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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 10, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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they're seen the bottom, these
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factors down below mile visibility. quarter mile dense fog around centers and your file up towards petaluma and santa rosa. this is the ground fog, higher fog around dress the bay. bob tracker, not as quick as far inland as history morning. but the events of tractor looking to a similar pull back as but we saw yesterday. adm fog around the bay, and in time it dissipates rid around the bay. that fog is expected to hang up by the coast to the afternoon till about 3:00 p.m. then the coast of what pushes back again from 3-7. temperatures are pretty similar to what we science they still attract for warm up. pretty warrantors pressure to come sunday and monday cooler this morning low fifties in the inland spot the duties inland high temperatures this afternoon pretty close to yesterday's 61 today san francisco ltd. san
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tran sunny santa rosa this afternoon in '85. mid-60's around oakland 80 in los gatos. the lady showing up for any of, livermore. 84 morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a little more confident that it will get warmer sunday into monday. the mean time to we get there about the same for the next few days afternoon sun warmer ties near 80. it is going to be beautiful around the bay sunday of a warmer day, mid-90s another of the question. a little warmer and think we may get a break sunday-monday. at de witt traffic let us find out what is happening over there with erica. >> thank you, nothing major on the road during now about to renege construction to tell you about it nancy parasailing on by it is fine rain now but once you
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make your way to those gates there is an overnight construction in a fence closing the two left and lanes until 5:00 a.m.. injuring avertin a manager from the for the macarthur maze into fremont. santa ana, very dark or very good conditions is you wait your way through foster city those headlights coming and making your way hayward just read 12 minutes from sentiment. wrapping up the bridge records a shot of the golden gate bridge occurs on the road in is coming easy chair. 21 and ride on your chair for novato to city limits. james. >> thank you, ac transit has a deadline of today to fully combine with the ruling that the best agency honor its old contract there marty agreed to abide by the dozen. will the two sides go through binding operation operators will be reassigned to their previous work schedules. the old contract
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ran back into effect and sunday but to spread that changer hundred and 22 operators still called in sick released according daisy transit. that's higher than the averages about a hundred. the chp is cracking down on drivers say you're speaking in the hands free stuff online is part of a statewide car. tahoe hundred crash's were treated to people crashing on their phones cell phone red as chairman and a fine of $20 for the first offense and $50 for the second. california in three lot went into effect july 1st to designate. other developing story, it violates shooting years of the oscars union square, years of richard the jurors in fact we have a four of the one that was killed 50 year olds and it filled shorter period from germany, visiting differences go. mother of two
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and a director of an elementary school she and her husband or cammies in st. if just blocks from their motel when they got caught the middle of a gun fight. to others rows of that restraint rain the bullet. they're expected to arrive version the five people were taken into custody last made just one person johnson lemon tart to counter rob sukkoth drawdown of cells are it. >> here and seven sister we tracked down the counter are the plesiosaurs and trustor. the cabdriver told us he's i group of teenagers or acting strange. 7 every occur radically pulled over to pick up the others and sped through a couple of lights. he picked up the phone and called police dispatch relief call them until they pulled over from robert l. off on this side of market street a few seconds later police had the lead of the car it on the ground. >> one year later police and in
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oakland still searching for several as sonny campbell today they will update the progress of their investigation of this morning he was reported missing by his foster for all. he said the boy disappeared from a car parked arab side issues store in oakland drawbridge neighborhood. police have said that they're investigating his disappearance as a homicide a year ago police arrested rows and 30 road campbell who was as its and foster mother. new details as well the union announced a contract with the city is a bar chart of leaving police jobs in the city. it comes after your vote. the announced a police conference to announce the new deal but even they know of the dentil just yet. >> the votes are and, oakland police officers say yes to a new
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contract. union representatives says his members agreed to play more and to their pension if it means saving of pd jobs. >> are members of the oakland police are men have agreed to pay additional 7 percent contribution to their pension to be a complete 9 percent of our employees' contribution. >> if pension contribution by constable gradually reach 9% of the next three years. with all new records paying into a new two-tier retirement system, his members agreed to this deal because it comes with one guaranteed, >> no layoffs in the public safety. that for the guarantees no layoffs in people brings the aids era officers back there were laid off keeps the hundred and 22 there were drawn to be laid off. >> will the new contract in the city in the union does guarantee new officers will be laid off three years it does not
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guarantee minimum staffing levels birders have to approve the new deal in november. >> an update now on the san jose fire for layoffs the executive board's meeting scheduled for nine across as the board discusses with the city of san jose has put on the table for negotiation we will lead to know. also falling latest with the pay cuts for a cross-country employees. about 800 employees are facing a dip of their paychecks or about 6% place a very sensitive they do not think they are being treated fairly orgy goes about 2.3 for is a bedford. will the rally today in an effort to minimize their cut in pay. we also have new details on the battle over furlough fridays. i mean it can superior
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court judge has come for a bird governors were snigger from imposing new furloughs and. our spokespersons for the cover of of its plans to repeal the decision and will begin furloughs as long as they lawmakers failed to produce a new budget. really know. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. rolling only looked at your forecasts in for the weekend coming up.
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and we're back, a quick check on what is making news u.s. stock futures were down as investors drop in overseas markets the dow finished history of 45 points and doesn't 695. the nasdaq higher by 17 investors will your
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to the reserve today on what it will do with interest rates the economy is widely seen as having lost momentum of but many think it will leave rates are not change. however attractive target american workers been. a reading will come in today. analysts expect to gain just a 10th of a percent. if you want to own a piece of sky. you'll soon victor geddes the internet calling service has filed a public offering aid has not said when its shares will go on sale or what price. new details regarding the two suspects are that are less person of the quarter as an vallejo they've pleaded not guilty party view of an invention had were arrested last thursday they face charges of arson of an uninhabited structure possession of material in using an explosive rise. but to terrorize and conspiracy to commit a crime. you could see the damage to the
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door alarm fire crossed. lawyers for black muslim bit weaker say they want to run of declines upcoming triple murder trial moved about on a carly because news coverage has jeopardize their right to of your table. the change was filed yesterday he's accused of ordering the murder of johnson daly back in 2007. and ordering two other murders. an arraignment is scheduled for jasper bailey has been charged with three felony counts stemming and robbery of a 40 road man walking near delores park last month. new details of livermore where a mother accused of having sex with do you boys have her first court appearance in history. 42 year-old christina sheepsheads. she made a brief appearance in the
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courtroom, but so far has not entered a plea at her arraignment scheduled for yesterday it is then that shows likely enter prickly. i received as a given amount of discovery. i want to review what i want to listen to very carefully before it make any comment on the case. and one misdemeanor charge in thing teens' firing begins from her car. police say she started having sex observers heard him when he was just 13 years old her belt is said orders for million dollars. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. news stories for his morning coming up, live look good by his widow was barred 80 were traffic bridge in the bay bridge toll plaza is like.
