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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 25, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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warm morning ready. louisa. >> for another hot day there's one place where the heat is not to be quite as potent. that is and has led the peninsula is going to cool off slightly still seeing heat advisory. let's go ahead and take a look to these numbers north bay dummies bay down to the south big triple digits one of three for fairfield won a two in concord on hundred and three in livermore. south bay still getting the upper 90s to san jose santa rosa. close to the century mark. political down but still very hot side. along the peninsula 82 degrees along the coast as well. and as a vocal them. mark. our coverage of the wild fires burning in the state. fire crews are making some progress on this 400 a. fire on the eastern seaboard. it is for 50 percent contained. it started around 4:00 a.m. it is near mount diablo is being called a
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curry fire three canyon road is still closed at this point. there are some structures that are threatened by no evacuations yet. kron4 is jonathan bloom has more. the >> karen walnut creek you can see the smoke billowing up over mount diablo as firefighters worked through the dark hours to try and contain a wild fire that started in the afternoon and as quickly spread to hundreds of acres. the train is taft firefighters had set on getting access because of a fallen power lines across roadway that they now say mayor started the blaze with pd in a move that harmon there were able to send tankers in to help the planes and airplanes there were attacking the fire from the air they were able to protect, save one home and say that no others are threatened. >> another days a searing temperatures expected. as we watch rather conditions around a tree fire let's get more now from louisa. >> absolutely there's three
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things that fire federal look for a temperature of wins and humidity of three things not really paying to the fires there today a factor will be another one day not quite as well as yesterday but still afternoon highs in the '90s. it looks like the ones will be moving of the west at 12 mi. per hour as he made the key to the conditions pretty dry. it is going to be another war andre all-around continue to see warm temperatures. 71 degrees and your oakland. redwood city. south bay a lot of mid-70s. upper 60s red on through as daughters. into the afternoon warming and not checkered 12:00 starting ready to see temperatures in the '90s. along the peninsula still a bit cooler cooler than it was yesterday. 4:00, we will continue to rise and seek triple digits once again not quite as widespread not dominating much of the forecast. still seeing a future but digits out there a lot of
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nineties in store it is just the coast. 7:00, eighties around still gonna be warm. i looked at some of those numbers getting close to century mark for santa rosa coming in right around 99. 92% of bell 91 for mill valley. the finance lead comfortable 82. still kind of warm and done redwood city. but along the coast we're keeping temperatures in the '70s, '80s used a mid to upper 80s. hayward, union city, fremont coming in around 91. in lin still bringing is in triple digits to concord, livermore also to pleasanton. upper 90s to react. south bay upper 90s and triple digits as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. this is where the changes are to kick in tomorrow. feeling a call down we go from triple digits '80s. and then by the weekend down into the '70s a big
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change for the weekend a cool down ahead. eric. >> waking up to hotspot free morning currently moving waller on the bay. story of the bridge checked note from here cars are selling on by coming from all approaches those meeting lighter currently offers no overnight construction in effect surrender and nice, easy commute from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. right to resume until conditions are slate slightly thicker. but again no reports of any problems, delays in either direction across the span of your making your way toward foster city are coming into hayward clocking in about 14 minutes from end to end. golden gate, nice, easy ride. traffic is getting by the limit. your ride from novato to san francisco clocking in at 22 minutes. wrapping up with a quick shot of san francisco, james lick, from free ride as you make your way down the peninsula if you're headed east on the lower deck that is a
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nice, easy ride. the ride from the james lick split sfo looking pretty good at 17 minutes. darya. >> a live look here at the cells 30 bart station for the most part bird services back to normal so far, so good today some trains will be shorter as bart makes repairs on those cars that have the crumbs yesterday where the intense heat caused computers to fail major delays through the transit system during the evening commute traffic site equipment that monitors the movement of bart trains failed because of the heat the switching of the system had to be searched a manual mode trains that used to go 70 mi. an hour are moving no faster than 25 mi. per hour. the couple cars had no air conditioning which made things miserable. this is take those out of service we are keeping a close eye on birds service through the morning we're expecting more heat today.
