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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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so that westbound commit no delays coming in off about 880 looks good at last check to me during lights had not been activated for the west bound ride the san mateo bridge commute looks good tool idle conversation on a camera these are the headlights in the non commute direction. one no one southbound this is condensation but not on the lens in the air.
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encountering fog to midst ban on the golden gate bridge. quick check on interstate 80 tracking the commute here westbound looks good coming through the s curve beyond our cameras fields like traffic for the last several days leading down to the lower east shore freeway conditions right now our great for both 81 01. >> 6 04 is the kind an issue that affects the state possibly the country today picture of same-sex marriage hangs in the balance a federal judge will announce the ruling they will see if prop. 8 violates the constitution there is only two ways he can roll it cannot hold the update.a pulled ban on samex marriage or strike it down. if
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he strikes down the event they will ask for a stake to keep the din of fact what the appeal goes board. it could take another year to get a ruling. whoever loses the appeal could bring it to the supreme court. the justices could give a ruling on the ballot alone. or same-sex marriage as a whole. they could decide on the ballot in the year 2012. the battle over same-sex marriage will bring the judge's ruling as soon as it comes down once it does-we will be live logging to state and weigh in on the verdict. 6 05 out of the south bay san jose police bomb squad questioning of 54 year-old man searching his apartment this morning they're looking for the explosive device the got a call from the roommate who said the man had eight explosive device in the home it that the 400 block of anita. they have been
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homes have been evacuated neighboring the suspects from our told to stay clear until the bomb squad the initial investigation. san jose is joining a list of cash strapped cities. the council placed out of measure on the november ballot that will decide whether they can impose that tax on businesses lookit who sell marijuana both legally and illegally. most voters were in favor of taxing marijuana. oakland getting intentions from drug enforcement wants to know if the ordinance on the web site is the draft or final version the dea was not specific about why it was requested but marijuana is illegal under federal law. we have learned
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this morning to can you will not be affected by union pacific railroad creche train that derailed a mile west of this is video of the train. the train service was halted late last nine no injuries were reported the cause still under investigation. we will take a break more headlines straight ahead overnight developments as well. >>
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we are back a look at the golden gate bridge but in the air not like we haven't seen this for the past week or two cooler temperatures in store for today another cool week ahead a closer look at forecast in a bit. more headlines more financial help is coming for unemployed homeowners worried about going into foreclosure president barack
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obama plans to send. 600 million in housing aid. here's a quick look at headlines stock market poised for lower opening after the dow fell 30 points yesterday and the nasdaq dropped 12 points the service sector of the economy will be under the spotlight this morning. economists are looking for july index looking for some growth. data released today spending on big-ticket items remains choppy high and jewelry held steady in june plummeted in july. furniture sales also suffered. toyota reported a profit of 2.2 billion as global car sales
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recovered following millions of free calls. every major auto maker except for ford they say their june sales topped or sorry july sales top june's. they include nissan's toys some subaru anke at the industry sold a million cars in july that is 6.6% higher in then in june. pickup trucks and luxury cars were the big sellers. intel has said it settled an antitrust suit the ftc has scheduled a news conference to release the details but with the settlement that ends a yearlong campaign by a major rival. they are accused of delaying rival's computers 613 we will be back in
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a moment a live picture of mt. tam showing you low cloud cover on the around the bay detailed look at forecast with plaza and will visit with her in just a ♪ [ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included.
