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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 12, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> live from the bay area's news station and this was the scene, after the announcement of the judge. and they learn that they had to wait a bit longer. the same-sex marriages are still on hold at least until next week. the judge in the proposition 8 has extended a temporary stay on the ceremonies and though he struck down a voter banned last week. and 14 coverage continues with kate thompson also the san francisco city hall to get reactions to today's ruling. kate? >> today, the decision was made
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and there was so much excitement. people rushed in, trying to get through the metal detectors as quickly as possible to get to the clerk's office. 20-25 minutes people were so excited and that is because they knew that part of the decision. and then, they found out the rest. that there were not going to be allowed immediately and that is one the happiness turned to tears. >> passed on to the steps the crowd waited in anticipation for the ruling. [applause] >> and some were excited and over, with a same-sex ma couples rushing through to get married. >> we are getting married! >> we're getting married! this was the scene, wall to wall packed with happy couples. >> i am so happy.
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>> unbelievable. >> every muscle that you can think. >> and word is that the marriage would not start until august 18th did not until this announcement 20 minutes later. >> >> please listen up! ok. the good news is that the state has lifted the bad news is that it is lifted until next wednesday. >> we have to wait a week. >> a mostly exhausted, the show their resilience and vowed to be back next week. >> we have waited five years, six more days. and it is comforting knowing that we're coming back at 15th 18th at 5 p.m. >> it is a bit disappointing, the we're going to come back. >> san francisco mayor gavin
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newson react to the city that it is a victory and all people deserve equal rights. the people are not going to be backing down for their fight for marriage/equality. >> and i think that the judge found what the arnold schwarzenegger and also jerry breon that the only terrible harm is to deny people their equal protection, their equal rights. and there is no irreparable harm by lifting this. and that was a pretty extraordinary decision even though it is still the lead for one week. >> now, with the wait and see for what happens if anything between now and august 18th. the mayor is saying that on august 18th, 5:00 p.m., the city will ready to go. to marry people, with 150>> city is going to get ready to over. >> case, is that the interim. register online. or, to show
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>> and in his ruling, denying the state, district judge vaughn mention 8. also, with minimal deevidence, and while court that allowing same-sex marriage would create a cloud of uncertainty. that those performed prior would " be lawful " much like the 18,000 before the passage of proposition 8. and another he is a decided against that was that he would force california to discontinued to violate clinton's constitutional rights. -the public's constitutional right, and it a public, the attorney general. and perhaps as
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proposition 8 that harvested in california. >> well it is a victory for same-sex marriages, it is not allow them to get married right away. when this will not go into affect until august 18th at 5 pm allowing for proponents of proposition 8 to appeal. and in san francisco, dan kerman. >> supporters, are going to file an emergency and how this will affect the way tlegal process? (reading) >> the plaintiffs talked today about the judge's decision and they say they're still waiting to get married. >> we love the the attorney general/governor said that one not! go get married. and as soon as we possibly can. we cannot
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want to make any mistakes in terms of making sure that we have understand this fully, with no problems, whatsoever. >> a small group of supporters from proposition 8 was on hand at city hall today. we got reaction from one man who was upset with today's decision. >> i think my reaction today is going be very similar to that throughout california of the 52.7%. that voted to change marriages between man and woman and wonder what this country is coming to? do we still live in america? or are we deteriorating into a tyranny? >> and stay with us, which continuing coverage, to download the ruling and wallace take part in our public poll. leave your common,- life blog >> and a live look of sight, from a roof cam over downtown
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san francisco it is a gorgeous sunny skies this afternoon. a very different weather pattern that we saw, yesterday with cloudy skies filling in over san francisco in the east bay. we are seeing warmer temperatures today and the occasional sunshine. 68 in oakland, and 67 degrees and redwood. but most were wa warming was an redwood, and inland. 86 degrees and their film, 83 degrees in concord and the fog was pushing all the way back to the coast giving way for sunny skies throughout the bay area. fog spreads and and, and it will clear out quicker. that will help our temperatures stay on the mild side very similar to what we saw today. a warm-up is in store untand how much we can expect and your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. stay with us, your extent forecast coming up in just a
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bit after this break. ♪
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>> this this just in to the kron 4 news roomjava is responsible for building applications for iphone, google is not able to comment just yet. >> a warm-up coming up this weekend and especially next week. 80s from the bay, and 90's in the, your complete forecast pleased with this, we will be hardback. right back
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>> we want to take a closer look by i judge and with us, to lookf this, is julie is a law professor at usf, thank you jolie. are you surprised that this has been extended? >> not at all, what he did was that he denied but he delayed
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the effectiveness of its ruling until next wednesday afternoon. most requests, for a stay for a judge are denied so it was not at all surprising. >> and the court of appeals, what it they will they do? now? >> well, the court of appeals has its hands full. for the next few days, they have to do with the question of the stay. and if they're going to stay the judge walker rulings? wor to let marriage prevail? >> and major, a legal snafu. and of the proposition 8 backers have independent standing and that is what we call it to bring to the appeal. normally, the state defendants are the people appealing this decision. as you know, governor arnold schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown. to not predict.
