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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 5, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 5:00 p.m. >> u.s. senate approved the jobs bill which would give california an injection of federal money that could help save jobs and lower the budget deficit. it provides a $26 billion to cash strapped states like california. and help step up efforts for $10 billion for school districts, ain christine connolly walks us through what this will do for california. >> and take a look to these figures! if this would provide $1.2 billion for education.
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legislators say that it would save 16,500 of teachers' jobs in this state, alone. just in the nick of time, as this is about to start. with san francisco unified, this is a welcome relief. for pink slips to 200 teachers and they say the federal funds could help rehire laid-off teachers. and reinstate the cut school days to help balance the budget. it is too early to know the details and also the impact would have to wrap around these rules. this jobs bill would also give california $1.5 billion for macau. the governor's office says that would help the state's budget $19 billion deficit. it cannot say exactly what the reduction will mean it but it will help prevent deeper cuts in job losses in california. i am christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> however, critics blast this
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as a rerun of the economic stimulus bill and republican leader mitch mcconnell says that it will create a " permanent need for future state bailout. when we cannot afford it. the house of representatives will be called back for summer recess on tuesday to vote on this measure. >> new deals, on proposition 8. now that a judge has turned this over on the same sex, supporters are trying to get that reversed. and dan kerman tells us the battle over the same sex marriage, that the u.s. courthouse, they received this this morning. it is official appeal by backers of the ban of same-sex marriage. it is likely that the night circus will not hear this for least one year. and it is up to the supreme court that will take at least two more years. right now, u.s. district bond walker has to decide if he's going to live it, immediately to allow same-sex marriage. and to delay
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implementation or an appeals court can rule. >> the normal rule is that when a lot is declared unconstitutional and should not be remain in effect for one more hour, not long more take, or seven days. all of these delays and we're having, and whether or not on the other hand, i think that he is exercising an abundance of caution. there is good reason. >> the u.s. constitution law says that the concern is weather or not this could be called into question. marriages there weren't 20 04, after saver cisco mayor kevin newson san francisco mayor kevin newson were invalid. kevitaft \ = and marriage comesn enormous package for legal rights. and to take this back, retroactively, the law also provides instability. and to
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balance between these two competing interests. >> and competition on both sides have to until qamar to submit arguments. and if they should also wait--wait until tomorrow. bajit is unknown when judge walker will make its decision. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> as you can imagine, same-sex marriage couples are waiting to hear. maureen kelly was in san francisco city hall. and in case that ban is lifted? >> scatters at the city clerk's office are getting a lot of phone calls from same-sex couples that proposition 8. they've been telling people they can not issue a marriage license until that ban is lifted. however, they are ready, with sappers making ca marriage license applications. and for same-sex marriage
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applications, if-one, the spin is lifted. lesbian-gate and for have day rights t decoup gay cl feel the south, however, to have this process? there will have to wait for the judge. and for everybody waiting until this for 2004, maureen kelly, a dozen for. web producer, is telling us how this is how this is a viral on the web. >> and one place this of this immense amount of traffic from the pediatrics at insurance is a scripps. and this document received 1000 used per seconds just minutes after it was uploaded. and later, the ceo was
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saying that most documentation is viral. 100,000 within 24 hours, this is 100,000 in just 24 minutes! and the kicker is that this is just one website, with sharing on twitter, this book, it was up bloated some which were times even on our website and we of all of our proposition 8 coverage. in to vote, let us know what to think about this decision ♪ temperatures are cooler this afternoon this so this weather is
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really not going anywhere. you can see through this weekend, and the extended forecast when it will continue into next week. >> a live look outside and the traffic eastbound towards the bay bridge highway it is just barely moving. the bottom of your screen is the south 101. and it is moving well but not quite east bound. if
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>> it is becoming difficult choices for the san jose firefighters and now firefighters to return from layoffs if they accept a deep reduction in pay. and this could spell hard times. >> the latest offer, to scott over time, and bring back some of the 49 firefighters seeing here being laid off over the weekend. and the city
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negotiators as it was short on details. >> and continues those tiresdols to hire back firefighters? and i ask the firefighters if they had any specific ideas as far is deployment. and they do not. >> the city has not moved on a position that have they taken a 9% cut in pay and benefits. a counteroffer from the union is%. and with a $10 million is a 10$0 million, and the union is considering a 3% which is the $4 million leaving $6 million in question. >> this will end on sunday, when the transit switches back to the old work rules schedules to comply with the ruling. 152 drivers were out today from ac
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transit. and with 90 absences, but with a labor dispute escalated on june 18th. that is when the transit board imposed a new contract, workers. ac transit management says that sickout has caused delays and that the union denies any sick out. >> this cool weather, is going to stay with us and also into next week. your fofull forecasts just a few moments away. ♪
