just a few minutes a weird wayaway.
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live this is kron 4 news it 6:00. at 6:00150 more sickle's today by ec transit drivers which caused more travel troubles riders. the high rate of six cold start more than two weeks ago when ac transit forced a new contract onto its drivers. however, monday to a judge blocked a new contract and ordered the old one be put in place. the judge's decision is a big victory for the union whose workers complained about their
6:01 pm
work schedules being radically changed. as kron 4 dan from reports of leathers and little impact from the court's ruling. in oakland ac transit buses continue to roll however, very little has changes since yesterday's court ruling. court ruled ac transit had to restore the old union contract and the old schedules for those who drive the buses. ac transit says it has until august 10th to make that happen and it will do whatever it takes so it does happen. in the meantime, the company says once it goes back to the old contract ac transit may lose $5000 $3000000 ultimately that could lead to service cuts and layoffs but they said that won't happen at least for six weeks and possibly several months. in oakland dan curman kron 4 news.
6:02 pm
that includes many late night that will surface, late rail service and muni plans to return more buses to its weekend routes. rider's right now are having to deal with less service. tomorrow muni operators will receive nearly 6 percent wage increase. as kate thompson explains it's all because many operators have a special provision in the city charter that guarantees them a raise. >>on the same day that a pay increase has been approved for the muni drivers, the city announced it has found one time money to restore some of the service cuts it made in may. salaries go up from $27.91 an hour to $29.52 an hour. the city has asked muni several times to take a pay cut to help them balance the $483 million budget deficit. both times muni operators have refused there's a special provision in the city charter which allows them to get this raise so
6:03 pm
there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. the city said it found this one time money due to some creative accounting, but says if muni drivers had agreed to a pay cut none of the service cuts would have happened. now it will restore some the service by 6% starting on september 4th. >> reproting in san francisco kate thompson kron 4 news. 55 in half moon bay, 61 and san francisco. in the spots a lot warmer exactly starting to look like summer in the upper 80s and low 90s. close to 80 degrees in the north bay '70s and '80s in the south bay. a mild day today but things will cool down in the next couple of days pier fog cut in the coast line will see dense fog and drizzle tonight. tomorrow stronger sea breeze winds will cooler temperatures down 5 to 10 degrees. it will
6:04 pm
see the cooler weather last address to your weaker all have your extended forecast coming up in a bit. the department of justice has indicted 11 people for selling fake designer purses and wallets and jewelers at fisherman's wharf. this is the largest counterfeit merchandise traffic grant ever encountered on the west coast. on february 10th u.s. immigration and customs enforcement notice i is rated the eight shops and businesses at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. >>i saw officers confiscate a designer prada handbag, coach purses and other brand-name merchandise. all of which were made in china and sold to tourists for rock-bottom prices. investigation started over two years ago. >>our colleagues at customs in border protection noted a suspicious container. there were 50,000 counterfeit items being shipped under false shipping invoices and documents
6:05 pm
to see cnk which is a store on fisherman's wharf. they are largely people of chinese nationality who either naturalized, two were here unlawfully, two more were here lawfully. ultimately seized nearly 230,000 individual counterfeit items representing 70 different manufacturer's both foreign and domestic. >> an attorney says this type of large-scale counterfeit merchandise traffic rings affects our country's economy in a big way. >>the honest retailers who are trying to sell quality goods and showcase those. then you have the knock off artists who are paying no taxes, running shlock operations and seemingly getting away with it. >>in san francisco reggie kron 4
6:06 pm
news. a live look outside an east palo alto where parade is beginning to wind up at a park their all in celebration of national might go to spyri this is one of many insurance activities around the bay area or cities in committees are coming together to celebrate and then build communities and also to work on safety procedures that could help them build better relationships with police. we'll be right back. with high-speed internet from at&t,
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a former san as a bank manager accused half talking customers of thousands of dollars. convincing elderly to invest in certain markets is and taken the money itself. simply drain their
6:10 pm
