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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 17, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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notice of the interest up close to the coastline 6 degrees warmer and services go 5 degrees in half moon bay is sea breeze winds pushed back today. we did see the warming their bats, a
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little cooler in the spots 10 degrees cooler in livermore 9 degrees cooler in novato. years what we can expect tonight into tomorrow again we are seeing the clear skies along the coast the sea breeze winds will push the fog and a throwback to the coastline tonight. will see widespread fog again tomorrow morning will help push back into inland valleys. even though see sunshine in the afternoon temperatures will be slightly cooler will be up to now with these temperatures through the rest this week but will stay below average take a look at the extent of forecast coming up a bit. >> this is the cool summer and decades for the bay area and many are wondering if we will get the warming trend that normally comes in september. kron 4 jeff bush spoke with the weather specialist to answer >> that question> john has been teaching neurology at s.f. state for the last 31 years he specializes in the el nino and lawn nino weather fact and says
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this is been a textbook lining up >> summer> the older version surface translate the colder air in the offshore flow fog bank is thicker than and the non long and the new year and it's bringing the cooler air through the bay area trade not to worried the offshore flow use the weekend after labor day. there's no correlation between aligning and temperatures in september and october. this means the weather pattern should stabilize and to what we normally see around the time of year. dole: indian summer. it >> indian summer means we start cooling off for the halt in you of a sudden return to warm conditions of the summer. we normally expressed fears that indian summer because september october a warm response. hopesz john says with a few weeks and it should start to warm up the country in oakland jeff bush kron 4 news. >> some tourists visiting the area all of this cold weather is
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a bit of a shock. >> action headed by jack and i didn't bring one. it was really cold yesterday. ha of this is nice this is perfect. i read the weather what it says like 70 jacqueline york that's not the same as 70 here. >> it could be warmer it's a bit cooler. >> it is very cold here. >> it's been nice it's been cooler than usual it hasn't been in the hundreds it's really nice your right now. >> any of the taurus along the embarcadero says they know when the cold they just have to spend a little more money than planned because they have to buy new jackets. our web producer kimberly is here with your comments about the cool summer here in the bay area. kimberly trade >> viewers are sounding off on this cold weather on our face book fan page to come hall he
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says after selling losing summer is in short winters he says this is been phenomenal. elizabeth disagree she said she misses the heat and you are wesley's is withdrawn that sang summer just isn't summer without the thought that i'd rather spend about a thousand dollars just to fly some more if sunny carried she said she's loving the cooler weather because it keeps the pg&e bill lower but she misses the key because u.s. go swimming or head to the beach. we want to know which you think visit our twitter face book fan page to leave your common. >> a fatal officer involved shooting in burlingame over night it happened about 44 d when police received a report of a man with a gun on myrtle st.. as the officers tried to arrest a man they say the key came at them with a knife. one officer fired at taser but to say the man continued to advance your that's what a second officer shot him. if the suspect was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. both officers involved have been
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placed on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. police are investigating a robbery of the bank of america and campbell you see the location on our map. it happened at about 11:00 a.m. on monday at the bank on south bascom ave. the suspect to the teller a note demanding money and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. she described as a man is 30's with a medium build he was wearing a black beanies bluejeans and a blue and white plaid shirt to. now live look at it traffic this is that the bay bridge toll plaza if the lesson of years green traffic heading in a san francisco no back up at all and on the right east bound traffic also moving very well the problems there. this is the golden gate bridge on the left traffic coming into san francisco backing up of the tollgate on the rights of your screen traffic moving median clip into. we'll be right back.
