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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 23, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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topping the news at 5:00 this is a live picture of the skyline of san francisco this summer weather finally arrived in the bay area. clear blue sky is no clouds no fog and we may even break some temperature records today. jacqueline bennett is here to say its three or for this form of the day. >> it is warm for this hour the day and this time of the year. we've been talking about average is below average these are well above where we should be treated or gore to see things even hotter into tomorrow right now 72 degrees in half moon
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bay, 86 and san francisco tablatures the war because we have virtually no sea breeze winds out there this afternoon. also hot to the rest the bay area. 90 degrees and santa rosa, 98 now bob, 98 in concord in 95 in antioch. the temperature not review that is three degrees the previous record was 92 so expect that went have been broken if that's the official number in oakland as well temperatures could be record-setting there today the temperature change over the past 24 hours were up quite a bit this afternoon. 9 degrees warmer than yesterday in half moon bay, 80 degrees warmer in san francisco overall temperatures of about 10 to 15 degrees over what we saw yesterday. tonight into tomorrow, it will stay warm this evening clear skies as well we don't have sea breeze when so we won't see fog it's just too dry. it 7:00 tomorrow morning fog conditions clear skies temperatures will be about 60
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degrees to start the day so pretty mild. in the afternoon it will get hot once again once again with many places popping a hundred degrees. will talk about all that coming up in just a bit. >> air quality in the bay area you could see the santa clara valley is the only real problem spot today. the year is considered on healthy for sensitive groups to that exact of children, adults people with respiratory disease like as not need to limit wheat to outside today. air quality measurement officials measure quality of what she called it air quality thermometer ec ranges from zero to 500. see the spot rate here, 101 to 150 this is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. if today the senate clara valley barely reach this level at 101. the air quality management district said these numbers are but what we saw this time last year we just saw more days of on the healthy air. tomorrow is yet another spare the air day which puts us up to two for this year this time last year we were at
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10. >> firefighters across the bay area are on high alert as we get a taste of what some are in late august as opposed to feel like. rob take this or where look to see inside the busy nerve center fire headquarters in morgan hill. >> it didn't take long for the return of hot weather to have an impact on whats so far been relatively quiet summer for firefighters by 11:00 monday dispatchers inside cal fire command center in morgan hill were already scrambling to respond to three fires at the same time your listing to look inside. >> 10 15 a. large portion of the valley. >> minor grass fires in the east bay and along i 51 they say no what may be a busy week ahead for fire fighters. for example take a look as this dispatcher order personnel and insurance in brentwood to battle the plains along the freeway. another plot locations and strategies on
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these mount wallace are dispatched then gave orders for the station to be man to other crews brought in from elsewhere >> with the offshore flow or its pretty mild its push that marine layer up that we've been experiencing for the last several weeks. were experiencing fires today that iraq's the catching or it may something as simple as. the rich >> of the hot weather in growing frequency the rest farce means the vegetation is slowly starting to dry and and that goes for the trees and have your vegetation as well which means the potential for wildland fires is getting back to what is normal for lit august. a morgan hill, kron 4 news. >> this just in we want to show you live pictures of ocean beach earlier this afternoon fire fighters here recall to help the teenage warmer that was in distress. surfers manage to get the 14 year-old to safety before rescue crews got there. you can see a group of people on the beach was not wearing a wet
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suit he's taken a san francisco general where he is in stable condition. the latest producer back to you. if >> new details in the hijacking coax at san francisco international airport last thursday. if their new accusations tonight of racial profiling. as kate thompson reports some are questioning why pakistan to couple became the only people to be removed from >> the plate and > >> it's absolutely racial profiling nothing subtle about this couple >> the pakistan decouple seen here in this photograph were handcuffed and removed from american airlines flight 24 on thursday, were wearing western clothes speaking in english and were not acting suspicious. >> the couple it's a bias flight attendant none of that make sense and instead what happened when the couple was treated guilty until proven innocent. for what we believe is no other reason that they were part of
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pakistan the origin >> couple that was back in pakistan spoke to the council about what happened them after they were taken off the plane carried >> it took them off the plane were they were detained on the tarmac for several hours separately while still cuffed in police cars. >> the fbi said wall 163 passengers aboard the plane were interviewed and have their base we screen. >> these have said in this type of situation they thought there was a threat to everybody is a suspect right to soever but is a suspect so why world these two people handcuffed and detained while everybody else was escorted off in a much more cordial fashion. if >> reporting from sfo kron 4 news. >> the contra costa sheriff's department is investigating the case of a sky diver was body was found this morning in by renter kron 4 jeff bush explains what happened. >> it started here bay area skydiving near the byron airport a 55 year-old martinez man went skydiving sunday afternoon
