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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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getting up to 75 in fremont today and and spots keeping it in the mid-80s sisters and ramon valley pleasanton up brady's, 90 degrees and antioch. this is where you need to go today darya. temperatures in the '90s in morgan hill and los gatos. report the carnival of light earthquake of 4.4 about 54 mi. west of eureka in the pacific about 270 mi. north of
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sampras's go. no reports of anybody actually felt the shaking but it did happen. 7 day around the bay warming temperatures for the next couple of days then cooling off and by the end of the week down into the low 80s for the warmest inland spot significant slowdown for your friday and saturday. still good conditions on our roads no problems are delays and to report early morning commute. taking it outside showing you the bay bridge toll plaza bit thicker than we saw last hour but still pretty decent conditions of course those may turn lights are off so enjoy any minute trek. san mateo is a to someone said her family saw five minutes ago but still a good ride nonetheless as you make your way in the commute direction towards foster city.
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you're right at the golden gate bridge is an easy one to little foggy out there is still dark traffic definitely moving at the limit highway 37 to 580 is the short and sweet a minute trek. a shot of the south bay 1 01 in san jose cells found traffic moving fine little thicker northbound direction began just a 13 minute trip as a major way from downtown san jose-of and the senate floor. >> 604 developing nosed out of danville, a teenager fell off of a moving vehicle and was struck and killed over night. police say it appears the 19 year-old jumped on to the as to be as it was driving away. friends were in that. it happened around midnight we spoke with police earlier live on kron 4 and here's what they have said. >> we do not believe this was an
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incident of car service whatsoever. their reason i stress that in my mind and investigators mind that would have to be a preplanned the event that you would tell your friends let's go do car surfing or whenever. in this case our investigation showed us this was a last-second decision to jump on the car as it was moving. therefore i would categorizing it as a court decision versus something you would plan to do. >> it cost this man his life police are interviewing many people who are in the car and an area about exactly what happened. >> to of employees when investigating three shifts shootings and three hours for victims or hurt they're being treated at local hospitals from stable to critical. the first one more talking about happen
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that their recreation video we have video from that crime scene just before 9:00 p.m. last night this is footage of them at the scene there they found one man and one juvenile shot there were taken to the hospital in stable condition. they're looking for multiple suspects in that shooting. if the second shooting 10:00 fish and attempted robbery not far from the berkeley border the uppermost in some than on the map. one victim multiple gunshot wounds stable condition in the third shooting took place before 1130 in the 1100 block right near market and same pablo local hospital and that is the one that is in critical condition this morning officers investigating all three shootings. >> concord police left the arrested this man who left
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please say left a pipe bomb at the park. he lived just 2 mi. away from the park were people found 3 live pot pipe bombs on july 21st and 23rd. police shut down the park for a short time to detonate the devices nobody was hurt wilson had narcotics and bomb making materials that is all when he was >> >> if toubon with holes drilled in them for wic or a device to light or tonight. gunpowder in the grosz we recovered shotgun shells and things that could be used to put inside the bombs. >> they are still looking for a couple of people who may have helped him make the bombs. >> morning moment. there's a fog we have talked to about the fog
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610 is a retiree now live shot from san jose traffic moving well right now. 59 degrees it seems to be nice morning. 79 later today that's all we can do. the rest of the week we slide downhill a temperature rise. stock prices slid last friday as well. >> this morning futures are in the red it will begin trading. we will get an update on the housing market this morning the national association of the homebuilders will release its monthly index they are looking for a rise of one. from the
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previous month. housing sector struggling since tax credits expired. japan has lost its place to china as no. 2 economy in the second quarter. it underskirt scores. it's already the biggest export porter and steel producer and global influence is expanding. who lou might go public this fall. in my value the company's $2 billion. del off says they are buying ed davis or storage company 411 1 billion in cash at a fremont. dell is offering $18 a share the deal has been murdered approved by both boards and is expected close later this year. >> some shrimp season has opened
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in louisiana as. they will be hunting for a minute traces of oil louisiana shore a more than the usual worries prices are down and public acceptance is uncertain despite the extensive taste testing procedures. it remains forbidden in federal waters most of the catches has come off of texas and florida. >> the time now is 615 a shot of the golden gate bridge foggy out there this will be the first morning or you are commuting with the new off ramp may be a little confusing but we will break it down and give you a dry graphic. we will be right back. is soft on cats.