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asters have gained some enthusiasm for stocks but it's too soon to say whether the stocks have recovered from the recent slump that sent the dow jones industrial average falling almost border points over four days. mixed messages on the health of the economy from largest retailer wal-mart today posted a $3.6 billion quarterly profit that despite topping $100 million during the quarter sales still missed expectations. the company said the slowing economy will keep its customers cautious about spending. a similar story at home depot the company posted a 7% rise in profit but revenue was considered weak in the home improvement retailer issued a cautious forecast for the rest of this year. general motors is recalling nearly two under and 50,000 crossover vehicles all over around the world. to
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inspect second row seat belts that could be damaged and not latch properly gm said the recall affects 2009 to 2010 models of the chevrolet traverse the you conclave, gmc arcadia and saturn outlook. plus of the recalled vehicles are in the united states gm said the seat belt buckle could be damaged when the seat back is return to an upright position in which could make the buccal appear latched even when it is not to. thus the motor corp. is recalling to enter the 15,000 was the three and mazda five vehicles to fix problems with the power steering system that could lead to a crash. the recall involves model year 2007 through 2009 it lost a three and lost of five vehicles built from april 2007 through november of 2008. if clause this as a vehicle could of the sudden loss of power still insist making it more difficult for the driver to steer the vehicles. tainted eggs
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that sickened at least 250,000 californians with salmonella that's despite a multi say recall. takes for a colt by wall were delivered to distribution companies in eight states including california. seven cases of salmonella were linked to the same rate call in minnesota. the eggs are packed under various names including albertson, ralph and farm fresh. taking a look at arts of forecast temperatures of cool down tomorrow but then warm up on thursday only to cool back down on friday of a roller- coaster of temperatures all of the fourth forecast on that coming up in about six minutes. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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a live look at traffic on the golden gate bridge traffic moving well in both directions north and southbound bugboy what a difference a few hours to make because earlier look at this this was the golden gate bridge on mess there this morning. it crashed on the north blame blamal layne. shutdown of direcn
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in both directions at big " or rig was involved two people were injured doesn't lose your this so he has a look at what happened this morning. >> what can it was a big mess this morning it happened about three injured feet north of the toll plaza as a vehicle for leaving san francisco and heading for marin county. our bowlers model it is complicated. after leaving the toll plaza you can see in this direction but and there's a big rig that was following a psychiatric care and a big rig somehow reran to the contrary unmourned. when a rented home run this curse of the key has started spinning out of control across the southern dividing line and ran right into his red porsche credit hit the porsche and proceeded to run into the toyota camry. the driver and the kia is one of
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those injured and as you can see those two vehicles in the southbound lanes the kiev that was still spinning out of control bounced off of this direction the big rig also disabled as a result of this rec. all the lanes were blocked a given point in traffic was stopped for 45 minutes before police were able to get all the vehicles cleared off the sides of the road and ambulances were able to take those injured to the hospital. >> in national news investigators just for buying it when the south carolina woman claimed today that her two little boys had drowned in a car accident. case say she since told them she wanted to be free and fact she had suffocated the children and then drove the car into a river. chaconne it was broke living with her mother there's a scene of the accident. she is living with her mother and daughter and two little boys and she told police her mother was always criticizing her for not being able to support her children she is now facing two charges of murder. a man is dead
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after a shootout outside a place to park near dallas it happen here and outside the mckinny police department. a man drove up in a truck seven on fire if please think they wanted to learn about sides we can attack them. if he packed the trouble of ammunition. the man was shot and killed it's not clear if the shots himself or was killed by police. no else was injured. people are still marveling over this the fact the only one person died in the plane crash in colombia yesterday the plane broken pieces as it was landing. was believed it was hit by lightning since it went down as thunderstorm the not shore. it seemed today the one person who died might have had a heart attack and actually didn't die from injuries. survivors say the crash happened without warning some of them saw flashes of lightning just before hand. >> a live look inside for more rubicam over downtown san francisco sunny skies this afternoon rinsing sunshine along
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the coastline which we haven't seen in quite some time. is along the coast did warm this afternoon but were starting of will that as we head into the evening and sea breeze winds start to return. 61 in half moon bay 64 in san francisco spots of the north bay " five to 10 degrees out there this afternoon and in the '70s in thing for inland spots in the upper '70's low 80's. here's what we can expect the fog move back to the coasts this evening as the sea breeze winds picked up will usher right back up in the bay area dance fog and drizzle haul regardless the fog and your inland valley does not as close to the close. by the 3:00 our temperatures will be slightly cooler you know will see such an out there tomorrow. temperatures go up and down a look out that in a moment. fog tracker for tomorrow morning widespread fog at the 6:00 hour including our inland valleys. back to mainly the bay shore by the 9:00 hour you can see fog
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lingered into the north bay. fog traveling the fog of short for tomorrow afternoon again we see parcelling bring here but ocean beach daily city north bay coast line also parts this in detail close could see the sunbreaks again tomorrow. regardless temperatures are going about a couple degrees 60 in half moon bay 62 in san francisco 60 in san or fall our inland spots in the low 80's in antioch and 85 degrees. taking a look at your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast. just a moment ago temperatures up and then temperatures down will be down tomorrow back up on thursday, and down as we head into the weekend. our inland spots barely reaching 80 degrees on saturday. temperatures have been below average for most of the summer even though the up and down for the next several days they're still going stable average for the entire extended forecast. >> time now for tech talk with gabe slate. this is the new blackberry torture runs on the at&t network this is
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blackberries big attempt at a phone that can compare the i phone an android phone. it's the cool listed as black. yet to carry it was designed with the young socially connected crowd in mind. it's a touch screen and has a slide out fiscal keyboard. it's very light weight, very small i kind of like that it's a powerful smart phone packed full of features but if it's in your pocket easily. blackberry does have that story can download acts like the i phone or android phoned the don't have as many ads but they certainly have enough. it's on the new black 36 operating system its new interface easy to look at and navigate through. it simplifies quickly checking your messages e-mail's and social networking sites. it features a five make a pixel cameras that can record video but not in each key. the i phone in your android phones for gordon h. beecher the wall street journal is estimating around 150,000 electric torch is sold in its first three days. an
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automatic timer around 1.7 million i phone for his or sold. the torch has had a slow start but i think it's a good follow- up i think it will catch on. for anyone not like the blackberry and wishes it was more fun like the i phone this is the device for this. here's a hot tip you can go into an at&t stored by torture cost to and goes to the two-year contract rate now both online retailers amazon and wire fly are offering the torch for $100. that's half the price he selected the two-year contract but half the price that's great. gabe slate kron 4 news. hardtops the ivy league rival princeton in the latest edition of the u.s. news and world report university ranking. a stronger emphasis on graduation rates as other changes in the top-10 harvard had top the list to of the last three years and tied with princeton last year. yellow is the no. 3 ranking university this year followed by colombia and stamford intend tied no. 5.
