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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 11, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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ruling and there's no evidence that the high rate of absenteeism was anything more than a coincidence. new talks are scheduled to begin august 20th. i jobs fair strictly performing not only in flays was held in pleasanton today to to 400 people were laid off from the plant shut down. mark jones has appeared more most of them showed up still looking for work. >> the parking lots were full of cars and trucks belonging to the former new workers. traffic backed up as war arrived. many told me they were shocked to see so many showing up all these
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people still struggling to pay their bills. >> i have are you? >> the father for work done and the 15 years, have you ever been unemployed before? >> know. >> each of the auditorium filled with dozens and dozens of employers most offering engineering more electrical work. the lumber industry medicine and insurance a vast array of other importers were here to. there were 5400 employees laid off from nummi carry the ones were here were well aware they were competing with friends and colleagues from any of the same jobs. >> i feel bad for a lot more of these people really care it i know a lot of them really need work and what they're doing and nummi is going to be hard for them to find a job on the outside. >> so many employers so many jobs and finally may be a possibility for john. >> which like resonate? that's
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what i'm looking for. within about 20 mi.. >> a good moment after four months of looking at the search for jobs for many of these 5400 people continues. in pleasanton mark jones kron 4 news. >> in oakland children as young as six entered in the talks about the state budget today the students along with their families were at the state office building they were protesting budget cuts that would close seven child care centers from some students were not able to show up because their parents were working. >> you can see many children were here because our families were working they couldn't take off work and be here. this was the problem with the early child care and education center we really need to have them taken off for negotiation. early childhood education is a non- negotiable item carried >> the proposal by democrats still includes funding for the
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center's the children and their parents are now waiting for response from the governor's office. >> to foyers and patti fast-food meals could soon be banned in san francisco. that proposed law applies to all restaurants there really it's aimed at fast food places that include toys in kids' meals. that proposal and including toys of the food contains too much fat sugar or salt and it says meals with toys also has to include fruits and vegetables. earlier this year santa clara county adopted a similar law in unincorporated areas. the plan to enforce parking meters on sunday has been put on hold. the san francisco municipal transportation agency wanted to test the program in the marina the financial district and the richmond district after doing research the agency decided not to move forward with the plan. they said the plan was generated $2.8 million opponents argue it would simply drive away
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people who don't want to pay for parking >> gas prices in the bay area of the rapidan you can see the numbers and see for yourself. the average price in san francisco $3.20, $3.21 in oakland and $3.20 and san jose the national average $2.70. >> a live look outside sfo right now look at the low ceiling low clouds billion over the peninsula and the east bay shores. there are delays at sfo of more than an hour on arriving flights because of the low clouds that are leaning over oakland, hayward down the peninsula and along the coastline. temperatures are cooler in this location as a result. here's what we can expect tonight since for reducing fog from the date it will continue to fill the bay this evening and we will see widespread fog again. the and inland valleys will see fog.
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we will see more sunshine tomorrow and warmer temperatures inland but just a big of a start of a warm-up all details on that coming up a bit. >> looking at traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza on the right side and it's moving pretty well. ♪
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without any notice the bank would cover the transaction dollars. in some cases that was happening multiple times to customers causing them to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of fees. now it will be up to you to decide by august 15th and if you do nothing than you'll automatically be exluded. that means if you go to use your card and don't have enough money in your account, it will be rejected. and this does not apply to checks and automatic bill payments those services are still subject to the bank's overdraft policies. christine conley kron 4 news. a big fine for wells fargo the bank has been ordered to pay california customers to enter and $3 million in restitution for claims that manipulated transactions to boost overdraft fees. the judge ruled wells fargo process the transactions in order size largest to smallest rather than in the
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order they were received. wells fargo collected almost $1.8 billion in overdraft fees in california alone between 2005 and 2007. the bank as saying it will appeal the decision. our extended forecast showing flocking cool weather for the next couple of days but a warm up into the weekend and next week. we'll have complete details on the warm up in just a bit.
