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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 10, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00 at 5:00 a teenager is facing murder charges for killing a german tourist in san francisco. 18 year-old village stored was arrested in connection with a shootout near san francisco union square on sunday night. kron 4 has updated surveillance footage on the night of the shooting as you can see people running just after shots were fired. as kron 4 kate thompson reports tonight police say they are also searching for additional suspects. >> five teenagers were detained after senate shooting on mason street police have made one arrest but for the teens have been released to they could be rearrested it witnesses or evidence is discovered. please continue to search for more people who could be involved in the shooting outside of high- school students. three people were caught in car crossfire 50 year-old i torahs from germany
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who was killed, 15 year-old male was shot in the upper body, a 19 year-old woman who shot like. this surveillance video from the lobby downstairs from san francisco, a college club. party promoters rented the space and under age ended december bash for high school students. the owner of the club said he rented the space to bobbie collins of the white rabbit productions. he said was a safe and legal party and in a statement all hell had broken loose around 9:00 p.m.. you can see in this surveillance video that the crowd came rushing back inside the building trying to avoid the gunfire. the promoters say they have been invited to meet with the mayor on wednesday. born in san francisco kate thompson kron 4 news. >> >> >> could you please help us understand mr. store were here in the suspect will not be charged is that correct?
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>> that's correct the present time there will be no charges filed. >> why is that? >> the case is under active investigation were still collecting evidence. that's ballistic evidence video evidence >> this suspect stay in custody pending charges? >> i'm sure whether not he will remain in custody the district attorney's office doesn't have anything to hold him. the shares office they have a holder may not. most i'm not aware of those but as of now the district attorney's office will not be charging he will be on hold for more and. >> what is the status of the investigation referred a lot of discussion about the number of suspects who were interviewed following the incident occurred what's the status? >> it is currently under active investigation and remains under
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active investigation. all the san francisco nba is working closely with the san francisco police department to gathering review additional informations in evidence. were doing her best to make a determination as to whether charges will be filed. >> did something change between yesterday and today because certainly we were under the impression the murder charges would be filed so what change? >> there's nothing that change the charging decision was made late this afternoon to once our office had an opportunity to review everything that was put to the fourth so far, that was the decision that was made. again this is in the initial decision we are expecting additional evidence of an overview that evidence as it becomes available. >> alright they do so much sense store assistant district attorney pure the teenager who had been held we understood was quoted face murder charges in any death for murder of a
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german tourist and san francisco will in fact not be charged at this time. meantime please have a special thanks for taxicab driver for cal in 91 after he saw suspects running away from the scene of the crime. the cab driver tells us he did not see the shooting but did become suspicious because of their actions. >> see there's car turning radically in front of me. it ran a red light picked up a couple more guys went down stockton st.. something didn't feel right the way the job in their car it look like they're running away from something they just did. i picked up my phone and calls the zero p dispatch give them a description of the vehicle license plate number and i i wake up there's a million phone messages congratulating me for my bravery.
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>> the cab driver did not speak on camera he did want to keep his identity save. he says it was a civic duty to go 911. it has been one year since 6 year- old campbell went missing and tonight the oakland police department says his foster father is still the primary suspect in his disappearance. kron 4 christine conley as live in oakland where people there try to help keep the saudis memory alive. a little bit ago the one inside several activists about a dozen to see if they could do anything to move the case for appeared in and met with the deputy d.a. is that was good conversation they're given several ideas and they say there gunna try and bring campbell's story to the national media appeared in the meantime the oakland police suburban earlier today held a news conference where they said they believe campbell is a victim of foul play. let's roll video and show
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you the latest on the investigation. >> this is lieutenant gus the lead investigator on the campbell case. he says the case hasn't gone cold it's an active investigation. his prime suspect is this man louis ross. was campbell's foster father. >> still missing persons case but based on the investigation i feel campbell was met by the hands of louis ross said he is the primary suspect carried >> here's the jennifer campbell and least ross they were arrested early on in the case but release due to lack of evidence. frost and now reportedly lives in maryland has said that he briefly left campbell outside his car in this oakland schuster parking lot on august 10, 2009 when he disappeared. jennifer kimball was working at the store. oakland police say they don't believe campbell of related to the store. >> i feel that ross is not being
