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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 25, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> could morning, 4:00 a.m. a live we have once again warned temperatures. that will be rather dangerous for firefighters we never fire burning on meltdown blow. weather center find that the latest the forecast in those sectors. >> good news is there some relief along the peninsula we did some. he advisor in some deed advisory is in effect until 8:00 a.m. raid on to the north bay. you can see that area a brown highlighting the north bay also to the east bay. portions of the south bay. still sparking some warm temperatures triple
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digits today. however some relief. current temperatures, in the '70s, pretty warm out there. 73 into redwood city. as the heavens in the afternoon as temperatures are expected to warm up. upper 90s to standards up. currie yesterday all triple digits. churro distilled your fairfield. one of two los gatos, 101 morgan hill. you can see around the peninsula starting to see a little bit of relief in those temperatures. the 92 firms on hill along the coast around 72. 87 oakland, 98 san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. big changes starting tomorrow to check them out thursday we're
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really given notice to cool down. today is really the last day with that fairly smothering he gets there. thursday, friday and triple digits to the '70s. saturday around the low '70's. back to the morning fog. a live drizzle in the morning much cooler weather expected by the weekend. conditional are ever so slightly but still keeping as temperatures well below eocene. checker and a tree with their care. >> smith conditions not much for non. quick bridge check. bay bridge toll plaza, a couple of cars had cited westbound uigurs the overnight construction was closing down the to right and lanes but still a nice easy drive of their clocking in eight minutes in the foot of the reason to fremont. right to a cemetery out conditions are slightly thicker, i know it's
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hard to see because of the darker side of very good condition smoother though usually see. those bright lights making their way the hayward rain now know from from or delays in the the direction in looking at the verge of minutes from one end to the other. golden gate, nice easy ride. very few cars on the road with no problems whatsoever under southbound ride this year headed northbound it is also delayed free ride. novato to san francisco 21 minutes. james. >> thank you, a top story the wildfire burning in the east bay kron4 is jonathan bloom has been monitoring the fire and as the latest from walnut creek. >> you can see the smoke
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billowing up over mt. diablo as firefighters and work through the dark hours to try and contain a well fire that started in the afternoon and as quickly spread. the jury is tough and firefighters initially had churl getting access to the fire because of fallen power lines that they now say may have started the blaze. pga move the power line and were able to send to help. there were able to protect and save one on and say no other homes return to. >> meanwhile this morning the fires have to present contained but it is burned. and 75 a. of spring in a remote section of the files residents of danville, walnut creek are able to see that smoke. if even some of the flames for real and that distance. which are too few people in dan geller were concerned not distribute those homes for for your quality. >> i live right over here i can see the big cloud of smoke. and
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their plans. what of my sons had soccer, the against it. >> and the home from work there is concerned about them playing. i call the fire determine what the recommended >> you concerned that something and that again mario. at the same time the resources of your pretty good. i gotta believe the bill have contained as it is possible. >> cooler's smile, it is an account across the county just east of walnut creek. we will examine see it a better look, very rugged terrain of their that is what firefighters are hampered with none on steep contained blood the heart conditions. keep that in mind as
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you look on the mountainside this morning. firefighters will have a tough side do it that this morning. here's some of the photographs that viewers have been >> sending >> kron4 viewers are helping expand our coverage of the wild fire with their photographs. this snapshot, you can see smoke from the fire hugging the dry cars to county hills. a similar scene from another photo, you can see the dark days hanging in the sky. another voter from livermore, yet a close of view of the fire you can see the smoke billowing up from the hill in the distance. another of your sitting in traffic, you can see traffic slowing as the smoke starts to fill the skyline. palomar tucci shows a situation from his yard, and the hills in
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the background. you can see all of these photographs and find the link to send in your own pictures and other web site >> meanwhile extreme fire related conditions are prompted the city of san jose to close on rock park yesterday in fact may be closed again today no public access or activities will be about the expected to open the park again tomorrow. but if it continues to be like it is they may keep a close. really know. wild fires still burning in southern california it spread to more than 1,300 a.. northwest of los angeles more than 50 homes were in danger but at this point evacuation orders have been this lifted. you can see how loss of this fire is in his pictures. the fire's cause still under
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investigation. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a warm day expected inland and seven sister we hope things will just a bit. james lick,. 0
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welcome back, wednesday morning, another hot day out there is pressure for some of inland locations, still have a heated rising in effect for some of the locations around the bay. more details. coming details good news is we do have a cool down ahead of us. james. >> thank you, a quick reminder again we're following this story of montreal lowered firefighters are hoping for some relief today. hoping the man i get it. rain now the fire is 50 percent contained they're hoping to get full containment rarely this morning. it has burned
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three under and 35 a., there are some structures duron been no orders have been placed. expecting to get an updated 6:30 a.m. we'll you know we find out. three firefighters from several disturbing honored for their courageous efforts in fighting a fire in and ran a red james o'connell and firefighters henry cast out and try and toby will recognize at this week's for commissioning they will reserve the here is the mentoring this service award. there responded to a further three story apartment, located 27 rob man who live there. to save him. stock futures are struggling, the s&p is down at this hour. will get an idea they and how the market for new homes heard in july analysts are looking for a slight rise in sales. they're
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smart phone is nonce all silly as it states of the two-year contract for $99 to shoebrushes of the 3 d tv that will require three the gatt process. >> 3 million seniors have to switch medicare drug plans whether they like it or not. the new effort by medicare to make it simpler for consumers to pick the sturgeon are rich it could be an unwelcome surprise for seniors who have been intended to make a change. it risks undermining president of ron was promised that people can keep their old friends of delight them. the state senate narrowly approved two bills to seven insurance exchange their allow people to shop for. new
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details regarding charity, u.s. regulators say they stepped up their investigation into why engines may be stalling enteric rosa makes vehicles. so far this in the recall backers have lines may be some relief along the coast. in london will be hot. a live look the same detail bridge is a good bridge. traffic is
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is 4:14 a.m. here's some of the
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latest pictures will send a still of firefighters faced a second day of record high temperatures the flames are threatening some homes in the area no evacuations have been ordered the fire is 50 percent contained. at this point and has earned three under and 75 a.. let's find a wet weather will be like good morning louisa for. >> good morning james. the peninsula's infield of relief today. san jose will be another hot day. heat advisory still in the fact. currently in san has a temperatures are really warm out there. let us go ahead and take a look at some of the temperatures 75 degrees by noontime getting up to 90. high- temperature are quite in the crib will triple digits. 90 degrees for an afternoon high incident as a back down again to 88 by the accord hour.