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if i bay area creeks on on a list of polluted waterways the reason why is a lot of trash in and around the waterways. seven of them include waterways in santa clara. kron 4 jeff bush went to the guadalupe river to see how bad this problem really >> is> on here the guadalupe river to just a minute to walk by the river bank account all of this stuff if of a liquor bottle, mcdonald's cup and a water bottle and that's the tip of the icebergs. trash can be found along the guadalupe a lot
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of his old us identify boilable us to garbage but some is recognizable. so when discarded a shopping cart and another person's role of the futon frame. most of the trash was near the river but when the winter rains start the water will rise and take this stuff with said. one of the were spots on the river is under needs of the talks were the road this looks a despot is a popular place for a homeless encampment. look all this trash anything from candy wrappers to food containers to beer bottles under the bridge. that's not all, on the other side of the river there's a bunch of stuff that looks like it was put there recently. the prom with garbage and the river is ticking clock up near a or parts of the waterway the garbage bridge down into smaller pieces which makes it harder to clean up. some of the trash in and around the river mableton from the roadway or may be washed into the river from a storm drain but from the looks of things most of it has come for people who carelessly tossed aside. in san jose kron 4 news.
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>> unsafe levels of bacteria have been found to bay area beaches san carlos beech webber's. beech there is said to pose a potential risk of illness. there's so warning going out to beach course to avoid the water pure advisorie'' have been posted there and will remain there until testing shows the amount of bacteria has dropped to safe levels. one of touch is being applied here to the historic richmond lunch. civic groups raise money to completely renovate this nearly 90 year-old the building looks beautiful now. those of all see this as a labor of love. >> the money and no one made a lot of money of this job nobody if they did i want it back. the >> officially known as in municipal mandatory on it opens 11:00 a.m. saturday. >> i live look outside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco. cloudy skies through
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downtown san francisco down the peninsula even into the east bay at this hour. were not using the low clouds of this hour if already spreading into the day but they are 63 degrees oakland, 62 hayward cooler temperatures are resulting. 58 redwood city, 58 in san francisco. inland spots in the upper 60s and low seventies for the most part. the fog extending into the bay shore and the peninsula at this hour and will continue to push inland over night tonight we will see fog and drizzle close to the coastline and by tomorrow morning widespread fog even and our inland valleys. we will see sunny conditions by the afternoon but temperatures stay on the cool side. will get a warm of ash into the weekend and into next week will show you that here in a moment. widespread fog in the early morning hours but patchy through the delta of inland valleys and in the south bay. scaling back at 8:00 a.m. to the bay shores but lingering for most of the north bay. temperatures will be cooler in the north bay tomorrow
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as a result of that. san francisco city lining coastline by 11:00 a.m. the cause i will remain shrouded in fog again tomorrow. 59 degrees half moon bay, 61 san francisco, a upper 60s from the bay shores back to the '70's low 80's for inland spots tomorrow. unnoticeable warm up there tomorrow but even more so as we head to the weekend it into next week. weather prevails for the next couple of days slight warming on saturday but we really start to heat things up into sunday in the upper 80s and your inland spots which will go into the '90s monday and tuesday appeared will see mid-70s from the bay " will remain shrouded in fog temperatures only in the low 60s. >> national news authorities of looking at the weather to see if it we applied a part in monday's plane crash that killed former alaskan senators ted stevens and four other people. looking at footage from the very remote area of the plane hit the side of the mountain. investigators say they're not ruling anything out it was rainy and windy at
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the time of the crash. four people survived including former nassau boss sean o'keefe. the search for the arizona accomplice police were looking for them in arkansas after a couple rob the beauty supply store they think might be these two. sheriff official says there's no hard evidence of that yet. earlier the focus on the search was near the canada, montana border as the two were spotted sunday. john mccloskey escape from there is out of prison with two other inmates on july 30th yes authorities say he and his fiancee consider themselves kind of a modern-day version of bonnie and clyde. jet blew the lead tenant stevens later is out of jail after getting into a fight with the passenger. you heard about this. this is video of him being released last night. he is facing charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing after that now famous argument with the
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passenger monday after the confrontation slater cursed at the passenger over the plane's public address system grabs some beer and got out on the emergency slide. the story has gone viral on the web. kron 4 kimberly has the look just blues online reaction and the new video. >> instead of glass in over the incident jet flew directly interested in a block posted a and it was titled sometimes the weird news is about us and dozens of comments on the post are calling for the company to rehire slater with some saying here's your chance to offer his job back dole blow it. this is a golden opportunity to welcome him back. on youtube there's of hongkong new station re- enactment of the incident. you see the luggage so of there's a little are a bit of an argument and then he gets on the intercom system he decides to grab some beer and then makes his grand exit down the shipyard the best part of this he's driving home
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to the open arms of his partner great animation. if you like to read the jet to log post a visitor whats on the web section of >> agreed animation were looking at the golden gate bridge and traffic beginning to slow down just a little bit the traffic headed our way is headed into the city and not looking too bad at this point. san mateo bridge were looking at what would be considered typical commute traffic slowing pretty well in both directions. announcer ] jobs leaving.