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>> in addition caltrans was slowing down their trains because of he restrictions as they call them the country and tracks they were slowed down from their top speed of 79 mi. per hour the tracks become soft and it can be damaged by the weight of the trains system of prior between san francisco and redwood city. trains could be as much as 40 minutes late because of this. meanwhile extreme fire danger due to the heat wave has prompted the city of san jose to temporary close the park no public access or activities of any kind will be allowed in the part due to the emergency closer they say did the park will reopen tomorrow. but it may keep it closed if temperatures do not call off. our wild fires still burning in southern california this morning here is a video of it spread to more than 1,300 a.. more than 50
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homes were in danger but evacuation orders have now been lifted no one has been heard the fire's cause is under investigation. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues watching the heat 98 and san francisco tied the record for the hottest day in august ever. walnut creek of over 100 degrees, same expected to date right now we're finding temperatures if our real national pastime?
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still say high temperatures not
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quite as hot these are all record breakers from yesterday. in novato attended preschooler today, oakland getting into the 80s it's really the peninsula is slowing to see the biggest call them today. elsewhere warm temperatures outside 65 for san francisco,ñswá÷oé7élc$ñ 68 throd and the upper 60s to the livermore valley, '70s in mellon view and san jose today, by 10:00 p.m. starting to see some eighties inland sponsored by noon time getting up into the '90s thing: the back down as we head into the 8:00 p.m. hour 7:00 p.m. we will collect them. upper 90s in santa rosa 103 fairfield, san rafael mill valley coming in low 90s along the peninsula '70s and '80s we could get into the 90s in
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redwood city, mid to upper 80s through berkeley richmond in through oakland as well low 90s and through castro valley also through hayward, 953 danville and san ramon ÷-ejwá÷oé7é,bç wonh livermore in the south bay upper 90s and triple digits as well. 7 day around the bay shows us a big drop in the temperatures. '70s by the weekend. >> heating things up on highway
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excited for driving without a license and released. in happen yesterday morning injuring five people to victims in critical condition the other three in serious condition. investigators say the driver lost control of press you beat the loss the ability to steer the s to be. many people were near the area
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one woman saw the accident happened listen to as she describes. >> you heard screaming and people backing away most of the people were yelling in chinese. you kind of just grows and you look over and all my goodness. that car literally came down crossed over she was on the other side and right into the crowd. i saw a woman lying on the ground and and a gentleman for the rock lying on the ground behind that another woman who actually pinned down on the ground. she was a very bad shape bleeding from her nose rows, her legs all she could do was not at me and pointed their mouths and legs she couldn't speak. it was bad. >> to victims are critical
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condition. >> union city police asking for help in finding a third suspect in a violent beating that has left one man struggling for his life this morning police learned of the crime on this 10th but the beating actually happened a month before that. the attack happened before on mission boulevard in union city. they picked them is in the hospital now cannot communicate with the place to other are in jail on attempted murder charges. weapon charges monday morning after receiving a tip the pair were caring guns on the college the carrying of a handgun and technion assault route weapon believed to be in east oakland game. >> netters approved a lot to allow child molesters to be sent to jail for life it would reserve life without parole for
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dolled predators. it could be handed out to first-time offenders or repeat offenders 17 year-old set chelsea king was man murdered in a park earlier this year. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes the big story the heat again. hardly loosening its grip it will be another hot one in san jose a lot luckier rain now the conditions fall sunshine no traffic. 72 degrees in san jose and a high of 98 today. programming no for this saturday nbc will air the giants game so light a p.m. nbc's persons unknown and after that catch kron 4 news at 9.
