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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 17, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00. our big story tonight at 5:00 the plummeting home sales. homes sales dropped 21% to their largest drop in two years. realtor tracker says home sales in southern california were 24,000 july of last year to about 19,000 homes last month. if that's the slowest july since 2007. last month's sales were also down about 21% from june. if as kron 4 reports one local realtor says the numbers reflect the end of this mortgage tax credits for first-time buyers. >> >> the real-estate market here in northern california is sending mixed signals right now while sales are down prices and c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4aw c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>ra toni stafd overall sales in july fori stafd senate clara and san mateo c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhpno cag no carrier
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foreclosed homes and the market there's less of a demand for new housing. and the report says home loans take note by hispanics in california are more likely to end in foreclosure. the report by the center for responsible lending says almost half of all the state foreclosures between october of 2006 and november of 2009 it involved hispanic borrowers. hispanics comprise less than 1/3 of the state forest by contrast the state's non-hispanic white borrowers accounted for about a third of all foreclosures that nearly half of all homeowners. developing new is now a large vegetation fire has slowed traffic on state highway one along the san mateo county coast this is of the pigeon point. if the highway was shutdown in both directions near day's lows creek road aforetime your the 1 a. fire has been contained crews will remain on the scene for least another two hours as a precaution a mess of the golden
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gate bridge this morning. look at this the crash in the northbound lanes of the bridge happened just after 9:00 a.m. this morning it shut down lanes in both directions for more than 30 minutes several vehicles including a big rig were included. the big rig landed on the back of a car sending the car of control and into oncoming traffic where it sideswipe to other vehicles. kron 4 dan is live at the golden gate bridge now where today's accident has raised new concerns about safety on the bridge. dan. >> need to be a car that crosses over what happened to the movable median barrier we've been hearing about pearl's 30 years. the good news is if it's just around the corner. >>believe it or not these vertical to set stand in for median barrier and the golden gate bridge will be a thing of the past in two years. >>working on finalizing the environmental work, and the final design work. were beginning the final design
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work. we anticipate we'll have in the mobile median barrier on the golden gate bridge sometime in late 2011 or early 2012. >>the movable median barrier will resemble this one, the golden gate bridge district said the benefits are obvious. >>the reason we're putting a movable median barrier on the bridges is to stop crossover accidents. that's really what it will do it 100% cross prevent crossover accidents on the bridge. so it's taken so long technology and money. in the '80s the barrier was too big. in the late 90's it was narrower and in 1998 the bridge district gave conceptual approval to immovable median barrier. by then there was no money available. flashboard 10 years 2008. the metropolitan 80 and transportation committee kim's up the $25 million in visit to the district to make it happen. the bridge district admits the
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barrier will not stop accidents entirely on the bridge but it will stop the crossover once which as you saw this morning led to a complete shutdown of the bridge for nearly an hour. reporting live dan carmen kron 4 news. sunny skies all throughout the bay area this afternoon. it's led to some warmer temperatures close to the coastline. overall things are cooler this afternoon. only the '70s in our north bay spots down about five degrees from what we saw yesterday trader in the spots also down. concord's to be more like 77 sometimes those things, and wrong. 63 hath long day and 69 down the peninsula. tonight into tomorrow clear skies some up and down the coastline this afternoon and it's been awhile since we seem completely clear skies at the coast and its lead to the warmer temperatures. the fog will return tonight the sea breeze winds will bring back drizzle also at the coast line tomorrow and widespread fog. temperatures
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just a little bit cooler. we cannot now with their tablature it's going to stay that way the bill also stay below average will take a look richard dent forecast coming up in a bit to. new details on former illinois gov. robb it look oil that sh they found him guilty of one count of lying to federal agents and the judge has declared a mistrial and 23 other counts. they include more serious charges like racketeering and bribery trade this is rubberizing for court today he knows he may have to go through all this again because prosecutors are talking about a retrial. the talk to reporters earlier tonight. from the very beginning i told them that i did not let them down and i didn't break any laws i didn't do anything wrong. federal government and this prosecutor did everything he could to target meat and prosecute me and persecute me. this jury to shows you that the government's rising
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but the kitchen sink at me on every count except for one every charge except for one they could not prove that i did anything wrong. prosecutors say they will retry him very soon he said he will appeal his one who killed the conviction carried a live look outside at traffic in san francisco the top of your screen traffic on 80 heading for the lower deck of the bay bridge still hasn't moved much since the last time we check very slow their appearance of about 101 if the bottom of your screen moving a little bit that therle. will carry back.
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police are looking for two people suspected of breaking into several vehicles in walnut creek happen on monday. the break-ins all happened within three hours of one another at the end seen a grand shopping center that's added in a co valley at oak grove road. police believe the victim's role shopping one of britain's happen to your id in each case the
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suspects broke the windows and rummage through the vehicles. several witnesses dis did see the suspects and their described as two white males in their early 30's wearing black clothing. both had shaved heads one suspect had a red goatee and a picture of a scottish church. the suspects were seen driving away in a gray older model vehicle possibly mosfet with the wave symbol in the back window. the second vehicle is a dark color vw passat it has four digits of the back license plate covered with tape. police have arrested three suspects in an attempted armed robbery in fairfield they tried to rob a natural storm to friday. this surveillance video from the scene that day. the robbery was spoiled when an employee pull out a gun and fired at one of the suspects police arrested a juvenile and 18 year-old who have tried to rob the store at third man was also arrested
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please believe he drove the getaway car. holden teenager who was killed yesterday is now believed to accidentally shot himself. oakland police say he and his younger brother or playing with the gun crew when the 15 year-old shot myself in the hands bathroom. he the one teenager is taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. the victim's brother was questioned by police and then released to his family. investigators are still trying to determine how the other got the gun and who owns the weapon. our extended forecast temperatures will be up and down over the next few days and sting below average ended cooler weekend on top. the forecast is just a few minutes away.