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around 3:00. the plane took off the what i jumped out the was the last time he was seen alive. the man's wife contacted the martinez police department early this morning reported him missing pish the contra costa sheriff's department said deputies out here to investigate and they found a man's car and his belongings in it. chp got involved and said a helicopter of to try and find him and by early afternoon his body was found about half a mile away by three officers say the issue cannot avoid that are calling it an accident. the owner of bay area skydiving did not want to go in kermanshah because he is pretty shaken up about the whole thing not only because the man took off from his place but also apparently the owner knew the man for several years. if it is unclear if the man was sky diving alone it is common practice for experienced skydivers to take care of themselves once they leave the plane carried in other words the sky diving as facility does not have anyone on the ground to make sure that they make a down safely to read the contra costa sheriff's department is on releasing the
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man's name until the next of kin is notified. environ kron 4 news. >> a live look outside at monday's traffic. this is in san francisco the 80-101 split top of your screen moving slowly in the same southbound 101 the bottom of your screen also a crawl. we'll be right back more news ahead.
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today u.s. park police say they will set charges against suspected of stabbing a dog for times there on thursday. here's a picture of the dog and american bulldog his name is lenny he suffered a damaged spleen and long he is expected to recover from the stabbing. the 33 year-old man has not been released and he is not under arrest but official say he may be in custody by the end of this week. a state appeals court upholds marjorie second-degree murder conviction for the death
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of diane look back in 2001. in that ruling the appeal court said and she knew taking her dog show in public was dangers to human life the dogs attacked and killed what poll in the hallway of their apartment building. miller could appeal again to the california supreme court and then into federal court if she chooses to. san francisco please looking for missing 14 year-old who may be on her way to texas with an older man she met on my space. for these three months tiffany all pressed to see this picture has been in contact through my space with a man whose first name is gino. he is believed to be in his 30's police think chino may be driving in your model toyota tundra pickup truck of press was last seen wearing gray velvet pajamas and black metal frame glasses. >> live look held at ocean beach you can see people on the water in joined this nice day out there today. it's such a pretty
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drastic change over what we saw yesterday. 98 napa, 98 in santa rosa it even more close to the coast line. virtually no sea breeze winds today so temperatures warming to 72 1/2 monday, 86 and san francisco and 90s or inland spots. 94 in san jose. we're going to see another very hot day out there tomorrow the heat advisory to the sec for much of the bay area all the areas you see how lead in the north under screen it's all the lower elevations. the higher elevations and not is not included in this puts virtually the entire bay area full of hot weather that's going to continue in tomorrow will be towards world and today many spots of in a hundred degrees out there tomorrow. it is that the coast line 90s for a bay shore. take a look of the temperatures on future cast your courage to start the day of the of one your screen all temperatures in the '70s at 7:00 a.m.. at noon all
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the red on your screen, all temperatures already into the '90s the orange temperatures in the '80s. '80s and '90s for the most part and noon and will be taught in the triple digits especially britain and spots per field, antioch, concord all topping the country. hundred napa, 101 and santa rosa, 1 06 in antioch 378 in half moon bay, 88 san francisco, 94 redwood city and nearly the triple digits down in the south bay temperatures about 15 degrees the he will continue for in the spots into wednesday but things will cool down. the sea breeze winds will return wednesday it will not better temperatures along the coast and the bay and the sea breeze winds taking over as we head into the week temperatures will " dramatically especially into the weekend. will see temperatures only in the '70s and land of 15
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degrees below >> just into the kron 4 news room we just learned the san francisco police department said it arrested a key suspect we will assure you video of the victim. we interviewed him last thursday he said on the 14th he was on the j church line try to get off muni there's a group of young people getting on the victims as his bag got hooked on one of the suspects he said excuse me to the diet the suspect said the victim made an anti-gay store and punched the victim in the face and head. you can see as i still little school in there. again police said they did now making arrests in the case the suspect is 15 years old. that leads from the newsroom back to you. >> can't read a part of public health is bracing for possible new cases of whooping cough especially now that many children are heading back to school this week. kron 4 moreen