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first morning commute after the 19th avenue south bound off rack coming off golden gate bridge will be in effect. it reopened over the weekend i want illustrate what changes you will run into. she the usual off ramp has been this one on the far right hand side of the street that will not be available. they are born to merge if you're there and a merger back into traffic continue further down just when you think you're going past it their right to divert you to this new off rep. some drivers may be confused. we aren't looking to see if we see any unusual back ups. it will be closed again in november that work will be done overnight it should not been at drivers that much keep in tune your inner traffic updates we will keep you informed. >> seeing sunshine today as we head into the afternoon in fact
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it's going to allow a much warmer temperatures than yesterday. it could be the warmest day of the week. we might actually it's the '90s today some spots. san mateo 55 by noontime upper 60s high temperature 73 degrees in san mateo back down into the upper 60s by the o'clock hour. here's a look at your satellite pictures showing us where the fog is just learning to thicken up along the peninsula starting to flow into the south bay down 1 01 and morgan hill. seeing fog in livermore and the delta. your current temperatures 54 in san francisco, 57 oakland, temperatures in the upper 50s in los gatos and san jose, 55 in concord, hayward, livermore. this our continuing to keep the temperature is in the '50s by noontime warming up quickly the fog expecting to live quickly today keeping temperatures in
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the '70s and '80s by noontime here high-temperature notice all the red through the central valley not showing this '90s through the central valley it may move into our area in some spots. getting into the low 80s through san rosa, sonoma, 77 and vallejo, 87 in fairfield. really warming it up the for their inland to go. palo alto upper '70s, the 74 redwood city, east bay upper 60s through hayward and union city and los '70s in the inland spots look at the warm-up. 89 for livermore 90 antioch, 86 in pittsburgh. down in the south bay los gatos morgan hill could get to 90 degrees today '80s through campbell and milpitas. your 7 day around the bay does show cool them. today is going to be
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warm to date more is going to be warm as well by the end of the week dropping temperatures by about 10 degrees on friday warming it up into the low 80s inland spots in the '70s for saturday. the cool down in store today will be pleasant. here morning commute with arafat. >> things are warming up in the traffic center. westbound 580 a concede the yellow and red on the screen no surprise here traffic is quickly building but no incidents to report is the usually slowing go coming out of the altamont pass. no problems here westbound towards the city of course those metering lights are off enjoying a good drive time just nine minutes from the foot of the maze into the city limits. san mateo pretty smooth one conditions thicker than we saw a couple of minutes ago again no delays as you make your way westbound towards foster city the bright lights making their way they were great now clocking in and an easy 13
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minutes from and to end wraping up with a quick look at the golden gate bridge it's beginning to clear up traffic definitely moving at the limit right now. nevada to sampson cisco 21 minutes highway 37 to 580 is still a short eight minutes. >> 6:20 a.m. same-sex couples may be able to marry in soon starting the day off tomorrow and wednesday. some hope it will be a boon for business in the bay business jewelry store said they have seen an increase in merk been waiting areas. many merchants say right after prop. 8 was overturned there was an immediate spike in sales in wedding related items they expect more of the same this week. local hotels have received many reservations for rooms for this week as people ride from out of town to get married in san francisco. >> fatal hit-and-run friday
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night a bicyclist who was killed in a hit-and-run accident friday night in san francisco has been identified as 21-year-old nils linke, who was a tourist from germany. linke was riding southbound on masonic avenue near turk street at about 10:40 p.m. friday when a 1989 mercedes-benz also going southbound on masonic struck and killed him. the car left the scene, but witnesses provided police with a description of the vehicle. officers located the car a short time later about two blocks away on tamalpais terrace near turk street. a 38 year-old man has been arrested. >> police are looking for a man and woman in connection with the murder. alfonzo is the primary suspect. stanley's body was found in a deluxe in parking lot of this day he was parked want shot once and sitting in a parked car. the girlfriend is also wanted as an accessory to murder police believe the two might be together. >> police have yet to charge anybody with that death of a german tourist. you see her
