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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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upon and and and and her claustrophobe wind ahold of the city as it is true and what is your aunt san jose has rejected the firefighters proposal. what the city is now asking. in a moment. the latest on bay area weather fog began. it is very thick and we may not see the
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sunshine. >> it will take awhile to burn off this morning take a look you can barely see the buildings from down even seeing drizzle along the coast. it will be breezy as we head into the afternoon those gust could get 20 mi. an hour temperatures still well below what we typically see this time of year. here's a look at where you're saying fog. thickening of growth along the peninsula pushing for the south bay. the livermore valley socked in with fog. by the time we hit 7:00 a.m. widespread fog out there even up till about 9:00 a.m. the fog not going anywhere. we may see lifting to the napa valley and the delta but still the media bay area's still socked in continuing to noontime. into the afternoon we will keep a low
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clouds around mixed with sunshine out there. we should see some bricks of blue sky as well. 51 for napa, redwood city, livermore and fremont 54. in the afternoon load to mid '70's peddle my 72, 74 mill valley, the peninsula will fill cold today the 57 san francisco, daly city staying in the '50s as well, 63 in oakland, in through union city and fremont 72. the common no. 3 danville and pleasanton 77 and in the south bay 84 morgan hill 74 san jose. your seven their on the bay close off more as we head into your friday it will be chilly one break out the sweaters.
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>> i just pulled some down from the other day as a matter of fact. no hot spots for the bay area minor accident on 880 south near high street not delaying that right at all if you're going to the oakland airport no concerns. the bay bridge checking that for you the westbound ride looks good no problems are delays easy traffic coming in from interstate 80 over from the car pool lanes off the shore freeway also looks good. no delays as you head across the span. san mateo bridge ride is also good one. the right side of your screen is the commute direction traffic coming over from the toll plaza from the nimitz freeway it with no problems are delays. the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 south bound across the spain is a less fog today. you may get a
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drizzle for your ride into the city this morning. i wanna see if i can give you a look at what's happening. this is fremont street off ramp. it's coming in to san francisco we got word there may have been and motorcycle accident along the skyway in fact it looked like it is there because this is traffic sitting at fremont the colors in the distance are coming off the bay bridge. this is for the fourth street and ninth street. it will slow the ride into the city abet it clears quickly it won't affect the rest of the bay bridge. they may activate the lights early to clear this crash. interstate 80 the ride for the short freeway leading down towards the lower the shore
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through the s curves no problems are delays as you head towards golden gate. >> top story long landmark decision it could end up in supreme court. the federal judge wrote california's voter prove ban on same-sex marriage has set a deadline for tomorrow for legal papers to be filed by both sides. the judge will use those briefs as he considers a decision on this day. well they're really only affect california the appeals going to c,gv)+pv,e quarter of appeals which has jurisdiction over the nine states. the outcome there could force the supreme court to confront the decision. 136 page ruling he said domestic partnership or not a substitute for our marriage. fundamental rights may have to be voted submitted but to vote. this day
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on the judge's ruling is expected to remain in place throughout the appeals process. which means no same-sex marriages are taking place in the state. the two couples that challenge prop. 8 held a press conference. >> for so long sandy and i and our family had been regarded as less than. unequal, not worthy, of liberty and the pursuit of happiness under the law. this decision says we are americans to. we to should be treated equally. of a family is just a slogan just as real and just as solid as ever but the office. >> here is celebration in castro last nine as many as 600 people joined in rainbow flags and signs supporting same-sex marriage. there were
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celebrations in southern california as well this is san diego hundreds of people lined the sidewalks of plugging the ruling. supporters of prop. 8 waited outside the courthouse they were disappointed by the decision this is what they had to say. >> it's a great tragedy for our nation that traditional marriages under attack hopefully we have to have the supreme court to save the nation. pretty upsetting to me i'm an american citizen i live in a democratic society i believe my vote should count and today was overturned. millions of votes will overturned by one judge. i don't feel like i live in america. >> it's sad california it doesn't want to a pulled god's law. >> they will appeal the ruling our coverage of the ruling continues online you can leave your comments that latest details of what the ruling means at kron will be right
