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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 8, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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live this is kron4 news at 11. bay think there could be it a. decision on whether the leftists say on same-sex marriage and a lot people are eagerly awaiting the news. there is one same-sex couple that hopes tomorrow be their wedding day >> on may the 15th 2009 we were engaged for two years. >> already for the sheep other sentences like a married couple. the hope that tomorrow they'll take this step becoming a legal one. >> we want to prepared for monday in case we have the opportunity. >> that plant for a commitment ceremony in april and even though the seven months away they bought these rains this weekend and this is their marriage license application. it
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is all about the only one part is when there is a mean will be the one to august 9th >> shores never and jerry brown both depend on how the state will be lifted. we're very optimistic. >> it and not will be on standby ready to race for the county clerk's office and if and when the state is lifted. >> the we could back and we'll make sure there on time. >> we're standing by in the office >> not everybody is optimistic. this domestic partner ceremony took place last thursday. gene tate and wilbur went through it that even though the possibility of legal marriage is >> we felt we still want to go this route because your nervous about the outcome of the decision so we did not want to wait. >> the to say they would come back to city hall for wedding ceremony as soon as it is illegal. grace kelly for kron4
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news >> to find out the latest for same-sex marriage is go to our website. this coming tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of six year-old is on the campbell. his foster parents say he was last seen in a parked car and oakland. today there is a renewal of the dedication of finding them and hoping new headquarters in san leandro. will talk about that case we have saved it is there. >> (inaudible) >> shari lynn miller is the head for the society and she's talking about campbell and his loss. >> (inaudible) >> miller has not heard from ross or the foster mother since
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last august when she picked him up from one they're released from jail for being the suspicion of murder. they both left the state >> until they're ready to tell the truth i just as a person they them to please tell the truth. he deserves better. what ever happened to even if it was an accident tell the truth so >> not the opening of their new headquarters they have a central location where they can concentrate their efforts on missing persons and make it easier for the family of the missing. tina has been involved in helping to find missing people since the center can to case last year >> when the child goes missing they should not have to worry c,gv)p for the flyers or who would distribute them or who can keep the person in the news. that is the experience
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that we come together >> the nonprofit organization works through donations and volunteer work and is applying for grants >> we do help with they need in the community. i ask every parent out there and this is your child let's get on it. >> and san francisco for kron4 news. >> their new details for livermore at mother of two who sexually abused young boys. here's our photo. she is now facing additional charges and livermore police said she had sex with to under age boys and investigators say that she is nude pictures she sent to the boys on the cellphone. she would drive them to various places and have sex with them. now police say that they have had recent incident where she was driving young boys around and shooting pellet guns from outside the
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car. known was injured. she is married to a dentist, she has three children, she is being held in jail the $4.3 billion bill. she will be in court tomorrow. >> a hud continues for three men that robbed the bank yesterday, it was up bank of america branch of stevens creek boulevard, that scott is on the map and the armed man what the bank got away on foot it it was a 12 hour manhunt and the suspects have not been found. >> kathryn is a cool and cloudy day for the day and it is a trend of a chilly summer time with their discontinuing here. we have a lot of weather in the 60s ended is upper 70's. in the inland spots in the east bay valley is just in the mid-70s and livermore. 77 in antioch. up to 84 degrees. it is
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significantly below average. it is cooler than normal in some places especially here in the east bay pierce and grenfell is 60 degrees below normal. no changes are in the forecast for the next seven days. a very persistent cool and foggy weather pattern. 2 mar look for much of this same aura of much of this week the temperatures will stay below average and it's late week into the weekend will be a little better but still there is no 90s in the forecast no 80s and no significant warmups. will tell you exactly what to expect coming up. catherine? >> they keep brian. there is another city forced to cut back on the fire department. it's affecting a brand new fire station. and give details about the seal of h-p and how he settled a sexual-harassment claims. good news from the gulf be pete they say that they have
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permanently fixed the leak. just ahead on kron4 news >> been
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others to do is cutting back on services. fremont is cutting the fire department of it already had promised and the newest issue is been affected as not even open yet and a second station has to shut down weekends. budget to mart announces how it could affect response time. >> fire trucks and been kept behind doors at the fire station. the reason is, like the sign says, " is close because of budget cuts " the fire chief tells me he had no other choice but to close another fire station on the weekend or to lay off fire fighters. this was the first one i chose to close this month. the union vice president says the additional fire station closure is going to put it lives at greater risks >> before we started the second
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round of layoffs we are not meeting our response schools. it is to get to each call in six minutes and 30 seconds. 90 percent of the time. we're only doing about 59 percent of the time and on weekends it is even worse. of some has a heart attack here notice when to come out of this virus there were to be coming from the district to away and there is a possibility that it would go down each >> minute> it will take nearly $40 million to build and the fire department has not even got the keys to the building at. if it does it has to remain closed until the fire department can happen anytime soon. reggie camorra's for kron4 news and i >> huge construction project begins tomorrow at and is such a big deal and the clothes looked at the minnesota a tornado that the store and chaser got
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dangerously near. >> oracle summer of 2010 remains of the bay area. we of cool temperatures in the forecast for tomorrow and will you know what. coming up.