bank account purities pleaded guilty to all charges in the case and agreed to a six year prison term. as agreed to play 500 to $3,000 to wells fargo bank where he had worked. the previous state reimbursed all of his customers would and victims of his crimes. live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> wednesday the fire fighters union will start bargaining over pay and benefits again this week and 49 firefighters were laid off some of them could be brought back in the city in the union to agree on pay. on sunday the firefighters' union offered to cut firefighter salary by 5 1/4% low several retirement and benefit changes to the city said it is just not enough it's seeking 10% in cuts. all this is going on as the fire department welcomes in a new chief. today chief william mcdonald said he's convinced the city can offer good public protection. >> we have implemented dynamic
6:11 pm
deployment will refine it and find ways to make it work better. we expect the same level of commitment from the guard arm and they've always had. we have fewer resources but were very clean. were the leanest of those in terms of our capabilities that something will have to manage. we like to of been able to avoid laying anybody off i see it's something we should of been able to find ans way beachs were able to do that. a >> the firefighters' union will sit down with the city on wednesday to find an agreement closer to the 10 percent cut in pay and benefits that the city said it needs. the union said it has a counteroffer that does except larger cuts. the winners from duck tape stopped at the prom. have been selected now appeared our what we certainly shows us the winning design. >> clocking in 300 hours of
6:12 pm
work and using 30 rolls of duct tape these to created this tuxedo and a prom dress and scored the most votes in the contest. the top three winners. the first prize when both of them will be $3,000 each in scholarship money and $3,000 for their high school. the contest requires competitors to make the prom where completely at of duct tape as you can see. over to adjourn for decouples from 43 states and six canadian provinces entered and all in all the 40 per thousand votes were cast for dresses that drew upon inspiration from paint splatters to various rubber duckies and more and all that tape adds up. persons dress top 50 lbs. that's heavy. visit our whats on the web section on >> are extended forecast cooler weather expected for the remainder of this week even though warm up into the weekend, temperatures stay below
6:13 pm
average. your full forecast is just a few minutes away.
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this is in east palo also as in the international minute celebration continues and you can see they've got games and things are for the young people. parade is about to wind up in all celebrate here. the parade started about an hour ago and they're all going to end up at the davis park for a larger celebration trade this is one of thousands of events all across the country tonight. there hundreds of events here in the bay area. people in oakland are also joining in the national light and calling for an end to violence and crime in the city. oakland is no stranger to crime in the last week crime mapping doll, reports to adjourn 20 crimes investigated by the oakland police department. one- third of those 4 violent crimes by the shootings results. one was a murder. tonight a mass of people will try to bring calm to the streets more than 450
6:17 pm
neighborhood parties are planned for tonight. if 25,000 people are expected to attend. kron 4 has more on the national night out in oakland. >> this is our first get together. >> these west oakland residents your 12th street are getting hot dogs ready and passing out fliers for the first national night out neighborhood block party. if the folks told me problems with crime in the neighborhood are getting a little better however they say with oakland police losing their jobs residents getting to know each other is more important than ever. >> losing 80 policemen and officers, we could take care of the neighborhood. >> they're still problems and we still have of units that are little shaky. >> i haven't had a bullet hole my truck for a while that's an improvement. >> she's new to this community but said she is committed to see it become a safer place. >> i got here in 2008, i want to
6:18 pm
make this a good area for my children. i haven't had any yet, but i really want to hear not a safe neighborhood but trying to make a better one. >> " kron 4 photojournalist daniel is live in the field and is also of the national might go. this events and vallejo we see a number of people are gathered a sizable crowd there tonight. daniel has the event? >> were getting hit under way here they have a barbecue going food for everybody and in this get together here about see here for the children. here people are starting company and the whole point of this was to get the kennedy get their awareness of crime and police car they want the committee to come together and show that it's also a good place to live. live and vallejo pinot kron 4 news. >> take a live look good side
6:19 pm
for the golden gate bridge what he skies cover of the bridge tower. the coastline is shrouded in fog. temperatures there are much cooler as a result 55 and half moon bay, 61 and san francisco. it's starting to feel like summer and our inland spots upper 80s and low 90s rate now appeared on partially the warmer weather is not going to stick run much longer. tonight into tomorrow, fall pushing into the bay this evening at about 9:00 will start to see it spill into the bay shore. will be dance over night along the coast along with the dressy and patchy or inland spots. coastal and david baltimore morning at 7:00 it will scale back to this point. by noon will see fog cut in the coast line sunny skies elsewhere into the afternoon but temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler as our sea breeze winds pick up. fall tracker for tomorrow fog pushing toward inland valley briefly by 6:00 a.m. starting to scale back
