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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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1 01 is san jose south bound traffic moving fine northbound traffic slightly thicker again a pretty free deli free ride right now. james. >> 6:04 a.m. will not correct please are looking for two
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suspects between car burglaries. >> police say the burglaries are taking place in the costco valley. the car owners are inside shopping and noticed somebody broke into the cars when they mud back outside. at this point no word on if they have any surveillance video from the parking lot. they do have descriptions of the suspects as well as the car. for more on that list send it back to james. >> described as two white males in their early '30's and shaved heads, one suspect had a red goatee and a picture of a skull on his shirt. the suspects were seen driving away in a gray older model vehicle possibly at a mazda with the wave symbol on the back window. second vehicle is a dark colored vw passat four digits of the back plate covered with tape.
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>> i'm union writer is stabbed multiple times over night they're now looking at surveillance video helping to identify the attacker was around 730 last nine a man stabbed of passenger on the 29 line. the victim and the suspect or arguing before the stabbing appeared the victim is in the hospital expected to survive they hope the videotape will help them identify the man with a knife. >> a teenager was shot and killed over night the initial investigation shows it was an accidental shooting at reporter around some 40,005 no arrests have been made. >> officer related shooting about 840 last night a man with a knife on more road officers were tried to arrest the man he
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advanced on them one officer fired a taser the man continued to dance. that's what we're told a second officer opened fire the suspect was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. both officers are on administrative leave pending investigation. >> same meant couples will not be able to get married until last december an appeals court ruled to keep a stay in place. until the argument can be heard by a higher court. the court has fast-track the case. bricks from both sides on the merit must be submitted by november 1st than calendar the week of december 6th. the court has also ordered backers of prop bay to discuss why the appeal should not be dismissed for lack of legal standing. backers of the bay and hailed the decision saying california voters spoke clearly
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and crop data and we're glad to see their votes will remain valid while the legal challenges work the way up through the courts. >> we will take a break a live picture of what mud creek as we go on and check on the right on 680 coming out of the san ramon valley. moving well and over delays reported. advantage topical solution treats dogs...
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the widespread fog hanging over the bay area you can see stretching along the coast in right inland through sen of rows that and petaluma. it is missing san jose but you can see it in east bay as well. it is in oakland and livermore's well. >> following will wall street stock futures solidly higher this morning. the dow down
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yesterday to 10,003 zero two. nasdaq finishing up 200181. all interest history strong this morning. there will be a key reading on housing activity the commerce will release a report on home construction. the labor department will release the industry predictions, gm may file for the ipo today. that's interesting. microburst softball bringing its gaming expert tees up to the phone 7 line. programmers will basically develop games for windows phones. >> questions being raised about
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brown's benefits he it would receive to pensions totaling $78,000 a year only if he works to start drawing from the state's retirement next year appeared his tensions would come fromm's said that attorney general, the secretary of state, to term as governor, oakland mayor and law clerk at california supreme court. >> we will take a break at 612 more headlines in a moment a quick look at san francisco had laid south down 1 01 on games like freeway headed toward the peninsula moving well.
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creek police searching for two suspects involved in a string of car burglaries. san francisco police looking over surveillance video to find whoever strolled status of a meaning passenger. burlington employees involved in and shooting last night the suspects came at the officer one officer fired a taser but he continued to advance the second officer fired on the man. >> let's talk about whether now live picture through albany visibility not bad the fog not terrible here it depends on where you are. jackie's sizzle showing us a live shot it was dismissing it was a lack bad out there. >> we have been feeling drizzle this morning i think you get to the point where it could you ask could get any cooler. it could. expect temperatures to
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take a dive by the weekend. currently in san mateo 55, high today 72 of them back down to 55 by 8:00 p.m. dealing with fog as james mentioned. really starting to pick up along the peninsula and the south bay is well into san jose we will keep the fog around not for this hour by 7:00 hours well. you concede the fog pushed through the central valley as well by the 9:00 hour not much changed really stubborn to live this morning. by 10:00 a.m. cooling by the coast event by 12:00 we could keep low cloud cover of fog in the picture. overcast conditions expected for the first half of your day. 57 oakland, mountain view and san jose mid-50s through livermore into the afternoon school shoving a few degrees off
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temperatures today 76 percent rosa, 74 along the peninsula 62 for san francisco not much change there warming up through the '70s 3 san mateo and palo alto 66 berkeley 67 oakland 724 hayward and fremont. through walnut creek low 80s now much change even and antioch and livermore temperature's only low 80s. a parade is through morgan hill and los gatos appeared 77 in san jose. your temperature getting cooler day-by-day/warm up thursday then back down by your friday, saturday teeth >> the weather may fluctuate but it's always a hot spot on antioch. we are seeing a long stretch of slow traffic speeds
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averaging 30 mi. an hour the bulk of the back up isolated between summers mill road. this is every day for several hours during the day and it will only get worse. bridge check bay bridge toll plaza car selling by coming from the 580 westbound towards the city those made during light sell-off cylindroid is the conditions out there nine minutes from the foot of the mason to a fremont street sampras's go. san mateo ride is an easy one) lights going to hayward clocking in 14 minutes from intend across ban appearesn gate bridge and nice right. >> we have new details authorities say a woman accused of firebombing the courthouse
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has committed suicide in her jail house. 40 years old octavia reportedly used bandages to hang herself in her cell. she and another suspect pleaded not guilty last week to arson. they're accused of throwing something into the court house and started the fire. part of the building is still closed while they continue to clean up >> damage> the suspect accused of the assaults at the apartments have been arraigned. he was in court yesterday but did not enter a plea he has been charged with rape forceable rape and burglary. dna evidence links him to the case and he lived close to the crime scene. family members insist he was involved. >> i'm here to make sure is treated. he was the one that turned himself in.
