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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  August 25, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station and this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. >> our big story at 4:00 those firefighters making major progress on the wild fire burning in the mount diablo area christine conley joins us live with the latest. christine. >> the fires burning in the hills right here behind me, the good news to 90 percent contained and tonight there no homes that are threatened. the fire is about 15 minutes away from clayton. this is the nearest town here. what firefighters are doing today is extreme heat hundred + temperatures and a lot of dry vegetation here. let's go ahead and roll some video and show you the fire. >> you can see the fire is in thick vegetation of creek canyon road they had to helicopters up for the past
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several hours pumping water in mostly hot spots. you can see they're dealing with some really steep terrain and that's making it harder on fire fighters who can even track in the water they have to come up the hill. in this thick vegetation they also to deal with snakes and tarantulas. on top of that the extreme heat let's take a listen to what cal fire had to say about the current challenges. the challenge today will remain the heat and rugged terrain. the hierarchy go sometimes the more exposed to the sun and it's hard to stay hydrated you can only carry so much water. we have people that are cutting hemline there might be one firefighter of 10 that's assigned to go up and down help bring extra water. they can even bring in a bulldozer here it's sitting at the command post because the roads are so small. they're having to bring in an crews to do this and that's what's taking a little bit longer. if so far the fire burned for anderson 7 5
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a. and are too rigid firefighters that are battling this blaze. for opening get contained in a full line around the fire hopefully by tomorrow night to and they hoped of the fire completely out of the next several days. if that to continue our team coverage with kron 4 moreen kelly who talked to residents were closest to the flames. here's one of the 10 homes and creek canyon road that was written by flames starting run tuesday night at 6:00. take a look over here you can see were only about a quarter mile away from where the fire is burning. the homes of here are no longer threatened because the fire they say is no longer going to the homes were inspected by fire crews for this base and all the homes here are said to be in good condition. if you take a look at this house here you can see the homeowner here if has cut the dry grass down right around the home. cal fire says while there is always room for improvement when it comes to fire safety the residents are used to fires in this area and it shows. marin
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kelly kron 4 news. at this point cal fire said they don't know the cause of this fire is under investigation it could be some time before we know what sparked it reporting live in clayton kron 4 news. >> you can take a look where the fires burning in south the clean in the mount diablo state park will go in for closer look. it's here in this corner of the park we can show you over here the the fires burning in a difficult to get to area. residents have a private drive that leads to their houses and that's where the command post is located. where the fire trucks and bulldozers are gathering will save themselves before they go to fight the fire. pg&e had a power line down across the this is the benicia of where the fire is. he concedes is a three and in some 5 a. fire it's considered to be 80 percent
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contained and it grew so rapidly yesterday because of all the hills. the fire actually started in this grassy area and made its way into the trees of the firefighters have been able to keep a pretty tight lid on it and keep it from jumping into some of the other trees that are on the other areas of the cells. because there's so few houses here there are a whole lot that is written and fire fighters are opening the winds in the weather stay in their favor. >> while the weather is a little better this afternoon were the fire is burning temperatures just slightly cooler 97 degrees out there right now but winds are picking up in the continue to do so especially as we head into tomorrow. the winds beans 13 mi. an hour and no climb into tomorrow in to the upper teens. temperatures will cooled dramatically tomorrow afternoon jury would party scene of what a cooling close to the coastline, 77 san francisco, 79 oakland
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these temperatures along the bay shore warmer here a couple hours ago. we are seeing a surge of sea breeze winds that will continue cool things down especially as the marine air starts to hit our inland spots where it's still very hot this afternoon in the triple digits. one of the war in concord same thing antioch. all of our inland spots topping the mark. 96 santa rosa, 91 now but, 90s in the south bay still lead advisor in effect for those locations. the the difference of the 24 hours close to the coast line 20 degrees cooler in san francisco same thing in redwood city down 15 degrees in oakland. will see this kind of cooling for in the spots tomorrow. >> cal train commuters are facing delays again today due to he did say to precautions brought on by the hot weather. as kron 4 rob shows us that has to do with concerns about heat stress on the steel rails. >> this service delays on the cal train line on the peninsula are being blamed on the heat of