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in the mayor back, need details of an earthquake that rattled australia. take a look at this map showing the epicenter stop
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the cost of restaurant and we're learning the small tsunami was generated off of corn not to after a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck just of the steps of domination you can see here just ease of austria, we're told there's no threat and there's no or get on injuries, damage. the major earthquake there in the ocean just east of australia. in our area there were two minor crisis started northern california including one that is solved in the subway this is a quake of magnitude 3.5 been hit just before 6:00 p.m. saturday in miles from watson view. several years in that area of our scrolled saying they felt that tumbler but again no reports of any damage, injury. the other trade. minute to 3.5. no injuries from a damage reported at either location that is just
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the latest in seismic activity while you're sleeping. word on whether mark has a look at the forecast another " one drop. >> the fossils course down to the front is not as thick as yesterday especially in san francisco. we're arguing is bush down near zero. the roof there are insuring not fall below closer down to the ground this morning. not that high focus areas during the good news if you live farther inland not getting in the fog of all this morning. kron4, down into the north bay. near the coast and peninsula. very little, and as it is heavy drizzle. heavier than yesterday. marine air rushing and around the bay should clear around noon, inland nice day starting was some sunshine a place like livermore and concord. watching debitors thing on the cool side although
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the warm of his coming, 53 now as we head toward seven widespread use his around the bay it will start to the day. as we advance towards noon trent seven mr. to build inland spots. '60s for oakland, as we get toward saw as part of the day or a 3-4 co hoff o'clock seven to close to the east. and in the marine layer orsha again. highs around the bay area, mid-70s 76 runners park 81 fairfield for the coastal resort is to do an agreement to. some sunshine looking for 70 in some detail. sixties over a mile a minute to oakland. 74 napa, 74 novato, 61
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san francisco, 72 red red city. low eighties for livermore '70s for martinez. 66 for berkeley, oakland. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. consistent and think we may season and is inland as we head towards the weekend. more along the bay and the east. bart backing off of it sunday, monday may be some sentiment rose sunday looks to be the better they come in the meantime staying cool from thursday to friday. >> thank you, if you're just sending out the door is enjoying very quiet conditions with that said ruth getter but the bay bridge road was the very full of new cars on the road. overnight construction in effect just tosses big kids in church dryland. traffic is like allen
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lacy seamen's from the foot of the macarthur maze and to fremont. over to san mateo, very good conditions in both directions no reports of any problems or delays across the span. golden gate fog divinize companies. 21 minutes and your original rotor to standards as group. revving up with a shot of albany, you could see very little company as to make sure they pass golden gate and towards the golden gate bridge. >> after decades of waiting planning, and the gate for cash crews started digging for a call of the tunnel transportation reporter margins was there when it began. >> the grinding in the boyne journalist and spew dust into the air. because during from a launching ground. the fourth for the caldecott tunnel has been decades in the planning there
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was merit to hundred in million dollars short of the american recovery from another to under million dollars of the project a grinding machine was built in germany broader pieces assembled merger and engineers, and american engineers and job trent will begin the painstaking daily grind of moving 68 ft. today for three now years. they'll start to the degree day and about the tunnel walls of concrete and stove, but dr. were in machine will start darling from the oakland said the nearly three-quarters of a mile tunnel will we finish in 2014. that is on the daily backed up traffic for 130,000 drivers will become a thing of the past. >> one of america's most treasured national cars is in a manhunt for suspect jurors morning a prisoners say behan is your friend or believed to be in yellowstone national park. >> consider themselves on the inside, the joke about it.
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>> investigators a cold-blooded killer may taken refuge somewhere near the bubbling hot springs of old faithful. john mccloskey is accompanied by his fiancee and first cousin catherine de wilde. arrest for weekend on suspicion of aiding and his stepfather says he would rather go undone a stepson even of his address the. >> to evade scabies having taught here's of the story unfolded. 11 days ago on july 30th as of three convicted killers escape from a privately run medium-security prison near kingman arizona. prison authorities say the cutters secure doors were the cutters smuggled in by wells. they hijacked a semitrailer release in the driver's ron hunt. made their way to new mexico where there's a spirit of murdering an elderly couple and burning their
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trailer. one escapee daniel run next line of from the others and was captured ever again rattled tubes from witnesses led searchers rios duron part. this morning they arrested a second fugitive federal marshals say it welcome across the may be trying to get in contact with whites promise groups. >> of trading in the montana and wyoming neighborhood, we feel confident that their in that area. >> visitors are warned to be on the lookout but so far no one has attempted to report record business yellowstone covers nearly 3500 square miles more than the states of delaware and rhode island combined. jet " bullfight to tell you about a debt load flight attendants is under arrest after getting into a fight with the passenger is today. stevens later was arrested on charges including criminal mischief and wetter as endangerment. he is the blind
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and which of them he was working on a jet blew a flight from pittsburgh many guns your argument with the heated or baggage as the plane was landing he is the public address system to rate the passenger and then activated the slide slid down and went to his car. he was later arrested at his home in queens. bizarre story. theory has we don't ever acquiring change coming for you tonight as the other fact nbc will air the giants did so we'll have nbc programming in all of course mean that the a pocket watch back-to-back episodes of america's got talent and attend a special edition of the kron4
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in mayor back, stay news to say about the state legislature has passed a resolution asking that same set for spouses and domestic partners be tax the same as married couples. the resolution as there as to issue a ruling requiring individuals in a domestic partnership to each report have for their community come on federal tax returns from the california law requires them to do so but there as does not. the senate endorsed a resolution passed said yesterday the california legislature is getting tough on people who smuggles of phones to prisoners danon as it passed a bill the-a standard to deliver a cell phone or other wireless
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communications to an inmate it also caramelized processing said the rise of the intention of giving it to a prisoner. violators could face fines up to $5,000. the death toll in china now on drums to 702 with morgan went out of people still missing there has been an arrest in burma attorneys are our man was pulled alive, you can see it year after being trapped for more than 50 hours. cruz a prospers a major strength to reach survivors as of hundreds of people said. flooding is a problem in central europe take a look at these pictures here aerial shot of a castle and germany. flooding is also causing destruction in poland and the czech republic. reverser overflowing and days of flooding has killed the least 11 people. boy look back car overturned. floods are traveling
