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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 10, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news set aside 30. our big story tonight at 5:30 p.m. new details in the battle over for low fridays. alameda county judge has barred the governor's plan to really
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start furlough fridays. stephen ordered the temporary hold sing the furloughs harm state workers. kron 4 talks to some of those workers about the prospect of going to work on friday after all. >> as he can see the dmv officers in san jose the workload on state workers are high many say adding three for load friday's a month until the month until the budget is passed to make this worse. judge's ruling will make life easier on them their customers. >> we would be able to surf our community better as well. we do get caught up a bit on mondays to fridays do hope so. it would help benefit us >> and the >> remember the los during the last budget dispute last year to hurt them financially when this to the judge's ruling as a reprieve for the burden again. for >> me i lost my car i know people lost homes and cars. i work a second job on a single mom supporting an 18 year-old
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who is off to college. it's pretty devastating. >> this is drew involves long enough to see as a legislator will prove a budget and appeal. consider as a kron 4 new boss. >> the order will last until september and then at that point hearings on the furlough issue will take place. on tuesday budget is overdue it was supposed to be approved on july the first the governor did tell silicon valley business leaders today that they are getting closer in sacramento. >> i think there's a good shot to we will have a budget within the next two to three weeks. but it's a very difficult time to come to an agreement. come to an agreement. tof silicon valley business leaders he continues to push for pension reform in order to save money. he is insisting that he will not raise taxes he says he is open however to ideas from democrats that could mean useful compromise. the budget battle
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continues in san jose between the city and the city's firefighters union. robb is live in san jose tonight with the latest on the negotiations there. any progress? it >> the good news badness scenario. both sides are still talking a bad news is there's no real progress to report tonight. the stick a look at deal that set the stage that the week before last some 49 firefighters were laid off in san jose as a result of budget cuts one fire station mothballed and engine and four fire trucks also mothballed. last week the city rejected the fire fighters live this offer which falls way short of the 0.9% total compensation give back. it says it needs to reinstate at least some of those firefighters. today the union is considering the city's latest offer the one in executive session today and joining me live as randy the president of local 233 jet and a good news for us to do strike a deal today?
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>> we didn't pick a good deal but the executive order they did look at the request from the city as a result of that to would put new information and this afternoon to get clarity on what precisely this 8.91% would cost a firefighter. how much of the pocket. >> put on one of those 49 firefighters laid off, chances of get my job back if this goes through. >> that's another point need clarified although we have a document that seems to say that would get to the 49 jobs back. we also have previous discussions that said even if we gave an amount higher than that they may still lay off 17 firefighters. there is some inconsistency on what we've been told that would have to be cleared up. >> you say you're concerned about public safety. don't have enough firefighters to go round is what a warm up again this week and what your concerns there? >> the closure of the five companies eliminated over 10 percent of the firefighting work
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force in san jose. anybody can figure it out real quick that when you take that much firefighting capacity 0 you put yourself at risk. my fear is it's not a matter of if it's not our when work what have a catastrophe because were not able to respond as well as we used to. >> thank you randy president of the san jose fire fighters union local 230 pure the city is pressing ahead have been places on the ballot to this fall asking voters to weigh in on an effort to control pension costs. that's the latest year in san jose. >> of fire is now out to allopurinol media this is what look like this morning. it started about 4:30 a.m. near one of this avenue and sherman street. there were no people on the pier it's not really used anymore. fire fares attractive from the land but to get it couldn't direct shot at it a fireboat from san francisco's parade from the bay. investigators still don't know how all started.