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course. delays of as much of an hour on tuesday more the same today depending on how hot it gets and here's why. in the heat like this this steel rails beneath the train can actually expand and contract and he carried that in turn can lead to abandon the rail what they call the sun came to there could be a break in the line and a possible derailment. so far we know that it's never happened on the peninsula but denied taking chances. what they've done is ordered all of the trains to slow down depending on the heat and where they are. from about san francisco the san carlos the slowing to 7 mi. per hour and a brother south down the line toward san jose and gilroy or tends to be hotter the been slow down to 50 mi. per hour. the result is a series of systemwide delays expected to continue here until the end of wednesday. in san carlos rob kron 4 news. >> >> the evening to number was a nightmare yesterday the computers which control the
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trains overheated and the trains were 20 to 25 minutes late systemwide. kron 4 jeff bush robert today and tells you how they're doing and explains to another problem with part in the tablature. >> this was the scene for the monday evening commute to new conceivable lined up in a busy embarcadero station waiting for the train when it did show up it was packed. as of today bart said they think they have a prompt text but that has more to do with the fact that it's a cooler day in yesterday's record-breaking heat. the train delays or the only thing copywriters attention hot temperatures transmitted to hot temperatures in the train cars as well. the fact that one-third of the trains have interior air conditioning systems that show off when the ambient temperature goes above 95 degrees. >> this must be one of the cars with the bad air conditioning unit because it was hot at one over in that car there it's considerably cooler there 10 degrees cooler than it is in this car and has only one here.
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parts of their keeping an eye on the computer problem and working keep the trains on time. as for the air-conditioned that's another story bart said any more money to upgrade the air conditioning system. money they say that they don't have. in oakland kron 4 news. >> >> a live look at traffic this is the golden gate bridge north and southbound traffic at this hour moving at a meeting clip. we'll be right back a lot more news ahead and rob black as your financial news. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. at&t. rethink possible. stocks and is tired today spending most of the day the dow gained two tenths of a percent to close the 10,060. the nasdaq rose more than a 10th of a percent to nearly 2142. rob black is here to give this is take on what happened at the market today. there are modest gains at the end but still the market is not there. >> were in that summer of discontent at the low end of the discontent part we have another week and half of summer laughed. today the market dipped and they
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say know that's too low valuations look good. there's a lot of bad news some of the data came out on home sales. >> new home sales in particular. >> economic says with a kind of cheap so we bounced off of that. let's >> talk about the new home sales. down 12.4% in july. >> these are often members that's the worst ever. we have a 12 1/2 months' supply of existing homes. >> ensure all the foreclosures on the market aren't helping. >> were looking at 2012 to 2015 before housing gets back to where it should be stable. existing homes that's about 85 percent of the market but a new home sales talks about the future of how the market goes. you and i sign a contract by house that the bill of over the next 90 days. this is bad data. it affects jobs, plumbers,
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electricians, carpenters people who make paint and home depot and lowe's. we need jobs to come back before housing stabilizes and nothing i see says jobs will come back at least until 2012. on one hand in need jobs on the other side need housing to leave those jobs. your read on that statement carried >> what would intervene to turn things around when you're caught in a catch-22. >> * trade with the glorious 1990's and 2000's. it's going to be a hangover. which were going through i wouldn't give back the 90's and early 20,000 for the last three years of paying a lot of people would. the initiatives could sign of congress did navy. >> apple is going to take a move to go after net reflects. >> this is what we want to you can get a tv show an apple or a box 99 or 299 new and high- definition trade next week looks like they're going to announce a new apple tv product which is a
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$99 product which will stream data from the eye to start your tv. on top of it there gunna make 99¢ tv shows he can get ahold season of fox's hot new show house for 99¢ per episode. it's another step towards mire wireless data and content cure that's what's working on wall street that's why you invest in companies like cisco. >> rob will be back to talk about stream of questions we have a lot more news coming up as well so stay tuned. droiiiid.
