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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 13, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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[ flippers slapping ] as you heard on the morning news of a live picture from our roof camera again with the fog in cold temperatures to begin the day. warmer temperatures on tap particularly for the weekend. >> its coin to be in inland warm up through the weekend getting up to 90 is that may be a good change inland. dealing with the fog that will be the story through the weekend may be tuesday, wednesday chance for clearing near the coast. c,gv)+52 things will help pull back over the next few hours. wait
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monitors are not on. an aloha watching call tracker not much in the way of fog and said jose on the clear side getting fog for fremont. it's mainly on the bay. it's not getting to the east bay we are getting fog in the north bay. that warmup starting today it was really cool yesterday today we will warm up to where we were two days ago. temperatures by 7:00 a.m. still widespread '50s just about everywhere by noontime it will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday building for the inland spots. fifties' along the immediate coast. the fog should pull back by noon time but here the highs today. climbing into the 80s around the airfield into
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the livermore valley '70s around the bay and '60s and '70s that the peninsula. seven day forecast as we move through the weekend mainly inland, as were looking through temperatures in the '90s. nice weather fairly common for this time of year just so unusual because we haven't had the warm temperatures. monday will be the warmest day 96 inland the '80s from the basics is around the coast. probably some 90s on sunday in looks like as far is beach days tuesday's inside of one state. i don't know about your kids but my kids go back to school wednesday. when she no we get a nice weather just when school starts. >> traffic is moving well across the arteries and a bridge check with the bay bridge traffic on the upper deck and a lower deck moving well and over night construction all lanes clear
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right now your drive times still coming in at a quick nine minutes this morning san mateo bridge south as san luis perez smooth sailing in both directions no problems to report your drive-coming in at 12 minutes. golden gate bridge nearly nonexistent ride coming in from around county southbound 1 01 may be one set of headlights and often the distance. no stalls oxidants or anything to report along that corridor the drive time 21 minutes at this hour will have another update shortly. developing new spirit five days from now they could resume same- sex marriage pending an appeal. ban goes over judge walker's ruling and takes a look at why he is delaying release even though he denied the stay in the case. >> in his ruling district court judge said backers of prop. 8
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fills it was a seal on appeal. the minimum evidence does not support the defense of proposition 8 second because they may have no legal standing to appeal. he discounted the argument along same-sex couples to marry would create a cloud of uncertainty sing those marriages performed prior to or higher court ruling " will be lawful " much like the marriage pap before proposition nights. another reason it would " force california to continue to violate the plaintiffs' constitutional rights " he discounted a stay within the public interest saying the governor and the attorney- general and evidence during the trial showing it is in fact proposition 8 that harms the state of california. his ruling is a victory for same-sex couples it does not allow them
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to get married right away his ruling on the state will not go into effect until august 18th at 5:00 p.m. all laude proponents to appeal. >> anticipation is building once again from any same-sex couples who want to get married by this time next week they very well may be able to tie the knot. reggie kumar has more reaction. >> have been waiting patiently to marry each other for 20 years. both of them are hoping to finally take the plunge after next wednesday. >> we've been waiting for this differs along i think waiting another seven day it is not going to make a difference. >> this is a day with them waiting for long time or patience goals it's very exciting we plan to go get our license and will wait because we want our friends and family to be there at the wedding. >> many feel the same way and hope same-sex couples will tie
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the knot like they did in 2008. aaron mclaughlin remembers that day she was working at city hall at the time >> couples lined up out the door every stairwell in city hall it was full of happy couples i just looked that so much i was so happy to see it and then when that was taken away it was really upsetting. there's always >> there's always tiny colleges and you have to wait on that it's been presumptuous to anything this time. hopefully it will be everybody's right i think everybody has the right to be able to decide who they want u.s.. more importantly 1200 benefits that come with that of marriage including visitation benefits immigration benefits, adult children, >> stay with kron 4 with continuing coverage we've heard
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from those in favor of judge walker's decision and our next half hour we will look at the other side of the argument from the standpoint of those in favor of prop. 8. in the meantime had to our web site you can download the actual role in and take part in our poll. and leave comments about yesterday's decision. starting today city of oakland will operate without administrative and other services the cuts are aimed at balancing the budget police fire and emergency services will not be affected but let's look at what will be suspended all public library is closed today and animals and shoulders parks will be open with no restrooms and the bill no staff on site. head start sites are closed as well. state workers will head today were despite furlough friday. the appellate court denied governor
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schwarzenegger's request for furloughs. a spokesman for the governor says administration will appeal to the supreme court in the meantime will go ahead with the planned three furlough days this month. the other developing story the oil spill in the gulf of mexico in may be possible bp is ruptured wall may have already been sealed. results are expected today on test performed on the static fell one mud and cement was forced down the test are checking pressure they will decide then whether for work to further work is necessary. they will allow the drilling to continue bomb killed. we will take a break at 408 more for news overnight news coming up in a minute and weather and traffic throughout the morning. james lick freeway traffic
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heading in and out of san francisco moving perfectly this morning.
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we are back to and past the hour live look at the golden gate bridge traffic coming in pretty good. there is a bridge board of directors meeting this morning the board is expected to accept $5 million in funding from the transportation commission so they can move on to the next set of the suicide barrier at the golden gate bridge. i would patrol has increased the citation using cell phones during a zero tolerance campaign. we talked about the story earlier this week 1300 tickets were issued when chp did their crack down the issue 350 citations client law-enforcement gave out 443 tickets. other agencies ticketed an additional 550wq- drivers throughout the region. here's a quick check on
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news on wall street futures mixed at this hour stocks probably headed for lower open three days of decline with the dow losing 58 points yesterday to close at 10,003 19th fifth earth in the hours ahead with just before the opening bell congress will release retail sales. pat and june business inventories as well. papal want to make it easier to buy low- cost digital goods. things like virtual items you can buy and sell in video games. it plans to unveil a payment product that helps businesses collect micro payments. workers at the small are pushing to unionize. they have cut the hours and benefits and they're not been to take it anymore. executives a they are doing with the aptitude to survive. the company oracle is
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suing google over phone. the google and road system infringes on their patented job but technology. it's a language that can be used for building applications so far google has not commented on a lawsuit. president barack obama is expected to sign a $600 million border secure legal 1000 more agents 500 more officers and and doug additional equipment along the border. it passed the measure yesterday headlines around the bay owners of the jellies nightclub will protest their eviction notice. empathy they had a notice of eviction in the day of of fatal shooting. it was made in response to the shooting other incidents of violence in recent years as well as noise complaints from neighbors and violation of terms
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of the lease. the violence is unrelated to the menu. it's our restaurant and and the aunt's cafe they're calling the eviction unfair and illegal and it will fight it. uc-berkeley is dropping plans to release genetic information to a freshman. it's called bring your genes to cattle. because of rules prohibiting jean testing outside of a medical setting 700 incoming student center in samples voluntarily cal will collect 1000 tests to get a general profile of the freshman class not a specific breakdown of each individual student we will take a break of 413 back with more headlines in a moment later stories new this morning as well. san mateo bridge i we 92 looking good.
