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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 25, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m.. at 5:30 p.m. a live picture off of part camera off and mount tam is a little bit of fog but we do know the fog is beginning to roll in over marin county. jacqueline it is cooler today. >> it's much cooler and it's surprising looking at these temperatures you wouldn't think it would be much cooler >> especially hundred degrees a hundred train antioch in concord. >> those places are much cooler but fremont 93 carries as much cooler, was up 24 hours ago. 60
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and san francisco, 84 now bob, 88 in santa rosa. all of these temperatures dropping off as we speak. as the cool morning air starts spilling into the bay and dropper temperatures. let's look at the difference over the past 24 hours. the temperatures down 25 degrees in san francisco, 27 degrees cooler in half moon bay then it was just 24 hours ago. about 20 degrees cooler in santa rosa and now but i expect that he'd advisory to expire very soon in those areas and also down in the south bay. our inland spots remain on the hot side in the triple digits and he buys three remains in effect there. cooling will come inland soon on details of that coming up. >> definitely another sweltering day in a battle against the wild fire in contra costa county kron 4 christine conley is on the ground she's been there all day and joins us live with the very latest details on the fire.
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>> there's an extreme heat they're dealing with the fire is burning in these hills right here behind me. at this point they have the fire 90 percent contained so that's the good news. the fires about 6 mi. away from the town of clayton that's the closest town at this point no homes are threatened. again it's the hot temperatures that are having to deal with which has been so difficult today ala was due to rain. let's roll some video here off and show you some flames. you see the smoke here this virus is in some thick vegetation along creek canyon road. they had to helicopters all that up through the day, water in this area. mostly hitting some hot spots because there aren't any big plans. they're dealing with steep terrain and that's made it harder firefighters who can even track in the water at the pump up the hillside. this vegetation they also have to deal with the six snakes, tarantulas. on top of that extreme heat take a listen with
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cal train or cal fire had to say about the current challenges. >> the challenge today will still remain the heat in the rugged terrain. the hierarchy go the seven men sometimes your more exposed to the sun. it's hard to stay hydrated. you'd like you're so much water so in some instances we a people were cutting in line stripy one firefighter at of tanned was assigned to go up and down the hill to get extra water. >> can even bring in bulldozers because the roads are so small so that means to try to contain the fire with hand crews. that's of slowing down a little bit. it's a 375 a. they have 200 firefighters on the scene that battling this blaze and they're hoping to get full containment are around the fire possibly by tomorrow. and then get it out with in the next few days. the cause of this fire is still not known that's under investigation. reporting live christine conley kron 4 news. >> jonathan blum shows is exactly where this fire is burning. >> yes damage on the far side of
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mount diablo state park is used for concord in clean this this 24 coming in oakland here's concord and off to the east here is mount diablo and on the other side of mount diablo that fire is very difficult to get to and that's been one of the challenges. listed closer look piquancy not yet listed here the big welcome not only can see it from all over the bay area. the fire is burning in the foothills of mount diablo over on this side your there's actually a private room that you have to take in order to get to the fire. that section of the firefighters have staged their command post. this is a command post here you could see this big old trees right here, they had to make the way down this little tiny rhode in georgia gets to the problem because one of the possible causes of fire the power lines was down across this road at to get them from getting their equipment in the fire in the early hours just this is the approximate area of the fire were waiting for a permit or perimeter for the
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firefighters. a lot of grass and trees and the far has been burning both the grass and trees. you notice none of the cells have anything on them except for the grass and trees there is one has where firefighters this to save it. the fire to burn itself out would take about 500 a. but there wouldn't be any homes of the top of the fire even if it did that. this is a far this could possibly get a lot bigger break down all homes are threatened and as you can see why. >> extreme fire conditions today the department is on the higher dispatch level because of that. that means in the event of a far more crews and more equipment would be sent today compared to the same par on the day that was as hot or stride. as kron 4 craig reports of park and the south bay was closed today due to the high fire danger there too. >> karen san jose the part is
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close to the public release for the day because of fire blazing in mount diablo the city's take no chances as the rtc behind me all the dry hills are baking for the third in a row in triple digits of the jurors. the grass is dangerously dry with low humidity and a moderate wind are two factors in play. one starts to set off a wild fire. they will consider reopening the park and thursday temperatures drop. >> hundreds of firefighters are working to increase the contained numbers of the 1,300 a. forest are in the rugged southern california mountains. but the flames and smoke here the blaze west of interstate 5 in seven current county about 30% surrounded right now. no structures are threatened there. >> our current conditions of release during the cool off in most locations except or inland spots even down in the south bay purity 87 degrees in san jose about 15 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday continue
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cooling into tomorrow of all the forecast coming
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a staff of building sewage within 3 mi. of the california coast. 12 mi. of coastal areas of for and the epa and other vessels have been dumping sewage near the coastlines even into the san francisco bay. starting next year the u.s. coast guard will smite those for during that period >> grief counseling group sessions for hundreds of music bands who jump to his death
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during a concert trip to happen last week in saratoga the 32 oilman john ferraro covering their doors stage in an apparent suicide. of the >> it instead of forecast cooler weather is on tap not only for the bay shore in the coast line but also our inland valleys especially to the weekend. a full forecast is coming up right after this break.
