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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 8, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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in national news bp is saying that the cement ceiling on the program, it will has started to. they're getting ready for the final work on the release while there has been some testing on
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the pressure, it is heartening as it goes, this deal is solid. it officials can now focus on long-term recovery. barbara hall explains. >> a man who has had a heck of a summer got to share some good news on sunday we the optimism in our report. >> the finish from this to this at this past week. we're talking about long term recovery efforts for the affected areas. bp will be paying millions of damages. senators from both the states want them to go back to the region. president barack obama says that white house energy and a climate adviser says there is difficulty getting consensus from clients >> we have to work with them to make sure the gulf coast climate has a benefit. >> their board to give them a letter grade on it the massive
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handling of the disaster. they hesitated to sign one because they did not do as well on a personal level. >> they do not to retail sales or deal with individuals on a transactional basis. >> alan also says he would like to see the technology used to cap the well included in under seen oil protection. barbara hall for our kron4 news. >> the bodies of 10 medical workers that were killed in afghanistan. coming up is the victim's including an american doctor who was honored in the special service for new york. >> have more cool temperatures on the way, the warmer spots will be in the '70s and i will let you know how much this will last coming up.
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c,gv)+p1]news about wildfires. 4 year-old boy was charged with. 4 arson he did confess with starting a fire and the fire briefly threatened 50 homes. the
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firefighters were able to quickly contain it. investigators say that the 14 year-old say he dropped a barbeque leader after he was trying to smoke marijuana. >> the coast guard had to come c,gv)+52to rescue of the peoples bill, obviously, for people were on board. rescue crews were able to get everyone off safely after they took the four people out. it is not clear how the fire started. take a look at this rough landing for a small plane just off the runway. the couple from florida said they had engine problems, it tipped over and crashed when they tried to land and fortunately they were not hurt. the report has been closed for several hours. >> oh no, no, no, no!
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>> i would say they're a little too close, as storm tracer getting these pictures of a tornado that tore through the western part of the state touching down on the minnesota border it took up a farm knows. that is what looks like. fortunately nobody was hurt. brian? >> catherine. we have cool conditions of the cool day today, earlier today was sunshine finally l after a lot of fog that we have the gis and the ducks and showing that the park. it is with us at the library. it is up to 70 degrees and live right now to the embarcadero in san francisco you can see did drizzle and as just up on the roof and i certainly felt it. we of cool temperatures in the '50s, it is 55 right now, san jose is one of the warmer spots. it is 67 and santa rosa
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is 65. gregorian to the inland valleys it is when to be cool to mild day tomorrow. here's the fog trucker. the fog is expensive by tomorrow morning and is pushing the fog and low clouds all into central valley. it is a pretty deep layer of ocean air and did is going to keep those readings in the '60s and '70s. there may be a couple of 80s look for cool weather by 10:00 a.m. is still expensive flop. petaluma and south of the san jose bridge it will be cleared by name. the clouds are back to san francisco and the model is showing some clearing here by the coast and if this turns out to be the case there may be all little sunshine at the beach tomorrow. we have not
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seen that quite some time. the temperatures are average. there tend to 15 degrees cooler than what you would expect in august. there is all a lot of overcast and in the morning it is slowly giving way to sunshine through the course of the morning. i look at these, the warmest inland locations, in the '70s where typically we are in the '90s. antioch is all the way up to 84 degrees and san jose, it every night stay is 75, 72 in sunnyvale. here's the seven day around the bay. these are well below average for much of this week and the and anheuser and upper 70's and mid-60's at the coast and eventually starting to torrent warmer by the end of the week and closer to average by saturday and sunday. upper 80s and close to 90 degrees. catherine?
