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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 20, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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temperatures really cool off as we head into saturday inland. it will warm up sunday to 82 degrees. here's how will bring down during the morning hours the dense fog and drizzle temperatures in the '50s as we head into noontime the fog pull back to the coast. temperatures breaking down mid-50s-mid-70s temperatures tapering off well warming up upper fifties to low 80s again cooler than yesterday. we will feel that. 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday. cooler temperatures for the weekend. let's look at the fog chp ofon
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issuing the fog advisory. it is bay area wide as we advance the clock to 9:00 we see pulling back more but around them immediate bay foggy conditions and hazy light conditions by about 11:00 may be the fog will pull back to the coast temperatures finally start warming up a bit. they will be 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday here's the breakdown temperatures 86 degrees mainly in the '70s concord coming in at 80 san francisco 61 as we move the map temperatures upper 60s '70s around the bay half moon bay 59 degrees, san jose 59. 81
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in livermore. here's some day forecast cooler here or the next 72 hours as we head into saturday, sunday temperatures around where we are now if not a bit cooler look at monday, tuesday, wednesday things go back up to normal 90 degree range inland mid to upper seventies around the bay mid- 60's along the coast a more typical pattern in the later half of august. let's get to traffic with arafat >> happy friday morning we want a reminder about the fact of the advisory traffic getting along just fine but that fog advisory has been issued by chp so slow speeds down abet the more aware of the cars in front of field and not affecting your drive times right now. smoke no
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problems at the eighth bay bridge toll plaza. that's probably the latest i've seen the bridge as to make your way across the span we have construction in on the incline closing down the right hand lanes drive times very easily the minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont city to. with san mateo thicker here began no problems are delays in either direction across the spanish and make your westbound towards foster city. those headlights making their way in. >> things back to normal at sfo after a bomb threat created a security scare for time read you kumar has more. >> american airlines flight bound for jfk after authorities
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believed up possible hijacking on board all passengers were evacuated to people were questioned and detained but not arrested authorities green the plane for anything on board that was suspicious nothing was found. in san francisco krupp kron 4 news >> imagine the fear and frustration kron 4 talked with a few of them. >> when the captain said i could tell by the voice he was pretty tense pieces everybody needs to stay put. take my word for don't move. it was tense. >> i knew intuitively. we saw a place car and we move the plane further and further away. for us you can imagine how you're
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feeling when you're making a connection. >> surprise. i would say the guy was in the 30's. the woman i couldn't tell. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhpp1 dr anything. sé÷hz46>r4se8mhpp1 dr c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsg no carrier ring no carrier
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that heading to saturday will cool off a bit more than sunday back up to 82. next week we will see the warm temperatures rollback. finally into next week we might get normal temperatures. summers wetter weather is turning into a season or cleaner air daytime temperatures averaging a few degrees below normal air quality officials have noticed there is
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not been a spare the air alert this year. they usually urge you to take public transportation they use and try not to burn carbon fuels the disagree district have usually issued a handful alerts. by this time of year. meteorologist say lower air pressure along the west coast has kept on stork shore winds steady in the air cleaner. firefighters are making progress against a brush fire south of lake elsinore. 25 a. have burned 15 percent contained that is the latest this morning. no homes are threatened it broke out before a day p.m. last night. 200 kron 4 cruz battling the flames. wall street lower
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this morning after yesterday's slide in lost more than 144 points the nasdaq and s&p finished lower. pc maker dell says that net income improved 16% as businesses replaced aging technology. its results gives us a glimpse on how other businesses are spending on technology. they're ready to hit american airlines of $25 million penalty for maintenance shortcomings. it led to thousands of flight delays. tough times are making them dip into requirement savings a record number of workers made hardship withdrawals from the retirement funds. the number of
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workers born from the fund has reached 10 year high. we will be back in a moment. here live look low clouds fogs still in play. we'll be right back.