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further north and there is now concerned about water is raging river that runs through berlin. and what would happen to the river overflowed. an oil spill along india's cows has prompted warnings to businesses of tainted water. paris our plans one of the new killer uses the sea water to cool their facility the canned ham and a water may contain rows of and toxic substances if the league history was caused when two ships collided has been stopped, but oil continues to spread and it is threatening the coastline. there's a hundred feet to go but during the final start relief well is a careful and time consuming process. a drill that is more than 2 mi. beneath the sea floor is being steered toward a target less than half decider of cardboard part of the effort is to permit the sale of the blown off well we will let you know when they finished the
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last 100 ft.. authorities in luxembourg think that there was lightning that struck a church and caused it to ignite in spain's most occurred at the very top people from all return to work out to help fight that fire, the church was built back in the 1870's officials say it should be ready for an upcoming wedding. rob. another break come back with more headlines in a moment, back inside another live look from the salmon they are bridge highway 92 those delegates said that her hair order to foster city as you can see we are moving
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but is a story in this morning the differences is per share more of a crunch. visibility is down near zero as you make your way across this man and do the
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waldegrave. we're seeing isn't that your father at the christmas and reduce visibility if you're living at the close, you may want to plan and a few extra minutes all but ostler ride out there dickered run fog showing up in the north bay with visibility off down below 1 mi.. the rest of the bay area with a higher fog. cool morning of their temperatures in the '50s. as we advance if you can see how these bart is available. not seem quite as much stop by his research yesterday morning. it is not pushing as far inland today as your grants toward seventh occupancy units of all clearing out. the temperatures are about the same as test it. as a head towards noon fog is still hanging at the coast hang there as the 3:00 p.m. university ave. after 3:00 the
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fog comes rushing in. highs today is three and a red 61 san francisco 5 singing taft. sunshine 81 ind. 81 and in new york 74 in fremont i stayed san jose mid-60's of the afternoon session oakland 16 half moon bay. jen's take on the cubs and 750 after an extended game winning in the 11th by slate. temperatures in the '50s. if you won a warm-up looks like you'll get one by the weekend, temperatures climb back up to 90 school today cooled some raw same story on thursday friday the war began saturday even of a warmer rose 60¢ a karos. it is along the bay for sundays and monday. check on traffic let's good haircut. >> really good shape renown no
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accidents or incidents to report. with that said bay bridge road was the you can see traffic is getting along just fine so once you pass those fe gave three do overnight construction in effect. to lead to an lanes until 5:00 a.m.. traffic is nice, light a minute ride from the foot of amazing to fremont. right to examine their conditions are slightly thicker triggered red none the less. no delays coming incidents to report. we're futures on the road you on how much company as you make your way through marin county 21 minutes from novato into the city limits. hiring 37 is a short, sweet neeman a ride. shot of the south bay, 101 job to get along just fine northbound not doing too badly there. 12 minutes under ride
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from downtown center is a day. james. >> thank you. ac transit as a deadline of today to fully comply with the judge's ruling that the house as to honor its old contract. the ac transit has 30 began to abide by the judge's decision will both sides continue on operator will be reassigned to their previous work schedules the old contract rebecca to expect this past saturday. a hundred and 22 operator still called and suggested that is higher than the average level roughly a hundred. in all of the chp is also cracking down on drivers a day or breaking the state's industries in 2009 from hundred crash's were attributed to people talking on their cell phones several violators can minimum fine of $20 and then $50 a second offense. the hands for
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a law went into effect july 1st to designate. the myelin shooting years san francisco is union square we have a picture of the jurors to was killed in the shooting 50 year-old but still shorter period from germany visiting san francisco with her husband there were celebrating their wedding anniversary a mother of two and a director of an elementary school. she and her husband rocking on the street sunday night just blocks from their motel when they apparently got caught up in the middle of a gunfight between two groups are being people to others also have by stray bullets they are restricted to survive. originally fiberboard taken into custody last night is one person of the delay was named a suspect. he is now being sure to run our jonathan inland talked to a cabdriver hopefully struck down the suspect. >> please say one of the key factors in catching the five people they believe were involved was a phone call they
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got from a cabdriver, which track down the account server we spoke to run on the condition that we conceal identity. >> i received a message on it is much computer that there is police action at gary mason i.c.h. harbor driving erratically and the tearing down the street he jumped here ran a red light. but to grow more guys on the p.o. box down the side of the street something just didn't seem right the way they jones and the car they look like me if they were running away from something they just did i pick my phone and i called the dispatch to give them a description of the vehicle and plane number and then right as soon as we crossed over market street by see them pull over in front of the hotel. a couple of the guys jumped out by this fall but there is yet other than and
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as roger was going on was on the phone with this bunch rate after that parker started storming from all directions one of them from america thinking the from library and representatives of the scope by israel i was doing my duty. >> he is eager to return to work, he's confident that any driver in his drive into the woods and the same thing. says a sister drum some bloom, kron4 news. one year later oakland police are still searching for now several tests on the gamble for today they will update us on their progress of the investigation, there will happen later this morning the was reported missing by his foster father louis ross, he said the boy disappeared from our part of the the shoe store in the rock
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ridge never heard pleases said there are investigating as of the homicide the year ago police also arrested ross and 30 road jim ball hassan is can in the band. the decline to drug charges because of insufficient evidence a little more than a month under fire gutted much of trees and elementary strasser will reserve and less than a week as scheduled five alarm fire the program early in the morning of july 5th district classrooms. you can see the video, the library several other officers of the damage or destroy raw fiber taos is about the new school that is arising from the ashes and have a community has come to get out before it. >> trace elementary school much of which was destroyed an arson fire mine in the july is said to me reopen august 16th as scheduled, portable classrooms like these will serve as temporary replacements for those destroyed in the fire, teachers are busy unpacking surprised
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paid for with donations from across the community to early more than $130,000 cash the july 5th fire was arson, but so far no result been made the investigation continues in san jose rob flood about kron4 news. >> meanwhile new details from san jose where the firefighters as search agent will be taking a hard look and the city's latest proposal to deal with budget deficits down there you of the executive board of the union there will be getting together about 9:00 a.m. they will discuss with the city of san jose has put before them on the table for negotiation and unclear how they're going to react as though we have news readers is that the ropes. new details for the big cats about 800 employees are facing a dip in their pay cuts the employees say they're sensitive to the top economic situation but of the
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rally today.
