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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 18, 2010 5:44pm-6:00pm PST

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the a's have won the trail front running texas by eight games. all laugh it's not impossible it's only august 18th. we can train can't be carried out to
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the ballpark of not a game with the blue jays read lewis onetime giant pops one half the air. nobody calls on that the ball lands safely for an infield single that's not a good thing. runners scorers with up to one trade gonzales stairs down in carnassial on catches of looking he won seven innings and allowed only a couple hits and cocoa crest went crazy at seventh inning blast yet three rbi in the nine the handed over to the broken off and it will for illegals tied up to four from the ninth sensible happy. the a's win at 5-4. off they are unbeaten in 51 games they have had the lead after eight innings. the wreckage and the date is 2910 12th. the a's make
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a back-to-back wins the jays are coming in the days are gone and the raise will be coming in next. the giants exploded late last lane in philadelphia today shrilling a 12th arhat they needed to show some grip. 99 consecutive sellout to will citizens ballpark in philadelphia. another former aide and gives it up to chondrite torres to 12th home run for the year 1-0. but in the fourth year it came to me roll this staring down the big last year. matt king is up to three run job and its five-two. joe gets under a taurus that time in their easy to resolve the 8-2 philadelphia phillies 1 and again they leave the wild car by two games. the braves fuelling
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the phillies making a run at the east got some muscle today. to god guericke beat out a deal with the angels a few weeks ago the former cubs first baseman said yes to the elaborate security the cups and lead to the braves for three prospects. use of a five-year $65 million deal. derek lee out. for the last 48 hours the nfl has been in brett farce world. he went to the vikings camp today that the press after his first practice on his return. >> and promise you this not that i have ever set out with the intention this is 20 years and i've done this is the last year my contract. my playing with.
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>> so far he will make 13 million the sweetened the deal deported more he can make 16 and a half million this year he consulted a psychic. >> imagine us you and i on the practice field were calling a psychic that the debris the car might show up here. >> she calls a psychic to spread far. locally the raiders' backup quarterback no word on how long he will be out to cure the forty-niners trimmed its roster they're released brandon jones today he signed in 2009 for the titans never caught on to make an impact. ready for the gold- and training can't fight let's go to the jet cap of the new york. pretty normal fights happen all the time i can't boys being boys. nobody seriously
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hurt. this was written for the hbo hard knocks cameras. the story there was cursing a little bit too much with tony. >> i felt that to he had fairly judged me it was disappointing to me. i'm always going to be myself. on a good person just because some classes' it does make them a bad person just because a guy doesn't koses does make a good person. so you know all stand by my merits. >> next run he curses and says he's a good guy tree when we come back promotes a not a race like john diana brandon and hold in definitive raceway the indy cars are coming this week to the sonoma and all the big names a 2005 grand prix sonoma champion is going to get on it is out here to sell it to tony for it's been a long day what time did you wake up this morning in
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miami? >> 5:00 when the time to o'clock san francisco >> you're still going strong with that million-dollar smile. >> of those guns, show those guns again? wow. will get some more of that when we come back don't move. ç
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but a long day for any driver tony walk into the wee hours of the morning in miami during cross country ski areas in the media who to answering questions. interview after interview radio, tv and he is your to talk about this race coming up. he is done very well at and india up raceway in sonoma. your goal to build a new car this week? no more green and white? >> obviously still green and
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white polka for the races but this weekend we have the dr. pepper carry car. it's a special reason for ross all the folks love to come here in the wine country and we need special colors it will be fun it's black and white and some cherry around it will be fun. >> fair enough all right. you know your number 11 how many times do get a day to get free- soiler peace, >> everybody asked me that in the kids deck should call me this letter be man. (laughter) >> let's talk but the track since you know a lot about. when you come to a place where you've won before do feel maybe a little bit of an advantage? >> almost always it's an extra boost of confidence we've done well here many times before but you said i won the race it's always nice to come back to a place that she won. for sure
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it's an extra complement the but the car on the racetrack on friday and then see what happens. for sure think we have a good chance this week. >> is this course and i approached it is this of little narrower than some of these other courses because the passing lanes roles and killed. >> it is a little bit narrow which makes it passing more difficult it also makes. the other races the sessions are not important he could always make up in the race. this weekend you have to be good from friday on a because qualify is going to be really important and for shore there are a couple places to pass the one is a rate now. (laughter) >> ready model sports i want to say a very fine and andretti sportier would be safe to say? >> 167 races a year you only win one and five to go it's nothing
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too serious right now it's so competitive it's been a lot tougher to win trade we've had a couple changes in the team as far as the setup of the car some engineered changing its want to take a little bit for us to get back in the game but were working on it. >> dan duquette patrick, the jealousy grange ongoing roll my eyes and talk about her again. skill of 1 to 10 where is it now. >> should we have to face it she is the most proper woman athlete and she earned that. i don't mind answering questions about her. she is my teammates on about winning races. and i keep winning races sideline trip >> a few seconds left in the show going to look at this camera of the doldrums and been diesel give you top this look and look at the monitor there. (laughter) >> (laughter) thanks so much good luck this weekend.
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"the insider" has the total
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story behind today's top celebrity news. i'm lara spencer." is on.ion car story today, how bullock just i mom. had a quick meeting with the judge. >> and is she voicing support for ex jesse's move to her hometown? "the daily brief." -o's" scn injured on location. lindsay lohan's first jailhouse tell-all.r story? the story about us that we >> why don't we ever do that? >> is this jennifer aniston's drinking buddy?


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