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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  August 19, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> live, this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. with a developing story. >> a developing story at 4:00 p.m. and american airlines leaving sfo to nyse was halted. and some called in a threat. - turn eric city, and the threat was not credible. and a we have the team of reporters, kate thompson. >> we are standing by waiting to hear from san francisco police, at the i e any moment. they are supposed to bring out a briefing at 4:00 p.m. at any moment and the threat that was found and to american airlines is flight 24. it was supposed to les sfo this
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morning. however, it never make it to jfk. and passengers were taken off that plane and that plan was also moved to a remote area. law enforcement serveseard the plane, and a man and woman were cuffed, removed. four-five hours and there were not told anything that there was a security threat. and then there were taken off with the six people at a time, and taken on to a city bus. and then back to the terminal. in then back to security, through screening. it was about 2:30-3:00 p.m. were able to get with their package and other troubles. here are the police. >> we had an incident on board.
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with flight 24. the san francisco police department and responded to investigate and what can i update you with is the aircraft involved has been unloaded. these passengers have been returned to the american airlines terminal. currently, they're getting booked on other flights. there is an on board investigation with federal agencies here at the airport. >> -wanting it we heard from passengers over and over is that the mood was incredibly calm four-five hours before they disembarked. craig sklar continues our it team coverage. ihe spoke to many passengers one they disembarked. >> everything was absolutely column and i knew there was something wrong but the was nothing wrong. it was absolutely
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calm. and we dissuaded until everybody got off the plane. >> it was a dry, but we are safe. >> we are still the first still they never said anything. they came on, they took them off, and the board of us all off the 5-6 at a time. and the mood was calm and that but it was just waiting. for what ever to happen and there were cops everywhere. there was a sense of security. >> i was worried that if the plan was going to go off or something? and i was kind of freaking out but it was fine. >> again, we are live with reporting sfo and waiting from authorities to save what is going on. the fbi, associative press that the fbi is that this is not a credible threat. kate
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thompson, kron 4 news. >> one passenger on that flight give us live updates. and two people were taken off in handcuffs from the back of the plane. he used his cellphone 2 will what was happening. >> it is this but the plane down on the airline and then at the turn to the round. it has been pretty column with the pilot saying that there is a security threat and another of the news conference the started let us listen and. >> again, waiting for officials from the fbi in an san
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francisco police to update the police and reporters in the public of why the arrests were made. weather those people that are taken into custody were still held. we were understanding that that was going to start. we will go back when it does begin and a minimal, web producer kimberly sakamoto is been following updates online. -meanwhile. twitter? >> at 10:45, that stop on a runway i cannot wait to get home. and the next three hours, she took us to experience, with tweet, tweet pacics , jay sears also mentioned the they both confirmed that two people were taken off from the end of the plane. and then finally, off
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at last! with great work by security forces. >> canow this news conference, there was a verbal threat. subsequently, the move aircraft was moved a remote area were san francisco police department, was able to go to that aircraft site. the passengers were taken off the airplane and put on board shuttle buses and returned to the terminal. nobody was arrested. nobody was placed into handcuffs that we know of. however, there is information that we are investigating at this time. i will be able to take some questions at the end of this. my information is
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current right now and the aircraft is no longer at the site. for the passengers have all been moved back to this terminal here. and working with american airlines to get flights out of sfo. there is no more further information i am able to release at this time. the fbi is actively taking a role in this matter and they are also conducting an investigation. the current test-at this current time, the fbi is working with a debriefing. and i cannot know what their information is going to be as far as a press releases. that is all i have at this time and i take you for your patience. >> sargent, the sergeant,? >> and the sergeant from the san
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francisco police department is wrapping this up. there are a couple the been held today here e is back at the podium. let us see if he says hear anything with sergeant michael regrets. >> the couple that you detained, the couple are both handcuffed. are you saying? >> i do not have that information. >> and there were not in handcuffs. and i do not want to give you any false information. >> i do not have any information. >> and you were saying that there was no handcuffs but >> i do not know what your information. >> are they still in custody? >> and while they were removed, >> all passengers were removed
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from the plane. and brought on a terminal buses to the terminal area. >> not everybody was question? >> i do not know what questions i only know there were taken of the airplane. >> the threat was called and was there any connection? >> there was a verbal threat with the threat of a hijacking. >> where did the call go to? >> the information was from san francisco police department airport bureau. >> so the call came into the airport? we received the >> from an outside agency that is all i can tell you. >> and is this not a credible source? >> i did not say that. >> and now you are saying that it is credible calm and not credible to you clarify? >> i cannot speak for other agencies i can just tell you what i know about. and this incident. >> talk about the claim that