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>> well in mexico city world news, they have suspended it drug traffickers and looking at the scene earlier there was a clash between the mexican federal police over the allegation. to the officers held their superior add to that point. saying he had participated in kidnapping and killing, he is now suspended. they worked near the mexican border with a lot of drug- related violence. and central europe there has been the 11 people killed and the most recent deaths are in poland. there are a lot of deaths in germany, roads of villages are under water. 1000 people had to be evacuated just today. in india to ships collided causing an oil spill and nobody was injured. the coast guard did
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manage to rescue workers. it began leaking after one of the ships was grounded. it was caring more than 200,000 t of oil and it could be seen for a smiles. the bodies of 10 killed in afghanistan were brought home and among them is dr. little. a service was held from an upstate new york where he lived with his wife. karen has the story >> one of the sluggish for the organization's is the hard places. certainly it day served in a hard place for more than 30 years. >> a friend garnered the strength to speak in honor of her husband. tom waddle and upon which is to gave medical care to the afghan people. she was there when sheet learned the news of her husband. she knows his sacrifice was not in vain. >> i know he would volunteer. he
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would have volunteered to protect the team. >> they see one of the interviews of libby on tv. i do not know she would be ready to do it, she certainly was and i gave her a wonderful place and clarity. >> her first interview where she sat down with libya and she reflected on the life her and her husband share. he >> give us life, the best years of his life you know, at to bring that up to the afghan people and he will be buried in a christian cemetery. >> while the church preached and the daughters attended they also praised for those involved in the tragedy to >> we pray for the people that killed them. we know that you can work miracles and we know that. we see in our lives and we know it. >> father forgive them they do not know for what they do that
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is our longing that is our prayer. >> perhaps was resound day it message she has faith that it will get through the trying times. >> we know that he trusted and the lord and he is living in perfect peace >> now> it reported today that they are to claiming that afghans were being converted to christianity. the group was made up of six americans and often ended german. i think so anymore smoothly on the bay bridge? " we'll take another look and you can probably get the hint. and how is fremont dealing with more at the fire station?
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c,gv)+pv$0 it is but one month since the
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new can of adjusted prices went into effect on the bay bridge. so i thought it would only be feted by check and see how things were going. apparently
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not much has changed. just when i thought i'd seen the worst at the bay bridge toll plaza at somebody up the ante. watch the white car sitting in the fast track plain. what is about to happen surprised me. they went with cash, however the new pricing carpool requires fast track. brought here is where it gets scary. the passenger gets out of the car knocks on a different toll booth. here she is setting in the lane. finally she returns to the car and they leave. ok if this happens once you might think it is a flip. but the show you this. this heart in a different way it does the exact thing. he gets out of the car to talk to a toll collector. even with two people this could be considered it a coincidence it could not happen a third time or quit. apparently
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the answer is yes. this passenger it was no. 3 and less than 45 minutes to beat him badly. yes you are. congratulations. and i cannot go without the obligatory driving over the interstate shots. i'll check back in and 30 days. at the bay bridge toll plaza stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> they have been through it before but they cannot believe is happening again. more brownouts with fire stations. in the huge construction project is getting on its way with less traffic suggestion and the risk of taking the wrong herbal supplements they can be dangerous to. at some other day
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area city is cutting back on services due to issues with budgets, fremont, they have cut
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their fire department. have already had round of tests and this station has not even opened up and now a second station is shut down out the cans. reggie kumar will tell us how it affects response. >> the fire trucks are being kept behind closed doors and the reason, like the sign says, is closed due to budget cuts. this is a second cloture, known as a brown but this year. will they do not know if it would close on the weekend or a family of firefighters. john consent says that additional fire fighter closure is putting more and red. >> before needed the second round of crownets it was not our goal. our response goal is to get to each call within six minutes and 30 seconds 90 percent of the time. we're only at 69 percent of the time and on
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the weekend it will be worse. in some and has a heart attack here, no one is coming out of this fire has they're coming from a fire hose to districts away and that facility goes down every minute. >> it does cost the city $4 million to build and it is so new that fire department has not got the keys to the building and when they do, it will remain closed until they have more funding. fire officials expect it to happen soon. reggie kumar for kron4 news. >> this deal for packard has settled allegations for sexual harassment. it was brought against him from a contract worker for each p. her name is jody fisher and this is video from a san francisco movie premiere that she attended. it set up a chain of events for allegedly falsified dinners with fisher. it was a forced
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resignation on friday. he is still insisting that the business expenses are getting at $28 million severance package from h-p. a top executive is leading in the way of a tenant with the new i phone antenna problems and that paper mask senior executive for the hardware sees the man leaving. there's no word on whether he resigned because he is forced to rent chose to leave. they're offering of six after customers complained of some online tech websites it cause a problem with dropped calls. because of this the fund had been exposed to attend. >> looking live right now all over the bay it is a bit choppy are towards the port of oakland.