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meg whitman. a plan for jobs.
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and now for tech talk with gabe slate. here's the new droid to smart phones for the rise of networks the first tried cell phone was a huge success for of rise and in detroit to is packed full of new features and improvements. it looks like the first arctic of the keyboard is better and the buttons are bigger and raise with the new layout. the result the keyboard and the jury to is easier to type on. the jury to as a faster chip inside its overall faster
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than the jury wants an example web pages will load about 40% faster. the jury to run an injury to point to the latest update to those mobile operating system. it comes was tight for free mobile calling it's loaded with blockbuster application for renting a watching movies on the device. and it's but a flash for watching internet to do something the i phone doesn't have. at the jury to it was faster and at a much better keyboard it's a little heavy the that's the physical keyboard if you want that you're going have to have your phone. one downside to the droid to it does not record video in ht detroit ex and i phone 4 do. the jury to casas hundred and $99 the two- year contract and officially on sale at present stores on thursday. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> president barack obama has signed into law a ban on cell phones and federal prison. web producer kimberly tells us why this legislation was needed. >> was greeted in an attempt to stop federal inmates to
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directing friends from behind bars. the law prohibits the use of possession of mobile phones and wireless devices and calls for up to a year in prison for anyone found guilty of trying to smuggle one in through the made. with this law senator says prison gangs will no longer be woody is the home to direct criminal attacks on individuals decide drug territory or commit credit card fraud from the inside. her republican counterpart of iowa said the law will help keep our communities safe. the last year the federal bureau of prison confiscated more than 2600 cell phones from minimum security facilities and nearly 600 from secure federal institutions last year. to read all about the new law if this a look for what's on the web section. >> with a programming note to tell you about this friday nbc will air the giants game and kron 4 will carry nbc programming from 8 to 10 need to watch dateline nbc had 10:00 this special edition of kron 4 news. smack down was to saturday
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live this is conference at 6:00 read at top story of police chase that ended in bay. the map showing where this happened leasing a murder suspect might be involved here. mark jones is on the phone are what can you tell us? >> and what order of solano one of the witnesses listen to the high-speed chase on her police scanner for overpower and end up in front of her house to resemblance to second go it's moved and the sheriff is not giving us an update on what happened. lots of people in this neighborhood standing around and find what happened and what's going to happen next >> right 80 marks. in other news
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more than a billion dollars is coming to california school how the money's going to be spent is released a look in the air. more than $26 billion for the just pass federal job bill will be sent to cash strapped states to help the huge budget deficits. the idea is to save thousands of teachers jobs. the california is getting $2.5 billion of that money state officials say that about half the money will be spent on state schools. as kron 4 tells us officials say they don't know how much each school will get that's because of the delayed state budget. additional money for cash strapped schools is always a good thing especially if it makes its way into the classroom. at this point districts have no idea how the span that federal show the change. >> since california has approved a budget we don't know what were in store for even this year. san francisco school superintendent
6:02 pm
carlos garcia says how to spend our dollars depends on how much money schools get from the state of california once the state budget has pass. if state funding for education is as much or more than the governor proposed during the summer, $40.4 billion than the $1.2 billion in federal money can be used to improve things. for example by rehiring teachers or reducing class size or adding additional school days. if however state funding for education turns out to be less than what was initially proposed that school districts will have to use those federal dollars to simply pay for what they've already budgeted for. >> we can predict what will ultimately be approved. for kind of holding or have to get the money for the jobs but were little cautious because we don't know what impact or where rap with our own state budget. >> we do know is the state
6:03 pm
budget will be passed and the federal dollars will rise until after the school year begins of these turned san francisco it starts on monday. any changes that could be made with the federal dollars likely will come until either mintier or next year. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> for many teachers it really is a waiting game to see if they get rehired. kron 4 talk to one teacher today said she's basically just waiting by the phone. >> these are some of the things we made in my kindergarten class from last year. >> katie is open to get a job back as a kindergarten teacher with millions in federal dollars about to pour in every school district in san jose could bring her back to the work since last spring. >> end of last year march a number of teachers in my district got notified of possible pink slips. on monday 15th we all got pink slips. >> been keeping a close eye on the bill in congress opened its