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other northern california schools and made the list uc- berkeley rate 29 uc-davis came in at 39 uc santa cruz was 72 and university of san francisco came in at #117. sorry about to cough. excuse me as a class of 2014 starts college this fall here's a quick profile of the incoming freshmen according to this year's mind set list most of the incoming freshman class were born in 1992 few of them know how to write in curse of and they seldom use regular mail. they probably never use the phone with the court on it and clint eastwood is better known as the sensitive director rather than as dirty harry. as take another look outside at traffic this is a san mateo bridge as he can see the headlights' are heading into a word east bound to traffic moving about the same east and west on their the walnut creek
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take a dislike but as i gunna facebook are going viral. kimberly tells us about the phony application trade >> facebook users here is a look at your 7 day around the bay in the social networking but unlike the dislike button. your point want to watch out for a post that promoted dislike but then provide a link that takes you to have face book application and instead of installing a decide but when you give the application permission to go in your page it's going to spread that the programs you're spreads and it does so by automatically updating your facebook status to promote that very same link that you just click on trade right now facebook is working to block the dislike at the advise users to avoid clicking on strange links even if they're from your friends. to read all about how to avoid or possibly disable this fake application
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visitor whats on the web section on >> now you're stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. at the top of this hill is an intersection that summer calling one of the city's most dangerous. according to people i spoke to the neighborhood it's not uncommon to see collisions year. in fact i spent a few hours at this very intersection to watch drivers bike riders and pedestrians in action and now know why this intersection is being called dangerous. washer to the intersection what people are doing to make it so dangerous. in the next edition of people behaving badly at 6:03 p.m.. taking a live look aside from our roof cam over downtown severed his go gorgeous sunny skies and drug the bay area including the coasts this afternoon. we are going to see changes in the forecast and all have details on the coming up in a bed.
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. our big story at 6:00 the mess on the golden gate bridge this morning just look at this picture of big graceland and to the back of the car forcing the car into oncoming traffic. two people were injured and the accident is raising new questions about the need for a barrier on the golden gate bridge. kron 4 is live near the bridge with the latest on the story. your right hand is a heck of a mess this morning both lanes of the bridge closed for nearly an hour as a result of the crash. one car crossing over to the other side people wondering we've been talking about one of those movable median barriers for almost 30 years where is it? were finding out is just around the corner. >>believe it or not these vertical to set stand in for median barrier and the golden gate bridge will be a thing of the past in two years. >>working on finalizing the
6:01 pm
environmental work, and the final design work. were beginning the final design work. we anticipate we'll have in the mobile median barrier on the golden gate bridge sometime in late 2011 or early 2012. >>the movable median barrier will resemble this one, the golden gate bridge district said the benefits are obvious. >>the reason we're putting a movable median barrier on the bridges is to stop crossover accidents. that's really what it will do it 100% cross prevent crossover accidents on the bridge. what's taken so long technology and money. in the '80s the barrier was too big rig in the late 90's it was near work and in 1998 the bridge district gave conceptual approval to immovable median barrier. by then there was no money available. flash forward 10 years to doesn't the metropolitan transportation commission comes up to $25
6:02 pm
million and is it to the district to make it happen. the district officials of been not even immovable medium barrier will stop all accidents on this bridge but certainly will stop the crossover accidents that shut down the bridge this morning. reporting live kron 4 news. also this evening and coming home sales and figure shows sales have dropped 21% that is the largest drop in two years. christine conley explains the housing market is a long way from her car parade. >> ashley new home sales jumped by nearly 24% from may to june. but not a west here's a month- to-month change by region in the west to sales actually dropped 07%. home sales in new england were up 46%. your year the difference is even more dramatic. down 17% nationally, up 17% a new land. those higher sales elsewhere have come at a
6:03 pm
