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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 19, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a massive drug bust in the south bayh. we show you the scene after authorities found hundreds of pounds of methand cocaine. first, things are getting back to normal at sfo after a threat created a security scare there. new details on the investigation as well as reaction from passengers. kron 4's reggie is live tonight with our top story. >> reporter: you can see things are getting back to normal here at sfo. many passengers cleared out of
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here. authorities said they believed to have received a creditable threat to a american airline flight bound for jfk. it was scheduled to leave san francisco airport around 7:30 thursday morning but delayed till 19:15 a.m. it was moved to a remote part of the runway where it sat for hours. authorities received a report of a possible high jacking attempt on flight 24. the threat was called in. the manager there alerted local law enforcement there about the call. authorities felt the -- felt the threat was credible enough to evacuate the plane immediately. >> the fbi is taking a role in this matter and also conducting an investigation. >> reporter: authorities boated the plane and removed this
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couple. everyone else on board was asked to deplane. all of the emergencies were rescreened and rebooked on other flights to new york. authorities made no arrests and nothing was found on the plane. the couple that was detained, they are believed to be of pakistani decent. authorities told them they were randomly selected for security screening. the couple was never arrested. they were already on another flight to new york. live in san francisco, reggie, kron 4 news. we talked with a few passengers, here is what they had to say. >> i could tell he was tense.
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he said everybody needs to stay put. don't move. tense situation. >> i knew something was going on. and then we saw a police car and they kept on moving the plane furtherer out and away. so -- but for us, you can imagine how you are feeling when you are making a connection. >> looked surprised. >> the guy was 30s, 35. the woman i couldn't tell. from the far east. >> they didn't look suspicious. couple of kids. we still don't know what happened. thinever said anything. they just came on, took them
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off and borded us all off. >> police say the high jacking threat was phoned into a hotel. theclerk called the police which led to the security lock down. here is what the manager had to say. >> he received a phone call. he realized there was a threat. he gathered from the conversation that there was a threat. that was the only thing he was able to gather. the gentlemen was very hard to understand. not well spoken. broken words. yelling, screaming. he was able to gather two specifics, those were american airlines and flight 24 and high jack. that was all he was able to gather from the conversation. >> stay with kron 4 news with
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continuing coverage. we have the latest on new tonight at 11:00, it is considered the largest drug bust in northern california history. police confiscated 475 pounds of crystal and methand cocaine. as well as fire arms and cash. today all with estimated street value of $100 million. the drugs were stashed in these coolers and beens scattered about the house. it's believed the operation is tied to a mexican drug cartel. these are the pictures of the mexico nationals who were arrested at the house. fabian, hector, and sergio. they are in the jail tonight and will be transported and held in sacramento county.
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it was a nice warm day today but big changes are in store tomorrow. fog is tarting to push in to the bay. we will look at dense fog and drizzle to start the day tomorrow. the difference maker is the cool blast of air tomorrow. dropping temperatures 5-10 degrees, especially in the inland spots. temperatures ranging from 59 at the coast to 82 in the warmest locations. cool through the weekend. are we going see changes next week? that coming up. more frustration for ac transit riders. it has to make more cuts to service. we will look at the latest and get reaction from riders who feel like they are being punished. that's ahead on kron 4 news. yñx >
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they are the latest agency to face budget troubles that could mean fair hikes and service cuts. kron 4's john than -- jonathan. >> they are looking at three major changes. first is a fair hike. 25 cents on to the base fair. second, cutting eight trains from the schedule. and third a proposal to eliminate weekend service. in the meeting held here, one man said raise our fairs, just don't cut our service. >> we go places. we do things. we need transportation. [ñindiscernibleñ] >> suspending weekend service
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[ñindiscernibleñ] >> what would be preventing you from generating cost [ñindiscernibleñ] >> provide the public with [ñindiscernibleñ] >> switch to a bullet schedule. run faster trains. chapture run. >> -- cheaper to run. >> take out seats for bicycles. >> reporter: all the rider comments will go to the board and become part of the official hearing on september second. it won't make any decision till then. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. a big cool down is in store for the weekend. we will see warmer conditions at some point. i will tell you when in just a few minutes. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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san francisco police are investigating the beating of a gay man on a muni train. this is a photo of zachary, he was riding saturday morning when a group of young people gout on the train. as he passed by them one called him a name. he turned and said excuse me and that's when they attacked him. he was able to get off the train and run for help. >> i live -- you know, one of the most acceptingplases in -- places in the world. i never felt scared in san francisco before this. and i actually -- i am watching my back. >> this is how his eye looks
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now. police are treating the attack as a hate crime. no suspect have yet been arrested. man hunt for these two people. authorities captured john mccluskey and welch. authorities say the escapees stole a truck and killed an elderly couple in new mexico. the two other inmates were captured. it's not yet know how police were able to capture john mccluskey and welch tonight. nice day today but big changes for tomorrow and the
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weekend. temperatures cool 10-5 degrees. most cooling in the inland locations. tomorrow in the low 80s. the fog becomes more extensive. by saturday temperatures will struggle to reach 80 degrees in the inland spots. upper 50s long the coast line. a warm up in store for next week. let's check out fog tracker. 5:00 fog pushing into the inland valleys. it scales back later in the morning. by 9:00. the coast line remained shrouded in fog. temperatures were in the 50s today, that's where they will be tomorrow. 61 in san francisco. tomorrow 68 in san rufell.
