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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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some health than i what interstate 80 the committee relating to the bay bridge it is a great ride was light traffic coming down from golden gate fields on laurie short freeway. no delays for public transit. darya. >> police are searching for a man in walnut creek who is suspected in sexual assaults at one apartment complex since june. one was raped the others were thought him off. at the regency apartment the victim said she woke up with the man was her hand his hand over her
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mouth she was able to escape. will tran talks with security changes. >> at this gated complex and encouraged to be aware of their retirement locked doors and windows as the search continues as police do their job there is now 24-hour security at this place to make the residents feel safer. residents are being escorted to and from their units. later reaction from the residence to live at the park regency. what muckrake wall move will tran >> even with the stepped-up security they don't feel safe. >> i know people don't feel safe for secure being here i feel like it's not a safe place to be. i don't wanna stay here anymore. >> police say the description is the same black adult male six-
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foot to about 200 lbs. with facial hair and dark jeans and a black what i did where sure it sweatshirt. >> the shooting death of a doomed german tourist has been released released over night the charges are not going to be filed against 18 year-old the looks toward the man the police arrested for the shooting of 50 year-old. that shooting wounded two other people sunday night near union square he could be rearrested once they have more evidence but they are looking for multiple shooters not just one. the shooting started when a group of teenagers were attending a private party on mason st. some of the teams left the party and somebody cross the street shot into the crowd. she was killed by a stray bullet.
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this surveillance video from the entrance of the party. this is more details a security guard was checking a guest list said everything was going smoothly and then the shooting began. everybody rushed into the building to take cover. 6 07 hearing is set ac transit dispute it will focus on a bid from ac transit to have a judge reconsider the ruling that ordered the agency to engage and binding arbitration with union leaders to reach new labor agreement. as of now they have agreed on an arbitrator but have had no talks scheduled so far. who's who of california of politicians are going to be today for the groundbreaking of the trans bay transit center. gov. schwarzenegger nancy pelosi, a clever boxer, sampras's goes mayor called one
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to be here. the first deaths are taken for the terminal which will serve 45 million people a year. right now is 6:08 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes. this city is gray this morning starting like every other day james lick is fine today no traffic.
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67 a.m. look at the fog you can bay area. into vallejo and antioch. it is really everywhere this morning. all lot of fog to get through and another couple of days to get to the warm-up.
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we want to take a look at the market headlines u.s. stock futures are down sharply in pre- market trading as wall street follows world what markets this morning. commerce department will release international trades for june. they will release the federal budget statement for july. white house says president barack obama will sign a bill today to help manufacturers by reducing and certain materials to make products. walt disney had a rise in quarterly profits. it easily topped expectations. wells fargo has been told to pay $203 billion in restitution for claims it had manipulated transactions to boost the overdraft fees. a judge ruled they processed the transaction
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an order of size rather than the way they were received. they receive $1.8 billion and over draftees in california alone. the state says it will appeal the decision. 6:13 a.m. all look at the creek we expect full sun when it comes up and the traffic is nicely.
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and alaska plane crash that killed former senator ted stevens new pictures of the scene on a remote alaskan mountain. you can see the treacherous flying conditions late yesterday the former senator and four others were killed in the crash. the pilot flying over the site said it
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flew into the side of the mountains 40 degree slope. federal investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. the latest on the oil spill crews drilling a relief well in the gulf have 30-50 ft. to go before they reach the ruptured well. the drilling has stop for now as a tropical depression is taking place in the gulf. hurricane center said it could strengthen into a tropical storm later today. finishing the well will supposedly finished and the threat of another will leak. did it a federal fishing banned was lifted. the latest court decision 2010 of farm group is endorsing meg whitman for governor. the group's president says its members support women's
