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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 3, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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bay area residents teaming up with their neighbors to fight crime. kron4 looks at national night out events going on around the region, including one city that's dealing with a possibility of losing its entire police department. but first, the future of proposition 8. tomorrow, a federal judge will announce his ruling on whether the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage violates the u.s. constitution. kron4's jonathan boom has been looking into it. exactly what's going to happen tomorrow? >> well, pam, tomorrow early afternoon, federal district
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judge -- vaughn walker. he's going to post a document on the court's website containing his decision. >> what are the possible options for tomorrow? is it an up or down decision? >> basic, there are only two-ways that he can rule. he could either uphold, which's the ban, or he could strike it down by staying that it's unconstitutional. >> does that mean that same-sex couples can marry? >> whoever loses tomorrow will almost certainly file an appeal and so if the judge strikes down the ban tomorrow, the backers of prop 8 will probably ask for a stay. >> how long kill that take another? -- how long will that take? >> it could take up to an year. whoever loses the appeal could go to the supreme court. >> and many people say that's likely. but, of course, the supreme court doesn't have to hear a case.
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>> even if they hear the case, the justices can decide how narrowly they want to rule. they could rule on same-sex marriage as a whole, which, of course, the opponents of prop 8 is likely. the supreme court, if they decide to hear it, would likely hear that and decide it in 2012. the first step is this ruling which comes tomorrow afternoon. >> and that is an important ruling people have been waiting to hear what the judge is going to decide. we encourage you to stay with kron4 news for continuing coverage of the battle. we will bring you the judge's ruling as soon as it comes down tomorrow afternoon. and once it does happen, we will be blogging live on so you can weigh in with your opinions about the verdict. new tonight at 11:00, neighbors joining together all across the bay area. thousands of people took part in national night out events
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tonight. national night out aims to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness and build a sense of community. events were held all across the bay area, including in san carlos, where that city is thinking of cutting its police department due to budget cutbacks. we attended events there and talked to concerned residents. >> reporter: this national night out social in the white oaks neighborhood was held to help neighbors get to know each other. and it's not just a way to make new friends. >> we may have to rely more on each other. >> reporter: that's because the city is on the verge of essentially dispanding their police force. these officers you see here will keep their jobs but wearing new badges. the city says they can save approximately $2 million a year by outsourcing their law enforcement to the county. they're facing a $3.5 million deficit. >> i think it's scary. i think the crime rate will probably go up. it will impact the kind of
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service we get, because they're covering scutch a large area. >> you're going to lose the small-town protection, and the small-town security of having a local police department compared to having a county-wide sheriff's department. >> i think the response time is going to go down. >> reporter: the police chief says citizens won't see a change in service. the same number of people will patrol these streets and most of their officers will continue working out of this police station. >> there is a chance to provide, you know, comparable levels of public safety for much cheaper cost and to help with the deficit. we're convinced that we'll be able to keep the public just as safe. >> reporter: the council could vote on making this plan a reality before the month is out. kron4 news. >> people in oakland are also joining in the national night out, calling for an end to violence and crime in the city in oakland in the last week, crime reports 220 total crimes investigated by
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police, about one third of those were violent crimes, shootings or assaults. and one of those was a murder. but tonight, it was all about peace. more than 450 neighborhood parties took place in oakland for national night out. some 25,000 people were expected to attend. during the kickoff party at oakland city hall, oakland's new police chief said tonight is a good start, but the work must continue. >> this should not be a 1-time event. this should not be national night out, we get together, we celebrate each other, we celebrate our community, and then we go away. this should be a weekly event, because we have children that need us. we have kids that depend on us. >> he said that he was going to try to attends a many of the 452 parties as he could tonight. and this was the scene at east -- residents joined in the first national night out parade in that community.