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or 14 is the time 80 through albany westbound out of the a scurf as you can see traffic moving well. erica standing by will get a full look at our commute coming up. we are following the forecast where it's not bad a quick snapshot of your weekend today on this friday am fog still in play temperatures loewy's the upper 60s around the bay and of course upper 50s along the coast. saturday look to the temperature is 82 to 78 so bit of a cold and as we head into
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saturday sunday they come back up to where we expect them to speak 70 forecast shows us warming up heading into next week. first off here's how to they will break down dense fog may be drizzle pretty much the same thing we've seen on weeks on end. then the fog will pull back to the coast by about 11:00 noon time temperatures mid-50s to mid-70s and depending on where you are this afternoon by about three we will see temperatures upper 50s low eighties compared to yesterday looking at temperatures from 5- 10 degrees cooler than we were in the afternoon hours yesterday so will feel cooler. we do have a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge but the fog for the most part widespread it will pull back heading to 7:00 9:00. then and
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won't be until about 11:00 or noon seeing the fog really retreat along the north bay and peninsula so just deal with the fog until it's gone and then this afternoon temperatures bomb plot just little bit it will still be cool compared yesterday. 75 in santa rosa 71 novato 74 napa 81 degrees in fairfield concord coming in and 80 san francisco 61 degrees. slighting the maps up temperatures will be in the upper 60s low '70s around the media bay little cooler half moon bay typical 59 degrees there. mountain view fremont san jose portions of the lower bay area temperatures right around that low 73 marks may be mid-70s little warmer in los gatos for the your east bay commute
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temperatures low 80s. your 70 forecast again school or the next three days as we head into monday temperatures begin to climb we are in the '90s finally for inland spots made up for '70s around the bay mid to upper 60s along the coast. hopefully will hold that have rent a little bit trying to get more typical august forecast next week. now check on commute. >> a late night accident on 280 in san jose is still tied up traffic we are in the green right now but last night the freeway was shut down in the cleanup efforts taking place right now shutting down only these two right-hand lanes again no estimated time on reopening the lanes traffic seems to be moving along. at the golden gate bridge no problems here we do have a fog advisor in effect in both direction southbound and northbound on 101 across the span you definitely want be
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aware of the cars in front of you could drive time is not affected. eight minutes from highway 37 to 580 at the bay bridge toll plaza cars selling by right now it looks like we had a construction and the fact on westbound 80 currently shutting down to right-hand lanes drive times looking pretty good right now eight minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street. san mateo traffic conditions occur here no problems make your way westbound towards foster city the bright line snaking their way into hayward fault minutes across the span. >> headlines this morning cal train riders could soon be paying more for less. latest transit agency facing deep budget crises. kron 4 said jonathan blum was at the depot.
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>> caltrans is looking at three major changes that would all be bad news for riders. first is a fare hike 25¢ and maybe. cutting eight trains from the schedule including what are now the first and last trains of the day. third of proposals to eliminate weekend service. in a meeting held here filled with frustrating riders one man echoed the sentiments. he said raise our fares don't cut our service. >> where him being as we go places we do things we had need transportation. it would result in a savings of what? >> instead of cutting service
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looks doable schedule to faster trains cheaper to run. >> rain now your turn away a lot of bicyclist. >> all the comments will be going to the board and become part of the official public hearing caltrans says it will make a decision to attend. jonathan blum kron 4 news >> the latest on the ac transit dispute the agency still suffering service disruptions so much so ac transit is canceling hundreds of buses every day. communalism one and the like. and when will this end? a story only see >> ac transit passengers waiting for buses are waiting longer in
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many cases the bosses simply are not showing up. in the last week ac transit has cancelled 200-400 scheduled last runs and each day. 258 last wednesday to under four thursday the 411 last friday. 284 this past monday, 210 tuesday. >> and sympathetic with the writers i hope they have the patience to stay with us we will do our very best to pull this together. >> in a room in term manager says retirements cobbled with summer vacations in industrial industries as it calls and a lack of money to hire new drivers this was causing the problem. >> we don't have enough bus drivers and surely will have less runs hopefully than the number of drivers will be the correct amount of drivers. >> your runs means your boss's which mean service cuts. that
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won't happen until october so until ec transit funds a solution to this problem or implements andw@r people at ths bus stop will be waiting period for bus the may not come. >> is the transit cuts are affecting thousands of people who rely on the service to get to where they're going kron 4 is japlish talk to writers. >> to say that ac transit passengers are frustrated is an understatement. >> i've noticed a shortness of times buses been laid on not on time or not showing that all third i have to call my job and telamon going to be late one not. luckily at my job their understanding because of the boston. it's been pretty bad. >> it's 10 minutes late now and i have some articles.
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>> and not have been all but a suggestion, one after the other. >> one of the biggest complaints is the lack of reformation. >> everybody is trying to cut back on expenses you try to take ac transit next bus is coming in 15 minutes it says that for half an hour. it's bad all round. >> we will continue to fall the answer for you we will take a break let's go as i look for more of camera fog and cold temperatures drizzled the same old same old. there is a warm-up in-store tell you about that when we come back.
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for 2574 access to fog in the mix this morning cooler temperatures today saturday and sunday but monday maybe the tide changes. 90 degrees and land for monday tuesday, wednesday more of the same and a more typical pattern for august. hang on warmer temperatures around the corner. the a's would not give up efface erase a fan casually making a catch. as fighting back tears cocoa making a head.