cost. the national association of realtors as of 3% rise in landau was paired with a 5% price drop. the same story in miami when the the hardest hit real-estate markets. take a look at this graphic of average will prices from standard and poor's. right now were about halfway between where they were in 2000 and the peak of the housing market in 2007. >> builders are having a tough time for two reasons. first-time employment has driven a lot of people out of the housing market and second for so many foreclosed homes on the market there's less of a demand for new housing. in the bay area morgan hill based realtor toni stafford said sales here are down roughly 70% from a year ago that's largely due to the end of that federal mortgage tax incentive that inspired back in may. >> a lot of people that thought they had to close on a certain day of may. then extended to june and now it's into september
6:04 pm
to close. so what's happening is you see upon that following of closing sold is relating to happen the end of the program. this will fall for a couple more months. >> on the upside stafford said home prices and inventories are edging up and return to what he sees as a more traditional work it. however she says sales will likely be flat through it least the end of the year. >> a live look inside from our mount tam cam normally we see really thick fog all to the way up to the coast line. you see how the fog is set back we see so skies a locos this afternoon that's been leading to some warmer temperatures there. were starting to cool off as to make our way to the evening will carry we were 65 degrees i have monday 61 rate now when 66 and severs is: 64 then go. cooler
6:05 pm
off the north bay temperatures only in the '70s yesterday we saw quite a few degrees the degree temperatures pure there's a clear sky line along the coastline we will see the fog push back he saw from our mount tam cam it's not sent to far short if the sea breezes will lifted back and will see drizzle along the coast of maine. widespread fog tomorrow morning in even though will see some role will be a little bit cooler. will take a look at the extent of forecast coming up in just a bit. >> the temperatures 7: 7 cisco the weather in the every space has been much warmer in livermore people were enjoying the sunshine sitting out eating lunch downtown. children were hopping in the fountains getting a little cool. temperatures peak in the mid-80's there today. we talked to several people the
6:06 pm
state who said the warm but not too hot weather sets them enjoy their time outdoors. >> i like this summer it's been cooler than usual so it's not too hot to eat outside. this is the sector third time i've come down in the last month >> we've been riding bikes quite a bit it's pleasant city but here the wine country it's been good to writer by except out the country. >> whether it's been really nice have enjoyed this summer >> not to >> livermore will likely stay sunny and warm to the rest of the week but like jacqueline has been saying the east bay city closer to the bay will stay much cooler. live look outside a traffic at san francisco the bottom of your screen. southbound 101 traffic moving pretty slow. the top of your screen traffic headed to the lower deck of the bay bridge and it's even slower. we'll be right back with more news ahead.
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there were a lot of police cars waiting. the reason a mother who reportedly slapped her baby during that flight. a flight attendant who sought happened took the baby away from its parent's return the one-year-old before the plane landed. please then took the child into custody after the plane landed eventually though they decided there were no signs of physical abuse the parents were not cited but there will be another welfare check of the child. when you study said there's evidence connecting head injuries in athletes to live garricks disease also known as als. this is still in 1939 of course when he played for the yankees the disease named for him scientists have found toxic proteins in the spinal cords of three athletes who suffered head injuries and then later died of that disease. it attacks near cells in the brain and spinal cord and destroys the ability to move and speak. a verdict today in the
6:11 pm
troubled former illinois rob the jury got a guilty of one count of lying to federal agents. the judge had to declare a mistrial on the 23 other charges because of the deadlock occurred the other charges have been a lot more serious including bribery and racketeering heard the former governor was accused of trying to sell a tree the senate seat last taken by of rubble,. this is not over if prosecutors won a retrial and he says he will appeal is will conviction. >> taking a look at our extended forecast temperatures a little bit cooler out there tomorrow morning things will warm up on thursday and cool back down for the weekend. a full the forecast on this roller coaster of temperatures is coming up after this break. [ cell phone rings ]
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the blood looks outside the start of our roof cam over downtown san francisco placentia and the sec didn't that only here, not only inland also long coastline. our mount tam cam the
6:15 pm