6:04 pm
this point. 21 teachers were laid off last season and his no. 3 in the prior list and is crossing fingers. >> i rode in asking congress to pass it for teachers like me. i was really really happy when i heard the news yesterday. >> she misses her students in a way to buy the fold for the call did bring her back. >> i really do miss my kids at going to miss them if i did get hired back and going to be really sad. >> there's been a series of assaults of walnut creek apartment complex we have sketches of the suspect lycee this man might be responsible for at least three sexual assaults including rape. this happened at the apartment complex he's described as a black male between 20 and 30 years old, 6 ft. to 6 ft. 2 in. with a slender build and winter clothing. the assault happened here at the park regency apartment in walnut creek. all of them happening since june. as some kron 4 reports residents in this area of very worried. i'm
6:05 pm
very freaked out. she says someone tried to break into apartment in walnut creek. you see, it looks like someone tried to thrash about and put it out. what i did i put bars here so even if you try to pry the window you will not able to open it. of course you could always break it. this was definitely not like that because i told my husband always to knock on the window and he knows and i know this is perfect for. i'm trying to block everything the door, the windows by brother lives in the other bedroom we were planning to switch bedrooms because ice-t by myself. that is the bedroom. my husband's coming back to stay with us tonight. this is not fixed? if it's not
6:06 pm
to fix i don't know will take some kind of measures i don't know exactly what we can do. caterina told me she reported damage bedroom window screen to park regencies security and says building management shoulder they would get it fixed. what has building management about the situation they told me no comment. it walnut creek kron 4 news. byron williams there's a photo he is accused of opening fire on police on interstate 580 in oakland. he entered a plea of not guilty today he's charged with the attempted murder of four chp officers. there's a scene from earlier this month he was wearing a bulletproof vest when he shot more than 150 rounds during a 15 minute shootout. please say that his intended targets for the tides foundation and the aclu and san francisco because of their liberal politics. two bodies were discovered at this
6:07 pm
apartment complex in newark. the bodies of two men without a vote live 30 a.m. in the six morey bay complex they've not release the lot of details about how they died they are calling the death suspicious. a livermore neighborhood was evacuated today during a police standoff pleas were negotiating with the man who they say was threatening to shoot himself. after allegedly evading police on an early morning chase. the chase began when officers tried to pull over the man's car. they finally were able to rest and in this afternoon. any reporter showing home prices are all. a sent in
6:08 pm
san francisco 245%. as kron 4 kate thompson reports the rise in the pricing is inflated by the sale of a handful of expensive homes. san jose has the highest median pulled price of $630,000 taking the lead from honolulu. it's important understand according to the national association of realtors san jose includes all of santa clara county. here's the median price of a single family home in san francisco and san jose. in the beginning of the year san francisco was $580,000 san jose rising to $560,000. the new median price san francisco dropping to $591,000 and san jose rising to $630,000. president of realty in san francisco discounts a report saying there's been little movement in the market which is been rumbling on the bottom of the report only proves a few super expensive homes were sold which jacks up the median price. for example in
6:09 pm
santa clara county during the second quarter 4600 homes were sold. 22 of them cost more than $3 million. kate thompson kron 4 news. look at our extended forecast much of the same for the next couple of days but as we head into the weekend warming going to occur especially inland. well details on the warm up coming up in just a bit stay with us will be right back.
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auks close sharply lower the dow sank 2 1/2% the nasdaq dropped 3% and the s&p fell nearly 3%. this is a big turnaround after a month of steady gains. if
6:13 pm
christine conley shows us on the reasons it happened. >>you don't need to search hard to see signs that the economy is still in trouble. riot police had to be called out in atlanta in as many as 10,000 people turned out just to get on a waiting list for low-income housing. at the white house today president obama said that while the worst of the economic crisis has passed, >>we still have a lot of work to do, we still have a long way to go. >>on wall street investors reacted to new numbers indicating a recovery may have halted or even gone in reverse. first jobs, the labor department said that job openings in the private sector fell for the second straight month in june to just over 2.5 million. nearly 15 million american's out of work that works out to be about five unemployed people for each available job. and the commerce department said that the u.s. trade deficit jumped nearly 19% in june. >>our economy has fallen in the
6:14 pm
habit from buying overseas and not selling the way it needs to. but it is vitally important that we reverse that trend. >> our current conditions of school out there this afternoon heading into the evening christine fog into the bay that's wide of the jurors are so cool there. we are in for warm up all the details on not in your extended forecast in just a few minutes. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people?
