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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 4, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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this is kron 4 news at 530. overturned california's ban the decision came in the case by today couples who claimed that the voters approved a ban against marriage between same- sex couples violated their civil rights. judge walker said in his ruling that the ban fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license. we want to go live to sit francisco castro district for jonathan blum is standing by at a rally there. >> the last half-hour is grown to more than double the size it was just a few minutes earlier. it is now spelled out any conceal all of these people are gathered and sent to speakers and in some case singers who pulled up redoubled the sound system and music system in place have had to bring out
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barricades' from all the crowd off to keep them from entering here which traffic here at market. the celebration is standing both side of the block their back donna and spilling out into the lanes of traffic. it's a peaceful there is some of the tory crowd people i sing thank you to judge walker who declare that proposition 8 is unconstitutional. many the folks are some of the 18,000 couples who were married during the time the same-sex marriage was legal police say the can with a difference to enjoy the same right. it is under appeal on the folks say there are understanding but a little impatient to get those marriage licenses. whether or not the state continues all the way through the appeal or other cities like san francisco and counties are able to start issuing marriage licenses in the future. they say there right cannot come to them soon enough. >> reggie is fifth in san francisco with reaction to the ruling as well. >> can supporters of the ban of
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same-sex marriage fell this day and the judge approved get me. meaning hundreds of supporters the world's youngest years earlier today you can see this video were little disappointed that they couldn't swim and get married. many left disappointed like is said let's listen to the county clerk edward lee talk about how this day is going to impact people getting married. >> counties such as san francisco are not permitted yet to issue any license for marriage of gay couples and chile is lifted his day. there will be hearing and i don't know exactly when that hearing will take place to consider will be a permit stayed pending appeal. been instructed to stop with the county office to not take any applications yet to for marriage licenses. we are working under that order from the federal court. >> kron 4 moreen kelly action
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followed the first couple that tried to get a couple todamarri >> a group of same-sex couples merge with their supporters down to city hall singing.
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god does love everyone buddy tate said in treat homosexual activity is centered another
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person with interparty said civil union marriage common-law call it what you want all are binding love is loved is love. the were you can read the entire ruling voter poll and joyner live log conversation to let us know what you think of the judge's decision. >> a live look outside foggy skies over downtown san francisco this evening. temperatures are cooler bay area wide despite the sunny skies inland. we are seeing a upper '70's and low 80's for the most part in our inland spots. antioch remained unchanged this afternoon trade '50s along the coast will continue to get cooler tomorrow all have details coming up in your extended forecast in just a little bit. >> your looking at video the celebration continues in several cisco's castro district
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these are from san francisco's castro district where rally is under way and has been for much of the afternoon hundreds of been gathering to celebrate a decision by a federal judge overturning the prop a ban on same-sex marriage. these folks will be marching to san francisco city hall before they headed out there we had a chance to talk to a number of them to get their reactions from today's ruling. this morning was thinking that it had no expectations it's kind of a nice surprise. it would be nice if they could do it for the rest of the country because my dad is such a date would be nice if you get married. it's about me time
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me and my partner of been committed for about nine years we were the first day couple takagi pride in kansas city misery as well. all i can say is it's about time. one of the political pioneers of cambridge spoke out at city hall this morning he favored the decision and reiterated that the city would honor whatever future decisions the court makes. gabe slate was at city hall and the mayor spoke today. >> the best news of today is why the judge overturned property to hear the details in his ruling are very important to future appeals spiritless and as he explains. >> the most important single about this decision was the decision itself. i think the words that matter most are the words in the 130 page document
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to our what i believe based on what i've heard and what those have read in detail they wanted in the right way. that's why this is even more significant victory that it may appear on the surface. the arguments are detailed the elements are due process that they went through turned out to be a very positive one and successful one and that one will create a strong case and foundation for the court decision waterloos and eventually the supreme court decision which will be instantly a very close decision. >> jonathan lomas live in the castro district with reaction. china's interior >> the celebration here just keeps growing and growing jury over our goal if there is nobody standing here now there are crowds on both sides of castro street spilling over into the lanes of traffic. if we can get around this bus people are lined up here cheered as a key have