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elsewhere fairly warm temperatures at this are it will only continue to rise. haiti advisory in effect for all the areas profundities bay. arthur the north bay as well. down and do san jose, the peninsula's where we will see this big difference and along the coast not quite as roger we were yesterday. current temperatures 71 for san francisco, 72 concord, cert hayward, 76 san jose, keeping those temperatures in the '60s, '70s. as a head towards noon and warming it up a mixture of 80 and even some nineties. yes once again we will see triple digits not quite as widespread as we saw yesterday. the you can see those triple digits start to spill over. then by the seven reports are
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will: ron down temperatures in the '70s, '80s overall it is going to be another hot day. one of three fairfield. one of june los gatos. livermore coming in and 103 antioch close to the triple digit mark 99. 87 oakland. 72 half moon bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. drastic will dance comes tomorrow friday a big difference in that weather and by the weekend is going to be. : forecast a hatteras. >> no real issues aside traffic is getting by without delays. we'll take it outside, they bridge toll plaza, cars are
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getting on by just fine from all purges. we're hearing from a new accident rate by lake sure, it's on the shoulder chp is there not affecting traffic. once you reach the toll plaza you'll see some overnight construction in affecting the incline and treasure island. traffic is nice and light it should not be a problem clocking in eight minutes in the foot of amazing to fremont. right to albany westbound 80. traffic is moving at the limit. no promises to make it your way past golden gate. wrapping up tickets of 101, san jose, a little there could sites would is hard to see but barely any cars is to make a choice of bounds. northbound is getting along just fine. >> new details this morning
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about the rest is for an accident and that of control suvs that crashed into a bus stop. five people seriously injured now police say the driver did not have a valid driver's license. at this point she has been cited and released. in turn explains how the tax and unfolded. >> like this vehicle of 30 say the 24 year-old woman was headed south on san bruno towards bay shore. she lost control across the double yellow line and slammed into five people were waiting here for us. >> she said she strained some type of mechanical difficulty, unable to apply the brakes, unable to shift the gears. >> after hitting a five-year waiting for the bus the forecast for the owners driving came to rest between this year alone in this vostok. that is after smashing into this gate possibly pending one of the victims. to
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get a real understanding of his targets were hit one need only look at the vehicle parked behind the gate. it is smashed. san francisco boys are conducting an investigation beginning with the driver and her vehicle. >> the last or how the incident cleared come in from the vehicle, inspection on the vehicle to determine what if any mechanical difficulties may taken place. at this point no charges have been filed against the driver however that could change pending the outcome of the investigation. santa sister, the internment, kron4 news. >> many people were there news the incident of the crash and barkley had a chance to dr. one woman who saw the incident as it unfolded. laughs >> all you heard all this screaming, you heard people backing away most of the people were yelling in jennies. and then you kind of just froze. when you looked over it was like all my goodness. that car just
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literally came down crossed over because she was on the other side should cross over and made into the crowd. i saw one race here lying on the ground another talent further up. behind the there is another woman who was pinned. bleeding from her nose, mouth, lakes all she could do was not and wetter of the legs she could not speak. pretty bad. >> to the victims remain in critical condition this morning no word yet there but trevor faces criminal charges and for driving without a license. other news around the bay santa clara county supervisors have approved a strategic suicide prevention plan that will help reduce the suicide rate in the county. it plans to focus in on education, susette awareness, prevention. it comes are to five teenagers
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killed themselves between avon 9 in january of 2010. those deaths have a narrow road tax and operated by caltrans. oakland police ararrested two people who were carrying guns and the campus police say there during a 40 caliber handgun and the technion casaubon the two men are believed to be members of an east oakland game. oakland is trying to use up said halt a collaboration with the state and federal law enforcement to tackle the law enforcement as converse kate thompson reports its focus on prevention in the day activity. >> for today as a law- enforcement stayed in the country will come here to the oakland zoo and your working with the place for men to come up with a plan that will help them dismantle gangs that are operating in the city. the high
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violence rain is a main concern. >> highest homicide rate among california's largest cities. essentially more people are murdered in oakland every day than in any other large california city. that is true for a number of years. >> release will be targeting hot zones. >> what we're trying to do is do something that's hotspot placing your using technology that's identified down to the block, the house on the block were oakland is being committed more we're trying to do is bring our prevention, intervention along for services focus on the same hot spots. half >> do more class audit current also lost 80 police officers and could lose more if the city cannot raise the funds given grant her work to measure wide as the violence prevention network core nader says if there are more cuts that could take them off the streets. >> our biggest fear is not
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going to the communities its will the budget and the maine state keepers active to make a long-term turnaround. >> we're buying to take a break, moreover nine years straight ahead and reminder of a programming change, it is coming this saturday nbc will be airing the giants' game so we're going to pick up nbc programming at 8:00 p.m. we will give you " persons unknown " we will follow up with kron4 news at 9:00 p.m. here's a live look good side. traffic is moving well
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in the ambac, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the forecast really tells two-story is the first, hot again today especially in than to triple digits planned for this afternoon or target of 680 corridor. walnut creek into the delta even in the south bay down by san jose, morgan hill. among the 1 1/4 that's where we had heeded treasury. that is the first story the other, the man we have cooled down in store for the weekend look at where temperatures go and then from today compared to saturday's hundred and three down to 70. even some drizzle to the expected and sums rods even though it's right to be critical
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down. were there arise over the next seven days keep frontier and here we will update you on the forecast day-by-day. quick check of some of the driver carries. beginning of the bay bridge tunnel westbound 80 traffic is nice and light new- issue to the toll plaza caltrans is on the upper deck. nothing really getting in your way and traffic volume is so light it is not slowing down. san mateo could commute here on 92. the video from hayward to foster city nothing really slowing down really nothing of their the need to worry about. golden gate, one last shot a handful of headlights trickling in ansett 5101 no word of any issue along 101 into san francisco. known as
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the latest with the wires file another day of really record hot fire temperatures. that will be the challenges that were to contain the fire that blaze erupted tuesday and has duron so for three dancers are vickers to get have surrounded they're looking to get fully contained by this morning. by now there are homesteaders runs but no evacuation orders have been issued in knows that changes. world news, north korea says former president jimmy carter house arrived where he was treated for the top of your on right your shoes officials say the carter was traveled to win the freedom of an american citizen who was sentenced to eight years in prison for entering the country illegally bargain territory in the upper arm has thus far away test fired a new generation asserted surface-to-surface around at some of the muscle for server years. a high school
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principal and asturias as the teacher course center in boston plan a terrorist attack was launched under promote tourism students were told to plan in caro abroad to grow dark there were killed many people as possible to get a message across he calls the and sermon well-intentioned but misguided. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. again your latest bay area for gascon of an imminent and a full report from the ways of just 66 in reno. a live look fear conditions that are resistant roots the war. not as warm as yt conditions that are resistant roots the war. not as warm as yt sintroducing, new townhouseunce] flatbread crisps.