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kelly shows what officials are doing to try and keep the epidemic in check. >> are sending out letters like is the alameda county health department that's now being sent out by the oakland school district that let's parents know about the whooping cough epidemic that's sweeping the state. it also reminds them that it is a preventable disease and having their children vaccinated is the best defense against whopping cough it's also know as pertussis. there's also information in here about the booster shot that was developed a few years ago and is now recommended for kids 10 years old and over who were vaccinated hear the san francisco will door to school administrators are notifying parents of unvaccinated children will be asked to stay home from school for up to three weeks if cases of a whopping cough you've developed here even if those on vaccinated kids are healthy in order to slow down the spread of the disease. marin kelly kron 4 news. news around the world
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officials in chile are taking steps to provide food and water and medicine to 33 miners who were trapped deep inside a gold and copper mine. this is a note that came out of that mine from the minors it said " all 33 of us are fine in the shelter " authorities and relatives of the miners have to see them clapping their declined a nearby hill and planted 33 flags. to sing the national anthem yesterday all in celebration of getting that note that was after a probe sent some 2,000 ft. deep in the mind came back with a note. it take up to four months though to cover title wide enough to breathe free those miners. in the philippines eight people including a gun and are dead after 12 our hostage situation. happen today when an angry former policeman hijacked a bus taking 15 passengers hostage and demanded his job back. police stormed the vehicle a sniper killed the suspect as he started
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shooting at the chinese tourists were in said the boss. li's seven captive managed to survive forcing growing out of the back door. the united nations says flooding in pakistan is out running the relief efforts. emergency workers are working frantically today to try and shore up a system of levees protecting to southern pakistan city's but a u.n. spokesman says no matter how fast they work the finish line keeps moving for their head. almost a month after flooding has killed 1500 people destroyed or damaged 1.2 million homes and affected 17.2 million people there. in india heavy rains continue these are pictures and deli where thousands of people have been evacuated camps have been set up to provide shelter to the people affected by the rising water levels there. i 62 mi. long traffic jam never heard of anything like this before. this is on the highway in china and is now entered its ninth day
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there's no end in sight. our web producer can believe brings as a look at the back up. the next time you're stuck in traffic reminder celtic always be worse you could be one of these drivers to stock in gridlock on the beijing to that expressway. it all started on august 14th to a spike and truck traffic heading towards the capital in the problem was exacerbated by construction project on the roadway that began five days earlier. it's bumper-to-bumper for miles and miles official say small accidents and broken-down cars have also been a factor since the congestion started this is a look over had joined the traffic stretching across the waterway there. residents in the area have reportedly tried to capitalize on the drivers who are stuck by setting up stands along the roadway and selling food and drinks at inflated prices. to read all about this ongoing traffic jam in china visit our whats on the web section on we have a programming change to
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the southern section of the great highway near the san francisco zoo will be reopen by mid october you can see the area affected here on our map. the san francisco department public works will begin work there next week to install new drainage and accrues will also reconfigure the road which was dangerously close to crumbling into the ocean. kron 4 dave tells of the plans to reopen the road and shore up the bluff for good. >> standing in the southbound lane of the great highway. this is a section that's been closed since january due to the erosion of the clubs. the plan is to reconfigure this road and move it 30 ft. to the east to get for their way from the water. this is a section of the plot adjacent to the high with the crumbled during the storms earlier this year. some 70 ft.
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of these clubs have been washed away in the last 10 years pure the road is been close from slow boulevard if passed as do all the way to skyline boulevard. the detour is caused traffic backups during the evening during the southbound commute. the part of public works expects the road to reopen by an october 15th. in addition to the work they just completed a report that will help determine how they will be permanently shoring up the bus along that area as well. the work that was done earlier this year is temporary although it could last for years. the working with other agencies to figure the best possible way to the erosion of the loss to a minimum. >> prices at the pump are on the decline the national averages at $2.71 a gallon. that is down about poor cents from last week. the price is still about 8¢ more than this time last year. the state averages $3.14 a gallon around the bay area's san francisco gas is $3.25 on average to 317 in oakland and
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316 in san jose. >> a live look outside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco book it is crystal clear skies it's everywhere across the bay area as is the heat. it is hot out there today and get even hotter into tomorrow. all complete details right after the break.
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