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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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columbite the weekend more the same today emphasis next afford days. you can see the marine layer higher than yesterday pushing further inland. were socked it out towards livermore. right now is 53 degrees in san francisco 59 in oakland upper 50s inland east bay, 60 mountain view, 54 santa rosa, 53 in san francisco. were watching the fog around the bay area right now the drizzle showing up around
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the coast. as far as clearing times i think around 930-10:00 for livermore to san jose. closer to 11 for the eastern half of the city out toward santa rosa. as we look at future cast the temperatures in the 50s now a day and '60s, '50s in the noontime as well. still '50s with the fog showing up for marin county in the peninsula. the highs today upper '70s for the warmest inland spots in yellow 60 showing up around the bay. fifties for the western half of san francisco and up and down the sonoma coast. the fog comes back again from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.. look at the temperatures for your neighborhood cold day in marin upper 60s, mid-70s sonoma 78 in
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fairfield, 61 in san francisco's 60 happen base 71 in san mateo the east bay near the bay mid-60's for oakland 70 in hayward and all union city, highs in the mid-70s generally from woman creek to san ramon. mid-70s showing up for sunnyvale said a clear upper '70s a warm-up coming for the weekend will check that with your 70 forecast coming up. the latest with george. >> we monitor potential hot spot or a vehicle fire has shut down to lanes of to 80 the northbound direction. were calling as a potential hot spot because at present there is no nothing in a way of the back up just a slowdown in approaching the scene that is heading out of downtown just north of guadalupe parkway. that could have an
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impact of the guadalupe parkway. the ride towards cupertino as well. so far it's only a brief slowdown with two lanes closed its last for the commit this morning the potential for big delays in the south bay certainly exist. at present a minor annoyance. a bridge check for the west bound bay bridge ride looking at the commute from the east bay no problems here as you head through oakland and emeryville. coming through hayward on 92 for a midday crossing an easy ride no problems reported across the span. you're ride from marin county across the golden gate bridge looks good 1 01 southbound incident free for the ride through marin county southbound. coming in this morning from novato drive times are under 25 minutes. >> the latest some overnight
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news new developments there were two shootings outside to night clubs the latest one happen before 2:00 a.m. that's where two women were shot in front of the folsom club. no word if they were inside the club before the shooting but officers say both were shot in the upper body they were taken to hospital condition unknown at this time. one woman is dead after three people were shot near nightclub blocks from san francisco's union square. it happened at 9:00 p.m. last night. near the ruby scott a nightclub. they were transferred or reported to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries. here is how close the shootings were to each other there's of folsom street and there's someone on mason. as we pull and you see there are only a mile
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and a half apart from each other san francisco officials tried to address the out recent violence at or near route nightclubs. the mayor will sign a new ordinance that gives the commission the power to revoke permits of troubled clubs. >> 6 05. a livermore mother will have firsta 42-year-old livermore woman in jail for the alleged sexual assault of two boys,christine shreeve hubbs was arrested thursday on suspicion of having sex with two underage boys since december 2008. hubbs allegedly sent messages and nude pictures of herself to the boys from her cell phone. after contacting the victims, she would then allegedly drive them in her black 2006 hummer h2 to different locations in livermore and have sex with them.hubbs was charged with 67 felony counts of sexual assault, including oral copulation, lewd act on a child, and exhibition of lewd material to a minor. she is scheduled to be arraigned monday at the gale-schenone hall of justice in pleasanton.hubbs will also be arraigned on charges of allowing the negligent discharge of a bb gun, she let a group of boys shoot a plastic pellet gun from her one was seriously injured by the plastic pellets. she is married to livermore dentist and has three children. >> san francisco's temporary
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trend bay terminal will get its first rush of weekday commuters riders began using the station over the weekend it will be up for the next seven years will work is done on the new for billion dollar state of the heart terminal. it houses ac transit, greyhound munis sam france and west cat likes. >> construction project on the caldecott tunnel begins today in debt height widening highway 24. they will drilling tool wall it's a $420 million project that will ease traffic conviction. there will be a kick off today. >> fire officials investigated car fire in mountain view. careers responded about 320 this morning flames coming from the white truck those flames spread to nearby trees and for a short
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time chris thought the flames might go to it apartment complex. the fire was put out the residence back in their homes. >> 607 is the time right now we will be back in a couple of minutes. live pictures this is highland illinois one person has died as a result of two accidents that happen there appears 18 willard clip than over path and the cabinet trailer separated went to opposite sides of the road. we will bit