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there she was shot and killed last sunday she was walking with their husbands in the 400 block of mason street near union square when she was caught in the crossfire of a shootout between two groups of people. they were having as a tiff here a party. and 18 year- old was arrested but police say he will not be charged at the present time because of lack of evidence 6:22 a.m. we will be back with more moment a live look from mt. tam. we will see sunshine this afternoon it will be the warmest day of the week. not the hottest day of the wee
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6:26 a.m. off 4.4 earthquake west of eureka hit shortly
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after 5:00 a.m. the epicenter was 54 mi. west of eureka. so far because of the distance there has been no report of anyone feeling the quake. it did pop up on the radar. >> the california highway could patrol into a deadly accident over the weekend during as off- road race look at all of these people. they had issued a permit for the race they say safety was the responsibility of the organizer. a truck went out of control hitting the crowd killing eight people. the truck upside down there. eight people were killed in that off-road race over the weekend in 12 were injured. >> world headlines more flooding is expected in pakistan heavier rains in that region the scale of the disaster has raised concerned it could lead to
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political instability. it is a pivotal ally in its effort to defeat a look at that and tell ban. they flew over the area and said he had never seen anything quite on the scale. parts of thailand are dealing with flooding triggered by heavy rain water levels have receded that allows people to clean their houses with no more rain this situation should return to normal soon the people living near waterways are still on look out for flash floods. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. two minutes away from the opening bell we are standing by. we will be right back. people! look at you!
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a live look at the stock exchange i think the opening bell has already run. stock futures negative all morning long prices for stocks were declining. more sellers than
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buyers in the ship of to be another day where we have declining valuations. friday closed down that was the fourth consecutive day we lost. today may be another one of those days we will keep an eye on it. >> a developing story were falling out of danville investigators are on the scene right now of a fatal accident where a teenager fell from a moving car. and was struck and killed over night. this is history it happened 19 year-old boy actually we don't have the name it was a 19 year-old boy. he jumped on to the car full of friends as it were driving way. this is glenn wrotroad. police e interviewing people to find out what happened. what you see happening jackie. >> this is a quiet street in
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danville you can see it's a tree-lined street. when police are still here on seen. there is a crime scene cleaning crew on scene. rainout is very quiet. many witnesses who are involved are at the police station. being interviewed by the police department. >> earlier i saw a vehicle did they take away. >> there is no vehicle here now the only vehicle is the cleaning crime cleaning crew and the police department. >> at the scene people? people are starting to wake up one and they sang. >> not many people know what's boy of people are coming out of
6:33 am
their houses wondering what's happened. apparently it have around midnight so many people were still asleep when this occurred. >> thank you jackie we will get more creche as we get it. >> luisa is tracking this fog. >> we have heard some drizzle of they're dealing with fog however it is expected to lift the fleet. you can see from our mount tam cam stockton with low clouds and fog into the afternoon different story plenty of sunshine blue skies as well warming temperatures up they could be the warmest day. get outside and enjoy it. a look at this temperature san mateo 9:00 the upper 50s high today 73. sen house say upper 70 temperature today. in antioch we
6:34 am
could get into the 90s today. considerable difference definitely those microclimates making themselves known today. the fog for the livermore valley in the south bay as well so really widespread this morning. 52 degrees in redwood city down in mountain view and san jose temperatures upper 80s. the upper 50s sorry. your afternoon high into the eighties like santa rosa and sonoma today. fairfield upper 80s and down along the peninsula cooler than that 62 in san francisco, ca upper '70's. down and through fremont about 75 degrees your inland temperatures warming it up 89 in pleasanton glowered same livermore 90 in antioch 86 in pittsburgh the south bay '90s
6:35 am
