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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 9, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station >> a contract agreement has been announced from the city, and hopefully it will save police jobs in the future after months of negotiations. there was a news conference announcing the news deal and haaziq madyun >> the votes are in! oakland police officers say yes to a new contract. tune representative, says that his members agreed to pay more into their pensions if it means saving oakland police department jobs. >> our members have agreed to pay additional 7% contributions to their own pensions for a complete 9 percent of our employe contributions. >> pension contributions will gradually reached 9 percent over the next three years. and new recruits are heavy 2-tier system, and the sergeant has
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agreed to bess with a one guarantee. >> with no layoffs. that is or guarantee. that is--our guarantee, and it will bring the laid-off officers back, and no future layoffs. and for the next three years. >> and no minimum staffing levels are approved or guaranteed. this will still have to be voted on, and outside of oakland, kron 4 news. >> san francisco, the temporary terminal is the first rush up midday commuters. this live picture, of the temporary terminal. they are climbing up and they started using this over the weekend. a spokesperson says that these new temporary terminal is smaller but it will still work for all of these commuters that go through.
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>> these temporary terminal is in full-service. we will experience 10,000 commuters through this facility today. and with real estate, less real- estate and the old terminal offered. however, fully functional and accommodates the same amount of traffic. because of the density it will be busier, and more high impact. and high traffic the we have a lot of ambassadors to show the way of where to go. >> the temporary terminal is on howard/main street. you can see if our location, and will be of with ac transit, golden gate transit, greyhound muni, and west cat. and this has complied with the judge's ruling that the bus agency must honor its old contract with the union drivers. and through binding arbitration, the arbitrer there will have
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their previous work schedule. and this was effective, yesterday. despite the change, 120 still called in sick today! that is the higher of average 100. the union leaders say that more than three dozen striking people at the oakland nursing home have been laid off. 150 janitors, coke's, nursing assistance went on strike on aug.-off professional cooks >> and the reason is that disciplinary issues. the owner says that the workers are on a list to be reinstated. and this tunnel started. the $400 million is the second biggest under the american recovery and this is the largest grinder in the country. you can see it working and it is dismantling and rebuilding here. just for this
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project. six-8 ft. per day and these working crews will stop and put in concrete and steel are round the drilling. and 2013, and sound detection services for nearby residents. >> first location, and you can see that will put this noise monitor above ground for security reasons. also, to make sure the we have a microphone well above cricrowned level this is truly a one-of-a-kind system. the advancement requires a significant amount of software and engineering. if this gets too loud? there is a text message notification on the cellphone. >> and what about a false alarm? >> those are caused by traffic going by or non-construction
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related noise. >> officials said the sound law has 10-12 decibels. ♪ they look outside for more mount pam cam you can see that fog off the shore. relief thick, and that is where temperatures are so cool along the coast with a really-that fog staying through the bay and most of the morning hours and the temperatures have only been warming up only into the 60s this afternoon. 68 degrees in hayward, 65 degrees in oakland, 55 degrees in half moon bay. well below average for this time of year. and earlier, how i mention this fog is stayed in here and another round of fog tonight, and to the bayshore. it will be cooler tomorrow afternoon and the potential warm-up by the end of this week in the weekend! >> the santa clara county
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inwardness ending the use of toys and meals containing-ending its inclusion of toys with high caloric fat, children's meals. to send a message to the fast- food chains to act more responsibly to end the childhood obesity. >> the hope is that if it cannot cities, counties and active this:the elusive as a national food chains on their own. to reduce the anamount of calories, sodium and fat for the children meal. >> and they are going to not and only an unincorporated areas and they hope that over local governments will follow this lead and stirred similar bans. >> a live look of cited traffic, this is the left side going westbound into san francisco. no
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problems at the toll gate, or the fast track and the east bound is on the right side and it is moving quite well. we will be right back with a lot more news ♪