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they're oven-baked flatbread crisps. ♪ with the tastes of sea salt and olive oil. ♪ or sprinkled with italian herbs. ♪ townhouse flatbread crisps. they're perfect for snack time, party time, any time. ♪ new townhouse flatbread crisps. the everyday cracker with the specially-crafted taste. andrea back, a quick look at west and 80 bay bridge for traffic is light will talk more about that moment. let us focus on the weather, we still have warm temperatures even though we are seeing some of it along the coast. yesterday we broke about
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a dozen records. triple digits rid across the board. today not quite as warm the were still expecting some triple digits. in the end, these are the sports and you can't pay attention to. highlighted in brown, up to the north bay. we do have a he did rise three in effect the same goes for the east bay and even the south bay. that heat advisory is in effect once again to about 8:00 this evening of course of this year to care for for that he exhaustion. temperatures are still pretty warm out there. 71 san francisco 73 oakland and redwood city. 71 los gatos. 7:00 p.m. known as all this green and yellow that indicate '60s and '70s by noon
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warming it up into the '90s. of course the further inland to go up to the north bay valley's it could get to the '90s as early as noon. as we head for directing and 3-4 crock when this afternoon highs are the strongest we could see here few full digits out there. for the most part those high temperatures in the '90s. the peninsula's cooler today they're wary were yesterday not crash's were resisted but eighties and the forecast. pretty warm day out there getting close to that center mark for santa rosa, not quite getting there. 0 hundred and three in fairfield, though we still have triple digits in the forecast does not quite as widespread. one of three to livermore, 101 morgan hill, one hour to was carter's.102 the stk
4:32 am
at your 7 day around the bay. dramatic drop in temperatures here saturday, sunday critical live there. may even see little bit of trees so. much colder forecast ahead. >> thank you, for those of you just heading at the door very quiet conditions. salmon's average, conditions are slightly thicker than we saw a couple of minutes ago but a nice easy ride is to make your way westbound commute direction towards foster city those bridge lies making their way to hayward still keeping a good drive time 13 minutes from and to an end. overrun now to try to san francisco, traffic is moving well toward the peninsula it is hard to see but if you're making
4:33 am
your way spend it is also a very delay free ride very quiet there. your writer for the james like. millbrae, here is one no one in both directions traffic is nice and light-and the delay free ride. no problems whatsoever if you make your way through millbrae towards palo alto. james. >> thank you, the wild fire in east bay as our top story scorching temperatures that is where firefighters are dealing with. the system of the pictures there were captured by aerial cameras right when he was at its worst. this wild fires are to the house of contra costa county right around mount diablo. kron4 is johnson bloom has a monitoring that fire has >> the latest> as caretakers drop water and flame retardant on top of the rapidly swelling grass fire crews on the ground waited for pg need to clear the
4:34 am
phone wires to the minister of the fire. >> here's a power line down. that strikes are accessed. as the year trek continued fire crews continued heavy machinery moved in with your driving a bulldozer or hiking this rain is tough. >> the problematic for fire fighters basically because of tripping hazards your trees that the beeper to the base of over causing major injuries to firefighters. with it's a difficult weather and weather sirhan drive this flames spread from the grass to the trees. >> the fires of rob and the temple area so the crews are putting it backfires in place. >> play p.m. the fire every two injured acres it was only 5 percent contained within 100 firefighters managed to protect and save. in the waiting daylight they survey the damage. this is that this tanker to spare this bonfire as more fire fighters arrived to work
4:35 am
through the night. >> we've run up a google worth map to show you where it is burning. it is out there in the state. here is 680 these are some of the areas that we had your pictures come in. there is none diabolo and there's the city of clinton. as you push in the month it is really rugged terrain firefighters not only dealing with that but dealing with scorching temperatures as well. let me move the map give you an idea of where they're trying to be, but as the street during that they're fighting as a cheerful containment. which they expect to have by this morning. will be in touch with them and we're hoping for the latest were coming up to 6:30 a.m. now month of your pictures, which is a section from jordan in san ramon along toward the road, you can see the smoke, pays off in the distance as it looks towards mt. diablo. another run, perry from black
4:36 am
hawks of this and this is with the sun looked like last night. all of that pollution in the air, it made for some really spectacular sunsets. too bad it had to be from the smoke, here's more of it from a different angle. one last one, this is taught in san ramon giving us a shot of one of those helicopters getting ready to make another drop on the flames. giving you updates hour by hour. here's some of the latest figures here. the fire spread to more than 1,300 a.. were the victims are in danger. so for evacuation upon appeal were issued. some of those folks are able to back. no one has been injured.