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a live look at the golden gate high fog and heavy drizzle. we'll have an update on the cool forecast for the weekend coming up. a developing story. similar lenses street shut down and down to waterline break. it has been closed while utility workers repair the line. today more news faster we turn to jackie's is alive in san lorenzo. >> east bay crueler still allowed on the scene in slot san lorenzo originally they got the call at 2:00 a.m. they thought the water memling breaux they were able to escape the road
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they discovered it wasn't the water main it was the line that keyed off to a fire hydrant. the hydrant just on the other side of the so they were able to reestablish the water main 25 customers were without service for three hours they all back in service now the promise they will have to fix that line that goes to the fire hydrant. that will take the remainder of the day or a good part of it. they are still digging up the street the road is completely closed down it will remain that way for several more hours. >> they do jackie. another story weekly jobless claims coming out there was a sharp drop in unemployment claims analysts were expecting a drop. the number was up 19,000. the numbers indicate the highest
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level of unemployment claims since april that has pushed down futures lower this morning. we will be right back
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the judge struck down california's same-sex marriage strip. as they couldn't stop the marriages from resuming the he overturned the ban. galvanism spoke out about it. >>personally, this is an extraordinary moment because real people's lives have once again been affirmed. at the same time you have tempered appreciation for the moment because you recognize the work that lies ahead. it is not the first step. i mean, everyone says it is the first step, we
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have had 100 first steps. this is another step, in a very long process. but, perhaps the most compelling and important because this is a federal court, this is a decision based on the u.s. constitution. >> collie says she disagrees with their decision overturning california same-sex marriage ban she says california voters clearly voted against same-sex unions. california senator diane and barbara boxer supported the ruling they call the historic step forward for equal rights. a lot more coverage on lying on a web site. you can read the decision on line. time for whether let's find out when the fog will break. >> it will be slow to live this morning once again socked in this morning you conceal low clouds it is a pretty shot though. you can see the colors
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but we will continue to see the fog pretty much through the morning in san francisco 51 by noontime mid-50s it will be a cool afternoon and said francisco coming in at 37 degrees. 53 by 8:00 a.m. here is a look at current temperatures 55 currently in oakland and hayward 57 in san jose as we head through the morning continuing to keep temperatures cool the '30s and '60s by noon we should get into the '70s and some spot '60s around till high temperatures topping out into the '60s, '70s possibly 80 is out there as well. 74 for santa rosa 73 runner parks san rafael 71 the peninsula will bring the school temperatures topping out at 57 degrees in san francisco today cooler than yesterday billy city is not going to bridge the '50s either.
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63 oakland down and through the word in union city fremont 72 degrees san ramon valley 77 only getting to a 84 today in antioch that is one of the warm response to a south bay finding it hard to get above the allowed to mid-80s 74 degrees in the san clara valley check out mountain view 67. where temperatures across the country he warming it mornings in effect stretching all the way from texas to new york. dulles' 1 05 today tampa the same, memphis 101. the election officials want people to know the ballot stations are conditioned out there. we will need air-conditioning. tomorrow
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cooling off even more. >> lisa nothing to do with traffic but it is a great shot i wanted to look a bit longer. let's take you san francisco were watching what could turn into a hot spot keeping a close eye on this there was an accident along the skyway the elevated portion of the freeway coming off the upper deck in to save francisco. technically it's not on the freeway but on the on ramp but it has been garnering interest by a motorist take a look we spent our san francisco camera around to show you the ride headed west bound piquancy from about the last suspension tower on the bridge traffic starts to slow as it heads into for i spoke with cases he says they are not concerned they have not activated the meter and light snow and about 630 which is about 10 minutes from now
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that's when they will look normally turn on. westbound ride is not yet been affected by this but it could that is a concern. we could because of this accident see a back up but the bay bridge toll plaza we will keep a close eye on this if it develops into a hot spot will know about it. let's check the right interstate 580 or traffic has been heavy in the westbound direction already through the altamont best it and see things are building up for the west bound ride your trip here as your head toward interstate 580 slows a bit as well. 580, 680 interchange there are no problems. highway 4 hot spot for your ride through antioch the rest of the commute looks good no problems as you head towards will pass your connection with highway 242 onto 680 southbound and into san ramon valley that is still a good ride mark.
