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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  August 9, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. >> or victoria four-o'clock severance as police are questioning five people in connection with the sshooting of the german tourist at union square. as kate thompson, the uniowoman was caught and the crossfire. >> 50 year-old shrower was out for a stroll when two groups that were attending a nearby of vent opened fire. >> the victim got caught in the crossfire. and we are investigating to see if it is gang-related. >> she was just steps from her hotel when she was shot. >> this shows you how close she
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was, gunned down just one half block from her hotel. and mace in shomason st., is packed with tourists, and mayor gavin newson think i witnesses will help identify, and she was the elementary school director. choose your for one month, and was going to leave qamar with your husband to go to senseless. reporting kate thompson. >> more gunshots overnight in san francisco. you can see the this particular an incident happened at 10:t15 folsom >> behind the yellow police for closing time. this club fol police recalled to the scene.
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and it is unclear if the victims were inside the club, both women were hit b. one in the ankle, oe in the arm, they're rushed to hospital. with the non-life threatening injuries there are no arrests and that this one, there are no suspects. this is a hot spot for late-night partying. and the city is averaging one club shooting per month. and now the feeling is that perhaps several michael to know on safe vicki liviakis >> this violence is after several my clubs which abound prompted city officials to take more steps to regulate problem night spots. and here is a look. july 11th, ran outside jelliey'
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and responding police officer was on foot. in april, three people shot past a parking lot. with one death. that is south of market area. and swayenear the fisherman were. now, mayor gavin newson cam's entertainment commission more power to permanently revoked the license. and set of temporary licensing suspending their license. and to% of the 1500 not spite's are about to% are nightspots. to%. to%. >> and you can see her here. her brief appearance of deposit in court room and not has entered a plea. per raymond has been assembled for next week and she
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will likely enter her plea 167 felony counts on a minor, and one misdemeanor involving firing a gun from her hummer. and for our agreement will be next week and her bill is that four or $3 million. >> her arraignment. >> and i'm going to go through it, before i can go through any case. >> she is accused of having sexual relations with two boys. one could go back as 2008. economists say the bay area housing market is doing a lot of unrest in the country right now. the home values is up 4.1%, and it is the fifth consecutive quarter of injuriincreases, how, the national is lower. and christine connolly will walk us
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through these numbers and with these mean. >> and these latest numbers show a bit of a revival. you can see that it is $497,000. that is numbers will not seen since the year 20 03. you can see on this map, some of the areas and increases. and the san ramon, 30 percent increase compared to the same time, last year. it-13. 11 percent, and in the south bay, the sundamilpitas, and also ince in the number of homeowners who are under water. they all more than with their home is worth and this is about one-and five in the bay area. 20 percent compared to 30% one year ago. but not all of this is good news it depends on what your zip code is in the bay area. one-third of the zip codes are still seen slumping home values. to take a
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look at this map, and the thing with a 35% decline. compared to the same time last year, they point, 22 percent. and in vallejo, a 13% decline. and richmond, tow% decline in home values kron 4 news. ♪ >> little changed, in the forecast and mcchrystal yesterday with fog up and down the coastline. you can see that temperatures are all telstill on the coastline, with 50s. a mix of 50s, 60s, 70's and inland, mainly in the upper 70's. a few low 80s and pleasanton, livermore, 81 degrees in livermore. conditions in the south bay, and 70's in the north bay. it is well below normal right now. what we can expect tonight, with low clouds and fog rolling rebecca and.
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tomorrow morning, dense fog and drizzle close to the coastline. in rolling right back in, that fog is going to say keep us on the " line but a potential warm- up in store for the weekend. more about that coming up and stay with us, rob black and your money is right e-mail [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. e-mail us at: a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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>> stocks edged higher, with one the before the economy. the dow rose just a bit at 10,006 nine eight. and the nasdaq was also up, and rob black is here with but is happening in the market. in new weekend, what to think of the numbers today? in >> predicted, and that we saw those numbers and we did not like them but as we're going to
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purchase back some on the are government debt to keep the debt lower or to keep mortgage the market. and we do not like those numbers so please help us, please help us and the government probably will. >> and where did the money come from? >> they print it [laughter] >> and they can save money and right now, the land and money to the mortgage and make money. and our treasury is a business it is not supposed to be what it is done pretty well as a business. >> h-p. and the investment community to not want mark heard to step down. and his departure, and his stock is still declining. >> yes come to the was the first real they saw it was still 10% with 5 percent lower. that is a lot, for a sexual harassment cases. and the point is that
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people like me worry about this because he is a great ceo. and in an economy that is slowing down, now who's going to take over? and investors, i love the opportunity but some speculation, and their next quarter is thomas' ' by 6 percent growth which is actually a slowdown. >> and h p is a bay area company and with speculation, and each piece is would not have the ceo. however, we're still each peak, and is that working? >> actually, them a great management team. and to train their managers, and the downsize is that when they get the job to the and one of the four. the three others might leave. the short term. >> and mcdonald's? your happy about something? [laughter] >> and yes, it was a hot summer
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and mcdonald's is rocking and rolling in the stock is at an all time high. ejidatarios there kiddingly older generation, like me some other food is incredibly processed. and if --there they are experiencing an older generation. >> and who does this affect? the competition? >> with burger king. and tackle bi and they are at an all-time high. and it is like grandfather stock but it still works. >> it still works! >> and the management is still doing something right. >> and we've we come back, rob black will answer your e-mails swivel lot more news stay with us.
