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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the fog certainly through the bay area it looks mixed. right now in most parts live look outside at the james lick freeway widespread fog this morning temperatures below average continuing to see the school summer conditions that we have seen all summer long. taking a look at the fall it won't be until 10, 11:00 the we see it left making its way for clear conditions by noontime we should see the fog pushing offshore people at the coast could see some sun today. 54 redwood city 57 in hayward 55
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fremont 59 in san jose 5282 and sonoma, 74 mollet hell, san francisco 63. on the other side of the bay '60s and '70s. 75 for castro valley inland spots is where we see it 87 in danville 89 for antioch. 84 for los gatos and 77 milpitas and said a clerk. your 7 day around before warming it up today but we will cool down by the time we were each region your weekend low
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moving well as you make your way in the commute direction towards foster city those bright lights making their way were right now clocking in about 14 minutes across the sand during golden gate bridge no problem traffic moving fine in both directions from novato to san francisco 21 minutes. highway 37 a minute trip m1 give you a quick close at are maps westbound 580 picking up the bed slow pockets
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of slowing. >> 380 million eggs 32 million cartons health officials say the eggs could be contaminated with salmonella. hundreds of people in states getting sick. the center to seize control is working with health department to investigate. it came from my wife for information on the cards that were recalled go to our web site. just when it seemed we saw the last of furlough friday's their back. supreme court is allowing the governor to impose the fine paydays well there while waiting to see if he has the authority to do so. >> it's going to be very hard
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on non-life on all the employees. now we're back and a modem now we're back furlough friday is again it's not good for morale or the paycheck. >> not knowing what friday's their clothes store opened i, here >> and there >> the accord is set to hit hear arguments on september 8th. the end to combat in iraq. the last of the troops are pulling out here is video this was the last combat show soldiers in the country they're headed to kuwait. 4000 soldiers are making their way to kuwait arriving hours ago this is good news for the soldiers who say they're ready to leave. >> it's good to get to this
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point everybody's excited and means were finished with this mission. >> were ready we one it's over america. >> event is august 31st of a few hundred members are finishing administrator of missions. 50,000 non-combat troops will stay until the end of next year. and you pulled about president barack obama as religion he is a christian but the poll finds the number of americans are convinced he is the muslims. 18% + 18% believe he is a moslem 40 sorry 34 say he's a christian 43 percent say they don't know of his religion.
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the survey was done before the mosque controversy. mr. perot, headed to martha's vineyard. president barack obama is the third sitting president to spend time at martha's vineyard. his the third sitting president to spend time on martyrs author the bushes vacation in maine. >>
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welcome back 6:10 a.m. fog at the golden gate bridge visibility reduced in spots and a lot more drizzled this morning. business news bay area
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business news intel says it's buying technology mcafee for some $0.7 billion the deal highlights security is of fundamental new component. both boards has approved is still requires regulatory clearances. stocks closed tire yesterday on the strength of retail earnings up almost 10 points yesterday the market's future is headed lower this morning on employment weighing on the market's initial claims for last week jumped analysts thought it would drop they jumped. the highest local in nine months of general motors filing paperwork for their public offering securities and exchange about $50 billion
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in the bailout to stay in business taxpayers own 61% of the company. a close eye on other stories ac transit riders have told us there has been service disruptions despite going back to normal. we sent yoli out to emeryville. >> i'm at the main depot some buses article in the it is still kind of early allow after six so some of the bosses are scheduled to vote until later so far i've seen 25-30 buses pull out of the art i can't tell whether that's normal are not i can tell you have spoken to a few drivers none of they are still all of frustration out here they say these supposedly six outs are
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nothing more than workers better off the books and they say they're being misrepresented by management out here most of all mark they want to go back to the bargaining tables. >> a real battle of she said she said. riders apparently still suffering with delays yesterday the board of directors voted to appeal a ruling over the arbitration the agent says union demands are forcing them into the red ac transit says they have tried a number things to reduce car costs. they have political hot the amaryllis 70 staff positions one-third of the executive staff was cut and of course there was raised in a fair and a reduction in service. a second round of cuts for service more than 7%.