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been called out here to provide control try to keep people from walking into the lane of traffic. you can see this corner is become increasingly mob was a very happy and surprisingly peaceful, relaxed crowd. people sang about time a judge of the federal level has sided with the folks that say banning same-sex marriages discriminatory jury didn't thinking judge walker by name and expressing regardless of whether the man and woman or man and women shared a lot of those people gathered here are some of the 18,000 couples who got married during that summer when it was legal for same-sex couples to get married here in san francisco. they say they want some other friends were gathered here to be but have those same rights. there's been music, singing, a pastor spoke recently appeared before that a supervisor when the big champions of same-sex marriage
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was speaking. a couple of couples who want to get married have been speaking and as you can hear the celebration is getting louder and more excited as the folks gathered here prepared to take their signs and american flags and march toward city hall-which is where a lot of this all began. live in san francisco kron 4 news. the decision overturning prostates stands today but the fight over same-sex marriages far from over. stay with kron 4 news as we continue to cover the ongoing debate and if you'd like you can join in our live lot going on right now just log on to a live look outside of foggy sky this afternoon in body all up and down the coastline. tonight into tomorrow the fog will spill back into the bay this evening were looking a dense fog and drizzle close to the coast line. that will continue into tomorrow morning. fog scaling back a little later tomorrow but will make its way back to the coast
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line. mostly sunny skies for most of the bay area tomorrow. temperatures will continue to cool if the marine air will end the trade are inland valley and drop temperatures well below where they should be for this time of year. a look at fog tracker for tomorrow morning your the fog will make a tour inland valleys but not overtake the bellies yet. some patchy fog along the delta and also down to the south bay at 6:00 a.m.. i mentioned above will be a little slower to peel back to our morning. a.m. fog lingering over the north bay this will mean cooler temperatures there tomorrow. also lingering for most of the today which will translate to cooler temperatures of peeling back to the coastline over san francisco and . some of the fall will clear back from san francisco later on in the afternoon but it still will be cloudy for most of the morning there. high temperatures tomorrow cooler than what was told there today except along the coastline. 58 and san francisco, 58 half moon bay trade in the '60s in the north
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bay well below where we should be for this time of year and the cooler weather will stick with us as we head to the rest of the week even into the weekend. your kron 47 day around the bay for cash and temperatures in the post in the upper '70's around the bay mid-60's along the coast the upper 50s. all smiles and san francisco the castro district there been cheers all day and now some said were hearing singing about to march the san francisco city hall in celebration of a federal judge overturned proposition 8. we'll be back a lot more news ahead. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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at the to the castro different district 1 and down as they marched to san francisco city hall. that was a scene back in 2004. hundreds of marriages by san francisco mayor if those were overturned in later thousands of people got married and of course those were put on hold. let's check in with the web producer kimberly was keeping an eye on your comments
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in today's ruling trade >> a bunch of different conversations taking on facebook and i twitter page enter we have a live block. a lot of people talking about religion a lot of people saying this violates their religious beliefs wall lot of other people on another side are saying they're wondering why their vote is not being counted why they voted all appeared a lot of other people are wondering why people are forcing religious place on the other. people is saying marriage between a man and a woman means your spouse to have children and people are having this conversation on our interface book fan page. a lot of people are rejoicing one person even said i confronted my wedding band on right now. come join our conversation on with a live blocked even participate in our poll that is no what you think about the judge's ruling. >> a new marijuana ordnance in the east bay and east bay city has got the attention of the
5:57 pm
federal government. kron 4 takes a look at why the feds are concerned about a new pot lot. >> the drug enforcement agency has taken interest in oakland new marijuana ordnance which allows for large-scale marijuana cultivating operations intendant for medical purposes. dea put and call to oakland city hall inquiring about the city's new ordinance stating that any time there is large-scale marijuana cultivation that's something that interests the dea. well marijuana is currently loop illegal under federal law medical marijuana is illegal under state law. d a representative said there just checking to see that the city's new ordinance does not exceed state guidelines. if it does the fed could interfere with oakland's new pot growing plants. outside the san francisco federal building kron 4 news. >> >> >> the san jose city council
5:58 pm
voted to place the marijuana business tax measure on the ballot in november. if voters will decide to let the city impose a tax of up to 10 percent of businesses that sell marijuana legally and illegally. >> live look aside from a roof cam foggy skies over downtown san francisco cooler weather continues into the weekend i will have a full forecast coming up.