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414 indiana recap of developing stories five days from now california could resume same-sex
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marriages and in the outcome of an appeal. governors were to eggers opinion has changed since he took office not his opinion of homosexuality. long before he became a politician he told cause atoll paulson it's all legitimate to me. him more has the story. >> he was candid that this schwarzenegger when he promised to veto any bill legalizing same-sex marriages he said civil unions were fined of marriage was " something should be between a man and woman appeared when san francisco married same- sex couples he says his objection was legal and moral. sampras's go passed by voters in 2000 he said i think they should go through the legal procedures and the courts. the 2005-2007 legalizes same-sex marriage he vetoed both bills is
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reason i do not believe the legislature can reverse an initiative approved by the people california. 2008 his position changed he publicly opposed prop. 8 calling it a waste of time he welcomes supreme court decision overturning proposition 22. this time he said when people boat people are not legal experts. clarifying his personal view he told the san francisco chronicle for me and marriages between a man and woman. but i don't want to make everybody else go in that direction. last year he signed a bill recognizing gay marriages from other states dirling five months unions were legal in california. >> assemblyman said the governor's change of heart was the welcome even if it comes late. reaction is also coming in from las angeles where the plaintiffs against the challenge were yesterday a west hollywood
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city member spoke out about yesterday's latest debt he says it's a moment of pride for the entire state of california. >> the lesbian law couples entire state of california. >> the lesbian law couples have been waiting fivehñnuñoé7c c,gv)+pvno carrierringconnect 2 head to our web site where you
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can download the judge's ruling and take part in the pull leave your comments as well be part of the discussion. let's get a check on forecast to see if the heat wave is the on its way. >> but it's only for the inland spots. are warming up mid-90s possible as we make our way in towards early next week looking for '90s is weekend. but look at the golden gate we have a marine layer little closer to the ground right now not getting over the hills as much. clear skies near livermore at 55 degrees 52 in san francisco 54 and san rafael 58 in san jose. forecasts it will push inland near 680 by 7:00 a.m. a little more in the south bay as well san jose clear skies right now as we head towards 10:00 a.m. because marine layer is not as that it will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday fog by the
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coast and the golden gate 93. 3:00 p.m. rushes back in tomorrow morning we will start with fog pushing for their inland morning same story is that clears back to the coast. central valley will be near 100 degrees next week. we are in the western edge so looks more like that in mind,. microclimates 30-35 degrees temperatures. highs today warming yesterday about the same two days ago. 81 in santa rosa mid-60's san francisco with beside sunshine '70s and san rafael low 80s fairfield temperatures in redwood city mid-70s highs around upper '70s 81 los gatos 63 and have made. 70 forecast really warm more '90s inland '70s a '60s closed monday and tuesday the hottest days of the
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neck '70s mid-90s '70s along the bay '70s possible for the coast as well. we may get the fog completely broken up tuesday it may be wednesday. >> the bridge approach looking good and full of headlights making the way through the toll plaza on no issue on the stand no caltrans work this morning. 3 the city nine minutes this morning here in san mateo bridge looking somoza barely any c,wt so no problems being c,g6uhreported in west or east n direction your drive time coming in and a quick 12 minutes. golden gate bridge shown is barely made traffic i love the shot. 1 01 looking smote 21 minutes from novato down 1 01 to san francisco. more weather and
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traffic in a moment with more news for you san francisco will put off deciding a law that c,g6uh make it diversity in the nation to ban the sale of small animals. a pac board room as a pet store owners battle the doubt. that stores without the pats' 1 fibered not in sampras's go. the city's proposed banning the sale of small animals something no other city has done. >> it's about what's best for the animals selling animals well adopt oddball animals are being used in last is an embarrassment. >> will activists the shelters and rescues are overcrowded that people bought and then surrendered when it could handle those people will buy their pat summerall. >> sales one progress the problem is there's nothing to change consumers. they will
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continue to buy animals they just have to go short distance to do so. >> a compromise mandatory education >> they would only sell animals to consumers to present their pet ready certificate. >> licensing i think that would be a marvelous situation. >> instead of an out right knee and to close the stores they in trying to strangle him to death appeared >> owners say they already educate customers >> there's not one animal and our store that we don't know. >> someone the government to butt out >> i want my grandchildren to be able to have pets. i'm wondering what countrymen. >> the board has a lot to mull over they will decide anything till early next year in san francisco jonathan blum kron 4
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news >> 422 is the time we will be back with more in a moment. a check of the ride in san jose 101 rate by 87 interchange traffic moving well in north and southbound direction we will be
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watching the seven day forecast warming yesterday starting the bigger warm of warmest highs could approach the '90s and stay
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above 96 through the middle part of next week the bay in the coastal village with bob knight " is warm. >> world news this morning deadly mudslides been reported in china once more this is the latest video when crews managed to rescue to people from an apartment building that was buried you see the rescue there. 14 people were killed 20 are missing the death toll so far more than 1100 with another 600 missing and more rain expected within the next few days. rain is helping matters in russia were more than two dozen fires continued to rate from moscow. fourteens thousand firefighters are part of the battle smoke from burning forest has been smothering the city with the wind and rain clearing skies just a bit today the small and could return once the winds change direction. and a report painting a grim picture of birth
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take quick recovery efforts a u.s. peace 80 still must contend with unqualified workers general lawlessness and a bad business climate as they rebuild after the quake. the group says not much rubble has been cleared progress can only be considered slow. supporters and opponents of the measure of marijuana over the possible effects of the workplace. chamber of, and explains profs 19 would lead to more workplace accidents toolkit they would be forced to let people smoke pot on the job. companies are hoping for a piece of $45 billion highs speed real which would disclose whether not they transport transported