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six traditional block parties took part. the elected officials also took part as well as police and firefighters. and the parade's route was designed so that people at the block parties could watch and cheer on the parade. a pretty nice day out there today. temperatures were on the warmer side in our inland spots. finally starting to feel like summer, but changes come tomorrow. a look at tomorrow at a glance, we're going to have that dense fog along the coast again. 7:00 in the morning, fog. the fog will be scaling back and by noon, the fog clinging to the coastline. afternoon, temperatures cooler because our winds are going to pick up. the biggest cooling is going to be in our inland locations. we'll take a look at our extended forecast to see how long the cooler weather is going to last. san jose is joining the list of cash-stripped cities turning to marijuana in an attempt to
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raise extra money. a marijuana business tax measure will be on the ballot in novembe . voters will decide whether to allow the city to knows a tax of up to 10% on san jose businesses, which sell marijuana legally, and illegally. a majority of likely voters were in favor of taxing marijuana. and san francisco is one major step closer to building a new neighborhood on the site of the abandoned ship yard. tonight, the plans were signed into law for a 700-acre redevelopment project, including more than 10,000 homes, shopping and maybe even a new stadium for the 49ers. after a 10-year flight to clean up the toxic december left, he says it is appropriate that much of the offense space will be reserved for green technology.
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>> over two and a half million square feet of office space. and it's appropriate to talk about a field like mission bay was, and how we can redevelop it to a future that is more sustainable and more prosperous and much more healthy. >> he called the project the biggest economic stimulus the city has ever seen. expect it to increase the city's tax base by $11 billion. it was the most popular smart phone before the iphone. blackberry thinks it has a new product that will help it reclaim its dominance and even android phones. a first look at it just ahead on kron4 news. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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new at 11:00, a union pacific railroad freight train derailed a mile west and train service in that area is still halted tonight. no trains are going through the
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affected area at this hour. the morning commute will also be affected. the tracks are not expected to open until late tomorrow morning or early afternoon for those who use amtrack. bus bridges are being used to get riders between the two stations. no injuries were reported during the derailment and the cause is not known. and this former san jose wells fargo bank manager has pleaded guilty to embezzling thousands of dollars from bank customers. police say that john tran convinced elderly customers to invest in cd's only to pock that the money himself. he also forged signatures of bank customers, including recently deceased elderly citizens. he will serve six years in prison. he also agreed to pay more than half a million dollars to wells fargo, which has already reimbursed the victims. and just when things start
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bp engineers have started what they call their best hope of permanently choking off the oil spill as the crews begin pumping heavy mud into the runaway well. >> reporter: high drama today, and the name is on everyone's lips. >> static kill. >> reporter: static kill is bp's plan to pump heavy mud from the surface down 1 mile to the broken wellhead. it will be pumped in through the failed blowout preventer to seal off the leak from the top. if needed, the mud will be followed by cement. at the same time, the company is continuing with two relief wells. the first was started just 12 days after the initial explosion, back in apri . it is now within a few days of reaching the well. and it will be used to inject
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mud and cement from below. the federal official overseeing bp says he will decide when the well is truly capped. >> there should be no ambiguty about that. >> bp says it may take days before the engineers can determine if the static kill is working. tonight's headlines in connecticut, police say that man who killed eight coworkers and himself today was thornten. the company says he was forced to resign after a video recorded him stealing bill. in missouri voters passed a law from forcing voters to have health insurance. it is in aen effort -- however, officials acknowledge federal law trumps state law. and in new york, the landmarks commission
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unanimously cleared the way for a mosque to be built near ground zero. the leaders say they want to foster better relationships between the muslim world, and the west. critics say the mosque disrespects the memory of those killed on 9/11. they plan to challenge the ruling in court. the coastline shrouded in fog out there today. the fog already starting to make its way back into the bay. we are going to have drizzle and fog tonight, and typical foggy spots tomorrow morning. but stronger sea breeze winds tomorrow as well are going to bump down our temperatures. today. -- it felt like summer and tomorrow, it's going to be cool once again, foggy cooler weather is going to last through the rest of the week. a look at fog tracker. the fog spilling into our valleys briefly, but already scaling back at 6:00 in the morning. patchy fog along the delta, clear in the south bay and watch the north way here. the fog going to be a little bit slower to peel back.