fog push back to concede the water here the fog is offshore this afternoon it we haven't seen sunshine along the coast in quite some time. but this afternoon we saw temperatures warmer. the fog will hold back in this evening and overnight will see dense fog and drizzle close to the coast and patchy fog for inland valleys. tomorrow afternoon slightly cooler temperatures even though we will see plenty of sunshine appeared our temperatures want to go up and down with no real steady temperatures for the extended forecast. taking a look at fog tracker for tomorrow morning widespread fog of the 60 at our. it it will scale back to the bay shore by 9:00 a.m. lane bring a little bit to the north bay eight. fog tracker pushing the fog offshore tomorrow we might see two days of sunshine along the coast. the north bay coast is more likely may be ocean beach in maybe see this done tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow
6:16 pm
afternoon will be on the cooler side a couple degrees cooler than what is sought today a special a clothesline. 627 cisco, 67 oakland temperatures are in the spots about 80 degrees a little warmer in antioch at 85 degrees. we've been seeing below average weather for most of the summer we've had 58 days so far this summer and 54 to 58 have been below average in san francisco. redwood city has been below average even our inland spots 40 days below average. were continue with the cool weather and has until the summer and it's not going to. cooler tomorrow warmer on thursday but not to warm up in cooler as we head into the weekend. our inland spots barely reaching 80 degrees and by saturday temperatures will stay below average for the extended forecast. >> viewers have been sounding off about all the cool weather web producer kimberly tells us about your comments. kimberly. >> received dozens of commons regarding our cool summer on a
6:17 pm
least a fan page on said she loves the cool weather appeared rose nearly seven months pregnant said she is enjoying a cool summer but you were stacey disagree saying she and her family haven't done anything this past month no boating, no camping no swimming but she stresses note handed all because of the way to cold. visit our facebook web page to let us know what to think about the cold summer and check out all our weather coverage on >> the pacific medical foundation is alerting 3000 patients of been vaccinated this year they will have to come back for new immunization because the vaccine may not be effective. the vaccine were given between january and june of this year at some of their care centers in san francisco, sonoma, more and analysts county. some of the vaccines were not stored at a proper cure temperature. there's no longer a
6:18 pm
short-term effects but reeve vaccination is needed. you find more permission of with a link to their website. other stories making news around the bay in burlingame a suspect with a knife shot and killed by police officials say the suspect advanced two officers prompting one of them to shoot. in a word one person was injured in a drive-by shooting the victim was inside a home there was grazed by a bullet. police are now looking for the gunman. in san francisco please are reviewing surveillance video to find a suspect to stopped a bus passenger. by official said the victim was stabbed multiple times in the torso he is expected to survive. in their field police looking for victims to defraud businesses and elderly residents in solano county. the suspect has been arrested and is accused of taking about $100,000 since 1980. traffic on san francisco bush street is moving slowly that's because of repaving
6:19 pm
project along the street. it goes from presidio to van ness ave you can see the street there was all torn up all the workers on site. just one lane allowed traffic through and in the next few weeks several other blocks along the street will be backed up as the crews work on source. >> and now for tech talk with gabe slate to read >>the new dell streak tablet is now on the market. this is the first tablet since the ipad launch to come out that could compete with the ipad. but, i can't really take on the ipad? let me introduce it to you, you decide. as you can see the streak is just under half the size of that ipad. they made it all for people who want to keep their top that with them all the times. which, i think is smart. alot of people coming into their ipad, but it never leaves their home because it is too big to carry around. it is a little awkward to take into restaurants or bars. the street trends android googles operating system so you have access to the web and all of the applications in the andriod market. not as many as apple's ap store but pretty close. the biggest
6:20 pm
difference between the ipad and the streak, you can activate the streak with at&t and use as a fully functional cell phone. you can make calls, text messages, anything you can do but the smart phone you can do with a streak. that is the major advantage over the ipad. there is a look at the streak compared to the driod you can see it is a lot bigger than most of the smart phones out there. it is definitely a little awkward to hold up this giant thing to your ear but you could use it with blue tooth and it does come with this headset/headphone cable you can use it with. one other thing it has that iphone doesn't is a camera. you can take pictures, record video, it also has a second forward facing camera for video chatting. i like the size, on a smart phone surfing the web or watching the videos can be difficult, but not in the streak. the screen is great. but will catch on? will people think it is too big to carry around in their pocket or purse? we will have to wait and see. the dell streak is being sold online through dell for $550 or $300 with a two year at&t contract. gabe slate, kron4 news.
