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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  August 18, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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the case talked kron 4 mark jones. >> the woman on the right to the story she was 12 years old when that disrupt priest stephen king's the married to another. she said she was sexually abused by him for years. her lawsuit alleges for the first time that the oakland diocese of the catholic church in new steven was a pedophile before he was ordained as priests. >> i just found this out in april i was absolutely shocked and sick to my stomach when i read it. in 1968 he had already had used the victims in the catholic church still let a man come into the seminary and they knew he had already molested. that's just criminal. >> in a broad church documents link former cardinal the pope allowing him to be moved from parish to parish. even after the oakland the archbishop said keys
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they should be she said she'd been abused by him during her confirmation that this parish and never told her catholic parents. he doesn't deserve the title of the poll. that's my whole for someone to allow this for so many years of of their small little town in a time when plant and its tax true that some of the document. >> are catholic church in these are guys children and they let this evil monster into their church. >> when we see the lawsuit will have comments after a study it. a >> in oakland mark jones kron 4 news. >> developing story the last few u.s. combat brigade is leaving iraq this is happening right now. they have photos from the associated press they show the fourth striker brigade second infantry division they're
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crossing from iraq into kuwait. you can see some of the brigade 4000 soldiers and their equipment as the role in the country and that the amount of his 31st of few hundred members of the stay behind to finish some logistical duties basically paperwork to soften the will fly to baghdad was in the next day they're telling us. about 50,000 troops will stay in iraq until the end of next year. and looking for an expert to new details about the sexual harassment claims that forced the former h-p ceo mark kerr to resign treat according to his accuser jody fisher for work as a contractor with the company tried up after she rejected his advances. he is denied making those advances and even though he was let go h-p to determine he did not violate the company sexual harassment policy. a lawsuit has been filed in connection with the february plane crash that killed three
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tesla employees. the parents of one of the people killed the pilot in fact, it is suing the suit claims there was never the plant not allowed to take off in heavy fog paul and barbara and grandparents of entering from one unspecified damages from the company he ran. this small claim it power lines it hit a pg&e tower before crashing into an east palo alto neighborhood. nobody on the ground was hurt. that's young and we're talking about. jelly's russ tron in dance cafe expires today. it was a scene of a fatal shooting last month the cafe's attorneys are saying they intend to defy a the eviction notice which is coming from the port of san francisco. they say they're using me shooting as a reason to object jelly's pure they say no to violence, noise and all we did lead to that prediction.
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>> a live look at sidebar roof cam over downtown san francisco and other day was gorgeous sunny skies over the city and along the coast line. as a result temperatures on amounts i close to the coast. 63 san francisco, 63 in half moon bay. of a bit cooler in the spots 80 act is set at 86 the livermore is only 7981 concord temperatures a few degrees cooler than what we sell to yesterday. upper 60s in the bay shores and '70s in the south bay. tonight into tomorrow, the fog will clear from the coastline push back offshore it is going to move back to the coasts this evening as a sea breeze winds picked up it will ensure that fog and drizzle back to the coast and more also going to see widespread fog toward inland valleys again tomorrow morning. will sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow but is still going to remain below average that will be the case. will take a look at
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your extended forecast coming up a bit. >> this alert for thousands of people in the bay area the medical foundation is saying vaccination's given to patients at regional care clinics might not been effective. apparently those patients what did the vaccination again. kron 4 christine conley has the >> details> >> vaccines were given at 14 different medical foundation care centers across the bay area. the foundation said 3000 people got shots there between january through june of this year may not be protected. they discovered the vaccines. in san francisco these care centers on buckingham way of sutter street and cesar chavez are less. inland town me the novato
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primary care center. in late to sonoma valley. some of the vaccines for use to prevent contagious illnesses like a whopping cough which is becoming epidemic in california. swine flu and meningitis among others. the foundation is encouragingly vaccination they say there's no short or long-term harmful effects from the of regional vaccination or from being were vaccinated. they sent letters to the patients involved. christine conley kron 4 news. >> evers' are going have to slow down when driving your elementary school in san as a that's after the speed limit was lowered to make it safer for children across the street. we told you about this a fire destroyed 16 classrooms last month but quickly they were able to get together a plan to put up temporary portables. the fire back in july also brought officers and the library media
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center construction of the permanent replacement building will probably take up to two years. right now the speed limit is 25 mi. an hour and a new speed limit will be 15 mi. an hour. the huge russian yacht is causing a stir the custom-made $300 million ship is off the coast and as kron 4 kate thompson reports it is getting a lot of attention. >> >> it's unique shape parts of rain part yacht part ships 38 year-old russian billionaire, see in sausalito pureed the news is travelling fast. >> at 394 ft. with the price tag of more than three injured million dollars it's hard to miss the yacht even from the shores of san francisco. it, >> that's pretty cool. >> the got designed it has three pools six guest cabins helipad on its a long dated friend and hold several other smaller boats
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which disappear behind this hydraulic door which seamlessly disappears. according to the wall street journal the master suite is also bombproof their 44 security cameras in the gas tank costs half a million dollars to fill. on land everybody has an opinion about its unique design. >> it's very exciting because it represents millions and millions of dollars. >> it's a spaceship on top of a spaceship. >> i would die to go on it. >> kate thompson kron 4 news. >> at quick check on traffic and sunny pretty afternoon on the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving pretty well in both directions.