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8:00 in the morning, foggy skies. that's going to mean cooler temperatures, as well. pushing back to the coastline at 10:00, and we're actually going to see the fog stick along the coastline through the day tomorrow. a look at our high temperatures for tomorrow. again, in the upper 80s, low 90s in our inland spots today. 79 in concord and low 80s for the rest of the spots tomorrow. a big cooldown. 59 in half moon bay. 60 in san francisco, temperatures were in the 60s. 68 tomorrow, 76 in santa rosa and 70s for the most part down in the south bay. a look at our kron4 seven-day forecast, the cooler weather is going to stick with us for the remainder of the week. it's going to get pretty cool in our inland spots, well below where we should be. only 78 degrees on thursday and friday. weekend, there will be a little bit of warming, but the fog is going to stick with us into the next week. time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >> there's a new blackberry.
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it's the blackberry torch. it's the first blackberry to feature a touch screen, and a physical keyboard. they have held the lead as the phone of choice for business people, but the iphone and android has been chipping away at their lead. >> it features quick short cuts to social networking and an easy to use web interface. the pone was -- phone was light and small. i like today choice of touch screen or a keyboard. i think this phone will be big. i can see people who want a blackberry-like iphone will be happy. and the torch does not record video in hd where the newer iphone and android phones do. the torch will run on the at&t network and hits the market
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august 12th. it will cost $200 wa2-year contract. gabe slate, kron4 news. well, brett favre is at it again. will he, or won't he? and the giants just keep on rolling. gary has highlights of their latest conquest. gary's up next.
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there is no stopping the giants tonight in colorado. hey, the valley stop for softball team of da ville making a guest appearance and travis ishikawa, he had three of the giants' 19 hits. they took a 4-0 lead in the 1st, made it 5-0 here in the 4th when posey, he had three hits tonight. his batting average is now .356. and meanwhile, jonathan sanchez tied a record set in 1964 by hahn mother shell, striking out
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seven secretive hitters. sanchez, great play to nullify colorado with the bases loaded. and torres, after being brushed back, length home-run of the season, and that's it. you've got a tale of two fans, giants win 10-0. they are now one back of san diego, which lost tonight to the dodgers, and san francisco leads the wildcard. they are on fire. the azversus kansas city, because it's scheduled. 10,670 folks watching kurt suzuki do this thing, and the game is tied at two. the royals are pretty much a triple a. team. that's a good -- geren got thrown out. there was a run down play at 3rd base and at least geren did something tonight. hitters in the 9th. the fielder's choice, not exciting. in fact, the a's, pennington started a nice play, but it allowed the winning run to score. kansas city 3, the oakland
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a's. you can take this for whatever you want. the guy's great, fabulous player, tv ratings go up when he's on. he supposedly has been texting teammates saying this is it. the minnesota viking management, and the head coach say they have no idea about brett favre's future plans and everybody's got an opinion. i think a real man who is considerate of others is saying i'm playing, i'm not playing. unlike last season, all peaceful at the raider camp. they're in pads today for the first time, and, of course, a year ago, tom cable, and one of his assistants got in that big scuffle that ended up in court, but hey, for what it's worth, nobody has pushed anybody's buttons. here's probably their best player. >> like a bunch of guys that are getting along, right?
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>> yeah. >> it's really good. and it feels more like a team. >> wow. all righty. shuck eel o'neil is ready to be a boston celtic. this should be his last stop. >> so i had a great time, got a lot to fall back on, educated, obtaining my doctorate in the next year. >> you're going to be a doctor? >> yes. doctor o'neil, yeah. >> yeah, when he feels like, he is terrific on camera, and i guess the word is he could be the backup center in boston. bill walton late in his career hall of fame guy went and played backup role with the celtics. so maybe shaq will do it. you all look so studious. there's something about pam. usually you look at a news person going like this, pam
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tonight, just -- there's something, i don't know what it is. very intelligent. you scare a lot of us men, though. you're too smart. >> good night, everybody. >> too smart. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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