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pows during world war two it is headed toward governor schwarzenegger's desk it doesn't authorize the real to disqualify builders to to disclosure. meanwhile how is he telling time he's heading to vegas governor's ordinary took off for a few hours wednesday jetting to las vegas to up his friend promote the new action plans to expand goals he does make a cameo appearance there. he's helping with the spreading of the word. the grand opening of the richmond plunge will be had tomorrow if this is video of the work when the final touches were being applied to the richmond plunge the group's their radios to raise money to renovate them building the plant opens at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow are right we will take another break we will be back with headlines a moment again the latest with
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prop. 8 the new perspective from the other side of the argument those in favor. today nbc will air the giants game dateline nbc will be here on kron at 8:00 p.m. to kron 4 at 10 will follow w w e will move to saturday at 7 and dr.phil can be seen at three. the golden gate bridge to fog the shot of the bridge this morning as traffic travels and. we'll be right fax
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429 is the time still foggy out there we saw a second ago so were dealing with that how will the rest of the day in the weekend and full mark notes. >> i hope i know you never know if the weather. fog trucker loaf of fog and clouds not pushed as far inland is just a. fog fremont to redwood city hayward over the central part of the bay and the bay bridge misty near
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the coast north bay clear as well we will warm up to date. yesterday was cooler than the day before we will rebound to where wednesday we will see tempters really warm apple the the next few days as we take a look at current fresnel mid-50s around the bay area overcast most part. temperatures on the future cast 4 wide spread '50s as we head towards around noontime that's when we will warmouth. by noon '70s inland '60s by the cook bay as today round for this afternoon's closed 80 for now but to santa rosa out to livermore and antioch along los gatos mortals. '60s-'70s around you see the fog comes rushing in bringing 50 degree readings back in around the bay by 8:00 p.m. starting to warm up today but today will be
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earlier this week. little warmer tomorrow mid '80s ran long spots by the end of fog will be quicker tomorrow so maybe cooler around the bay then it will take an it builds and for the stake the fog doesn't look like it's been a get washed away for the weekend 90 sunday '70s basics disclosed any chance of coast clearing will be tuesday and wednesday. potentials then for '70s near 80 along the bay beautiful shanghai inland sunday monday, tuesday. we will slowly cool down wednesday, thursday back to normal temperatures highs near 90 starting on sunday. >> check gone traffic this morning the bay bridge approach looking good was down 80 moving wall no caltrans work overnights law lanes open. the drive time from the maze to the city nine minutes. san mateo bridge looks like traffic and the westbound direction moving with no
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problems this morning eastbound traffic also know delayed last check he would defroster city falls minutes. surf folding differential more fault we will run into that for one-on-one if former accounting no stalls or accidents chp has been out there nothing on the logs that should slow you down. 21 minutes from novato into some inferences go. more news five days from now california could resume same-sex marriage pending an appeal. in his ruling the judge said backers of prop. 8 failed to show they would succeed on appeal. the judge says his role in denying this day would go into effect until august 18th at 5:00 p.m. giving backers the ability to appeal. late last night's supporters filed an appeal with the ninth circuit to stop the marriage as well the
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court considers are ruling that struck down the bench. those supporters released a statement about the decision on the legal process and that statement says in part throwing at the voters passage this early shows the court is determined to impose same-sex marriage on california whether we like it or not. we ask supporters what the thought >> i would hope for an international intervention by the ninth circuit to override his decision about the state and issue. >> and glad he allowed appeals. i'm glad he didn't monday the árq marriagesidn't monday the and then not known what to do when they people decided against it. >> to the backers have a legitimate case we ask u.s. law
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professor her opinion this is what she said. >> is the ninth circuit decides prop. 8 has no standing the backers could attempt to appeal that team netted states supreme court. they have two problems the supreme court is very strict about standing requirements also they previously expressed in another case its opinion that the backers of initiative all by themselves do not likely have standing to defend the acoustic constitutionality of that amendment. that means they are ready not likely to build the backers this time around. >> anticipation is building among those who are looking to marry by this time next week in the have that right. maureen kelly has reaction >> screams of excitement fills a hallway outside county clerk's
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office when word came down this dave would be less lifted. tears of joy were shed. that was quickly replaced by confusion and some hope from the fine print of the judge's ruling and the couple's learned this day would stay in place for a few more days. >> it's a dream out of reach i felt like the real american for moment there's just this roadblock and it's frustrating. >> we waited five years will wait six more days. i hope we don't wait longer. >> it keeps being taken away and given its roller-coaster ride emotionally >> it's like the rug been taken out from under your feet. where there's hope we will be there on the 18th and we will exchanger house. >> at least one same-sex couple
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got there union must they hope to be back next week for what real wedding. >> stay with kron 4 we will have continuing coverage as it continues add to our web site at kron 4 dot com you can download the ruling and to read it yourself you to leave your comments as well be a part of the top there. starting today oakland will be operating without the administrative or other city services the cuts are aimed at helping to balance the budget. police and firefighters will be affected but here's a quick rundown. all public libraries will be closed today as well as animal shelters, parks will be open but restrooms will be closed, and also headstart sites will be closed today. state workers will be headed to work today despite
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scheduled furlough friday because a state appellate court denied governors schwarzenegger's request for another round of furloughs. there is no budget yet that's why he asked for them. the administration will appeal the court's ruling to the state supreme court in the meantime we will go ahead with their plan three furlough days this month despite the workers are showing up. the oil spill we wanted to give you an update in may be possible be peace ruptured well as art even sealed. permanently results are expected today on tests that were performed last month static all when they put drilling mud and cement them while the tests are checking the pressure inside they say based on the results they may decide no further work is necessary or go ahead with the relief will work if that's the case crews will get back to that while the finished the bonneville once passing stores aren't the way. the government estimates its
