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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 4, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a day of celebration. >> we won! >> and a protest. >> my vote should count. today it was overturned. >> after a federal judge overturned proposition 8. we have team coverage of the court ruling, including a look at the judge's reasoning behind his position. also, why today's ruling does not mean same sex couples are allowed to get married. people there partying after today's ruling. we'll get back to the festivities in a moment. first, it has been several
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months since the trial of proposition 8 started. both sides of the issue delivered many hours of testimony. we look at how the federal court judge came to his decision. >> reporter: a federal judge has overturned the voter approved ban on same sex marriage saying it violations the constitutions due process and equal protection clauses. the judge rejected the arguments put forth by backers of the ban. he said fundamental rights like the freedom to marry may not be submitted to a vote. he also discounted the argument that marriage must remain between a man and a woman to further proke creation. the judge went on to say indeed the evidence shows proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine the notion that opposite sex couples are superior to same sex couples.
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>> this was the first same-sex couple that tried to get married today. the two women were turned away because the judge approved a stay prohibiting weddings pending further discussion by both sides. the couple decided to celebrate their love anyway today with this commitment ceremony instead. reggie breaks down the legal jargon. >> reporter: the legal definition of a stay is a temporary suspension of an action or process ordered by the court. even though judge vaughn walker ruled that prop 8 should be overturned and gays and lesbians should be allowed to get married, he still approved
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a temporary stay before his ruling was even announced. we spokr/wto peter king, a lega expert. he says the judge did that because he knows it will take two years before the u.s. supreme court will ultimately decide whether the voter approved ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. >> to have a bunch of marriages during a two-year period where you don't know if the status of them is going to survive, we'll wait until we get the final word. that's a responsible thing to do. >> reporter: judge walker could decide without holding a hearing on whether he will issue a permanent stay as early as friday. san francisco county will not issue licenses to same sex couples. >> i've been instructed to not take any applications yet for marriage licenses because we're working under that order from the federal court.
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>> a celebration broke out in castro district. that's where jonathan bloom is live tonight. >> reporter: it may be cold and foggy in san francisco, but the mood here in the castro is warm and excited. for nearly five hour, these same-sex couples here and their supporters partied in the streets celebrating what they say is a major milestone on the road to equality. the peaceful celebration began suddenly and grew quickly, spilling out into the street and breaking into song. [ music ] >> i'm going to marry my boyfriend. a lot of other people are very happy. we feel validated. it's an important moment.
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i'm glad i'm here. i'm glad this happened. >> nothing would make me happier if we could prevail on friday and let marriage happen again. >> reporter: waving their flags and banners, they marched to city hall. what had been a gathering of a few hundred grew to thousands, spilling into the street. >> we all deserve the right to marry. >> are we ready to get married? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: county assessor phil says he's ready to sign marriage licenses if the court gives the go ahead. but the legal road is just beginning. >> this fight is not over, and we will party tonight, but we will know we can get ourselves through this struggle and take this case as far as we need to
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take it. >> reporter: indeed it may take up to two years for that case to be ultimately decided by the u.s. stream the court. that's when those same-sex couples say the real celebration could happen. >> all right. thank you. temperatures cooled by about 5-10 degrees out there today. we're in for additional cooling as he head into tomorrow. dense fog and drizzle is expected tomorrow. it's already pushing in to the bay shores. we're going to see it briefly move into our inland valleys. by noon, it will be back to the coastline. confers are going to continue to cool out there tomorrow. we just had those strong sea
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breeze winds. the cooler weather will prevail through the rest of the week, but will it last? details coming up. our coverage of the overturning continues after the break. we'll listen top reaction on today's ruling from supporters of the ban on same-sex marriage as well as those who filed the lawsuit against the voter- approved ban.