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this is video of a standoff in sacramento you can see police their with their guns drawn to descended a little more than an hour ago after and then rushed home. sacramento police took in the custody a suspect wanted for murdering man in oakland back on july the 23rd. the standoff lasted for four hours today nobody was hurt again that just dropped out out outside sacramento. honeybees warned the sheriff's deputies patrol car. it started before dawn when a truck hauling bees broke down when the sun came up the bees began acting as a deputy took refuge in his car called for backup. beekeepers were called to crawl the insects these bridge sugar water to the beast to return to their boxes. in connecticut to journalists were sold today outside a court building business man was in attacking a reporter with wasp
6:25 pm
and hornets break through the man's wife was in court to face charges of receiving stolen goods from a man who shot and killed a co-worker and then took his own life. neither journalists were seriously injured from the spray. gm is recalling nearly 200 of the thousand crossover vehicles all around the world to inspect the second row seat belts that could be damage to the latch. gm said the recall affects 2009, 2010 models of the chevrolet to reverse, buick conclave, gmc arcadia and the saturn out. was to the recall vehicles are in the nine states gm said a seat belt buckle could be damaged when the sea back his return to an upright position. this could make the box will appear latch even when it is not. mao's death is recalling two and 15,000 mi. to three rows of five vehicles the need to fix problems with the power steering system that could lead to a crash. the
6:26 pm
recall involves model year 2007 for a job as a nanaimo's to three and most of the five vehicles built from april 2007 through november 2008. muster said the vehicle could have a sudden loss of power taking a more difficult for the driver to secure the vehicle. he don't have to spend tens of money on fancy creams and cleansers to have healthy skin. our web producer kimberly tells us what foods can help you. >> the editor for men and women health magazine put together this list of best foods to help promote healthy skin let's take a look. salmon helps keep your skin from looking try helps to battle the dangers of sunlight what carrots are teeny tiny orgasm and give you a healthy glow like and also help prevent the premature aging from sun damage. avocados are filled with b vitamins which help keeps
6:27 pm
your skin looking healthy and smooth and protection from heart attack and stroke grapes help keep middle-age can from sagging. see if you'd like to check of the healthy foods on this less visible on the web section on and stay with us will be right back after this break.
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tonight's big story some one big block of news more cruz, more stories right now our top story. >> our top story the cool weather is to continue his where extended forecast taking a look at tomorrow cooler temperatures expected if a little bit of warm up on thursday but will have read back to the cooler weather through the weekend. temperatures and below average for most of the summer even though were seen as up and down temperatures still stay below average even our inland spots of '85 and '86 degrees. we've seen so many days below average this summer which cut 50 days so far and of the 5854 san francisco
6:30 pm
have been cooler than normal, 50 of 58 in oakland and redwood city cooler than average counters. bay area wide ec to some days have been below average it's been quite a few most of the summer as a matter of fact. the cooler weather really not going anywhere so requested below average for the next seven days. >> this has been the cool summer decades for the area and many people are wondering if we will get the warming trend which usually comes in september. jeff bush has the answer to that question >> shirts it is clear day but the temperature in oakland is in the low 50s the bay area summer has been cooler than anyone can remember and that's because it's el nino summer i visited s.f. state meteorologist john and he explained what it tell me know summer is a wide mix this summer so cool here. if >> the ocean to the jurors are cooler than normal along the coast of south america and also there's a tendency for the ocean temperatures to be colder than
6:31 pm
normal on the california coast. since we have been normal in the summertime onshore flow that means air comes from the pacific to land that here is kerrey within the colder than normal temperatures. >> john said this will be a factor for two more weeks them to expect to see our normal warming trend >> is your correlation or correspondence between the leader of and temperatures in september and october. it's conceivable they will go through a very warm. it's aren't sort of normal or puree in september and october after the onshore flow which is a summer phenomenon. it >> if you're sick of the fog and cold john said gives it a few weeks and the weather should stabilise a warm-up. in oakland kron 4 news. >> some the tourists visiting the very all this cold weather is a bit >> of shock> it was really cold yesterday. >> is really cold but this is
6:32 pm
nice this is perfect. i read the weather and what it says 70 back: york that's not the same thing as 70 here it's two different things. >> it's about cold. in >> it is very cold here. >> it's not really a summer here. >> it's been cooler than usual which are really like it has been in the hundreds it's really nice here right now. >> many of the taurus along the embarcadero we talked with said they don't mind the cold they just need to spend a little more money than they planned because now they have to buy new jackets. >> crossover accident at the golden gate bridge this morning has many wondering where is the movable barrier going. >> the district on the got the money for just two years ago. environmental work is almost complete the design work is coming up in bridge officials say we should have been installed on the bridge by late
6:33 pm
