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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 13, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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including a look at the suspect the reactions and concerns of the neighbor. >> a earlier this week investigators released these three sketches a 22-year old berkley man is now facing charges in connection with a series of three rapes and attempted rapes at a walnut creek apartment complex.the contra costa county sheriff's department says it's arrested the suspected
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attacker.investigators have said they believed the same man was responsible for all three attacks at the park regency apartments in the 3100 block of oak road.the most recent attack happened tuesday morning when a 25-year old woman told authorities she awoke to find the attempted rapist's hands over her mouth. she was able to get away and attack him with pepper spray before he escaped.authorities have tied 30th and the second on july 6th. one of the three that resulted in an actual rape, police say. >> at various pulsating beat responsible for similar attacks in the bay area. and in this particular circumstance i think they can relax. i caution people to be aware of their surroundings and who's out there. the bill in chillon to take precautions locked doors and windows. report suspicious activities to local law
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enforcement. he is scheduled to be arraigned monday afternoon remains in jail on $12 million bill. in martina's dan curry kron4 news >> nay the night of the announcement of the rest was welcome news. and with three attacks since june the people living there have been afraid and on and. will tonight jonathan lynn talked to people in the community. >> news of their red has spread quickly. the young woman said they feel relieved. but if you have said they're not completely or peace. >> it's deathly nice to know that it's not a concern anymore. q. so what is their toes. >> i'm very relieved. and wl>> contemplating moving, becae we're scared to live here. and sat genome >> i live alone and it's my first time living alone and the
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girls were about my age. saw's really scared. >> i want to live in walnut creek so did have to worry about some like that. >> fell like a prisoner in my own apartment, looking in my closet as thinking so and i been there. when you come home would be nice to sleep a little bit easier tonight. >> and still on bart, there could be someone else. and the on why he target this complex. >> i will never live here. a single female that i could do lead anybody to do it. he walked right in here sniff around. >> i complain to the manager wrote him a letter. there should never been a third attack. and there no security guards out here didn't work. another girl got attack. >> this 900 unit complex kept one got on duty at most times it does not have surveillance cameras. at the third burglary
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the added a second security guard. owners were not available for comment. in one that creates jobs and lynn kron4 news. >> new details for the german tourist murdered this week. and here she is the 50 year-old woman died after she was caught in the crossfire. the other shoe up between teenagers attending this party. we joined them live from union square perry and we found out the city attorney is taking legal action against the venue. >> this city is taking aim at two parties now. the owner of the building and the owner of the club which rented to the promoter who through the party. will be a better look across the street. the native son building is the clubhouse with the party was held. like you said there was a 50 year-old german tourist was standing outside just from hotel when she was gunned down,
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with the house better side. that horrible accident which is why he is taking legal action in. san >> francisco attorney says that the party from here for 14 main street as a legal. the owner of the building and a comedy club and who rented it to the promoter. violated fire code and use unlawful business practices. city attorneys said fifth floor is it true for office space maximum 49 people. but it was rented for underage party that and 200 people purchase tickets to attend a serious violation of arco. this surveillance shows before running back into the building after the shooting, the owner of a comedy club called the event safe and legal. but 9:00 p.m. all hell had broken loose. police went into his home
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in fremont is part of them investigation. no rust were made an 18 year-old sampras is go man was arrested but the aide declined to charge them say it was not enough evidence. >> city is also looking at, including the promoter gained in illegal acts of that action. abies all parties to get a lawyer. more legal action could be taken. reporting live in union square paid thomson kron4 news. >> cool foggy weather continuous. one more day before we start season big changes. fog's poking another round of dense fog and drizzle. tomorrow by noon tomorrow we will see mostly sunny skies for most of the bay area. temperatures are
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new details tonight please shot of burglary suspect tonight it happened in antioch on the street. mark jones says the police arrived the burglar answer the doora suspected burglar was killed and a k-9 police dog wounded in an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and antioch police the 2100 block of d street on a report of a residential burglary at around 1:15 a.m., according to the antioch police department.arriving officers found a burglar inside the house and a k-9 officer was deployed to help apprehend the suspect.preliminary information indicates the suspect and police officers exchanged
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gunfire, during which the police dog was wounded and the burglary suspect was shot and killed, police said.the police dog suffered a gunshot wound but is expected to survive, according to police. for >> also was declared dead and the scene. or on more turned said ever said in his odd that he never saw the man. the dog is point to be okay mark jones kron4 news. soft >> to another forecast what more days of fall in the cool weather for the fort service to more off all have more details than just a few minutes.