6:15 pm
they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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justin of the kron 4 news room federal investigators arrived at the scene of the plane crash that killed former senator ted stevens and four others they said the head to the scene that there today the family engine was loosely attached to the frame and a win was folded back at a 45 degree angle and slowly penetrated the fuselage. they interviewed the four survivors but much was wait until their health improves the cause of the crash is still under investigation. live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> the president of the cells a
6:18 pm
firefighter's union said the recently offerednine layoff of 9 firefighters. >> less engines we had a month ago and one less truck and of course our capacity as last that was before. san >> as a fire chavis said his department will make do but concede to the layoffs of 49 firefighters could have an impact in a worst-case scenario. >> there's the potential that there will be some incidents that will occur the same time will be stretched perhaps even make a spin and the level of service can provide. >> response times could be impacted not just of the fires but also to traffic accidents like this one that occurred outside city hall today. >> is in a matter of when or if it's a matter of when there's going to be a loss of property or loss of life that will be
6:19 pm
directly linked to the loss of those firefighters and the engines were on. >> he says the system almost collapsed recently won a pair of grass fires erupted simultaneously but she says there's no need to panic. >> where some and then we have been we are among the low staff departments that you will see in terms of large cities in the state of california. because of a fire fighters that provide that service we will continue to do that. >> in san jose kron 4 news. >> the stories making news around the bay in a bottle police are looking for a suspect to the say shot an 18 year-old man the victims taken to the hospital he is in critical but stable condition. in watsonville police looking for a 20 year-old man they believe that person staff the 15 year-old boy near middle school in oakland is a drunk driver crashed his car into a house the chp said it tried to pull over for speeding but the crash before they could do that only the driver was
6:20 pm
injured. in san francisco 50 year-old man arrested on suspicion of setting a friend's mattress on fire in her apartment. the fire contained a one room roughly $40,000 in damage was done. the largest single group of people to be laid off in the bay area were invited to a jobs fair today to set up for them. kron 4 mark jones was there as they showed up in droves looking for work. >> and at a jobs fair for former nummi employees and these are all of those employees truck after truck, car after car lines of people. look of the line of traffic coming in. when you talk about the recession it is all about numbers but this is the recession the faces of 5400 people were laid off four months ago and were still apparently looking for work. even they were stunned that so many had been so lucky. >> reality check. i figured more people would have more jobs by
6:21 pm
now. it's a sign of the times. dozens of the employers were here though and they were offering jobs most or engineering and electrical work but dozens had nothing to do with the auto industry. >> this is one of the auditoriums are these to more than a scene and they are packed with former nummi employees. i asked how many would find jobs i was told perhaps 20 percent but that won't happen overnight to cure the employers have scores of new resin a's. in pleasanton mark jones kron 4 news. >> a live look outside from our mount tam cam there's that marine layer it sticks sitting right along the coast line and it's actually all over the bay already. our satellite picture we dancing at fog lingering over oakland in over a word in down the peninsula causing slight delays in san francisco international we are seeing cooler temperatures as well with that fog. 50 and san francisco,
6:22 pm
same thing in redwood city 55 have one day succeed oakland 60 in hayward is really cool temperatures even our inland spots upper 60s and low seventies for the most part. it's 63 degrees in livermore rate now. tonight into tomorrow, the fog is already in the bay will continue to fill the bay and pushing toward inland spots over night. tomorrow morning dense fog and drizzle close to the clothesline the fog would move back to the coast at about noon will build up the sunny skies and warm temperatures for inland spots. back but to the upper '70's and low 80's. we are going to see more warming as we head into the weekend cooler weather to persist for the next couple of days but warm dry air going to move in the bay area saturday and especially the sunday temperatures back to 80 degrees and are inland spots. the warming will continue monday to tuesday 90 degrees inland mid-70s from the bay but the fog sticks around the coastal low 60s there. >> just in the kron 4 news room news about prop each. we just
6:23 pm
learned that tomorrow we will find out whether u.s. district court judge hot walker will allow same-sex couples to marry immediately or make them wait until backers of the band of same-sex marriage can appeal his ruling overturning propagate. the judge's order and the motion to stay will be published between 9 and noon tomorrow if state to kron 4 news for full details. live in a newsroom dan from kron 4 news. >> programming note this friday nbc will air the giants game so, will carry nbc programming from 8 to attend the the much dateline nbc. 10:00 a special edition of kron 4 news and doctors still can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m..