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mostly ends still do pocket revisory in effect really know where coming up in just a few minutes. the good news is there's a cool down ahead for those of you like the cool down the cool weather bacchants the pitchers thursday, friday and the weekend a much different story. james. >> a quick check under bridges the bay bridge approach making their way westbound. no word of any slowdown despite caltrans doing their thing. the vicki of their talents and 15 minutes from now. san mateo is looking good those taillights headed from hayward to foster city moving well. no issue at the toll plaza no word of it eproms on high-rise section either. it is looking good. for the east to good 12 minutes from one end to the other. golden gate, a snapshot of what it is like down one one-celled bound, no word of any problems on the stretch of
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novato and his san francisco. here in the bridge is really like nothing is slowing you down an easy ride and a tad bit cooler on the customer site yesterday. but inland is still going to be hot. coming at a contra county another record day of temperatures where firefighters there in that air attacks play in trying to get the upper hand on a wild fire burning on mount diablo the blaze erupted yesterday. so far 307 5 a. have burned. firefighters are hoping to give full containment by later on this morning right now there are some homes threatened rain now no evacuation has been issued. >> market headlines and on wall street stock futures are struggling we'll get an idea on how the markets feared in july. analysts are looking for a
4:41 am
slight bump the amount of consumer owed credit line for the kurds the that they're apparently dropped. to this level and three years its gross margin loan is now on sale for 99 box with a two-year contract with at&t. toshiba says it's developing a three dtb the do not need glasses to watch expected to hit searles this policy is in new-home sales surged in the report this morning as for existing we had those numbers released yesterday that plunged to their lowest vote in 15 years of the of the numbers for july nationals there as our previously lived been hamstrung for the 25%. in the bay area sales plummeted by 22.5 home sales dropped 27% and 23 percent and i mean i can't trust it. the weakening economy and a lack of home buyer tax credit catbriers of the market so kron4 is costing connolly spoke with a real estate expert with
4:42 am
the yet another reason why home sales are really moving. >> this is with the bay area housing market looks like, so is cannot afford to lower their price and buyers are lucky for bargains. he is a broker in he says the two sides cannot mean that in the middle. that is a big reason behind the drop in home sales in the bay area. you have buyers is in the market come down and one better values. that might be great but that is now one you're looking to spend. we're at a stalemate. >> is keeping homes on the market longer those that do still have numerous price drops. a >> to see another shy and is more people seem to be renting. they're nervous in bed or enterprises are going out and people seem to be rowing to pay. >> kirkman nobody wants to commit. >> another break, back with
4:43 am
more headlines in just a bit. your latest overnight news and a bit. ajar for rooftop camera that will be a little cooler today in the city but not a lot of relief for folks in the east bay, so as bay heated risers affect. 0
4:44 am
and we're back, you're looking at some of the latest pictures coming out as firefighters got the upper hand on a fire burning on mount diablo. a broker yesterday 50 percent containment the. they're hoping to get full containment this morning. if there some structures runs but no evacuation orders have been ordered. in a live more than an
4:45 am
hour and a half we should get an update will in no progress they made overnight. let us also find out whether they're dealing with what mother nature be on their side? >> another hot day unfortunately. still seeing that he especially to the north. and did the east, and down to the south. this shot of san jose this morning bringing is clear conditions but also another warm day out there. heat advisory still in effect for san jose. 75 degrees, by new getting up to 90, high temperature for day 98 degrees. yes the local living yesterday but still pretty warm up their back down to 88 degrees by the the clock hour a. we do have a heat advisory in effect but here is the locations you see here. to the north, east down into the livermore valley. but the peninsula at this is where will see some changes, we get a little bit of early fall along the peninsula with those
4:46 am
temperatures dropping just a little bit. current temperatures still fairly warm upper 60s to san francisco 70 degrees to oakland, concord. then the south bay temperatures are in the '70s. 71 for mountain view, 75 san jose, 70 los gatos. into the afternoon we are warming up against it again still seeing triple digits.103 fairfield.99 santa rosa. 82 san francisco. 72 at the very. 91 redwood city. 91 hayward, union city, fremont. yesterday we such a prodigious dominating the only places like livermore, morgan hill, los gatos. in 99 cupertino. 98 for sunnyvale, santa clara, san
4:47 am
jose. cupertino and campbell 99. we broke about a dozen records, here's some of the location of the problem. santa rosa out 1 06. novato 1 05, fell 1 02, said the sister 98, oakland 99, san jose 1 02. aho here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. if not quite as warm as yesterday but we could still set some records once again hundred and three expected in land. then by thursday much cooler story to aborigines low seventies for the weekend. erica. >> bart as on-time the steam heat caused major delays systemwide, of trains are running on time this morning. in the meantime a quick peek at the crease, still darker side but i can guarantee it is a nice, easy ride in both directions
4:48 am
0680 traffic is making along just fine. westbound is a delay free ride. says bay, one no one in san jose conditions are a lot thicker them aside 20 minutes ago. still no problems whatsoever in the sauternes direction a bit more company is a major way headed northbound. we only had a minute about 14 minutes from downtown san jose up towards santa clara. wrapping up with a quick look to the golden gate, no drums against them serve far. a couple cars on the road doesn't need different the was i yesterday morning no delays northbound nevada to san francisco, 21 minutes. highway 37 to 5808 minute trip. james. >> california is castro schools got a double dose of bad news. losing as much as 700 million of federal money and learning and of its and a half billion will be delayed. kron4 has the latest.