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>> the gulf oil spill efforts to permanently plug the well they plan to cement and plugged the well as they successfully, to mud into the well. it was approved last night they say the summit can be used as long as it does not delay the ultimate solution with a growing the relief well. the relief will is almost completed. these are live pictures from the gulf. a team convicted of battery as seen on this surveillance video he has been sentenced to one year in jail five years probation. this happened and february he was writing of when summitry something atom when he got out of vehicle he was attacked and not to the ground where he was warned by 40 people and broken teeth fractured jaw and
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fractured skull appeared another juvenile is still facing prosecution. narcotics officers seized marijuana plants were to and half million dollars from the garden west of clover del they say the garden which contain 13 under plants was 150 yds long and was watered by like on the property. they found this during a search of the residents they also found guns. we will be back as kron 4 continues to live look from san francisco fog thick over the bay bridge golden gate bridge when shall wiper's
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all was a live look at the nasdaq trading in negative
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territory no big surprise we head futures turn negative this morning after we had reports of retail sales sluggish unemployment also unexpectedly rose they were looking for a decline this morning instead we got a rise in them. obviously traders not dealing very well with that selling more than they are buying the dow down 27 points right now nasdaq down 11. >> in the meantime we have traffic problems are hot spot? >> an accident in san francisco thankfully it has been cleared this was a motorcycle crash on the skyway leading off of the upper deck of the bay bridge up by fourth street on rain and nine street the accident has been cleared it did slow traffic here on the suspension span kron 4 as wilson ran was added across
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the upper deck he joins us now live. >> morning george the back upstarts as you cross the island and go on to the incline slow and go there was parts where my car was literally part still slow going as they exit on the fremont perhaps they are still trying clean up the road a bit. this is i get there all give you another update traffic-addictive fremont exit picks up just a bit. >> when will mention the incline of the bridge you talking about the uphill drive to the center and bridge. not the incline of this man as you can see at the bay bridge plaza still no impact they have not had to activate the metering lights because of the incident in san francisco again they have cleared the skyway the roadway is clear we
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are not expecting any ill effects from this problem bugboy it had the potential to turn into major hotspot a city accident could have affected traffic to macarthur maze. there ride down 580 continues to develop its still not as bad ride as were used to slowing traffic today and other days for the ride over the dublin grade. not a single great to dublin. there are some delays there as you work your way a out towards even canyon road otherwise a good ride. highway 4 continues to slow for westbound commute speeds have improved a bit as you head through downtown. as head to the weather center and get an update >> as the sun rises in halides row and low clouds san jose has been socked in as well some of
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the fog producing drizzle for there to the ghost you go. as we head into the afternoon it will be breezy those winds will get up toward 20 mi. an hour temperature still below what we typically see the summiteer in fact we could call it off even more than we were yesterday that trend continues into tomorrow as well. fresnel fog showing us sitting in the north and east bay starting to push and through concord flock in through san jose down to morgan hill as well. in your next our continuing to keep the fog widespread push continues for the delta and central valley by 9:00 a.m. still socked in that fog isn't going anywhere. the fog sitting over the peninsula for the north bay and easily by noontime still seem low clouds along the peninsula slow to lift today as we head into the afternoon expect clouds to stick around mixed with blue sky.
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redwood city 54 of concord and livermore, mountain view 5657 in san jose. into the afternoon we will struggle to get out of the '70s 74 for san rosa 73 grown apart san rafael 71 along the peninsula 57 for san francisco. cooler than yesterday over the berkeley and oakland low 60s c,gv)+pv' union city right for fremont through the san ramon valley 77 the warm c,gv)+pvzséno carrierringconneú
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will this really affects california the appeals will go to the circuit court of appeals. the outcome there could wind up at the supreme court. governors schwarzenegger name and was
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named the defendant he is calling the decision a milestone on america's road to equality. it affirms legal he added ian there are strong feelings on both sides and we should recognize differences. here's a statement from the president of north chennault organization of marriage. " with the stroke of his pen, judge walker overruled the votes and values of 7 million californians who voted for marriage as one man and woman ". leave your comments and details on the ruling at kron 4. we will be right back
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once they were able to ask to be the road they realized the problem was is teed off to this hydrant it was that 6 in. line from the main to the fire hydrant that ruptured. they've were able to restore water to the customers that quickly. what they're trying to do now is take up that sixth and going to the hydrant and repair that you and see the hole in the
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middle of the street it is a road closure the will be in effect the most part of the day. the good news is all the customers how water. >> thinking jackie we will be right back as kron 4 continues more on the heat