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>> a live look good side from our mount tam cam you can see that fog sitting well offshore getting ready to push back into the bay. we've had similar weather for the past several weeks and it's not going to change of least in the next couple days. our current conditions 58 san francisco, the 55 1/2 monday, '60s and '70s for the bay area this afternoon upper '70's low 80's for inland spots well below average for this time of year. we are going to see a warm up towards the we get all the details of that coming up in our extended forecast in just a bed. >> new details about the same- sex marriage battle the country's largest oil is group has backed a resolution calling on all state legislatures to extend the right to marry the same-sex couples. today the american bar association voted at its annual meeting held here in san francisco to support the measure sponsored by the new york state bar association. now live look outside the traffic this is the bay bridge toll plaza the last out of your
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screen is heading into san francisco westbound no back up even in the pay date lane. on the right side traffic heading east bound to oakland and berkeley and emeryville the back of their either. we'll be right berkeley and emeryville the back of their either. we'll be right back. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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legionnaire larry ellison is blasting to packers decision to oust and prefers called the decision cowardly and says it is the worst personnel decisions since apple forced out steve jobs 25 years ago. allison said hp's decision to go public with the sexual harassment claim hurts even though company investigation found a bias of the claim was an act of corporate political correctness. bryson has announced details of the new highly anticipated droid to smart phone carried is less understood you to tell us all about it. the first jury was a
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huge success for bryson i think the new joy to is going to do very well because it keeps the same look as a first droid with a slide of physical keyboard which surprisingly a lot of people still like not everyone is on a game with the only touch screen. people like to touch the physical keys this will do well also. latrell the first video and give you some facts of this new droid to phone. only on the prize network goes on sale tomorrow on presence website and will be in presence stores on thursday. $199 with a two-year contract. the next video will tell you about the phone the new droid has big improvements the keyboard has nearly zero raised keyes, a bigger button so exposed to be a lot easier to type on the new droid to your present said the new drug to is really fast the web browsing will be to 40% faster than the droid wind which i hope that's true because a lot of people had complained they loved to drive but they say it's a little slow. the new one will run flash for internet video that's of the i phone does not have carried the jury to comes built-in and try
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to point to which is the next generation google mobile operating system. it has a lot of new features and improvements to think this will do well. gabe slate kron 4 news. our extended forecast of the cool weather to continue into tomorrow. some warming are inland spots which will continue into the weekend. we'll have a complete forecast in a few short minutes.
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and he is working harder to make sure passengers pay their fair. the increased the forcing campaign there will not include citation but will force those on board to pay their fares. pena said the fair enforcement could help recoup millions of dollars. >> it accounts for about $19 million problem for this agency that's about 9% of the annual fares that we could be receiving. this economic time where we consider or calf considered and implemented service reductions and things of that nature will need every
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penny we can get to restore service enhance service. >> muni will begin a force that on board buses starting tomorrow morning. the chp is cracking down on drivers to talk in their cell phones without handsfree devices pier the handsfree cellphone law went into affect about two years ago now. more than 244,000 tickets have been issued to all across the state to drivers sorry legal sulfone use. kron 4 stanley roberts hit the road to find a rule breakers in today's edition of people behaving badly treated >> that's what the lady in the black mercedes he's talking on yourself, without a handsfree device. she's so engrossed in conversation she never noticed this chp cruiser pulls alongside for. this is one of the drivers caught in a cell phone crack down taking place around the entire state of california. >> you're using your phone or taxing and your phone. >> she's for the officers' shoes
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only looking on the phone and never using her cellphone. >> chinese the phone at all? >> is video eyeshot of protecting will sing at the light. >> road along with the right officers of the chp looking for south of violators and they're not hard to find. like this driver she drove past the officer while on herself on. she claims her car was an emergency. >> arrest and was calling you to latino he's fine. ok. >> this driver was also seen on herself on. talk >> himself long? >> making an appointment to read dr. deck roof. >> some people in selfless today all the officer had to do is walk up to a car. >> using your cell phone device what you're driving. if >> guess is driver why she is on the phone without a hint for device? for response. >> i never discussed i have a
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blue jews and my office is right there in my as two seconds away. >> this driver was caught not using his friends treat but he thought getting caught in the bow behaving badly. in case you're wondering itself of ticket can cost to run a hundred $50. >> your signature right here. you will get a notice in the mail about >> two weeks> people getting caught on people behaving badly could last forever. in marin county stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> starting in 2011 most awfulness in europe will have a one-size-fits-all charger. web producer carefully tells us when this could come to the united states. >> so far 10 major cellphone makers including apple, motorola are samsung and research in motion of sign on to the agreement to make the charge report forth by the european commission. universal charger mean that consumers don't have to get new and with every
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mobile home and has green aspects. at one size fits all means new chargers fewer charges will wind up in a landfill and your resources consumed in manufacturing those chargers. us americans will have to with a little bit without a government agency setting a deadline is set to hand set makers to make a switch to a single standard the industry experts say ultimately economics will force changes companies want to universal church and europe they say companies will bring those same connecters u.s. models. stay tuned for it to read all about this one-size-fits-all charger is a visit our whats on the web section. >> a look at side from our roof cam over downtown san francisco the fog starting to make its way back into the bay. he does see a few little areas of sunshine here. the low clouds are continuing to dominate our forecast. our current conditions 55 1/2 one day, 58 san francisco curator in the spots not the warm today. upper