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the jump. nice grab. bottom of the six cliff pennington knocks one into the corner to recommend and that's all the a's needed they beat the raise for- 3. the giants at the phillies. he was having fun throwing popcorn not bad the giants were in control scoring three runs in the first inning giants pitcher best and decoding of the year. he allowed just two runs giant swindle 5-2. major strike out for a pitcher roger clemens two years after a told congress his former trainer or wrong and
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that he didn't use performance drugs he has been indicted for perjury and obstruction of congress and making false statements. he maintains he has done nothing wrong. sandra and grow and go. ror took drugs >> do solemnly swear the c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsg no carrier ring no carrier
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dipped even more as we head into saturday for a lot of folks then send it rebounding along it is not until monday we finally see temperatures more into what we
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expected august. here's a look at today as we break it down beginning in the more by noon it pulls back to the coast temperatures warming up mid to upper '70s in some spots by 3:00 p.m. we will get into the 80s mainly for the inland portion of the bay area and then way down into the south bay. for the most part temperature's 5-10 degrees cooler than what we fell yesterday. definitely in for a cooling trend today. here's more on the fog bay area wide by 5:00 a.m. by about 9:00 a.m. the fog retreating to the bay along the coast it will pull back completely until about 11:00 or noon today we will see most of the bay area enjoying the sunshine keeping temperatures the best they can. here's what
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temperatures look-alikes by the north bay temperatures low '70s mid-70s by 71 in novato 74 in napa that is kind of the trend. if you get further east to fairfield maybe 80's concorde obsolete seeing and 80 everyone else pretty much staying in a really tight upper 60s low seventies range. you might get 78 or so in los gatos 74 in san jose low 80s delta and antioch and the livermore valley. 74 cast monday is really where we're going to see temperatures get back to normal. 90 degree expected monday 93 by tuesday everywhere else 75-77 mid to upper 60s around the coast hang in there next week temperatures more in the warm side rid now let the lookit commute with arafat. >> more activity at the golden
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gate bridge them are used to vehicle on fire northbound 101 the news is is on the right-hand shoulder so traffic is getting by just fine now we want a war in you about fog advisory in effect in both directions north and southbound 101 traffic getting by just fine right now barely any cars on the road making your way towards the city limits drive times not affected by you may want to attention to the cars in front of you and bring down your speed just a bit. and then update on the months to 80 we huddled late night accident tying up the to right-hand lanes sabaeans are hitting 60 mi. an hour so not any delays yet. finishing off with albany camera westbound 80 sun co. from east bay into city and as you approach a bay bridge toll plaza traffic is moving just fine. %'
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story things finally back to normal this morning at sfo after bomb threat created a security scare for good part of yesterday reggie kumar was following the story. >> american airlines flight 24 bound for new york with 163 passengers and 11 crewmembers was scheduled to leave san francisco international airport about 730 but was delayed until 9:15 a.m. ending up not leaving the ground. instead it was moved to a remote part of the runway where it sat for hours. after authorities say they received a of report about possible hijacking attempt on how we 24 it was called into hampton inn in alameda. authorities felt the threat was credible enough to evacuate the plane immediately the fbi is actively taking role in this matter and they are
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also conducting an investigation they boarded the plane and remove this couple of these structures were snapped by passenger everyone else was also last to deplaned and were taken to the terminal all of the passengers were restrained and reebok done other flights to new york. >> authorities say no rest for made the threat ended up being nothing more than a threat. the couple that was removed from the plane were of pakistan the dissent they say they were randomly picked for screening. they were not arrested and the less emphasis on another flight. given to send to kron 4 nuns if and when they come up with who made the phone call or any other developments will have on our web site. whether headlines authorities are looking into what caused demand of all to his
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death during a concert at mountain winery it happened just before 10:00 p.m. when the concert was nearing an end several witnesses say he climbed to the top of the stage some scaffolding and fell three stories and all will be landing a few feet from the singer no word on whether was an accident or suicide. they are looking into it. a plea entry is scheduled 9:00 a.m. for an oakland man accused in a drunk driving crash that killed a bicyclist. it happened august 13th near-term street the victim was hit from behind by mercedes driver he'd allegedly fled the scene but was arrested two blocks away. a drunk driving and hit-and-run he's charged with. police are investigating the beating of a gay man on muni light rail train we have a photo of zachary
4:37 am
taken after the attack he says he was writing the church line near a church and market when a group of young ready people got on the train he says that's when he decided to get off but is he passed by one of them called him dr. torrey name he turned and said excuse me and that's when they attacked him he was able to get off the train and run for health he says he no longer feel safe. >> i live in cost from one of the most excepting places in the world and this is happen on church a market so i've never felt scared in san francisco before this. our road the muni from downtown in the middle of the day and i'm watching my back. >> this is his i now some of the small and has gone down police are treating the attack as a hate crime. they are reviewing
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surveillance video. we will take a break back with more overnight news in a moment trutare shot fm our camera we're looking at temperatures in the '50s right now.
