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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  August 25, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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the coast bugboy it is still pretty warm especially inland it's still hot. as winter >> submitted the sea breeze winds are picking up that's when to provide immediate relief close to the coastline of our inland spots. >> the records today?. >> the inland spots of seen he'd like this it could set a couple records in the south or north bay is and is the official numbers come in all of word on that jury when 05 and their fields, one of five in antioch 1 02 in concord in livermore still hot in our inland spots the temperatures are dropping off even in the north bay. 96 in santa rosa about an hour ago. temperatures close to the coast of is getting most relief out there this afternoon trade over the last 24 hours 20 degrees cooler in san francisco and redwood city, 15 degrees cooler in oakland jury will see the same type of cooling for inland spots out there tomorrow afternoon. here's what we can expect tonight cooling close to the bay shores and coastline
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trade our coastal locations are pretty much cool when spurs are going to go right now. 7 a.m. tomorrow we are going to see fog, but along the coast and it's going to scale in a little bit to our bay shore as the not too extensive. into the afternoon it will be cooler, much cooler and breezy. this is just the start of its 62 of the coast, 88 enormous inland spots it's going to get much colder than last year got details on your extended forecast in just a bit. >> all wild fire burning in the mount diablo area it's now 90 percent contained crews have been able to use helicopters to dump water on the blaze. it's burning in a remote canyon about 6 mi. southeast of cleveland. this point no homes are in danger 375 a. a strict schedulvegetation have burned td crews are still having to deal with the extreme heat and the rough terrain they're hoping to have this fully contained by
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tomorrow night. the cause is still under investigation. in the oakland hills fire department taking precautions because of the even see the signs indicating extreme fire conditions as a some assessment of the burn index which is measured by humidity, a temperatures and wind direction. the department is on the higher dispatch level today that means in the event of a fire more crews and equipment would be sent today compared to that same fire on a day that was not at hot to. workers are contending a 1,300 a. forest fire in a rugged southern california now moved. the fires burning west of interstate 5 in southern current county and look at those plumes of smoke. it's only about 30 percent contained it broke yesterday near the town of look back no structures are threatened in that area, a half- dozen air tankers to see their eight helicopters and 650 firefighters are working that
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particular place. it may come as a surprise but flu shots are already available through the country. kron 4 talked to medical experts to find a wide trade >> here in san francisco people already have the shots available what's going on? position still is last year's winds will break seem to be a wake-up call for drug makers want to get this year's vexation ready early trade >> as of last year publicly about 80 percent of population qualified for the flu vaccine this year basically everybody above the age of six months is now a candidate for this unless they have specific reason not to get it. >> don't worry about immunity running out before susan season does physicians in this vaccine will last longer than six months. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> health officials say a bay area high school prom three months ago may have been ground
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zero for the salmonella outbreak. an outbreak is sickened hundreds of people and force a recall of hundreds of millions of eggs. >> the 30 students who got miserably sick after prom at a graduation party in santa clara county last may provided the first clue that all was not right with the nation's eight industry trade >> after a lot of detective work we figured outcome that they deserved from the bakery in the baker used the same custard. >> county health officials are not identify the schools are the bakeries. but they say they determine the custard was made from a contaminated with salmonella. new clusters turned up at a korean restaurant in san diego and a catered breakfast on a movie set in los angeles. state officials sent out an electronic color to health officials all across the country and new reports came in. it from a denver suburb and he minnesota. connecting the dots
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to trace the salmonella to of farm in iowa and that led to the recall of more than half a billion eggs from 23 states. >> despite the recall the right eight firms and helen dell farms are filled to produce millions of eggs a day and those eggs could still end up in your local supermarket. the differences there will be in there shall. the eggs are going to facilities where they're taking out of there shall and pasteurize. the liquid eggs are then sold to for processors to be turned into mayonnaise, ice-cream and other products. critics say they a industry is rapidly consolidating and so fast of the problems of one producer can quickly affect the entire country 200 farms now provide 95 percent of the eight sold in the united states. garbage workers in san mateo county are protesting contract negotiations. as daniel reports today that they started
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>> a 48 hour strike> union workers have taken to the picket line over contract negotiations. typically these garbage trucks will not be parterre of the same time many of them would feel picking up garbage, today the folks to try these trucks or in front of all allied waste carrying picket signs. they said they had no contracts in january and is 48 hour strike could be the beginning of a contract deal is not reached. the strike has affected thousands of san mateo county residents is on the trash bins on touched. many of them are wondering if the to wait till next week to have their already full garbage bins empty. in san mateo kron 4 news. >> we have big news from the epa the new federal rule announced today that crucial is another large commercial vessels from dumping sewage within 3 mi. of the california coast. most crucial say they go well beyond the three mile road they dump their sewage that's been treated 12 mi. off the coast.