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'70's low 80's. 60s in the north bay and '70s down in the south bay. here's what she can expect tonight into tomorrow very similar conditions to what we saw today. the fog making its way back into the bay that will continue this evening. fog in the same spots we saw last night patchy along the delta and our inland valleys in the south bay dance closer the coastline. tents fog and drizzle for tomorrow morning. it will scale back to this point so by august along the coastline and over san francisco. aside or even the will see plenty of sunshine. recusing the same thing over and over over. for the last few weeks. similar conditions tomorrow. the nine half moon bay 16 services go '60s and '70s in the north bay: dell for the peninsula and. a mix of a upper '70's low 80's for in the spot crude some changes come in the forecast the first time in a few weeks will see a warm up into the weekend
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some warmer drier air will build especially over inland spots of temperatures they're reaching 95 monday. will see the low seventies from the bay but the fog will remain along the coast so temperatures there only 60 degrees. >> and world music huge wildfires in russia still causing misery and hundreds of them. they resulted in suffocating smog in moscow. volunteers and soldiers are continuing to help firefighters thousands of people have left homeless. the passing of masks to people the heat in the smoke is really making a lot of them sick. prime minister crudeness putting a high profile he's trying to keep people, he even took the controls to a novel fire fighting claim is promising the government will rebuild the homes that burned. the widespread flooding in germany still flooding streets and homes and parks. rivers and creeks burster banks and today three people. flooding also causing
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destruction in poland and the czech republic. pakistan we been talking about this the worst flooding in a century. thousands have now fled in a major city in central pakistan is threatened by swollen rivers. despite all the scenes of destruction the tell them is arguing the government should not expected any for aid. the television has attacked western aid groups and called for them to leave the country. the u.n. is saying it will take hundreds of millions of dollars to respond to this disaster. >> live look good set of traffic in the golden gate bridge traffic moving well north and southbound at this hour trip will be right back. [ male announcer ] whoa, the new ultimate turkey & bacon avocado.
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. our big story at 6:00, court documents are revealing more details and to the alleged sexual relationship between the livermore mother and two under age boys. kron 4 mark jones is in line with the look of the documents with the alleged. >> the probable cause documents say the alleged illegal sexual activity may began that this house christine helms a residence. in late 2009 the documents in an underage why was dating her 14 year-old daughter. according to police and same as for the boy christine have stepped into his bedroom wall cannot and perform oral sex. then began a one-year series of sexual encounters many of which happened lycee at hubs black gmc
6:01 pm
hummer. it included a second under age boy. the hummer has been removed and the premises. the court has seal the text messages committee the details relating to the boys. both called joe doe no. 1 and john doe no. 2. according to the official charges she is charged with 24 counts of oral copulation, two counts of arranging a sexual meeting to commit a crime, 19 counts of illegal sexual intercourse, 18 counts of lewd blinder with intent to commit sex crimes and one count of forcible the backs. convictions on any of those counts would mean christine hobbs will be a registered sex offender the rest of life. that's after she gets out of prison if convicted. in pleasanton mark jones kron 4 news. >> on the one-year anniversary of six year-old campbell's disappearance the oakland police department says that his foster father is still considered the primary suspect. the boy who as a terrible policy which was
6:02 pm
reported missing august 10, 2009. as christine conley tells us activists and investigators are doing all they can to try and push the case forward. >> hear the district attorney's office you can see these people wearing shirts that have campbells picture on them. when inside talk to the assistant d.a. to see if there's anything they can do to push this case forward. a year after campbell disappeared and they said they had a very good talk with the assistant d.a. and they were given some ways to push the case forward. they're going to try and bring his story national spirit in the meantime the oakland police department held a news conference earlier today where they said they believe campbell was a victim of foul play. >> this is lieutenant gus the landau the lead investigator in the campbell case. he says the case hasn't gone cold it's an active investigation. his prime suspect is this man louis ross who is said campbell's foster father. >> is still classified as a
6:03 pm
missing persons case based on the investigation i feel campbell was foul play at the hands of ross who remains a primary suspect. louis ross and jennifer campbell was a pass this on the east end in foster mother. they're arrested earlier on in the case by release due to lack of evidence. ross who reportedly lives in maryland has said he briefly left campbell of set is car in this open issue store parking lot on august 10, 2009 when he disappeared. jennifer kimball was working at the store. oakland police now say they don't believe campbell ever made it to the store. >> i feel that to ross is obviously not being forthright. he is suspect because he was the last person that we know was with us on the before one missing. two weeks ago oakland police said the one of state with the fbi and interviewed jennifer campbell was now reportedly living in arizona. recalling her personal interest to mayor may not have information in this case. the
6:04 pm
attendants says there were numerous searches like you see here of oakland and hayward shoreline regional park but there's no new witnesses or evidence in the case. attorney john who consulted with campbell and ross in the past says he believes the oakland police department had no basis to rest the couple last year. he thinks that arrested impeded the investigation. in oakland kron 4 news. >> their new details of the murder of the taurus and san francisco. right now the district attorney says no charges will be filed against any of the teenagers detained in the case due to insufficient evidence. five teenagers were detained for released on monday and just a short time ago we learned the 15 will not be picked charge of the murder of the german tourist kron 4 has a tenuous and surveillance video from the net to the shooting. you see people running into this building just after shots were fired outside carried kron 4 kate thompson has the latest on the case.