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spew more than 200 million gal. of oil in the gulf but they say 75 percent of that has dissipated in one way or another. h-p says its core greeting as they investigate possible bribes both u.s. and german prosecutors are looking into allegations 3 h-p executives used bribes to win contracts the justice department's want internal documents on the case to executives has resigned following the release of the scandal. for 38 back with more in just 60 seconds ago outside a lot look from our camera again fog this morning but as we say temperatures on the rise here as we head into the weekend. mark will have a full breakdown in gillette
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for 30 9:00 a.m. a quick look at your forecast fog began today this afternoon temperatures
4:40 am
meant 87 months only hired as we head into the weekend and next week. into the 90s smith inland spots around the bay flow '70s and to the '80s by the beginning of next week along the coast low 60s by you to do truck into the '70s by the beginning of next week as well. little warm-up in store. >> market news all three industries to of the debt yesterday the dow lost a little more than half a percent closing at 10,012. nasdaq fell by 200190. floor foreclosure rates are down in santa clara county >> according to reality track down 12% june july down 47%-july compared to last year. it's one
4:41 am
in every 200 homes. san jose to a drop of foreclosures you drive down the street any done this year for closure signed for block after block just a year ago they were, it just is a co alone has seen a dramatic drop july of 09 stop foreclosures 69% drop not all county is benefiting a mountain view is that a clear saw increases in foreclosures but a drop in default notices the numbers could improve. >> there was a strange sight at fisherman's wharf people dressed in plastic bags suit all to draw attention to the vote could ban plastic bags statewide if the bill passes large grocery stores would have used stop using bags by 2012 and 5¢ feet would be
4:42 am
charged for paper bags. >> we will be the first day to banneker's restore bags it will do a lot for the environment plastic bags last for thousands of years >> covers schwarzenegger says he will sign the bill passes. for 42 way and taking a break as we got a break bring up the traffic that we have this alert for 580 out in the state just east of livermore overturned a group that is blocking the left two lanes will tell you what happened here and what it was during and just a second.
4:43 am
for 43 beginning with the hot spot this morning will show you the traffic map 580 westbound you seen on the map east of livermore reports of an overturned big rig. a flatbed
4:44 am
caring bags of cement those beds are spew and across the road blocking the left to lanes. this will be a problem and make a little while to clean up. it's a big effort to get a big red back on its wheels ya active directors out to the team. no estimate on when the road we will be opened by delays on a livermore commute from tracy to livermore keeping to and we will have been more as it develops. we have a crew on the way getting pictures from the scene coming up momentarily. a bridge check the bay bridge approach like that the sour note delays here all lanes open in upper and lower deck drive time nine minutes. san jose traffic in the south bay moving wall 101 by quite a look bay interchange traffic looking smooth in the south and north and direction no issues in the south bay rain now all sensor showing green which means speeds better than 50 mi.
4:45 am
an hour. but that the update on whether another thing we are following the warm up. >> the bay watching warm-up appeared mainly inland making their way through the weekend and early next week rainout temperatures currently around the bay 5654 san rafael 58 san jose clear skies around san jose a out to livermore we could see fog pushing and down to the south bay over the next few hours as fog trucker for shows by seven it will spread out around the bay but then retreating quickly. i'd have lost most inland spots will be sunny by noontime back to the coast for the golden gate of it. but clearing sooner than yesterday. after 3:00 p.m. it will rush back and maybe a little thicker tomorrow morning later clearing for tomorrow so we may wind up being cooler tomorrow on the a little warmer today a jury to cooler tomorrow on the bay then the big warmup inland. inland highs into the
4:46 am
80s 67 in oakland 64 in san francisco bay sun shine in 77 san jose bridge up to 80 degrees or few degrees above the and the north bay valleys. seven day forecast inland he waves. sunday, monday, tuesday may be lingering until wednesday ties in to the '90s. why are today where tomorrow. the fog and he starts to build in from east as the bills and we still be on the central valley. we will see 90s and one spot sunday all the way through thursday if there's any chance of clearing up the coast it doesn't look like much this weekend may be tuesday and wednesday with a the best shot for the heat to build. low clouds of fog in the morning sunshine in the afternoon warmer weather coming it especially inland. mainly inland for the week empiric 446 is a * five
4:47 am
suspects in connection with an armed robbery at this check cashing store. a store clerk was shot during a holdup >> san jose police say two of the five suspects walk into this check and go check cashing store. tuesday afternoon demanding cash during the course of the hold up one of the suspects pull the gun and shot one of the court clerks. >> victim was struck we are not going into details. it was non- life threatening injury. investigation reveals a clark was doing everything he pretty much out of done which is cooperate with the robbers. what took place after that was unfortunate and violent. >> after they left the store another clerk called 911 displaced on a description the suspects' vehicle was caught up with the art interstate 680 and
4:48 am
jackson avenue please give chase as the men escaped on foot all five taken into custody all five are from oakland. >> or has another surplus and now it's already knew what had a $4 million surplus now has learned it may have another foreign half million next year because of higher than anticipated sales tax revenue. mark jones says bart has decided how not to spend it. >> the bar board has decided not to cut fares for four months. that had been a plan since it knew it had net surplus. public service killed the idea. after the public learned a tiny pay their cut would save only $4 a month. they said it would rather spend the money on emergency or set aside for cleaning cars. now they said they could have another $4.5 million so 8.5 total. they have not decided
4:49 am
how they might spend the money but they indicate it will go into the emergency fund department. to the performance evaluation say they are unhappy about how dirty the cars aren't there will be new card new seats and floors and any deal to do 200 more cars. in oakland mark jones. >> you might thinks he's strayed is typically a place for tourists but as stanley roberts tallest in maybe for people behave badly. >> six men blocking the sidewalk and there francisco. also know is when people approach the standard. if you want to experience people behaving badly my suggestion pay a visit to history. the entire street is a tourist attraction in more ways than one. when i mean by that is a street is
4:50 am