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k you for calling my name is...peggy. what usis problem, please? peggy? sure...well... suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes? are you saying yes or are you asking yes? yes? peggy? peggy? anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. colosio eric schmidt has a new suggestion for people one preserve their online privacy. web producer kimberly tells us what he's predicting. >> well catherine it's pretty amazing that schmid is
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estimating one day every young person will have to change his or her name wants to become adults in order to distance themselves from what they called high jinks are basically all those pictures and comments of departing on facebook and twitter. a wall street journal posted the comments and the implications of having someone got on line three dozen believe society and stance what happens when everything is available and reported by everyone all the time. to check out the entire article on the sea 0 visitor whats on the web section of >> after the break the denver mayor is now talking about this please beating which was caught on tape. kimberly will be back to show you the latest video to go by road.
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she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. this just didn't san francisco police have arrested an 18 year- old man in connection with the stabbing of a muni bus passenger in the sunset
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district. he was taken into custody tuesday night the victim of 35 year-old man was stabbed monday after he intervened after allegedly seen clark sought a one of the 29th boss. please see the victims' wounds were not life-threatening. clark was booked into the s.f. jail on suspicion of assault on it was a deadly weapon. he is being held on $90,000 bill. live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> a man accused of hitting and killing a german tourist while driving under the influence was charged today. this happened at the intersection of church and san francisco pureed joshua calder allegedly hit the german banker and then drove off. witnesses were able to find the car bit about just a couple blocks away he was charged with manslaughter drunken-driving and hit-and-run. he is in custody and $500,000 bond and you will be back in court to try to enter pleas. the intersection world
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this happened has had a lot of problems. stanley roberts went to see how bad it is in this edition of people behaving badly. you don't have to spend a lot of time at the intersection of turk and masonic in san francisco, to figure out why some people are calling this the most dangerous intersection in the city. first off let's look at the drivers. the speed limit on masonic is 25 mi. an hour, part of the reason is this blind hill. drivers coming over the hill can't see over the top until last second. and often there is somebody turning right off of turk. drivers are going so fast on masonic that when the light changes you get a lot of yellow light runners, and some out right running red. then there are some turning on red and not stopping at all. on masonic there are no dedicated bike lanes, so it is not uncommon to see riders in the crosswalk and sidewalks. although there plenty of crosswalks for pedestrians to use they are often taken up by
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cars. and i noticed a total disregard for pedestrians in crosswalks to boot. so to make a long story short masonic and turk is in fact very dangerous. but to be frank i have seen worse. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> few of the conner story idea for stanley e-mail us at >> after weeks of foggy conditions at the coastline this is the second day of sunshine up and down the coast. the golden gate bridge sunny skies temperatures 63 in san francisco and the same in half moon bay. mild conditions there are inland spots are in to the '80s for the most part but still a few degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. '80s in now thought of for 60s and the bay shore. here's what we're going to see out there tonight into tomorrow of the fog moving back
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to the coast line. it will take a little while for to move back though since it sitting so far offshore right now. another round of dense fog and drizzle early tomorrow morning close of the coastline and patchy fog for inland valleys. 3:00 p.m. warmer conditions for inland spots the upper 80s expected. will take a look at those in just a moment fog tracker for tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. at stretching into the delta and over the south bay. back to the bay shore over oakland, hayward down the peninsula and parts of the delta at 9:00 a.m. hour. by noon the fog will be on the coastline of look fog tracker showing it peeling off shore was some sunbreaks up and down the coast line. looks like great for tomorrow pureed temperatures are in the spots are going to be back up into the upper 80s for the most part 89 in antioch, 86 fairfield upper '70's in the north bay low 60s close to the coast line and '70s '80s to the