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proposal to reduce business regulations and desire to upgrade the water system. all law firm subpoenaed is investigation in excess of pay to bell city officials gave $5,000 to jerry brown. brown subpoenaed tax and salary records this week from the city of bell along with records from its former law firm ground campaign says the firm is not accused of wrongdoing. >> bay area whether the fog out there it is out there fog trucker for showing fog pushing around the bay know it's a cloud is higher than it was yesterday. not saying as much problem with visibility. the fog breaking up in the south bay trying to anyway. the central bay club is stick. up and the north bay
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valleys sock been in the coast. temperatures from 53 in san francisco to 58 in oakland, cooler day today than yesterday but there is a warm-up coming in on the weekend. we saw a fog pushing and lunch by 10:00 breaking up still for the richmond san rafael bridge fog near the coast. it pulls back from bayside around one in the afternoon but stays at the coast. it will rush in and after 4:00 p.m. today. fog will than out a bit for the next few days it will warm up tomorrow. this afternoon only 60 san francisco, 71 said raza, novato, napa 72, livermore 80, san jose 75. game 3 giants
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taking on the cubs m 15 at the ballpark. still chilly temperatures upper 50s near 60. here comes the warm-up that starts tomorrow mid-80s inland '60s around the bay and the coast. it takes then mainly inland the spate the highs climb into the '90s there but the bradys as well. given out cool the summer has been it will still feel warm. their real he kicks in monday and tuesday with the potential of mid to upper 90s monday, tuesday spirit getting warmer may be the '70s monday and tuesday by the coast. let's get more on the morning ride. >> fir slow traffic and a first lowdown on highway 4 it actually got the drop on 580 which has been slowing more and earlier
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than highway for westbound through antioch. the rest of the ride looks great out through the will pass. 680 south island and the ride down towards a walnut creek looks good so does the west were trying heading towards the caldecott tunnel. a bridge check for you as we look at the bay bridge westbound no back up or delay no metering lights and no problems. looking next at the san mateo bridge still stood conditions here a bit of a back up forming at the toll plaza been no delays across the span. golden gate bridge right still a good 11 01wvñ south bound headlights coming in from the toll plaza like traffic at this hour. an accident southbound at pepperroot on the shoulder but it could be backing up their right. >> 6:22 a.m. aaa california
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shows gas prices in the bay area and a cross-country are once again inching up well the national average for gas is $2.78 bay area drivers are paying an average of $3.27 that the nickel from july. the average price in san francisco $3.28, oakland $3.21, san jose $3.20. muni has put on the hold of sunday parking they had wanted to test the program in the marina hayes valley and financial district. but after conducting research they decided not to go forward with the plant at the kids say the plan would have generated $2.8 million opponents said it may drive away people who don't want a parking. san jose police are looking for suspects in and are more every that happened last month. let's take a look at the witnesses'
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descriptions at the time asian or white man in his 20s about 5 ft. 7 medium build with short dark hair wearing a bandana to cover his face. second man asian man in early mid-20s about 5 ft. 8 160 lbs. also been dead at the time. two men assaulted a security guard at a safeway store and stole beer early july 25th. 6:23 a.m. more in just a few moments one of the stores were following tensions flying at a major-league baseball game we will tell you what happened between the reds and the card bills. a live look at the big news in the weather which is the same old fog and clouds will be right back.
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627 california headlines firefighters contain a wild fires scorched 110 a. near banning. 82 mi. east of los angeles. grand jury has charged to real-estate brokers of defrauding fort half million dollars as a scheme for loans to purchase foreclosed homes. 100 and a $90,000 to wonder what up a double mastectomy discovered later she didn't have breast cancer. the cardinals and the reds broke down into a fight last nine when tensions between the two teams reached a boiling point. there's a shouting match and then the shoving match and a lot of punching as well. it broke out in the first inning between the first baseman and the catcher a philips had recently blasted the players and
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a team interview. all the players remain in the game cardinals went on to win 8-4 regaining first place with the victory. 628 is the time right now and we will be
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everybody clapping as the opening bell sounds on wall street. interest-rate stumble as growing concerns about the health of the economy and the federal reserve said recovery is slowing down. we will see what happens to the numbers this morning >> breaking news we are getting reports of a small grass fire on the peninsula here's a map showing you where it is. rates out of the airport. just south of sfo right where it comes along 1 01 is where chp at 6 05 this morning received a report of the power lines downed it is
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believed the power line sparked a small grass fire. firefighters are on the scene is considered a one alarm fire. we do have a crew on the way and live pictures in a moment letting you know this could cause of visual hazard as a look over and see activity again a small grass fire rate where it meets 1 01. >> 6:31 a.m. visibility has barrymores and has been better but this is not too bad. c,gv)au higher the fog is in relation to 2,500 ft. of all top of mt. tam camp. better visibility as were not getting much fog on the ground which hampered things yesterday. especially highway 1 01. -fraud