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look at the fog. the fog already in place the gloves are going to move all the way and possibly all the way to sacramento. that is how to keep the fog is. here's a look at san jose and we have a beautiful sunset today, the gloves are moving in here and you'll see some drizzle near the coast, cloudy start today and is one to take some time for the clouds to give way to sunshine. for san francisco it might not be still beat early afternoon and sunday with the tension at the coast, it is one to be a cool day, i will let you know what it will be today and for the rest of the week coming up. catherine? >> along plant construction project is getting under way tomorrow on highway 24 their crews are going to begin drilling and to the tunnel and this is a $420 million project.
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they hope will ease traffic congestion and kicks off tomorrow allowing the public of real look. just push gives us a preview. >> traffic at the title anytime you have to go through is starting monday this massive piece of heavy equipment called the road header will start a three-year track through the mountains. it really will not bother anyone because nobody lives in the area but on the oakland side of the tunnel will be a different story. the people impacted the most are those who live on this way, in fact have already been impacted and that c,gv)+pvu! there used to the highway on the hills behind it but not anymore. they have installed it ball to keep the noise down but the view is gone. the wall is not permanent it will step until the construction is finished and that will be torn down and lansky will go in it's place.
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another problem will be traffic. on the other side as small one will be given the same on the oakland side and other heavy equipment will be coming and going on the street for the next three years. in oakland i'm just push for kron4 news >> the u.s. senate approved a bill that will give a things like saving jobs and lower in budget deficits. california is getting a share of the 26 billion that is being cast out across the nation. 16 billion of that is going to help with the medicaid budgets and free up money for other priorities. kron4 news it christine conley tells us how it will it affect california >> take a look at these figures. california the jobs bill bill to provide is $1.2 billion for education. legislators believe that will save up to 16,000, $500. in this day alone. just in the nick of time the school year
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is about to count. this is a welcome relief the gave pink slips to 200 teachers this year ended federal funds may help to rehire or reinstate the school day is cut from the school year to but it's too early to know the details. the jobs would also give california at $1.3 billion for metical. that money will help to save $19 billion deficit. they cannot say exactly what the reduction will mean but they did say will help to prevent even deeper cuts in job losses. i'm christine conley for >> kron4 news> in a positive sign for the economy you are californians of working more than one job. it ranks california as the ninth lowest for people who have all the
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jobs. still had the fight to make sure that vitamins and supplements nothing extra that might be dangerous. have a life changing prices as family's struggle with deadly flooding.
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americans spend billions of dollars on prescription medication that could vitamins and herbal supplements be risky? here's an exclusive report on problems >> items of herbal supplements are a big business, the pull your about to pop? is it here? the substance of it could be led. that is right heavy metal. the comdex lot test site diet products before the good market and one of the problems of look for is contamination.
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>> we want to ensure that it has not been contaminated with equipment >> most manufacturers are reputable but increasingly products coming in from overseas are tainted, so much so that the state of california is suing them with unsafe levels of lead. they're working with government authorities had any thing over a certain amount has been contaminated. they seem levels tend to 20 times the legal limit. >> we certify the contents as well as screening for things that should not be there >> remember shrimp's bought de side did not contain what'd advertise and they shut it down >> or this so-called magic power coffee? they say it is one of a percent natural and after analyzing get it also contained by a group. ahead
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>> do we have done all of the time are greater is on all of the time. >> coming up how one family of pakistan it is dealing with the worst flooding of record. >> all lot of strong offshore winds made for a cool afternoon and will you know haulage longer the weather will last for.