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and we're back, headlines around the bay santa cruz counties at today's deficit for arrested seven hamas demonstrators and issued 19 citations over the weekend the demonstrators were protesting the city council's decision to been camping in the city the citations and the rest were for lodging on county property without permission of the people were arrested were those who refuse to sign citations or return after receiving 1 1 million lbs. of
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ground beef produced by the valley of the company had been recalled because a possible recall like recalled products were produced and jerry jones they were sold in california arizona and oregon. celeb save where grocers stores. so big, this santa money orders risers' will consider an ordinance requiring couples be spayed, new jersey the board will hear an introduction and then refer that to the county lawyers on the ordinance to get their take no decision is expected today to the meeting will take place today in san jose. of battle against the flu virus under way today they're targeting the press after was discovered in and around 0 p this. you can see here the boundary here is running the city is a process that will take weeks using a
4:42 am
special church needed turks a man of surprises there will stockbreeding they hope this will stop the fiber for goods and more serious. economists say that the bay area housing market is doing better than the rest of the country overall home values rose 4.1%. in fact it is the fifth consecutive quarter of increasing home values nationally the story is not as good with the union price falling. kron4 is itching connolly or is the the numbers. >> the latest of fortune zero rival for the bay area housing market take a look to the median price here it is now head $427, these a level that we have not seen since 2003. some of the areas they're seeing an increase san ramon, a 13% increase compared to the same time last year from a park has seen an 11% increase in the
4:43 am
south bay and 9% increase in milpitas and 8% increase, there is also been a decrease in the number of homeowners or under water. those are people will all won their own and it is worth. they say that is the one that of five in the bay area. that 20 percent compared to 30% a year ago. still they say not all the news is good really depends on what the italian live-in in the bay area. about one-third say they are still seeing some home slumping by is. if you take a look, you can see there's a 39 percent compared to the same time our roster. the 0.22, vallejo 13%, richmond 20%. christine connolly, kron4 news. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. of will check on the forecast cold temperatures still on tap for today but there is an
4:44 am
end in sight mark will
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welcome back, watching bay area weather, a live look at cider san francisco and the fog is really sick sicker than yesterday we have visibility down years here, also of your finds they expect some delays said the sfo hodge with the new pier you can see low clouds, fog the difference from yesterday's lower to the ground that is where getting the visibility to near zero. down one no one by the walt the tunnel over the golden gate bridge. now the fog is slower to the ground not pushing is for inland. fog toward india, livermore. as you watch far sharper by 8 this morning still fog all around the bay in the close. by 10:00 on
4:46 am
the in the north bay valley is in these valleys will laud pro a clear road. still temperatures along a cool side for the next few days, the fog posed by the immediate coast to the golden gates during their from noon-3 after 3:00 that finally see the fog surge by again by about eight-1:00 push by chileans got staying in school barnburners today's more of coming into of your weekend. highs and 61 incidents as the mid-70s and are that 81 of fairfield pretty similar to yesterday. 16 half moon bay, foggy conditions. 77 san jose. sixties and oakland in a prayer warmers in spots. should be another nice night for baseball with the cubs in now. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. here come the changes friday a search allow warm. it
4:47 am
is our for some of the inland spots mid-80s expected '60s radicals. warmer and saturday sunday, monday the warmer today's. mid-90s none of the question. we finally make a break of the coast sunday, monday. latest on the morning ride and the fog >> with their >> thank you, are raised for we do revenue incidents to report should the bay bridge rob pleasanton for one more cars on our road, but still a pretty good ride as you make your way through those gates. overnight construction still in effect between the incline in treasure island. only until 5:00 a.m., just a couple more minutes are so. over on to your right to sam is there, no reports of any problems, delays in either direction. just a couple cars on
4:48 am
their road. traffic is moving at the limit, we want to get run over to the new incident and of hayward sub fund worry remains 92 vehicle that just sort occurred real blocking the right hand lane and now we're hearing the all lanes are open. james thank you, there may soon be a different way of playing video games, there's a new trend that is starting here in the bay area kron4 start reporter gabe slate that explains. >> apiary a starter bestride change the way gamers' acquire and play video games. if it catches on it could really shake up the video gaming world. it is called on line, it is a service to run to your home province and and and the ideas with you and never need to on another expensive video game consoles against parts, we your pc did
4:49 am
video games and all it touches the cosmos are delivered through the internet easily the new template on your computer. with this on the onset drawbars to combine them on a tv. the quality of these download games is the same as it would be running off from all on line is up and running now. i have a demo of it, it is easy-to-use online on your computer or tv then choose from games your abroad. the price trends on the game and made days, weeks, months your the game. is there like net like some movies but for games. video games or the man appeared when the games come out there are greater revenue kossel on the number will not have to do that the tenders downloaded play. it's good for anybody who wants to play games with the avocado ever known as computer is really easy to install mill easy to get the games dry them out for free plug on the plate. for more of a
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mission log on to and live for news links section gabe slate, kron4 news. >> we also know that there is none news for twitter solving crimes, and one result is a tree to help cut to a stereo public killer. police said lawrence mcgwire was exposing himself on the subway and one writer's snapped his picture on road pervert on the set a borderline help me report him. >> he felt the way tiffs he won it response. >> there was a good move and is part. because what's the best way to get rid of tension. >> police learned about the trade and lin 24 hours a suspect was arrested. getting an e-mail from an old friend can be exciting or maybe not, stanley
4:51 am
roberts explains why he might not want to reply to some of these deals. >> i get tons of e-mail's every day, along with those e-mail's i get quite a few fishing e-mail's that fishing with a peak they received the name of that was so good that i was looking for ways to help a friend. and these edo's a friend. the subject of the analyst is summit. a friend is someone i knew had taken a quick trip to the u.k., along the u.k. allows the big ticket in the files print record the no one on to say i need to get the next available flight home and the activism goes. the memo included a phone number to call summation is only about. it even seemed to match, hours reduce the bottom or rent several under closer expression i found something, expansion. i would and then a moment. it turns out a few other people also received similar e-mail's this one red
4:52 am
rays i need a favor from you and the 900 your toes it certainly during get home. and this one reads my predicament i'm currently in wells of imi the gunpoint and any $815 or will appreciate anything. these a los play was up for the need and back to their tran get to send money to we don't know. a tree by its originally built the bill appeared to be sent to someone new. living across servers the address to verify it looks legit. it's true that my friend the not-op. she was not need another stroke to ignore the milk, but what about the number in the military call but i call the number. this is the message i received. >> this never has been terminated your breach of our service. phase out his numbers on a mobile number and your call david ruder said the uk. >> might rise, trust the very rare. in the newsroom, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> as well as here, understory
4:53 am
idea for stanley send an e-mail at as you saw his daughter budget on read e-mail but i promise you'll get to them a search of their story ideas. meanwhile are hot but to rezones or become a hit with the expected paris, all sure that the notion of a special but now parents can see their baby in three d uses this 18th sunrays it just changes the we are seeing. it includes a lot more detail and you can see the baby's eyes. even the big toe, the major drawbacks 3 d of your sons are not right insurance. packages range from 100-2 under dollars. if you got the money it's kind of anything. back with more headlines in a moment. we have a programming change for you tonight, because nbc back-
4:54 am
to-back episodes of america's got talent will be on that date and it will be followed with the kron4 evening news.