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a check on market headlines after stumbling friday things look more positive of this morning. device maker research
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in motion has reached an agreement with saudi arabia which would allow blackberry messaging to continue there. it would give the government some access to usurp that data. members of the house will return today from their summer recess the quickly pass a jobs bill they say it's crucial to the nation's well-being $26 billion legislation prevents tens and thousands of teachers and government workers from losing jobs. >> government mortgage buyer is asking for $1.8 billion in federal aid after posting a large loss in the second quarter freddie mac says it lost 6 billion in april-june period compared to a 840 million during the same time last year. the government rescued setting at freddie mac and fannie mae two years ago. they have needed is a
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hundred and $40 billion to stay afloat. >> we will take a quick break as we go live pictures out of washington where the 2009 super bowl champs the new orleans check saints aren't at the white house. they will be going to walter reed medical center to visit the troops. they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh. we started saving for this music camp in vermont. so i told them about
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accidentally starting a wildfire it briefly threatened 50 homes but fire crews were able to quickly containing you can see the homes being circled by those charged hills. investigators say 14 year-old boy dropped a barbecue lighter in brush after
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he was smoking pot. he admits to starting the fire but says it was an accident. >> let's talk about the weather once more we have another cool day around the bay because of that the fog that just won't go away. >> the heat wave has been backed east western half has been unusually cool beneath the fog there you see the golden gate the father hire today. let's go to the 70 forecast. kiwanis see when it to get warm saturday- sunday will be the today's temperatures near 80 degrees a warm-up coming for the weekend but it's not a typical offshore wind where we see the coast clear. highs of near 60 inland spots warming up towards the weekend next weekend looks to be about 10-15 degrees warmer than
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this past weekend. fog trucker right now you see it 7:00 the fog addition pushing inland as we advance towards 10:00 breaking up towards san jose by noontime everyone just about cleared out except for the western half of the peninsula. the fog bricks upper four chance of sunshine and half a day. temperatures today about the same as yesterday board to agree or to cooler 61 in san francisco 67 san rafael los '70s novato airfield in the field mid-70s. 70 in hayward 77 livermore san jose los gatos low '70s malamute '60s ma'am the appeared giant's taking on the cubs fog in chile with temperatures in the '50s 70 forecast a bit more warm up as
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we head towards a week. more of the same fog and clouds in the morning. now let's find a with traffic. >> things cooled off quickly which is good news we had been tracking the potential hot spot our concern now has just evaporated. the vehicle fire which had shut down to lanes of 280 north island just north of the guadalupe parkway all lanes completely open we have not got a lot of back up just zero passes seen occurring at an early enough hour that there wasn't enough traffic to crated jam. we could by way of the sensors see a little slow in coming up from downtown on to weigh the northbound. all lanes reopened so we're not much concerned about what could of been a huge hot spot. the bay bridge toll plaza west bound ride still looks good a bit of
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the back up forming in the fast track lanes right down the center of there was a good commune on all the approaches in san francisco as we check cross down freeways it and see the skyway looks good this is a trip to the lower deck this is from the upper deck. this is the amount central freeway from octavia no back up toward the lake through the city. >> san francisco is getting started on a marked by clean project the project but people problem is the first to get underwear since 2006 moratorium on new bicycle lanes. the moratorium had blocked the city for moving toward for 45 new bike lanes the first project will include bike improvements on laguna and new north point street. >> u.s. chamber of conquers is
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backing curley's bid for the senate. a field poll rickey's the release last month they supported go the candidates is the chamber of commerce points toward saving the economy. >> president barack obama is picking up the pace of his dash for campaign cash it will stop today in two cities in texas austin and dallas his stops, as democrats are fighting to hang on to their voting majorities in the house and senate. halfway through the president's term. he is expected to remind people of the steps he took to funnel more money to colleges. >> laetitia long is being promoted she is the first woman in charge of the 16 major intelligence agencies she was second-in-command in defense and
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that intelligence. she is then more two decades and intelligence community they use satellite satellite imagery to create interactive interacting mac. >> c l parker confirmation now he settled the allegations that were brought against him by a female contract worker for h-p her named jody fisher this is video for a mob movie premiere she attended she says she surprised and saddened that he lost his job. the accusation set off a chain of events that led to the discovery of expense reports there revealed he had had dinners was fisher that led to forced resignation from the company on friday he insists the costs were legitimate expenses.