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a heated 53 remains in effect for inland valleys but other than that tablatures circling dramatically around the bay area especially close to the clothesline. were starting to see fog bump up along the coast and the clean air is the into the bay shore. temperatures dropping quite a bit over what we saw 24 hours ago. temperatures continue to fall in santa rosa,. 88 now but even three months and 93 degrees 3
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hour. still much cooler than what we saw yesterday. 25 degrees cooler in san francisco right now over just one day ago. 27 degrees cooler half moon bay, 90 degrees down in santa rosa and 20 degrees cooler in now but. of will continue to clear trend for inland spots but that will be tomorrow afternoon. the side cooling this evening only. were also going to see a lot of ball close to the coastline and rounder bay shore for early tomorrow morning. into the afternoon things will start to get a little breeze here as the cooler air is ushered into the bay area. temperature is 62 along the coast to 80 eat enormous inland spots tree 88 will bantioch will be a little t warmer than that. 66 and san francisco tomorrow, seven in oakland, 72 and a word all lot more comfortable in our inland locations in the upper 80s low 90s. 81 santa rosa, 80 in san
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jose. big changes continue into the weekend because the cooling is not going to stop tomorrow. it's not going to stop fraud look good saturday to 72 degrees for inland spots, 65 run the bay and 50 along the coast. the surgical air will stick through west and the weekend we'll start to warm a back up as we head into next week. >> were than 200 cases of whooping cough have been taught in the last week burning california's total to 3300 cases this year. the highly contagious illness has caused the death of eight babies this year. all of the victims were too young to receive the full series of vaccines given in the first years of life. typical case a whopping cough starts with the coffin reynaud's, it's followed by weeks of rapid coughing fits which sometimes and with the whipping sound. it's not in september but if you been by neighborhood pharmacy he is likely noticed longshots are already available to and from
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find out whether available sorely this >> year> assigned that's as clear shots are already available in august. >> it's a wake-up call and the direction of streams in a timely fashion in the manufacturing is gone smoothly >> california pacific manufacture infectious disease specialist says this year they're hoping a broader range of people get >> the vaccine> last year probably about 80 percent of the population qualified for the flu vaccine, this year basically everybody above the age of six months is now a candidate for the vaccine unless they have a specific reason not to get it. >> she said there's no down side in getting it now. she said concerns of vaccine immunity could run out the fourth season does are unfounded. >> not true it's been studied human is a concern more for older individuals stubble the
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age of 65 years of age. there been a number studies that show the immunity lasts well beyond six months. even for older individuals even compromise individuals to get the vaccine the >> seers' vaccine targets for the constraints of for the flow of the age 1 and 1 better known as wind blew. >> all the official say a bay area high school prom three months ago may have been ground zero for the salmonella outbreak radio break is now sicken hundreds of people half and forced the recall of hundreds of many omillion millif eggs. >> provided the first clue that all was not right with the nation's aging industry. >> after a detective work we figured out the source the desert from the same bakery, the
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baker use this in custard. >> county health officials of not identifying the school or the bakery. but they say they determined the custard was made from eggs contaminated with salmonella new clusters turned out at a korean restaurant in san diego. and a catered breakfast on the movies and in los angeles. state officials sent out an electronic color to health officials all across the country. at the new reports came in from a denver suburb and the minnesota. connecting the dots to trace the salmonella to appear farms in iowa and not lead to the recall of more than half a billion a except from 23 states. >> despite the recall of the right eight farm and helen dell farms are still producing millions of eggs a day those eggs could still end up in your local supermarket. the differences they will be in their shells. the eggs are going to the facilities were they're taken out of their shells unpasteurized. the liquid eggs
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are then sold to processors to turned into mayonnaise, ice cream and other products critics say the egg industry is rapidly consolidating and so fast that the problems of one producer can quickly affect the entire country fewer than 200 farms now provide 95 percent of the eggs sold in the u.s.. >> as labor day weekend approaches and new vigor to barbequed the cost of beef is on the rise. had there explains why. >> he may have noticed the price of beef is up at the supermarket up about 7% from last year. i your go pound of beef cost $4.18. now it's $4.44 a pound. they say it comes down to supply and demand the beef industry is been shrinking since 2006 because of higher feed prices and lower demand from the public has unemployment levels drop in consumer confidence rise more people than buying beef demand is up and the prices are up as well.