4:55 am
and i'd say 98 area weather watching the fog but a live look here from san jose, not a flood in clearing gear for san jose, livermore valley in the valleys up in the north bay. will dancer heard the coast it is chilly out there unclear said it livermore, regina san jose, watch in the fog ... that dhikr rook will be near the coast. a few more hours before clearing highs this afternoon mid-70s. one is inland across chile on the peninsula 67 and soprano. mid-60's for berkeley and of the net clearing by about 11, drove
4:56 am
cox ave 70 castro valley beautiful in the east bay will start the day was some sunshine. as we head towards the south bay a nice afternoon clear to sure stunned and coming up about two hours from now. temperatures around 3-4:00 from 74 in sunnyvale to 75¢ a square. we adjust and stark and his mother broader in trickles through the summer and only beginning if you could quarrel it looks like one of those quick corpses coming for the weekend and now they're a little more consistent on normal, and your way for this weekend i do not think the '90s are the question especially for the inland spots sunday, monday as temperatures begin to warm. first indications that we can maybe see clear skies of the coast for sunday, monday highs climbing from the mid to upper 60s we will keep dry surface impossible beach weather a
4:57 am
specialist second half of the weekend in the meantime temperature staying cool and about where they have been for the last few weeks the war of sorts on friday warming on sunday, monday the warmest day the next seven. james. thank you, one christine crestar got more than a tasty done that they expected at this north carolina a crispy cream as did the fire of those with a box full of money. this is the manager sas'' the day's receipts and money in the donor bart to prevent theft of 05 thousand dollars worth, a worker then on the only heather the procter? the restaurant is asking for money back but so far nobody has ever foreword to retarded. back with more headlines in a moment. a live look here at the golden gate in nice ride from marin county.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
as in mayor back 5:00 a.m. top stories police have made arrests in the davis strait of the taurus and san francisco is to reduce debt nightclub discovery union square and it is been 1 years since the disappearance of has sani campbell. if your cell phone rings while driving today he made no one picked it up we will tell you why coming up in a moment. warning stories and a bit perverse to check on whether it live look for mark golding bridge camera good morning mark. his ability was done there's zero of their waldegrave story here near the coast with the fog closer to the dour and as the squash down a bit with the not as much fraud in lender in the subway but we are seeing the fog is getting heavier drizzle. they look at farm tractor, led the slide around the bay area and jury and not quite as foggy run san jose. this of big sur to
5:01 am
discernable little clearer but still that far around fremont toward city still trying to question the livermore but more broken up than yesterday trying to make its way to the 680 corridor. you'll wake up to more sunshine and news digest david in the north bay still seeing fog up and down one on one about a lot of the inland valleys getting some careers abroad. all little clearer than it was history morning, as we go from the fog to the far trucker forecast move things into motion as we head towards 8:00, the fog king stuff. as we head towards 10, 11:00 that's when the fog starts to break up and land for the spots that have this morning sunshine from beginning 10 for san jose and from the north bay valley's front-end-manager red on the bay will see that fog break up ed's right near the coast and along for an industry, it comes rushing back
5:02 am
in the same story and weather pattern that we have seen there is a warm-up inside we will talk about that. in the meantime for today for a similar see as trade with inland seeing the sun literally are limited sense signed mid-70s to the north bay, former sports inland standing up to livermore oakland mid-60s with afternoon sun god in that half moon bay. mid-70s around fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. here comes the form of it starts on friday until then more of the same friday's mid inland. we have a good chance of seeing some '90s especially inland sunday, monday '80s date and possibly clearing of the coast sunday and monday highs climbing. check on traffic with arafat. thank you, traffic is still pretty easy, breezy around the bay with no major problems from incidents to report creek project bay bridge, just a few cars on the road headed westbound towards the city
5:03 am
overnight construction or in effect overnight in all done with. peter and lights are fact of a manager from a friend of the macarthur maze and to fremont. over on cheers ride is in a jail conditions slightly thicker but still a pretty decent ride as he makes to win the new direction. those bred mice coming towards you making the way to hayward just about 13 in a ride from end to end. golden gate is a foggy ride practically a ghost town of very few cars on the road 21 mutes to arrive from novato into san francisco. he readily take you ensured a minute ride, updating you on a new incident on these 1580 and oakland. we have just received some reports as someone running across all lanes no further details about this wine chp is in rain now but this is evelyn something you should be aware as you make your trip. james. thank you, the chp plans
5:04 am
to crack down on drivers who ignore the hands 3 lot and users of bonds today than handsfree cellphone law went into effect years ago officials say jurors are starting to refer back to their old ways. chp says the driving on cell phones can of course be dangers and since a lot bigger fight back in july 2008 there been more than 1200 collisions were so far news was a contributing factor. those crashes resulted in 16 address and more the order but the injuries and more than 244,000 tickets have been issued statewide to drivers free legal use of their cell phones the chp will also be a out in force next wednesday that is the 18th. the rest of canadian fish and the near released by nightclub, police have booked 18 year-old philips student of san francisco but the connection that left a tourist said and two others injured. that killed her
5:05 am
status 50 year-old mick fell schroeder and visiting with her husband from germany she was caught in crossfire died sunday night the shooting occurred of the 400 block of mason street near union square, that sitting appears to become a was an altercation of the area and was unrelated to the victims. meanwhile one year later oakland police are still searching for the now 7 year-old has sani campbell today they will update us on the occasion. he was reported missing by his foster fire louis ross said the boy disappeared from a car there as part of side issues start police have said they are investigating his disappearance as a homicide in fact one year ago police arrested rows and 30 rob campbell who was assaulted and and foster mother but the district attorney had to let them go did not file any charges because there was of sufficient evidence. new details from the south bay the association and the union executive board will
5:06 am
be taking a closer look at the city's latest proposal to deal with the budget crisis that will happen and on the clock, the board will discuss what the city has put on the table for negotiation we will let you know of the firefighters think it's a good deal. here's a look to with the union will be voting on a 9 percent cut in pay and benefits. those cuts would save the city more than $10 million, that could mean that some the 49 cadets will be rehired if firefighters are pushing for a 34 5¢ a cut. not many firefighters will be hired back. new details about pay cuts for the cost of money employees there about 800 of them that are facing a dip in their paychecks of about 6%, to employes say of course they're sensitive to the tough economic times but they do not think they be treated fairly they say when you compare them with other county employes the open vorster except rob furlough days over the next two years you do the math for those employees