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top stories today the future of same-sex marriage ends in the balance the federal judge will announce ruling on prop. 8 the ban on gay marriage violates the u.s. constitution. officials from bp says static kill is working. mud and cement being pumped into the well. we're watching wall street futures pointed to a lower open now. but to look at the forecast >> good morning to you once again sock been with fog and even in the south bay as well you can see all low cloud cover
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from are shot in san jose currently in san jose in the '50s but pushing the 60 degree mark. high-temperature today 77 them back down to 70 degrees by 8:00 p.m. here's a look at the satellite picture giving u.s. idea of where the fog is moving through the delta pushing through the livermore valley and roll down into the south bay moving interest and jose and morgan hill as well. temperatures sitting in the today's 52 napa, livermore valley we went up about a degree recently 56 degrees 55 in fremont 58 in mountain view. but the time we hit a day at most of the temperatures in the '50s may be some sixties out there as we head toward noon we will get into the '60s and '70s but in the afternoon not quite as warm as where we were yesterday in fact we will see a significant
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cool them in places through livermore valley also into antioch in the north bay as well. we will see a cool down. afternoon highs 80 degrees in santa rosa 71 and san rafael 72 in bali helicopter '70s for fairfield. along the peninsula sharing of shaving off a few degrees in san francisco no dramatic changes it's really the further east to go. 64 for berkeley 65 in oakland 70 in castro valley 72 in union city. this is where the changes aren't 91 degree readings in livermore. driving down 10 degrees for the livermore valley same-store for los gatos and morgan help getting into the lower 80s today upper '70's drew campbell 77 in san jose. 7 day around the bay heading into thursday, friday cooling down more than today still well below average
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on your thursday, friday struggling to get out of '70s and some of the warmest inland spots blowers around the '60s around the bay. >> no problems delays are hot spots this morning the ride to the bay bridge and other area bridges look good. 90 to commute off of interstate 80 no problems here the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights all the approaches look good. i mention the san mateo bridge this is a picture of the toll plaza out towards the span traffic is moving just fine even though we have noted there are more cars at the san mateo bridge than before the july 1st toll price changes all lot of folks using it instead of the bay bridge so far this morning there's no back up here. the golden gate we've noticed fog mid span even over the waldegrave it will be a
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drizzly drive for you this morning while that's clever. no problems coming off of doyle drive. not yet a hot spot 580 westbound we did get word of a stall at grand line in may everything cleared but that may be the cloud of dust where the ice crystal forms to annexing the no boom traffic. >> 620 breaking news live in real images coming out of phoenix where there are reports of a plane that crashed in or near deer valley airport. it reportedly struck a building here. this is one of the news helicopters in the area. reports say the thick black smoke dissipated apparently the
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chopper pilot that is manning the helicopter we are following sought happen is fly near the airport when he saw the plane go down so every now and then we hear him talking to the anchors. litton getting bits and pieces of information from him sisters coming in here these live pictures became available moments ago. the side of the building charred black and what appears to be wreckage. i'm trying to see if i can make their future role fusil logical. one of the busiest airports in the region. you see firefighters on the roof tried to put out any hot spots. it doesn't look like anybody survived the crash. it looks like the plan is pretty well destroyed. it happened at 6:00 this morning one of the busiest aviation in the area.
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there were earlier pictures with their roof fully engulfed in flame spirit firefighters put that out at this point investigation will start. we wanted to take you to this will we had the pictures will help give you updates as we learn more. in the bay area san francisco made a and tobacco for a grocery stores with on-site pharmacies. an effort to make a death smoke-free city expanded non-smoking areas and became the first city in united states to block tobacco sales in places like walgreen. this morning to federal authorities have arrested almost a dozen of people and seized $100 million in canada for its goods at fisherman's wharf 11 people were indicted all the rest were owners or employees of the eight
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stores' target. the items confiscated our banks sunglasses all account fat. >> they are largely people of chinese nationality naturalized to or here unlawfully and two were here lawfully. they owned and operated a store in fisherman's wharf. we see is 230,000 items representing 70 down from manufacturers' foreign and domestic >> if complected they could face 20 years in prison. we will take a break back with more headlines overnight developments as well the latest with the plane crashed in the phoenix
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we are back 70 forecast we are cool today low 80s inland pretty and typical. the marine layer keeping the heat away we are getting all lot of ocean breeze. as we head towards the weekend cooling-off more tomorrow and friday more may be warming it up slightly into the weekend. but still way below what we typically see. the are forecasting a bit back to breaking news story. at phoenix area a plane into a building had deer valley airport. one of the busiest municipal airports. getting words that this plane nosedived into this building. that's where it impacted the
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building we saw a fire occurs on the roof last segment. they did a good job dousing the flames. i saw earlier pictures with raging fire on top of this building. at least put that out. the recovery process and it involved innovate back.
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630 they're ringing is bringing up the opening bell moments away. it may just happened a few seconds ago. expecting trading to go negative out of the gate it looks like that's what's happening on wall street. fairly unspectacular financial nose out today investors not inspired we will see that changes. at 630 lots to look aside. bound camp camera at the marine layer.