6:20 pm
patchy fog along the delta and your inland valleys in the patchy fog. clear in the south bay to take a look at the north bay. adm will still see fog lingering over san reviled that will mean cooler temperatures out there tomorrow afternoon. bob pushing back to the coastline it 10:00 a.m. and the coastal state shrouded in fog through the day tomorrow temperatures to fall 59 in half moon bay 60 instances go. 79 in concord low 80's for the rest of were in the location is 60 december fall, 76 in santa rosa. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast cool weather will be with us for the rest of the week. temperatures well below average and even as we make our way to the weekend, when warmer in the spots to the low 80's well below where we should be for this time of year. >> the national news the survivor describes the gunman who killed eight people at a beer plant in connecticut today as being as cold as ice. he
6:21 pm
opened fire after being forced to resign for stealing beer. the gunman is identified as omar the heart and he later sought self than kill themselves. colleagues said he been caught on videotape several times stealing beer. a union representative is among the people he shot today. you and your to the panel that denied landmark status to a building near ground zero that clears the way for group to turn it into an islamic community center in moscow. a lot of people including yelling here at the hearing are outraged here they say it's an insult to those who died on the left and treat many national in new york politicians are upset in the anti-defamation league said its unnecessarily provocative. were showing you the feet of a woman in georgia because she said she used them to get help after being tied up and robbed. she said and then broken toward home tiger up and left with their car and other belongings. she
6:22 pm
managed to pull her laptop over with your feet and use her toes to take a message to our boyfriend who was on line. he called police the woman said she doesn't want shore face on camera until the suspect is caught. >> that kill has killed in the gulf of mexico is what bp engineers call their best hope of permanently choking off the call the oil spill by pumping heavy mud into the runaway well. high drama in the deep seas today in the name is on everyone's list. static kill is the peace plan to pump heavy mud from the surface down 1 mi. to the broken well head. it will be pumped in through the they'll blow prevent dirt to seal off the leak from the top. if needed the money will be followed by cement. at the same time the company is continuing to relief wells the first was started just 12 days after the initial explosion back in april. it is now within a few days of reaching the wild. it will be
6:23 pm
used to inject mud and cement from a low grade the federal official overseeing bp says he will decide when the well is truly captive. if >> there should be no ambiguity about that on the commander that's the way this will be with the relief wells. >> bp said it may take days before engineers will be able to determine if that's that a kill is working. meantime, scientists continue to release more turtles rescue from the oil spill in the gulf several dozens were let go late in the night from florida appeared to see them crawling in the night vision video appeared about 25,000 have been released so far the scientists plan to lease another 50,000 in the coming days. a live look goods at a traffic this is the bay bridge and the toll plaza on your left. traffic moving along quite well into san francisco appeared on the right heading into the east bay no problems there either. we'll be right into the east bay no problems there either. we'll be right back.
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is set to open to the public on saturday. the demolition and construction will begin and continue for the next seven years on the new one heard the temporary facility located on main street is a block away from the old terminal and will accommodate ec transit and greyhound bus lines. about 14,000 passengers will use the terminal every day. it will be protected from bad weather was windscreens and canopied. muni golden gate in san trendlines will operate around the perimeter of the terminal. will be mostly open-air with kiosks' joined digital schedule information an automated ticketing machines. >> were extended forecast cooler weather expected to the rest of the week temperatures thing well below average whole details coming up and a full forecast stay with us all of today's top stories are coming up after the shore break.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
tonight's big stories in one big block of news more cruz, more
6:30 pm