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>> a live look outside a traffic at this hour. this is a golden gate bridge that fog is creeping over the bridge right now and traffic northbound on the screen into marin county trade this is a san mateo bridge were you can see the headlights' are eastbound traffic moving medium in both directions there. upon [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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u-verse tv. ♪ these are live pictures from southern california where hundreds of firefighters are continuing to work and try not down the 1,300 a. forest fire in southern california mountains west of of i five. it's only about 30 percent contained this hour no structures are threatened but is still a very tough fire for the firefighters to knock down. >> taking a look at our current conditions are 7 day forecast cooler conditions expected tomorrow for the week of into the weekend. a blast of cold air
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expected this weekend it's gunna dropper temperatures inland about 15 degrees below where they should be. as we head into next week will start to see a lot of warming. >> to promote the new cutting edge telephone technology google is a retrograde kimberly tells us the local of certain pension giant's latest plan. >> in a press conference in san francisco be considered here if the company announced in integrating their phone: service f. kugel voice with g mail. what this means is users will have the ability to make and receive phone calls from in taxes you see here. call the phone option will appear in your google chat when you click the link of box will pop up he conceded that on the right-hand side we can dial numbers. and to raise awareness for google voice the company is putting these red phone booths in public any is like airports in college campuses the phones and both are powered by internet connections not landlines can all calls from the both even
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international ones are going to be freed. for all the details uncle will's latest announcement visit our whats on the web section on >> now hear stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> once the money to cross the street is in for the drivers allow that person the ability to cross safely. in many cases this is simply not what happens. people find themselves risking life and limb just across the street. one city in the bay area. tonight and kron 4 news that 6:30 p.m. i will show you what he does and what the next nec's on a crossing the street he should give them a break. in an exhibition of people behaving badly. >> with a programming change to tell you about for this saturday. nbc will air the giants games would e p m. krogh and will air the nbc show, persons unknown. directly after that you can catch kron 4 news
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at 9:00. kron 4 news at 6:00 is coming up next.
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. at 6:00 fire fighters are gaining ground against the mount diablo fire to over 24 hours at a the blaze broke bill crews staff said it's almost completely contained. christine conley is live at mount diablo of disease the weather stomachs is a challenge today carried >> they have a lot of challenges are dealing with today pam. it the fire is in the hillside here at this point technostructure is are threatened in the fires about 6 mi. away from the town of clayton. that the nearest town. it will show you some the steps that were getting from cal fire at this point. we have printed 75 a. and burned so far, 90 percent of that is contained
6:01 pm
now they have a perimeter around it and its 200 firefighters on the scene. that's roll video ensure you the challenges are dealing with. >> there are a lot of hot spots like this that you can see the smoke here, the fires burning off creek canyon road in this thick vegetation. take a look at just how narrow these roads are, too small for these bulldozers which have to sit at the command post. tavares said that made these fire a challenge. >> are hand crews to go up and cut hand bomb. >> helicopters helping troops battled the blaze even getting water up the steep terrain is proven to be difficult, they have to pump up the hillside. in this thick vegetation they'll sought to deal with things like rattlesnakes and tarantulas. one of the biggest problems is under the extreme heat. the >> how are you look what the set in the mountains sometimes the more exposed were the sun and it's hard to stay hydrated in you can only carry so much
6:02 pm
>> water> they're hoping have 100 percent contained of the fall premiere run the the fire by tomorrow and then have it completely out within the next couple of days. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but to continue team coverage with kron 4 moreen kelly who talk to those who live closest to the fire. >> here's one the 10 homes and creek canyon road that was written by flames starting around tuesday night at 6:00. to look over here he can see were only about a quarter of a mile away from where the fire is burning. the junta out here are no longer threaten because the fire they say is no longer growing. the songs weren't affected yesterday by fire grows and all the homes here are said to be in good condition. if you take a look at this shows you can see the homeowner has cut the dry grass down right around the home. cal fire says while there's always room for improvement when it comes to the fire safety, the residents here are used to fires in the area and it shows.
