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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 26, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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big difference as temperatures for today for. 78 napa and santa rosa. battle and the peninsula of his expected 66 for half moon
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bay 77 redwood city. was that is 89 and 80 morgan hill. 81 senators say. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to bring as cooler temperatures each day rate until the weekend. james. >> thank you. all agreed that there underway no hot spots to report a bridge to purchase moving well. no promises a major break in or others in a disco. high-92 moving without any incident in a traffic light in
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both directions no room is being reported. golden gate barely any cars. the star is nonsense. dry time is 21 minutes. more weather and traffic in a moment. developing story labor dispute is really stinking of streets literally. courage workers are on strike meaning that residents courage cancer or falling. businesses do. but today they're restricted sitting to this files of garbage and recycling. it's really started to smell in the heat. it all happened because troll workers were in a
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contract this year it is stalled. as a result hundreds of drivers decided they were going straight out of solidarity there are not repaired the that they're ready as a result all this year residents are hoping they get resolved quickly as his characters to smoke. >> speaking of smelling workers are redwood city are trying to clean up or sewage spill and the redwood shores area here's a map showing where this happened to a main failed new david been an anchor circle that surge flooded into the streets into the garages of several homes. it also ran into a lagoon there's no word on exactly how much they're warning signs posted at mar of oregon and to engage their trend of your were caused the spill over to make repairs or. people are being told this
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jury from the area. there will be sanitation crews of those homes. the latest hellfires record definition of a big wildfire the finished at the foot halls of mount diablo. as of this morning that fire is 90 percent contained some three under and 35 a. scorched in all this kron4 is christine connolly has more on the efforts. they're a lot of hot spots like this that fuel big flames. you can see the smoke is buring of the creek canyon road. take a look at just town near of these roots are. too small for these bulldozers which at this is a command post safire says that is made this fire challenge. >> rear to use our hankers to go up and tied. helicopters are hoping crews battled the blaze even getting water up the steep terrain has proven difficult
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than ever to pump up the hillside. in this education they also have to deal with things like rattles states and china angeles. one of the biggest firms has been the extreme heat. i hired you go the more exposed to the sun. is hard to stay hydrated you can only carry summer charter. >> oakland hills fire department is taking precautions because of this treaty. extreme fire danger conditions yesterday the department is on hired dispatch level that means in the event of a fire those other workers, equipment than they normally would a park in the south bay will remain closed again today for a second day now because of a high fire danger kron4 has more on that. >> you can see were the signs that allan park is closed. a lease for the day, the firemen blazing of the mount diablo the city's taking their chances as
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is the area you see all these dry hills are bay to the third day of narrow. you can see the grass dangerously dry with low humidity monitor wins. one match of several of fire. they will consider reopening the park on thursday as temperatures drop. >> >> meanwhile firefighters say the outlook is good now for that wild fire burning in southern california. it started tuesday has spread to about a thousand acres it is now 60 percent contained more than a thousand percent our firefighters are on the ground. it is burning worth 60 mi. north of verse angeles near the turn county city or town of the back. no structures are threatened firefighters say the outlook is positive. one california where fires on our website. the living sidestroke of of your pictures. at new details
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police and san francisco expect to make arrests soon in the case of murder of a german tourist. he said in a press conference yesterday that he believes they have identified the suspect involved in the killing of 50 rob mick tilt sure. she had been walking on the form under brock was, in the crossfire between two groups of people shooting at each other. our mineral has been more than $6 million to deal with the aftermath of the video tape shooting. they include one 5 million those paid to grant's daughter. more than a half- million dollars in attorneys' fees. and nearly. a million and half dollars in nearly and nearly a million dollars and additional training. more airlines in just 60 seconds. recalled from rooftop camera where will be noticeably cooler
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and not just along the coastline but much of the bay area will really feel the difference as we begin to cool down headed towards the region. 0
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and the air back, and let ^ here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today is little breezy look at the temperatures we have shaved off 110 may be even more to trees offer and then passed yesterday triple digits this morning possibly 89 degrees. 7 era in the bay mid-60's along the coast collapse even more as a head towards the weekend that is the story down the heat on to the cold. brace yourself. the possibility of drizzle. now on to new details, at the state of the police officers' association says that violent crimes are up 9% since july. that is 180 officers were laid off. kron4 is
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rigid far tells us how old he and city officials are reacting to this new crime. >> oakland police deputy chief jeffrey israel says overall filing crime in the city is down compared to the same time last year by about 16%. israel says the oakland police officers research station claims their rapes, murders and assaults dropped 9%. since july 13th of please answer laos frontier in fact is something it is now under pressure until it starts to gop away to find their house became a bad number. >> i want to make it clear i do not know if there is a spike i do not know whether the reason is because of this officer is being laid off but that is certainly possible it's not that side of the realm of possibility that crime is trying to be impacted 80 fewer police officers to. >> last wednesday he told the crowd at a special bridge roll
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for two witter's loss their husbands that violent crimes are down. honda says she stands by what she said last week. the most important is where is the crime today. so from a year ago crime is still down 16%. there are two crimes that despite in the heart to do with moseley berkeley's and for domestic violence. klm's this week is out for not we do not know. taking it from july to today is not the way to rigid because i'm always surprised in the summertime. >> oakland, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> a checked on market headline stocks set to open higher this morning as investors hoped to ride here is today's late day rally the dow gained 20 points and 10,060. if investigators are waiting for weekly jobless came claims. apple has something up his sleeve it announced its holding in music seemed events
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in wet. will the stadium site. gina users have the ability to make calls from their computers to of a better in the world. bad news for california members are in some blue cross and blue shield. . large rate increases pollution customers face an average height of 18.5%. for a handsome blue cross is nearly 13 and a half in some blue cross is the state's largest for-profit insurers creosote call pipsqueak bill wilbur as a good dad. truck 8 checked and your forecasts we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a
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few moments.