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crank up the flavor at subway. live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. a federal court overturns proposition 8 reopening the door for same-sex marriages in california. tonight with the ruling means for couples planning weddings we have reports from san francisco city hall and the castro. reaction from both sides and some legal experts on the possible so, in the u.s. supreme court. today's ruling has hundreds of people hitting the streets of san
6:01 pm
francisco. you're looking at a live picture of the castro district rate now were both are getting ready to march the battle over same-sex marriage in california is far from over. kron 4 as team coverage on this issue will have more on the rally in reaction from demonstrators in just a moment. if the skipper to the heart of the story which is today's ruling in federal court. the increment has been poring over the court documents he turned out to tell us exactly what happened >> what over all the evidence and decided it violated the due process clause in the constitution and the equal protection clause of the constitution. in a nutshell rejected all the arguments put the fourth by backers of the ban on same-sex marriage. the judge said domestic partnerships were not a substitute for marriage purities the fundamental rights and the freedom to marry me not be submitted to a vote. he also discounted the argument that marriage must remain between a man a woman to the further procreation. the judge went on
6:02 pm
to say indeed, the evidence shows proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrined in the california constitution of the notion the opposite sex couples are superior to same-sex couples. >> course couples were not allowed to begin getting weird immediately a stay was issued your talk about that carried >> you know backers of the band won a stay on this and suspended so they can appeal to the court of appeals. judge walker did c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>rytoday he det say for a couple of days so heet can hear arguments from both attorneys about the longer-term state tree of the set and a few days whether to issue that c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4aw >> that will determine whether people can get here before the appeal. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>"ñ way c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>"ñup the laddf appeals and ultimately to theddf supreme court. >> let's get right to kron 4 kate thompson to get reaction to today's reaction. >> just minutes after the decision was handed down the c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>&f the
6:03 pm
judge's decision a victory. it c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>ra video to m earlier in the day were veryto m happy about what this will mean to them their future and their c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>&f be c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>ryp until this moment they say they have felt like second-class citizens and treated that way by the law. the other lawyers who have been working on this case for little over a year say
6:04 pm
individuals should be treated differently and they can succeed at the ballot box because they are unpopular because they are minority because they're viewed differently by number of people in the populace. they turned to the courts to the united states. >> the plaintiffs' lawyers say they all are hopeful as the road continues was likely to the supreme court because they said in the past multiple times the supreme court has ruled that marriage is a fundamental right. joining me live in continuing our team coverage kron 4 is kron 4 reggie who will explain in more detail what this day will mean for couples and friends san francisco. >> that's absolutely right kate the opponents of same-sex
6:05 pm
marriage filed past day and the judge approved a which basically means all the people that gathered here today the front steps of city hall had to be turned away because many of the same-sex couples wanted to get married to go to this video this is the first couple the what inside city hall to trying get married today. but the county turned away because that state is still in effect and will be until the judge makes a ruling on that. not this point we are expecting a rally to take place at city hall it is going on right now her of the castro district and many the supporters of same-sex marriage will make their way to city hall at about 645. live in services go kron 4 news. our team coverage moves wgeñ to kron 4 jonathan blum his live in san francisco castro district. >> just as quickly as this demonstration assembled it has begun to move down market street
6:06 pm