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c,gv0v before to year-old boy has been
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booked today on arson chargesen after deputies say that he has confessed to accidentally starting a fire in northern california. the fire briefly threatened homes and the fire crews were able to quickly contain it. the investigators say the 14 year-old boy dropped a barbecue lighter and he was trying to smoke marijuana. in national news bp says this meant to seal on the broker and oil leak is finished this mense plot was poured it down and the seal is solid. there is no oil that has leaked since last month and officials can now focus on long-
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term recovery. barbara hall explains. >> man who has had a heck of a summer is about to share some good news sunday. >> there's optimism before word. >> on the floor going for this it to this end talks now on long term recovery efforts. bp will depend billions in damages. senators from gulf coast to say they want 80% to go back to the region. when asked about president barack obama is use the white house climate adviser says that there has been it difficulties getting a consensus from congress. we will >> have to work with them to make sure the gulf has committed the defenses at this time. >> meanwhile allen was fast to get bp a letter grade on their handling of the disaster. he hesitated to design one as they got high marks for the technological remarks but did not do well on a personal level. >> retail sales or individuals
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are not been dealt with on that basis for daily. he also said that he would like to see the technology being used and included in the undersea oil production. barbara hall for kron4 news. >> a dramatic scene unfolded nbc the problem that the bill was on fire in the coast guard had to come to rescue with four people on board the rescues were able to get everybody off your they're not sure yet how the fire began. and from solid ground look at this one off landing for a small plant in vermont. it went belly up just off the runway. this happened yesterday. a couple from florida was on board and they say the engine had some problems. the plane tipped over and crashed when they try to land. they were not hurt to fortunately. the airport was closed for several hours. >> oh no. oh know. it oh no, no,
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no! >> dramatic scene in minnesota. this is yesterday appeared storm chasers captured this picture of the plain of the poor through western united states. it touched down in north dakota and it is today of farm here. that is why site see all of the debris it fine. fortunately >> nobody was >> well that is good. yes one of the big roles as the storm chaser you are supposed to remain safe and if you see debris coming into your windshield i think you are too close. temperatures are in the '50s around the bay and the of 64 degrees in antioch. san francisco's checking at 54. san jose's 60 and the winds have been really, a breezy, and dusty. we as team wins all day at to 20 and 30 and we have cool winds blasting into the delta. temperatures are just not warming up. and that is what we
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saw today. readings of the '70s, lot of fault to deal as well. here's the fog tracker at midnight. showing the fog is making a surge in land and we see this act of low clouds and drizzle. at 6:00 a.m. look at it the fault. it is just about everywhere even extending all the way into inland. this is high time in the central it now. it is making a huge inland search for tonight and as we go into the daytime hours tomorrow it is " to clear. i tell we have box still pretty extensive answers throughout to redwood city and the vallejo and now plant sandro's and petaluma valley. it is searing symbol called sun by noon the fog is back to san francisco and it may stay here much of the day just like it did today. the forecast is showing some clear at the beach as tomorrow afternoon. imagine not. the temperatures aren't strong and the fog will
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remain cooler than average. it seems like we've been talking about this kind of stuck wherever. really know what changes. 62¢ francisco 60s here in the east coast and normal high here in the word is 75 and below average. in concord is 89 degrees and only 77 degrees for tomorrow. for the south bay extensive clout and is giving away too sunny spots and from 9 to 10:75 in san jose and cupertino is also 75. here's your seven day on the day and everything is cool, temperatures will continue tuesday and wednesday, lot of fault, drizzle morning hours. by the end of the week there's a little bit of change. it is coming up ever so slightly and perhaps by next weekend with felt spill, it will be six or seven and a forecasted may be getting up closer to normal with highs in land and 80s and low 70's here the day.
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capt.? >> well hewlett-packard ceo mark has settled the allegations of sexual harassment and those allegations were brought against him by the mill contract worker from h-p. her name is judith fischer, but you're accusations that the chain of events that led to the discovery of allegedly falsified expense c,gv)k5z her to force the resignation on friday. it was legitimate business expenses and her getting a $28 million severance package from h-p. apple headquarters, a top executive is leaving after the break of antenna. member the reception program? sr. dp is leaving and he was involved with the engineering. they had
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offered to extend because of the construction on the tunnel begins tomorrow. crews are going to begin drilling into a wall on each side of the tunnel it is $420 million project and it will lead to a traffic injection there'll be a ceremony at kickoff tomorrow allowing the public ever look at the work. jeff has a preview. >> traffic is a mess of the tunnel about any time you have to go through it started monday's of this masterpiece of heavy equipment said to be called at road runner it will start at three track to the mountain. it will really not bar anyone because nobody lives in the area but on the open side of the tunnel it will be a different story. the people impacted the most are those who live on caldecott lane. in fact they are already impacted and the work has not started yet.
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there used to be a view of the highway but not anymore. caltrans has installed this tall sound wall to keep the noise down. it works pretty good but that you was gone. the will is not permanent it will stay up until the construction is finished and said it will be torn down and landscaping will go in it's place. another problem will be traffic. while they're working on the other side a smaller one will be doing the same on the open side. dump trucks and other heavy equipment will be coming ago in on the street for the next three years. in oakland and jeff bush for kron4 news stock >> had to do movies make the top three at the weekend box office will find out which ones c,gv)+c! third-place this is a sequel of
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the popular step up it isuel of called step up 3-d. because it is in 3-d. it made of a million dollars and inception is doing really well if it fell into second place and made 19 million
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bring the total to $230 million. and in first place opening weekend of the other guy. it stars will farrell and mark well burt and it made more than $35,000,000.10 >> i thought kate was carted talk and >> know it's all new >> alright to walt now insufficiently it at a press i guess i should talk about whether we get temperatures in the '50s with all lot of what it all over the place prayed drizzles are falling in san francisco board to see that four to one morning as well and by the afternoon as the fault slowly clears the way we will see those numbers on the cool side with 60s in san francisco and oakland, 70's and the warmest place is inland and antioch is still 84 degrees. lookit that, 77 in concord. fairfield is 70 degrees and a cool place will remain until
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next weekend. >> have you a good evening will see this week. no carrier
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