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rest the bay area of the pitcher kron 47 day around the bay forecast temperatures up tropical that expected for the weekend. saturday temperatures inland only ended 80 degrees. see warmer temperatures sunday and monday but still below average of this time of year. >> national news the mayor of denver is now asking the fbi to look into this. this is a police beating that was caught on tape did happen last year. is the officers holding one man on the ground after taking him into custody and a friend of one of those men you conceive of the cell phone all the officer will suddenly taken down and hit him. the officer had disciplined for filing false reports but the official refused this once these officers fired or even prosecuted for salt. some strange looking tornadoes caught on camera in colorado the discussion video from this. it's always be looking tornado
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tearing through power lines this is happening in eastern colorado. then they found of wrote like tornado which stretches almost horizontal a across the side. they found " tournedos war when a twister is dying but sometimes the tornado will maintain the shape. 23 sea turtles save from the gulf oil spill is being returned. they figure the water is clean enough to bring back home. the sea to doris had been cleaned to get rid of the oil. about 500 turtles have been rescued about 350 of them are still in rehab. stay with us because if you don't or you blink of this most recent video to go viral starring tennis star roger federate will take a quick check of traffic looking at the james link or traffic is moving slowly particularly on the lower deck of the bay bridge.
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time now for tech talk with gabe slate. this is the new black
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berry torch, it runs on at&t's network this is blackberries big attempt at a phone that can compare and compete with the iphone and android phones. it is the coolest, hippest blackberry yet. it was designed with the young and socially connected crowd in mind. it is a touch screen and it has a slide out physical keyboard. it is very light weight, very small, a kind of like that. a powerful smart phone packed full of features but, it fits in a pocket easily. blackberry does have an ap store where you can download aps, like iphone or android phone. they do not have as many aps, but they certainly have enough. the torch runs on the new blackberry 6 operating system, it is a new interface easier to look at and navigate through. it simplifies quickly checking your e-mail's, messages and social networking sites. the torch features a five mega pixel camera, you can record a video, but not in hd. the iphone and newer android phones recorded h d. the wall street journal is estimating that around 150,000 blackberry torchs sold in its first three days. in that amount
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of time about 1.7 million iphone 4s were sold. so, the torch has had a slow start, but i think it is a good phone. i think will catch on. for anyone who likes their blackberry but wishes it was more fun like the iphone, this is the device for them. here is a hot tip, if you go into an at&t store dollarsto buy the torch dollarsit costs $200 with a two year contract. but, right now both online retailers amazon and wirefly are offering the torch for $100. that is half the price you still have to get the price! that's great! gabe slate, kron4 news. >> a video featuring tennis star roger federal has gone viral web producer carefully shows us what happened. >> it's been on the web just a few days and already it has over 1 million views it all took place during a commercial shoot for gillette in switzerland and yet to take a look this when a crew member put the bottle on top of this head you can see right there ever takes the shot
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not to down but this is the first time if you don't believe this happen look at the second time. right there were gunna take a slow motion and so you can see he reaches up look of the bottle knockdown and the camera pans over to see the tennis ball is right there. many people are asking if it's real it's fake wall spokesperson for gillette said they're going to leave the realistic debate up to the viewers but they know the evidence is there to see roger skill and ability is incredible. of course it was fell to one take. if you like to check out for yourself visit and up for what's on the web section. >> looking at san jose 101 near the guadalupe overpass where traffic is moving just fine in both directions.
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