to city hall the protesters or the demonstrators had briefly taken over the intersection of market in castro street so traffic is able to pass through. this is a remarkably a lot of the speakers and the people who are congregated here giving stiff federal judge in his ruling declaring proposition 8 unconstitutional. expressing their eagerness to have the friends and family members were gay and lesbian task the same rights to marry as heterosexual couples enjoy here. many the people who are about to embark in this march are among the 18,000 couples who were married december when it was legal and many of them were married right here in san francisco. the city of san francisco is honoring the court's order not to begin issuing marriage license. some the couple said they like to be among the first to receive them as soon as it becomes legal cure the say this is a major step toward in the fight for mayor to quality and this is the first
6:07 pm
time proposition 8 was ruled to be legal under the federal constitution united states. they're hoping the court of appeals upholds the decision along with the u.s. supreme court if they should choose to hear the case. right now the mood is very festive here there's some folks we interviewed a little earlier and the mood there was that they really feel that this is a long time coming there gathered here in preparation for the c,gv5 shy c,gv60ressing their opinion c,gv)+pno carrier ringconnect 2400 
6:08 pm
opening up faster street but the celebrations this now working its way east toward city hall and we'll continue our live coverage here in kron 4 parish level test street jonathan blum kron 4 news. if our coverage of today's ruling continues a long line she latest details on what
6:09 pm
this really means. just log on to temperatures fourth of 10 degrees cooler today and will continue cool into tomorrow appeared to ease on the coast. low 80's for the most part in our inland spots and the five degrees of cooling will take a look back coming up in a bit.
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6:13 pm
equality he said today's decision affirms the full legal protections and safeguards i believe everyone deserves. hundreds and thousands of gay and lesbian household in california. he recognizes that there are strong feelings on both sides and we should recognize those differences. although again he was named a defendant in the lawsuit. mayor gavin newsom newsome spoke out today about today's ruling he called today a victory in the battle for same-sex marriage. >> this is a big decision and a big day for fundamental rights for american rights and very proud of it and i'm proud we played a small role here in 2000 for. supporters of prostate also waited outside the federal courthouse today they were disappointed by the federal judge's ruling. here's what a few of them had to say. >> the tragedy for nation that traditional marriages under
6:14 pm
attack and hopefully we have the supreme court to save the nation. it's pretty upsetting to me i'm american citizen and i live in a democratic society and i believe my vote should callebs in today was overturned. millions of people's votes were just overturned by one unelected judges. i really don't feel like i live in america. >> it's sad that california doesn't hold jobs long periods >> the defendants of proposition 8 have made clear they do plan to appeal today's ruling. our coverage of today's ruling continues online you believe your comments they're on their live block and it the latest details of what this really means just log on to >> for extended forecast not a whole lot of change expected even into next week. cooler temperatures dense fog and drizzle callable forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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anchorman joins us he's been
6:18 pm
following this issue since the beginning he has the latest you been reading the court documents tell us about the ruling. >> he basically rejected all of the arguments that backers of the ban had put forth. he talks about morality because they had pushed a lot morality critical points he says california obligation is to treat its citizens equally not to mandates' its own moral code. he said moral disapproval without any asserted state interests as never been a rational basis for legislation and if on the state didn't have any interest. backers of the band said procreation was the main reason to keep traditional marriage in place. in buy that argument. this is >> of california voted in favor of proposition 8 which they did. the judge >> talked about that and he said the majority of california voters supported prostate that was irrelevant because fundamental rights may not be submitted to a vote. marriage is a fundamental right. >> next to the process?