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>> and one or sorry and tony all remains at $12.5 million. it is likely to be produced when he enters a plea. >> an east bay mother of three remains jailed after she delayed entering a plea on charges she had sex with two teenage boys. christine hubbs of livermore did not speak during her brief court appearance monday. her attorney requested that her plea be put over until sept. 3 while he reviews evidence in the case. alameda county prosecutors have charged hubbs with 67 felony counts in connection with allegations that she had sexual relationships with two 14-year- old boys. court records say one boy's mother went to livermore police last month after finding a nude photo of hubbs on her son's cell phone. she is being held on $4.3 million bail in santa rita jail in dublin. >> president barack obama will head no. he's in l.a. right now but will head to seattle. he will blast attention to patty murray and are reelection bid. it will meet meet with local
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business. meanwhile almost every step of the way president barack obama is getting questions about the plan to build a mosque near ground zero in new york he will again recently saying the developers have the right to build their there is no law prohibiting a mosque. he's been getting flak ever since his comment. here read said the mosque should not be built near the site of the terrorist attacks. the first amendment protects free meant freedom of religion but in his view it should go somewhere else. >> the beach in pacifica you can see the gray day out there we are looking at current temperatures of 57 degrees right now all high of only 62 at the coast. will be right back.
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88 degrees expected in arlen spots low seventies around the bay low 60s along the coast of morning fog were dealing with a closer to the coast the more the fog is a mess or light drizzle. temperatures except for slight increase on thursday that straight way down this weekend appeared the wind gusting we're not in your typical august forecast. foundations and auxiliary operations like to colleges and universities might be subject to increased public scrutiny the assembly voted unanimously to require them to comply with the public records act. it came under fire for refusing to as close a speaking
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fee paid to sarah pailin for fund-raising appearance. standardized >> test scores has risen compared to 2003 the test results show an increase in all areas. english area 17 percent up. filipinos showing the highest rise. mass the amount of people that tested proficient was in math 23%. science 4 percent more students had proficient test scores. social sciences it was up 20%. >> we will take a break following the latest on wall street two minutes away from the opening bell we have had some positive reports, pre-market trading is up. morning minute.
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we're back the opening bell trading getting under way futures all morning long war strongly higher as we had a couple of reports come out home depot, wal-mart had better quarterly earnings. , and its department says it rose by 1.7% in july. applications for building permits future building fell by more three-point 1% so mixed reviews on that. labor department says prices of wholesale rose nonetheless trading in positive direction. >> 631 a look at the whether hello luis up. >> temperature starting to cool down in fact san francisco as we head towards 9:00 hour 56
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degrees high temperature about 62 back down to lower 50s by 8:00 p.m. san mateo we could be in the low 70's in san jose 77 for an afternoon high partly cloudy into the afternoon that fog will play a bigger role in your forecast today. fog still sticking for the north bay and the space in livermore valley floating down and the south bay as well. dealing with a bit of it thickening up through the peninsula moving through sambar no gap and half moon bay. right now 54 san francisco over they were 56 degrees 57 through mountain view and los gatos 55 interloper more into the afternoon a cruel: trend kicks in 76 for san rosa, cooler and san rafael and bill valley at 74. in the peninsula school in san francisco 62 degrees, over to the spade temperatures mid to upper 60s 66 berkeley's 67
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oakland and down through hayward and union city 72. san ramon valley '70s and '80s low eighties for walnut creek and danville. in the south bay we are topping at in the '70s and '80s as well. 7 day around the bay you can clearly see cool down a little spike on thursday then backed down friday cloudy and cool continues for the weekend. >> slow going on westbound 580 beginning where meets to 05. you can see all the red and yellow on the screenplay that loosens up and stays on the green to liu hit livermore then it's downhill from there. the good news is 580-680 interchange is mostly green. quick bridge check the backup has worsened for the bay bridge extends past the 880 over crossing because the meter lights have just been cycled on.