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he is getting at $20 million severance package >> apple headquarters top executive leaving in the wake of the intended date. that's where the calling it. the reception problems senior vp is leaving he was in charge of the division a couple weeks ago apple was forced to offer free or the iphone for after customers complained of drop calls related to the antenna design. he has been replaced. >> and candidate seems like an expert at can piercand conspirak obama is talking about the super bowl champs. they played ball
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with the washington area children meeting with the president. they will visit would troops and families. m president barack obama will be heading to texas.
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a manhunt centered in the yellowstone national park. efforts to find the three intensified after one of the inmates was linked to a double homicide that happen in mexico. they advise the suspects may try to cross into canada. the warning was issued because the three moved north and are within several hundred miles of the border. we will take a break back with more headlines in a moment open them bell on the other side of this bridge will have the latest numbers for you.
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the reign of the opening bell stock futures positive this morning not by a lot but they were positive following signs europe's recovery is speeding up the bed. good news there hopefully we will keep that trend up today. dow jones up one. today already. >> we are keeping the trend of the cool weather cooler than normal this whole summer. clouds hanging from arm around can camera on the right is san jose traffic very it looks like maybe they might get some. >> this whether spinks. some people like the fog a lot of people like the warm weather as well. july was the seventh straight month with below average temperatures. we're
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waiting for them rain late later to zero it is pushing all the way inland temperatures on the cool side misty drizzle coming down as well right now 53 in san francisco 59 oakland and 60 malamute. mid-50s inland east bay no '50s up toward santa rosa. as far as clearing times are concerned may not be until midday for san francisco at least western half appeared in learnt spots about 930-10:00 the sun will come out. petaluma valley bait clouds may hang on until 11:00 a.m. same with st. francisco. the coast may not get any clearing at all. much of the same as always saw yesterday. highs today 69 mill valley 67 san rafael 70 santa rosa to some of my napa upper '70s fairfield in san francisco's is the 61
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toward the financial district upper 50s for ocean beach 71 in san mateo mid-60's berkeley to oakland was sunshine this afternoon. 70 in castro valley inland seas bay woman the warmest temperatures 77 livermore 78 in antioch in the south bay high as around 4:00 this afternoon mid to upper '70s. 78 forecast more the same moving toward. there are signs of a warm-up so we could push 90 degrees for the weekend by sunday but it looks like the sun thithis clouds will stay near te coast. >> about the but the bay bridge tunnel hot spots around the area. let's start off with a bridge check the westbound commute as we can see just a bit
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of a back up at the bay bridge for the west bound ride could be increased volume looks as though there is a few more cars at the bay bridge they were used to seeing through most of the summer commute. especially since congestion pricing went into effect. we so far are incident free on the upper deck. you're right to this end to bridge midday smooth on the approach smoothed across the span no problems heading over toward highway 101. the ride in 1 01 golden gate bridge any see trip no fog to concern yourself you will have a good so bound ride incident free to rumor in county 1 01 southbound so far. free ride on highway 80 issue had westbound this morning pass the highway for heading to the e short freeway a light and then usually so light ride for the westbound direction done to golden gate fields. >> 633 of mylonite for san
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francisco to shooting some outside of tonight kellogg's. and the latest one happen before 2:00 a.m. to women shot in front of the folsom club no word on if the two female victims had been inside the club officers say both women were shot in the upper body they were taken hospital their condition is unknown at this hour. one woman is dead after three people were shot near nightclub just blocks from san francisco's union square. that shooting happened around 9:00 p.m. last night in the 400 block of mason street near ruby sky nightclub. the other two people were transferred to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the club was closed at the time. they approved a tough ordinance that allows the commission to revoke the licenses of trolled the clubs. mayor galvanism will sign the measure into law this week. >> weekday commuters that are