6:19 pm
>> it temporary stay right now he's going to wait till friday they will appeal to the federal court of appeals. the judge is now waiting to hear arguments in because it will appeal the federal court of appeals the one stated when anybody to get married adults worked its way up to the record of appeal and then to the u.s. supreme court. the next couple days the judge will decide whether he's going to issue the suspension of his rulings and nobody can get married. this day now for a couple days will years from both attorneys about whether they should go for naught. he and and friday were expecting the air monday he will issue a ruling about whether or not this ruling will take effect in people can get married away. or they're going to have to wait till it works its way up to the u.s. court system. that could take a year's lease. thomas, police said backers of scene 6 marriage the attorneys said they could do all they could to keep this moving forward because it won a long delayed. >> kron 4 web producer kimberly
6:20 pm
has been keeping an eye on all of your comments coming in to our web page. kimberly. >> of the words just jump in the face book fan page and where we have the lead law going to let us know what they think about the decision carried on facebook christopher wrote dislike the generation of america continues. of what happened to the will of the people? what we voted it's going to be overturned? hi leo wrote, she's a ninth grader from california and in my opinion the whole thing is ridiculous. gay marriage should never been banned in the first place. all people should have equal rights and be allowed to love and marry. visit where you can read the entire rule the joint allied log conversation carried >> a live look from our mount tam cam you can see the fog rolling in off the coast it's going to continue to push into the bay this evening that will
6:21 pm
continue into tomorrow morning as well. fog pushing back to the coastline about noon. temperatures are going to be cooling on additional 5 to 10 degrees. over what was sought today carried a look at the high temperatures for tomorrow morning not a whole lot of change closer the coast line treaties have one day and san francisco '60s around the bay shore 62 in oakland only 69 in nassau curator inland spots in the upper '70's and low 80's. these temperatures are far cry from where we should be for this time of year. here's a look of the difference our highs tomorrow compared to the average temperature for this day in august. 17 degrees below where we should be in san rabaul overall temperatures are about 10 to 15 degrees below average. the only place where the clothes that bridges along the coast in half moon bay so typically same these type of temperatures along
6:22 pm
the coast but not anywhere else in the bay area appeared of a pitcher kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast cooler weather will prevail if for the rest of the week has with fog and drizzle close to the coastline. not a whole lot of change of about one saturday with the dense fog will continue to dominate a forecast as we head into next week. stay with us will be right back after this break.
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in national news elena has won the support of a majority of senators this is on the eve of the vote to confirm her as a supreme court the fourth woman. it seems definite this is for an earlier hearing at least 51 senators have announced they will back hurt in the vote expected to happen tomorrow. the fifth year-old solicitor general would reply replace retired justice john paul. nfl disciplinary action over night club shooting that happened after his birthday party at a club in virginia beach. it
6:26 pm
happen in june and six lawyer had been arguing that he was not involved and that the party before the shooting happened. he remains on probation after his dogfighting conviction. singer lisa has canceled to free concerts' because of injuries. she fell over the weekend fractured several ribs she said she will make up the free concert is later. >> look at extended forecast cool weather is going to dominate the forecast for the rest of the week and even into next week it will have details on what to expect plus all laugh at today's top stories.