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forthright he is a suspect because he is the last person that we know was with campbell before what missing. >> weeks ago oakland police said they one of his stay with the fbi interviewed jennifer campbell was now reportedly living in arizona. they're calling her personal interest to may or may not have the information in this case. lieutenant says the research as like you see here of oakland in the were shoreline regional park. there's no witnesses or evidence in the case. also here today was campbell's grandmother who said she's not happy with the way the investigation has gone. she spoke with kron 4 listed a listen to what she had to say. >> my main concern is that i feel like they didn't do a good enough investigation and time was wasted and that they kept to the line where he was murdered and leros had something to do
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with that. they stated that for the beginning of the case and still stating that. >> that's refill the boys to die because in your opinion it was never my thoughts a wisps somebody kidnapped him from the shoe store and somebody has them. and really upset and sad and by the way the oakland police investigated this and i'm upset and saddened by the members of the media who seemed to echo the police line. i'm making an appeal to the public to bring my grandson back and hopefully give the many close to where he might be. >> attorney john he believes the oakland police department had no basic to rest a couple last year and the think that actually impeded the investigation. there will be officials had to knelt
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before campbell in hayward. reporting live kron 4 news. >> in developing new this former u.s. senator ted stevens who represented of alaska for more than four decades has been killed in a plane crash at the age of 86. that single engine plane crashed in their rural area of alaska at killing stevens for other people this happen you're dealing pam. he was considered the state's most beloved political figure he often talked about the fact he felt guilty his wife died in a plane crash years ago and he survived. among the survivors today former nasa boss john o'keefe and his son the group apparently had been on a fishing trip. >> taking a look at our current conditions of school once again close to the coastline and not even the warner inland spots appeared our warmest locations in antioch with 83 degrees. not even feeling like some of this afternoon but were getting used to the spirit we have a warm up towards the end the week it will have details coming up a bit.
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details against a livermore mother who accused of having a yearlong sexual relationship with to underage boys pier this is your picture her name is christine house. mark jones examine the court documents in pleasanton. the charge >> as our 28 pages long. 24 counts of oral copulation, two counts of arranging a central meeting place, 19 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, 18 counts of lewd acts upon a child, two counts of contacting a miner with intent to commit sex crimes, one count of forcible the attacks on a child. those of the charges for which 42 world christine helms is being held on a $4.3 million bail. if these probable cause documents it all began in december 2009 drew the young boy was dating clubs daughter cure the documents allege he stalked into his bedroom oakland for the rural sector the please investigation turned up the second boy both aged 14 to 15 of
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the time. a lot of the details of the seal by the court to protect the boys. the documents say christine helps send text messages new photos gives and money to the boys. that is alleged meetings took place in the house gmc on earth that car was missing from the family driveway. racine house would become a registered sex offender for life after she gets out of prison. in pleasanton kron 4 news. >> look at our extended forecast growth of the weather continuing tomorrow but the fog will start to slack off towards the end the week with a warm-up in store. all have full complete details coming up in just a minute. ♪
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a jet to the attendant who flew off the handle after a confrontation with the passenger has become an internet hero. stephen slater's spectacular exit from his job as bond websites and three steven t- shirts. kimberly will join us with the on line story. but
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first of the key explains what the fuss is all about. >> he swung his tie off he was happy he said i quit my job on done with this. >> steven slater's resignation from chapel yesterday ranks right up there with the additional news anchor howard deals and all found in the 1976 movie network. >> i was mad as hell can i not going to take this anymore. >> first later the final straw was a passenger who swore at him when he told her to remain seated after their jet blew the flight from pittsburgh landed at jfk in new york. >> at the very end as we were getting off the plane he got on the intercom and made this announcement that he swore and he's for the passenger. i thought that was very strange nobody ever gets on the intercom and swears 3/ >> your grab to beers from the galley deployed the escape chutes and slit his way into the front page of new york tabloids. >> didn't think he would get in trouble >> it cut 25 minutes to report
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the incident i guess we're time to reach his home in according one newspaper hotbed with his partner. >> neighbors say the police left him little time for romance. >> soon as you know what the cops come down the block detectives look like someone was robbing a bank. slater >> did not speak in court today a bill was set at $2,500. he pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal this just, reckless endangerment and trespassing. his lawyer says later seem like a nice guy who simply pushed too far. >> the woman was outraged and at some point think he just wanted to avoid conflict with her. >> vicki kron 4 news. >> our web producer kimberly is here now to tell us about slater's star status on line. >> the flight attendant has developed an instant following on the web. let's take a look at face book your gunna take a look at just one of several stephens later pages crated