6:05 pm
>> five teenagers were detained after sunday night shooting on mason st.. please made one arrest but for other teams have been released. they could be rearrested who could be involved in the shooting and outside of high-school students. three people were caught in the crossfire, 50 year-old to the taurus from germany who was killed a 15 year-old male who shot the upper body and a 19 year-old woman who shot leg. this surveillance video from the lobby downstairs from san francisco, the college uncluttered party promoters had read to this day for an under age and to the summer bash for high-school students. the owner of the club says he rented the space to lauber yet rodi collins of white rapper productions he said it was an illegal and state party but in a statement all hell had broken loose around 9:00 p.m.. even seen this surveillance video of the crowd came rushing back inside the building trying to avoid the
6:06 pm
gunfire. the promoters say they had been invited to meet with the mayor on wednesday. reporting in san francisco kron 4 news. >> of the cool weather to continue tomorrow but warm up specially inland into the weekend a complete forecast is a few minutes away.
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the jet blew flight attendant who flew off the handle after a confrontation with the passenger has become an internet hero. stephen slater's spectacular exit from his job as bond websites and free steven t- shirts. kron 4 kimberly stock model will join us with the on- line story but first victim of the office explains what the fuss is about. >> he swung his tie off he was happy he said i quit my job i've done with this. >> steven slater's resignation from chaplin yesterday ranks right up there with a fictitious all news anchor howard deals a
6:10 pm
meltdown in the 1976 movie network. >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore. >> first later the final straw was a passenger who support him when he told her to remain seated after the jacqueline flight from pittsburgh landed at jfk in new york. >> that was very strange no one gets on the intercom and swears. >> slater got to beers from the galley deployed the escape chutes and slid his way into a front page of new york tabloids. >> didn't think he was going to get trouble. >> it to jet blew 25 is to report and gives the time it reaches home and according to one newspaper hot a bed with his partner. >> neighbors say the please left him little time for romance. >> all the cops coming down the block detectives look like someone was robbing the bank they surrounded the house. >> slater did not speak in court
6:11 pm
today bail was set at $2,500. he pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. his lawyer said slater seem like a nice guy who was simply push too far. >> the woman was outraged and at some point he just wanted to avoid conflict with her. >> this letter is being hailed as a working-class hero online web producer kimberly tells us what people are saying on the web about him. kimberly. >> slater dominated the list of top be on searches today the term jet flew flooded 10 it was the top search term on twitter this afternoon and several blockers are all abuzz over and you're a journalist with new york magazine predicted that hero status for slater is immanent will another one with your daily news sympathize with this flight. slid his mother spoke up telling tse passenger who provoked his outburst active
6:12 pm
militias when she had this sign and had carried take a look it's on the photoshop images of people. it shows a person jumping out of the plane and says free stevens later now. another shows a picture in the text, are you sure you want to mess with this guy? another in shows a picture and simply says i rule. to check out all the on- line buzz about slater visitor whats on the web section on >> look under current conditions things are cooling down right now only of the '50s close to the coast line curator inland spots back down in the '60s and '70s. we have a warm up in store for extended forecast cheered a full four passes a few moments away.