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11 minute ride from the foot of the maze to fremont. san mateo ride it is of fog the shot but conditions good across the span right now traffic moving without much a laser maker way west toward foster city and those bright lights making their way into hayward 14 minutes across the span. wrap up with a quick look at the golden gate bridge things clearing up what otherwise traffic never a problem here said bound traffic moving just fine your ride from highway 37 to 580 is still short a minute trip. >> 633 walnut creek police are asking for help in trying to identify two men suspected of breaking into cars at a busy shopping center. they received a series of car burglary calls yesterday morning. the suspects to white males early '30's, they
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were wearing black clothing, both had shaved here's, one had a red goatee and a picture of a skull on his shirt. they were driving away in a gray older martyr model vehicle possibly a mazda, it at a wave symbol in the back window. the second vehicle dark vw passat and four digits of the back plate covered with tape. >> me new writer stabbed multiple times investigators looking at surveillance video and help in identifying a suspect it happened at 730 last night police say a passenger on the 29 line was stabbed. you can see where it is on them that the victim and suspect were arguing that the time we know the victim was taken to hospital and is expected to survive against the suspect on ... morning as we said officers are hopeful the video from the bus will identify the person.
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>> hayward are investigating a drive-by shooting in it during one person in the 27,000 block of tyrrell avenue about 1030 lasting a shooter drove by a house fired up to three shots. somebody was grazed by a bullet that is expected to be ok authorities are searching for the shooters. >> appeals court has ruled to keep a stay in place until arguments to be heard by a higher court there will be no same-sex weddings for now. the court has fast-track the case and briefs from both sides on the merits of the case must be submitted by november 1st the case will be heard sometime the week of december 6th. in addition to the merits the court's past backers of propagate to discuss and explain why the bill should go forward. despite the lack of standings.
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stay with kron 4 with continuing coverage. we have extended coverage online including legal documents the 1 allows the state to remain you can read it yourself. >> a kayak fisherman came face- to-face with the biggest fish of the seat a great white shark. the biggest one he has ever seen. he had just dropped his boat to fish saturday when the great white fleet the boat over and started chewing on it. he was able to get out of the watering climb back on the boat their shark took off in have been north of pigeon point on cemetery close to. it is located in an area known for shark sightings. he says he is fine and he plans to return to ocean fishing is an easy repairs is boats. >> treasure island will be handed over to sampras's go this
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afternoon. they will be there this ceremony at 2:00 p.m. the island transferred from the navy which is operated there from 1941 to 1997 to the city of san francisco. they plan to buy stores built stores and hotels there. the navy will receive $55 billion over 10 years plus interest. they could stand to get 50 million more if the development project goes well. >> the golden arches are higher and near one day event today 600 mcdonald's in northern california will open their doors to all applicants for the day the goal is they want to hire 1000 workers the 1 day campaign is designed to where awareness of job opportunities in considering economic environment. the jobs are part- time but the bonuses mcdonald's employes to work 20 hours are more oblique qualify for health and medical.
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>> as we go we will bring you live pictures from washington capitol hill basically an all- day event by the old, ministration on comprehensive housing. that is going on right now as we speak. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs.