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people hoping to spruce up their homes web producer kimberly has a list of upgrades that might not be worth the effort and money. financial advice website main street dock, put together a list of 10 risky home
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improvements that take a look at you. pools and hot tubs or the coast in crumples the cost 20 to $60,000 to install but homeowners won't recoup half of that and installing a home office or monster grosz that gets about a 60% investment return on cheered experts recommend homeowners keep it simple to over decorate with interior victims like ornate chandeliers are wood paneling they say to be very wary about do-it-yourself the structural or electro repairs when it comes to granite countertops they look pretty but experts say you could show the thousands of dollars and never see any return. to see the entire list of risky home improvements as well as changes that could add value to your home visitor whats on the web section on and stay with us more news with our traffic right after the break.
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a developing story a police chase which ended in bay. today you're looking at the map of where this happened it was apparently hard to miss and lasted for wildly sang a murder
6:30 pm
suspect may been involved. mark jones is live and has more. mark what happened? >> began with a home burglary when a suspect deputies went inside to discover the man's body and said they identified the suspect it was a high-speed chase if you look at the officers here it ended here about an hour ago and one of the witnesses michelle listen to the entire thing for over an hour on a scanner and ended up almost in front yard. >> at first i heard for about an hour chase and i actually turned on my phone and listen to the police scanner and heard the going back and forth and i heard them said on a daily home and then i heard this craziness the came out here and all sudden i saw this below car screeched by a turn the corner and then there's police cars and everything. >> the blue the tires of his car
6:31 pm
he kept driving apparently the entire time he had a gun to his head. it ended here in our go peacefully to manage to talk him into dropping the gun to took away in an ambulance and the wrapping of the investigation now. it's part kron 4 news. >> thank you mark sunday as the deadline for people to choose whether they want overdraft protection for the atm and debit cards. as kron 4 christine conley explains to do nothing or opt out you could find your car declined if you don't have enough money in your account. >>august 15th is the deadline for existing debit customers to decide what they want to happen when they use their atm debit cards to make a purchase but don't have enough money in their account to cover it. do they want the transaction to be rejected or do they want the bank to cover it for a fee? it will be up to you to decide. in the past many banks automatically enrolled you in
6:32 pm
what they called courtesy overdraft protection. here's an man example of that. that's a gallon of milk for $3 and you without any notice the bank would cover the transaction dollars. in some cases that was happening multiple times to customers causing them to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of fees. now it will be up to you to decide by august 15th and if you do nothing than you'll automatically be exluded. that and don't have enough money in rejected. this does not apply to checks and automatic bill payments no services are still subject to the bank's overdraft policies. if i'm christine conley kron 4 news. right now we've got workers across the bay area covering stories and 40 you. here today's other top stories. san francisco across the state schools are pleased to be getting federal dollars but at this point don't know what impact it will have if that's because of this point they don't know how much money they'll be
6:33 pm
receiving from the state because ours no state budget. if what they get is what they're expecting the federal dollars can be used to enhance things like adding teachers and possibly additional school days. it took the stake is some is less than what's expected of its like the federal dollars will have to be used to maintain the status quo. in san francisco kron 4 news. during walnut creek investigators with the contra costa sheriff's department looking into their reagan to sell to women who live at the park regency apartment complex say the physical evidence is the case may determine if one suspect is responsible. we believe these three cases are related. we have processed the scenes of all the incidents in gathered physical evidence. obviously the sexual assault will provide the most is a clear evidence that will directly relate to the suspects involved. a new report by the national association of realtors shows the median home price in san
6:34 pm
francisco and san jose is up by double digits. san jose which includes all of santa clara county now has the highest median home price in the country. $630,000. the median home price nationwide is much lower at $176,000. kate thompson kron 4 news. here in san jose as contract negotiations continue between the city and its firefighters the union said the recently off of the 49 firefighters will compromise public safety in san jose. chief william mcdonald said his department is stretched a fairly thin right now but says the made to no matter what the outcome of those negotiations are carried city hall is reiterating its position that if the union will agree to a 9% pay cut those little fire fighters will be reinstated. in san jose kron 4 news. in san jose de guadalupe river and six other waterways in santa clara county made the list of worst trashed in the bay area. the list comes from a new
6:35 pm
report from the state water resources control board it didn't take long to see what the guadalupe made the list. a short amount of time i was able to see garbage in and around the river everything from old like an unidentified plastic trash to the things of shopping carts and furniture along the guadalupe banks. the trash is not only it could get stuck in the waterway and clogged that appeared in san jose kron 4 news. in tech news this is the new droid too smart phone it goes on sale today on presence website and tomorrow it will be in present stores. a jury to as a new keyboard that is easier to use. the keys are raised in the buttons are bigger the jury to is faster than the first one and runs an android 2.2 and offers about 40% faster web browsing your the jury to is $199 of the two-year contract. our big weather story of big warmup on the horizon in the next couple of days will be
6:36 pm
talking cool drizzle close to the coastline as we head into the weekend somewhat drier air will start building over the bay area at the we'll help get rid of the marine layer the fog will be pushed to the coastline and temperatures around the bay overarm as a result. 74 around the bay additional warming until monday and tuesday in possible it could get even more ominous. is still a few days out so keep you posted on it as a bit closer the bottom line at the warm up into next week. program note to tell you about the friday nbc is showing the giants game so, will carry nbc programming from 8 to 10:00 p.m.-become much dateline nbc and attend a special edition of kron 4 news and doctors felt to be seen friday at 3:00 p.m..