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c,gv)+pv0tp(ñswá÷oé7élcc,gv)+pvc rate is trading more misery to
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pakistan. 14 million people have been affected some light angeles this weekend another 50,000 were evacuated. they say they travel to a small town and the crisis is getting worse by the day. >> to year-old walker has been living in squalor. flood waters have a very his family's home for the past five days he said all along this freeway that is under construction where should we go ask walker's uncle, our
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homes are flooded and at least it is dry here. there are 20 family members that live here. the grandfather is the oldest. and the conditions are awful. there's no water and no shelter. rice is their only half we'll just cooked around to help livestock they managed to say. this is the growing humanitarian crisis in the province and here in pakistan's heartland hundreds of thousands have been displaced by the floods. in the town of succored the street that runs along river is chaotic refugee camp. the entire family with a few belongings they managed to say. children out number the adults. these are conditions where you have the possibility of the problems and very little
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food there is no sign of clean water and they're frustrated and angry and looking for help. the has wiped away a lot of livestock that people depend on. the place flooded out and they try to save them with the huge cooking pan but there were not bury successful. out of the 25 there is 15,000 as well as as some of the mad about. >> this was my business this was how i made money. it was my livelihood. mohamed said he will have to start his life over. many others will do the same. >> well in other cool one with a
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foggy night across the bay there is drizzle to across the bay above the bridge there are a lot of clouds with a light drizzle falling and temperatures right now are in the '50s for oakland beach. fifties run much of the bay area. sonny 'til is checking in years a look right now at the current wind speeds and have been gusty bringing in closure mayor to winds to 20 and 30 through the entire day. with winds coming in like that. winds are 12 mi. per hour. the conditions for tomorrow are almost exactly the same. our future cast model is making it the clouds cool little more quickly and we saw today but as will burn off for lower temperatures. i think for
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thursday, friday and into next week and things will warm up and they will stay below average until the next seven days this feature cast at 6:00 a.m. the temperatures in the '50s and we are off to a cool and cloudy start. the clubs are not really clear quickly. you want them to stay cool for most of the day. 70's and the south bay and in the north. just getting into below to mid-80s and a lot of cool readings it is 68 degrees in vallejo, said rosa it is 75. it continues our long streak of cool weather in san francisco we have not seen the 70's since the first week of july. it is a cool
9:50 pm
and cloudy summer for 2010. richmond is 2000 degrees. there are some 80s in pittsburgh and antioch, let's go trousseaus bid to sit things out and sunshine in the afternoon, 75 in san jose. here's the seven day around it that day. we will remain in the 70's through the inland and it is pretty cool weather for this time of year, back into the low 80s it doesn't
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get any better than not appear >> concede 1,200 t it is being place right now. the weight is on. disconnected you're right or the giant hooks are. it is give it a big lift right now. down below that you concede the runners that we built on top of the parched that allow the peace too glad all and has signaled that one are there and direct way on top through the 100 pens that you see sticking on top over the next couple of months. will be dumping the whole system of support on top in the next piece is that comment our overhead and a wooden cane off the iron workers will stance in the positioning the pieces in place. >> is that at the video at 6000
9:52 pm
percent secrecy is slowly being >> of the creaking and pounding the you hear is all of the late pushing down on this end of the barge. mr. stangl did not. the fourth leg should be installed by this weekend to head weeks ahead as scheduled in the bay bridge. i'm mark jones >> how do like to have a robot gonna work in your place. attacker for coming up.
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c,gv)+pvuç third place at the box office is
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the popular stepup dance movie.s this one is in 3-d. it made a lot of money and inception is still going strong. it fell into second place the film made nearly $19 million. opening in first place is the other guy. starring mark well burkett made
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a lot of money. imagine having a robot you could control and is called the keep the and it is made by silicon valley startup. kids light has the full story >> many box called the qb are invented it to change laypeople work together. it is more mobile than video conferencing. while your tv is at your workplace you can control from anywhere in the world through a computer. it is on wheels so simply by moving the arrow keys it will navigate the key be around. cameras are built into its eyes and what it sees shows up in front of you as a steady video stream. it lets you hear what it hears. and the speaker of the top of its head that lets you talk for it. >> hello all i'm sanford hello
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i'm aaron the result is it's like you're at work and you're not. you can hold conversations of people is what is going on in the office. it is like a two-way audio video and it helps people save on travel expenses and makes remote team work easier. above its eyes are us. . if last eight hours and the key beat is available for pre order it costs $15,000. >> for more information log onto our website. >> we get closer to the idea of sending a robot to work. i'm not quite ready to do that yet >> legal look a robot to the show. >> ok last look at the weather >> it is led to be cool again, we'll is '60s and '70s for the forecast for our monday. it be 48 degrees with sunny skies.
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>> will see the 11 have a nice figureno carrier
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