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the massive. cast doubt on i iraq's ability to protect citizens two weeks before all but 50,000 u.s. troops head home. one witness says the bomber was sitting quietly among 1000 recruits he got up
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walked over to an officer and blew himself up. >> northeast china and firework that the death has climbed to 19 this is the structure of the fire 19 people confirmed dead five still missing 153 injured this explosion occurred yesterday morning the fire brought under control after the helicopter dump water on the blaze. >> north korea appears to ramp up its propaganda war against south korea and the u.s. by turning to twitter and most citizens are banned from running from dealing. this series of clips include condemnation of south korea and the u.s. for blaming north korea of the sinking of a
6:43 am
ship in march. low clouds and fog really hanging over sentences go to san francisco. t back
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a quick look at the big board the dow up 50 points right now. the s&p is up six points as well. we had some good reports come out and some good earnings home depot and wal-mart reported better than expected quarterly earnings. palo alto hewlett- packard is buying fortified software to be upside for security. the company did not disclose financial terms. they will be part of hp's product
6:47 am
line. >> noting that fog were seen as a lot lower over san francisco. >> >> dario was get this look on her face it's a concern in look. (laughter) this is sour milk kind of weather. overcast conditions again drizzle out there this morning we will continue to cool it off by the weekend well below average temperatures cause for the milk faced this sour milk face. by noon time getting up to 70 high today about 77 and back down again to 71. still seeing fog settled over much of the bay area this morning religious settlement through the peninsula now making its way into the south bay also in to the north bay as well. people and fog around for the next hour on we could pick up in the 7:00 hour see the push through the delta of by 9:00 still low cloud cover
6:48 am
still that fog by 10:00 we will see recede back just a bit keeping the fog out there in to their early afternoon see cloud cover in your early afternoon breaks of sunshine. that will warm up ever so slightly. the 54 for san francisco, 584 livermore and into the afternoon we will keep a cooler than yesterday getting up only into 76% rosa, 74 for san rockfalls. along the peninsula 62 for san francisco warmers and san mateo 74, getting into the upper 60s 66 berkeley's 67 oakland, 72 in union city, where spots low eighties in antioch 83, could warming up the upper 80s through morgan hill los gatos but it looks like we're gonna stay out of the '90s today 78 percent
6:49 am
clara. 7 day around the bay closes off each day by the weekend it will be a cool one check gone to new with erica. >> the back up but the bay bridge toll plaza has begun. as we look at our screen you can see in not too bad right now we saw bigger back up a few minutes ago we have a stalled vehicle blocking the right hand lane near treasure island that calls cause the back of the that has been clear that steadily pushing up your drive time right now 13 minutes from the foot of amazing to fremont. san mateo foggy one but an easy one nonetheless. traffic moving find in both directions no reports are problems in either direction across this in your ride right now 14 minutes from and to end in both directions. the golden gate bridge clear shot traffic heavier them was on our last report but still a nice easy
6:50 am
ride your ride from novato into the city limits 23 minute trip your maps right now is low " going out of antioch high way for the bulk of the traffic pretty much isolated between loans green lace and summer's over. >> 650 rain now another story harvard tops i've read leak princeton in the latest edition of the u.s. report university rankings and evinces was put on graduation rates that change the top-10 but harvard which is topped the list to of the three years came out tops this year. princeton in second place yell is no. 3 followed by colombia and tied for fifth is stanford and and state. >> the class of 2014 starts college this fall. their experience and use will be
6:51 am
different than yours according to this year's college mind set list most incoming freshmen were born in 1992. q. when the class even know how to write curse of this, they seldom use regular mail, they probably have never used the phone with the court, clint eastwood is better known to them as a sensitive director rather than dirty harry. >> and starbucks have been around since the day they were born. see all of fog that is what it's doing to sfo 48 minute delays. if you have a flight today call ahead. we will be back in a moment.
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6:55 a.m. a video of michael douglas we have learned he is battling cancer he is undergoing treatment for tumor in his throat. his 65 years old. he will undergo eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy is expected to make a full recovery. remember this guy the jet blew he has been offered a reality show. he purred producers are said to be asking if he wants to host a reality show may be about one people who quit their jobs in extravagant ways. his out on bail for criminal misconduct. >> tech news gave slate has this sneak peek at the delta deal. >>the new dell streak tablet is
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now on the market. this is the first tablet since the ipad launch to come out that could compete with the ipad. but, i can't really take on the ipad? let me introduce it to you, you decide. as you can see the streak is just under half the size of that ipad. they made it all for people who want to keep their top that with them all the times. which, i think is smart. alot of people coming into their ipad, but it never leaves their home because it is too big to carry around. it is a little awkward to take into restaurants or bars. the street trends android googles operating system so you have access to the web and all of the applications in the andriod market. not as many as apple's ap store but pretty close. the biggest difference between the ipad and the streak, you can activate the streak with at&t and use as a fully functional cell phone. you can make calls, text messages, anything you can do but the smart phone you can do with a streak. that is the major advantage over the ipad. there is a look at the streak compared to the driod you can see it is a lot bigger than most of the smart phones out there. it is definitely a little awkward to hold up this giant thing to your ear but you could use it with blue tooth and it does come with this headset/headphone cable you can use it with. one other thing it has that iphone doesn't is a camera. you can take pictures, record video, it
6:57 am
also has a second forward facing camera for video chatting. i like the size, on a smart phone surfing the web or watching the videos can be difficult, but not in the streak. the screen is great. but will catch on? will people think it is too big to carry around in their pocket or purse? we will have to wait and see. the dell streak is being sold online through dell for $550 or $300 with a two year at&t contract. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> 6:57 a.m., a moment ago we told you it just blew that got us thinking it is bringing back all you can get pass. it allows customers to travel to an unlimited number see cities for $699 while you want for that month for $699 between september 7th and october 6th. the passes
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go on sale friday are limited. you have to act quick. they were sold out in two days last time they did this. >> division of you took 234 flights would deal. you should know if reported that we have to go better tickets now. if
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