per la los gatos 80 degrees and campbell upper '70's through san clara and san jose. your 7 day around the bay shows us warming the next couple of days and then we will call it off toward the end of the workweek in fact by the weekend we could be lucky to get out of the '70s for your saturday and sunday as well. sixties around the bay if the '50s for the coast. >> continue on are warming trend. we are getting some slowing on highway 4 pretty low speeds no incidents to reach port routines sleep slowing off the bay bridge toll plaza conditions good in the fast track clean we definitely are seeing are for signs of a back up last check the meter lights were off but i will check it is still a good drive time 9-10 minutes from the foot of the
6:36 am
maze to fremont streets in francisco pretty light green now nice and easy conditions looking better than we saw on our last report again no reports of incidents or delays in the direction across the span. 13 minutes from across the span. golden gate bridge a few more cars than we saw on our last report but traffic moving at the limit weather wise it's beginning to clear up traffic moving very well the 21 minute trip by an you're ride from the bottle in the city limits. >> 636 live pictures from washington president barack obama is just boarded air force winone. he is going to milwaukee where he will visit an energy storage battery production plant. making the point that the nation's rebuilding its economy a clean energy. then he will
6:37 am
head to l.a. for a fund-raiser. these live pictures coming into our newsroom. >> class as begin at trace elementary school the fire that destroyed much of the school district says it will take a least two years to repair all the damage from last month's fire. the school will use portable classrooms that had been set up until they can do all the repairs. the fire caused $8 million in damage to the school. >> we will take a break stick around will be back with more >> we will take a break stick around will be back with more moment. h
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golden gate bridge saw thin by fog traffic is moving pretty well that fog is causing delays at sfo 54 minutes of arrival delays because of the weather
6:41 am
conditions at san francisco international airport. reporting no delays at oakland or oakland. san jose also things are on time. >> new york stock exchange it has started dragging negatively. there's not a lot of data coming out today splaying traders we're coming off of that trend from last week where we had four days of down markets today much of the same we heard japan was surpassed in the second quarter as being the second biggest economic power the world the u.s. still tops. abel goebbels' supply manager will be in court today to name his attorney. he was arrested friday for pawning secrets in exchange for $500,000 in kickbacks from several asian
6:42 am
suppliers. wire fraud conspiracy money laundering and do business with stolen property. >> new details the man piloting the container ship when it struck the bay bridge finishes 10 month federal prison time john koto was convicted of environmental misdemeanors. its truck fuel tanks leading to a 53,000 gal. spill that killed seals and burke spirikilled birs the first time the u.s. has doled out of prison sentence to up barge pilot for negligence actions. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes a lot shot of san jose traffic. when no one looks good northbound you can see the guadalupe parkway. will be right
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welcome back to kron 4 morning news. 6:45 a.m. you can see the over cast out there low clouds and drizzle out there it is expected to burn off we are expected to cede the skies and sunshine even warmer temperatures today. currently 59 degrees by noontime getting to 73 year high today will be 79 degrees. back down to 71 by 8:00 p.m.. fog trucker shows were the fog is this morning socked in for the north bay thickening up along the peninsula and downtown san francisco into the sunset pushing through livermore valley in down and to the south bay this morning. current temperatures in the '50s 57 oakland, livermore valley temperatures in the mid-50s down in the south bay upper 50s this morning. keeping it in the '50s
6:47 am
through this hour than as we head towards noon time notice of the yellow showing '70s out there maybe even some eighties as well. by afternoon heinie's all the red are '90s. plenty of '90s and the central valley could spill over into our area as well. place like antioch and south of san jose as well. temperatures look like this sonoma 83 degrees, 87 fairfield, vallejo 77, 62 in san francisco, palo alto 79, cell leandro 67 down and fremont mid- 70s 73 in union city, here's where the warm spots are in the 90 degrees in antioch, 89 livermore valley in the south bay '90s as well as for los
6:48 am
gatos and morgan hill low 90s but still there. 89 for campbell. your 7 day around they keep us warm the next couple of days then the cool down begins in your thursday, friday, even saturday. pushing '70s through saturday '60s around the bay and '50s for the coast. let's check gone your commute. >> warm day inland weather wise in traffic as well. pretty slow going on westbound 580 you can see the yellow and your screen and little bit of red coming out of the altamont pass. this traffic stays tied up towards dublin with clearing finally passed the 580-680 interchange. the bay bridge toll plaza the meter and lights have been cycled on about a minute ago we saw the back up to extend to the west grand over crossing.