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>> there is a manhunt for unexpected killer, at the national treasures and in the /near yellowstone national park. >> they consider themselves bonnie and clyde in a joke about it. >> investigators say it cold- blooded killer could been taken wreckagrefuge near old faithfuld his company buyhe is accompanies fiancee and cousin. his mother is arrested in suspicion of beating him and his father. >> if i ever see him! and what
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you did. and i will shoot you. >> to other escaped picklhalf ad caught. three convicted killers escape from a medium security prison near kingman, arizona cut through a cut wires. hijacked a semitrailer releasing the trigger, on on. me the way towards mexico with their suspected of murdering an elderly couple and burning their trailer. one escapee, daniel has split off from the others and was captured after a gun battle in colorado. faja this morning, they arrested a second fugitive, tier province. federal marshals say that they could also be in getting contract with white supremacist groups. we're concentrating our focus and
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montana and we feel confident that they are and that area. >> visitors were warned to be on the lookout but there is no attempt to evacuate because yellowstone is 3500 square miles which is more than the states of delaware and rhode island, combined. jacqueline. >> cooler temperatures will prevail, and with of dense fog and a warm-up coming up for the weekend details coming up. ♪
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without teenage distractions. and it's affordable for our family. [ female announcer ] so choose the speed you need up to 24 megs. or call now to get other high-speed plans starting at $19.95 a month. plus get access to at&t's entire national wi-fi network on the go. cookies? boy: sure! tell your friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room a brush fire has been burning in los angeles. it is growing and now it is up to 2 a.. in just a few minutes, the fire is burning near this de zo with firefighting crews on the ground trying to get this in control. the only structure is the water tower. and they say
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that the wind is light which is holding the firefighters. not to spread too far and this is an area is no stranger to fires. and hiking paths and several acres have been burned in this area before. reporting live, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> new n controversy more controversy in del. with nine present/past have to turn over their financial with a wide celery scandal investigation. the blue-collar suburb, now, they have been attacked with other celeries in a special to get the depositions under oath within two weeks. also,-celery, and a hot line, to report misconduct. including the possible voter fraud salary >> and we want to get all of the individuals who have experienced any type of bonafide fraud. and
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we know who they are and that is where this hotline is been established. then tips on the basis of proceedings and that is the entire point come here. the bell city manager mig-1 $0.5 million per year. and-he has made $1.5 million per year with public outcry over their cells proposed pay. >> with massive landslides in china and northwestern china, 1300 are missing, and you are looking at a rescue. this is yet another problem with torrential rainfall, flooding, and 300 homes of and complete swelled up. and in pakistan, this looks like a lake. flooding has killed 1005 and a people over the past two weeks and it
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appears that more people will be affected >> fet earthquake. the united nations is that 14 million people of been affected by floods and 1500 people are missing and suspected dead. >> and in europe, this castle, and germany, poland, czech republic, and the rivers are overflowing. and 11 people have been killed and damaging hundreds of homes and businesses and even further north. there is concern of walker's reaching through berlin. reaching waters >> temperatures from a cooler side, with mild inland. here is what we can expect overnight. it will be another foggy night tonight and into tomorrow. and with dense fog along the coastline and as we head towards
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tomorrow the fog will receipt back to the coast but still be cool. upper 50s along the coastline to the low 80s inland. to take a look of the fog tracker, is blanketing the bay area. wifi a.m., it will be through the entire bay area, and even the south bay. and it will hang along even more for in the north bay. through some rough idle, and the bay shore, he word. some of coyotes, and will not be back until summer felsano daly city, pacifica, burt it has been for the several couple of days. 59 degrees expected for half moon bay, 61 degrees for san francisco, the upper 70's and low 80s inland. well below where or should be for this time of year. 12-13 degrees cooler in
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san rafael, redwood city, and even 10 degrees cooler in santa rosa. this cool weather will continue for the next couple of days and see a warm-up. some places will be in the mid '80s and as a good towards the weekend. it might be bumped up. with a warm-up. >> gabriel slate's tech report >> the bay area startup is trying to change the way gamers, to really shake up the video gaming world is called onlive you would never have to own and other council again exports were a wii. normally, this attaches it is delivered through the internet come instantly. you can tie them one your computer. with this set top box, you could play with your television. will downloading james cannand jamesgames in this