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the budget battle continues in san jose between the city and the firefighters union. rob is alive and san jose with the latest on negotiations there. >> those negotiations continue but there's very little progress to report. late this afternoon
6:16 pm
union officials met behind closed doors at headquarters to consider the city's latest offer. this is calling for 8.9% in total compensation pier the union's offer about 5%. let's go to the videotape we can tell you caught in the middle or roughly 49 firefighters who were laid off a week ago last!0 friday in addition one fire station has been closed another one is on part-time heard one fire engine and four fire trucks are also being mothballed as a result of these budget cuts and that's as union president randy public safety at risk. here's how he put it. in fact on august 1st when they limited those 49 firefighters and they took five engines or companies out of service we had to grass fires in town that were significant that not typically overwhelming cured with a loss of the firefighting resources the system in san jose almost collapsed that date. just
6:17 pm
on what she would characterize as a normal workload. stopple tell you that of virtually collapsed. had there been another event to either one of those the more significant the outcome could catastrophically bad. for its part the city san jose says it has no choice to these cuts are necessary to help close of 100 + million dollar budget deficit. if both sides can't come to terms this will go to binding arbitration. in november the public will weigh in on this because the city placed on the ballot measure that ask voters to basically reconsider the way public pensions are funded. that's the latest. live in san jose kron 4 news. contra costa county is thinking about new law that would require owners of pit bulls to either get the dogs spayed or neutered this is in the wake of the fatal mauling of that to year-old boy last month. san francisco has had a similar loss on the books for several years now. jeff bush takes a look at how well the law is
6:18 pm
working in san francisco. the san francisco animal shelters in a 4% drop in could police in asia since the state's new law went into effect in 2006. a decrease in could blowpipes citywide. animal care and control official said those numbers are good news to the laws designed to help the animal control officers identify potentially dangerous dogs. here's how the law works it's a requirement to get people to stay or neutered in order to get a dog license. if an animal control officers seize the dog without a license at the hundred dollar ticket that will be waived if the owner gets the job fixed and its license. animal control says peoples are less aggressive with their sterilize. some say could bulls aren't inherently aggressive brave but animalí'x control officials say they're great dogs a properly trained in care ford and part of the proper care is to stay in new her pureed an aggressive dog can be any breed the differences pickles are generally more powerful than other breeds to have the potential to do more damage if they do attack. in san
6:19 pm
francisco kron 4 news. other stores making news around the bay area in oakland man with was arrested for barricading himself and four children home. he is taken into custody after officers say they spotted him try to sneak out of a back window. at san jose state university the fire department responded to a hazardous materials incident near the campus. officials think of chlorine, may have leaked. one person was looked at for having watery eyes but everyone also pay. it is now thought crossfire $30,000 a damage to an apartment no one was in the unit at the time your investigators looking for because there. in alameda fire along the waterfront officials say a news pier was burned. two people accused of firebombing the solano county courthouse have pleaded not guilty to charges connected to the fire. this is video the fire aftermath on july the 30th. the two suspects are accused of throwing something into the courthouse that started the
6:20 pm
blaze. the fire did $1 million in damage. no one was hurt part of the building's remains close though while the crews continue to clean up the damage. a live look at side from our mount tam cam that fog sitting right off shore and starting to spill into the bay area. we will see over night round of fog again tomorrow into tomorrow morning that is. 58 san francisco, 55 half moon bay. mostly in the '60s and '70s out there now hanging on the '80s in antioch 81 degrees there that was our hot spot this afternoon i will look what we can expect today into tomorrow the fog spilling into the bay is so close to the coastline and along the bay shore. by 3:00 p.m. sunny skies for most of the bay area but temperatures still very much on the cooler side. 59 close to the
6:21 pm
coastline to 83 in our warmest in and when spots. fog tracker tomorrow spilling into the delta at 6:00 a.m. but patchy fog there appeared patchy fog in our inland valleys and down in the south bay. dense fog along the bay shores and even up in the north bay. starting a push back towards the later morning hours but a little slower to push back tomorrow. 90 and lingering fog along the north bay in every shores. back to the city and the coast line by new and and it looks like the coast line will stay shrouded in fog out there again tomorrow and at least for the next couple of days as well. high temperatures tomorrow very similar to today 60ww'q in san francisco, '60s and '70s for most of the bay area treat upper '70's low 80's for inland spots if pure again that's 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of year purified the cool weather continues tomorrow will see the fog close to the coastline the temperatures are going to start to warm up as the fog pushes back through the end
6:22 pm
the week. warmer drier air to build in this weekend and warm everywhere in the bay area accept for the coastline where the fog will hang on so temperatures just up to 60 degrees will hit 90 inland by monday and lower seventies around the bay. with a programming note to tell you about tonight nbc will air the giants game so we will have nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. and ended 10 need to watch back-to-back episodes of america's got talent. a 10:00 we have a special edition of kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
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the world and in this huge wildfires in russia there still look control but getting close in some cases to nuclear reactors. firefighters and soldiers have been working round-the-clock but there hundreds of these fires. you can see this log this is particularly a problem in moscow. masks are being passed out the heat and smog are making a lot of people sick. prime minister try to keep a high
6:26 pm
profile and keep people calm today he even took control of the firefighting planes. in india of the fight continues to contain the oil spill from this cargo ship collided with another ship in the arabian sea. it has been leaking ever since then he conceded here leaking very heavily to one side. hundreds of containers have slipped into the water it was carrying thousands of tons of oil products. the government is now consulting with foreign experts on how to handle this. the!ñ death toll from landslides in northwestern china has jumped more than 700. they did find one man alive it's the manicuring there today. he was trapped for more than 50 hours of apartment building but mostly they're reaching people too late. more than a thousand are still missing. the landslide are results of heavy flooding that has swelled up whole villages. this just in to the kron 4 news room carried six stockton teenagers are being held on three and half million
6:27 pm
dollars bail each after being charged in the beating death of a 14 year-old boy in a city park. the victim of stockton won into cardiac arrest after he was pulled from a car in jumped by gang of boys after the park. they range in age from 14 to 19 years old. they were all charged with murder as adults on monday carried the district attorney says she can't remember a case involving so many defendants that are so young. we'll be back in a few minutes with your top stories at 630.