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this goes through. >> i do not have different information. >> those two people were detained what happens to them now? >> all passengers removed and brought back to the terminal. >> those two people! there were taken off the back have the been released are they in custody? >> as far as i know all customers have been brought back to the terminal. >> and the report of a large garbage back? >> i do not have any information on that and actually i'm going to go back. i have a few more information after the debriefing that i could probably come back two. >> the call that came into the s f p d that came from another law enforcement agency? >> we've received information
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from eight from an outside law enforcement agency. >> and receipts of calls? >> i do not know and i cannot comment on that and i need to get back. i do not know about the runways and i need to get back to my other briefing thank you very much. >> we were just listening to sergeant michael rodriguez with the san francisco police department. clearly by the questions that information that we were given earlier that two people were taken off of that plane. they were taken off with handcuffs and we were told. we do not know where they are in a police sergeant rodriguez is not clear about them, either. those reports came from other officials involved with this incidences. several other law- enforcement agencies are involved in this investigation. what we do know is that the alleged threat flight 224, is
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not a credible threat. it was taken off come a flight to 4 frm san francisco to jfk and-nyse. and now, we're going to move on to some other news. ac transit is still suffering service disruption. so much that they're canceling hundreds of buses each and every day. why is this happening? is there any end in sight? dan kerman, here is an exclusive. cured in many cases some showing up at all. and in the last month, ac transit has cancelled 200-400 bus routes each day. 258 on wednesday, 204 on thursday, 411 = friday. 284 =
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monday. 210 = tuesday. >> and i am certainly sympathetic with the commuters and of the will of the patience to stay with us. we will to the very best to put this together. >> mary king said the retirements wet summer vacations, industrial injuries, and a lack of money to hire new drivers is was causing this problem. >> would not have enough bus drivers to have all of these runs we have to make and shortly less runs and hopefully the amount of drivers will be a correct amount for the number of runs. >> solving those will be cutting the amount of service but the one not happen until october. rental ac transit finds a solution to this problem or implemented people will waiting at this bus stop for a bus that might not becoming part in oakland, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and a live look at this
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james and bridge, and the top is going towards the lower bridge is moving very slow. also a bit of a crawl which is pretty normal for this time of year. much more news ahead.
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♪ >> a live look outside and the golden gate bridge and it is covered in fog this after noon a few breaks of sunshine in terms of what fog but it is pretty much staying along the coast. temperatures in half moon bay are only to be seven but temperatures up their rowels. inland upper 80s, seven degrees in their field, livermore. and 83 in santa rosa, mild in half moon bay, the d seven, 67 incidents as co the weather headlines, the fog is close to the coast line and push back, and an overnight. that fog and drizzle, the dense fog qamar, and much cooler conditions as we
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head into the weekend coming up stay with us, we will be right back after this quick break.
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the investors were hit with a trifecta of bad economic days. with a sharp drop on wall street. st at 10,000 to 71. nasdaq was also dropped at to end at 2178. >> disappointing numbers from jobless claims. and we have the latest numbers. >> for the first time in nine months of weekly unemployment claims and over 500,000. this increase, with a 12,000 from the week before, third straight increases. far worse than expected and analysts said the pace of economic recovery is slowing down. continuing claims that is showing that the one- week or more decreased. and that
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reflects job-seekers of given up for the benefits have expired. the data does not bode well for investors, and perhaps that could foreshadow what the next few weeks to be rough. despite crossing the fog psychological 500,000 level bird does not iand imply that we are going to go into a double deficit. drop in home sales. i went to the lowest level in 15 years. christine connolly explains the low numbers have been allowed to do with the high rate of what employment >> the nine countries 6800 were in escrow, that is down 22% to the same time, last year. it is the worst, we've seen for the month of july since 1995. this is a sense california reported the highest increase in new unemployment claims in the
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country. legions of real-estate and hide real-estate numbers with the bleak outlook for the economy keep potential buyers on the sidelines. fog is, as mortgage rates hit historic lows. this, now this is 4.42% at 30-year fixed. faddist the lowest since 1971. still,--that is the lowest-- >> and also, the aspirations and with the expiration of the home buyer tax credit km decrease in value its name last year. santa clara has been hit the hardest with a 27% decline in home sales. alameda, then contra costa county, a 23% decrease in sales compared to the same time last year after if san mateo come, they're down 19%, san francisco, they're also down 16% from follow closely by marin
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county, 15% i am christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> and $7.5 million, that is how much intel plans to purchase mcafee they want to improve the security of the microchips by getting them televisions, cellphone, and inside of televisions, inside cellphone, and inside cars. the plan on the plan on selling the was in conjunction with other portable media.
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then on it is warmer out there but we're ready for a big cool down. if temperatures are going to struggle to even get a, inland. we will warm right backup is to cook food next week below average except for to say. asks the with us, we will be back right after this break.
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