4:49 am
>> as 6 million children head back to the classroom school administrators are getting a tough lesson in economics. the budget impasse and sacramento has left the state scrambling for cash. the top party is paying off bondholders so it is withholding subsidies to schools that means the schools will have to borrow money to pay their bills. no sooner had that bad news coming out in the department of education says california will not get any money from the race to the top program. nine states in the district of columbia will share three and half billion dollars in subsidy money. california made a strong bid but that idea is not popular with teachers. another of the state's teacher unions endorse the application. state super and doesn't jack o'connell says he is deeply
4:50 am
disappointed that california was not selected. meanwhile the head of the united educators as a of a disco told the chronicle yesterday that the race to the top imposes what he goes on for reforms. california is dishing out its own funds to state schools attend schools will receive part of a $45 billion grant the money is going to the schools because they have been identified as a persistently low performing the district promised to use the money to address problems such as truancy english as a second language and increase student attention. >> rear where this is a three- year window of opportunity, it will not be around forever is really to accomplish major movement forward. so that we increase the capacity so that we really make some gains in the carolinas gains. >> those grants were ordered to schools that for ford a transportation plan officials
4:51 am
said, high school hopes to use the funds to accomplish academic gains that will continue when the grants expired. six of his officials are looking for help in making sure kids go to school there gavin is instead time walking along 24 straight in the city's mission neighborhood. taping flyers up around basically these businesses trent and foreign residents about the new truancy assessment and research center. it is part of an effort to get committee members to report kidds were skipping school. new details this morning state attorney general's nationwide are demanding a record four as well road its adult services section they say the website cannot radically block potentially illegal acts, the state officials also said the crisis is not screening out as that from prostitution and drug
4:52 am
trafficking. 17 states are involved. tech news, and your reporter gabe slate shows us are average tv sets are going through major change. >> to go just unveiled the world for steve your remote control to feature a cited a keyboard. it is called the tv side, this product is a sign of winnows coming the old standard remote control is that it added. our living room tvs are becoming so much more than just tvs. artie's your number of ways you can access the web under tv and with it somewhat contact to choose from. eulogists a tv abroad to george, net tricks. you too much stuff of umbrellas and on demand, and blockbuster. that is why to the added a full physical keyboard to the remote to make finding and sifting through all the content available easier, quicker. did you vote is all about search, that your customers want you to search
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easily and quickly for content. before the straw you're not there were up and down to the alphabet and select each letter one by one. now you can just quickly tiepin where you're looking for. this lighter motor shed and a keyboard is in an accelerator remote the key word is an extra feature that makes it convenient. but think about it, sooner to e-mail, facebook all on our tv sets there has to be a physical keyboard somehow worked into the living room. this is to those versions, like the feel of what it was smaller than the regular road they built it feel it is not found. the diversified is user on the market now cost $89. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> there you go, we will take a break, a quick reminder about programming changes we go this saturday nbc will air the giants' game so we will pick up their program at 8:00 p.m., that is persons unknown he divided here on and then
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directly after that with the kron4 news and nine. a live look at some retail traffic is moving well.
4:55 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news time now is for 55, a shot inside another hot one. not so much so by san francisco in fact you'll see cool down on the peninsula. san francisco 69, getting up to the mid-70s high- temperature 82 back down again to 74. here's a look your turn tempters outside upper 60s to san francisco. 73 to hayward. as he headed the afternoon warming it up into the upper 90s. down in december fell mill valley low 90s about a hundred and 32 fairfield much cooler along the peninsula. the temperature in the '70s, '80s along san francisco no triple digits on the peninsula. the macy fusee head
4:56 am
farther inland. as a letter to the east end. inland we'll get to about 100 degrees. livermore 10399 degrees do antioch and down in the south bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. keeps us warm for today by the big difference in for tomorrow you can see that did down in temperatures into the upper 80s for thursday. '70s friday, james. >> as we go to break a reminder about our top stories to have full details coming up there's a lot of fire burning on mount diablo rain now. this is what it looked like yesterday evening river for you and to bed, fire fighters working to get the upper hand they hope to their about halfway there out there who have the latest coming up adequate check on your forecasts. will see how hot temperatures will be in the state. here's a live look for a rooftop camera. things are
4:57 am
looking nice, calm.
4:58 am
4:59 am
in the mirror back, tapsters this morning making progress in putting out a fire will have full details coming up another day of high temperatures could mean another day of your writers delaying. we will say what happened. we're in the weather center will kick things off with a look at the forecast. another day of potentially record- breaking. we do another heat advisory in effect for some of the north bay, east bay down to the south. however the peninsula is going to get a little bit of early today. rain and
5:00 am
temperatures are still pretty warm outside 69 degrees for san francisco 70 enter oakland and concord. down in the south bay to those seven days from around you. upper 70's for fremont. after in highs look like this. that decision is up, mill valley say in the low 90s. one of three. here's the peninsula, we stay in the '70s, '80s it will be pretty pleasant. same story for the east bay keeping temperatures in the east. a few 90's there a word from our fremont also to the inland spots keeping those temperatures in the mid-90s. we'll get into the 90s and triple digits as well. we do have a heat advisory in effect and some of those
5:01 am
locations receive that he did rise three highlighted on the screen. that is the south bay as well, those are some of those occasions after watch over that he because we could see he exhaustion for service or temperatures along the peninsula big difference today. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check that the kind entablatures trips wars and then only getting up to 70. mid-60's around the bay, a low sixties for the coast, big changes ahead of us one more day of that record for a vacancy. >> here is a shot of the notes reader bart station bart is running back on time. the extreme heat cause a major delays systemwide the we just checked this morning all 27 trains are running on time of course of her warms up it could be a problem again. will keep you posted. again all trains are
5:02 am
running on time not from just yet. in the meantime we want to story of were the creek project this is bay bridge toll plaza, cars assailing on by coming from the 580 n 800 bridge. headed westbound, it looks like the overnight construction had an effect is currently wrapped up no problems there. those metering lights are off. the nice tummies the minutes from the foot of macarthur maze and fremont. no grounds of the san mateo, conditions are thicker. no worries as you like your way in the westbound direction. those bright lights making their way into hayward, looking at about 13-14 minutes from end to end. wrapping up with the look on the golden gate, nice easy ride, it is a very quiet ride. no problems headed southbound. rocking in the 21 minutes. james. >> top story continuing coverage of the wild fire burning in the state firefighters place a
5:03 am
second day of really hot temperatures out there these are some of the images that we captured yesterday showing you those large plumes of smoke and just how fast this fire is. 335 a. and growing. we're looking for an update this morning. still closed at this point kron4 is jonathan bloom has been monitoring the fire. >> here in walnut creek you can see the smoke billowing up over mount diablo were firefighters worked through the dark hours to try and contain the why of fire that started in the afternoon and as quickly spread. firefighters had problems getting access to the fire because of falling car line that they say may have started the blaze. once they move that airline there were able to send him crimson to help the boy. there were able to protect and save one home and say that no others are threatened. we have a