6:03 pm
>> jacqueline has been checking the weather in the area in this time mr. day it was like a hundred and three yesterday their periods >> try hundred 3805. analogous to 90 so what cooler. the winds picked up a little bit it will continue to do so as we head into tomorrow pure greed now we have there to run their winds coming of the west to shift to the wind direction and were also bennett be seeing those wins seats increase as we head into tomorrow in the sea breezes to take back over. a look at our current conditions boy it is cooling down rapidly each and radically through most of bay area this afternoon except our inland spots. temperatures they're still in triple digits but close to the coastline in the '60s. 60 its differences go in '80s earlier today. also in the upper 80s in oakland at 77 now, 88 santa rosa, 84 napa much
6:04 pm
cooler than yesterday. temperatures of the most closest to the coastline because that's forcing the sea breeze winds this afternoon. 25 degrees cooler in san francisco, 27 degrees cooler in half moon bay down 24 degrees in redwood city. will see this dramatically over inland spots out there tomorrow afternoon you can see a little bit of our satellite picture or starting to see fog in the coastline that is still back in the bay shores tomorrow and helping temperatures cooler than what we saw yesterday. bayside cooling this evening patchy ball along the coast of bay shore to more morning. in the afternoon breezy conditions but much cooler conditions only in the upper 80s in our inland spots. will take a look of the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood in just a bit. >> the commute on bar was a nightmare yesterday you might remember as telling you about that. the computers that control the trains over he did in the
6:05 pm
trains were 20 to 25 minutes late all run the system. jeff bush rode the trains today and told us how bart is doing now. this was the scene for the monday evening commute, lined up in a busy embarcadero station waiting for the train. when it did show up it was packed. as of today bart said they think >> we have computers that are literally right on the truckline is nothing you can do to keep a computer school. so when a " they go. >> as of today the trains are moving smoothly because it's not as hot as yesterday. the train delays for the only thing that caught bart riders attention. the fact that one-third of the trains have interior air conditioning that shut off in the indian center goes above 95 degrees. this might be one of
6:06 pm
the cars with the bad air conditioning units because it's hot i just went into that car over there if it's considerably cooler about 10 degrees cooler than it is in this one than the only one here. part says they're keeping an eye on the computer problem and are looking to keep the trains on time. as for the air-conditioning that's another story court said any more money to upgrade the air conditioning system money they save the city doesn't have carried in oakland kron 4 news. tell train commuters it has to do with concerns about heat stress on the steel rail. the service delays on the cal train line on the peninsula are being blamed on the heat of course. delays of as much of an hour on tuesday more the same today depending on how hot it gets and here's why. in the heat like this, the steel rails beneath the train can actually expand and contract and in turn can lead to train abandon the rail what they call
6:07 pm
the sun came to there it's never happened on the peninsula but do not want to take chances. what they've done is ordered all of the trains to slow down depending on the heat and where they are. from about san francisco to san carlos there slowing to 70 m.p.h. and further south down the line toward san jose and gilroy where it tends to be hotter they've been slowed down to 50 m.p.h. the result is a series of systemwide delays expected to continue here until the end of wednesday. in san carlos rob kron 4 news. >> we want to show you live pictures now of southern california the fire that's been burning of control since yesterday afternoon this is a of current county 60 mi. northwest of los angeles the the flames. lots of smoke coming we watch water dropping retardant drops
6:08 pm
their religion of the biggest on the air. 30 percent contained up to 13 a. no structures are threatened. will be right back. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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in national menace of the key vice-president points to the moment after the april 20th of the oil rig explosion and as critical time lost. he said the crew on the raid was forced to deal with the locking mechanism on the blowout preventer that's the device that stops the oil well from leaking. he testified before a panel of federal investigators today and he told the panel the company that owns the raid which is trans ocean change the locking mechanism. the crew spent 12 to 24 hours figuring of that change and because of the crew configure the change in time the well exploded sending all of that oil into the gulf of mexico.
6:12 pm
>> remember this the 22remember this? a 22 mile long bp oil coating the gulf of mexico berkeley scientists say this is practically gone. all because of the tiny oil eating bacteria that no one knew was until now. which looking at here is an oil droplet, these are oil eating bacteria inside this, a red circle here. scientists at berkeley national lab discovered and love to eat oil. here's results at it's peak it plume wa 22 miles long, 3,600 ft. deep. the berkeley scientists say thanks to oil eating bugs the plume is now undetectable. >> we want to go back out live to that southern california fire which looking at now in the middle of your screen is a structure is burning glass were there were no structures threatened according to the art department at this point it looks like one is burning and
6:13 pm
you can see a couple homes very close by. this is near the community of look back which is right next to interstate 5 about 60 mi. northwest of los angeles. huge flames coming from the fire 1,300 a. at this point they of hundreds of firefighters out there trying to stop the trade will keep you posted and will be right back. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie.