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>> statement? the standing-- standing? >> that is a requirement, the federal constitution and that is when a party has outstanding. that they have suffered an injury that is concrete, particular to that particular person or group of people. is when a party has standing that a court can have jurisdiction to hear their case. without standing? the people would have no jurisdiction. so it is absolutely necessary constitutional requirement. quite frankly, it is going to be a great hall order for the proposition 8 coto convince the court that they have backers. and standing. normally, the state would defend this. >> and based on what your sting that the court of appeals will likely rule that this stay will be lifted? >> with current case law, that
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the backers of the national to not have standing to even file the appeal. and that the do not have standing? there's no reason to do anything further and that would judge that this would be final. and the marriages would resume on next thursday. >> and never also affect the entire case and not just the state or would it? >> you are exactly correct. a standing is correct before they can rule this stay or on on this underlying dispute. the ruling by the court appeals, the ninth district could really be the major ruling and all of this. it might not even get to the supreme court you are saying? >> that is correct. and backers of proposition 8 have no standing the backers of proposition 8 could still appeal that to the supreme court the paris to problems. the u.s. supreme court is very strict on standing requirements and also the united states supreme court has expressly expressed their
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opinion that the backers of initiatives all by themselves do not have standing to defend the constitutionality of the initiative. so that the supreme court is not likely to be all of the backers of proposition 8 this time around. >> very interesting comment chula, thank you so much for your time. jolie-- >> and also, kimberly? and a lot of comments are coming in? >> yes, a kidder, facebook, and you can join our law weelifeve.. (reading)
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>> we move onto other news. a police sketch of what believe is the same it man responsible for three different attacks. and all of these were the same walnut creek apartment complex. and it haaziq madyun police hope that these new sketches will believe to lead these to rest. and a new suspect wanted for a assaulting the woman, and the contra costa county believe that this is the same person responsible for two previous on women. at the park regency park complex in the past two months, one was raped. and
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this suspects, with the previous suspects high description was provided. african-american male, with mid- 20s, black. and that is ultimately, this the dna evidence will see that this is one ev suspect or the same suspect? in walnut creek, haaziq madyun >> and and other stories making news around the bay. in oakland, two people were shot outside of a the 14 year-old, and no arrests, both victims are expected to survive. in santa rosa, a 15 year-old was stabbed during a gang-related incident and he is expected also to survive. they're searching for the detectattacker. and also, te prostitution ring, six women and one man is in custody. in santa cruz, a 19 year-old man is
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sitting in jail accused of one of its 60 incidences of vandalism. and with $11,000 in damages,-160 panels and- >> and in the have detecteoaklee detected that the west now virus and mosquitos and in a bird. ♪ >> what a pretty weather picture out there this afternoon for mount pam cam. mostly sunny skies, and temperatures are warmer out there this afternoon. 80s, inland. 5-15 degrees warmer, will see subtle changes overnight. that fog is going to be slower to push back and and that is going to go back to the coast. and it is barely going to reach inland overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. tomorrow, that for drizzle is virtually going to be gone. with half fog pushing back to the coastline by 12 pm and sunny
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skies and still mild temperatures by 3:00 p.m. very similar to what we are seeing today and with the fog tracker, you will notice that is going to extend very far inland by 6:00 a.m. patchy near pleasanton, and through the delta. it is going to scale back pretty quickly so by 9:00 a.m., the bay shore is on the the place of is going to sue the fog of coastline. and scaling back all the way by 12:00 p.m. and check the sun! through the san mateo coast, and with the potential bricks of sunshine tomorrow and the coast is going to be shrouded has been shrouded where---it looks like tomorrow is going to be a break. temperatures remain cool and mild and other bay area locations. '70s, '80s and the north bay. 80 degrees in napa, 84 degrees and not fearful come and run the bay shore, 60s, 70's, 72 in redwood city. and 81
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degrees in los gatos, we are in for a warm-up this weekend. now some much on saturday but definitely on sunday. if these temperatures are going to burn off that marine layer. and check out the inland areas with 90's, and 96 degrees and nearly 80 degrees around the bay but we will cool down with the coast sting the mild side. >> about tomorrow, nbc will air the dateline, nbc. and at 10:00 p.m., a special edition of kron 4 news. dr. phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m..
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>> national news, central i was
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under water! hundreds of homes and flooding, the 2000 people have been left without drinking water in central iowa. and rescue employes from the wal- mart in stock inside. and this could go above record setting 50 years ago. and actress zsa zsa gabor finally home. 93 years old is back in their los angeles home in should broker have been a month of july after trying to get into her wheelchair. she underwent surgery. if you this after the accident. in ohio, look to this little baby. this baby was born at 11:12 p.m.. making this her mother, is scheduled to be inducing. she
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weighed 6 lbs., 7 ounces we will rebecca to this quick break.
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