attracting more than just tourist is attracting panhandlers from around the nation. i walked from i watched watching what happened when i discovered was this there's a lot of our behavior going on by people begging for money some are making racist sexist and vulgar comments to men women and children. this officer is pouring out the year before writing a ticket to this man appeared they believe they can do whatever they want but i can record it. this man brought a 40 an ounce of beer he called it the choice of hoboes. there's a lot of alcohol drinking here. >> that's $1 your recording made that's $1. >> police say they have a problem with drug use and public
4:51 am
urination. they want to sit live long to limit some of this bad behavior the question is if a sick lad law passes will make a difference? we will have to wait see. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or a story idea let him know let him people behaving badly at kron 4 dot com. texas. gabe's light tells us how to make the smart phone easier to use. >> goal was to make the task seemed to most user quicker and convenient. unveiled two features for mobile operation system spirit any smart phone can take advantage of what they developed. the first is voice action appeared visibly telephone was your voice when he wanted to do. relieving you of having to push buttons. if you wanna send a text
4:52 am
>> send a text of bill burns >> wallah atop text message being sent. >> set alarm for 8:30 a.m.. >> >> and you can do a quick message yourself. >> it is translated to text and sends an e-mail to your roxbury voice actions works with any web site as well. it comes in handy with directions. >> biking directions transit directions all available. >> chromatophore phone is the i did to connect web browsing on your desktop to phone. you can use the same web page year-on- year smart phone. one click you will automatically be sent to your phone and displayed. this could come in handy if you're in the middle of up article in you have to leave the house appeared
4:53 am
wary of looked up corrections you can print the note is sounded out geophone and lookit your honor way out. >> we will take a break as we go another reminder we have hot spot in the state interstate 580 the westbound direction just before air we we have an overturned by greg 20 tens of beg fertilizer spill across the highway. guys remember, we're a solar system.
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mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. a quick look at our hot spot a big rig accident overturned 18 miller westbound 580 just before air weigh 20 t of big fertilizer spilled across the left-hand lane. two left lanes completely blocked. no word on when it will reopen. as we know it takes awhile to get big rigs righted and moved out of the way. expect delays for the better part of the morning. as it develops will let you know.
4:55 am
member crew headed that way. for 50 4:00 a.m. a look at the weather >> all warm up today a bigger warm for the weekend mainly for inland east bay fund tracker shown are the fog is not so much in the south bay creeping in that direction ross san jose around a central part of the bay marine later is 1,600 ft. so just creeping over the hills. pockets of clear skies in the north bay as well but there is fog over napa and sonoma county. temperatures in the 50 right now watching future cast temperatures by 7:00 a.m. fifties around the bay by 9- 10:00 '60s and '70s belden so should be nice and by noon. 60 showing up from our vallejo and santa rosa bellevue and redwood city 80 degree readings trying to build in livermore and
4:56 am
fairfield 8382 in a few pockets north bay and south bay as well after 4:00 fog rushes back in schools back down into the fifties by 8:00 p.m.. he is building in but of short when the events have been hard come by this summer will be the case with a warm-up coming. today nice day 73 san rafael 80 napa ladies fairfield to concord 75 illegal, low 60's at happen bay 83 livermore antioch and to 78 in san jose. warmer tomorrow its doors to get on the hot side sunday with '90s inland the thing about the heat up the bay in the coast will probably deal with the fog so the coast is the best bet for clearing near 80
4:57 am
along the bay the hottest days inland will be sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. that is mainly for livermore that could top off and 96. >> for 50 7:00 a.m. a break the latest on the hot spot only come back we also have a programming note today nbc will air the giants game so kron 4 will have nbc programming at 8:00 p.m. tonight you can watch dateline and following that up with the kron 4 evening news said 10 w w east macdonald will move to seven and dr. philip nbc at 3. out of emeryville the commute as you head toward the main is so far so good the latest on the hot spot in east bay out there are lots more coming up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
one of before five top stars prostates supporters have filed an appeal against the judge's ruling to allow same-sex marriages for these calls coming up the city of oakland will cut city services today we will tell you what the cuts are and how you will be affected and you could find out if bp is ruptured well could be sealed permanently. it may be all done we are waiting for the test. more on these stories after a quick check on traffic on hot spot for when we have to hotspots were falling at this hour this latest one moments ago. this is the one on the maps on livermore westbound 580 east of it livermore right before air way overturned big rig it has dumped 20 t of big fertilizer all over the road the last two lanes blocked rain now traffic trying to squeeze by no
5:01 am
estimated time on when it will reopen you can see it on our traffic maps back of building quickly read growing speeds, for that card 25 mi. an hour. expect that to get worse as we head into the morning. the other hot spot the bay bridge just the last couple of minutes our report of an overturned pickup truck upper deck past treasure island between the island and fremont street off ramp it is blocking the slowly at this point it's not slowing the ride volume is getting by at nine minutes from the maze to the city we will let you know how quickly they can get that truck towed out of there. the other camera in the state those headlights coming through the s curve so far so good traffic moving well towards a maze hercules to berkeley 12 minutes this morning. the latest on the hotspots in a bit let's turn our
5:02 am
attention to whether >> starting to warm up today bigger warm up for the weekend mainly inland east bay 52 in san francisco 58 san jose watching the fog right now spreading slowly now san jose area and the livermore valley clear spots inland the maureen myers not as that. will have fog of between seven-attend fog around the bay by noontime fog just at the coast and the golden gate over the western half of san francisco clear skies everywhere warmer than yesterday that fog will come back in tonight and tomorrow morning it could be even further in and by tomorrow morning as it pulls back the heat begins building in so tomorrow could be warmer inland but maybe even cooler along the coast and along the bay as we see saturday afternoon the fog's lower to retreat. the
5:03 am
high-stakes 67 oakland 77 in san jose climbing into the 80s warmest inland today. 70 forecast shows keep building and but it lookit can the microclimates inland 83 today 85 tomorrow into the '90s sunday staying close to 94 good part of next week along the bay warmest day monday, tuesday morning fog and an afternoon sun if the coast catches any breaks that may be tuesday, wednesday. >> we will give you the latest on news this morning late last night supporters of prop. 8 filed the appeal to stop the marriages will the court w&ñconsiders ruling that struck down a ban on same-sex marriages. it comes after judge john walker denied the state.