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welcome back. the bay bridge toll plaza you can make out low clouds and fog we have seen through the bay area 56 in oakland right now the one in up to 67 by noontime high of 70: in down later on this evening look at future cast 6:00 hour mostly sitting in that the '50s warming it up by 8:00 a.m. '50s and '60s. by 12:00 more widespread '70s making way for warm up we will see today. we hit our highs later on at 4:00 a.m. p.m. '80s inland up through antioch and fourth field we will see that here on our afternoon highs
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these is the warmest day below average still though. 75 for novato, 86 or fairfield 74 oakland, 81 for hayward 86 for morgan hill and 82 from los gatos. if you're headed out to the game later today the as taking on their race mostly clear conditions around 66 when the game starts making a few hours into the game 59 degrees. still a bit breezy before the clouds move in this evening. you're sure 7 day around the bay forecast fog and drizzle this morning although this is a warmer day before we started: as you can see here making its way into friday, saturday is. mid to high sixties around the bay the coast only the high 50s low 60s. we will match the warming up the
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bed sunday, monday, tuesday. >> it is quiet out there on the road traffic getting i just find it looks likes is causing delays. the bay bridge toll plaza no problems there looks like meter and light are still off the problem is south from all approaches keeping that low drive time eight minutes from the foot of amazing to fremont no problems as a maker right for some retail traffic get along just fine towards foster city those headlights clocking and an easy and typical 14 minutes across this land. golden gate bridge traffic conditions as a late moving at the limit right now southbound traffic delivery. moving free. traffic heading
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towards to 80 is a mess the reason for the back up is the american idol tryouts. >> governors schwarzenegger will hold adults responsible for drinking alcohol in the homes. they can be held responsible if it causes injury or death. it is illegal to give all called to minors but it was one of three states that prohibited civil cases in teenage deaths. in costa conley they will begin in out interstate 680 as well as other parts of the county with roving patrols nationally 32 percent of auto related deaths in have a driver with above limit alcohol levels. in 2007 there was 10780 deaths
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>> a major plot bust discovered enough footballs in west marin. they won't say how much pot was seized you see them being airlifted out. they have been working on this operation for a long time. a park ranger camp crested a few months ago no word on why they waited so long to make the best. state the state narcotics and the national guard are involved. high-ranking officers with the police department have been demoted tomorrow. they have been demoted to capt. no announcement has been made as to may who fills those vacancies. criminal investigation office believe that is willing to the mat and
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scandal at the drug lab. and more fun our real national pastime?
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[ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. [ woman ] nice tights. what's your story? the citi forward card can help you write it. fog thickening up temperatures cooling down a bit it looks like send it will be the warmer day of the weekend. fog at the close vote in the '60s a lot of drizzle of a this morning. time for tech news watching video online may have its perks but don't avoid adds. gave slave may have a solution. >> when you're trying to watch a video or read an article you have to look at a video advertisements first. big web sites are going to try a whole new way to deliver video. the way they do it might make web serving more. they are
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implementing a tool which will make advertising less annoying and more appealing to you by letting you select which add one watch. outworks now. it just pre roles. once it goes into affect you get a choice between two or three products or topics you can choose what you watch by clicking on it. users are twice as likely to click the add when given a choice as opposed to 11 is selected for them. it is expected to him to rise 12% to $61.8 billion worldwide. on-line video ads are not going anywhere. you can bet if this is the head all websites will likely implemented. what do you think about the new ad i would like to know send me a tweet or e-mail. gabe's late kron 4 news
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>> incredible video from a bull fight it leaps into the crowd 40 people injured as the ball goes through the stands people trying to scramble. the ball jumped 30 ft. up into the stands one man was gored in the back there's a 10 year-old boy in the hospital this morning with cuts and bruises the ball was grabbed out of the stadium with a crane and euthanize. we will be right is soft on cats.
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but deadly on fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage,
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the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control. opening bell on wall street we had futures on the rise after a huge deal between to send a clear based company's intel according mcafee. mcafee is up 60% since morning trading.