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according to the epa other big vessels of the dumping sewage near the coast line even into the san francisco bay. starting next year u.s. coast guard will fight vessels for doing that. >> california news cal state university public funding and private donations have become so mixed up that the system does need to know how much money is involved. this comes after months of refusing to reveal how cal state uses its foundation dollars preferred the cfo said the mixup is caused when a private foundation runs a campus functions such as a football game in a slow to repay the university for service. campuses now or in the process of moving the money. the foundation control more than $1 billion in funds. the appellate court judge she was unanimously confirmed by a state commission
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in san francisco today. she will be placed on a post on november ballot to serve for 12 year term. they president will replace chief justice ron george to announced in july he plans to retire on june were the second. california state senator unanimously approved a law that allows some convicted child molesters to be sent to prison for life. the bill was preserved a life without parole for dole creditors to kidnap, drug find or torture and use a weapon while committing a sex crime against a child. it could be handed out the first time were to repeat offenders. the bill is named after a 17 year-old chelsea king was murdered in a san diego park earlier this year. >> live look at our current conditions boy, it is during a school that closed the coastline but still very hot in our inland locations. close to the coast line to 72 in san francisco the cooling will continue in the next couple of days. a full forecast is just a few minutes
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our web producer kimberly shows us what happened. >> is that to take a picture in front of the state capital they took their bags of to the side while he spent time in the camera he jumped in a frame afterwards there really is somebody grabbed his bag with his wallet, a cash credit cards and other items in the key to solving the crime is this picture right here. it looks like a normal family picture but when you zoom and you can actually see a man right there rifling through the bag so they ran inside to show police the picture and the man was quickly arrested. for all the details on how the stanley folks >> big changes out there this afternoon compared to 24 hours ago look of the cooling close to
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the coastline it's 23 degrees in san francisco right now and 21 degrees cooler in redwood city to rid the cooling continues especially for inland spots tomorrow. a full forecast right after the break. 0
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is still very warm for and locations this afternoon with temperatures topping 100 degrees 105 in antioch. a closer to the coastline forcing a lot of cooling out there this afternoon as the sea breeze winds kick in and the cool morning air is spilling into the bay shore and also in the north bay. 87 in oakland today, 79 in there now some me to move in san francisco still hot the south bay and parts of the north bay. clear skies but we are going to see fog bumping up along the coast it's going happened tonight into tomorrow morning will see breathe fog thursday and temperatures was dr. cole
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estimates near makes all the way inland 5 to 20 degrees of cooling tomorrow i breezy evening in afternoon trade this weekend temperatures will plummet as we see a surge of cold air in unseasonably strong storm at the coast line. temperatures will be way below normal. the fog for tomorrow morning not very extensive of only along the bay shores up in the north bay at the 6:00 hour. it will continue in the same location but inimical to the morning and skill back to the coastline later on in the morning. temperatures will remain cool close to the coast tomorrow only in the los to xi's the customs service's go this looks a lot more like the folks. seven in oakland, the to and a word or in the spot so warm as a fish in antioch and 90 degrees. much, much cooler tomorrow afternoon. it will start to get: the weekend that we may not like it we may want to keep back. 72 inland saturday, 65 from the bay, 50
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along the coast. temperatures on the weekend 15 degrees below average. >> here in san jose you can barely see the skyline of the city and the santa cruz mountains along not carried with your seeing according to bay area air quality management district are upper moderate levels of smog not as bad as the spare the air is the levels the previous two days of the wave of bad enough. the air quality district expects things to read improved dramatically over the next several days as a heat wave subsides. in san jose kron 4 news. >> in san ramon i'm at the senior kennedy center one of the city's designated cooling centers for senior citizens. it's a hundred six degrees out here and 74 degrees on the inside. some of the seniors are video bowling are playing ping- pong just to stay out of this on trade in san ramon kron 4 news. >> new details on the 60 mi. long traffic jam in china.