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chefs this is the worst numbers since 1995 here is this is california reports the highest increase of unemployment claims in the country. high unemployment numbers will in the bleak economy is keeping potential buyers on the sideline. this as mortgage rates historic lows. it is averaging 4.42% that the soloist since it began tracking rights in 1971 still not enough to spur sales along with that we have seen the exploration in the tax credit every county in the bay area has seen a decrease in sales compared to the same time last year. you can see santa
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clara county hit the hardest with a 27% decline in sales. that followed by alameda and costar county. in san mateo county sales are down 19% in san francisco's 16% and that is followed by marin wears down 15%. >> for 42 is the time will take a break let's go side as we do and give you a quick look traffic moving well 11 01 those are headlights coming off of the james lick freeway so far so good no word of any problem heading towards the lower deck bridge. back with more than 60 heading towards the lower deck bridge. back with more than 60 seconds. middle of the night, why go one more round ? you don't need a rematch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba ceptors associated with sleep. lunesta helps you
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in golden gate fields not a bad commute this morning. let's take a look at forecast this morning here's a breakdown of what's going to look like today ended your weekend saturday and sunday. 82 degrees inland 68 around the bay 59 along the coast. five degrees cooler than yesterday dipping more toward saturday they bounce back sunday and monday we finally see things warm up. your day today around the bay dense fog in the morning the fog polls back by noon and then this afternoon we get up to maybe 82 in the warmer spots and that is 5-10 degrees cooler than was saw yesterday. here's the fog it is set ibm typical pattern it will pull back by 9:00 a.m. to ride around the bay but it is an until 11:00 may be noon we see a pullback to the coast. as for temperatures
4:45 am
here's were worshiping of 71 novato, santa rosa 7581 in fairfield 80 in concord. 61 in san francisco all fully coming in at 6 sorry oakland 66, delta 82 livermore 81, 81 for morgan hill, half moon bay the school spot at 59 degrees. not bad. today it 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning fog in the mix and drizzle in some spots. particularly around the coast. tomorrow will cool off more 78 degrees inland mid-60's around the bay and '50s along the coast. finally by monday the warm-up beginning to take hold 90 inland 93 on tuesday mid to upper '70s around the bay for that time. so finally beginning
4:46 am
to warm up. if you're a fan of the sun hang on its there. for 40 6:00 a.m. was check your commute. here earlier incident 101 never novato traffic is moving just fine mats because the vehicle is on fire and is on the right-hand shoulder chp has made it to the scene so hopefully that will clear up. traffic is getting by find despite the fog advisory in both directions northbound and sound silly might want to bring your speeds down just a bit. the bay bridge toll plaza car selling by coming in from the 58880 approaches we have over night construction until 5:00 a.m. as you make your way past the pay gains between between the incline and treasure island will be shut down. not affecting your drive time. over on to the san
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mateo thicker here but no delay or problem incident reported in either direction just about 12 minutes from one end to the other. san francisco's james lick southbound moving without delay. he's also an easy ride. no problems are wrongaround the ci >> russia has least of nuclear submarine to india. the fire extinguishing system was set off the suffocated the victims and injured 21 others. russia has been top weapons supplier to india since the soviet union. heavy rain has drenched part of russia near moscow giving firefighters help in battling
4:48 am
the remaining files firefighters. video the damage from earlier this week you can see the fire trucks being used to put out the fires. the cold front has hit western half has ended a two month he waved and cleared the errors from suffocating smog. it plunged 40 degrees in two days. washington's representative for pakistan says of floods floods cover all land mass as large as italy. it is stretched to the breaking point as well. here is the challenges one government relief camp. >> they come in droves survivors of pakistan's deadly floods some this is our final stop the largest camp outside the city of karachi. three generations of mohammed's family is here 35 of
4:49 am
them scrambled from their submerged home. >> i have nothing. >> what they do have is medical problems grandfather partially paralyzed from a stroke the mother as diabetes some of the children have diarrhea from contaminated water. 25 year-old i you shut can barely walk because of burns she suffered months before the flood. >> i feel pain and burning and cried through the day. life is hard for the 7000 people in the temporary shelter but there's more help here then close to home. >> here the government is doing everything it can to try and prevent disease. providing water daily for people to drink and another truck comes and filled with water that people can watch with. >> pattered bug killer outside tents to so many people have
4:50 am
shown up desperate for help it is at capacity. >> we are not going to increase the number of people we are afraid the number will be increased any academic will cause a problem. >> 4 million people are without shelter for those fortunate enough to have it they're making do and try to adjust to normal. >> all passengers on a derailed train in south eastern china have finally arrived at their destination yesterday to cars plunged into the river this is some of the video coming into the newsroom of firefighter said two cars had been swept 500 ft. down the river in all the train was caring about 1300 passengers heavier rains have pounded the region triggering
4:51 am
floods floods and landslides. back in the bay the father of four year old boy killed by an alleged front driver spoke about his loss publicly for the first time yesterday. as kron 4 it reports his message was straightforward don't drive. >> thank-you to everybody from my family. >> he couldn't find words in english to describe the loss of his son so he continued in spanish. >> my family is not the same because we miss our son very much. >> he was killed in san jose in july in a crash on 10140 year- old james francis lee also of gilroy is charged with the you
4:52 am
i. the annual labor day crackdown goes under way. >> if weekend to drunk driving you will face consequences be arrested and go to jail. >> get the day's end police raised $4,000 for his family by passing the hat though grateful he says nothing will bring back his son. >> he said for anyone who has children it's time to hug them and love them and play with them because he wishes he could do that with the sun but he doesn't have the sun and more. please don't drink and drive. >> kron 4 news. >> main mall technology located san jose and man who was lost and suffers from alzheimer's re olson is a man who went missing his wife joy was able to track
4:53 am
him sign him and bring him home safely thanks to that new data right there. tech reporter shows us how works. >> this is the m c q revenue tracking device to keep track of young kids or loved ones at risk of wandering off. it looks like the black watch without o'clock it's meant to be worn on arrest it takes to people to take off once it's on. you can wear it and we wonder stick in your pocket. it is those tracking the whereabouts of these devices if somebody goes missing you call the company the company calls law enforcement. they use 911 traffic finder. it's more reliable than gps. roy's suffers from alzheimer's a morrison on his belt. he went on walking never came back joy found them
4:54 am
finders' they tracked him down him to miles away notified police they pick them up brought him all he was safe and sound 30 minutes after joy made the call. what a story and a great gadget this could save a life. >>. so many times things happen to people. you don't wanna be this happens to on very happy it cost me $25 a month and at the dinner and it's certainly worth it. i hope i don't have to use it again but i feel more confident now that i know they can find him. if that were to happen again. >> it costs about $200.20 $5 a month for the service is and has a deep sleep. >> will take a break more headlines in a
4:55 am
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tomorrow gets cooler than that inland temperatures upper 70's and then we may bring it up by sunday but there is a warm-up and store more on that honor 70 forecast. we can expect as we bridge the day down your morning hours of dense fog and drizzle along the coast by lunchtime nuns of fog pulls back to the coast the sun comes up we get temperatures upper 70's then by about 3:00 p.m. warmest time of the day temperatures 82 in some inland and south bay spots that still 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday. this is how the fog is breaking by about 4:00 a.m.- 5:00 a.m. it will pull back to the bay area and the media bay by 9:00 a.m. them by about noon to the coast line. all in all the same pattern we've seen for weeks. here's where your forecast looks like 86 and
4:57 am
clearly, it's one in fairfield, 80 in concord 61 in san francisco as we move them up upper 60s low '70s around the water. south bay you will be at 74 in san jose, 81 in morgan hill 80 degree weather to out in the delta and along the livermore valley and along 68 quarter going for walnut creek in danville. seven day forecast we will talk about the warm up by monday into the '90s inland maybe even a few degrees hotter, tuesday that's the good news everybody can look forward to. temperatures getting back up to where they ought to be in august.