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after the jet blew incident. as you can see there in the information it says loves to travel. right here your looking at a picture where people are selling t-shirts of him the post of links to free steven slater and t-shirts. you see images people and posting the online this one says see that door? seen a bear?. one right here is a cartoon same proper technique for exiting aircraft. you like to check out slater star status online visitor whats on the web section on >> is another wild st is one of ohio's a tantrum over mick nuggets. check out this video you can see this woman reaching for the drive-through window slugging one woman and then another. happen on year's day but please today just released this video you're the woman has said was told because of the it
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was breakfast time in the pits were not being served. that did not sit well with the customer so she threw a fit. you can see the employe is battling with the woman tried to close the windows so the drive through eventually she pulled a bottle from marquardt and threw it to smash in the drive-through window. the woman was sentenced to 60 days in jail and ordered to pay damages. >> of live look good side for the golden gate bridge were still seen the low clouds and fog all up and down the coastline. cool conditions close to the coast this afternoon just 15 san francisco, 55 1/2 monday trade for getting used to this weather has really changed much over the last few weeks. 83 antioch is our water is location we can expect similar weather again over night tonight into tomorrow morning that the fog pushing back into the bay
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this evening. was he fog virtually the same spot that we saw yesterday so dense fog and drizzle along the coastline close to the coastlines and around the bay shore. if patchy fog for inland off valley. bob pushing back to the coast noone sunny skies in the afternoon the temperature is still on the cool side ranging from the upper fifties to low 80's. what's going to look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood 60 degrees in san francisco tomorrow, 65 in oakland are in the spots not budging all that much. 72 and now fall overall our temperatures are about 10 degrees where they should be for this town of here. it doesn't feel like someone out there. 14 degrees cooler in san rothschild 13 degrees in redwood city and ranging from about 7 to 11 degrees. of the picture kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast similar weather for trouble thursday that a little bit of a warm up in our inland spots which will continue into the weekend so warmer and drier air build century that will
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eliminate the fog everywhere except along the coastline so temperatures along the coast will remain on the cool side. >> it's time to take a look at traffic on this tuesday and this isn't san francisco the james link the bottom of your screen highway won a one traffic heading southbound a slow roll there but it's even worse of the top of your screen 80 headed for the lower deck of the bay bridge barely moving. we'll be back with a lot more news ahead stay with us.
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just in the the kron 4 news room another attack today at the regency park and ends in an unincorporated walnut creek this is the third attack in recent weeks. sheriff deputies are investigating an assault of a manit getting into a 25 year-old woman's apartment. the front door was locked she woke up to find him covering her mouth with his hand he threatened her and told her not to scream. she was able to get away and he fled. the description of the man is a black adult male six-foot 2 in.
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long dark jeans and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. renee sheriff deputies are all sold looking into the possibility the suspect could be linked to other crimes at that apartment complex on july 6th. there is a rape of a 23 year-old woman inside her apartment and on june 30th a woman opened the door to find a man who ask for a glass of water when she went to get in that glass of water he tried to put his hand over her mouth but she screamed and again he fled. the sheriff's deputies are warning everybody to not only what they're condors but also their windows. reporting live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> in national news president barack obama has signed a bill that he says will shave the jobs of hundreds of thousands of teachers. another public workers the house passed the $26 billion legislation today it is a special one day session. republicans are calling this a giveaway to teachers in unions.
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the president said quick action was necessary before children come back to class and of all. approaching storms have forced the suspension of the drilling of that release of the gulf but the work is nearly done crews will be able to get back to work in the san a couple of days. in addition to the relief was supposedly will end the threat of another leak. also today a federal fishing ban was lifted in an area around the florida panhandle. >> with a programming note to tell you about tonight nbc will air the giants game so we will have nbc programming. starting in the p.m. and ending at 10:00 p.m. you can watch back-to-back episodes of america's got talent. then it 10:00 with a special edition of kron 4 news. we'll be right back after this break. [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience the next generation of television service?
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