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using the new trends bay terminal in san francisco we have a live picture we can show you of that terminal and main street riders began using it over the weekend it will be up for seven years will they do work on a new terminal. to talk more about it is saddam a spokesperson for the terminal. how did the transition go? >> we had a smooth transition all lot of work in preparation went into a bed at midnight the facility closed. riders were expecting it and we feel was mood. >> talk to me more about what to expect when they head out? >> the terminal is a full- service we experienced 10,000 commuters come through this facility today. it's a lot less realistic than the old terminal offered but it is fully functional to accommodate the same traffic. because of the
6:36 am
density it will be busier. all little more high impact and traffic. we have a lot of ambassadors to show folks out use of facility more to go. >> the times are still the same? >> correct the schedules are not change. >> very good. this temporary terminals will be in use for seven years potentially? >> about seven years we will do our best to reduce that time frame but our estimate is seven years at which time we would look forward to looking at the new transit center block away. >> you are on time this morning the problems of this morning >> on time no problems this morning. >> date you for joining us this morning. new to every terminal in full service. >> 6:36 a.m.. a 42-year-old
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livermore woman in jail for the alleged sexual assault of two boys,christine shreeve hubbs was arrested thursday on suspicion of having sex with two underage boys since december 2008. hubbs allegedly sent messages and nude pictures of herself to the boys from her cell phone. after contacting the victims, she would then allegedly drive them in her black 2006 hummer h2 to different locations in livermore and have sex with them.hubbs was charged with 67 felony counts of sexual assault, including oral copulation, lewd act on a child, and exhibition of lewd material to a minor. she is scheduled to be arraigned monday at the gale-schenone hall of justice in pleasanton.hubbs will also be arraigned on charges of allowing the negligent discharge of a bb gun, she let a group of boys shoot a plastic pellet gun from her one was seriously injured by the plastic pellets. >> obviously the victim being 15 were very scared. we have a clear call we bring in professionals interviewed them separately with professionals both statements being done separately cooperated what her motive was and how she would be for in these children. they are
6:38 am
truthful and we believe them. given them gifts of x boxes and gift cards. occurred in alameda hotels and her vehicle. >> she is 42 years old married to a livermore dentist and has three children she is currently being held on $4.3 million bill. >> a gunman who injured a man will driving along 680 over the weekend it should happen before 9:00 saturday night and northbound 680. the driver of a chevy trailblazer shot added dodge there was a passenger in the durango that was hit in the back. it's a hispanic male in his 20s with a black goatee and a mustache was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. >> 638 will be back with more moment.
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14 points to the good side the dow was the s&p also nasdaq ups a little more than seven points could activity on wall street for now. this comes after chrysler says kron sales halted its narrow its fourth quarter loss a year after bankruptcy protection largely because of a 22 port% sales jump. this was the first time the company had released second quarter results. >> the oil spill bp has resumed drilling the relief wells meant to intersect the blown out welland seal it for good. this morning this meant forced down from the top of a crippled well last week has hardened enough
6:43 am
workers controls 100 ft. of the relief well. if our hurricane hits the area cleanup workers may not be able to get to work right away. new orders from president barack obama require oil to be tested first before it can be cleaned. that's supposed to make it easier to make reimbursed if the oil and up and backyards. >> we will be right back quick tempers would there may be relieved at the end of
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recap of top stories of violence night in san francisco five people wounded one dead. to two separate shootings near nightclubs of firsthand about 9:00 p.m. nearly despite the second half and around 2:00 a.m. near folsom if nightclub no word whether the two shootings are
6:47 am
related. >> a livermore woman will be in court today alleging to have with two teenage boys. she was arrested thursday after a probe started when the mother found a nude photo of her sons cellphone cured bail is set for $4 million. >> called got tunnel begins today crews will start drilling into the wall on the side of that tunnel $420 million project they say will ease traffic congestion over time. >> bay area weather waiting for the warm-up and waiting a look over san francisco the fog pushing all the way inland everyone with overcast conditions. similar to what we saw yesterday. there satellite radar in the sierra out there are thunderstorms that fired up around 7-8:00 yesterday another