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6:29 pm
state for those are for use in alameda county judge put a stop to them. in response to start this coming friday. instead more than 150,000 state employees will go to work that day. some state employees told kron 4 putting a stop to the furlough some isn't just good news for them, but good news for the state. steelworker >> is your the dmv are lifting the furlough even temporarily is
6:30 pm
good news for them financially. these workers were about to face a fresh start of for a low starting this friday and runs through freddie's amount. the cutbacks during last year's budget troubles and are grateful to avoid it for now. >> it does actually yes i have two kids so it does help me out a lot. >> beyond that it's good news for those they serve as you can see the dmv offices packed workers work like this all day every day the prospects of a short week add more pressure to the system while the interest in the budget problem the states facing was good to see a judge stepped in and think of them undercount of the governor's orders. >> arnold has been able to get away with certain issues in that field so it's a bit surprising at the moment. >> unions representing state workers filed to lift the furloughs the governor said he plans to appeal the decision appeared in san jose craig kron 4 news. >> this is posted last until september that's when a full hearing of the furloughs can take place. a new state budget
6:31 pm
was supposed to be approved by july 1st and of course you see now that's overdue. the governor says they are making some progress in sacramento. >> i think there's a good job will have a budget within the next two to three weeks. but it is a very difficult time to come to an agreement to read >> the governor held hot press conference was silicon valley business leaders and is resisting calls to raise taxes. he says he is open to ideas from democrats that could mean useful compromise. right now we have kron 4 crews all across the bay area covering stories important to you. here are today's other top stories. >> in pleasanton these court documents allege christine hobbs began an affair apparently at this shows with her daughters under age boyfriend when he is spending the night at their house. he would sneak into the bedroom we cannot then perform oral sex of the boy. the documents allege the livermore
6:32 pm
mother had sexual relations with two boys ages 14 and 15 over one year. from december 2009 to january 2010. mark jones kron 4 news. >> san francisco the d.a. is not charging a teenager with the murder of german torres 18 year- old philip stewart was arrested yesterday but prosecutors say there's not enough evidence to charge him. on sunday gunfire erupted outside a party and mason street three people were caught in the crossfire. reporting for the news room kron 4 news. >> in oakland it's been here since 6 year-old campbell went missing activists came here to the d.a. office to see if they can push the case forward. you see them walking into the office wearing t-shirts with campbell's picture on it. the zero pd is calling the foster father suspect in the case he in campbell san were arrested yesterday and released due to lack of evidence. the activists said it will push this case and in the national media appeared in oakland kron 4 news. >> and another big story contra
6:33 pm
costa county is considering a new law that would require owners of pit bulls to get them either spayed or neutered. this is in the wake of the fatal mauling of a two year-old boy last month. in that time the animal care control has seen a drop in the number people's use of knives. the number of people bites has gone down as well. city officials say the law is a good one and its efficient tool for animal control officers to identify dogs at a potentially dangerous. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> karen san jose contract negotiations continue between the city of san jose and its firefighters union. a the city is demanding an 8.9% total compensation give back in order to close a 100 + million dollar budget deficit. the firefighters have offered 5% and say recently of some 49 firefighters is compromising public safety. here and sasan jose will go to
6:34 pm
binding arbitration if no deal is that. >> and san francisco and that explains the popular sandwich shop in the castro that's been ordnance to close the stores did a complete by neighbors were upset at the long lines and the noise and debris. if the line is the node to stretch all the way around the block as people travel from all over to sometimes with four hours just to get one of like you need sandwiches. neighbors have been complaining for months about the crowd noise and garbage they say gets under way. i guess now as a location at stanford and is looking for another location somewhere outside the city. san francisco kron 4 news. >> the last big city council is zeroing in on what they considered a public nuisance. who hopes. kimberly tells us about this proposed ban this is odd? >> that's right pander not seeking to stop all will hoping in the city specifically this would happen on a five block pedestrian in the city's popular
6:35 pm