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ibm furlough fridays are backing california today marks the first one. ac transit will begin the first of many hearings in the contract dispute and riders are still experiencing service disruptions we will explain. stocks sank yesterday a closer look at future trading this morning i will give you a hint it doesn't look good. golden gate bridge again traffic is falling whether wyse maybe playing a part here fog advisory. let's talk more about your forecast today because that's not everybody wants to know the weekend coming up what to expect? temperatures low 80s inland upper 60s around the bay upper 50s along the coast this represents 5-10 degree cool down from what we had yesterday. it will feel a lot cooler issue head out the door make your way around the bay this afternoon. tomorrow is cooler temperatures
5:01 am
in the '70s edger high for inland spots. but. sunday may be a bounce back by next week that's when we will see a lot warmer temperature urged. let's break down today in the morning hours dense fog drizzle pretty much same thing we've seen we got on and temperatures in the '50s by about noon we get the fog pulling back to the coast in temperatures getting proper '70s in some spots by this afternoon 82 degrees. here's of fog bay area wide by about 9:00 the pulls back to the media bay heading towards a noon hour that's when we see a pullback mainly off the coast of the peninsula and some parts of the north bay. temperatures this afternoon highs 81 in fairfield 80 in concord 61 in san francisco and their various
5:02 am
spots mainly upper 60s low '70s around the peninsula and on the waters of the east bay for their inland '80s for the delta livermore valley in the south bay temperatures 74 degrees in san jose 81 in morgan hill. some day forecast temperatures cooler saturday, sunday finally warming not monday, tuesday, wednesday is more mother throughout the morning now here's eric back. >> james just mentioned fog advisory earlier this morning at the golden gate bridge to concede traffic and along both sides find. the chp is asking you pull down your speeds just a little and much of for the cars in front of you this is not going to affect your drive time too much novato and to san francisco they just reconfigured the lanes for the morning commute for lanes headed southbound from ran into san
5:03 am
francisco over to the maps southbound to 80 a late night accident shut down the to right- hand lanes all lanes are currently open and moving at top speed train now 65 mi. an hour out there wrapping up with a shot of the south bay in san jose traffic thicker than we saw 10 minutes ago southbound traffic moving while northbound delay free rein now 12 minutes from downtown san i say up to santa clara. >> headlines this morning we have 150,000 workers on furlough today it is back this after supreme court says furloughs can resume while reviews if the governor has the authority to mandate unpaid days off. it applies to the second, third, fourth fridays of the month. if you have the dmv appointment today need to reschedule.
5:04 am
furloughs' 6 bested estimated to save a hundred and $50 billion a month. today's the first hearing before an arbitrator the agency still having service disruption so much so as the transit is canceling hundreds of buses every day. commuters want to know why this is happening and when it will land. and carmen tells us. >> as the transit passengers waiting for boss are having to wait till lot longer these days in many cases the bosses simply are not showing up at all in the last week ac transit has cancelled 200-400 schedule bus runs each day. 258 last wednesday 204 last thursday 411 last friday 284 this past monday and 210 on tuesday.