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inland a bit cooler today in a warm-up. i will show you the seven day a big warmup mid-90s maybe upper 90s possible or in and spots as we head for the weekend we could see the warmest temperature so far this year. rainouts 53 in san francisco, 58 in oakland, for today we have fog pushing and clearing times around 10:00 a.m. temperatures cooler just because of onshore flow is stronger coming off water temperatures for fifties. three degrees cooler and roller park 71 novato upper 60s and san rafael up for '70s in fairfield 67 francisco with bayside clearing low clouds along the coast all day. over to these bay by the bay mid-60's oakland a jury heard to cooler than yesterday's 70 in hayward the inland east bay was to get over the hills with clearing expected
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around the 10:00 this morning mid to upper '70s to may be 80 degrees in livermore today. taking a look in the south bay temperatures mid-70s this afternoon near 80 more in health. 70 forecast we will take a look at it a warm-up unusual the summer we are expecting one. especially inland we could see '90s inland '60s coast. the best chances monday and tuesday. this is mainly an in bay event. temperatures there 9697 degrees early next week. let's go to george. >> no hot spots or problem spots 3 ride around the bay area starting with the bridge check highway 80 westbound looks good no delays or backups no problems on the approaches to the bridge whether coming from 580 or 90 looking at your right on the san
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mateo bridge it is most trip here getting out to 1 01 on 92 looks good with no problems jurors and a tail on the bayshore freeway that option let the lot of missing because of the fog this morning. you're right to the creek as we pick up another camera north bound and southbound traffic as you can see looks pretty good no problems as you head into the san ramon valley for the 680 ride. ace train to help train barred all all timeservers >> back to the numbers on wall street the dow was stumbling. five minutes after the bell it is down 198 points. we hear the
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fed says recovery the economic recovery is not accelerating. it won't unwinds stimulus measures this weaker than previously anticipated we have that plane on the numbers china's industrial output rose but the least in 11 months. retell sales east. these all adding to the world's third biggest economy is slowing so we are dealing with a couple of factors here worldwide that are weighing down the american numbers here on wall street. it is down 212 right now. we will keep following the numbers. 6:36 a.m. more muckrakers searching for man suspected in four different sexual assaults at an apartment complex since june 1st of the women were raped the
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latest one happen yesterday morning right here at the park regency apartments the victim said she woke up to a man with day his hand over her mouth she was able to escape. will tran talks about security changes. >> the part regency is technically dated community over here you can see the gates blocking the road if you live here are sure you have some kind of device to accomplish and the gates will open. if it is really easy to get into this place because you can park your car outside all you have to do is walk along the sidewalk in your inside the park regency. that's why now they have three security guards patrolling the place. residents are being escorted to and from units and they will be here 24 hours a day as long as it takes for the place to catch the suspect. reporting from more likely kron 4 news >> 6:37 a.m. sen a clearer board
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of supervisors may opt out of along federal officials access to local fingerprints. they would use those to enforce immigration laws. 47,000 immigrants three-quarters of whom criminal records have been deported national white. a web site is available to one the public about runaway offender parolees and in both cases parolees' got rid of their ankle bracelets to track their movements a web site includes names, descriptions, photographs of missing parolee's as well as where they had been living. byron williams the man accused of opening fire on 580 is expected to enter a plea today he is charged with attempted murder of four police officers
6:38 am
in connection with the sugar with the chp. he was in full body omber when he opened fire shooting 150 rounds during the 50 minute should help he planned moist targeting the ties foundation and the aclu in san francisco because of their lives plural politics. the dow was down 194 points stocks and interest rates are tumbling investors concerned about the health of the u.s. economy. james fletcher will have the latest details be right back. ?@
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president brought gold, will sit down with national security team to talk about iraq. hillary
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clinton will be there, robert gates, james jones, also on the agenda signing the manufacturing enhancement act. designed to create jobs and investment in manufacturing sector. wal-mart settlement as much as $85 million to hourly workers who sued over unpaid wages. this now offered by a u.s. a out court of appeals the court said questions raised on appeal were so insubstantial as not to require further argument. it was part of a goal $640 million resolution reached in december of 08. the time now 642 we will be right back. big stories is the opening bell the dow diving at what down 189 points.