downtown area. the use of plastic or metal obstruct traffic flow and cause public destruction. the ordnance would ban who hoping juggling and the use of amplified bullhorns. anti who looping effort and the latest in the city's 15 year battle to control what happens in that area. this is line by several the city's oldest casinos. in the past several courts overruled the five blocks stretch as a public square and it struck down every prior effort on dance fighting and divergence on first amendment rights. to read all about the proposed to hoping band deserter what's on the web section on >> this just in to the kron 4 news room fire fighters are battling a 70 a. wildfire in riverside county. he'd been see the fire there in the hills it's burning in the dry hills north of the city. the fire started about quarter to five the first units reporting their at hathaway canyon there three
6:36 pm
helicopters five air tankers and 150 firefighters that are assigned to trying get that fire under control. this is a vote 32,000 a. and about 80 mi. east of los angeles. reporting live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> our big weather story of a warm-up for this weekend at least under inland spots will keep the fog in cool weather it out there tomorrow. rizzo close to the coastline. temperatures inland will warm up as we head towards the end of the week the sea breeze winds will slack off a little bit and will have warmer and drier air building in. that will continue into the weekend so notice the fog is going to be left in camp mainly to the coastline that's why temperatures are so cool air. around the bay and our inland spots run see a big deal of cooling about average as ago monday. 9 degrees inland and 72 around the bay shore. a programming note to to >> you go before tonight's nbc will air the giants game so we
6:37 pm
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chp is cracking down on drivers who talk on their cell phone without hands free devices. the hand presells law went into effect almost two years ago now since then more than 244,000 tickets have been issued around the state to drivers for illegal cell phone use. kron 4 stanley roberts hit the road in today's edition of people behaving badly. >> that's what the lady in the black mercedes she is talking on yourself foam without hands for device. she is so into a conversation she never noticed this chp cruiser pulling alongside her. this is just one of the drivers caught in a cell phone crackdown taking place around the entire state california. >> you are using your phone text
6:41 pm
in on your phone. >> this drivers were the officers she was only looking at a phone and never uses herself on. >> you don't i don't use the phone. >> is video eyeshot of her testing will sing at the light. our >> road along with the marine officer looking for cellphone by letters and were not hard to find. >> striver drove past officer while on her cellphone. she claims her car was an emergency. >> your house and was calling alisha know what. >> that he was fine. >> ok that's not an emergency call. >> this driver was seen on her cell phone. >> talking on the cell phone? >> as make an appointment to get my dog room to. >> all the officer had to do was walk up to a car. >> for stopping you for using yourself on device will you're driving. >> i ask his driver washer is in
6:42 pm
a row without a hint for device. her response >> if i can promise you never do this i have a blue tooth my office is right there, my house is 2 seconds away. >> this driver was caught not using his hands free body fat getting caught on people behaving badly. in case you're wondering assault on ticket can cost you 1150 box. >> you will get a notice in the mail and about two weeks. >> being caught on people behaving badly can last forever. in marin county stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> if you up komondor story idea for stanley e-mail us atat the giants make it two straight to the cause of the scary as a preview that straight ahead. however tiny catholic high school band nearly closing to adding a football program all in
6:43 pm
just a few months. stuart hall principal sets with scary coming up next. ♪
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the evening everybody giants getting ready to go verses the cup again after last night's thriller in the ballpark in san francisco. san francisco they're going to make the post-season you have to be up on teams like chicago. it's 10 it's been more than a month he is back-to-back losses sodbuster posey thinks is 12th window is coming tonight. >> i think everybody knows that it's a matter of him in the strike zone and is going to do a good job tonight. each in seattle at this hour steven strasbourg the great rookie for washington national give up six runs tonight he was freed up pretty bad. we start talking
6:47 pm
about buster posey we just saw speak that's good news for rookie of the year. tiger woods is to do anything on the links in 2010 it did better be this week at the pga tournament. he's in wisconsin today preparing for the year's final measure that's the pga championship and the swing coach named sean fully was by which society analyzing his swing though he hasn't officially been hired by woods yet. tiger woods been rough so far this year. >> life in general the last nine months has been very difficult. if f flitch as a cadet always said just keep living. to be honest with you thought it would of been here a little bit sooner. with all that's going on. some hall papaw appear a bit of a play a little bit better than i thought and caught up with last week carried a >> this would be it for what did
6:48 pm