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new details on another massive oil spill in western michigan federal officials found out the company responsible did not notify authorities to allow hours after the pipeline broke. one believes it may have started the night before was reported it released more than a million gallons of oil in the kalamazoo river. its sludge running down the river. we're following national he wears all the heat not here in the west its in the east temperatures over 100
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degrees still melting of large part of the country adding to the danger of wild fires excessive heat warnings to nebraska and texas tennessee the third prong was checking on elderly going door-to-door to make sure everybody's ok and he appeared they went door-to-door in encouraging people to check on neighbors and friends he has been blamed for 10 deaths in the area police the hajj has more on our weather. >> it's hard to believe we see well below average temperatures this summer those he warnings across the country all the way up into new york some of these temperatures 1 05 degrees today for an afternoon high and dallas 91 in new orleans 91 in tampa 94 in atlanta in tennessee they have the primary elections today in memphis tennessee 101 degrees. then we took a look at art of the jurors
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outside 51 san francisco currently much different story in some francisco 51 in redwood city and the south bay upper 50s 54 for livermore and the 9:00 are keeping temperatures in the fifties may be some '60s really slow warming of today by 12:00 mostly sixties in the afternoon near 3:00 hour raises a few '70s even some isolated '80s out there. here's a look at numbers. 74 santa rosa, 73 sonoma, through bill valley only 70 same-store for ballet help, along the peninsula 57 for san francisco a few degrees cooler than yesterday east bay were getting into low sixties for berkeley oakland and alameda down in through hayward and union city shopping at 72 the war spot san ramon valley into the upper '70s only 84 in
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antioch, a few eighties in los gatos and morgan hill, the south bay most part is going to hit the '70s. madam you only getting to 67 degrees today. your seventh day bring friday temperatures down even more than today really not out of the '70s. sixties around the bay low sixties for the coast >> as we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound we had a concern with an accident in san francisco that it may have affected traffic on the bridge thankfully it is cleared completely traffic on the upper deck is moving pretty well now. here easy fast track right down the center that is where this slowing as cash customers still getting into the toll plaza without any problems me during lights were turned on at 640. 10 minutes later than they have been we may see this back up a
6:50 am
manager to the building stabilize or could be the return of real traffic at the bay bridge. no problems on the upper deck for the west bound ride. we definitely dodged a bullet there. interstate 580 still lighter than usual here and also here for the western ride heading towards a dublin interchange 680 sales looks good in a highway for the no red showing up on the map again. that is something of a surprise it was slow through antioch this morning it seems as though things are spreading out the vote won't rest of the ride does not appear to be a hot spot heading for the will pass and concord it's a good ride south through pleasant hill and highway 24 your turn to the call the caught tunnel no delays passing pleasant hill road. those exits off of westbound traffic still looks good. says
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bay as we update our live camera for 1 01 north bound no problems typically slow traffic on the quiet of by part way connecting france. >> the concord man whose pebbles' killed his two year-old grandson's. this is steven in his jailhouse interview with kron 4 he owns the pit bulls that fatally attacked the to year-old boy in the grosz back in july 22nd he has been charged with child the endangerment and allowing the vicious dog to be at large. ac transit hopes destruction will end on sunday. it will switch back to the old work " roles and schedules to comply with court ruling. 165 cars were yesterday that its compared to 90 daily absences before the dispute. ac transit
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managers said the sickout caused cancellations or delays the union delight is denies there was a sick joke. students returning to trace elementary in 11 days they are racing to get across is ready that were lost to this arson fire much of the old school burned down officials say they will be ready for portables that will be on-site across the street even after the district is trying to pay the insurance deductible the san jose fire department donated $5,000 to the district to help out a framed flag selvage. this is the date elena kagan joins. they will vote today there is little doubt she will be confirmed if so it will be the first time three women have served on the high court at the same time. we will be right
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back. mellencamp about the fog waiting for some clearing the main never come today.
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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cool weather before august it will stay there with temperatures only up near the 80 degree mark making their way in towards the weekend for the warm spot '60s basics disclosed. on here to wall street's dow jones up 26. unemployment numbers disappointing the highest rating since april. wall street not liking the news. other stories mountainview based google and horizon will finalize the proposal for network neutrality rules how broadband treats internet. a deal could
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announced by days. pitted. european and financial management monetary fund says greece has made progress in dealing with this financial crisis that is still faces key challenges and risks. they hope to receive $118 billion in loans in september. they have cut pay and increased taxes. a live look at what muckrake sunshine in walnut creek. 680 north and southbound moving moving swiftly.
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