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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 5, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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proposition 8 is overturned in a federal court, but the fight over same-sex marriage is far from finished. we look at what's next in the voter-approved ban. first, one of the lawyers who led the lawsuit against prop 8 speaks tonight about their win and what he sees happening now. jonathan bloom has the details in our top story at # 1:00. >> reporter: in what can only be called a case of good timing, he was ready to speak here on what turned out to be a victory.
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it turned into a completely packed house that gave him a standing ovation. [ applause ] >> i thank all of you. yesterday the system worked. i think we took an enormous step. not the last stop, not even the next to last, but an important first step in eliminating this last pass han of state sponsored discrimination. people are being harmed by this discrimination. nobody is benefiting the. they admitted they had no evidence. so, there simply is not a legitimate argument in favor of continuing this discrimination. the other side doesn't have any precedent. doesn't have any facts. doesn't really have any experts. they've got a bumper sticker.
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>> what can they do on appeal to try and gain back the ground they lost in federal court? >> i don't think they can. >> reporter: although some have held this casing take two years, he says he has a different opinion because it involves what one judge sees as a fundmental right. >> now that a judge has overturned the ban, supporters of prop 8 are already working to get yesterday's decision reversed. dan explains the latest in the battle over same-sex marriage. >> reporter: here at the u.s. courthouse, the ninth circuit court of appeals officially received this this morning. the official appeal by backers of the ban on same-sex marriage. it's likely the circuit won't hear the case for at least a year. if it's kicked up to the supreme court, that will take at least two years.
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vaughn walker has to decide whether to lift the ban immediately and allow same sex couples to marry or delay implement takes of his ruling until an appeals court rules. >> it should not be allowed to remain in effect for one more hour, let alone one more day let alone these several days. on the other hand, i do think he's exercising an abundance of caution. i think there's a good reason for that. >> reporter: the concern is whether the marriages could be called into question. the 18,000 same sex couples that got married in 2008 after the california supreme court legalized same-sex marriage were aloud lowed to stand. >> marriage comes with an
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enormous package of legal rights. they don't like instability. judge walker is having to balance between those competing interests here. >> reporter: attorneys on both sides have until tomorrow to submit arguments as to whether same sex couples should wait to get married until the court of appeals makes the decision or whether they should be allowed to marry immediately. it's unknown when judge walker will make his decision. >> meanwhile, members of the oakland pride organization gathered tonight to celebrate yesterday's overturning of prop 8. oakland city council member rebecca kaplan says pride members must plan for what's next to come in the fight. >> that's part of the interesting thing about this moment right there is this victory. we also know there's going to be appeals and it's not over. nonetheless, it's important for us to mark moments like this when positive things do happen even though we know it's not
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over. >> members of oakland pride also discussed fund raising for their pride celebrations in september. there is a possibility that there will be a ruling on this stay on same-sex marriages as early as tomorrow. so stay with us and as we continue coverage. temperatures were quite cool out there today as the fog was very slow to clear. even over san francisco, just a couple hours of sun breaks. into tomorrow, dense fog and drizzle expected yet again. it's going to move back to the coastline at about noon. again, sun breaks about the same as what we saw today. it will be in the afternoon when it starts to push back. by 3:00, mostly sunny skies. temperatures still very much on the cool side. about 10 degrees below where we should be this time of year. we'll take a look at forecast coming up. san francisco's proposed alcohol fee also known as the
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charge for harm ordinance was up for debate again today. the budget and finance committee is now considering whether to lower the proposed fee. reggie tells us bar and restaurant owners say it doesn't matter how much the proposed fee is because they can't afford it. >> reporter: the or diamins would tack on a 3 scent alcohol fee to a bottle of beer. now the san francisco finance committee is suggesting an amendment to the legislation which would lower the proposed fee by 25%. guy carson says he's against the proposed alcohol fee hike altogether. >> we're at our threshold. we've laid off. we've cut back. we've bar rowed to our maximum
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limits. ourevenues are shrinking. certainly it would pass on to the patrons. what we've seen here, and i'm sure most music venues have seen it, is a decrease in overall food and alcohol consumption. it's obviously the economy. no one has in money. >> reporter: california alliance for hospitality jobs is on carson's side. that's why its website encourages small businesses like bars and restaurants to fight the proposed alcohol fee. the more than $16 million raised from this proposed fee will pay for public health programs aimed at those suffering from alcohol abuse. san francisco supervisors will discuss the fee on monday. oakland's embattled mayor ron dellums made an
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in tonight's headline, the concurred owner of a pack of pit bulls. he faces charges of child abuse and owning a vicious animal. police say the dogs were known to be dangerous. they say the dogs previously killed three other animals and showed signs of aggression towards the child in the past. bp says it has finished plugging its blown out well in the gulf with cement in an effort to seal it from the top. crews will now wait for that cement dry. president obama is hailing the confirmation of alaina kagan as the next justice on the u.s. supreme court. she becomes the third woman to sit on the current court. most republicans voted no. kagan takes her oath on
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saturday. cool weather will continue to round out the workweek, but will it into the weekend?