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justin to the news room commuter should be where there's a 15 minute delay on bart it's happening at the coliseum open airport location and the dublin and pleasanton and fremont direction. the problem is due to an equipment problem on the train.
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>> taking a look outside from our mount tam cam you can see that fog sitting offshore we are seeing clear skies up and down the coast line right now. this led to warmer temperatures but the fog will be back to the coasts this evening has are sea breeze winds pick up debris back in. to morning dense fog and drizzle expected and that will be mainly closer to the coastline. we will fog in our inland valleys we won't see it as dense. the afternoon sunny skies and said the cooler temperatures. i look at fog tracker for tomorrow morning trade widespread fog at the 6:00 hour or inland valleys, dealt that even the south bay. pushing back to the bay shore by 9:00 a.m. you can see some fog lingering in san rafael and of course along the coast line. fog tracker is putting the fog offshore tomorrow so the break near ocean beach and parts of
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the san mateo coastline. and temperatures will be a little down tomorrow. 60 in half when bay, 62 in services go where in the spots just about 80 degrees 6 of for antioch a little warmer at e.d. five. our spots in the north bay 60's and 70's. the literature kron 47 day around the bay forecast. tomorrow will be down days where is cooler but then thursdays temperatures, back up. back down to the cooler side through the weekend temperatures in land barely reaching 80 by saturday trade was seen below average conditions for most of the summer and looks like the next seven days are not gunna to be is it any different. >> all the temperatures have been cool in san francisco the peninsula of the weather in the header east bay has been much warmer. in livermore today people were enjoying the sunshine city read english downtown to see them here he and
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hopped into a found for little cooling off period it reached the mid '80s there today we talked to several people these days is a the warm but not too hot weather has been enjoyable. >> i like the summer of sprinkler than usual so it's not too hot to eat outside. this is the second or third time i've come down in the last month. >> the writer bike squad a bit to the city it's been very pleasant they're out here in the wine country it's been really good to writer breaks out. >> what there's been nice. i've enjoyed this summer, not too hot. >> livermore will most likely stay sunny and warm for the rest of the week but i jacqueline said the east bay cities closer the day will stay much cooler. >> and national news the president was in seattle today he was campaigning for various democratic is running for reelection this is day two of the three day campaign swing for the president carries spent some time accusing republicans of blocking efforts to help small
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business and the repeated least in the way of tax breaks to help cure the president isn't allowed claim will stop in florida before returning to the white house tomorrow. there was unexpected excitement before the president left seattle fighter jets were scrambled to respond to an aerospace violation near force one. a plane had reportedly strayed into restricted airspace but left before the international guard jets could arrive. people in the area heard to some of poems. the angry debate over the proposed mosque near burial ground zero will go way developers will put a close to where the battle of the attacks happened. the president's recent comments said they have the right to build their has angered some including harry reid the senate's top democrat the president's ideas no hard feelings calling read fiercely independent. near its governor is trying to get the developers to build on state land some place else. a disturbing development in the gulf oil spill some researchers
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say this really is a bigger mess than the government says it is and a lot of oil is still lurking below the surface. that's not a new warning. now scientists of the university of south florida are finding small amounts of oil mixed into the soil on the ocean floor. they're also finding painted plankton which is an essential food before see land. >> and the men remembered for hitting what's called the shot heard around the world has passed away. >> (cheering) >> the giants won the pennant bobby thompson's star for the new york giants which later became the center is as good giants his health had been dealing for several years now he died on monday night at his home in georgia. thompson helped the giants defeat the brooklyn dodgers back in 1951 with that famous home run he was 86 years old.
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>> a look inside the traffic of this hour this is all walnut creek camera the 680-24 split moving slow in both directions. in san jose the headlights' are southbound traffic moving well in highway won a one in both directions. we'll be right back. i spend three hours on my homework --
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plus get access to at&t's entire national wi-fi network on the go. cookies? [ boy ] sure! tell your friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. treasure island was officially handed over a san francisco today the island is been trust transferred from the navy to the city. that operated from 1941 to 1997. the plan now is to build hotels, retail stores and thousands of housing units. can you was there for today's ceremony. >> >> pressure island belongs to the city of san francisco as u.s. navy has over today. a short ceremony mayor gavin newsom is some house speaker nancy pelosi and secretary of the navy all signed an agreement the transfers treasure island over to the city of san francisco. the deal cost the city $105 million for the purchase and a half to share some of the problems with the
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navy in the future. the build housing and parks and hotels here carried it said the project ohrid over 3000 from the jobs and new construction jobs. from breaking could come within the next year in san francisco kron 4 news. >> san francisco is launching a website that promotes cosmetics, hand sanitizers and other products it considers more equal friendly. all were a producer tells us about this new site. the >> was a richly designed for the city purchasing department officials decided to open his back up to the public. according the city's green purchasing program manager there tens of thousands of chemicals on the marketplace to toxicity levels are known and there is a safer alternative out there which should know what is the news said. some of the items recommended on the web site including keyboard duster with no greenhouse gases and refillable white board it markers the recommendations are based on ingredients recycle
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content and energy efficiency. to check out the website forsaw visit look for what's on the >> web section> traffic on seven cisco bush tree is moving slowly that's because of a repaving project along the street. the work goes from presidio to van ness ave. all the crews that are working there just one lane along traffic through. in the next few weeks several other blocks along the street will be back down as crews work on sewers. taking >> a live look outside over downtown 7 cisco the route can see mostly sunny skies we are seeing sunshine along the coast as well but the fog was back in line with forecasts coming up in just a bit.
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