5:07 am
mayor on the with the attitude 0.3% a gun so their 6 percent pay cut is nothing to fear. their older rally today an effort to minimize the impact on their pay cut. breaking news, we're learning about a fire in appearance on the net at last word it was at 6 and hundred one of its debt in on the net, we do not have much of a mission beyond that we'll get that for you as soon as we have more details will come back. let us take a break, citing give you a live look good san jose shot a 101 traffic is moving well lou back with a complete jerk our weather and the news in a moment. ♪
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[ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. and the ambac, a quick check the market had lances manage u.s. stock futures are down and now as investors dropped in overseas markets if the dow finished up yesterday 45. the 10,00698 s&p finished up six nasdaq was higher by 17. investigators are bound to watching the fires are
5:11 am
awaiting the big statement on what is going to do with interest rates the time is widely seen as having lost some momentum but a lot of insiders say that still will lead to some change. how productive how american worker spends a good question will get a reading on that when the labor department reports on productivity and lost expect we will see a game. if you want to own a piece of step now might be your chance the internet calling service has filed for an initial public offering and has not said when jurors will be available or at what price. new this morning house democrats will an " emergency session to pass a bill aimed at saving hundred and 60,000 teachers run and went off the bill would provide $10 billion to school districts to rehire laid-off teachers or ensure more teachers will not be let go before the school year begins this morning president barack obama is expected to highlight the help the gold ring. new details over the battle over for a live press is
5:12 am
an island in the county's superior court judge has temporarily barred governor schwarzenegger from imposing new furloughs as of this friday, but a spokesperson says it plans to be appealed that decision and will begin furloughs' this friday as long as state lawmakers failed to produce a new budget. we will take a break, we'll be back with more in a moment, ladies of the breaking news story out of me now the factory have a map here to assure you an update now at 1600 but the 1500 that is where we're hearing from firefighters oakland fire is responding kron4 struck sissel is on his way we will have some live pictures to assure you this is what looks like from coors. we will have more in a moment.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
not as widespread as the liggett 5 track of this as a privilege clara and san jose but around redwood city fremont and the fog close to the mound hill in and around the center part of the bank from oakland to the genocide hayward. not as thick as yesterday, he's been around in that clearer than yesterday morning a little fog near fairfield facility in and north bay valleys clearing around sonoma. a little farther on napa, santa rosa and petaluma that far, has the golden gate. as we look at temperatures it is chilly of there. 52 and san francisco 51 napa mid-50s in the andes bay waiting for the sun to come up. sunrise said 620 over the east bay hills. same pattern as yesterday fahd peering drive near the close. 81 and fairfield 70 in mill valley, 59 notion
5:17 am
beach 61 and 70 san mateo 75 was sunshine and palo alto sunshine by 11:00 in berkeley, fit in the mid-60s, 78 castro valley 74 and fremont beautiful indian lenny's: minutes should be. as a gardener 80 degrees for more size from all agree to livermore. the beautiful day in the south bay was sunshine to start around san jose and 77. 84 morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. if you want to warm up a looks like we may finally get one by the weekend the next three days more the same. our friday warned saturday '60s and the gross we may get a shot of clearing up the coast, sending into monday with the wind pattern still aren't sure. but we could hit the low the mid-90s sunday, monday. let us find out what is happening with traffic will get an update for america. >> thank you, for those of you
5:18 am
is heading out the door is still pretty good ride but it seems like these incidents keep popping up minute by minute that is not the case of the bay bridge began seeker sailing on by from all perches. a courses leading lights are offering now is a you're looking at about any minute trip from the foot of the macarthur maze and to fremont. a look now tried a little bit thicker here but still a pretty decent ride, new incidents report and respond 92 writs of was that involving a motorcycle down currently in the no. 3 toll lane the golden gate bridge is a different story here nice, light conditions very few cars on the road this foggy but a good red traffic rise. 21 minutes from the rotor to send a disco. highway 37 still need minute trip wrapping up with a charter san francisco james lick, soap and traffic moving just fine he's found also seen no delays, very good writer all around the city and towards sfo. james. thank you, breaking news
5:19 am
survey other of mean a fire at a pier 1500 men of vista is the last known address here, where does san francisco fire boat has been requested, oakland fire is 30 on the scene you can see in these live pictures from jackie sissel ladder trucks obviously doesn't appear with water. you can see it on fire there. a lot of smoke and there as well. the fact is that pictures just became available 30 seconds ago, when it did the mob as fast as it could see to get a firsthand account of what looks like out there jackie sissel is on scene and in a moment as he is working to get his microphone but up, we will track them away seeing out there but in the meantime will take these live pictures we have them you can see that ladder truck there axing using that as a spotlight shining light down on the fire in the newark firefighters on the ground with their noses. during the rest of this fire fire poured out it looks like the end it appeared that is on
5:20 am
fire obviously the wood and gold in flames. will rotate them awhile to get this fire poured out since it is hard to get an angle on from the dockside where the fires are currently stationed that is why they call than the fireboat to try and get fire on a from the water side in getting rid on those claims, that fireboat is on the way as we said oakland fire is 30 there will looks like there's timbered broken 3 and falling below parts of this year in the water. it is tough to tell because it is a dark, as soon as light comes up will get a better idea of the extent of the damage. 1500 bennett of its debt and on the net. oakland fire is our aeon seen the san francisco fire boat is on route. jackie sissel is there, he would run by will tran in a moment. steen coverage as it developed for the morning. also falling the latest with
5:21 am
muni. many need to be on the road look out after three months hiatus' inspectors employees are cracking down as premier program started last year or teams will star mini vehicles and demand proof of payments of writers do not have that proves they will be fined $34 it is estimated that the cost about $19 million every year in the south bay at 930, the sec cleared nine border supervisors will consider an ordinance requiring all plimsolls to be spayed, neutered the board will hear an introduction of that bill on the war for it on to the county lawyers for their take on the ordinance no decision will be made today this meeting will take place in san jose. the union that represents oakland police officers say they have reached a contract agreement with the city the new contract will hopefully save police jobs in the future it comes after months of negotiating new members agreed to pay more in
5:22 am
their pension if it means saving jobs the new deal guarantees officers will not be later for three years but it does not guarantee that any minimum staffing levels will be maintained and officers will face several present and to their pension plans. no layoffs and the public safety. to keep him here. now well the new contract between the city and the union does either way voters will talk to approve the new deal in november were have been switching union and the city the voters or the final say. we'll take another live look get side is recap to break more live pictures of of me know where we have a peer on fire 1501 of vista, you can see firefighters from the oakland police harmon are on the scene, and on its way is the san francisco