5:05 am
>> i'm sympathetic with the writers i hope they will have the patience to stay with us we will do our very best to pull this together. >> ac transit mary king says retirements with summer vacation in industrial injures the injuries and six calls and a lack of money to hire is what's causing the problem. >> we don't have enough bus drivers to make the rounds. shortly will have lost less runs and maybe the number of drivers we have will be the correct amount. >> furans means your boss's which means service cuts that won't happen until october. >> until lacy's transit finds a solution people at these bus stops will be sitting around waiting for buses that may not be coming. in oakland increment kron 4 news. >> it is considered the largest drug bust in northern california history. they confiscated 475
5:06 am
lbs. of crystal and raw method and that means as well as cocaine all with a street value of about $100 million it happen that a hose on route road the drugs were snatched in these coolers and other bins that was scattered throughout the house is believed the operation is tied to mexican drug cartels. we have pictures of the nationalist that were arrested at the house. hector, the latvian, and sergio. they are in santa clara county jail this morning it will be held in sacramento county. 163 passengers on american airlines flight 24 ers safely in new york after a hijacked french at s f o turned out to be bogus the flight was ready to leave at 915 yesterday morning but never took
5:07 am
off after authorities had a report of a possible hijacking attempt. if it was called in all meet at the manager alerted police about the call the authorities felt it was credible enough to evacuate the plane carried no rest have been made yet and officials determine the threat was not credible after all they're looking to see me the call. you can imagine fear and frustration for those passengers kron 4 talked with a few of them as they headed into a terminal this is what had to say. >> when the captain said i could tell by his voice he was tense he said everybody needs to stay put take my word for it don't move. that was tense. >> i knew intuitively and then we saw please car and they kept on moving a plane further out and away. for us imagine how
5:08 am
you're feeling when you're making a connection. >> i'm surprised or the young or old? the guy was in his '30's and the woman couldn't tell >> they look this suspicious or anything. we still don't know what happened to say this is what happened this is what we success six back they came on took them all and then boarded off. >> the to they took off in handcuffs big question and released they were put on a later flight bound for new york as well stay tune if we find anything new of as to make the call will in no. back with more
5:09 am
moments. ç÷
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mark lower following yesterday's slide the dow lost. the nasdaq and s&p finished lower. pc maker dell says net income improve 16% in the fiscal second quarter as businesses route plays the aging technology dell's revenue comes from selling technology to other companies so its results gives us a glimpse into how much other businesses are spending on technology. federal officials are ready to hit american airlines with a penalty of $25 million or more for maine and shortcomings those maintenance problems led to thousands cancelled flights in 2008. confidential document says trans ocean the company that owned the
5:13 am
oil rig is accusing bp of withholding evidence needed to investigate the cause of that spill. bp called the claims a publicity stunt lawmakers have voiced similar complaints. they appear to be likely to face off in court over how much they should pay for the tragedy. trans ocean own direct but bp was the operator. we will be back more headline straight ahead a lot look for at james lick freeway traffic moving wall. sn
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
if for those dq heading out the door of very light conditions we will take it to the bay bridge toll plaza later than we usually see at this time all those car selling by coming from all approaches heading towards the city overnight construction finally cleared out. enjoy at 8 minute from the foot of the maze
5:19 am
to fremont city. san mateo slightly thicker conditions of moving delays free as to make your way westbound towards foster city those headlights coming at you making their way into hayward. 13 minutes across the span. golden gate bridge traffic moving well despite of fog advisory the thick fog on your screen right there. both directions across the span be aware of heavy fog and watch out for the cars in front of you. wrapping up with a quick peek at the creek traffic snaking along fine in both directions. james. >> thousands of drivers are apparently ignoring california's had handsfree numbers. chp
5:20 am
reporting today enforcements. they issued 2500 citations to drivers using the phones without hands free device. 900 sick patient were given out august 10th. 1600 during the second day of the campaign the average fine for violating the law runs between $120-$150. call train is dealing with budget problems drivers riders could be paying more for last three major changes. ferrotype 25¢ on the base fare and maybe another quarter for each zone. second is a train cut from the schedules. third is eliminating weekend service altogether. in the public meetings frustrated
5:21 am
writers voice their. >> instead of cutting service run faster trains it would be cheaper to run. >> take out the seats of putting more bicycles. >> an advisory committee. >> tel train will hold another public meeting no decision until after that meeting. also san francisco police investigating the beating of a gay man on a muni light rail. this photograph was taken after the attack because he is: davenport says he was writing the line church and market when a group of young people got on a train that's when he decided to get off. he was passing them to get to the door one of them called him a derogatory name that's when he
5:22 am
turned and said excuse me. that's when they attacked him. it was able to have run for help at this point he never feel safe. >> this is supposed to be the most exciting places in the world for people. i've never felt scared in san francisco before this. i just actually wrote the minutes from downtown and i am watching my back. >> this is davenport's i now as it looks the swelling has gone down. it is being treated as a hate crime they are checking surveillance video. a 19 year- old man was killed and apparently get gang-related shooting it happened just before 7:00 p.m. at the new the victim was taken to san francisco general where he died. police detained several suspects and recovered the gun carriage
5:23 am
humboldt county man said he was molested by a priest in eureka and 1984 is suing the roman catholic diocese of fraud and nondisclosure cured akeley he claims mark hurley the bishops failed to inform father patrick mccabe. and the fact that he was sent because it to the states due to sexual misconduct. 523 live look at the golden gate bridge as seen from the north bay looking down the stand titillates are southbound headed to san francisco,
5:24 am
5:25 am
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jcpenney. we are back time now is 5:27 a.m. chp placed of fog in advisory on the golden gate bridge allied picture to gay you more news faster let's go to jackie cecil. jackie you think it's dense enough at this out hour for a defogger advisory? >> yes it is exactly it's a beautiful december morning happening in august. you can see at to the waldo grade all the way to the bridge when you get to the top of the waldo grade visibility is half a mile.