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unemployment, and the number of unemployment people who received unemployment went up. sylvester stallone opening the rain bill this morning. is that tony bennett? that's quite an opening bell. futures are appointed low we will bring new members through the morning. a live look at of san francisco watching the fog on the day on the golden gate. >> plenty of fog out there live look out at the cemetery bridge you can see we are dealing with low clouds and fog cold temperatures at this point but we will warming up today slightly warmer than yesterday all the temperatures we are seeing is well below average of the wishes to warm up making their way into the beginning of next work week. short-term
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forecast friday we will deal with 80 is south and going to cool it down as we make our way into the week and let the weekend the bay high 60s mid- 60s. this should be 60 degrees not 611. on 54 redwood city 57 los gatos 54 livermore 55 in fairfield and 54 in santa rosa all the fog is blanketing the area right now hanging tight. you see it breaking of inland spot by 8:00 a.m. a few hours in the morning clear in the north bay seeing it pushed and said over the bay in makes way for sunshine later today by noon time seeing the fog push offshore we will actually see some sun at the coast. that will be a nice change to the folks that have seen plenty of foggy
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days at the coast. 78 for napa, 86 fairfield 85 concord in oakland we will be at 70, 74 fremont, morgan hill 86, here's a look of your 7 day around the bay forecast month ended up a few degrees today but then cooling it down over the next couple of days so sunday will be the warmest day of your weekend forecast we will come back to mid to high eighties starting your work week. let's get erica with traffic >> are the first major slow spot is 580 if we can take all look all the yellow on our screens this ride stays ties that up till you reach pleasanton appeared over on to your right to present francisco a shot near at&t parks stop and go conditions this those found
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embarcadero ride is gridlock due to the american vital additions tying up traffic make your way towards to 80 wrapping it up with the shot of the bay bridge toll plaza those meager light sell-off looks like they may turn them on any second the late freight coming from all the purchase keeping below drive time of 8 minutes across the span. >> mass of eggs recalls well to 380 32 million cartons the eggs could possibly be contaminated with salmonella for states and hundreds of people aboard reported getting sick from the eggs. they are investigating all the eggs sold under numerous names came from iowa reports of people in the bay area being sick. for more affirmation on the eggs being recalled go door
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website. supreme court say the california supreme court can resume while it reviews whether governors have the off for government employees. furloughs for 150,000 steelworkers will begin tomorrow and also week from friday. they will save $150 million a month last week barred it from imposing the furloughs the supreme court will hear it coming up september 8th. seven years after combat forces entered the last brigade has left iraq leaving 56,000 troops in the country in a non-combat role. 6000 troops will leave september 1st. >> the war in iraq is a step closer into coming to an end. most of the combat bread brigade let the country yesterday as the
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president's september 1st deadline and combat approaches. >> we are keeping the promise we made by end of this month we will have removed 100,000 troops from iraq are combat mission will be over >> 6000 more troops need to be called the death once combat operations are over the u.s. will play an advise and assist role in the country after seven years of war. troops returning home say they have done what they can to train forces to sustain themselves. >> we've given them the final step they needed and that's what this has been all about the whole time just giving them the breathing room to develop skills to be able to control their own destiny. that's what they've gone at that point. >> and go home. >> white house said 90,000
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troops have left in 18 months still the country does not have a fully functioning government. electricity and utilities are sporadic the state department is expected to help the oyster infrastructure to hire more security contractors. after seven years of fighting the pentagon says 4,419th troops have died serving the country. in washington i'm sandra and golf. >> out of severance this note to suspects in and over night murder it happened around 1230 this morning right here on goaler 400 block of joan street as we move in tighter police say they found a man between 30-40 years old shot multiple times he died at seen. semiautomatic was found a block
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away from the crime scene. they believe it was a likely though weapon used in the shooting. it is under investigation. i believe we have more affirmation the please determine is on the phone. good morning officer you have no information about the shooting? >> i have the basic information i have it happen around 1230 loss nine we have a male victim. 3440 years old he was shot multiple times on his body. we have two suspects we are looking for two black males in their 20s one has dreadlocks and that
6:38 am
is all the information we have. an automatic handgun was recovered at the scene. we are asking assistance if they saw anything or have any information contact police. >> any indication of this was a robbery or gain related? >> investigation is ongoing and we're trying to figure out what happened. >> they keep for your time this morning. we will be right back.
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two lawsuits were filed against the catholic diocese. they alleged former convicted pedophile priest prayed and not
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least one child before he came a priest and the church knew about it. >> we believe they had information before he was ordained he was on set and after you was ordained they continued to get information that he was a serial thunder. >> nobody told us that nobody protected us. >> for the first time the alleged victims are revealing their names kron 4 spoke with >> the woman on their rate was 12 years old when he defrocked please priest married her mother she said she was sexually abused for years her lawsuit alleges for the first time the oakland diocese new steven keys late was a pedophile before he was ordained. >> i found out in april i was absolutely shocking and sick to
6:43 am
my stomach when i read it in 1968 he had already of the accused his first victim and the catholic church still allowed him to the cemetery that's just criminal. >> documents linked them shielding him for a decade allow him to be moved from parish to parish. kathleen said she had been used during her confirmation but never told her parents. >> the pope doesn't deserve the title of the pope. for somebody to have allowed this for so many years in our small town it was documented and in the time line in its true facts that have been documented. are catholic church
6:44 am
and we are god's children and they let this evil monster into the church. >> the lawsuit we will have comments after we have stumbled study that. >> we will be right back as the news continues.