2011 or early 2012. golden gate bridge kron 4 news the barrier can't come soon enough to prevent accidents like the one that happened this morning it happened rigid the north of the toll plaza here in coolers will show you how it happened. was a big rig that was traveling a little too close perhaps behind achaea. i keep saddam look at what happened here with that truck reread the kea send it to the set into this red porsche it then spun out of control and struck over here at the toyota camry. the cars as you can see went off in all different directions blocking all lanes of the bridge and the bridge remained shut down at a total standstill for 45 minutes. to people one of which was the driver the key were sent to the hospital. no one was killed and as a result it serves as another example of why advocates say a movable barrier and its people on this bridge in order to keep cars from crossing the center divider and hitting each other street
6:34 pm
on. >> here is in a clara county across the bay area the real- estate market is sending mixed signals right now. home sales for the month of july down 17% over year ago. the decline comes as those of federal tax credits that in dealing sales expired. prices are up an inventory of may mean the return to more traditional real estate market. in morgan hill kron 4 news. and treasure island the u.s. navy for officially hands out treasure island to the city of san francisco. mayor gavin newsome its people lozi side a wondered $5 million deal that transfers ownership the treasure island to over to the city of san francisco. the future of the island will be houses shopping centers parks and hotels so bring more revenue for the city. some of the profit will be shared back with the navy a project which could begin brown
6:35 pm
ground breaking in the next year. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> and tech news this is the new blackberry torture runs on the at&t network it's on the market now this is blackberries biggest attempt at a foam that can compare it competes with the i phone an android the phone. this is by far the hit diskless blackberry yet to. it was designed to be young socially connected in mind. if you go to an at&t store to buy the torture cost $2 with a two-year contract for right now both online retailers amazon wire fight are selling the torch for $100. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> the drive by nitpicks that offers subscribers on line movies for the biggest hollywood studios may have hit a wall. if our web producer kimberly tells us why. >> it's all because hbo co- president is announcing his company's hbo go streaming t b and living service will be
6:36 pm
available if on the i pad in mobile devices for the networks paying customers within the next six months. this is bad news for network flacks subscribers the reported deal between napa flex hbo is extremely unlikely right now. in addition to hosting tv shows such as true blood entourage in big law of the hbo also has the on-line rights to the featured films of universal 20th-century fox and warner brothers. these mice extreme exclusively on their service not on the public's. to learn all about hbo's new strain service on the i pad visit whats on the web section on stay with us will be right back after this quick break.
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a hit-and-run accident in san francisco on friday night happened at an intersection that many say has a lot of problems would talk about this location does is that masonic avenue and turk st.. this is in san francisco and the western addition this is kron 4 stanley roberts to see over the bad it
6:40 pm
is. tonight's edition of people behaving badly. >> you don't have to spend a lot of time at the intersection of turkestan a consensus go, to figure out why some people are calling this the most dangerous intersection in the city. first off let's look to the drivers the speed limit on this on a 25 m.p.h. for whatever reason trevor's coming up the hell can't over-the-top to the last second and often they're selling turning right off of turk. drivers are going so fast on masonic that when the light changes you get lots of yellow light runners and some out ride running the red. then there are some turning on read and not stopping it all. on masonic there are no dedicated bike lane so it's not uncommon to see riders in the crosswalk and sidewalk. although there are plenty of crosswalks pedestrians to use their often taking up by
6:41 pm
cars. i notice that the total disregard for pedestrians. to make a long story short masonic and turk is in fact very dangerous. to be frank i've seen worse. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> at the wrong the giants are in the city of brotherly love taking on the phillies tonight vern has highlights straight ahead and brett farr is building again it looks like the nfl's all-time leading passer has done in a decision. byrne has all the sports coming up. >> and kimberly right now the appeals court has extended to stay on proposition 8 delaying same-sex marriages. you watch all of a your reports including an interview with a legal analyst explains what the extension means and reaction from residents in san francisco castro district. be sure to vote in our online poll to let us know if you agree with the
6:42 pm
judge's initial ruling on
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6:45 pm
the philly fanatic with his irish dancing chops. in the first inning giants up one nothing pat broke and he goes back away and gone the former philadelphia phillies pleasing the crowd going for san francisco. tied at 2 1/6. shame double to center off of the dough. . kiss first homer as a member of the giants cut it to
6:46 pm
43 and with a runner on second of breakoff just couldn't get it done. rate now is eight to three if this will specialize will be up in the giants by game in the wild-card race and no be down by 4 1/2 games currently to the padres in the nl west. former the giants bobby thompson died today he became forever famous for this classic moment. >> (cheering) the giants win the pennant, the giants win the pennant, the giants win the pennant. >> that was the most famous home run in baseball history. just a few years ago he was in town and talked about that moment against the dodgers.