5:04 am
map showing where mount diablo is danville alamo we gone of your pictures we will share this year later on. here's a fire. the closest city to where it has been burning. as the map moves in you'll see there's some serious train this is not an easy job by any stretch of imagination and he does not help extreme fire rated conditions have prompted the city of san jose to temporarily close the park. no access or activities of any kind will be allowed officials say they expect to open the park tomorrow but may keep it closed if conditions don't improve. he did here and here for the latest the wildfire is still burning here again some of the latest aerial pictures this fire has spread to more than 1,300
5:05 am
a. more than 50 homes were in danger we just heard that evacuation orders have been lifted this of those folks can return no one has been injured because still under investigation. also following wall street a down day yesterday at 10,040. right near the 10,000 mark this morning the snc in nasdaq are all down so we're watching to see what happens. as we continue to fall the latest year for day a report on new-home sales. analysts are looking for a slight rise in those sales will see that happens. the amount consumers owed on the credit cards has dropped. we also hear that there are smart phone is now on sale. $99 with a two-year contract to
5:06 am
sheba is developing a 3 d tv there won't require special gas. you can expect to see the answers is coming holiday season here be. your latest overnight news as well, here is a live look at the bay bridge approach towards 580 handful of headlights making their way to the toll plaza know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
5:07 am
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♪ new townhouse flatbread crisps. the everyday cracker with the specially-crafted taste. >> of the mexican farm morning news, you're looking at a shot of here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is going to be another hot one inland calling on down by thursday and friday possibly some drizzle big changes in store for the weekend a cool down by as much as 30 degrees. james. >> another day of hot temperatures is risky cause
5:10 am
major slowdowns for caltrans. it softened the steel tracks which gimme dangers for the trains. cows transferred down to try and reduce some of the pressure on the rails. it also caused dart computers to fail creating major delays. here's some of the video of folks standing around waiting for the train, trackside equipment that monitors the movement failed due to the heat that put the money system and manual mode trains when a man ahmad cannot travel of their normal certify m.p.h. factory down to 25 mi. an hour and that of course men a lot of delays here. look to the platform is stacked. a live picture from of three ago. services on time. that is what we're hearing hopefully everything will be moving smoothly but obviously we're keeping an eye on it if we trains any delays because of he we were reported to you sn
5:11 am
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
and we're back, the time now is 514 a quick look at some of the latest aerial images of that wildfire burning mount diablo. firefighters are hoping to get the other hand they're about 50 percent contained. they're hoping for full containment 375 a. burned so far, there are some structures in the path. at this when they have not issued evacuation million know when that changes. expected to get the latest word coming up. keep itunes in about an hour in 10 minutes we should be getting an update. also falling the latest from our viewers even helping us out. as of some of the " photographs, you can see it all
5:15 am
of the smoke in the air making for some difficult trading conditions for those in the immediate area here another shot this one also from todd giving us another perspective from all that smoke rising above the hills. this one is showing as an interesting perspective, the helicopter in the foreground getting ready to drop some water and in the background at some of you to make it out there but there is a thick string aircraft out there. they're calling out all the stops. they're hoping to get it contained by later on this morning we will let you know if they achieve that. sharing mortgages through the morning breaking news at the latest on the forecast, james lick freeway some late for but again inland stevin's be a hot day. >> that is a concern, we are expecting some pretty hot temperatures once again in that direction temperatures could drum up into the triple digits.
5:16 am
san francisco today is going to be a different story we're going to stay little bit cooler today than yesterday where reaction set a record. from the high temperatures today 82 back down again to 74 by the 8:00 hour elsewhere we're continuing to see those temperatures on the warm side 70 degrees for oakland. upper '70's about 75 degrees to san jose 70 degrees in two los gatos. 10:00, we will continue to see '60s, '70s the could warm up into the '80s even nineties. livermore seeing '90s as early as the 10:00, 11:00 hour we will see a few more '90s said there them by 3-4 barack temperatures are at their warmest. not quite as widespread as yesterday apply of '90s around. 7:00, cooling and on
5:17 am
down. still sitting on the '80s. one day, 99 santa rosa, 98 rounder park, one of three fairfield, 90 vallejo, 91 mill valley. 82 degrees to san francisco pretty pleasanton san francisco. 92 palo alto, 91 hayward, union city and fremont. livermore is one of three that has 103 degrees. 100 pleasanton. one of two concord. 99 pittsburgh. one no one will morgan hill 1 02 morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check it out that big drop in temperatures back down into the '80s. will go to the upper '70's low seventies by the weekend big changes by the weekend mid-60's around the
5:18 am
bay low sixties for the coast. erica. thank you. bart is back to normal after the he got some major systemwide delays offer yesterday here's a shot at said the guard station regicide train leave heading toward san francisco of trees look to be running on time currently running 27 trains but if it does give very hard to say this could be another problem of course we will keep you posted. in the meantime a look a director of many westbound 80 livermore company on the roadways but not occurred just yet. he sure looking good your right to golden gate from free. no delays as you make your way to bay bridge toll plaza and of course those lights or stop. wrapping up with a quick shot of san francisco james lick, across town is moving just fine. the delay free ride. if you're headed towards these a problem
5:19 am
free ride as you make your way towards the lower deck. noncoms around the city and from the james lick. rocking in his 17 minutes. james. >> thank you louisa. police say the driver lost control and crashed your vehicle into a group of people waiting for buses and san francisco was not licensed. she was cited for driving a vehicle without a license and then where's released the tuesday morning crash injured five people to victims still in critical than the other three were listed in serious condition at st. and sister general hospital the driver lost her ability to steal and rick. many people near the area of that crash spoke to kron4 talking a vote this are we had a chance to visit with one woman whose son happened right before her eyes as to which she describes. you heard the screaming, you heard of backing away most of the people were yelling in chinese. and then you
5:20 am
just kind of froze. you looked over at it was like oh my goodness. that car just literally came down crossed over shoes on the other side she crossed over. rated decried. i saw a woman lying on the ground another gentleman further up. behind at was another woman who is african down on the ground.. she was a very. . just bleeding from renault's her miles. all she could do was kind of not me. quieter about the inner legs. she could not speak. pretty bad. >> to the victims remain as is getting critical condition no word on if the driver will face criminal charges for the accident again for driving without a license. in city police are also asking for your help this morning and finding a third suspect in a violent
5:21 am
beating that has left one man struggling for his life police learned of the crime on august 10th of the beating action happened a month earlier. the attack is believed to happen on mission here at st. in union city the victim is still hospitalized and is unable at this point to communicate with pleas to others are in jail on attempted murder. oakland police arrested two men on weapons charges monday morning after receiving a tip that the pair were carrying guns of the campus the two were carrying a 40 caliber handgun and a technion assault weapons. the two men are believed to be a member of an east oakland game. oakland police along with federal landwehr's the agencies will return to the oakland zoo today for day two of their gang summit. the summit aims to find ways to dismantle of violent street games in oakland. oakland has the highest murder rate among california's big city something they want to change. chief gates says he will focus on what it calls hot spots.