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a live look inside from the golden gate bridge the fog is rolling along the coastline and spilling into the bay this evening. all of temperatures are dropping dramatically as a marine their stars 68 in san francisco, 77 in oakland temperatures in oakland could reach the upper 80s but there cooling quickly as the marine air moves in. indeed in santa rosa, 84 napa, 87 san jose temperatures much cooler than 24 hours ago. clear skies for most of bay area but we are seeing
6:17 pm
far closer the coastline that will continue this bill in this evening. fog tracker showing it not been very expensive for tomorrow morning at 6:00 east asia or part of the north bay of course the coastline of the fog that will continue to the 9:00 hour not moving that for this point. the coastline later on in the morning sunbreaks possible because but she breeze will pick up over the next couple respect the fog in the cooler temperatures. a look at tomorrow's high this is more like it especially for inland spots inland vocal about 15 even 20 degrees moral who wrote such today. 86 in concord 80 in fairfield, the in antioch much more comfortable at the lowest in over the past couple of days. 66 and san francisco, 70 in oakland in the south bay temperatures in the low 80's. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast. the vocalist we head towards the end the week but especially as we head into
6:18 pm
weekend. check it out saturday and sunday temperatures inland as much as 15 degrees below average and a surge of cold air into the bay area. as we head into next week will start to warm up a little bit but still below average. >> our team coverage on the waves continuous the vast hot report on the conditions in dublin. >> 105 degrees in dublin's third consecutive day of triple digit counters in the area appeared i may have on the coolest place in town to go to. >> for an side of the dublin iceland what our people and coming here during a recent wood heat wave. some people come to escape some people like to handle " only 60 degrees and your awful 45 degrees cooler than it is that side. in dublin kron 4 news. >> karen san jose you can barely see the skyline the city and in santa cruz not be on that. what things are as bad as it were the last couple of days are still.
6:19 pm
upper moderate levels of smog not the bad is the spare the air date levels. the air quality district expects things to improve dramatically with the next several days, as he waved sides. >> the bay area high school prom earlier this year may have been ground zero from the current salmonella outbreak occurred according delta officials in the a breadth has sickened hundreds of people and force a recall of hundreds of millions of eggs from the nation. >> 30 are so students who that miserably sick after of from graduation party in santa clara county last may, provided the first clue is that all was not right with the nation's egg industry. >> detective work we figured out the source the deserts from the same bakery and a bakery uses in custard. >> county health officials are not identified in the school or bakery. they say they determined
6:20 pm
the custard was made from eggs contaminated with salmonella. to clusters turned up at a korean restaurant in san diego and a catered breakfast on a movie set in los angeles. state officials said dowden electronics alert to health officials all across the country and new reports came in. from a denver suburb and minnesota. connecting the dots the traces salmonella to appear farms and i walked, and that led to the recall of more than half a billion eggs from 23 states. despite the recall the right eight farms and elin hill farms are still producing millions of eggs a day. those eggs could still end up in your local supermarket. the differences there will be in their shells. the eggs are going to facilities where they are taken out of the shells unpasteurized. the liquid eggs are then sold to food processors to be turned into mayonnaise, ice-cream and other products. critics say the
6:21 pm
egg industry is rapidly consolidating and it's happening so fast the problems of one producer can quickly affect the entire country 200 farms not provide 95 percent of the eggs sold in the u.s.. >> we want to take you back it live to this wild fire burning in southern california look at all the black smoke and flames to conceal the ground for this live picture. this is been burning since yesterday afternoon were up to about 1,300 a. only 30 percent contained will keep you posted on a pair on. >> a programming change to tell you both for this saturday nbc will air the giants game for 8:00 p.m. cromwell air the nbc program persons and know. directly after that you and catch kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m..