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watching whether the big story again today. inland spots nearly as hot as yesterday 1 03 inland up brady along the bay near 70 at the beaches. inland spots finally get relief tomorrow cool down continues into the weekend with a lot of low clouds and fog. >> in world news new details on the 60 mi. long traffic jam in china officials say could last until mid september that's when construction, roadway is supposed to be completed. they have sent hundreds of police officers to keep order and record the cars and trucks that are caring essential supplies like food or fuel for to get them around a bottle neck. some cars are inching along a third of a mild day along the highway street vendors have started setting up camp and sending
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clout selling clothes and food. >> and their hijacking numb witthem with prices as well. >> can you imagine calling home and saying honey i'm sorry i'm going to be laid all be home in september. >> will be right
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we're back trading getting under way futures were down by quite a bit the dow's sitting at 10,050 we could see a drop below 10,000 marking the first few minutes of trading on wall street. the dow looks like it is down 28 points now trading at 10,011 again we are approaching that 10,000 level. it may influence traders make today. durable-goods we are
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waiting to hear when new-home sales were like for the month of july. july. came out yesterday wasn't that great. we will see what happens. more of dates and events. our big story today is once again the weather team coverage continues this morning you can see double live shots showing you that, clear conditions all run the bank. not a cloud in the skyway expect more heat mark. >> until 8:00 p.m. this evening all area shaded in yellow mainly inland valley keep advisory has been dropped from the coast near getting the southern late surge of fog. we will see a bit of relief near the coast but it is the way from the bay and the coast where temperatures are going to be up and over 100 degrees again today. through a
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o'clock this evening north bay east bay south bay in your raleigh's he did fire is serious in a factory >> along the peninsula we will see some relief today currently we are 65 for san francisco warming up into the '70s during san rafael through hayward about 71 in mountain view. as we head for the day your 10:00 hour will bring us more '70s along the peninsula even some 80 is along the line spots. by noon time you can see all the red to show new '90s we will warm up pretty quickly again today. somnolence spots in '90s. continuing to see temperatures rise until 4:00 our brain us triple digits. we will cool it down by 7:00 p.m. bringing us a fixture of '70s-'80s. here's some numbers for you close to the century
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mark in santa rosa but it looks like we could steer clear of that 1034 fairfield, but really this is where the changes take place. cool down in san francisco 82 pleasant in san francisco, '80s through berkeley, 89 at castro valley some inland spots that's where we warming up. when all 33 livermore, down in the south bay and upper 90s and triple digits as well. 7 day around the bay shows a big cool them come tomorrow we go from triple digits back into the 80s and some of the warm response and the '70s and by saturday we are going to be lucky if we get into the low seventies for your saturday, sunday some inland spots mid-60's around the bay low sixties for the coast. clouds and fog rolls and. >> a
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sit-in at the bay bridge right before the tunnel and disabled vehicles blocking the second lane from the right, another stall ride on the incline so traffic is backed up towards the incline as a result metering lights have been turned on. you can see the back up beginning to build spiking your drive time looking at about 15 minutes from the foot of the maze into fremont. san mateo bridge no problems here in the commute direction headlights' making their way into hayward ibm deal drive time looking at 14 minutes from one end to the other. problem free ride at the golden gate bridge is finally beginning to right now so on traffic coming in from rent moving to l.a. free rein them not a problem of making your way northbound. clocking in at 22 minutes away 37580 looking very
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nice 10 minutes right now. we have an update on part all 51 trains currently on timing now we will let you know that changes as the weather heats up. >> 635 rain now developing story car verge of the wildfire burning in east bakeries have made good progress on the nearly 400 a. of fire 80 percent contained that is a new number firefighter's face the second day of hot dry temperatures high temperatures and low humidity and rugged terrain to rain causing problems. 250 firefighters there. the fire started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon in clayton near mount diablo it is known as the curry fire currey canyon road is still closed this morning there are some structures threatened been
6:36 am
no evacuation orders. >> this is just west of i five b.c. the fire trucks. two square miles have burned we are watching this as fire broke out yesterday around noon. the second big fire burning around the state. firefighters facing conditions in the '70s it will be 100 later this afternoon. we're watching the fires on a five is open with this fire burning just to the west. new this morning 3 million seniors may have to switch drug plans whether they like under not a new effort to make it simpler for them to six prescription coverage will eliminate plans that offers duplicate. state
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lawmakers are more working on several bills to implement health care reform approved two bills what that would allow shopping for your own health insurance card it would prohibit insurance companies from charging the copiague to insured patients getting preventative care. >> health officials are urging parents to get caught up on vaccinations for their children. it comes and the whooping cough at epidemic comes. 3000 cases of whooping cough have been confirmed just this year seven babies have died from the illness children who of not been vaccinated may be required to stay home. >> we will be right back as the news continues mellencamp sunshine over the bay it is going to make the inland spot again today with the heat advisory in effect.
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the big story again the key the peninsula may get ellora relief. the other story is the cool down the decline of temperature towards the weekend much different picture for the next couple of days. mark. >> police say 19 passengers have been killed in the condo that is all that we have right now it has the worst air crashes. >> the doubt dips below the 10,000 mark just a moment ago is now above just by 19 points. is
6:42 am
10,000 level to a time to get out of the marketer get and that's the question they're fighting about now. to be honest there's a lot of reason to believe the market will go back up at this point a disappointing durable goods report and an existing homes report come out yesterday. they are expecting new home sales to have a slight increase we will see where trading closed. >> 6:42 a.m. moron are big story the he. san francisco was 98 degrees yesterday crazy hot. so far this 69 looking for high of 82.