5:04 am
there is lately way here at 5:00 p.m. on the 18th it will go into effect it will give them a small chance to get an appeal from the ninth circuit. they released a statement on the legal process we have a portion of that statement here " throwing out the vote powers passage this early in the legal process shows the court is determined to oppose same-sex marriage on california whether we like and not. we had a chance to talk to supporters who were picketing of in front of city hall yesterday i would hope for an intervention at least over ride this day and decide to issue >> and glad he allowed an appeal and but he didn't money the what muddied the water by
5:05 am
having same-sex marriages and them not knowing what to do when people decided against >> that was in favor of property. the it people on the other side the anticipation is building that same-sex marriages could happen next week we talked to one couple have been waiting for 20 years now. >> we've been waiting for this for so long i think waiting another seven days is not inimical whole lot of difference. >> we are patient souls it's very exciting we plan to go down and get our license and we will wait because we want our friends and family to be at the wedding. >> keep attune to kron 4 we will have continuing coverage. to go to our web site in fact you can download the judge's ruling there and take part in our polls
5:06 am
and be part of our discussions board. there is a building conversation on kron residents in oakland will see the effects of the budget cuts starting today knowing ministry of or city services will be offered there is an exception please fire and emergency services will be in service but years of look at some of the other services been some suspended. public libraries closed today, m animal shelters, parks are open but no restrooms, and had set head start sites will be closed today. state workers will be headed to work today despite furlough friday because the appellate court denied another round of furloughs the governor ordered the furloughs to help with the state's deficit and because there is no budget no state budget to work with. a spokesman said the administration will appeal to
5:07 am
the supreme court in the meantime they will go ahead with their planned three day furlough days. the gulf coast and the spill. the ruptured well may have been sealed permanently results are expected today on some tests that were poor performance on the static all that's when they sent mud and cement down the top of the well. those tests are checking the pressure depending on the results they may decide no further work is necessary. if they decide to continue they will go ahead with the drilling of the relief wells to allow all bottom kill that's when the shelves of men and mud down on the bottom side of that spill. the government said 200 million gal. of what oil have been spewed into the gulf. the latest on our house fog coming up traffic mud showing you one of them this is the one in the east bay by livermore at a big red on that side to left lane shut down
5:08 am
and a bunch of stuff on the road.
5:09 am
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5:11 am
breaking news this morning out of antioch there was a police shooting in happen on the street between railroad police on the scene right now will tran is headed there's well. we hope to gain more all we know there is a plea shooting or a shooting involving a please officer unclear on whether some do is it will tran is headed their more coming up in a moment. following a hot spot a couple of the here's the first one affecting traffic was down 580 in the livermore area rate ahead of their way we have a big drag on this side it doesn't 20 t of fertilizer all over the road more on that in a moment we have been overturned pickup truck
5:12 am
between the islands and the off ramp keep it to an here more on these stories and a moment. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match.
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5:15 am
a double hot spots to update you on traffic bad on westbound 580 in livermore area 6 alert has been issued which means thursday don't take 580 westbound the accident just before air way overturn big rig on its side dump 20 t of fertilizer so that is on the roadway left two lanes are blocked no estimated time on when it would reopen word now there drive time from the 2 05 in tracy out to dublin right now 57 minutes. a usually owner runs 31 minutes. so 20 minutes more than we normally would see on a typical day keep that in mind if you have to take 580 give yourself plenty of time that back up stretching the bay
5:16 am
bridge showing you the toll plaza the approach on west and 86 accident is on the upper deck a couple of trucks. it passes center and a bridge between the island in san francisco blocking the slow lane no word on when they might get out there and get that cleared for you. jackie's this bill is headed there now he will give us an updated a moment kron 4 will tran is headed to antioch aunt's officer recalls shooting. those taillights traveling at they limits no backups or delays in the south bay. whether now and warm up with mark. >> and early next week hot temperatures in the '90s that could bring some more weather near the coast into the middle part of next week watching the
5:17 am
fog not pushing as far as yesterday partly cloudy in san jose fog trying to creep out of the livermore valley north is well with the marine layer squash to the ground it's not pushing as far inland used to the fog all around the bay area the looks like it will continue for least the next few hours. let's look at temperatures in the '50s around the bay area and the fog trucker for cash rose by 10:00 a.m. fog should be gone by the inland spots still nabisco closed by noon every one clear result a except for the bay side the close side will not the coast will stay with the fog until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow morning for saturday it is pushing for their inland so to more around the bay in the coast it could be cooler as the heat builds. highs this afternoon morning yesterday 67 oakland 77
5:18 am
san jose eighties for their warmest inland spots. the 74 best the he will be on mainly inland in east bay. 7860 close to being coast could be cooler tomorrow with the fog the warm- up gigs and then appeared monday will be the hottest day at 96 degrees may beatty's around the bay of fog at the coast. if there's any hope of sunshine it will be on tuesday, wednesday. '90s inland spot still microclimates really kicking in typical summertime weather finally in the middle part of august. >> let's get to breaking news story we mentioned a moment ago out of antioch an officer involved shooting on the street between railroad and walton. police are on the scene right now will tran is on the root canal. we don't know if any victims are here or if officer was struck orifice suspect was.