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[ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. average workers in some detail our processing contract negotiations with allied waste industries. they started a 48
6:25 pm
hour strike. >> this is where the bulk of all light we services garbage trucks are stored most of the time the day the trucks around collecting garbage but today, not of the garbage trucks left the got. the reason for that the folks who operate them were here carrying tickets science during a two day strike. they said the strike is over contract disputes and should only last 48 hours. the contract negotiations fall through if the possibility of more strikes. this street in san carlos was line with a touch garbage cans some of them all overflowing with garbage. one customer was spoke with said it's she's concerned about not getting picked up for next week. >> not good we have a lot of garbage i had my husband and twin boys. i know we accumulate such a large amount of garbage. >> after today's workers are expected to return on friday. it said retail kron 4 news. >> video of a woman tossing a
6:26 pm
cat into a covered trash bin has sparked outrage on line trader web producer kimberly shows us what happened >> this whole incident was captured on surveillance you can see right here. that's good for a closer look at first to the woman she gently patting caps occasionally she's catching a glass of the garbage bin and then she cut moves over the bed she lists the lead and then she grabs the cat by the scruff of his neck and passes into the band before its casually strolling away. take a look now at a look at it the cat was trapped inside of the been for 15 hours for odors founder after the fall the sun from the house. dozens of watch the surveillance to join youtube and unset animal lovers have posted several threats online trading facebook had to remove the page call death to mary ellen when asked why she did it to some as a joke she said she does know what all the fuss is about sing like that it would be funny if it's just a
6:27 pm
cat. to read more on what they'll have to save visit our whats on the web section of and stay with this kron 4 news that 630 coming up after the break. is soft on cats.
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now at the sizzler. and what 630 tonights big story is the one big block of news. more cruz, more stories right our top story. >> cal fire as a fire that's been burning close to mount diablo almost fully contained by a percent contained at this point it's burning in these hills right here at this point no structures are threatened. it's about 6 mi. away from clayton that's the nearest town so far three injured 75 a. have burned the of two injured firefighters on the scene and they're hoping to have it fully contained possibly by tomorrow puree looking at the do the fire here you can see the result from the fire at its thick vegetation of creek canyon road. they have helicopters up-to-date dumping water. at this point it's mostly hot spots for dealing with. you could see the
6:30 pm
dealing with really steep terrain and that's made it hard on fire fighters. the can even truck in the water they have to pump up the hill in this vegetation there also have to do with snakes and tarantulas montauk the that the extreme heat 100 + temperatures today. they are getting a good handle on this fire and they're hoping to have it completely out within the next few days. the cause of the fire is not yet know. reporting live clayton kron 4 news. >> continue our coverage this is one of the 10 homes and creek canyon that was written by the fire appeared if you look over your it's only about a quarter mile away from where the fire is burning. these homes are no longer are said to be threatened because the fire is no longer growing trade these homes were expected to start by fire crews. cal fire said while there's always room for improvement when it comes to fire safety holders year did a good job to bring back the fuel rod the property. kron 4 news. >> karen google earth he could see the were the fires burning
6:31 pm
here this is concord any easter that clayton and across mount diablo to the town of clean. you can see over here the fire is burning in the foothills of mount diablo were at the corner. there's a mountain here's the fire. the command post is action a private road toward those homes was in jeopardy. they save their firetrucks you're going in on this little what a way which had to be cleared of a power line before they were able to endure. did detective from the air and ground they say climbing up the hills blind makes it difficult to keep the fire because of spreading so fast. the good news is these hillsides where what are keeping and fire could find a way for people's homes. the homes are not being threatened and this far according to officials could go to 500 a. and still not sure anybody's homes. they are trying to put it out because of a does get out of the deals could be a big problem. >> wheretwere going to continuee
6:32 pm
whether into the new light crude it's quite: coast as the sea breezes are really starting to take over there and along the bay shore. to listen to the past 24 hours our temperatures are down about 20 degrees over what we saw out there yesterday. even more than that cluster the coastlines. 25 degrees so in san francisco and more also starting to see similar cooling of the north bay tree 25 degrees cooler now, as well. record is the additional cooling as we head into the weekend to kill the jew kron 47 day around the bay forecast. cooler weather tomorrow into friday and that the surge of really cool there this weekend will proper temperatures in about 15 degrees below average for this time of year but will start to warm get as we head into next week. if >> san carlos up and down the