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demonstration is easy to use. to choose and browse through teams a purchased. and harmony days, weeks, you would like this? it is kind of like netflix streaming nervfor of movies but four games. and when a new come comes out? just download. >> this is great, anybody that wants to play a game but is not have a council. it is really in tyson to a client to try them for free. once you are a client, enticing-- >> gabriel slate's tech report >> no, there is a new use for twitter to solve crime. one used a tweet and boston for a public
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pervert. this man, lawrence mcgwire was exposing himself on the subway. when disgusted commuters snapped a picture, put on twitter and " pervert on the second car of the red line. help me report him. >> and the way that he was responding was to use torture. and with his face, it was easy to recognize. >> that was the next logical step because that was the best way to get everybody's attention. >> police learned about that, and within 24 hours he was arrested. and a live look at traffic, the san mateo bridge westbound. it is moving pretty well in both directions, the golden gate. and southbound, through san francisco there is a bit of a backup. on the right, it is towards marin county and a
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live picture. the trans. terminal in san francisco is the timber spot for commuters. today is the first full day, it is-- whatever spot tandoori temporary
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>> 3 the movies and three the ultrasounds are even more popular with suspected parents know, parents can see their babies, in three dimensions and the use of the same sound waves as the two dimensional but changes the with the they are being seen. with more detail, you can said the baby's eyes! and even that big toe. the major drawback is that these are not covered by insurance. $200. >> new studies that our personalities are set for life at a very young age and web producer kimberly sakamoto. >> and the results of this study
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shows that personnel the streets and as young as first graders are strong predictors of adult behaviors-personality traits. >> with thousands of personalities, with first graders, and the interviews, 40 years later. youngsters that were talkative head intellectual interests, and also children that scored low were less extrovert. and also, one researcher says that this is part of a our biology. and also, to sue the entire results what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> we have a programming note to tell you about. tomorrow, will the giants on and other networks will have america's got talent for two hours. and then a
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special edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. this will continue a 6:00 p.m. right after this break.
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live from the bay area's news station this is the kron 4 news set 6:00 p.m. >> the bay area housing market is going to lot better than the country right now. according to economists, that bay area value home rose. and it is the fifth consecutive quarter of increasing home values ihowever, national, it is not good, with a 3.2 percent fall. christine connolly will want us to these numbers and what they mean. >> the latest from is a bit of a revival. to take a look at the median price, it is that $497,000. we've not seen those level since 2003. to take a look
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at this map, some increases. first off, san ramon, with the 13 percent increase. and the celtic, sunnyvale, 9%, and milpitas, 8%. -south bay, and a decrease in the number of homeowners for under walter that all more than one for home is worth. underwater,-- >> and about 20 percent compared to 30% one year ago. however, not all of this is good it depends on what a real a few live in the bay area. one-third of the sec codes are still seen slumping home values. stanton beach, 35 percent climb stinson beach and vallejo, 13 percent decline, and richmond is it will% decline in home value. i
6:02 pm
am christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> call%-and al12% >> and two different neighborhoods with to differ directions. >> you can see a map of a redwood city, the 94063. this is seeing a healthy increase. that this is up by 11 percent with a median just shy of one half pregnant dollars. and i spoke to a listing agent-1/2 million dollars, this short sale is being sold less and it is many like this with plenty of foreclosures. bellevue's of fallen 30% and it is because people are drawn investors for rental property. it is that activity that is itching crackup. and just 7 mi. south, you can see is the entire town of stamford. it is down 90%, to
6:03 pm
one part $5 million, is unique is the only effect of thisfaculd only purchase homes. prices are going down because of the uncertain economy, not because of the economy. now, that is because sellers are pressing ms. lore. >> san francisco please our questioning five people. and a german tourist. off of market street, and the woman was caught in crossfire which was odd for a walk with her husband. >> 50 year-old was shot last night on mason st. she was out for a stroll with her husband on downtown's of francisco. two groups were attending and the downtown opened fire >> the victim was caught in