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officials say it could last until this september. that's when construction on the roadway which stretches from inner mongolia to beijing is supposed to be completed. local authorities and hundreds of police officers to keep order and reroute cars and trucks which are caring essential supplies such as food, fuel where around this main bottleneck. some cars are only geelong when a third of a mile and a day on the beijing to that highway and street vendors have started selling food and clean clothes along the roadway. amazing. as labor day weekend approaches a new they're ready to barbequed the cost of beef is on the rise. kron 4 heather donaldson explains why. >> he may not notice the price of beef is up at the supermarket up about 7% from last year. look at this, you're go a pound of beef cost $4.18, now it's $4.44 a pound. experts say it comes down to supply and demand the beef industry has been shrinking since 2006
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because of higher feed prices and lower demand from the public as unemployment levels drop off in consumer demand is up and you can see the prices are up as well. all live look at cited traffic on this wednesday this is in san jose [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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temperatures are starting a " close to the coastline this afternoon but as we head into tomorrow dramatic cooling inland that will continue into the weekend. it's quite a bit chilly one temperatures only 72 degrees by saturday but we will warm as we head into next week. >> time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >> tea bowl unveiled the first tv are remote-controlled features slide out cute or the keyboard. this product is an obvious sign of what we all know is coming old standard remote
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control isn't going to cut it in the future appeared our living room tvs are becoming such more than tv. already for a number of different ways you can access the web when your tv and with it so much to choose from. even with the tee box you can watch you to clubs, not the likes movies and tv shows you to watch stuff off amazons on demand service and blockbuster. the network to " add a full physical keyboard to the remote to make finding in sifting through the contents available on t d easier and quicker the table people told me it's all about search that they want to be but a search easily and quickly for content. before this remote you have zero up and down through the alphabet and select each letter one of the time while tapping out tax. now you can quickly tied in with your looking for. when it shot in the keyboard is hidden and looks a regular more potential of the keyboard is an extra feature that makes searching convenient. think about it some will be during e-mail in twitter
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facebook all other tv so there has to be a physical keyboard somehow working. this is tables version of the feel of it was smaller than your regular remote and build the like a smart to own or use your thumbs to tight. the t-bill slides on the market now and cost $89 works for tea both reason the premier to vote. >> and is on his reporting its newly released kendall 3 is the fastest selling kendall ever. web producer kimberly tells us about this new device. kimberly. >> the new were sleeker candled may be a relatively minor upgrade compared to predecessors it's making impact or accounts mostly sales. according and is on the new candles and selling faster than any of its previous versions. let the other and has the same six intriguing area but smaller, lighter if this green contrast has improved by 50 percent while paige turned to 20% faster and better life last up to one month and storage of the device has been increased to
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four gigs. to read all about the new candle visit our whats on the web sectional pureed >> loss angeles judge has ordered rigorous outpatient rehabilitation for actress lindsay low hand. the judge dismissed to drug counseling and have pleaded guilty to in 2007. he also said low hand will be taken off supervised probation if she complies with his orders and passes all drug and alcohol tests and does not miss any counseling sessions. as the reaction will be required to go under frequent counseling but will also be allowed to continue her acting. meanwhile check out this line in san francisco die- hard fans waiting for tickets to see the band tonight at the warfield. as a throwback to earlier times they cannot get in line to a noontime today since no tickets were sold in advance and the ticket counter opens up a little while at 5:30 p.m. the
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fans can only pay their $50 in cash that does away with today's conveniences' the box office of the door open up at 530 the show starts at 8:00 tonight. let's look good set of traffic this is a gold debris conceal the fog rolling in the north out of your screen moving relatively well coming into the city analysts added this green moving quite well. now looking at the james link in san francisco and boy traffic is very slow here on this one sticking you. he conceded top of your screen moving towards the bay bridge barely moving all but the lower side of your screen southbound 1 01 moving at a crawl as well. the bay bridge toll plaza no problems here looking really good the left side of your screen coming in san francisco all lanes moving at a fast clip and the right side east bay in oakland wouldn't melt well as well. kron 4 news of 5:00 this
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coming up next.
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