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new details tonight attorney, general has filed eight formally
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filed for the state that it be lifted immediately. this comes as a judge overturned proposition de la suite. just look to the whole this week but will not corn to a failed affected telmex when state. please set up to the appeals court to decide whether not keep the band during the appeals process. after losing a the oakland police officers in chinatown. merchants are looking at cooling their resources and creating their own security perry had >> it's bad enough someone attacks you. >> i was struck in the head start by a metal bar. >> oakland police responded to his nylon call a day later. many people in oakland city notice floor response time after police permit laid off 880 officers. chai's sound chamber
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commerce is looking into hiring three to four security guards to walk the street and beef up law enforcement presence. >> there are people who are watching for us. people will be more than half the or be willing to come shot in chinatown. >> chinatown security force could start heading the pavement as early as next month. the chamber says the whole of this figure in all the costs, and how much money's business with japan. >> were about to hire private people. >> side from private patrols, of the chamber is also urging, companies to install cameras there to the businesses have cameras. and the goals is that every corner of china cat town will have cameras. >> a lot of businesses in chinatown have their cameras pointing to the street. ideas to
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deter crime. great tool to catch criminals. inside his office building a camera led police to a man who apparently billed been up and robbed and elderly woman in the bathroom. and they're hoping that this type of attack will not happen again. >> in oakland dollar and kron4 news. it's summer but we >> it summer but we can't tell from or whether, but a warm up. temperatures similar to date tomorrows would sought today. but research is the warm-up on sunday. less of. temperatures will be up almost 90 degrees and the inland. los '70s along the bay shore not a whole lot of changes along the coast. more on-line just a minute. but let's talk about what tomorrow morning. not a whole lot of
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change. pettifog in our inland valley. 6:00 the morning same thing along the delta and down in south bay. lynn marie leblanc along the bay shore. sit there all day on the coastline perry and will be shrouded in fog into 3:00 our pick. a look at our high temperatures. only 59 have meant a 61 sampras's coach occur '70s along the bay shore. rossini opera '70s the low 80s. this of the hysterical aside. no. they just for one more day. weirton steel warming into sunday and into next week. former drier air built into the bay area. elise everywhere but closer to the coastline temperatures stay near in the '60s because of fog will hold on. temperatures still looks low
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60s. >> divans left disappointed tonight giant fans are optimistic perry and >> sampras's good science panel are hoping their team will pull ups at this weekend. many spoke with the inside at&t park this weekend believe this weekend to be a nail biter. to the very end. except for this guy. >> our bats are on fire san diego, our pitching is a little better than the padres. >> no question will be in first place sunday night >> are you excited is not the dodgers >> it's a good year for the giants any time. and we swept
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then congress will now. >> bart win, because they're cute because they're good and the folks on the game. >> saturday's gains starts at 1:10 p.m. and sundays at 1 05 p.m.. make sure to write earlier at&t part. officials believe these gains will sell up. extra officers will be patrolling the stadium on motorcycle and blood. to make sure all the big crowds and get out hand. they do not expect crowds to get rowdy. in san francisco reggie could bart kron4 news. moore >> more sports and had to a site which tries to stay in the hon. tiger woods tries to stay in the hunt. all this coming on next.
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audrey's in giants' no. 1 and two in the division. this was the showdown series. their intention of the sanchez ron hence a collect. one to nothing. by the six decided to. off the job of the sanchez 0,. and they just beat the egg. treated to. thinks he's got home run no. 21 back back away and claude just in front of these assigned. almost out of bart park's home run. a look of frustration and tied the game. and boy the padres pulled it. it's just
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awfully tough. 32 winners over the giants. only the division and three and a half percent in cisco. it will leave the wild card by half a game. the a's have the about and headed teen 145 and lose. the a's on the road in the twin city. hollow little twin sand. 21 twins in the third. jack cost gets all the. not quite but enough of it to score. tied up to. but the twins the just how around. in the fourth the was 32. to the terra lays down a bunt. that's a beautiful squeeze their. fortitude twins. that's all they need. and a diving catch like this. but alex to city. those
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web dances topless. nowadays i'm back. 49 arab bazaar business appears to #one running back called it quits from football. met with coach mike civil sorry for practice today. one copy said he lost his heart will play the game. coffee was the hardest workers of the team showed up early stayed late. called it quits one year at the nfl the aged 231 n dunn. pga championship still early. up and down for tiger woods. on got six goals in perry and out of the junk, four beautiful save right there. but then the putting, which is go away from him. only
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got six holes enthuses second tomorrow 1 under par. nichols then acquired a 69 his two under par. six shots back of accoucheur who is overall leader. he leaves at 8 under par. why was the stanley cup at niagara falls, what type of. kane is a buffalo native. by night falls. each member of the team gets to have this helicopter 24 hours. he took it to nine false and to the shower to he was given a key to the city. that's how celebrates this gallic up. the fabled league world series matchup against fine to in this afternoon. this was on espn2. ocean view marquand date for date backed
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away and got a grand slam. that would make the difference is hunting beach sense that a home and lead by five to two. >> have a good weekend everybody. half
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