6:04 pm
crossfire with two different groups shooting and we are investigating weather it was gang-related. >> she was just steps from her hotel when she was shot. >> this map will show you how close she was, just one half block from her hotel room, the king george. the mason room, is packed but tourists, hotels, restaurants, and the mayor gavin newson commended eyewitnesses' and a taxi driver who helped comprehend several suspects. she was a mother of two and a director of an elementary school on a one month vacation with her husband and was going to go to san louis tomorrow. reporting in san francisco, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> more overnight gunshots you can see that 1015 folsom. near here we it street, and vicki liviakis explains what happened. >> before the yellow police crime tape in san francisco
6:05 pm
nightclub or two women were shot. right before closing time. one:the basics and this is called 1015 that for some and. were police recalled to the scene and it is unclear if there were inside the club. both were hit by gunshots outside on the sidewalk. the 22 in our armed, the 26 and our ankle. rushed to nearby hospitals not life- threatening injuries and there are no arrests. and no information on any possible suspects. this is a hot spot for and late night clubbing. and they're averaging one shooting per club per month. had it now, the perception is that nightclubs are not safe. vicki liviakis >> today, mayor gavin newson signed an ordinance against the city entertainment commission more power to permanently revoke the operating permits of troubled nightclubs. and instead
6:06 pm
of timber a suspend. and a mother in livermore is accused of having sex of two young boys for first court appearance today. 42 year-old christine hubbs made a brief experiencappe and so far, her our rain meant is next week. she is not entered her plea, and 67 counts of felony sexual assault on to minors and one misdemeanor involving teenager with firing a gun from her hummer. she started having sex with her first victim when he was 13 years old. $4.3 million bail her rent is next week. >> the fog and drizzle-pregnant. >> a warm-up on the weekend caution--0--her arraignment is set for next week.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 news room for 0.0 earthquake and monterey county. 4.3 earthquake. this had around 5:31 this evening and the epicenter was and that the aroma as california. 7 mi. east of watsonville. no word of any injuries/damage. reporting live, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> and national news, former vice president dick cheney was released from the hospital today. this was at that earlier experiments he has been recovering from surgery last month to have a small pump. and he thinks people for their concern, and to continue his home recovery. he has had five heart attacks and suffers from congestive heart figure. >> and rapper wyclef is very
6:11 pm
serious about being the next president and is not happy from sean penn's criticism. he thinks that he is not up for the job and has not seen him doing much as far as relief work. >> what are election on penn to understand is that where his camp is located is is because he beat has a population of 9 million people. and the idea is not to go to sean penn's camp to do a follow-up. the majority of all we're doing, is >> and he was born in haiti, and lived until was 9 years old. allegations that the used charity money and he is been criticized for the fact that he has $2 million in back taxes to be not states. on . is
6:12 pm
recalling >> kind o honda the hot on the s honda is affecting, the accord, honda civic, the element, 2003. this is the third time that honda has a voluntary recall for the same problem. >> to take a look and our current conditions, temperatures are only in the 50s. and the inland is not believe much warmer. in the upper 70's, low 80s. cooler weather will continue your extended forecast coming up in just a bit.
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>> after decades of waiting, planning, looking for money to have now started digging. the fourth time. thecaldecott jones was there. and which abound
6:16 pm
shattering and no voice, and bone-shattering noise and even cheering from the crowds. the fourth level has been a decade in the planning, with millions of dollars short until the american recovery act had another $20 billion million, and this grinding machine was by the german engineers and brought here in pieces. now, caltran used a painstaking of using 6-8 ft. per day for three years. they will stop and construct concrete and walls along the way, and three-quarters of a mile will be finished in 2014. that is on the tobacco from one of the 50,000 drivers to be able to be a key thing of the past. >> a ban on toys in the kids' meals goes into effect today. supporters are hoping that it
6:17 pm
will start a countrywide trend. the new ordinances prohibiting it kids toys with meals that contain a high amount of fats, sugars, sodium. and they're hoping that this is needed to stop children obesity. >> to stop these chain restaurants with the lower calories the been targeted towards children. they're much higher in calories, fat, sodium to the really need to be. forced these new rules. just a small amount of inc. restaurants, and the hope is that other local governments will follow their lead. >> other stories making news around the bay and in vallejo, two men were shot found in their cars. one victim crashed his car into a house. the other was a hotel parking lot in the details about any suspects no details.