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6:28 pm
at 630 tonights big stories in one big block of news more cruz, more stories right now or top story. a federal judge has overturned the voters approved ban on same-sex marriage sanction it violates the constitution's due process and equal protection clauses. the
6:29 pm
judge rejected the argument put forth by backers of the band. they said keeping traditional marriage was a way to encourage procreation and that the voters will show be upheld. the judge said fundamental rights may not be submitted to a vote. they also said domestic partnership is not a substitute and concluded prostates singles out gays and lesbians and legitimate star on equal treatment. the judges also halted implementations for few days so is time to decide whether or not to issue a longer-term delay while backers of the same-sex marriage ban appeal the ruling. the anchorman kron 4 news. >> continuing our big story supporting the ban on same-sex marriage file the state and the judge approved dead. meeting that hundreds of same-sex couples or here at san francisco city hall could not get married today. you see the video of this couple that was planning to go went to the the office and get married. at this
6:30 pm
point edwin lee san francisco county clerk explains why this is happening. >> san francisco throughout the state are not permitted yet to issue any license for marriage of cake couples said until he is lifted his state. there will be hearing a i don't know exactly when that hearing will take place, to consider we'll go be a permit stayed pending appeal so pardon instructed to to staff keeps county clerk office to not take any applications yet to for marriage licenses. we are working under that order from the federal court. >> the supporters of same-sex marriage are rallying and are continuing their march to city hall and his post to be here at any minute. live in san francisco kron 4 news. >> here to send a clear a county courthouse none of the same-sex couples no initial not to do so. ford may have gotten out about
6:31 pm
the court ruling against prop. bay but people may be waiting since the ruling is being delayed until more durable argument for being heard in court. if same-sex couples turn out the return around half final ruling. none of the couple's interest in these lines. >> continuing our coverage years the federal building there were also people who voted for and supported property. they're disappointed by today's ruling here's what a few of them had to say. >> it's our tragedy for the country that traditional marriages under attack. >> on american citizen i live in a democratic society i believe that my vote should count and today was overturned. millions of people voted in his overturned by one of elected judge. >> same-sex marriage wrapped headlines when couples flock to city hall to tie the knot pureed here's the timeline of
6:32 pm
how property came to be and came undone. every 2004 gavin newsome bouquets issue a marriage license to same-sex couples. august 2004 california supreme court " smear newsome overstepped his authority in declares 4000 same-sex marriages void. fast forward to may 2008 california supreme court rules state constitution protects the right to same-sex couples to marry. in june 2008 1 million signatures are submitted to put prop. 8 on the ballot. in november 2008 california voters passed copy to the ban on same- sex marriage with approximately 52 percent of the vote. january 2010 to california gay couple suit claiming the ban violates their civil rights. august 4, 2010 at 1:40 p.m. a federal judge strikes down properly and allow same-sex marriage in california. but it doesn't
6:33 pm
necessarily stop here. experts say the case will likely be appealed to heading first to the ninth circuit of appeals and the justices agreed to review it all the way to the u.s. supreme court. in san francisco vicki kron 4 news. our big weather story tonight even cooler weather expected to round of the workweek. our current conditions been circling down right now but are inland spots are most in the '80s today. along with coast instead on the cool side only in the '50s turned a cold out in redwood city. as we look ahead to tomorrow additional five degrees of cool expected. capote it's mostly in the end and up to the north they will see this positional cooling. upper '70's low 80's in lynn, 65 san rafael, 69 san were filed. overall temperatures 10 to 15 degrees
6:34 pm
below average in 17 degrees below average in san rabaul. 15 in redwood city and the only place temperatures are close to averages along the coastline. ahead >> and kimberleys giacomo rate on a judges overturned california's ban on same-sex marriage come jointer live long conversation with you to share your thoughts on the ruling also be sure to vote on our polls to let us know if you agree with the judge's decision. be sure to watch all of video coverage of the proposition a trial and ruling on >> what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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[ ding ] outran has moved the third leg of the bay bridge today. mark jones got very close to this exclusive look with caltrans. >>were going to grab this elevator so you can shoot it from above. the catwalks, it
6:38 pm
doesn't get any better than about this operation premier. you can see that this 1200 ton chair leg is being tipped right now all the weight is on our jack that is connected here with these hooks. that's really doing the big lifting right now. down below you can see concrete runners that we built on top of the the barge that allows the piece to slide along as we tip it. it has to get over the one or down there inland directly on top of those one hundred pins that you see sticking out. over the next couple of months we'll be jumping this whole system of support up. in the next pieces are good over 400 ft. overhead if you're standing on the bridge. the wooden platform you see hanging off the fort is where the air workers will actually stand when they're positioning the piece of leg. >>i sped up the video 6000% so you can see the 1,200 ton slowly being moved into place.