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6:39 pm
ears stanley roberts found some people behaving badly. let's watch this man on the mountain bike notice yeses buy chemlawn for safety which is very important. notice he's crossing as that of active train tracks which is not very safe in fact,
6:40 pm
it's rather dangerous. this is a burlington pacific train: multiple cars on the track so it's safe to say these are active tracks. yet every day people use this pad as a shortcut to the transit center like these to ladies one of the ladies is named elizabeth she's a shortcut. >> froglike three to four times a week. >> for you think this is a story about people tracing crossing train tracks illegally this is a hercules transit center located in the middle of nowhere. to get to it some people like this couple have to walk over 3 mi. because they live and alamo in one direction dissipate sidewalk but in the other ticket direction and non paved roadway so people to walk the street. rather than walking the streets some use the shortcut all be a dangerous and illegal shortcut. the city of hercules have plans to expand the area with more housing they're calling it a
6:41 pm
transit town. dentil address a town is completed its a long sometimes on save walk for people without transportation. so the question is, who was beating badly? i say the people crossing the tracks and the city of hercules why? city officials need a figure a way for people without cars to get to the transit center without risking the lives. in hercules stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> as always if you for comment or story idea for stanley to see millis at key bpeoplebehavingba russell might be off de hook for the coding drinking allegedly had carried an agent is live in the studio dollar moved very coming up next >> and kimberly right now on please investigating the assault of the third woman at a walnut creek
6:42 pm
apartment complex opposed to details about the investigation and the suspects sketches online and check out our news links section to find out how you content for e-mail alert staff for the california department of corrections whenever parole sex offender flees from supervision on
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
baseball up top and know he was in perfect but these to cure and that was sprayed in really good today. reagan warming up he was 0-5 for the perfect game double page 3 of the day. one-zero days in the third reagan gets josh wilson swinging. winning the complete game fourth hitter today when the to-nothing -- on to nothing. two runs coming around to score to break wide open and it is 4-0
6:46 pm
the story was britain striking out josh a complete game four hits, six strikeouts allowed one run and a's won it by a final five. britain is now 7-8 for the year next days will be the minnesota twins. giants in against the copcubs sure the cus made a short walk to the giant'' clubhouse about 500 ft. after san francisco traded kevin crawford to chicago. let's get back to the world from yesterday in cincinnati. least one player will be sidelined with injuries as a result of the brawl yesterday. st. louis catcher of a rout suffered a mild concussion in this and had sore ribs at the beginning and getting a kick. the manager police major league baseball should but this reaction against the reds and brought the whole
6:47 pm
thing on. the cardinals beat the reds 6-1 to sweep the three game series. how about former raiders again in the newest as a result of this case where he was charged with possession of coding back in july. a friend of russel's stepped in and said it was he will the coating which is used in beverage cold drank. he said he is the codeine alone and russell had nothing to do with that. stevenson was properly taken into custody. one of his buddies falls on the sword. how much does al davis love is newest quarterback jason campbell? all lots. a series satellite radio today to which is blowing about the newly acquired quarterback who by all indications the impressing everyone in camp expecting huge things of the raiders' team
6:48 pm
which is lost least 10 games for seven straight seasons. " if i really like this team a great deal to the team of 1980 was the the great jim plunkett told us that of the doldrums took as to the super bowl is a wild card, if we had some great players to eventually made their way into the hall of fame. " from college football comes some sobering news involving a stamford starter trade >> football was looming over the staffords what today's starting guard andrew phillips was a blow up and holds he was away on bereavement following the death of his father bill 15 people killed in the monday plane crash in monday. here see the wreckage killed in the crash as former alaska senator ted stevens. they were headed for a fishing trip. >> everybody involved is deeply saddened and sadness and randomness the tragedy of it
6:49 pm
will make the grieving process even tougher. >> your phillips joined his brother of the alaska amazingly enough 13 years old survived the crash came away with a broken ankle. this is the tour's last major of the pga tiger woods just can't stay away. reporter jim gray tiger woods apparently is not guaranteed a spot on this year's ryder cup squad according to captain cory to quoted him as hearing that's great confronted him saying you're going down. i had a conversation with jim gray yesterday's just outside the locker room he asked me a few questions in his interpretation of what i said is incorrect. and that is incorrect ".
