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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 19, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> live, this is kron 4 news of 5:00 p.m. with a developing story. tensions on the tarmac sfo. two people taken off in handcuffs after an american airlines flight to new york is halted. just moments before takeoff and pilot tells passengers the police are on their way. >> you could tell by the voice that he was pretends and everybody needs to stay put. >> tonight, hear first hand what those people hurt when the drama unfolded. >> and they're taking people
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off, >> and tonight's big story. at 5:00 p.m. a security scare a plane was grounded for several hours. passengers taken off and interviewed by the beds. in christine connolly. >> fed's but investigation >> and new information, the elements station is that is came from a front desk of a hotel. it was the hampton inn in alameda. at the front desk said that the man on the phone had an accent but th he mentioned the flight number which is why they acted on this threat. this is video of people taken off this plane was moved to a remote part of the airport. passengers say they saw two different people that were taken in handcuffs. police say
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that nobody was arrested. passengers were left on that airplane for several hours and there were told three little breakfasthe only said that thera security breach in the we did on that plane in taken off in small groups. six people at a time, onto buses. here is the latest. >> somebody made a verbal threat regarding a hijacking. subsequently, the aircraft was moved from the runway area to a remote site. passengers were taken off of the airplane and put on buses and returned to the terminal. the fbi, is actively taking a role in this matter and there also conducting an investigation. >> some of those passengers were interviewed. others had to go back to security again if there were going to go to other flights. once they got to the
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airport after hours of waiting on the tarmac ahead with for their baggage again for screening. another 30-45 minutes many people spent the entire day at the airport going to test. flye and kron4's craig sklar spoke to many of those passengers as they exited off the bus. >> yes rumors started spreading, the guy next to me was on twitter, telling what was going on how and internal texting. >> what kind of rumors? >> rumors of potential hijackers. potential bomb, that there was a credible threat. >> it was tense because it was quite ever but it was called and they handle themselves really well. and nobody got upset. columalm >> i merely happy to be in the terminal i want to be get back to new york. >> and i am glad to see that
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everything is back to where it should be. and it is scary, because we are from australia on our return york and we're going to running a bit late. fast (aussie accent) >> and for reporting live sfo, and a live picture of this plane involved. you can see several aircraft but this is off to the site. a lot from the active fleet. web producer, kimberly sakamoto has been keeping an eye on comments left on line about the security scare as at 0. camlok? >> yes, i've been scourings web, kimberly? >> and all of the comments that i have seen has wondering if this is from my bed sprinklbad d
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one, it said i hope everybody is okay and the other, it is maybe a is a light attendant who got out of work. >> and also safety. and perhaps am track and greyhound is looking better and better. >> and our security scare will continue online with breaking details. just go and also reflects on the economy. jobless claims are having taken a sudden and jump up. the weekly trend since last september. people filing for unemployment benefits for the first time. they kept dropping until the end of july. last week, the bonds were up to one. half a million, why investors are nervous about a new downturn. what economists say a double dip recession. and in the
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day iraq, another weak economy with a sharp drop in-the area. in july, it was the lowest in 15 years and christine connolly explains these low numbers have a lot to do with the high unemployment. >> and in the bay. , at 6800 where in escrow, that is down 22%. and that is the worst since 19795 is the highest increase and the country. real-estate agents say the high unemployment with the bleak outlook for the economy are helping potential buyers on the sidelines. this as mortgage rates hit historic lows. the 30 year is at 4.42. that is the lowest since they started tracking these in 1971. it is not enough to spur sales. also, the expiration of the
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federal home tax credit. every county has signed a decrease compared to last year. you can see that santa clara county has been hit the hardest with a 27% decline in sales. that is followed by alameda, contra costa county, and a 20%. compared to the same time, last year. and the cell san mateo, 19 percent, san francisco, they're down by 60 percent. and that is followed closely by marin county,--16%, and baron, 15 percent. christine connolly, kron 4 news. ♪ >> warmer temperatures, and a look of the north there with 84 degrees in santa rosa, napa. and also, the low 90s further inland. 60s, along the 70's are along the bay shore and cooler on the coast because the fog to not peel back. the fog is up and on the coastline, and the
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intricate, inland. the drizzle listing close, and all the we inland. that dense fog, tonight, and cooler temperatures coming up for tomorrow and the weekend. we will ticket full look, stay with us, we will be right back. take a full look.