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unseasonably cool weather let's get the forecast with plaza >> not drifting kind of fog is that socked in right around the bay. bring nestor's allow their it will take longer to burn off than it did yesterday temperatures well below average cooling off a bit from yesterday that cool them will continue throughout the next couple of days. here's a look at your bay area forecast as we head towards noon we will see lingering fog temperature around 59 degrees than clearing in the afternoon should get blue skies in the afternoon high temperature in san francisco topping out at 61 upper 50s as fog swirls and a round the clock tower. san jose 77 in concord we are cooling off for their inland to go topping out around 79 degrees. satellite pictures showing the fog moving in to park its of the delta and livermore valley and let moving
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to san jose areas well. pretty much all locations right now socked in with fog. 52 napa, 56 in oakland and hayward, 58 in los gatos your afternoon highs today fairly similar to yesterday upper 70's in petaluma at lower '70s theresa san rafael and mill valley. sampras's coach topping out at 61, over these bay mid-60's in berkeley and oakland castro valley should get into 70 today. overall cool forecast of their temperatures below normal. low 80's drew walnut creek and danville, livermore only 81 degrees today big difference from 91 yesterday. 84 in morgan hill and santa clara coming in
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at 76. your 7 day around today shows a big decline continuing your thursday and friday if you think today's chile get ready for to tomorrow. let's get a check on your morning commute with george. >> it was a motorcycle the got pulled over a grand line 580 westbound so not yet a hot spot but probably soon to be one for the west bound ride. starting to pick up lord traffic through the altamont out towards alvaro road. the better part of the right looks good. as you continue towards castro valley on 580 west. a bridge check for you the bay bridge still looks good no problems back up toward delays for the west bound ride heading over to the san mateo bridge highway 92 that looks pretty good as well we see heavier volume of traffic in the
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early morning our them we are used to. no back up at the toll plaza for the san mateo bridge. the golden gate in the south down 101 ride still doing well for lanes south no backups on the stand or the waldegrave northbound traffic with only two lanes that is enough to keep traffic from backing up on oil drive at 1 01 northbound. public transit and ace train just a bit delayed otherwise things look good or the mention despite yesterday's derailment in truck is on track this morning. >> we want to go back out to live pictures of our breaking news story at a phoenix we have reported plane crashed into a building. it's not reported any more its there there's evidence of that the black charring on the building there's another angle i saw earlier and it shows the outline of the
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aircraft on the building. this is this seen no reports of who perished in the plane we assume somebody must have because it's hard to imagine somebody survive this. we have a map showing where the airport is in relation to the city of phoenix. there is deer valley airport to the north. it is the busiest airport in the area. there you see the runway and then you see is surrounded by buildings unclear which building was hit by the aircraft. it was coming in for lending that's when it overshot the runway or fell short of that. it struck one of the buildings not sure what's in the building for some the inside was hurt. some people say was aware house of some sort and any event please and firefighters on the scene. the investigation under way this is the type of aircraft we believe crashed we
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have reports it was a serious aircraft. maybe two-three people single engine aircraft. in may have been a student at the controls. this may have been the situation as student was attempting to learn how to fly when something went wrong. and away emergency crews on the ground right now and we will be through the morning. top story here hours here from a federal judge announcing whether the boater ban on same-sex marriage violates constitution. >> in the battle over same-sex marriage of federal judge will work issue a ruling this afternoon on prop. 8 california's ban on same-sex marriage he could either choose to uphold the ban meaning it will be illegal in california or he could strike down by saying the ban is unconstitutional.
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that would mean they could get married again if it struck down the ban's supporters could ask for a stay while they appeal the ruling. whichever side loses will most likely take it to the ninth circuit court of appeals in they could make their own ruling sometime next year. after that it could go to the supreme court. >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of same-sex marriage will bring you the ruling as soon as it comes down this afternoon once it does happen we will be live on kron take part in that discussion should be lively. we
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breaking news coming out of phoenix live pictures from the air showing you what's left of a small aircraft. it crashed into building possibly at where house next to the airport located north. it is the no. phoenix.
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we have firefighters on the roof putting out the fires. it looks like they're done with that the recovery and investigation gets underway. in regards to the aircraft it was a serious aircraft. we will bring george a certified pilot himself. >> high-performance aircraft. some local have a built-in safety features they have issued debt in the event of a problem with the air frame or the power it can actually be send gracefully under the issue. the only problem is if it happened on approach to a landing or departure which is likely the case. because of happen here the airport. even if so equipped it probably would not have been enough time. for the same reason you could not eject from a
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fighter plane. so close to the ground. >> some reports earlier may of been a student coming in from a landing but something went wrong here. would it be an aircraft somebody might use force a locally, could the person be in by themselves? >> it could of been an owner operator a lot of time private pilot somebody buys a new plane and takes training in that aircraft. typically it would not be used as a trainer. if it was an owner operated airplane and his instructor felt he was qualified he may have signed up. depending on the model number likely higher performance the most students would use. >> let's talk about the emergency parachute. it's called the caps system. i guess it
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works the same as the personal piercing issue. if you get into trouble your pocket like a parachute and it brings you down. >> there is no forward air speed and no blood perce it would short of dropping down very gently. presumably at such speed that you could handle the shot. obviously not the we won a come down. but possibly a better on the outcome than without one. again that this occurred while it was on approach or departure it would not been enough all altitude for that to be effective. >> live pictures on the right again this side of the building possibly aware house. but the pilot of the helicopter that is manning the camera. witness this
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crash happened. he was flying around the airport he saw a plane coming in having problems and over shot the airport. among the been the site of the building. we have to take a quick break back with more moment.