5:28 am
definitely be aware obviously you can see the videoñw$ of the bridge itself. lots of fog. when you get over to the other side of the bridge it does break up. >> all we have seen was from the other side at the toll plaza and it didn't look that bad. but it really is the north end of the bridge. 5:28 a.m. more break.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:30 a.m. alive look from our roof camera it is foggy once again ankle as well. today will be 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday will feel that in the morning and also this afternoon. taking a look at this what it's going to shape up for. let's get
5:31 am
past the seven day and get to the maps. today the fog will pay play a factor in the morning it will cool off even more tomorrow with more fog and drizzle by sunday may be a rebound in temperatures appeared friday 82 inland, 78 by saturday, sunday 82. temperatures saying the debt saturday everybody takes it down before bring enough by the end of the weekend. here's a breakdown of today the morning hours dense fog and drizzle temperatures in the '50s by noon fog calls back to the coast temperatures did to the '70s, this afternoon the warm response is 82 and that is 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday. the fog will be with us until about 9:00 a.m. then it will pull believe back to the baked if then by noon fourth against to the coastal areas than everybody
5:32 am
enjoys sunshine, it will get the as warm as we like it. 71 in novato napa 74, 61 in san francisco 66 in oakland, '70s around the media base south bay will little warmer 81 in morgan hill and livermore. 70 forecast cooler this weekend but by monday as we told you warming that trend will see next week. '70s made up for '70s around the bay than mid upper 60s along the coast there is more in your forecast of it. >> the commute is building around the bay delays free conditions no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza cars selling by from all approaches of course those meter lights are
5:33 am
still off right now and join in a minute from the foot of the maze to fremont. all minicam making their way past golden gate fields no problems or delays make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza sam francisco of james lick freeway southbound traffic looking fine. east bound traffic to the lower deck is moving delays free no problems making your way around the city and towards sf both. >> today is the first of many hearings before an arbitrator in a labor dispute. passengers have to make that whittle lot longer for bosses with many not showing up at all. our report showed 200-400 croats were canceled the everyday more than 1306 calls during that time in terms
5:34 am
manageresses retirements coupled with summer vacations injuries and of course it calls and lack of money to hire new drivers is the root of the problem. >> i am sympathetic with the riders. we will do our very best to pull this together. surely will have less runs and a number of drivers will be the correct amount of hours for the runs. >> service cuts but that is not scheduled to take effect until october feared ac transit is affecting thousands of people who rely on service each and every day to get a round of tariff was frustrating is a lack of information. >> everybody is trying to cut back on gas and expenses. the next bus says it is coming in 15 minutes and it says that for a half hour. it is bad all round.
5:35 am
>> people have had to call in and told to tell their bosses there and because of problems. furlough friday after south supreme court said furloughs can return. here is the quick look at the offices affected the dmz will affect a lot of people of the appointment to date rescheduled. public health will be closed and fish and game. the furloughs will save the state $150 million a month the court will rid address the issue september 8th. city council has voted unanimously for new contract for please managers the please union have agreed to contract that requires a manager to contribute to the retirement
5:36 am
fund. it is for 17 officers captains sergeants and lieutenants. san mateo police are asking for help and any leads into the killing of this man. at the hills they all mall. at this point they have no suspects or persons of interest even though the department has poured all resources and divining shooter including a siding and detectives to the case. $50,000 report record has been offered a manhunt for knicks gave prison inmate and fiance's over authorities say they captured john and his fiancee they have been on the run since july 30th. sorry june 30th. along the way the escapees
5:37 am
told a semite trapped and killed an elderly couple in mexico to other inmates were captured near yellowstone and heather and colorado. we will take a break more headlines coming of a live look from the cemetery bridge traffic moves sign in east and west direction. we'll be right back.
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we are back 5:40 a.m. stock futures lower following yesterday's slide this is how did yesterday lost more than 144 points to finish at 10,000 to 71. nasdaq also lost 36. tough times are forcing people to dip into their retirement savings. they made hardship withdrawals from their retirement accounts in the second quarter the number of workers pouring from their accounts rigid 10 your thigh.