stories right now our top story. >> san quentin state parole authorities have launched a major reform of how california handles parolees. new reentry course will directly handle proles re-entering society. perot legions will have their caseloads reduced from 70 proles to 48 so they can spend more time speaking to those release prisoners. ups tracking will be effectively used and are doubling electronic monitoring devices. new apprehension team is trucked callipygian nearly 2000 parolees who broke and they're proles. more training for their agents and more supervision. at san quick and mark jones kron 4 news. >> san francisco the business cover up behind me is one of dates that was forced to shut down by immigration and customs enforcement for selling fake merchandise like fake product handbags. officials tell me to put more than 200,000 items that were confiscated or more at
6:31 pm
war's over hundred million dollars of the were the real thing. and services go reggie kron 4 news. >> the new fire chief and san jose faces challenges as budget and staff cut as he comes in. $6 million in budget cuts the staff cuts of 49 firefighters laid off. he said clement which is already planned the most active areas most vulnerable keep response time short and resources concentrated in the most populated areas. while the firefighters' union sits down with the city to try and agree to wage and benefit cuts. in san jose kron 4 news >> in san francisco muni drivers are expected to get a pay hike starting wednesday drivers will now make $29.52 an hour. the city has asked drivers for the pay cut the drivers have produce pure the city sank refusal to take a pay cut led the city to do 10 percent service, mainly for the city now announcing the
6:32 pm
have found one time money to restore 6% of that service. reporting in san francisco kate thompson kron 4 news. >> oakland ac transit buses continue to roll but despite yesterday's court ruling ordering the company to restore the old union contract very rarely has changed. ac transit says it has until aug. tentacled contract back in place and that includes changing the driver schedules back to what the word. they say they will do whatever it takes some to make it happen. when oakland kron 4 news. >> 12 street in west oakland were some people participating for the first time in the national might of celebration. people spoke with told me now getting to know their neighbors is more important than ever. >> for still problems and we still have few nights that are little shaky. i >> got here in 2008 and i want to make this a good area for my children i haven't had any yet but we really want to not a safe
6:33 pm
neighborhood tried to make a better one. >> in oakland kron 4 news. >> vallejo the committee has a special gavin for national might out to many groups joined together in what could be considered a block party to the streets are closed at 10:00 p.m. along for live music, food and fun for kids in the middle the streets near a busy intersection. the gathering is being done to get the vallejo kennedy together and show even with trouble with crime and police layoffs if the city is a good place to live. and vallejo kron 4 news trade >> another big story mexicana airlines filed for bankruptcy and cancelled several flights carried passengers here in the airport were caught up in the mess it did matter if they were coming or going it was a hassle for passengers. people were stuck in guadalajara yesterday and weren't able to make it home until today. many passengers i talked to were frustrated about the situation and said the airline didn't tell them what was going on or wide
6:34 pm
trade in san jose kron 4 news. >> in tech news the new blackberry is unveiled its the blackberry torch. it's the first blackberry to feature touch screen and a slide of physical keyboard. the torch is similar to the i phone and built with the young socially connected demographic in mind. the torch will run on the at&t network and hits the market august 12th. will cost $200 with a two-year contract. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> our big what this story of cool down come to the bay area over the coming day trader current conditions its core along the coast were fog is still sitting this afternoon. are in the spots upper 80s and low 90s. 80 degrees up in the north bay '70s and '80s in the south bay. mild temperatures out there this afternoon even warmer in are in the locations. more will be different story temperatures cooling 5 to 10 degrees if our inland spots down the seven dining concord laurie '80s and are inland house what scared 76 in santa rosa and
6:35 pm
sticklers for the rest of the week. >> the first-ever pro robot astronauts is getting ready to tweak from space. kimberly who tells us about his first experience with twitter. >> roboam not to or are to you see here is joining the international space station crew in november and is to aren't human i'd bought is expected to be particularly useful in tasks that are considered too dangerous for astronauts. it will also find time to tweak our to twitter page is filled with messages like hello world fall my adventures in space and robots are not a gender by design on the deck. in reference the film a space odyssey by treating no relation to help definitely don't condone his actions. our to in the team will answer questions live on twitter to our morning soviet questions it might have answers. to find out how you can get to tweak answered this are whats on the
6:36 pm
web section on >> i live look of cited tuesday traffic things are zipping along on the 680-24 split. now when san jose fourth, we won a one you see south down the headlights' and traffic moving pretty well there is well. we'll be right back.