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back live to san francisco's castro district where you see some people dancing about, celebrating. the celebration due to the court ruling overturning proposition 8. it was a disappointment to those who promoted and voted for proposition 8. they feel the decision goes against the will of the voting public. here's what jim campbell had to say today. >> we believe this is a dangerous precedent and the circuit court sending an
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unclear message to the voters. the court is saying stay out of political life or your vote won't count. that aspect is very worrisome. >> this was the scene outside a federal building in san francisco today. protesters were saying they feel betrayed. >> it's a great tragedy for our nation that traditional marriage is under attack. now we have to have the supreme court save the nation. >> it's pretty upsetting to me. i'm an certain citizen. i live in a democratic society. i believe my vote should count. today it was overturned. million offense people's votes were overturned by one, unelected judge. i don't feel like i live in america. >> it's just sad that california doesn't want to uphold god's law. >> the defendants of proposition # say they are
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appealing today's ruling. cooler weather on tap to round out the workweek, but is it going to carry over into the weekend? details coming up. presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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positive reaction for today's decision on proposition 8 was especially intense for those who took part in the lawsuit. they say they feel especially vindicated. take a listen. >> for so long, sandy and our family have been regarded as less equal. this decision says we are americans too. we too should be treated equally. our family is just as loving, just as real, and just as valid as everyone else's. >> gay and lesbians are the
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only part of our citizenly that are today subject to government- enforced discrimination. we take an enormous step to eliminating that with this decision. >> everyone says it's a first step. we've had a hundred first steps. this is another step in a very long process. >> although he was named as a defendant in the lawsuit, governor schwarzenegger welcomes the decision. he said today's decision " affirms the full legal protections and safeguards i believe everyone deserves for hundreds of thousand of day and a lesbian households in california." he says we should recognizes differences will continue. hundreds of same-sex marriage supporters also gathered to celebrate in san diego. they held a rally, march, and there were a number of
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speakers. they cheered on the decision, even though same-sex marriages themselves are still on hold pending a future decision by the judge. our coverage of today's ruling continues online. leave your comments and get the latest details on what the ruling means. just log on to the fog continues to have a huge impact on our forecast. a look at tonight's headlines. dense fog and drizzle along the coast tonight. by tomorrow, we'll be looking at the same thing along the shores. temperatures will be even cooler tomorrow with our strong sea breeze winds in place. this weekend, we'll have continued fog and cool weather. it's not going anywhere. a look at fog tracker for tomorrow. the fog reaching our inland valleyings briefly. down in the south, also some patchy fog. it will be a little slower to
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clear from the north bay. the fog pushing back to the coastline at noon, sitting over san francisco as well. limited sunshine in san francisco tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at the temperatures. just 58 degrees in half-moon bay. same thing in san francisco. that's similar to what we saw today. the biggest cooling is going to occur in the north bay. 69 in napa. also much cooler in the inland spots. it's a far cry from where we should be this time of year. we've been very cool over the past several months. here's the difference from the average temperature and what we'll see tomorrow. about a 10-15-degree difference. closer to the coastline, the only spot where temperatures are close to average. a quick look at your seven-day forecast. you really only need to take a quick look, because there's not going to be a whole lot of change. cooler weather will prevail
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throughout the rest of the week. the dense fog continues to dominate our forecast and keep things cool. in the headlines, bp says it's ready to start forcing cement down into the blown out well in the gulf. earlier, crews pushed down the oil with mud. cement will be pushed into the pipes on thursday. a relief well is also still being moved into place. oakland's mayor ron dellums released a statement saying he will not seek reelection. he says it's time to pass the baton to the next generation of leadership. he served in congress for 27 years and became mayor in 2006. despite his achievements, it's been a contention term as he wrestles with crime, budget, and school problems. and san jose city leaders and the firefighters union were back at the bargain today. they were asked to vote on a compensation reduction so that the 49 firefighters laid off last weekend could be rehired.
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san jose is trying to save $10 million. union leaders did not comment tonight. well, the giants catcher buster posey receives a giant honor before being forced to leave tonight's game with an injury. plus, abs tonight at candle stick park. sports is next. right now on, a judge has overturned the ban on same-sex marriage. come join our conversation and be sure to vote in our poll to let us know if you agree with the judge's decision. also be sure to watch all the videos. vk
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giants slowed down a little bit today in colorado. rockies already out to a 2-0
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lead. ubaldo jimenez, after a rough ten games, all of the sudden found the magic again today. he's now 17-2, getting nine strikeouts. madison bumgarner, worst start of his young career gave up four runs in four innings. rockies go on to win 6-1. buster posey took a foul ball off his shoulder and left the game after the 6th inning. no word on how deep the the bruise is. the rockies beat the giants today. good news for giant followers as san diego loses to the dodgers. giants remain one game back in the division race. nolan ryan's group tonight now fully owns the texas
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rangers. the a's trying to hang in there. the rangers won tonight. oakland, it's probably just not good enough. kurt suzuki is safe on an error. game tie add at 2. kevin kouzmanoff delivered here. a's win 4-3. brett anderson picks up his first win in more than two months. vern glen probably does more of these events than anyone in the market. they love vern out there. the word is for the official mug root beer float day, rickey henderson, the only guy to have more people say, please, do my mug than vern glenn. there are now 7 in the 600- home run club. alex rodriguez had to wait 46 at-bats, but there he goes.
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his initial at-bat against toronto today. at 35 years of age, rodriguez, the youngest player to ever hit 600 home runs, joins the club. the yankees win the game, and rodriguez is now next in sight, way down the road. the yankees give him a $6 million bonus now as he passes each guy on the way up to bonds. he's got a $281 million contract, but he needs those incentives to keep working. the soccer fans found their way to candle stick tonight. vicky wanted to be up close. she was our photographer. the versatility that kron has allowed us to do. the final was 3-2. i'll say it
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again, that's the one thing i've always appreciated about here. the staff and management of kron could let us get stale and let us try and be reporters or anchors. they want you to learn other crafts. that's great. at age 72, i'm happy. speaking for vicky and all of us, thank you for not letting us get stale. >> how nice. >> go out, do some camera work. it's all great. >> it is. >> and i'm only 71. all right. bret favre wouldn't get out of his truck, but he did say he won't retire from football. >> i haven't made the decision yet. [ indiscernible ] >> i'm sick of him. quite a surprise for a teacher today in oakley. we'll tell you quickly, frank beatty is his name.
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