5:23 am
fireboat we will talk with jackie sissel coming up.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
and we're back, we wanted to me the latest of many tiny live pictures showing you 8 here on fire. kron4 is jackie sissel is that the rain now he was their first rise on the scene jackie what you know? is san francisco fire there yet i know that curled for fireboat. >> know we have not seen them arrive yet i'm actually in the city of el nino is one of these
5:27 am
old alanine and peers that appears to be on fire. you can see the city run in as the fire department is on seen pouring water on the pier these are really old fears, these things have been soaked and freeze out, a lot of times when these things start is very difficult for them to put it out. you can see them pouring water on a rain now we have not seen the boat from san francisco record here we are on the story side of the i mean that peers or here, >> i consider to me would be difficult to fight that fire from above hollisters to cuba underneath and make its way back towards crown. >> to see part of the peers are a collapsing. as i colo you can get a better sense of where we are i, you can see that that's the answer where a river for their i'm pulling back towards oakland you can see how long these tears are obviously these a the old fears used in the
5:28 am
portable alanine that lots of shipping is to come in here and now they have been abandoned for many years, but still you can see that the fire continues to pour water on it. but from the vantage point that i haven't looked rather than have to attack this thing from the water. as you say it's coming underneath the spirits of there's no way of firefighters on the pier can get water to that. >> the good angle. jackie stay there will come back to in just a little bit we will be back in just a minute the latest on this n
5:29 am
5:30 am
and we're back, the latest in a breaking news story coming out above me know we have appear on fire you can see here in these live pictures this camera shot is being provided by jackie sissel. listed out there and talked him again jackie erie still waiting for that ever does go fireboat riot we heard that it might be there already see don't see it. >> bottom see it. you can see
5:31 am
that as a club here you can see the art story you can see that there are no more road near. the only crews are on senior the city of rolla meaning you can see them continue to pour water on this old pier just to give you a point of reference were an eye on monday at juries side rate beside portland area and the yacht club. the gap that is basically to the right of me. these are old fears, their use back in the quarter a balmy days there not been used for many, many years for shipping. the you can see it appears to exist, the old word appears. and once these things are going, it is very difficult for these firefighters the social from this angle to put these fires out. >> absolutely. when you called the wide as as as one fire curled there were opposed. i would of thought to be more brand out so we can see. you can see from the and the were there
5:32 am
at that one crew here they also have allowed a company a year. pouring water on it but the problem is of the the very end of the pier, and a fire hazard a compromise to the pier itself, so little necessarily or drive the trucks out there or some other crews out there it is obviously of this thing is whether or not there crews of there. it said the very end is also under need to appear. the best way of the most obvious way for them to attack the virus from the water side. >> we will keep an eye out and watch for the fire broke which we understand is in route to this location jackie is out there as soon as we arrive will come back here for the update in the meantime another developing story to update you on this morning it is that shooting near standards as those union square in fact we have a picture of the jurors that we want to assure you of that fifth year-old woman back we'll get to the story coming up in this land we want to get the latest on whether weather around the bay how is this going to affect whether it wins the lighter the
5:33 am
spirit >> as i was watching the wins to see which way the smoke was blowing it doesn't look like it's blowing toward tell me neck, as we take a look of storm tracker 4 for windsor coming of the northeast, if you're alamanni and installing profs mocha internet provider. we will keep watching any effects here as far as this fire on this. it is blowing smoke. in the thick fog that is out there rainout the fog is the story around the bay area parts tracker is showing. o'clock we will get the fog all wound the bay area down to the south bay a little clearer than it was yesterday morning as we head towards 10 from 11:00 most of the places away from the bay clearing out, a little fog around the bay still attend the polls by acronym stands as to the eastern half of the city the fog states and to the coast for noon-30 everyone else warms and the '70s, then add 3:00 the fog comes rushing back again same pattern for the next few days starting to warm up as we head
5:34 am
towards the weekend this afternoon temperatures pretty close to yesterday's sunshine make a model but earlier to 61 1/7 and cisco 73 and then fell. 83 in livermore. '70s for hayward. 77 in san jose, 72 redwood city and 64-half moon bay. giants a gun the cubs exciting 11th inning when the game as of 750 in fog and chile in the '50s and we'll say goodbye to chile by the weekend and looks like the war is on the way today, thursday more the same cities along the bay near 60 of the toes. friday we could pop around five to 10 degrees mid-80s in the '70s of the bay 60 still opposed the weekend features are warmer bill looks like sunday, monday will be the warmest days. optimistic that we could get some sunshine at the close sunday. monday. there's still little bit of onshore breeze temperatures 60 that it
5:35 am
purchased 80 along the bay and even some low-mid-90s are on the bay. >> thank you, are bay area roads are in tiptop shape rain now those incidents we have been falling have finally been cleared run out will get an update at the bay bridge toll plaza couple more cars and is on our last report was still looking great from all approaches have been westbound towards the city of course those mineral rights are offering now so just eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. red salmon said conditions are slightly thicker here but again no instance, problems to report in either direction across the span golden gate, very few cars on the road traffic is moving at a lemon rain now. wrapping up with a quick peek at the creek, traffic is taking along just fine and both directions of westbound 24 is also looking at a delay free ride. james. >> thank you, are developing story that we mentioned a moment
5:36 am
ago that violent shooting near san francisco's union square keep one person 18 of philips did an san francisco has been trapped with murder. the tourist was killed a 50 year-old schroeder from germany she was visiting san francisco with her husband celebrating their wedding anniversary when this happens she was the mother of two and the principle of an elementary school, she and her husband were walking on mason streets and in that this was the scene in the wake of that shooting their orders blocks from their hotel on the were caught in the middle of a gunfight between two groups of young people. police say two other people were hit by stray bullets wetter expected to ride. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the latest on our breaking news story live pictures said about me know where we have a pure on fire and fire fighters doing what they can't but the blaze out of there having a very tough time this morning and that they had to call in the fireboats. to try and get the upper hand on this we will get the latest live from the scene in just a moment. this we will get the latest live from the scene in just a moment.