6:18 pm
and in monterrey, the drugs. the reason crystal meth-there were using, and over $60,000 a jeweler was stolen from somebody's home. and anybody is asking if anybody has information to come forward. san francisco is starting with a bicycle lane project and kron 4 is reporting that this is her townsend, and some first to get round sense this moratorium was lifted last week >> you can see this problem with to bicyclists having a difficult time because the rest of dedicated bicycle lane. the city started extending this program which will bring 31 new miles of bicycle lanes. and on townsend street, and one the system on the san francisco will have nearly 80 mi. dedicated to bicycles. city leaders this a more bicycle lanes are more
6:19 pm
safer streets. >> this will delineate part of the streets and infrastructure that belongs to the bicyclists. and also, how automobiles and bicyclists can work together. how and that comes with this plan with motorists following the rules. and check this out, this bicycle instead to wait for this taxi driver to go out before he could move on. the city will not provide specifics but it will be provided and moved in other areas from parallel to side by side parking. in san francisco, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> ac transit as a compliance with the judge that must honor its old contract. where they go to binding arbitration. ahoy the previous work schedule, and they went into effect yesterday. despite the change, one to two operators still called in sick,
6:20 pm
today and that is higher than the average of 100 today it was one to two. and the new temporary today was 122 people the called them from the ac transit. >> and this is the temporary transit yotoday is the first wok day and the temper returnable is on horde/main street. you can see that there will be service for ac transit, golden, muni, greyhound and was capped links. a heated battle, with a special with devastating pests from destroying fruits/specials. you can see this area in northern santa clara county, southern alameda county, and around milpitas. that is work the oriental fruit fly has been spotted. you can see that this will be tracked. >> oriental fruit flies are and
6:21 pm
difficult part and milpitas, and now they're going to be a reckoning might spring every tree in the area. to confuse the male flye. in the hope is to kill off all the males. before the real damage to a real vegetables. >> and this is particularly destructive insect/past. the adult female will lay eggs on the service of fruits and vegetables. they hatch into maggots and most maggots' go through the fruit. >> and if this will work? no quarantine glad to happen and in milpitas, craig sklar, kron 4 news. >> to take a look aside, for more recanted downtown san francisco to take a look to these low clouds and the distance. -from our rich cam, and will inland and what we can expect tonight, tomorrow, already these clouds we moving
6:22 pm
into the bay area. what dense fog and drizzle pushing its way inland. we will see patchy fog inland and really closer today that we will see that fog rolling back to the coastline tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are still on the cool side, with upper 50s, and the coastal spots will still be lower 80s inland. to take a look at the fog tracker for tomorrow, it is going to still be inland with dense fog from the bay and closer to the coastline. patchy to the inland valleys, the delta, and the south bay and the fog is lingering longer along the bay shore. a little bit slower to the coastline. through redwood city, pacifica, oceanside and all those places will still see fog tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will still be on a full side with 51 degree59 degrees in half moon bd
6:23 pm
even offer 70's, low 80s inland. and 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of year and is cooler continue as for the next couple of days but it will continue to warm up thursday/friday. and the warming trend, and even the temperatures will be similar on friday the chance that he could even be warmer. i will keep you posted as we get closer. >> a programming note to tell you about tomorrow, the nbc will o the a's camgame. \ ♪ we will be right back.
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6:26 pm
>> this just in to the kron 4 news room a minor earthquake in monterey county. you can see on the seismograph, the 3.5 it is downgraded from 4.3 to 3.9. the
6:27 pm
epicenter and aroma 8 mi. from an agricultural center of monterey. 100 people have felt the shaking but it was only minor. a minor tremor and there is no report of any injuries or damage. reporting live in the newsroom, kate thompson. >> a single man has been launching a website and commercial promoting himself. web producer brings us a video, kimberly? >> that is right, 32 year-old san diego. he has spent trying to find a date with social networking sites and dating sites in take a look. >> the most single man and san diego, it is intelligent, a great conversation, and terrific deals. and funny, hilarious, and
6:28 pm
under pinole and also employed! and yes several interchangeable outfits for a variety of occasions. >> so this has been watched over one of a thousand times on a you tube. and relationships as that he is toward a ban on 12 dates and things to this video. to read all about this, he has what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. with us, we will pass the big block 630 coming up
6:29 pm
they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh. we started saving for this music camp in vermont. so i told them about some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal. until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely.