6:33 pm
peninsula service delays tuesday and again wednesday as long as an hour the reason, the steel rails beneath the train can actually expand and contract in the key to. they could even bend or break leading to disaster. so far that hasn't happened but to minimize the impact of the rails the trails train to been slow down between 50 and 75 mi. per hour as a precaution. in san carlos rob kron 4 news. >> and another big story yesterday was a disaster for anyone writing board to tear systemwide delays of 20 to 25 minutes because of the hot weather. the computer field because it got too hot the trains had to be operated manually. today was a different story guards said they think that the problem fixed but that has more to do with the fact that today is cooler than yesterday. another problem came to light yesterday that about a third of the train cars have interior air conditioning systems that should off when the of the entablature was above 95
6:34 pm
degrees. in oakland jeff bush kron 4 news. >> hear san francisco appeal across the country firmness is that this one already up the shots available. what's going on? physicians tell us last year's one flipper it turned out to be a wake-up call for drug makers when the get the vaccine that early. it's for anyone in six months and above the indoor member but the minute the running out they say this vaccine will last longer than six months. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> you give notice the price of beef is that the supermarket up about 7% from last year. but this, you're go pad a brief $4.18. now it's $4.44 a pound. they say come status supply- demand the beef industry's been shrinking since 2006 because of higher feed prices and lower demand from the public. as unemployment levels are often consumer confidence rises more people buy beef demand is up and
6:35 pm
prices are as well. >> and if your eagerness same foods over over again perhaps it's time to expand your horizons. our web producer kimberly has a look at the list of the five best locale refunds you're probably not eating right now. >> the country girl blocker put together this list right here. fat free greek yogurt is a high- protein locale multipurpose ingredient you can put fresh fruit or use it in sour cream when making this creamy debts or you can even use it as a meat marinade. broccoli coleslaw its high in fiber and its furlough in calories. it's good raw or cooked and can't pure pulp can they be for the holiday cooking adding it to food goose fiber content and stir some of your morning 0 we'll read a scoop your blood it's moving. we need to make the sauce to not reached for a premium pasta sauce add
6:36 pm
canned crushed tomatoes along with some garlic and other seasonings. if you like to check all the items on this last visit our whats on the web section on >> and tech is according to two new studies coming out of two different universities all the gadgets are depriving her brain of important down time. >> when people keep their brains busy with digital and puts their forfeiting downtime that a loss of the better learn and remember for asian or come up with new ideas to read gabe slate kron 4 news. >> we have a programming change to tell you about for this coming saturday. nbc will air the giants game, 8:00 p.m. conflict will air the nbc show persons unknown. if after that you can catch kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m.. ç
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6:40 pm
the fire is out but they found a pot growing operation we pulled up the house on google earth. you can see it's in the grant park circle area of south san jose read on the cul-de-sac of this neighborhood here. the fire started at 4 they got no relief fast but they found about 200 plants in the grosz. no suspects yet no one was home at the time there's no furniture in this vacant house. right now pleas from the scene of this fire and how it grow. they're boxing up to 200 plants as we speak. they're also looking at their homes records to see if his own or rent it out. >> out here stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> crossing the street in san francisco should never be a life or death decision. yet people young and old do just that. crystalize because drivers either don't know the law or just don't care. this is
6:41 pm
sergeant mark campbell called the police department to reduce surging campbell wrist is life crossing dangerous intersections in san francisco so you don't have to. this is a crosswalk being set up on carry. some do but more often some don't. but the driver of the nissan sentra. >> you know why you're getting stopped? deducing the pedestrian crossing >> the >> drivers are required to yield to the personal thrill crosswalk until the make it across the street in this case until the person walking weeks into the center divide. then the opposing traffic was stopped. during this crosswalk sitting in more than a hundred and 10 tickets were issued and less than three hours. the sad part is as happy came to the attacks in court tomorrow it would probably read a hundred more.