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>> and look outside for more recant and downtown san francisco sunny skies. and from of our roof cam, the sunny skies
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are still hanging on. that fog has been an issue, and inland, it is still a lot cooler than it should be for this time of year upper 70's, low 80s, livermore is the enormous location. temperatures are 10 below average and with they should be. the fog is pressing all the way into the bay, and with the fog/drizzle close to the coast tonight. another round of fog in temperatures will still be on the cool side. the good news is that there is a potential warm- up. and first, let us take a look of the fog tracker for tomorrow. well inland, separate and much bay area wide is covered in that fog. and through that bay area, it is lingering to the north bay in tempters warming on the cool side. and pressing back to the coast, you can see that it is hanging on ocean beach, and daly city. perhaps some breaks of sunshine,
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with mountain view. and temperatures are going to be on the cooler side. and 61 degrees in half moon bay. and the same inland. upper 70's, low 80s, and a mix of 60s, 70's from the bay shore. to take a look at the kron 4 7 day around the bay it was the foggy and coal and a slight warm-up on a thursday and friday. a chance of even a higher warm-up in u.k. posted as we get closer. >> and a ban on toys and restaurants goes into effect today. they're hoping that it will tructo start a trend, and a clara county is the banning the amount of toys inside children's meals. to stop encouraging kids from and healthy foods. >> the main goal is to have these chain restaurants lower the amount of calories that are
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in these meals. that are being targeted towards kids. they are higher in calories, fat, sodium than they need to be. >> county compliance office will enforce these new rules. it is only a small number of restaurants and on incorporated areas and the hope is that other local governments will follow their lead. to start similar bans. >> vaccimaxine waters has been formally charged. she is accused for asking for federal help. and her husband served on the board of a bank, and this is the possibility of a t trial in the fall before a ethics committee. >> and in san antonio tx were facin a choosing a woman that not pull over and she
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smashed into a minivan killing four people. including a small girl and a baby the driver was hospitalized. she is expected to be ok in this is more questions about rather a police chase. is always a good idea. >> and while the recession has hit most working americans and a pocketbook. web producer, kimberly sakamoto what has the most recession-proof salaries. >> and a top investment called and thus the pds has put together a list. investipedia and the number one is health care, and from our older generation. health care will rise, greatly. government is no. 2, military is no. 3 because with promotions along the tax benefits. and they rarely cut wages and easily stay in peace wi inflation. and if
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you like to read more about these? what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> we have a new wrinkle to tell you about involving honda recall. the civic, 2003 models. it is about in the ignition switch that could be allow the key removed without moving the car into park. a total of 400,000 vehicles are being recalled. a look outside at this monday, this is the james lipto in the lower deck. and its moving \ quite well at this hour. the bottom, it is southbound on the 101 and that is moving slow. we have a programming note to change. we will have the giants game, now
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at 8:00 p.m. will be ending at 10, you can watch back-to-back episodes of america's got talent. we will be right back.
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>> robert like this here with your e-mail questions and we had a question about apple. george is asking that apple is going to purchase tivo? >> yes, i heard about that too, and there is a page with itunes. and ever since then, that there has spent it is such a great product. and it makes a lot of sense because apple needs to enter the television market. their record operating system, with television, wireless, and really where we're going to go to next. and i personally think that tivo is not worth that much of their technology and a
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boarding system is worth. >> and user friendly? >> yes,-operating system. and could this happen? absolutely but i to nothing so because it is a 3 year old remark. >> perhaps george was a little bit late. -rumor. and and now has a " question. >> clearly, that person could of been a real-estate appraiser, and to see a lot distressed properties, flip them, six- month, one year for nearly double. >> stillness economic climate? >> yes, and with five and a thousand? and it is the professionals with the cash flow. and to throw down one-half million dollars. >> and exactly. alting of the vote real-estate is roaring to
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continue to shop and look to that purpose property. >> location. >> and one of the things the housing numbers is so good because high-paying jobs. and compared to the mast of the nation is still pretty desirable, " the weather, the coastal, close to mexico/whitey. and with the bay area real- estate. hawaii. and with the short-term investor, and also the about the good and bad. >> and if you have a question? e-mail at he would be happy to hear from you. wheat will be rebecca lot more news coming up. biltmowe have a lot more coming
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