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rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ >> today, the union represents an agreement with the city, and accounted for months of negotiations. oakland police had a news conference to announce the deals and details for haaziq madyun >> the details are in, and they say yes to a new contract. union representative, sargent says that his members agreed to pay
6:31 pm
more into their own pensions and savings oakland police jobs. >> members of the open police department have agreed to pay an additional 7% contributions to their pensions. to complete the 9% employee contributions. >> pension contributions will gradually reach 9% over the next three years. and new recruits will agree to-middle level system and they have agreed to this because it comes with to meet one guarantee it. >> no layoffs, that does county tha it will guarantee that, and bring back all pt officers that were previously laid off. and the others that are threatened to lay off. >> the new contract that no new officers will be laid off the does not guarantee any minimum staffing levels. either way, the voters have to approve this and november. outside the police
6:32 pm
officers association, housing and renewed. oakland. >> right now,--haaziq madyun and here's our other top stories. >> in the bay area, home values are rising. there is up 4.1 percent compared to last year. and the rest of the country is seeing a decline in the medium price is $497 day! we have not seen the numbers and 2003. and many people are under water, with decreasing, one-in-5. the meeting prices for hundred 97,000, and i am >> and the union square, and that, 50 year- old german tourist was shot t. d she was caught in the crossfire. she is a mother of two and a director of an elementary school in germany. she was one half
6:33 pm
block from her hotel, the st. george when shore shot. reporting, and san francisco. >> behind this yellow police tape, two women were shot at 1:to the 6:00 a.m. an 1:56 a.m.e shot outside, with nonthreatening injuries, one in the ankle, one was shot in the upper arm. no injuries, no suspects, no one formation. vicki liviakis >> this 40 to year-old woman having sex i42 year-old woman se was listening to the 67 counts of felony. on tutor for minors, and one misdemeanor, the goes back as 2008 when the
6:34 pm
allegations that the boy was only 13. she did not enter a plea but per our agreement will be next week and she has a $4.3 million bill. daniel villareal >> and in santa clara county, new rules. and these new free toys will be banned for meals that have high amount of fat, sugar, sodium. and this is trying to discourage the eating of on healthy meals and the only is for a small number of restaruarants 1 >> this is the second-largest american recovery act project in the u.s.. today, this was the largest digging machine room but in the world. it was brought
6:35 pm
over in germany, piece by piece. per day, only 6-8 ft. can be paroled. >> and this new service onlive this latest hot video games can be downloaded and they can be played right on the computer, and they can be played in this on a television. prices depending on usage. and kron 4 7 day around the bay gabriel slate's tech report >> and the research for at centered disease control is that a human salmonella outbreak was from pet dry food. >> this outbreak was 20 06, 2008. and these infections were the first human cases linked to dry pet food. peand pet
6:36 pm
ownership, with the salmonella cases. one of the strongest predictors turned out to be if the family's pet and the kitchen or not. children under age 2, that erased the rest by four times. -under the age of two, that if you would like to read all the details what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. they recommended disinfecting the pet dishes. >> and orbit weather store, with fog and cool temperatures look outside for more mount pam cam. that fog is going to be pushing inland barely shortly. in another round of dense fog and drizzle. barely shortly, temperatures will stay on the cooler side. the good news is that good towards the weekend will see a warming trend. by friday, and even the weekend,
6:37 pm
thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, with even even warming higher than that and i will keep posted as we get closer. >> we have a programming note, the nbc will of the giants sullivan busy programming. starting at 8 .. to back-to- back iepisodes of america's got talent. and a special edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. ♪
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>> now here is stanley roberts finding people behaving badly. >> i get tons of e-mail every day and i also got quite a few of phishing and today, i got and in all the was so could i was looking to help a friend and i thought that was a friend. and it subject was please help me. perhaps somebody was taking a trip to the united kingdom. and
6:41 pm
the e-mail what on to say that they needed a flight cash. and also a phone number to make sure that this was on the up and up. and under close inspection of found some in that caught my attention. i will explain that in one moment and it turns out of a few other people also received similar e-mails. that please, i need a favor, $950. and this currently, i was in mode and that the country of wills, but i can appreciate anything, and these usually, they are usually asking you is sends you money. and i even cross referenced the e-mail address and it was legitimate in terms of my friends in mill had been hacked. and i was told to
6:42 pm
ignore and what about the number? and i called that number and this was the message i received. >> this number has been terminated with our termination of service. >> and my advice, to trust and verify. and the newsroom, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> if of a story idea? e-mail us at: the 49ers have two rookies and and after losing three of the four of in the plant, but giants are back home making otaking one chicago cubs. vern glenn this, not