5:37 am
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back, live pictures at above mean and it would appear on fired is a breaking news story we've been following this story for the past 15-20 minutes and a first murder of it jackie sissel is giving us these pictures now we go wanting this fire ever since he arrived on scene jackie mr. meese of progress at issue are not talking jackie will talk with him a bit. this is appointed jackie made earlier this fire is not only on the top but is also underneath the pier and growing spreading toward land that's why we have fire cruising while back trend in not preventing those on the spirit there shooting water on to it from a distance. the latter term is not really being used to water their kind of museum was a flight but they're easy one for crewman in the house that is what they're doing to try and put water on the end of the spirit the difficult part is
5:41 am
this fire is in the. and underneath that there really need to attack it from a different angle that's why they call the need fireboat there will be on a wider mormon turley shooting of this fire from right angle and in the were taking get in and try to get underneath and trend does the fire of as well. following this live fletcher oakland fire is on scene san francisco fire should be there shortly kron4 jackie sissel is giving us the shot. will tran will be working the same trend as more information more details about how this fire started and how long they think it will take to put it out. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
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it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. breaking news, following the story of the year on fire this is in the estuary jackie sissel has been out there giving as a live look jackie would be known as are they still battling the sting of that single group. >> city amal and the nets continued to pour water on it,
5:45 am
it appears to be getting slightly bigger. we run the ad to resign, by the yacht club and a place that they call alaska basin. beazer deal appears out here part of the border of the net. these are old, old fears of another their needs and see the fire continues to got and they continue to pour water on it from the pier itself. as we talked about earlier james this does is earl warren. and because the virus continues to burn at the end and underneath that the firefighters continue to stay back at this point obviously the structure has been compromised they do not want send firefighters out there and risked the possibility of having the spirit for as we talked earlier we're waiting for the fire about to come out and attack this fire from waterside. so we're still waiting for them to the book is that here, we
5:46 am
sell one of these boats arrive, that is a little dark go but it is obviously some sort of emergency responders. so far they have stayed well back, they have not approached the pier at this point obviously they may just be monitoring the situation to get a better view of exactly what they need to do once the fire broke gets here. >> i just got word from the control room that they're receiving reports of the fire broke has entered the estuary but we will have to wait and see, once they get their the main focus will be getting that fire put out rate their the source for the pier juts out and then underneath is you're saying, and of leaking still see it we sublets in places are the
5:47 am
fall of the water. this year of this in the end of it is an old will appear. it has been compromised as a question you can see underneath it the very end is 30 collapse. as this fire spreads further in you can see if there are more of those were tilings out there and that is why you see those firefighters back to get 50-75 ft. making sure that there and is a position obviously there has been any structural damage their in a safe position this is an abandoned facility? >> there are no longer containerships on the pier itself. last i heard i spoke to a person who lived over portland area which is basically on the other side of the pier here greasy those amounts. he set up to about six months ago there was restored and the spears. but obviously the port of money that has not been in service for
5:48 am
quite some time. >> we've got this developing story that we're keeping an eye on you see all that smoke coming up from the pier as jackie was saying there are chemicals that have been used on this would to help preserve innkeeper protected, that is getting mixed into the smoke and as blowing up into the air. mark. >> tracking the ones in the area on storm tracker 4 are there actually blowing back over the island of on the net even though we have an onshore wind rain now local winds in the area blowing out of the northeast and around 7 mi. per hour. and the smoke is going back over all in the nests of his most of its likely from this fire. we will continue to fall latest. it is really did get there with the fog. right now here's regard is around the bay area. closer to the ground heavy drizzle lower visibility's. san jose clear skies to mind you fog over the
5:49 am
central part. the fog is keeping out over to livermore valley. right near the 24 interchange. concord airport reporting clear skies. oakland, san felt that over the waldegrave. clearing and the were yesterday morning as we take a look at the forecast for today, will be pretty somewhat yesterday may be sent channel about earlier mid- 70s to the war is inland valleys to 17 mill valley. 81 and fairfield fahd in an ocean beach at 59. but heflin mid-60s. and then ran fine highs in the mid- 60s clearing by midday for oakland and alameda nice a castro valley at 70. warmer spots upper '70's. still running a few degrees cooler that we should be this time of year sunshine from sunrise to sunset
5:50 am
at 7. 73 in mountain view's 70 in los gatos. if you want a warm and we might have won just in time for the weekend chilly weather for the next few days friday the warm-up begins in will gradually warmed up saturday, sunday and monday. it could mean '80s along the bay sunday, monday even the chance for some coastal clearing. an update on the drive at 559. >> the commute is slowly building but relatively calm conditions on their re rain now. bay bridge toll plaza a couple more cars there was on our last report and has come easy ride at the westbound towards the city of course of meeting lights are off to and during about and even a drop in the foot of the macarthur maze to fremont. all right here red and san mateo conditions are clear no reports of any problems in either direction just about 13 minutes
5:51 am
from end to end. golden gate a couple more cars on the road. you're still seeing some companies out there been a nice, easy ride the train ran nsa 21 minutes on your trip from novato and the city limits. wrapping up with a shot of the james lick traffic is moving just fine in the southbound, he's done directions just fine, run the city and towards sfo. james. >> thank you, let us go back outside i think we have live pictures from jackie sissel shot out and alameda. there we have it. san francisco's firewater about is now on the scene you can see a bird soaring to water. that year as been on fire for least the better part of the half-hour they belonged we've been waiting for san francisco fired two or ride on the scene. to get water on the part of that year that is burning. now that the fire is on the scene we're back to start to douse the
5:52 am
adapter hopefully that will make short order and quick work during this fire out. there is water is now arriving where it needs to be, and looks like the water that was coming from the fire truck has been stopped i do not see that shooting from the rights of the screen anymore. this is a developing story san francisco fire is on the scene. will update you once more only come back.
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in may and back, 555 falling latest data bellamy net here's the update jackie sissel has been watching it. jackie, looks like they're doing a good job of getting those slams out. off >> once they arrived on scene and here they started pouring water on this fire out here in alemanni, students see the need pretty quick work of it, they bring much got all the flames out if you can kind of stay within for the second time that a jury the whole sequence. this is what the fire looks like about 10 minutes ago, and then i will fast-forward as a san francisco fire boat arrived on scene, we just shot is less than five minutes ago, i will kind of password until we get to the upper where you can see the but ashley start to put water on the fire. here it is once the boat arrived on scene obviously they accrue their on appeared james
5:57 am
delany in this city crew were having a difficult time fighting this fire because of the ankle that they were at, if they call the fire but then once it arrived on scene the thousands of gallons of water that it was able to put on the pier itself from the angle from the water side they will able to attack the fire within i would say about jim answer so they basically had all the flames out of here. an impressive show from the san francisco fireboat if we can switch back your lives shot and see what the scene is like out there rain now, as you said the el nino county firefighters they have backed off. they're hanging type their in mop of mode. absolutely. as you're talking order earlier obviously the appearance of the wooden pier. the fire obviously damaged appear at the end and also underneath and seed can see how far back as lawmakers are staying on as they do not want to the into the pier and the in a position where that pierre could potentially caveman and
5:58 am
then there as fire crews and their equipment into the water. thank you, jackie sissel has been arrived on the stories and to arrive on scene we will continue to give you the latest on the other side of this break. back with more in just a moment.
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