5:22 am
>> what we're trying to do is do something that is called hotspot leasing we use technology to identify down to the block down to the house on the block where crime is being committed what we're trying to do is bring air intervention along for some pieces to deal with the same hot spots. >> the justice department and the fbi and other fire agencies are also taking part in that summit. california state senators have been and is the applicable law that allows some convicted child molesters to be sent to conviction for a live. it would reverse life without parole who kidnapped bind and torture or even use a weapon while committing a sex crime against drugs. it could be handed out to first-time or repeat offenders. it was named after 17 year-old chelsea king who was murdered in a park earlier this year. another break, back with more headlines in just a few minutes rain now. watch your mind about programming change coming the
5:23 am
saturday night nbc will carry the giants games we will carry programming that evening they p.m. persons unknown you to what side you're on chronic eight. will follow up with the kron4 news and nine. a live look to the golden gate as ago and light ride coming at a grin. >> what's that?
5:24 am
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welcome back, 5:27 a.m. it is going to be another hot day especially inland. we do the heated by syrian affect the
5:27 am
north bay, she's bay and the self they. we're really going to cool it off as we head towards the weekend more details coming up. >> thank you, a world headlines this morning north korea says former president jimmy carter has arrived. he was greeted by north street is top nuclear envoy. they said he was car traveling to win the freedom of american citizen who was sentenced to eight years in prison for entering the country illegally. meanwhile ron says it has successfully transferred a new generation of saurian surface-to-surface missiles. dickens story targets up to hundred and 20 mi. away they had the muscle now for several years. a high-school principal and the status of the teacher, her class of when this terrorist attack was not tried to promote terrorism-uses do this role to play a chemical and biological attack to kill as many innocent people as possible to try and
5:28 am
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we're going to give you the latest on the situation with bart long delays yesterday because of an overheating problem due to the hot temperatures that we're experiencing joining us is our spokesman mr. johnson. good morning. >> i've understand everything is on time this morning? the >> yes. give an army of people out there today we're open or hoping to get all from six from yesterday. they did. the only
5:31 am
thing that we may have this morning may be shorter because i love occurs or overheating hopefully we'll get them all out on the lines. just in case. >> so we had a couple of issues, the trains themselves or heating. and that we had that where has that controls the autopilot that also repeated >> i never had the trackside equipment. it's called but sparks as the overheated as well. there is a plethora of problems. it is equal to a backing. >> is that simply can't avoid it attempts to get hot enough? could we see it again repeated sell today? >> it is something we cannot avoid. we have replaced our
5:32 am
entire cards replacing the entire fleet of cars will solve one big problem. and that is when temperatures reach over 95 forces the air conditioning are subject to turnon. new air- conditioning the kurds can withstand temperatures of 230. now is there a possibility that some of the surplus money that could be used to help with any of this? >> what we're asking that the fourth half million dollars the herd into the back for capital projects we zero in the big rig now. such as replacing these street corners are during repairs.
5:33 am
>> are will see were the echoes as opposed. the guess the word that people need to walk away with is the trains run time for now. >> that is exactly right. >> thank you >> for joining us> thank you >> the problem that we had yesterday hopefully all gone your morning commute should be smith. also following the latest of the wild fire to bernie in the state again he related here's some of the latest here area pictures 50 percent containment. firefighters are facing a second day of really hot temperatures that is going to be a problem for them as they try and get the upper hand on this thing they're hoping to get fully contained for this morning we will let jan know this fire started at 4:00, right near clayton. the base of mount diablo we'll get an update coming up. we also have a good map. the mound is a relation to the counter currency 680, walnut creek, that is for getting a lot
5:34 am
of your pictures come in as they looked at mount diablo on all that smoke. pushing and you'll see how rugged terrain we're talking about. it is going to be pretty difficult for firefighters to get the upper hand as a bridge the maps down you can see the train is pretty tough of their the he does not help everybody is wearing all of their equipment on their backs as they walked by foot which zero or four does that make sense. they're trying to get the upper hand let's find out more on the forecast louises and tracking that. >> tell the jurors are expected to come down a little bit today however this is really not ideal in terms of fire weather high- temperature today is about 92. the weather is really hot out there we are getting some wins about 12 mi. an hour pretty dry. humidity is 20%. the all the factors are interline to make things a little bit challenging for firefighters out there for today. currently seeing those
5:35 am
temperatures pretty warm out there is still keeping that he around for today and 69 for san francisco. 7 the oakland. 75 degrees and your san jose as we have run through the day by 10:00 hour we'll keep a kind: the peninsula warming ovens the '80s in some locations. in getting into the '90s. another hot day and fact is we head towards three-4:00 warming ovens the triple digits. 7:00 down to about the '80s. afternoon highs, upper 90s. down into cinephile end of valley. temperatures and low 90s 94 vallejo hundred and three for the votes of. the heat advisory in effect not the peninsula. pretty pleasant conditions and san francisco. released 885 degrees. hayward,
5:36 am
union city castro valley in the '90s. a hundred degrees for pleasanton. 99 degrees for any act. south bay, temperatures in the upper 90s. it is still going to be hot down into the cell bay. we're going to continue as warm temperatures just for today. then the heat wave is over and by to drop back down into the '80s. upper 70's by friday los '70s by the weekend big difference for the weekend some of those warm in one spot getting blow '70s mid-60's low sixties for the coast. could even see some sprinkles on saturday. check and a commuter aircraft. those of you taking are you'll be happy to know all 27 trains are running on time. as you just mentioned the hot temperatures yesterday was a major system why delays at to about 30 minutes yesterday that could mean an issue again today.