5:41 am
firefighters are making progress against a brush fire erupting in riverside county. you can see a fire burning at its peak the fire has burned 25 a. and is only 15 percent contained this morning no homes are a trend at this hour some good news there the braze blaze broke out before 8:00 a.m. last night. 200 ground crews battling the flames we will take another break for overnight news in a moment. bay bridge approach moving fairly well through the toll plaza. yñx >
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back to kron 4 morning news an update on bay area weather off of the golden gate bridge right now chp putting out of fog advisory. the cool down kicks down for the weekend. here's the weekend out look cooler than yesterday really warm duck inland mid-80s
5:45 am
temperatures right now during starting to warm up a bit as we head towards monday and tuesday that's when 97. 53 and sam francisco 56 in oakland, the fog around the bay getting into the fog into san clara valley. fog around the bay over the bay bridge and the san mateo and dumbarton abridge over to the richmond san rafael bridge. overcast through petaluma valley now much fog into napa valley clear toward fairfield as well. fog trucker for five, 6:00. about 7:00 it will break up the bed by 9:00 a.m. sunday inland by noontime fog will clear of for the most part but some still showing up around the bay. during the cool down today
5:46 am
into the weekend 71 novato 61 today in san francisco, 81 in fairfield oakland mid-60s mid- 70s san jose 80 in manioc and fog in and half moon bay and upper 50s. cool today cooler tomorrow warming up a few degrees on sunday the warm weather coming in for next week could see '90s and lined up for '70s bay mid-60s that the coast. we will finally get typical summertime weather. let's been update on the forecast i mean on traffic where there that. >> good morning mark smith conditions for the better part of the bay area building of bed at the toll plaza have beer volume them we saw and on our last report towards the city but no problems are delays across
5:47 am
the span making your way through the pay gates still looking at at 8-9 minute ride. you're right for what a great guy know it's a dark shot southdown and northbound 680 moving to a late fresnel no problems out there making your way westbound 24 looking like a delay free ride south bay 1 01 in san jose traffic definitely building out there not terribly bad make your way in the southbound direction but the taillights making their way northbound traffic slickly thicker your drive time looking at about 14 minutes from downtown san jose toward santa clara. >> 547 right now headlines around the bay a cab driver the chased a suspicious car after shooting will be honored today we have video of that crime scene the driver who has been advised to remain anonymous
5:48 am
while it continues says he called police and all the suspicious car to a hotel that's when police descended and took five people into custody. the driver will be honored at a luncheon today at jon's grille he will be presented with a gift certificates. the brother of the san francisco giant pleaded not guilty in connection to a series of from driving hit and run spirit came in sheer holds allegedly hid a pedestrian and bicycle as witnesses say he finally ended when he was blocked by a truck and several people called him out of the car held him to please arrive. he will be in court september 3rd. russia has handed a new to india for a 10-year lease two years after an accident during testing killed 20 people. the nerpa, under the command of an indian crew, left its base on russia's
5:49 am
pacific coast earlier this week, bound for an indian naval base. in november 2008 the submarine was on sea trials when its fire extinguishing system switched on unexpectedly. twenty people died after inhaling the toxic gas used as a fire suppressant. meanwhile heavy rains have drenched parts of russia that is good news giving firefighters much needed help battling wildfires. this is video of some of the cruise. the cold front that has hit western russia has ended the heat wave. temperatures in moscow plunge 40 degrees in two days. washington special to the representative says floods in pakistan covers a landmass larger than italy. sericite their shows us the challenges of one relief camp. >> they come in droves survivors
5:50 am
of deadly floods some this is our final stop the lauded the largest relief camp. three generations of mohammed's family is here all 35 of them scrambled from submerged homes. >> have nothing. >> what they do have is the marriott of medical problems grandfather partially paralyzed the mother has diabetes some of the children have diarrhea from drinking contaminated water she can barely walk due to tier will burn she's suffered months before the >> flood> i feel a lot of pain and burning and i cried through the day she says. >> life is hard for 7000 people in this shelter but there's more help here than they could find close to home. >> here in the largest camp the government is doing everything they can to prevent disease
5:51 am
providing water daily and another truck comes in filled with water table awash with. >> authorities have put powdered bug killer outside of tense to ward off disease caring mosquitoes. the campus at capacity. >> we will not increase the number of people we are afraid if the numbers increased any academic will break through. >> the un estimates 4 million people are without shelter for those fortunate enough to have it are making do or try to adjust to the new normal. >> passengers on a derailed train in china have arrived in their destinations yesterday to of the train cars plunged into or river after floods destroyed a bridge. this is some of the video a firefighter said two
5:52 am
cars had been swept 500 ft. down the river in all the train was carrying 1300 passengers ever rains have pounded the region this summer triggering floods and landslides buried by 50 2:00 a.m. another break we will be back in a minute a live look at james lick freeway as we track the commute coming in and of san francisco so far said about 1 01 moving well. we will be right back. our real national pastime?
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5:55 a.m. new technology helped locate a san jose man who was lost and suffers from alzheimer's. his wife was able to bring him home thanks to this device right here. >> this is the m c q a new tracking device to keep track of young kids or loved ones are risk of wandering off. it looks like the black watch without o'clock its men to be worn on somebody's risk. you compared on anywhere you want. the company is tracking these devices of somebody goes missing you call the company the company tracks the device find the person wearing it and notifies will law-enforcement. they used 911 triangular accuracy. its will more reliable than gps which
5:57 am
can't function when somebody's inside a building. he severs all timers and wears it on his belt wednesday he one of walking never came back. his wife called and finders they tracked him sound him to miles away notifying police they picked, brought him home he was safe and sound 30 minutes after joining the call. when great gadget this device could save a life. >> so many times things happen to people you don't want be the one this happens to. i'm very happy cost me $25 a month a dinner out it's certainly worth appeared i hope i never have to use it again but i feel confident now that they will find him. if that were happening again. >> it costs about $200.20 $5 a month for service. in san jose kids like kron 4 news. >> 5:57 a.m. a live look at
5:58 am
golden gate bridge reminder if chp ninth issued a fog of advisory for the span george coming up.
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