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>> team el irs crime investigations was shot and hunters point, two woman approached her. the agent fired and she was on duty at the time in the port is ganassi which was doing in the area. how the owner of a pack of pebblecould bulld''
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pleaded not guilty. hiyashi allowed his two year-old step grad child. and they had previously been known to kill other animals, and showed aggression towards the little boy in the past. he face 10 years in prison. cable car service was shut down for several hours on high street. they treat broken fell on the roadway. jeff bush shows you the damage. >> it was a noisy cleanup as chainsaws and this split, and one half came down on a storage container of this pickup truck. you can see this branch could have done a lot more damage but nobody was hurt. the damage to the truck was minor. and he was
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operating his cable car and looked up just in time to see the tree fall. >> and i looked up and i thought oh my gosh! i just sent another tree fell. >> and he said that the same thing happened. >> about one-one from five years ago, that tree fell on a car. these trees are top heavy. i do not know why they're not counting the back. >> cable car was shut down for two hours what it was debris was removed. >> and with that tree, that was bad news for tourists. they wanted to drive ride these. >> we were hoping to try these all day. >> what have they told you? >> they do not know. >> and i guess it is a problem. so we are going to try to use
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no. 3 cable car. >> now, they're all up and running again tonight. ♪ >> the live look outside from our mount pam cam. sunny skies over most of the bay area. they live look, and fas that fog is g to go back into the bay this evening. dense fog and drizzle. patchy inland. by 7:00 a.m., that dense fog and drizzle be along the bay shore and coast. by noon it will press back along the coast and sunny skies but still on the cool side. a few degrees warmer, but still below average for this time of year. the fog tracker, and virtually the same spots that we saw today. 6:00 a.m., a patchy lawn the delta. and also, in the south bay. it is going to be a bit slower by 9:00 a.m., we're
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still selling it to the north bay. and ultimately, cool temperatures tomorrow. it is eventually going to make its way through the coast in san francisco and be slow to clear. to take a look or high temperatures, a few degrees warmer but generally tomorrow is going to be 10-15 degrees below average. 65 degrees, that is 20 degrees below, and replace cells of about 10 degrees below. in then, 70's, and even the 60s along the bay shore. kron 4 7 day around the bay not as love of changing to the weekend with cool temperatures in the dense morning fog, drizzle. and even next week, the temperatures will stay virtually the same as above fog. >> national news, the gunman who killed his co-workers called 911 and it was a racist place. omar fortune identified
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himself as the shooter and manchester. and he " handled the problem " and also has cast the dispatcher to convey the love for his relatives. and meanwhile, the have the 911 calls. >> are you in this building? >> yes amendable link. >> and get out and do not.. >> we need a couple of ambulances. >> there are 10 ambulance is on the way. >> can you please help me? >> there are people running although the place. >> accuracy her running, she is running right now. >> and he missed shot a girl. >> how many people are down? hoit is a black gun. >> he was found dead in a warehouse at the company where
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he had been fired. in missouri, a people freeway with two different school buses, coast tkills two people pickup truck slammed into the back of a tractor that slowed down traffic. it was carrying high school band members and was remanded by another boss. and girl coll with another city boss schoo. and from texas to nw york, the continuing heat wave is blaming 15 deaths. with mississippi, 10 and tennessee, and he to adviser res/warnings art and 18 states, richmond va., temperatures 7100 degrees for the among attendees. that is the most, ever, temperatures of 100 degrees for 10 days. time to take a look outside the traffic on this thursday. this is san
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walnut creek. you can see that this is the 680240 interchange. and in a san jose, highway 101, northbound, southbound, and it is moving well in both directions. right to the guadeloupe or pass. we will be right back.
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>> stanford needed university is announcing of medical students left your textbooks. web producer, the kimberly sakamoto will tell us why. kimberly? >> and you can see that they have set out 100 ipads will be loaded on this ipad and officials said this transition is more environmentally friendly. and another advantage that this will have advanced computer imaging and access to information from extra websites.
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if you'd like to read more about these new devices? what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. >> it is huge, and it will take to office buildings of all the power grid. the 600 kw that you see with the power integration and san jose just went into operation, today. the 25 motor panels, it the largest and most powerful solar panels and this campus. the company that designed this, is with clean technology in the san jose that is the type of business that san jose is trying to drop. company and companies like this at every opportunity to stay in this state. despite fierce competition from other states. >> this is expected to cut 10,000 t of greenhouse gases over 25 years. >> and the system there roberts
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with people behaving badly. sitting on the coffin and then francisco police officer can be found, this violation is so often that most residents have become fully aware. it is believed that 50% of drivers the past this corner by let this lot every day. her >> i will show you what this officer is looking for and how often this happens and why on the next edition of people behaving badly at 6:30 >> and a few of the story idea? e-mail us at: if you have the idea? >> a live look of sight, with partly cloudy. that will continue to dominate, details coming up in just a little bit. stay with us. for
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