you figure she doesn't play well here the odds are he will not be a member of the ryder cup team more than likely by his choice. shaquille o'neal is no celtic. this fellow wants one more rain he shot up the boat tied today doc rivers is his coach you have to deliver is credited and is listening to an interview with him where he said hey if shaq thinks he's going to play 30 minutes he's going to be disappointed we need him for about 20. at a shack you about it? everybody's happy now because it's the summer. >> i did a wooden bier i would waste anybody's time or my time. it's a two-year deal year i will give it all i have and i think other people will see and hear the play and still trying to win because of the into the day my book is all about winning. >> i'm not sure what i'm going to call me at the big leprechaun, the dream monster a fertile these things. the bottom
6:49 pm
line is we're looking at shaq is another piece of the puzzle. >> he went to play two more years he's 30 years of age and of course they have garnett there they have great talent and they have three players considered better than shaquille and not to mention rondel that's four dominant players but hey he doesn't go home yet he was to keep playing. when we return the story of a high-school that went from going out of business in june, to starting a football program in the fall. principal tony farrell is your next to talk about store called banging. how the heck could be at a business tony and now have a football program? magic we will talk with urban magic farrell next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
bread choking a few months ago stored hall i school on the verge of being closed for financial reasons but banks to large parts of some serious online fund-raising the boy's
6:53 pm
only catholic school will not only remain open its actually adding a football program for the first time in 10 year history. the football equipment hasn't even been on wrapped yet as the knights repair for their inaugural season in their home games will be on treasure island. here's tommy farrell the school principal alas you again have you go from were born to close our doors to now let's start a project from college on down high-school the most expensive thing to get going for schools is a football program? we >> been planning it for a while. we have a little speed of in june it was a stressful month. now we have plans to stay open we raise millions of dollars to get focused back on high school in the fun things about as close having football. >> full disclosure my daughter goes right next door when i got picked up by never see any 300 how guys walking your campus.
6:54 pm
>> its eight man football that's the idea you're getting rid of some down linemen and so the focus is a lot more on speed and skill and a little less on size. our guys aren't in the running into any 300 lb. behemoth. >> you're playing someone at of the gate your own size. >> that's all were born to play. the other schools that play aidman are mainly in the peninsula a couple teams on the far east bay. is a >> the idea to maybe steal from our friends at dave lasalle and one day become. when i say recruit with in the right framework can bring kids into play? >> know this is a fun thing to add to an already fun athletic program we have. were more looking at having a great high school's parents. you have your saturday afternoon barbeques and stuff like that. that's war were looking for the necessarily. >> then you start winning you will be blown up and powerful
6:55 pm
you will be going after appeared hadji treasure island for years that's always been the foot is stadium city's state in years ago but the giants and a's concerto no. treasure island trip now convent's going to play that. >> were together we have a good relationship with the san francisco gay elected slated association and the giants in readers, will keep warm. >> that's it's it's a nice facility. >> this plan there now? >> s.f. gaelic uses it now for irish courts in the summer and apparently football and rugby. >> you mention you have an on- line deal to get it going. thomas to draft a raise? >> millions of dollars. in a brief window is exciting and ice reinforcement that we're offering a quality education that people care about. >> the only reason i'm laughing it's the start of football program under closing your doors.
6:56 pm
>> football program didn't cost millions. >> toni week to restart lending to be like every other guy. i'm going to keep harking back you can make things happen like that you have that type of support to get stored whole? >> we finished its finished third and year were school hundred 60 guys were brother if school convent and that's been around for a hundred 23 years. you have of the zero boys classes' off-campus you have the girls classes' on the girls' campus and a lot of opportunities for them to get together. we're excited about it. saturday afternoon were the guys and girls get a chance to celebrate the end of the week. the >> their remaining 30 seconds and you won't say it to you have an i scholarship program for kids and someone did 250 lbs. and he's angry the doors open for kids right? >> yes i don't know how well to
6:57 pm
under 55 kids are doing a man. it's a wild cat style everybody goes for two >> for the time it's 25020 will have room for rea will see what 11.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
levi johnston for mayor?ing down his run for office?. " is publicity? the full story behind why levi wants sarah palin's old job?g v registration record.dy. is he trying to make bristol jealous? tho. >> as weo in depth on dicaprio's alleged attacker. whstars are seeking protection this summer?to get to her. then -- >> whyni


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