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75 in santa rosa. inland 10 degrees cooler. low 80s. and 74 in san jose. cooling occurring on saturday. next week, warmer drying air builds in. and that helps the temperatures rebound. to the latest on the ac transitdispute. they are still suffering service disinterruption, they are canceling hundreds of buses every day. commuters want to know why it's happening. >> reporter: passengers waiting for a scheduled bus are haveing to wait longer these days. in many cases the buses aren't showing up. ac transit canceled between 200-
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400 each day. 411 last friday. 284 monday. 210 on tuesday. >> i am sympathetic with the riders. i hope they will have the patient to stay -- patience to stay with us. >> marry king says retirement coupled with vacations and sick calls and a lack of money is what is causing the problem. >> we have not enough bus drivers. shortly we will have less runs and hopefully then the number of drivers will be the correct amount of drivers. >> reporter: fewer runs means fewer buses which means service cuts. that won't happen till october. till they find the solution to this problem or implements it, people will be sitting around waiting for a bus that may not
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be coming. ac transit riders are angry about the bus service. everything passengers i talked to was upset. they are late for work and appointments and there is not much they can do about. another thing is the lack of information. a passengers at this stop said the electronic sign said his bus would be here in 15 minutes and it arrived 10 minutes later. now it's roger clemens facing possible jail time for lying to congress. vern has details next. one of the great catches of the year as coco crisp and -- [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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it's a night for great
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catches. baseball. the a's won again and texas lost another. 7 games a gap now. i am just saying. here we go. check out this fan. on the laptop grabs the ball. that's a terrific one. right place, right time. 3-1 tampa bay. coco crisp up stairs and steel as homer. great catch. that is support of cahill. penningten, a's down 3-2. roit off of -- right off of the foul line in right field. a's took the lead, made it stick. trevor cahill got longoria. went to 13-5. e.r.a of 2.54.
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goes 8 innings, the a's win 4- 3. trailing the rangers by 7 games. giants lost no ground tonight. they had to respond. back to back spankings by the phillys a night ago. another great catch. doesn't even spill his drink. 3-0 giants. buster posey. double to deep center. the ball gets booted. allows sanchez to race from first and the giants led 4-0. sanchez, nasty. retired 15 guys at one time in a row. sanchez goes 8 innings, 7 strikeouts. sandoval, 9th for the season. and former philly, aaron
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rowand, giants win 5-2, they trail the phillys by a single game in the wildcard race, 6 back of the padres. looks like the feds attention shifted to roger clemens. the 7 time cy young award winner being indicted by the feds who say that he lied to the house committee in 2008 that he never took steroids. if convicted he could be headed to jail. the government turned its attention from barry bonds. jeff garcia tined with the knight hawks of the united football league. the raiders at the bears on saturday. fry had surgery on his wrist,
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ending his season. that's the news from the oakland raiders. patriots, falcons, taylor, nice tough run. tackle breaking run for taylor, 28-yard touchdown. the patriots beat the falcons 28-10. if you didn't know it was indy week, they reminded us all today. look at these cars. mario an dreada was on hand himself. so was a huge crowd. >> i knew if i was given the opportunity, with the right people and people believing in me, i knew it could be a big deal. i didn't think i knew what that
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was. there has been a lot of wonderful things that have come. >> all right. have a good night everybody. we will see you tomorrow.
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