6:39 pm
all the creaking sounds that you're hearing now the tower like just one vertical so all the weight is pushing down on this barge. the fourth leg should be installed by this weekend two weeks ahead of schedule. on the new bay bridge mark jones kron 4 news. >> the federal government is looking into a new pot loss, explains why trade the drug and was an agency has taken an interest to andthe drug enforcement agency has taken interest in oakland's new marijuana ordnance which allows for large-scale marijuana cultivating operations intended for medical purposes. dea put inquiring about the city's new ordinance stating that anytime there is a large-scale marijuana cultivation that's something that interests the dea. while marijuana is currently illegal under federal law, medical marijuana is legal under state law. dea representative said there just checking to see that the city's new ordinance does not exceed state guidelines. if it does the fed's could interfere with oakland's new pot growing plants. outside the san francisco federal building kron 4 news.
6:40 pm
>> projection is un healthy a study shows. kimberly brings the new research. >> scientists at ucla showed people not in social situations may suffer from depression asthma are tax and other disorders. research detected activity in two regions of the brain when someone got the brushoff which cause despite an inflammation in their system and we'll inflammation of the body is best way of warding off of the action at its overly high levels have been linked to cardiovascular disease, asthma and other conditions. research say this helps and to understand the mind and body connection in a way they haven't been able to do before. if you like to read all about the study is our whats on the web section on >> the giants tried to stay red hot in colorado gary has highlights on the straight ahead and alex rug rigorous joins the 600 clubs finally gary has that story in all the sports he's
6:41 pm
coming up next. >>
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6:44 pm
evening everybody the giants in colorado vs. the probable winner you all know he struck out two and the third inning on his way to a major-league past 17 into records. milosz carlos gonzales trading way. this is probably the team's best player. he went deep probably is worse performance four innings in nine innings. sunnyvale hit a home run and vowed to stop colorado goes on to win 6-1. here's the thing you have to worry about buster pose in the day he was named national league of the month took a foul ball off a shoulder left the game at the end of the sixth inning no words on the severity of that. giants are now looking halfback who are playing the dodgers later today.
6:45 pm
days trying to take two to three from kansas city. 22,00325 will give you a good deal if you come day. here suzuki chock full minor league players so they a's had best take to add three after losing last night. with the game tied kevin delivers his business the days kron 44-3 when carried. we need the thoughts of brett anderson. >> the not favoring pitches and bring it were you want to throw it. my defense guys up the middle of its a good team win. >> once again he never stops giving kurds vernon glenn after seven weeks vacation comes back to help the community. a's had their mug root beer floats day.
6:46 pm
the word and getting rickey henderson had along this line, of vernon glenn the second edging out to kcbs by for scoops. but there is vern client you know i always scoop though you just give and giving gifts. verna is amazing. the difference between the u.n. vernon and me and jackie jackie and i concentrate on ourselves and our career. (laughter) note i mean if you're lying down in the middle the street bleeding all look if there's a camera to get my picture helping all bend over. if not don't get any of my slacks. jackie my right? >> don't put that in me >> had to get out of boise by being a team player? no. did you ever extend the hand to the people of boise an extra hand. >> i can remember. >> alice rodriguez said hit a
6:47 pm
group of 600 today all the guys and ballplayers and not going to go into detail that would be a good catch. >> i used to really like alex rodriquez pureed >> the point is he is 600 he had to weigh 46 said that he finally got the job done at 35 years of age she's the youngest to ever hit 600. of course he is 762 well within a site if he stays healthy yankees beat the blue jays. >> here's varve talking from inside his truck. >> your great pass get out of your truck. it fans of the late great jack tatum had to pay respects today and a public viewing for the old times greater. the fans came all day long tatum made his first-round
6:48 pm
draft choice in 1971 out of ohio state played with the raiders until 1980. a winning super bowl team in 1976 he died of a heart attack last tuesday at the age of 61. >> jack tatum symbolizes everything that the raiders' stand for. he's a writer in death. >> kheel neil is working for the minimum 30 year-old signs with the boston celtics today. course shack's personality he makes more of the floor if he can keep his name of their then place a team that wins cliff shaquille o'neal took the minimum veteran salary. not even sure that is to be honest with you record the not putting that out. i can't be one of to send any money try to make at least two and half will. when you hear the minimum salary people say all i'm so sorry for shock. he's all right. how long were you in boise? >> three years. >> what happened?