6:37 pm
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[ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. just in to the kron 4 news room amtrak train service between and refill in oakland has been temporarily suspended with a live picture here as you see. the reason for this is because the union pacific railroad break derailment a mile west of the emeryville station. some trains may be rerouted around the derailment site. passengers can expect major delays to the area this is impacting the capitol corridor in the emeryville oakland area. live in the
6:40 pm
newsroom on kron 4 news. >> on july the first you will likely remember congest in pricing went into effect at the bay bridge. there's a lot of confusion that they carry you can see some of it in our video here. . people were confused or to pay what to do what time was so much money they needed. in 30 days and we wondered of drivers are finally getting the hang of the new system. stanley roberts revisits the toll plaza in this edition of people behaving badly. >> and 1 months since the new congestion pricing went into affect on the bay bridge. socks i thought it would only be fitting that check-in and see how things are going. apparently not much has changed. just when i thought i seen the worst of people leaving badly at the bay bridge toll plaza someone up the ante. watch the white cars sitting in the fast track clean your what's about to happen surprised even me pure they said the toll booth was cash however with the new congestive pricing
6:41 pm
the carpool lane requires of fast-track transponder. here's what it gets scary. the passenger gets out of the car and knocks on a different tollbooth and walks around colonel bob here she is standing in the lane. finally she returns to the car and they leave. ok have this happen once you might think it's a fluke but let me show you this. this passenger in a different car does almost the exact same thing. it's out of the card to go talk to a toll collector. now even with two people this could be considered a convention incidents it could happen a third time. but could it. apparently the answer is yes. this passenger was no. 3 in less than 25 minutes. yes you are congratulations. i can't go without the obligatory driving over the delineator shops all check back again in 30 days. at the bay bridge toll plaza
6:42 pm
stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> time to check sourcsports scs that street ahead. card counting genius jeffrey sits down with carry live in studio next. >> kimberleys up a moderate no a judge issued a preliminary injunction that blocks ac transit from implementing the new contract in imposing changes to work schedules. visit our web section to read the entire luncheon interview for with the supervisor that's of the raids will negatively affect riders. who is a
6:43 pm
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farr has the sports world talking again. one of those multiple sources said far has informed the viking he will not return for another season. supposedly this all started when he sent text messages to his teammate saying, this is that. he retired twice before only to return. his raider quarterback jason campbell. >> his hands for real there were about to believe it. injured probably just. other people are counting on your part of the
6:47 pm
group you every what he strung out. >> back and forth back and forth. >> what is jackie said and they come in tomorrow or i may not. right. we would like that at all. he's done the sunday times some people get really mad i just want to fall back to sleep. when the season starts let's see but apparently as of now pam, throw away your brett farr jersey will be aware. right track key are you bored with that topic? >> yes. you are carrg no carrier
6:48 pm
ringconnect 2400 
6:49 pm
>> a lot to fall back on educated and obtaining my doctor and here i have a future in tv. >> is that the doctor. >> yes dr. o'neill yes. >> he's good when he wants to be on the air and again you have to believe me who said he is 38 or shakur said he was 39. lebrun james formally said goodbye to his home tam today he took out a full-page ad in the akron beacon journal. what's funny about this if you read the entire ad not once is cleveland mentioned. remember he left the owners went
6:50 pm
up and down and talked about the broad not trying in the final playoff games. tomorrow the brought is scheduled to make his first public appearance in akron since joined the miami heat. just one more time once this guy gets cooked with miami people are going to forget. yes cleveland has a shot that but this guy is so great to the talent always wins out. when we return a young man who is trying to turn his proficiency for gambling into an example for big business and the supporting business. his story the inspiration for the movie 21 and a book the house advantage, bring down the house jeff ma is here ready to roll next.
6:51 pm
what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.
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6:53 pm
mit graduate and admitted cal card counter has written a book called the house advantage.
6:54 pm
his story forming a blackjack club while at mit was made into a major motion picture called 21 starring kevin spacey in 2008 to. he is moving past the card can business and trying to make his mathematical mind to help corporations. to set this up it's very interesting. when you are m.i.t. he said i don't want to work nine to five i'm just too smart to i'm going to make it another way. >> i've looked at it with whatever situation would ever presented itself i had to act to amend the numbers of black jack presented itself. >> it's not illegal but when you go in there by the time your name gets around we don't want you. >> public to lose money did what some schmuck coming in and losing money. it like when anyone could turn the odds and to their favor. that's what we can do.
6:55 pm
>> ibm going back to far did anyone ever come up and say if you want to walk out of here you better go >> they tried to intimidate you violate your pursesee how you react when time in louisiana and was chased off and i talked about it in detail in my new book about getting chased off the river boat at gunpoint and it could leaking clues given notice of a nation do to disappear in louisiana. >> (laughter) and not gunna tell me how much but you got out of the card can and with millions? >> the whole group won over $5 million. we had a group of about six to 10 of us that would go and play and we go in wind. an average week and we win a couple hundred thousand dollars. to >> how much do have in the bank >> and not telling you you're not getting my bank account. the
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