6:50 pm
>> tiger grab a club and go play. when we come back we jump to the world of agency particular sports agents and the deal with teams and athletes treated we get answers from steve baker local super sports agent himself. steve rewritten to go? c'mon back each and talk. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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like to call him a local prospect here's a guy that's all over the nfl youth representatives people's of the way down the list. last one thing people watching we talked about during a break being a sports agent is it is a glamorous as it appears to be listed lunch she loved it to select that trade when you're in the middle of the deal it's an incredible experience and i
6:54 pm
remember years ago when china is negotiating on a quarterback deal and you walk into another room you think for second in my really are dealing with bill walsh. that's incredible experience. there's a lot of work that goes up to that moment though but when you're in the middle of a deal there's very few things. but talk about the big deal the nfl on the collective bargaining agreement the salaries are all over the place. hasn't taken a snap get the other quarterbacks in contracts coming of looking for big dollars which should take. are we going have shut down three and question marks >> will go out of the very last second march 4, 2011 as one expires at the it's conceivable and will be a lockout. i would think it's likely things will get done before that because i think there's too much money on both sides. the thing to remember for every there's 200 players on the nfl draft were paid for below what their
6:55 pm
potential is. >> back to the raiders' and being a sports agent i'm sure there's some teams when you're drafted your can't wait to drop these guys and there's other teams were you say oh boy that's going to be a long one. i imagined the latest and the raiders are not that easy to deal with. >> the line readers will say there's 32 teams and 31 other teams and then there's the raiders'. what i can say if you of a client that al davis likes it's a much better situation than a decline that he doesn't like. >> have said that the broken bread with mr. davis? >> i've certainly said down with mr. davis. the raiders are fair team i've had a number of players who was treated very well by the raiders. a number of clients there and the raiders are certainly much better team
6:56 pm
to deal with than a lot of other teams. >> let's jump out of the look bleak couple months ago of ron james thing when seemingly out of control. very where we have an athlete that really drives the bus. as an agent was the projecting one is home or was he getting his rights. >> it seems to me lubrani is acting the way he wants i have a take on him ahead of the tardiness of the decision that it was disrespectful to cleveland and in light of the play-doh appeared on riverside here's a man that clearly wants to win, and took less money to go ahead and wind. it wasn't presented the way i would like to see it but i understand both sides of that. >> let me ask quickly from on to rush to the life get on? >> i think gold captures a lost. >> obviously at that level
6:57 pm
(laughter) will is based on mark will birds agent who's the person from entourage and mark wallboards agent is running that. >> sunday night think steve. my mercury moment happend right after our wedding,
6:58 pm
when i realized that along with all the gifts that i'd be getting a lot my husband's old stuff. fortunately, i got his mercury insurance too. mercury had better coverage, better service and and we saved hundreds of dollars by combining our home and auto insurance policies. and he got miss pookie. see, everyone wins. insure your auto and home (together) and save up to 15%. get a quote and see for yourself at
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silence on her alleged stalker. my new interview. i'm lara spencer." is on. has it made you paranoid at all?et to my house. >> is fame worth it? >> my emotional new sit-down as kim's family reveals their new order. >> there are a lot of crazy people out there.mething that t harm somebody else. "the daily brief."e a dad. >> why bill o'reilly is enraged over jennifer aniston's new movie. what ellen was doing at the hospital?ight's "star file." plus -- julia roberts' top ten fashion moments before last night's "eat, pray, love" premiere.


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