6:49 pm
>> on lathing one day jackies about five years away from busting loose in new york. from the table for madrid they're going to be like 50,000 folks tonight. he's not that good looking is the. pam what you think? >> know. >> i was pam if you're a journalist i understand looks but that is playing soccer. it's one to be the featured attraction they're expecting 50,000 people. and when we return and then honored as the nfl teacher of the year and he didn't know what to read and jerry knew barry was on hand also part of the scene. he he looked a little bit like jerry save the school. when we returned frank this year a surprise his student body. this is a great story you shed a tear before it's over. your glasses will fog up before this is over.
6:50 pm
the nfl teacher of the year frank from oakley next. upon [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't.
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i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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for a limited time, get u-verse tv the show today at freedom high in oakland. (cheering) for a speedy was honored as the nfl teacher of the year. he played in the nfl with the seattle seahawks in 1960 to 2000 but what makes it extra special court they had no idea that he had received the honor and the entire student body was going to turn out. what did you think what we want to the jim thorpe? >> it told me we were going for a teacher meeting edgar prado was behind he submitted the application to kept completely in the dark to read >> you're walking into the gym
6:54 pm
and then bowman. all >> my former students from last year all the faculty was there and people from the community are really wonderful experience. >> how great is that a former nfl player who made good and helps people. what makes you so could any of the teachers not to? (laughter) >> to have one in particular the scaling the kids. (laughter) >> everybody is it great everyone's working really hard. >> o.k. you're the king stop with that. why were you selected the top guy? >> this is all new to me at is just try to do my best attended code out there i trotted do the same thing as a teacher you dedicate yourself to put forth the effort and work hard and really good things happen. >> you to some like the coach. what did you decide to go in to education you in the high life the nfl and you said i want to help kids.
6:55 pm
>> no school had to grade teachers and inspired me and i wanted to the nfl was a bit of a tease door to my true profession and that's teaching. >> most of those nfl people they just want to help people in life. >> gets an great guys up there in seattle gulf. >> any water to? he did into the high life he would have your name on a restaurant or you wanted data weatherperson. >> we had great people there still good people out there and out today. >> build tenures are you missing anything and pureed >> i finished in 2007 it's been about for years and said it acted and put on the pad he miss the guys in the locker room hanging out talking to them. i got great kids coaching of their we have a great program and still wasn't it's a good deal. >> give me one thing about the nfl you do this? >> hang it with the guys being
6:56 pm
there on sundays 7 your 80,000 people screaming and the hype that goes along with game day trade >> you look like a really nice guy you love your wife and children it's a violent sport yet to be a tough guy trade >> i was said to she never recognized it tv because my eyes always change. i like to be nice up the field when you step on the field you have to be mean. >> what do you teach? >> oral history 10th grade >> it's your civic responsibility to participate in the government trade all throat world history would talked about becoming a good citizen and being a great american trade >> this is my daughter kindled and my son frankie and my better half kim. >> it like kim to sleep with the teacher of the year? >> he's just got it, i don't know. congratulations frank just
6:57 pm
make i'd do this for a living i can tell a good guy when there's a good guy. >> anything with sexual innuendo that's journalism. see you at 11.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
headlines on today's big celebrity on.sea clint wedding photos. >> from bride to mom to grandma. the image spanning three generations. rop marc's ring at one point. >> new ceremony secrets.ial men. is america's new royal couple about to start a family? then, in depth -- bond. >> she said, dad, the only thing you need to do is walk me down the aisle. look good. this just in -- >> did a reported love child break up bristol and levi?


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