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restricting coverage with kron 4 creek. >> here in san jose you can see the sign telling the public that the park is closed today concerns over fire dangers as a blaze continues to burn over mount diablo park. here you can see acres of dry terrain is temperatures in the 100 degrees in the afternoon. this is the third straight day bake in hot
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sun with low humidity and more moderate winds. they're too many of the factors in play. though consider reopening the park and thursday as temperatures drop. >> in concord and at the concord community pool, it's around the noon hour and the thermometer says a hundred for release is the third consecutive day the temperatures average triple digits and the concord area. couple minutes in full today the last couple of days it was full to capacity in the reason being? dave kron 4 news. >> were already starting to see more room relief from the heat close to the coastline 77 san francisco 79 in oakland. temperatures in oakland were in the upper 80s just a couple of hours ago but it still cooking in our inland spots. one offering concord hundred and four in antioch livermore and airfield also hot up in the north bay and down in the south bay were hit by is race remains in effect. over the past 24
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hours closer the coastline tablatures drop like a rock. 20 degrees cooler in census gulf, same thing in redwood city and 15 degrees cooler in oakland and we will see this type cooling for inland spots and up in the north bay and south bay of there tomorrow. tonight into tomorrow, cooler closer the bay side shores this evening. the fog will come along the coast toward easing in some spots not widespread this hour ago period's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow patchy fog along the coast and the shores. in the afternoon we'll see cooler temperatures bay area wide-range is more 62 at the close to 88 in our war is inland spots winds will kick up as this change roles in trade fog tracker for tomorrow morning not very extensive the fog to sliding into the bay shore in north bay by 6:00 a.m. and the extent of it will be around 9:00 a.m. you can see here oakland, hayward seen the fog santa rosa same thing but will push back to
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the coast line by 11:00 a.m.. some sunbreaks possible out there tomorrow but cooling will be the name of the game as we head into the weekend. cooling each day into the weekend as a matter of fact temperatures will plummet saturday and sunday osseous surge of cool air over california temperatures in the low seventies in the non saturday so about 15 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. >> new details on the gulf oil spill today at bp vice president blames the rakes owner of trans ocean for making changes to the rig which delayed the emergency repair procedure between 12 and 24 hours. the statement was made cash during investigative panel today carried panel plans you, ministration for plans to expand offshore drilling before the accident. president barack obama said the decision was scarcely wait for more than a year. >> remember this a 22 mi. long and deep sea oil coating the
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gulf of mexico from the oil spill berkeley scientists say this is practically gone. all because of the piney oil eating bacteria that no one knew of until now which of looking at here is an oil droplet these are all oil eating bacteria inside this red circle here. scientists at berkeley labs discovered that bacteria they say these thrive in cool deepwater and love to eat oil. so here's the results at its peak so oil plume was 22 mi. long, 3,600 ft. deep. berkeley scientists said the it to oil eating bugs the plan is now undetectable. >> a live look of cited traffic this hour and you can see the top of your screen traffic on highway be headed for the lower deck of the bay bridge barely moving at all the bottom of your screen sells them 101 moving slowly but better than that traffic had the sound will be right back.
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one is asking what your thoughts on limited partnerships and m l p and alternative to bonds? >> you're buying the common stock from apple its publicly traded company. in an old he is the stock where you become a limited partner. it is typically in businesses like gas delivery or oil deliveries. you know when ec pipelines ago from the wild to a big refinery it's a pipeline company said there the toll road of what natural gas oil and chemicals travel. you can't clean of those chemicals say in a truck you have to put in the pipeline. >> does it only apply to utilities? >> typically treated it could be gold, oil inside of malcolm's so commodities or delivery of commodities. it's a great way of playing it up for instance there's one called el paso it's
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a gas pipeline and if you are not one of the gas pipeline the government will lead as to what we don't have to do it it's just a pipeline and not to come out with the big announcement. they share a percent of their profits with you every quarter is pretty attractive. i would put my mother in a 20 percent comin and lps pureed they do have their place. >> next question comes from harry he's asking what you think of the biotech sector >> right >> biotech sector companies such as set by agenda, genentech they're coming with a cure for cancer in good economies in that economy is rob black needs cures for cancer any cures for balding the achy joints, i need to replace normal levels for my body things like this. biotech and pharmaceutical
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scandal working good and bad economies. >> in a bad economy which right now you don't have ever earnings as long as you develop a cure for cancer no one cares as long as it's going in the right direction biotech has its place like and more as an index and an individual company trade. i a prefer index to the company approach. for >> of this happy answer e-mail question send it to him napa
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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:30 p.m.. 4:30 p.m.


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