6:42 pm
one important thing to know when you approach to crosswalk nec's trying goals please stop the trying go for safety. even if you stop for pedestrians or bypass the trying goes you could be cited. in san francisco, it still the roberts, kron 4 news cheered >> if you of a comet or story differ stanley e-mail us that people behaving badly >> and your release of the modeling right now crews are still battling the fire that burned hundreds of acres near mount diablo state park. watcher of the report and check out our slide show filled with far pictures of him by viewers like you. visit our capri as the weather page to find out just how long this he will last and which are video forecast and check out our 7 day around the bay
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
we just got off the phone with pg&e found out there's a power outage in southeast antioch a good 1280 customers without power. this all started about 4:45 p.m. the first ever 2600 customers without power to try to figure out what caused this. crews are open-ended power on by 8:00 p.m. >> to the giants finally the land slugger manny ramirez of vern has details on the street ahead. speaking of the giants and not solely wild one at the ballpark you have to see to believe. for his up next of highlights and all the sports.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
madison baumgartner on the fall for this one 36,003 10th and johnny at a petaluma backed away
6:50 pm
and gone his 100th career home run. he was chased after two and two-thirds innings. 8-1 and the fourth the name and our cover boy showed bottle. those opposite feels he had two home runs in the game it was 10-1 and then to come back again 6 and ending a three run job to go with in the two runs. four pitches later. (cheering) this game is tied. unbelievable. >> wow, they took the lead to an tonight throws it away at first attack began at 11. to the top
6:51 pm
of the 12th buried he gives up the game-winning single that made 12-11 on the bottom of the 12th and the ground out to end at how about that. 12-11 giants coming up just shy. >> the worker tells of today. a great comeback he's there insurers have but the herd to play with and come back the way they did there's still some guys up there who didn't quit. made a couple mistakes the phillies are losing their poles and the giants the betide of the wild card right now are the days and and what overtured according to sources they're replaced manny ramirez and it could pick it up to friday would constrain can be
6:52 pm
pureed given notre contract to skim off the disabled list and then he'll be on the hook for 1.1 million of this year's salary so stay tuned our latest from manny ramirez. the finishing business in cleveland rain down. your looking at haven't of the basis of life look how close this comes to a grand slam. mr. by a flood. alice and gave almost runs over. they all scored to put this one out of reach 6-1 in the ninth inning. in support of trevor cahill started the game. the former mrs. tiger woods is about to speak out an issue of people magazine. elin the divorce filed on monday she said she would never pin her never felt so sad and devastated and hope she never will again. their living about a mile from each other in town of florida. they shared
6:53 pm
custody of the children tiger woods was caught up with his response the fourth practice round at the parkway in new york. >> it's a sad time were going through right now as far as my game and practicing that's the secondary. were trying get kids situated in a new living conditions and the tour focuses that right now. >> these of just 114 and 5 for the year. let's bring in our guest albertine montoya coach of the women's professional soccer league. an expansion team to now the league's regular-season champ areas and action animated as he always this year running a nine game unbeaten streak and coach you're just telling me during the break just by clinching the regular-season title you're going to host now to check into a game.
6:54 pm
>> that's correct roasting september 26th 1130 in the morning >> a coach from the hotels to the penthouse at he does do it. >> a lot of work in the off- season, a lot more prepared this time around lassies and everything came by little too fast i think we were overwhelmed. this time around we started doing what we know how to passed and put together a team that without the bus in check. now will have an opportunity to do so up september 26th. >> when you guys sign harper knew how to hunt this team is really going to be something right? >> the world's greatest player in a goal scorer and something we laughed a little bit last year. a great player to complement one of are the top awards and those to 7 on fire this year together. >> 15 goals of the car which is a play the regular season left
6:55 pm
and i one save as our cruise control but not can you focus on other things as you get ready for the championship game? >> we have to we don't have a choice with four games left. two of them are at home, now we have it together team prepared and ready to the championship game we have a lot of work to do at a bus. >> and slit in north carolina in santa clara police you been trending some of the better players in the area and now you're making the most of your first shot at as a head coach >> under the ankylosaur owners that stuck by me after last season it was a difficult season but they believed enough and we turned around and now we have to go out there and win the championship. >> if we should mention last year in the inaugural season who still live the team so he had seasoned veterans end for some decent barbecue it's kind of just showed together. >> it's come together better this year and i think it's more
6:56 pm
to do with the coaching staff and a little more prepared. loin what were getting yourself and to think were definitely overwhelming share and we decided to do what we do best and coach and manage the players. think what you're a terrible coaching this year were mention fares would gunna the jobs of the car. >> success breeds success of the turnout did pretty well?z it's the best league in the world for women soccer we've got the best players playing in the bay area and need to get everyone out to support us. >> what is the one thanks that you've been able to whats the defining thing of a month away a coach. >> coming together and working as a family taking during oversells respecting each other and this group has really come together in that way. they work for each other on and off the fields they help each other in
6:57 pm
every way when it comes down to the last goal last minute they believe in each other. >> alright coach go get a letter this weekend.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" has the most complete coverage of tonight's top star news. i'm lara spencer. "the insider" is on. tiger woods' ex elin nordegren finally breaking her silence. >> elin's "people" magazine tell-all. "i have been through hell." >> the weight loss. the insomnia. did she really hit tiger the night of the accident? the 19-hour exclusive interview. >> where elin is now as tiger goes public today. >> i certainly understand that she is sad and i feel the same way. then -- >> elin has been incredible for me. >> the fairy tale that crumbled. in depth on how elin is overcoming it all. >> she's coming out on top. emmy nominee jane lynch wearing handcuffs, running away from police. posing for a mug shot. >>


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