5:19 am
when will tran gets there we will take you the latest trad. pitchers coming in and live pictures from livermore area at this is a cause but we're talking about overturned big red on westbound 580 that big break was carrying 20 t of bagged fertilizer so that is on the left to hand lanes. you are seeing chp trying to divert traffic on to the right side is hard to tell because it's so dark, because it but there's a lot of stuff out there that needs cleaning up. this may be there for quite some time no estimate on when it will reopen. they're not even venturing a guest at this point but it will try to get an upper hand on that. in the meantime chp
5:20 am
asking to find another way to get to tracy. the drive times nearly double in 31 minutes normally and is running 57 minutes right now. bart board of directors have decided not to cut fares for four months riders tolbert they would rather the money be spent on cleaning up cars and putting aside may be money for emergency or rainy day fund. 50 cars will get new seats and floors. city leaders in san francisco are putting off a decision on the sale of small animals. it was a packed court room last night animal activist told creche earners shout up shelters are overcrowded with pets that people bought on impulse and surrendered when
5:21 am
they couldn't handle it anymore. it's about what's best for the animals so selling animals in san francisco will it adoptable animals are being euthanize in san francisco is an embarrassment >> pets store owners say they are already educating customers that come in about ownership improper handling opponents say people will just buy that at some more else. >> been done on cells not address the problem because nothing changes in consumers' behavior residents will continue to buy animals they just have to go short distance to do so. >> animal control has a lot to mull over they won't decide anything until early next year. authorities in dublin are looking for to people who robbed a shell station over night and shot an employee with a stun gun. white between 20-25 years
5:22 am
old white t-shirts black baseball at this one is 5 ft. 9 in. with a heavy bill the other are around 6 ft. tall and thin build. it happened about 1030 last night on 8000 block of san ramon block. 5:22 a.m. we will be back with the latest in a minute from the scene in livermore westbound 580 traffic trying to squeak by an overturned the grain has billed 20 t of you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay...
5:23 am
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fourth we're back at 5:26 a.m. the latest with a hot spot in the east bay. westbound 580 just before air way we have a over turned 18 willard dumping 20 t of big fertilizer. all traffic as you can see in the shot being diverted to the far right to pass the seeing it is doing a number on the commune. no estimated time on reopening no word on when they can get this cleared. traffic backed up. drive times from tracy to dublin 70 minutes usually that is 31. well beyond what you would normally expect. if you have to take 580 give yourself
5:27 am
lots of extra time otherwise your best bet is find your way around this. here is your traffic months. all the way east. speeds less than 25 mi. an hour. 5:27 a.m. to a quick break when we come back the latest on and breaking story police action on the street between railroad police on the scene investigation ongoing. we will get some word coming up in a moment about what happened and what they're doing now. back with more moment.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:29 a.m. hot spot on 580 in livermore seen all the traffic been diverted the we had a big
5:30 am
rig overturned dumping 20 t a big fertilizer that is resulting in the left to lanes being completely blocked chp is there the records will show up shortly to try and write this think it will take time so will your commute no estimated time on reopening the commute well beyond what it typically is. look at all those red sensors stretching from the point of the accident all the way that the approaching basque go road 70 minutes from 252 tracy it only takes to 30 minutes typically. here we're looking at drive times of 70 minutes chp saying find another way to can because traveling 580 is slow and go until past the scene before speeds get to where they ought to be. the bay bridge second hot
5:31 am
spot the toll plaza showing approaching traffic in the westbound direction on the upper deck we had to cars get tangled up one of them reportedly overturned chp is a out there this is on the upper deck past center give yourself extra time they will hopefully get things out of the way before backs up you never know so plan accordingly. the latest on whether >> a little warmer today end weekend there will he begins sunday mainly inland spots the fog hanging over the golden gate it will be around through the weekend so again mainly inland warm up so mid-90s inland spots. fog trackers we take a look the marine layer pushing
5:32 am
further into san does say right now not really getting a release bay hills livermore valley just a few clouds in that direction fog pushing into the north bay valleys this morning as we move through the next few hours the fog will expand before it goes back to the closed by noon. renown in the '50s by 7:00 p.m. still in the '50s by noontime in the '70s inland from a nice day '60s in spots around the bay 57 close ties around three-4:00 or urge our eighties closed 80 in livermore napa mainly upper '70s inland '60s close to the bay and there's a fog rushing back again by 8:00 p.m. this evening. high temperatures today 64 for san francisco up to near 84 napa san francisco 78 in a bottle warmer for san jose 80 livermore valley
5:33 am
'60s was fog at the coast here is the warm-up coming it's tricky. central valley looks 100 degrees and above we are in the western edge of the heat. there's just not enough to push the fog out of the area. warming up '70s around the bay inland swaths 92 on sunday 96 will be doled warmest monday there still could be fog around the coast. there's a chance we could see fog break up tuesday into wednesday pushing the coast into the '70s what were seen here looks like warming of but close to what we should be this time of year finally. >> now to breaking news story out ofg antioch there was a pla should in this morning we created google earth to show you where this happened here is antioch and the shooting
5:34 am
happened on the street between the real world avenue police are on the scene investigating we have little information this morning at this point other than shots were fired by police officers and who was struck we are not sure yet will tran is headed there. we have videos showing you the scene out there obviously pleased taste of investigators doing their work and active seen right now. once we get more details we will be the latest. we also of an update on the battle of same-sex marriage supporters filed an appeal to stop the marriages will the court considers are ruling that struck down the marriage ban. this comes after the judge denied a stay in labeling same-sex marriages to continue it will go into effect at 5:00 p.m. august 18th 8 gives
5:35 am
backers the opportunity to appeal. by this time next week they may be old to tie the knot we spoke to people in the castro who hope same-sex couples will once again be allowed to get married. >> i think everybody has the right to be able to decide the they wanna be with more importantly are the 1200's benefits that come with marriage including immigration benefits visitation when someone is sick the ability to adopt children more easily. >> this story will evolve we ask law professor her professor hearst her opinion. what's the next up for them. >> if the nine service said they have no standing the backers
5:36 am
could attempt to appeal that however they have to problems united states supreme court is strict understanding requirements and also united states supreme court has expressed in another case its opinion that the backers of the initiative all by themselves do not likely have standing to defend the constitutionality of the initiative. that means supreme court is not likely to be allowed the backers this time around. >> continuing coverage as we now know it will take time to work its way to the lawyer legal system go to kron 4 we haven't on our web site as well as take part in our polls. police are looking for three suspects who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman. she was standing at the
5:37 am
corner of venice avenue at 330 in the morning when three men in the black for door hatchback offered to give her right back to road salt. she got in the car and then was taken against her will to an area and state highway 1 01 that's where she was reportedly sexually assaulted. here's a description ahold a man by oscar hispanic male 18-25 years old the second suspect johnny is hispanic 5 ft. 7 in. tall dark hair third suspect heavyset a hispanic male dark wavy hair roughly 21-22 years old all three are likely from san jose. we have to take a quick break lots of stories we're following keep in tune to kron 4 this is the scene and was down 580 in livermore a big rig
5:38 am
overturned because in that traffic nightmare in these think a live report coming up.