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> n f l at the top, and just the beginning, to ask if the
6:46 pm
offensive line issue. and the center is out! iraq broke his left leg at practice. the early indication is perhaps sweet to. against the saints. those along time, with six weeks, and decisions lease extension eight weeks according to doctors. he has missed two starts. and coming of stanford and is a huge blow. and it looks like that we're going to sue the first round trpecs. and michael segal terror, is officially, and the other first will be hitting iupati been moved up to front right guard. the pre-season opener and still a weekend hangover in canton, ohio. seven more members of the hall of fame
6:47 pm
saturday night including wide receiver jerry rice. from the glory years of the 1980's. >> there are no more rocks to run, no more touchdowns to score, and more records to set. that young boy from mississippi has finally stopped running. >> the defining moment for jerry rice, his except and acceptance speech, and across several of is keep. players for their, it steve young, to montana, and all on hand. the greatest receiver in nfl history of the state, again. >> angeles fans, family, and of course, one official is the late bill walsh. his raw talent from mississippi in 1985. >> there was something about him and he knew how to get the best
6:48 pm
out of his football players. he is the reason why i played in the n f l. >> the all-time became the 15th immortalized in such an exclusive. the biggest ovation was for emmitt smith also inducted. the all-time rushing. and one of the better speeches in recent memory. and a smith named his family, coaches, players, and more instrumental, the fall back to rural johnston. >> and to play with your spirit. he took care of me as though he was taking care of his little brother. and i know that today would not have been possible and i love you, daryl from the bottom of my heart. >> and how to follow that one up
6:49 pm
while >> and also his father. and no notes, there went right from the heart. and that reminds me of a story that was forever and to the dallas cowboys before it can seize a championship game pre-1990. and i went in there, and those guys could not have been any nicer! with johnson, newton, and that's math, and it was just >> and it was just an unbelievable experience-emmitt smith. >> and of course, for jerry rice and in the meantime the saints. they are marching into d.c.! they visited the united states to present president obama with a jersey. and they say it was not only a great victory for your lens but for the entire country. and with hurricane
6:50 pm
katrina destroy much of the region. and baseball. the giants. however, the a's are in seattle tonight. with 7.5 games behind the america west. and this was a former a's coach! and today, a sacramento to play left field and he is a rising star in the minor leagues. more news from the a's, pitcher trevor cahill, and he is only 22 years old and did not allow any burned runs. and his complete-earned fifth runs and he is discussing a discussion for the american league good for him, trevor! and the giants, there was surprise move. and what is the ball was
6:51 pm
at third and k street? the giants are all for seven straight games. do not move. ♪
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
>> it is de dinner our and if you're squeamish? i will tell you right now, that before we get to the giants, this is a story you do not see every day. when his face collides with a baseball bat, this is james hit in the face with a shattered tha. and multiple fractures, wih now, is not only decided to sue major league baseball. and also the thabat manufacturing, and rn castro, who owned the bat and $5.5 million. and giants
6:55 pm
with a huge roster move, using todd who just came off the disabled list but they needed to create room court infielder. three-five-five-eight-eight-one- and these of the giants getting ready for the cubs. and the series of first of all for tonight and and the padres coming up back and. jonathan sanchez says we're going to beat the padre's! we're going to beat them and this is with the giants said this afternoon. >> and to take a look at the scoreboard oh my gosh!! and you cannot do that. so we're dr. and try every single g. just trying to cast tomorrow. >> too early? to score. >> and we play it game by game. and we have won it to the division and i hope it will. >> and about is a lot of
6:56 pm
pressure. >> and you have to beef confident. >> and with the bulletin board material. we're going to go up there and beat the padres. >> that is right. in respect every team. and any team we play, we're going to play hard, and go to the battle. >> we have a lot to think about, and at least 30-20-30-maybe even more. 30, when the 15. >> and brendan from santa rosa. and for toronto, and came within just one out of a no-hitter for this one. and 17 straight strikeouts for this game! unbelievable feet. also, that he had a gatorade shower. and it
6:57 pm
was not that enough, he had a gatorade and then, thank you very much! >> tonight, everybody [laughter] >>
6:58 pm
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[ woman ] nice tights. what's your story? naomi campbell a liar. i'm lara sponsor. >> "the insider" is on. row wha happened. >> they had given her a huge diamond?he trial of the summer today. >> naomi campbell said they came from charles taylor. >> i don't know anything about charles taylor. i never harry the term "blood diamonds" blood diamonds? >> the inside oprah's deal to get rosie o'donnell back on daytime tv. >> news on sandra bullock and jennifer aniston's alleged stockers.


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