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647 in san jose we see clouds and fog once again an issue as it were the day before istria the day before that as well. high of 78 today it will cool it back down to 66 later tonight. taking a look at the fog blanketing the bay area will start to lifting the next few hours alone for some sun later. temperature show mostly sitting in the '50s warming it up to 57 60s by 8:00 a.m. by noontime we will see '70s pop up. your highs
6:48 am
today we will see 80 is pushing the 90 degree readings. in response up into the napa valley seeing some warm temperatures. the afternoon highs war today cooler tomorrow 86 for fairfield, vallejos 74, mill valley 72, 62 have monday 63 san francisco, 73 some redwood city. 68 alameda, hayward 71, 74 fremont, inland spot we see the warm weather 87 for danville, 89 antioch, once more mid to high eighties in the south bay 86 morgan hill, 824 los gatos. kron 7 day around the bay forecast
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warmer weather today and then we will start a cooling trend friday and saturday. those days we should be in the low 80s inland spots definitely not where we should be in the bay we will be into the mid to high sixties at the coast high fifties and low 60s. let's get erica with traffic. >> earlier i predicted stopping go conditions on highway 4 and here it is on schedule. we are seeing red and yellow on your screen i checked sensors and speeds are reaching between 16 mi. an hour over on now to san francisco heavy traffic near air at&t park southbound third strain traffic is gridlocked because of the american idol auditions taking place right now expect delays traffic is actually looking better than it
6:50 am
was 10 minutes ago. south bay 1 01 in san jose we are seeing some heavy traffic on the guadalupe parkway that is because the meter and lights are on right now but once you make it on to 1 01 ec conditions out there looking at 13 minutes from downtown san jose up and to send a clear. >> fast track toll tags may have a phone number of number that connects them to is: sex hot line. the number was corrected this is older fast tracks. fast track change their number and an adult entertainment company got the old one. the youngest students preschoolers are being outfitted with tracking devices each child has learned
6:51 am
radiophone frequency of cash to let the child is in school where the child is in school and if the child has eaten i guess it tracks when they went to the cafeteria. it will free up teachers and administrators. it was paid for by a federal grant. bp is reputation is improving now that in has been capped the poll finds approval has more than doubled. 33 percent now approve of the way bp handle this bill will 66 still disapprove. president barack obama is there room approval rating has risen as well from 45% to 50%. dow jones sliding after we had the jobless report half a million americans filed for the first time. the big news in the bay area. chip maker intel says it has agreed to buy computer-security software maker
6:52 am
mcafee inc. for $7.68 billion. intel corp., which is based in santa clara, "that security is now a fundamental component of online computing." both boards of directors have unanimously approved the deal. the deal still requires mcafee shareholder approval and regulatory clearances. mcafee is up $17 a share. other stories we are following security software mcafee who is now being acquired by intel or release the list of dangerous movie stars to search for online the top 30 celebrities cameron diaz, julia roberts, adjusted the be all. in euless carries a this addiction all itself in means those celebs are lures to sucker people in to visiting malicious web sites. we will be right back
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authorities like you to put down the cell phone when you drive
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but not everybody got the message yesterday was the second day on the crackdown. stanley roberts has road around. >> on my way to meet up with chp i watched this officer stop somebody 4 cellphone violation. the same officer was was to meet up with zero tolerance for cellphone what are the odds. >> sulfone violation. >> this is the second crack down in as many weeks police are looking for drivers not looking for now using the handsfree device. this man was headed into the freeway with a cell phone to his ear. >> i was looking over your to chatting away. >> the driver had near peace but it was not charged the ticket
6:57 am
will cost him about a hundred and $50. he pulled along this driver she appeared to be taxed in behind the wheel. the driver said she was looking for mac on her phone drivers cannot have the phone in hand at all. not even for maps. she was issued a ticket. we also pulled alongside the striver who also appeared to be taxing on his cell phone. he said he was trying to pick up his blue a tooth. he showed a photocopy of his driver's license. >> so you're getting it out ticket for taxing and have not having your driver's license. >> when you turned in from a may i saw you on the phone ok. >> stanley roberts kron 4 news >> if you love a story idea e- mail us at kron will be back in two minutes as the news
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mail us at kron will be back in two minutes as the news continues until 11:00 a.m.. meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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