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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the u.s. senate approved a bill today which would give california federal money to help save jobs and lower the budget deficit. that bill provides $26 billion to cash-strapped states such as california. it would help fund their medicaid budgets, freeing up money for other priorities. christine walks us through what this money will do. >> reporter: take a look at these figures. the jobs bill would provide $1.2 billion for education. it would save up to 16,500 teacher jobs in this state alone. just in the nick of time as the school year is about to start. to struggling school districts
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like san francisco unified, this is a welcome relief. they gave pink slips to 200 teachers this year. the school district says federal funds could help rehire laid off teachers or reinstate some of the four school days cut from the school year to help balance the budget. it's too early to know the details. all of this would depend on what rules are wrapped around the legislation. the jobs build would also give california $1.3 billion for medical. they can't say exactly what the reduction will mean, but said it will help prevent even deeper cuts and job losses in california. oakland mayor ron dellums announced he's not running for reelection. he issued a one-page statement about his decision-making, a quiet exit from his time. vicky looks back at the high
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and low points of his term. >> reporter: when he first took office in january 2007, he inherits a city battling high crime. his first cry circumstances a labor dispute involving the city's garbage collectors. he announces an aggressive response. >> that is not going to fly in this community. >> reporter: he's credited with ending the garbage gridlock. dellums asked the highway patrol to help patrol oakland's streets. oakland's murder rate drops in 2007, but it's still ranked as the fourth most dangerous in the country. in late 2008, layoffs begin. city employees take to the streets. >> why do they want to cut services? >> reporter: 2009 brings the
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b.a.r.t. shooting and protests. the mayor shows his frustrations. at the funeral for four s.w.a.t. team members killed in a shootout, he's not invited to speak at family's request. meanwhile, his lifestyle is coming under scrutiny. his bill to stay at the 5-star hotel, $1,000. plus, the layoff of 80 police officers and more budget decision. christina roamer is coming back home. she turned in her resignation today effective september 3. her departure comes as the white house struggles to show its policies for the nation's limping economy are working.
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no decision has been made on her replacement. fog continues to be a big factor in our forecast. hugging the coastlines, filling into the bay as we speak. we're going to have dense fog and drizzle along the coast overnight tonight. the dense fog will carry over into tomorrow morning. still a cool afternoon even though we'll see mostly sunny skies. this weekend's continued foggy and cool whether will impact outdoor activities. into next week, it will continue as well. a look at forecast in just a moment. fog tracker, tomorrow morning, 6:00, fog in virtual all the same spots it was today. patchy along the delta and in the inland spots. it will be just a little bit slower to push back in the north bay. at 9:00 in the morning, still seeing fog for most of the bay shore. finally making its way back to san francisco at 11:00 in the
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morning. san francisco will struggle to see the sun tomorrow as well. some sun breaks a little bit later on in the day in the afternoon. a look at our high temperatures tomorrow. a couple degrees warmer than what we saw today. our inland spots in the upper 70s and low 80s. these are still well below where we should be for this time of year. generally about 10 degrees where we should be. 14 degrees below where we should be in redwood city. a look at your seven-day forecast. not a whole lot of change in the temperatures or the forecast through the weekend and into next week. temperatures will stay about the same as will the fog. tiger woods struggles big time at a tournament he usually dominates. tim lincecum and the giants try to avoid their first two- game losing streak in more than a month. q@
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good evening, everybody. it's been about a month since the giants lost back to back games. in atlanta they raced tools. the hammer ended up winning tonight's race in atlanta. meanwhile, the giants jump fast. andres for res to deep center field. san francisco has a 2-0 lead. torres had three hits in five trips. back come the braves. tim lincecum not bad tonight. this blast here, boom. alex gonzalez to tie the game at two. bottom 6, eric hinske, former a, former blue jay, now apparently with a home in atlanta on his 33rd birthday takes lincecum out and that's it. braves 3, giants 2. san diego winner over the dodgers. giants still lead the wild card, but they're two back in
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the national league west. a's will well welcome in texas tonight. when you play in a dome, the ruling is, if you hit the ceiling, it's in play. yep. that's what happened. twins beat tampa bay, final of 8-6. saturday, jerry rice goes into the hall of fame. vern glenn reports. >> reporter: after the tireless work of today, the greatest wide receiver to play the game will finally take a break this saturday to enjoy his enshrinement in a profootball hall of fame. his concern this day, will he look as good in a hall of fame blazer as he did in a football
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uniform? >> i got to have that jacket. it's got to be tapered though. i work hard for this right here. if t got to be tapered. >> reporter: almost 48 years old, he looks like he could still run a go route. we asked him about the one ceremony this weekend where the only ones allowed in the room are hall of famers. >> i'm probably going to be one of those guys running around trying to get some autographs and take pictures. tiger woods shoots 74 today. for most people, it's 74. when it's woods at the bridgestone in akron, ohio, it's a big deal. woods has always played well there. indeed, today, his 4 over 74, worst round ever at this tournament. that's 45 round of golf going back to 1997. bubba watson is your leader. tiger is 10 strokes back.
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we meth a young lady tonight who's scaled the highest peaks on all seven continents. she's been feature on good morning america. she's done some amazing things. as we said, she's done the seven continents, skied both the north and south poles. we asked her what possessed her to do such things. >> my entire life, i'd been reading stories about polar explorers and mount nears and adventurers. about 12 years agod 12 the lightbulb went off. instead of reading these story, i should get out there and experience these things. >> but you had a normal childhood. >> i did. >> not that you care, but i wouldn't want to date someone
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