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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 18, 2010 4:30pm-4:47pm PST

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should be across the bay area and carried 86 in antioch as below average rate now. temperatures in the '70s in the north bay 78 now bus in the seven rosa upper 60s for the shores of low seventies down into the south bay. here's what we can expect tonight into tomorrow. the fog is sitting right offshore it will bump up along the coast as the sea breeze winds pick up that will pick up this evening in two or early tomorrow morning. the fog spreading into the bay shores and briefly in store in the spots more morning. by 7:00 a.m. it will still back tens fog and drizzle close to the coastline trade the 3:00 hour sunny skies expected area wide with warmer conditions in our inland spots. temperatures have been up and down as we talked about your move ago. stable average the continued on trial take a look a church setting forecast coming up in a bit. >> there is a new poll on marin county authorities have teamed up with state and federal authorities to wipe out illegal marijuana crops. this is in and
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around west marin the start of the operation this morning. teams were taken into the watershed area near fairfax in the heels of mount 10 tamil pious. >> this is the scene just a few miles from fairfax helicopters were flying back and forth carrying bundles of mature pot plants. the helicopter operation continued to the afternoon. police would not say how many plants were seized the to concede they have a lot. the operation has been in the works for a long time a park ranger came upon the growing operation several months ago pleas would not say why they waited so long to make the best but did say operations like this take a long time to cordate. the marin county sheriff's department was running the show but they did have help from the dea state narcotics office in surrounding agencies. the national guard was also in the mix. please see the forms were in full operation
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when it was conducted. they did not say if any arrest for made or any of the if any resistance was encountered. several occasions for police and civilians have been confronted by armed pot the cars in the bay area. illegal operations of the one today have been linked to environmental hazards as well. officials say the legal forms cause erosion and the chemicals used to grow the plants have been known to seep into the watershed. in marin county jeff bush kron 4 news. to >> parents of a man who died in a plane crash in february announced they're suing the company and the pilots. it started a fire at east palo alto february 15th. the plane barely left the ground from the paul waldo municipal airport when a crash. no one on the ground was injured despite the scene. 31 year-old andrew ingram was in the plane he died along with another man and the defendant that sing from his parents claim the pilot knew the weather conditions were not safe. this
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is the pilot was not cleared for takeoff by the air-traffic controller. police are looking for suspects in four separate home burglaries occur the first one targeted at home on costa grundy's street on august 3rd delays happen monday this was at home on west 14th. please have a few close as to how the berbers are operating here and how you might be but help them catch the suspect. kron 4 jonathan blum has more on the benicia break- ins >> he is considering at me any concern to me and and key next in and know he jumped in his car and sped off. >> and no this the neighbor who was the only known as lynn had just witnessed a burglar making it away from the house across the street. the clean cut black man in his 20s to costs so fast it is obvious to be he left the skid marks what happened to wheels and almost ran into her car. >> i walked over there i saw the door was totally broke down and then i ran down to the police
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officer and i told him that our neighbor was robbed. it doesn't see lot of burglary as the days of this waterfront break and be the latest in a string of four that appeared to be related. it all happen in the past month all during the day between 10 and 3:00 p.m.. to looking to take people stop there, and peace for these people is to knock on the front door see a source home we encourage people if strangers knock on the door and don't appear to be right to to call us away. the same strange truck backed into a driveway in another give a dead giveaway. the cops may have helped on the gray as tv. i need for surveillance camera never caught on tape. sooner or later these guys is going to get caught. it is a good chance of from out of town. police said they may not be would catch the fees until it tries to strike again by lieutenant of the cave is something he's never taken a burglar report from a house like this one with an alarm system. >> redwood city police officers
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are cracking down on drivers today using cell phones and stanley roberts was there to watch as people are being pulled over over and over again. another citywide crackdown and drivers using cell phones without hands for device happen yet again trade not only after one crack down drivers tend to get the message. for some strange reason, not this time trade i was at the lights to make a u-turn i went by u.n. right in front of me happen when the phone. this is one of many drivers caught in the second cellphone crackdown in as many weeks. ride with me in to redwood city officers of the chp during a zero tolerance for drivers violating the cell phone handsfree lot. on the next edition of people behaving badly to lead its 6:30 p.m.. another check on traffic your looking at the james link the cars had it our way southbound towards the peninsula in san jose and up on the right to
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traffic heading on to the lower deck of the bay bridge is moving slowly. stay with us. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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no, said today is no regrets about speaking out about the proposed mosque near ground zero in york city. nancy pelosi is accusing republicans of turning what she calls the yokel selling issue. there's no question that there's a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some trade join the fight to kill the ground zero mosque. in videos and printed and on the air of the proposed muslim center in downtown manhattan has turned into a lightning rod. a moscow ground zero must not stand. i hope somebody blows up. backers say the boss is a multistate religious center would be built on private
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property two blocks from ground zero. as a planned structure is architecturally claimed it does not include a dollar more minarets. it adds to the diversity of new york and were happy to have occurred block republican mayor of new york is sore for a to harry reid is not for it. the mosque should be built someplace else. yorkers are divided in a new survey out today nearly 23 say they are games putting in mosques so close to the center of the world trade center. about the same number say they believe the developer has the right to build it there. if the developer himself said he sorry this project turned into a partisan issue. it's really sad day for america. a cnn poll just last week on 70 percent of all americans are opposed to the mosque being built there. a new poll said that an overwhelming amount of americans described the financial outlook is poor. web producer kimberly tells us about the new numbers. the new
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associated press shows up president barack obama is earning as lois marx ever on his handling of the economy those surveyed disapprove of the president's performance on the economy and a whopping 81 percent of people now call the economy to poor or very poor. the polls shows people have little trust in the democrats or republicans on handling the economy. the poll shows less than half trust either side and 11 weeks away from the november 2nd ballot you can bet those parties are keenly aware of the numbers. a check of the details of the poll this a look for what's on the web section. hart said a forecast temperatures will be up tomorrow but down as we start the weekend rid of the forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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thousands of people the bay area who got vaccinations will have to get them again apparently the medical foundation has vaccinations given to patients at regional care clinics may not
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been effective. christine conley has the details. >> vaccines for given to patients at 14 medical foundation care centers across the bay area. the foundation says 3000 people who got shots there between january through june of this year, may not be protected. they discovered the vaccine were stored in refrigerator is that may not have the correct of the church. reducing the effectiveness of the shot heard as a precaution the what patience to be read vaccinated. here's a look at some of the center's the foundation said was affected. in san francisco these care centers on buckingham way sutter street and cesar chavez on the list. in marin county the novato primary care center and in sonoma county 10 care centers were affected you will find a link with a complete list on some of the vaccines for use to prevent contagious illnesses like will been cough which has become an epidemic in california swine flu
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and meningitis among others. the foundation is encouraging read vaccination they say there's no short or long-term harmful effects from the original vaccine or from being read vaccinated. they sent letters to the patients involved. i'm christine conley kron 4 news. >> >> new details about oakland murder suspect was arrested in sacramento this is a please can have that happen on tuesday. the suspect arrested after a four hour standoff. 23 year-old bryan brown was booked for an open murder which happened last month outside a liquor store on melrose avenue. investigators track brown to a house in sacramento which is world this happened. a man suspected of killing a german tourist in a hit-and-run crash friday has now been charged. prosecutors say 36 year-old joshua calder was drunk when he had a tourist near the intersection near masonic it happened friday night. they say he drove off after words he's
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been charged with vehicular manslaughter, hit and run and drove driving purities expected to be back in court friday to enter pleas. it was 20 years ago that congress pass legislation named after an indian boy who was expelled from


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