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welcome back time now 646 mount tam shot with this and starting to rise. with it brings he once
6:46 am
again. still seeing triple digits he did advisory for the north bay into the south bay. the difference today we see some relief for the peninsula downtown san francisco cooler temperatures and a big cool down in store for this weekend. current temperatures right now still warm still '70s. 71 through hayward and mountain view 72. the upper 90s for santa rosa 103 fairfield today down 3 san rafael mill valley low 90s. along the peninsula a comfortable day san francisco 82 degrees down to redwood city low 90s today. east bay berkeley 85 castro valley 89 danville temperatures mid-90s getting to the triple digits for pleasanton and livermore. triple digits
6:47 am
into los gatos and morgan hill upper 90s for san jose. the cool them from yesterday just a few degrees for inland spot still warm temperatures but check out san francisco we should be 16 degrees cooler than when we were yesterday. redwood city about 13 degrees cooler than where we were at this time yesterday. your 7 day around the bay showing a big decline in temperatures down into thursday, friday by saturday lucky if we get into the low '70s inland spots mid-60's run the bay low 60s along the coast. >> to stalls is causing major back up its unusual heavy because metering lights have been slowing traffic down those back up reaching toward the main is the majority slowing up the gun in client this ride is tied
6:48 am
up until you reach the tunnel. 21 minute trip from the foot of the amazing to fremont. westbound highway for peace this slowing is isolated but that ride picks up as you make your way past pittsburgh. wrapping up with bigness crosstown traffic at the james lick no problems whatsoever making your way toward the peninsula if you're heading eastbound that is the problem free ride the very good drive time from the james lick up towards sfo 17 minutes. >> oakland police getting back to work brainstorming undine to of the gang summit way to dismember dismantled gains in oakland. they wanted change. police will focus on what he calls hot spots. >> were doing something called
6:49 am
hot spot policing using technology down to the block and a house on the block where crime is committed. we are trying to bring prevention to folks on those hot spot spirit >> federal agencies are taking part in this summit. >> news around the bay santa clara supervisor as a cash strategics suicide plan. it focuses on education and suicide awareness and prevention it comes after five teenagers those deaths tapping on railroad tracks. officials looking for help to get kids to school. the mayor spent the day tuesday walking along mission keeping up fliers in forming the new train truancy enhancement. it aims to
6:50 am
teach kids the reason they should attend school and aims to find out why they chose to skip in the first place. >> north korea is saying to the carter has arrived where he was greeted by north create akoreans earning the freedom of an american prisoner. high-school principal in australia assigned her class the assignment of planning a terrorist attack was not trying to promote terrorism. they were told to plan a chemical or biological attack that would kill as many people as possible. the principles that it was welland tended but misguided. >> i ron said it has fired a surface-to-surface missile it
6:51 am
can strike targets a hundred 20 mi. away they have had the missile several years. >> more on the weather coming up after the break a walnut creek pretty start for the day only if it could stay this way. 63 right now look cool start but 93 by noon. 1024 high adjusted three or two cooler than yesterday inland. a heated by
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another really hot day to get through after yesterday's peak with the heat. inland looking at highs of 1 03 not backing off by much today but then we really drop thursday and friday lookit how cool it is by the weekend struggling to get to 70 degrees this is the last beach day to we drop back down to 60 by the
6:55 am
weekend. then we start a mild warm up for work week. >> time for texas. gabe's late shows us the average tv sets going through changes. the world >> first remote-control feature of a slide out keyboard is called the t-bill slidell. the old standard remote control is not been a cut in the future. our living room tvs are becoming much more than tvs already through a number of ways you can access the web on your tv and with it so much content to choose from. even the box you can use net flex tv shows you come watch stuff off amazon on demand service and blockbuster that's way they used a physical keyboard for the remote. to make shifting through all this easier and quicker. the one to be a
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will to search easily and quickly. before this remo you had to aero up and down and select each letter one at a time when typing out texts now you can type it in. when the remote is shut it looks like our remote. it is just an extra feature that makes it convenient. soon we will twitter facebook all on our tv so there has to be a physical keyboard somehow worked into the living room. this is keep those version. they built it to feel like-smart phone it is on the market now $89 and works with the premier to go. >> we are following the dow is going down and down 74 points james monitoring the latest live report from the newsroom. in a couple of minutes we will update you on the very latest on this
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fire burning near mount lot diablo lookit all of the smoke. they are concerned about another hot day new numbers on containment the looks better today and how many firefighters are working those lines. one firefighter was injured we will tell you about not back with more moment. 0
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top stories firefighters battling this 400 a. wildfire making progress over night new numbers on containment and a couple of minutes. >> at


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