6:49 am
things have definitely died down since. 12 minute ride from the foot of the maze and fremont streets here and francisco. san mateo and the delays here traffic moving just fine in the westbound direction heading towards foster city those bright lights making their way into hayward right now talking and 13 minutes across the span. the golden gate bridge traffic moving pretty well we do have a new accident and oil drive after richardson involving two vehicles but that has been moved to the shoulder. >> 6:49 a.m. gas prices and new survey finds the average price has gone up. across the nation in three weeks. california the average price now 313 years a breakdown of what gases looking like san francisco coming in most expensive $3.27 a gallon, oakland $3.20, san jose $3.19.
6:50 am
>> heels burger post office after fire over the weekend. it destroyed the post office they don't know what caused the fire they spent five hours battling the blaze on saturday it started around 5:00 a.m. they think it started in the attic and grew to four alarms within an hour. nobody was hurt but as you can see the damage is extensive. traffic in the era had to be diverted as fire was controlled and now they have to have that alternate location will decide what to do. >> a man suspected in killing a woman through crags list. he has found been found dead you see him being led into the court room apparently killed himself although they are still investigating the cause of death. a format local student
6:51 am
pleaded not guilty. meanwhile actor's job aboard is in extremely serious condition at an l.a. hostile the 93 year-old had to blood clots removed one closed-door heart. she had return to the hospital after undergoing hip surgery last week. >> space station astronauts are making repairs to the cooling system the third space walk in as many weeks this time they are trying to install a new ammonia coolant pump. the lab has been forced to operate on half its normal capabilities since a crucial pomps failed on july 31st. it took two spacewalks and then they you remove the broken pot last week the bathtub size palmed is needed to drive the ammonia through tubes. >> 6:51 a.m. of right now we'll be back, live look at san mateo
6:52 am
bridge highway 92 moving at the limit this morning. we will be right back. our real national pastime?
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[ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when life is mobile. live pictures from southern california's we have helicopters following zero white light pickup truck leading police on a high speed chase. he is on the on ramp to get onto the freeway. let's listen in. >> i sure feel and it tried to pull this guy over this has been on for some time. look at the speed specing up as he picks up eastbound on the 10th. you'd figure that cars are going whups that's a close one their nearly missing that guy right there he needs to.-. spic this side it's wide open. he's found side he has moved sailing at least the
6:56 am
sheriffs are born to safely pursue this guy without running any further risk to motorist mix the art and chugging along at 60-70 any is blazing by the cars. he is definitely moving fast. yes. >> i would love him to pose a we could see the police. they have procedures where they pullback. >> he's definitely picking up speed east and on the 10. passing the 6 05 we are past the 6 05 now making our way of the park. the gag really moving fast
6:57 am
look how fast these moving past the other vehicles will give you a wide shot to give you an eye out what's going on those sheriffs are there. i'm not seeing them as they are some distance back behind him. see is on his own right now. running this speeds back a bit trying to blend in with traffic here of course they know where he's that. we're here in the sky. no question to where this guy is. he comes out of the slow lane and starts making his way towards some of the faster lanes of traffic he brought the speeds back trying to blend in with freeway speeds. we will see what he does here. coming past francisco. >> this is the idea they will fall behind him but they don't
6:58 am
wanna in danger motorists. >> we will keep an eye on this come back on the other side of this live pictures of the chase the latest in a second.
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