5:37 am
million know if and when that happens. creek project bay bridge toll plaza cars getting along just fine coming from the 580 and 88 approach. of course those meeting lights are offering now keeping a really low 8-9 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze to fremont. note from said san mateo bridge, a couple more cars than we saw about 10 minutes ago but still nice, easy ride heather westbound towards foster city. firelight's making their way to hayward. please coslet pop a quick look at the golden gate no drums here cars are moving at the limits of the un traffic it looks like they reconfigured the lanes for your morning commute novato and the city limits clocking in at 21 minutes. highway 37 to 580 still ticking ever a manager. james. here's another headline, health officials are urging parents to get the kids caught up on
5:38 am
vaccinations before heading back to school that warning comes as the whooping cough epidemic reaches its peak in california. house officials say more than 3000 cases have been confirmed just this year the seven babies have died from the onus children are not vaccinated may be required to stay home. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. what is to outside give you a live look at the james lick, we traffic coming at a san francisco those headlights
5:39 am
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of, time now is 5:41 a.m. the big story today once again is the heat, there's a huge advisory in effect for the north bay, police say had been done of the south bay with those afternoon highs getting up to run a hundred and 3. around the peninsula those temperatures are cooling off slightly we're back down into the '80s. and the coast '70s we will continue with
5:42 am
a cool down.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
firefighters in these they're bracing themselves for another dry hot day they're fighting in from the air. there are some structures that are friends. no evacuation orders are affected. as a coming up into a 630. honors for their courageous efforts in the marina. they will be recognized at the fire commission meeting the pond and
5:46 am
pulled out a 27 of man to live there. >> hot one, san francisco is going to collapse ever so slightly. we do have that he advisor in effect kelly can. a big cool down by this weekend. your neck and a believe huckle those temperatures get. 71 for oakland. 75 the san jose as we head towards the peninsula.
5:47 am
getting a bit tedious well, by noon time that is when we will notice a few '90s not of the woods overhead. less in no way of this century marks. by 7:99 degrees for sandra's set 98 and sonoma. one of three in fairfield. is a peninsula that will cool off 82 degrees warming the aggies to hayward. in lancelot's warming employ
5:48 am
into morgan hill around one no one. and also sending them out. triple digits and then the upper 80s to the upper '70's still low '70's. you need to get your sweaters out as he headed to the weekend. drizzle potentially from some fog. erica. >> note from said on bart all this trains are arriving on time. yesterday may remember that major heat was a major system by delays. up to about 30 minutes at last check we talk to bart, all trains are on time for now but as as temperatures rise they could be another problem we'll let you know is, when that happens. in the meantime look at the feet. traps sitting along just fine. tie up traffic is
5:49 am
moving smoothly for westbound 24 that is also a delay free ride. jumping on down to the south bay here is one no one, san jose, or company that we saw yesterday i little bit more company as you make your way northbound will still keep that very good dry time looking at about 14 minutes from downtown san jose as to make your way out for its and unclear. >> been news story, 3 million seniors may have to switch medicare drug plans. whether they like it or not. the new effort to make it simpler for consumers to pictures will leverage will also eliminate certain plans. it did mean an unwelcome surprise. say lawmakers are working on several bills that would have allowed the state employment. . this set
5:50 am
to will set up an insurance exchange program to allow people to shop for pictures coverage. it also limits any additional copiague. also making news around the bay, santa clara county supervisors have approved a strategic suicide prevention plan they hope will reduce the suicide rate and i county the plan focuses on education, susette awareness and prevention and comes after five teenagers killed themselves between may 2009 and january of this year those deaths happen on a railroad tracks operated by caltrans. officials and then restore also looking for help in making sure kids go to school mayor gavin newsom spent time on tuesday walking along 24 street in the city's mission neighborhood residents about the new trustee assessment a research center is part of an effort to get them to report kidds were skipping school and
5:51 am
also to find out why they made the trip to skip. programming reminder, we of change coming free saturday night, nbc will air the giants games we'll pick up " persons unknown " you watch the young kron4. will fall that the kron4 evening news and nine. a live picture from a rooftop camera it will be a little cooler but for folks in land and assets bay in the north bay still on the
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
amen on this thing which is about three and in 7 5 a.. we're hoping to get an update coming up in the 630 hour. closely they reach full containment. as for temperature as it is fine to be high again today here's some your pictures the dividend and sending an from jordan in san ramon giving us a look to the haze in the distance this is reverend dirty road. you can see all that smoke, hayes shot in
5:56 am
that sun. as a pass by tyrants and run as sending this picture he to the helicopter is ready proper water on the fire. they're attacking us from the air, and the ground to the tune will have the latest as it develops minute by minute. the south to take a look the forecast. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is expected to get to hundred and three on average but the other store that the forecast is telling you is that we're in political down some the weekend look at how the temperature dropped off inland from hundred and three today down to maybe 70 degrees by saturday, chance of drizzle and the forecast. quite a different story and justice and a three days. roller-coaster ride. at least when it comes to
5:57 am
temperatures. a live picture from miles reader looking at the bird station tracer on time for now but to knows this afternoon we it he cause problems for service with overheated trains and tracks having to be moved to manual may be today will happen again but at this point all we know is trains run times. itunes your
5:58 am
5:59 am
six a m. the top stories at this hour firefighters battling in nearly 400 a. wildfire in the east bay. making progress overnight we'll have a live report. another dave he taught temperatures around the bay that to mean another day of delays for bart. we'll explain in a moment that he continues to be a big story this morning waking up in san francisco after yesterday's swelteringay


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