6:47 pm
>> i remember him putting his arm around me sane bobby if he ever hit one hit one now. (laughter) i thought to myself we'll your of your mind. i was psyched myself what i told among the do a good job give yourself a chance. >> (cheering) the incredible thing about it the giants were trailing the dodgers by 13 and a half games towards the tail of the season the giants caught on the and the three game playoff series and bobby thomson did this thing the shot heard around the world. these tonight they're going to entertain the seattle mariners dallas parade and against brandon moral from santa rosa that will be a huge matchup. in a moment minnesota viking fans at the waiting for has arrived today brett far
6:48 pm
from his mississippi home to the vikings' training sites in minnesota today. you saw the plane arrive and there is the van carrying him. no was driving it? the coach. he just picked a lot of the airport took into the facility and various shaking hands so there will be an official announcement tomorrow. they each had all the players on the play and. that he was returning for yet another season he will be 41 in october. all the way to his retirement from the nba today foil showed his flair for the academic. the former golden state warriors last seen last year with the orlando magic's for spent the first 10 seasons with the voyeur's retired today but it wasn't some tearful goodbye with a press conference. foil decided to do it in the form of a. how
6:49 pm
should i tell the to buy what you say about a love affair to rival that of romeo and juliet? i found our love deep in the entrails of the caribbean sea. love that's what made to a land where embrace became mythical. that is some of the of his goodbye to the nba. when we come back it will be time for some faith, some reflection and some remembered someone in the bay area's most beloved and respected reporters were going to come back there's an event with barbara rogers and anchoring. barbara rogers channel in a channel for studio. (laughter) history making you do at your track shoes are you ready to go. >> i'm ready trade >> only come back and talk about this terrific event coming up this weekend. don't go. is soft on cats.
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while battling breast cancer she chronicled her fight with it till the very end in 2003 and organizational have its sixth annual breast cancer challenge this saturday august 21st. right around lake mayor and that's one lap of 5 k walk run in oakland and there is pam a part of that to. >> i don't think she's missed one. >> barbara rogers former channel 5 reporter acres with us this is one of those events we can go inside tv a little bit. this is an event where people from all of the stations kind of get together. >> we do because we were all friends a lot of people asked us one more out about you know so
6:54 pm
and so on the other channel not only to know each other or friends were competitive on their but one more off the air were all friends and all of us our friends. she brought us together back in 1997 when she first found out she had breast cancer. around 1994 when she first found out she said, the my support group and that support group has grown into a formal organization. what a >> remember about her she put so much energy she obviously was greeted her job as she puts so much energy in this fight to end in this cause and a beautiful woman always upbeat and we were talking about the sofer wasn't so much of thought of last it was a high-pitched cackle >> (laughter) >> when she was excited, that's the spirit that we carry for the walk in this year when the the
6:55 pm
things we have for the what the people can buy a rival bid to win this beautiful diamond bracelet that was donated by somebody had to nurse it was worth cohost $4,000 in each raffle ticket is only $5 and more tickets to buy the cheaper they are a feel what is $5 of its three it's less of its this is something that's really a big thing. you can come to the walk by a $5 raffle ticket and you might walk away with the $4,000 diamond bracelet. >> the guys in the dachau's to invest in non by >> 10 raffle tickets and you might have a good chance to win. >> its this saturday on-site registration at what time? >> it opened at 8:00 p.m. i mean a 8:00 a.m. story and more you can go online to our web site which is faces dock, or you can register before or just go that warning sign up.
6:56 pm
>> says prodding quite a bit of cash over the course. we have raised over $7,000 over the years. >> that much. >> the money that we raise goes to help women who are uninsured and underinsured low-income women with breast cancer because when a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer if she doesn't have a support system and she doesn't have insurance it will be pretty hard for her to get through those normal thing she is to get through like paying the rent and buy groceries and paying for babysitters while she goes to get her kilo treatments. the funds we raise cattle organizations that get to and through the day a lot of the time. >> as with 15 seconds left this brings out a nice turn out it was six to 800 people? the >> 500 last year. and even more this year so c'mon out and join us to bring your voice. >> if i can get him out of bed trade (laughter) takes so much
6:57 pm
for joining us what a great event it's going to be a lovely lovely time out on saturday morning attack in tel. >> come join us. morning attack in tel. >> come join us. >> friends of faith. the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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"the insider" has the total story behind today's top celebrity news. i'm lara spencer." is on.l doug cancer?emo. inside the 65-year-old's prognosis. will his imprisoned son be released to visit his ailing father?k to yourself why me? >> why not me? the daily brief. >> mel gibson's maserati car crash. the first photos. new bride, hilary duff, the first official wedding shots.nt. kate's newrd


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