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in addition to watching the dow
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dive we have another big story walnut creek police have stepped up security at this apartment complex where four women have been assaulted since june 1st of them was raped. the latest on happen yesterday morning the victim will come up with the man with a hand over his mouth she was able to escape. this is security surveillance video of a party in union square where there was a shooting we just found out there will be more evidence needed before the charging and 18 year-old suspect in the shooting death of a german tourist. the woman was fatally shot walking to dinner with her husband on sunday night. she was struck by a stray bullet from this group of young people attending a party. there was a fight everybody went rushing when bullets flew. not a tropical storm yet but it's the
6:47 am
depression's dreyfus. it will be called then health care the depression is moving towards the peace slocan oil wealth. it weakened slightly but it is possible it will get stronger they halted drilling on a relief well intended to plug up the block walls. let's check and see how that depression is going now. >> it will strengthen to a minimum it will get close to it to the east of new orleans the potential track here it will come close of with minimum once close to 45-50 mi. an hour making its way in early morning hours to east of your lens is not to be a strong storm it will turn up the waters and possibly the shutdown of operations as search center of spanish though relief well we will be watching
6:48 am
the storm over the next few days the looks like there's tonight friday morning could be impact near new orleans. at the bay area heavy drizzle for the coast over san francisco read wet roadways teeth future cast temperatures warming up 9-10:00 near 60 by noontime heat you are stepping out it will be cooler today the 50s near the bay '60s in the green. '70s just moving into livermore 80 showing upward in orange close to livermore that's about it '70s '60s around the base '50s that the coast we will see the marine layer rushed back again in the '50s by 9:00 p.m. for this afternoon 60 in san francisco and you degrees cooler in santa rosa 72 napa 78 in fairfield oakland nice afternoon mid-60s.
6:49 am
60 in clouds that have monday 71 in mountain view get ready for warm of the specially inland we have not had a lot in the way he today look cooler to more little warmer. low 90s will feel hot compared to the summer we had. the coast in clearly he building increased east. if we won't see hot weather near the coast but the coast near 70 mid to upper 80s along the bay '90s inland there wouldn't be surprised with temperatures up to a hundred monday and tuesday. let's check in with trafficking >> hot spot on high way for all little better for a while now once again through anti occupancy things are slowing down that reaches towards pittsburgh the will pass ride
6:50 am
slow but not bad at all. heading down toward the creek and highway 24 either westbound or 680 southbound either ride will be a good one. picking up the right at the bridge of the bay bridge westbound a bit of the back of but no major problems here san mateo bridge still moving well known incidents reported we may be picking up sunshine midday peeking through the fog. golden gate bridge tried one all once of them is the drizzly but no fog on the span that is bad news for 1 01 ride. nimitz freeway in showing us the right 880 headlights north selling rate where 980 splits off from the freeway. through downtown looks great in both directions for the nimitz freeway. let's get the latest from the nose room. >> the latest on the dow flirting with the 200 mark as it
6:51 am
trades negative right out of the gate. industries down as well nasdaq down 53 a lot of it has to do with worries about the global economy we had some pretty nasty trading in european markets following the trend this morning while the fed do finishing up policy-setting meeting. will interest rates stay the same? >> 651 right now the order will last until september at that point hearings on furlough issue will take place a new state budget is overdue it was votapproved july 1st if they ae getting closer in sacramento. >> there's a good shot we will have a budget within two-three weeks. it's a very difficult time to come to an agreement. >> the governor told silicon
6:52 am
valley business leaders that he pushes for pension reform to save money. and he is resisting raising taxes. he is open to ideas from democrats. environmentalist activist say russian wildfires could move been to the area of the chernobyl nonnuclear. volunteers are helping firefighters harmful radiation could be spread thousands of people are homeless prime minister trying to keep a high-profile and keep people, he took the controls here and airplane of fire fighter plane he promises to the government will rebuild the homes burned down. heavy rains in china once again floods and landslides that already killed more than 1100 people. 1000 more missing following the earlier storms
6:53 am
that left three villages buried under mud and water sunday. crews are working to deliver clean drinking water to survivors and to prevent other diseases from breaking out. 653 rain now we will be back the dow still down tanking at 203 points off since the opening bell we will be back with more that the weather to you can see the sun but you might not be able to see in your neighborhood another foggy cool date will be right [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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welcome back the 7 day around debate forecast cooler weather hanging around that's what you have out there today more the same but then we head into warm up on weekend kind of a lot of a warm-up. especially since we haven't seen high 90s in a long time as we head into next workweek keeping an eye on changes in the forecast. the joy
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r. murray the trade to has been a huge surge success the they are hoping for repeat it keeps the same look this slide out keyboard that you see here which is becoming more rare. most companies are going to touch screen. some people like the real keyboard. keyboard has a new layout raise key is them bigger buttons. web browsing will be 40% faster and it will run flash something the iphone users complain about not having flash. also the latest operation of the kugels in stride. we will be right back as we go to break a live look at san jose the camera is bouncing around. we do have wind cloud and fog. lookit
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