5:39 am
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are hot spot out of these bay westbound 580 in livermore that is the scene plays are dealing with and commuters as well and overturned by greg yoli is also seen giving us the shot yoli quite a mess there. nobody heard on this accident the goodness you see a tow truck they are about to get in position to operate this big red that does they don't think they can reopen lanes installed may be another three hours because that truck was caring basically bags of the newer it has been spread throughout the whole road and has covered these two lanes it's down to one lane and they need to clean this up have sweepers,
5:42 am
that's only after they've been able to operate the truck and it's produced batch. >> that's the first word we had about an estimated reopening three hours is been a mess up the commute all that you states menorah we have the record getting into position i assume there's a lot of chp president's out there. is the right to war right one lane? >> you have to lanes people are using when you get in front of the accident it veers to one lane. you can see where it narrows off. right now they are stopping traffic trying to get the truck into position. right about here bottlenecks to one lane. >> i see they're not gonna let any traffic pass that in case
5:43 am
something snaps. >> they will have to be prepared to stop whenever they tried to maneuver this. jury view you go from tulane just as you pass in front of the big rig it bottlenecks' into one lane. >> yoli will stay at the scene we will take a quick break so keep it to and we will be
5:44 am
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5:46 am
are hot spots that we follow overturn a big grin on westbound 580 in livermore and area as you can see all traffic now being funneled into one lane on the far right. this accident has seen 20 t of fertilizer dumped all over the road. chp is out there we have our record on the
5:47 am
scene trying to wreck right the big rig. we spoke to yoli and we just received confirmation three hours is the estimated time for reopening. the damages done on westbound commute sensors solid red from the accident scene all the way to tracy. last check drive time 83 minutes from tracy to dublin. typically that's half hour drive. chp says if you have another way to get to where you need to go do it. if you can avoid 580 avoided it will be awhile before they get it cleared up. n.y. how this saugh would talking about now accident on the upper deck to cars involved righting the center and rich that accident has been cleared off the freeway no impact on your commute heading into the city. now to the weather >> watching the warm-up over the
5:48 am
next few days the he kicks in sunday allied look from sampras's go low clouds and fog came round right now and through the weekend we talk of a quick warm-up it doesn't look like a wide ormoc just inland. fog trucker showing you what happened fingers of fog pushing and not as high as yesterday's and not as widespread. over fremont, hayward creeping over the east bay hills approximately 300 ft. higher. the fog from san rafael to lay low, the fog should clear back as we toward head towards noon time temperatures in the '50s rain of 52 in san francisco and mid- 50s around the bay. after that we will see the fog break up around inland spots by about 10 by noon along the bay there's the sunshine '70s by noon. 60s
5:49 am
near the bay as we head towards the hides for today round for clocks near the 80 degree mark. for inland spot san jose upper '70's '60's for oakland '60s for san francisco. five-8:00 p.m. fog comes back in. starting to warm up to a little more. not a bad day in oakland 67 low eighties for antioch and livermore 76 fremont '60s that the coast half a day with the low clouds. seven day forecast inland warm up 83 inland today 92¢ a 96 sunday, the bay will warm a little monday and tuesday but for the week ended and spots
5:50 am
get warm coat stays with the fog low 60's at the coast with the chance of clearing tuesday and wednesday at the coast. >> developing story out of antioch officer recalled shooting at 1:00 this morning this map shows where is it happened 2100 block the specific assets address. a burglary in progress was a call when they got there they used a key nine unit to try and identify where the suspect was apparently that's when the suspect opened fire police returned fire suspect was it and declared dead at seen. the key nine dog was struck by a bullet as well. rain now we have an investigation under way any time there is the officer recalls shooting typicallywwf that officer will e
5:51 am
put on leave we will get more when kron 4 is will tran is able to report live from us. at 5:51 a.m. we have to take a quick break a programming note coming up this friday nbc programming we will carry a line at 8 kron 4 news at 10 w w e it will move to saturday at 7 dr.phil nbc friday at 3. we will be back with our latest on our hot spot in livermore all traffic been squashed to one lane causing the nightmare free commune near livermore.
5:52 am
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5:55 am
we are back following a latest hot spot in the live pictures out of livermore westbound 580 right before boulevard a big drag on this side drop in fertilizer all over the road. traffic 13th condense to the far right lane wreaking havoc havoc with your drive. typically takes you 31 minutes we are seeing an hour being tacked on to drive time 4580. if you have an alternate route please take it it mel make their job easier
5:56 am
and make you get to where you have to go faster. no word on how quickly they can get this right it but a three hours or. economic numbers, retail sales a modest increase after two consecutive declines it was autos and gasoline. if you look at the other retail sectors they stop sales fall slightly. sales excluding autos was up to 10 of a percent those were below expectations. price index rose by the most since august as energy costs to increase the labor department says it increased three. if. out of
5:57 am
antioch and officers are involved shooting 2102 street between railroad avenue police responded to residential burger laurie alarm when they got there they found a suspect inside the house they used canine to catch the suspect gunfire broke out and that's suspect was shot and killed. more on the story in a hot spots coming up in a minute. [ scott ] my family's been in the dairy business
5:58 am
since right after the turn of the century. my grandfather, also a dairyman. and then my father, duane. i started out with my dad and my brother. [ scott ] when you have a family situation, it's just a progression. my position is at the bottom of the totem pole. since the boys came in, i've worked my way all the way down. [ laughs ] he's teasing you when he says he's moving down the totem pole. he's just as important as he ever was. ♪
5:59 am
good morning when many before 6:00 a.m. top stories developing news out of antioch a police shooting that killed suspect. this day has been lifted an appeal has been filed latest details over same-sex marriage. + orac


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