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>> ac transit eruptions. so much that officials are transportiact is suffering service eruptions, and dan kerman has an exclusive after >> ac transit passengers are waiting for a boss are waiting a lot longer these days and in the cases, these city buses are not showing up at all. in the last one week, that cancel between 200-400 each day. 258 = wednesday. 204 = thursday. 411 = friday! 284 = monday. and 210 =
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tuesday. >> and i am certainly sympathetic with the writers and the the hope of the wettest i hope the commuters will have the patience to stay with us. >> and with retirements, summer vacations, and injuries/six calls. >> we do not have enough bus drivers to cover all of these runs. shortly, less runs, and perhaps we will have the correct amount for the number of runs. >> of your runs, fewer buses, and that means less service. however, that will not have full recovery until october. until then, there will be waiting for a city bus that might not be coming. in oakland, kron 4 news. >> of course, ac transit is affecting thousands of people as they try to get where they're going. jeff bush spoke to
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several commuters to get their reaction. how >> to say that they're frustrated is an understatement. >> i have noticed these short of time, late, not on time, or not showing up at all. >> and i have to call my job to tell them i'm going to be late. luckily, my job is understanding because of the ac transit. and i do not see how the would not understand it has been pretty bad. >> i think it is already 10 mayminutes late and i have summr to go! pala summer to go purify >> and they should be coming when they should be coming. >> and one of the biggest complaint is about the lack of information for commuters. >> everybody is trying to cut passback on gas, expenses and te next city buses coming in 15 minutes. and will save it for 30
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minutes. and it is just a battle. >> in oakland, kron 4 news. >> this is upsetting for a lot of people, web producer, kimberly sakamoto. your latest ac transit, carol? >> we've ever been receiving the commuters, drivers. on or recite and facebook and page let us take a look these. facebook. if
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>> clearvista pits of sfo coming up right after the break.
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>> is been pretty miserable but we are safe. >> it is pretty bad but we were over. then i could tell by the voice that he was pretty tense. and it was a tense situation. >> and since i took their luggage and arrested some of the
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and his crew is, they look like a couple of kids. >> and we still do not what happened, this is they never said anything! they came on, took them off and then boarded a bus off. >> after passengers got off the plane there were bused to a terminal and the going to security all over again. >> of war coverage continues online. with the breaking details right there. and hit a 16 year- old boy was gunned down waiting at the bus stop. this victim was wearing four his mother to pick him up when two men approached him on foot. one of them was firing multiple shots and this happened west of the mcdonald's st. and ac transit pulled up right after shots were fired. >> it is a very busy street,
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broad daylight and the have not had a lot of shootings. this is our 14th homicide this year. it is august, last year we had 35 this is very unfortunate because of the speech of the dictum. >> the mother-the age of the victim. and investigators are searching the scene. >> the brother of a san francisco giant pleaded not guilty in connection with a series of drunk driving hit and run in danville. this was the scene, that 23 rolled23 year-ole schearhold hit seven pedestrians, and he does finally blocked by civilians >> and also, a shooting in the
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tenderloin. jones' district. you can see indicated on our map. the 26 year-old man was got into an argument with three other men. one of them punched him, shot him. the suspects are black males in their 20s, and one of them has dreadlocks. and then the $7.5 million, the house on which intel will spend to purchase mcafee the santa clara based company wants to hope getting their microchips into cars, phones, televisions. and they want to sell them side by side with our other internet connective devices. >> a live look aside from the heavenly ski resort this is our web camera streaming live in video. blue skies, gorgeous conditions. it would not be a
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bad weekend to go up to lake tahoe considering what we are expecting. much cooler for the entire weekend starting tomorrow. temperatures inland, low 80s, and upper 60s. the dense fog will get worse as we go into saturday. and sunday, similar to friday. compared to today, temperatures are in the '90s inland, the 80s in the north bay and it is going to be a drastic change of their, tomorrow. and cooler along the coast, with half moon bay, that is because of that fog. drastic changes out there. and what we can expect tonight/tomorrow. if that fog sitting on the coast will move into the bay. it will strain into the inland valleys, dense fog/a drizzle. streaming. that fog will peel back on the coast by 12:00 p.m.-noon. with mostly sunny skies and temperatures will take a dip by
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5-10 degrees. the fog tracker for tomorrow, it is going to be more and more intense inland over the next several days. by 5:00 a.m., the delta, the inland, not quite all the way to san jose but almost to the south bay by 5:00 a.m. by 9:00 a.m., you can see the fog is lingering along the bay shore, rushing vallejo and along the coastline by 11:00 a.m. temperatures will be cooler by tomorrow and to the weekend. from the 78 inland by saturday but as we go into next week temperatures will rebound. and as warm, dry air. with 93 degrees inland. upper seventies around the bay shore and upper 60s elsewhere. >> a brief correction, we mentioned about the trouble that the brother of nate scheriholtz
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he is the baseball player, his brother is the one involved in the alleged incident in danville.
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>> and national news, it could be a few weeks before the oil is plot. the final step to becoming during liberty weekends. and more work to do as labor day weekend as a neanathal mentioned. >> and with the repeating with a flushing of the blowup renner, and as we look to the problems. and to a bottom-kill. to make sure that chicken with straany e sure that it can withstand any pressure that might witness. and
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perhaps labor day. >> roger clemens, has been lying to come and his former trainer, contradicted one another on weather or not the pitcher had used performance enhancement drugs. he said that he injected roger clemens with growth hormones, and steroids. we will be right back after this quick break.
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