6:48 am
chance later this afternoon. if families vacationing up there just be aware of the possibility of some downpours in thunderstorms possible over the next few days. right now with the fog temperatures in the '50s everywhere the warm spot my own view of 6054 san rafael we are getting pockets of heavier drizzle showing up around the bay near the coast temperatures as we head towards 80 am still in the '50s as we head toward noon that's when we see the '60s moving for inland spots you can see the blue that's were the fog is still hanging on the fog will clear out near the coast through the afternoon highs in the '70s inland maybe even in '80 making towards livermore valley may be 78 degrees today for livermore. upper '70s for the warmer spots in the fog rolls back in from 4-8:00 p.m. as we cool back down the fog will move back in. it
6:49 am
will warm up this weekend but i think is just at the inland. 70 along the base 78 san jose 60 maybe a glimpse of sun have mandates 70 forecast for the same the fog staying stick in the morning clearing for the coast in the afternoon watching a warm-up but it may not the only offshore wind event i think the beaches will stay even with the fog into the weekend the inland spots were mopped mid to upper 80s the bay spots will be in the '70s. up there traffic with george >> as we tried our first hot spot is a slowdown and hot spot in the westbound direction where the commute is getting into full swing it will be heavy coming off of 2 05580 at the paterson no problems the heaviest traffic in livermore and not the altamont pass for the west bound 580 ride south 680 still
6:50 am
looks good both out of the san ramon valley and down toward signal. a bridge check starting with the bay bridge westbound ride sought bit of a back up and are less check about here looks as though the russian the toll plaza is over now as what little back up we had is already starting teased. san mateo bridge ride slightly backed up on the approach been no problems across the span still uneasy commute for highway 92 midday and 1 01 u.s. coming in from around no problems are delays southdown 101. over the waldo grade traffic looks great from central san rafael. >> to a group of care givers from tool and nursing homes have discovered they have been replaced following a strike. 150 employes went on strike last monday it was a star would cover live on kron 4 morning news will the strike is over the workers
6:51 am
were set to return this morning but at least 37 have found out they have been replaced by new employees that were hired during the strike. the facility said they had to hire new employees the union says it violates federal laws. >> to concord teenagers have been arrested for burglary at a high school in happen on saturday at christian hire the officers responded to the activation of an alarm when they arrived they saw the suspect in the office with flashlights. the suspects tried to run but retained a 17 year-old suspect resisted arrest and had to be subdued by taser. petaluma will be stepping up traffic the extra police and community officers for the first two dates of school officers will conduct sting's at crosswalks that enforcement begins tuesday august 17th. >> oakland tribune photographer
6:52 am
$99,000 the lawsuit stems from a 2008 confrontation between the photographer and the district's police chief erich during and immigration in march at the heart of the case of michelin and heated exchange were they settled the case remediation. >> air quality has approved $5 million to develop a network of charging stations for electric vehicles specifically development of 3000 column charging stations 2000 public charging stations and 50 start charging stations for highways. they are part of the air district cleared spare the air program. >> let's go side to mt. tam camera a lot of low cloud cover fog still in the mix as it has been for weeks now when will it
6:53 am
burn off and how long will the cool temperatures last mark will tell us coming up.
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cooler that soared over the next week ahead relatively flat over the weekend. as we approach saturday, sunday warming up slightly temperatures going all the way to 88 by sunday. >> don't hit that 0 nil. o no no no no no. oh no no no. >> a tornado touched down along the minnesota border 8 hit a form house and that's where the debris as. erected to shreds the good news nobody got hurt. >> weekend box office the other
6:57 am
guy opening first place in may $35 million paris inception is going strong it fell into second place spot this weekend and made 19 million bring total so far $230 million. third-place a sequel to this step up the aunt's moving the latest one was 3d and made 15 and a half million dollars on its opening weekend. >> 656 live hedgers out of d.c.. airforce one if on the tarmac the president making its way to texas
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