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again with breaking news story live pictures of a plane that crashed into a building at deer valley located is the north end of the city of phoenix. this is what is left a single engine aircraft. impactedd building formation what we are a commercial there was awlqñ singe box occupant a female pilot there are rumors she was a student pilot or somebody learning to fly this aircraft. that has not been confirmed. we hear from our partner there was a seeing goal female pilot on
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board and she did not survive. recovery an investigation underway. we are getting audio from the television. >> i did not witnesses he said he didn't hear indication from the pilot something was wrong. he said he noticed there was a couple of aircraft taking off it appears we have not confirm this. this one was in line with landing at 7 left. that seven right at the bottom of your screen. if you are letting you have to go over this building there are small buildings their on the north side of the airport we have not confirmed that's what it looks like from everything we see. it appears it may have been for cedar if that's the case as many as four people could of been on board we don't know that at this time. we didn't hear anything from the pilot that there was anything wrong. it looks 100 yds from the
6:49 am
runway just not all lot of very it to land. a lot of buildings and brushed short of the runway if something goes wrong its literally impossible to find some place to land. >> you are listening to audio gear. they mentioned it was trying to land on runway 7 left. i one that looked down and see the landing their runway indicators. seven left. i'm assuming in. as i pull back the building is that you have to fly over i should come over for a landing. it is possible this is the area we are talking about. some of these buildings with uneven rooflines. you can see there is a building with two
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sections of roof. it could be these buildings during, it's this area here its pursed possibly a commercial area. there is no word if somebody on the ground was injured all we know is there was one person at least on the aircraft a female pilot. as you heard it does seek for so there could be more people on board we are still waiting for that. not a lot to go on from the scene. that plane pretty decimated not a lot left of it. firefighters have put out the fire investigators will go up to the roof and sift through the debris and figure out what exactly happened what caused it to come down and he may of been on board. following the latest on that the updates as we learn more. other news bp
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engineers are cautiously optimistic that the latest effort to tackle the oil leak may be working. it's called static fell they put money into the well that packet with drilling mud from above according from the latest it appears to be working. meghan hughes has the latest on the effort. >> bp is focusing its latest operation to permanently seal the blowout well. in a procedure called static ldp started popping mud into the well tuesday afternoon eight hours later they stopped saying they reached a static condition. meaning they were about to stabilize pressure in the well. they are monitoring the well. >> do we choose to cement at this point? do we choose to wait until we intersects with the
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relief wells and, and kill the cement from there. based on how everything goes that's how will make the decision on what is the best way to continue to kill the cement this well. >> the white house is managing expectations in the relief well they have been drilling still remains the ultimate solution. >> ultimately it's a relief well that will be the killed killed within 10-14 days it will be done. >> the end of the leak will not be the end of fallout lawmakers will be looking whether the chemicals to disperse oil is doing as much damage as you well as cells. >> our report is expected later new york times says it will show three-quarters of the oil has been captured evacuate it dispersed or eliminated. >> 6:53 a.m. update on our
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forecasted all you know we got word from sfo 52 minute arrival delays because of the fog. >> when you see the fog it's not hard to see why you can see the low ceiling heights dipping down downtown. we are dealing with drizzle as well look especially around the coast well below average temperatures expected into the afternoon we will cool it down from yesterday the school that will continue over the next couple of days check out your 7 day around today shows tomorrow friday inland temperatures warm yesterday we sought '90s we will barely make get out of the '70s tomorrow and friday. >> tracking hotspots the right on 580 westbound heaviest through the altamont pass looking better at the dublin interchange 680 south also say moving well. highway 4 definitely slowing through antioch there was trouble out by the bypass earlier that has cleared up. through will pass to
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concord still looks good for the trip to walnut creek. 664 will take a short break.
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it is is nothing more than a chart marked uc rubble that is what is left of the aircraft itself it does seem for were not
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sure if somebody else was on board there was at least one female pilot on board.
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