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what a mess kron4 morning news, you're looking at shatters san jose currently in san jose temperatures are outside much cooler though we have been so used to. 63 new and time getting up to 75 high tempted to 81 degrees pretty comfortable in san jose compared to the boss or days back down again to 72 bay o'clock. ulster we're still seeing a little bit of fog creeping into the bay moving back and saw the picture you can see it bridge into san rebel up into the delta. patchy fog to the north bay family gutted hanging along the coastline. not widespread. about 50 degrees for san francisco, 63 oakland. hayward, fremont temperatures ritter and 60 degrees. as we move to the 10:00 hour we'll
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start to worry about. by noon time not quite as warm as we have been used to getting out to the 70's may be in a few eighties. no really talk about in the '80s. arginine has look like like this. 78 to napa, richmond. 76 vallejo. as we have drawn down to the south dade tempters could warm up in the '80s furloughs' daughters, morgan hill. 7 these rate around the bay. 774 redwood city. 7 degrees for hayward. you feel that cool down. antioch still pushing down to the upper 80s. 87 degrees for livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain was cooler temperatures each day until the weekend in fact are the weekend checked it out only topping out in the low '70's. '60s around the big. fifties' for their
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gross. even some fog the producer and drizzle. . >> check on your traffic, things are moving well on westbound 80 you're looking at a shot from the 800 over across on into the toll plaza traffic is moving well. no assured the tollgates know caltrans work. nine minutes and amazed the city. traffic is light in both directions no incidents and accidents no reports of any kind. one last shot golden gate really like to new conditions. barely any traffic of their easy 21 minutes from highway 37 south. more weather, traffic in a moment. more than 200 new cases of whooping cough have been tallied in the last week which raise california service to 3300 cases. the highly contagious of illness has caused
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the death of 18 babies is here and all of the moratorium to receive the full series of vaccines that are usually given during the first two years of life a typical case starts a cough, runny nose but then progresses in two weeks of coughing fits this sometimes end in a whopping sound. health front is not even september yet but you probably ever been known as the your neighbor heard from we are seeing that we have a live shot are the available kron4 is the interim and founder why they're being offered surly. >> drive faster neighborhood pharmacy you're likely to see this a sign says flu shots are available in august. >> august election of the viral strains was done in a timely fashion. california pacific medical center dr. shirley gordon says this year health professionals are hoping a broader range of people get the vaccine. >> as of last year 80 percent of
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the population qualified for flu vaccine this year basically everybody above the age of six months is that canada and the is that a specific reason not to get it. there's no downside in getting in now. she says the concerns of vaccines immunity could run about are unfounded. >> not sure. it has been studied it was a concern more for older individuals above the age of 65. there was a concern that their immunity would leave if they got the vaccine to early. there have been a number of studies that have shown that the man in the last well beyond six months. even for older individuals. >> this year's vaccine targets three different strains of from among the major one and one better known as swine flu. dan kerman, a kron4 news. >> the bay area high school prom
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or earlier this year may have been a ground zero for the current salmonella outbreak. hospital kron4 is him more as the latest trip >> the third your suggestions to got miserably sick after a prominent writer richard party and said the clara county last may provided the first clues that all was not right with the leas a indices. >> or drove work refigure doubt that the source the deserts from the same bakery and the bakery is the same test it. >> the house officials are not identifying the schools or the victory. they say they determined that the custer was made from a contaminated with salmonella. new clustered standard of the korean restaurant and a catered or office on a movie set in los angeles. state officials said their electronic colored to help
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officials all across the country in the reports came in from a denver suburb. that led to the recall of more than half a billion eggs from 43 states. despite the recall right game farms and hallandale are still producing millions of eggs a date. there they stood still and that in your supermarket's the difference is they will not be in their shells. they said going to facilities were there take another shells unpasteurized. the liquidators are then sold to food processors to be turned into manas, ice cream and other products. >> critics say the egg industry is rapidly consolidating it is happening so fast that the problems of one producer can quickly affect the entire country. fear than to hundred farms ride 95% of the eggs for the entire u.s.. in the wake of
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this massive recall prices are climbing. the difference in the regular roster is reporting the prices have been steadily rising since august 13th. in areas like new york a prices have grown by 40% or more. as for civic consumers can afford to see prices to grow before it is a daughter. meanwhile the cost of beef is also on the rise just in time for labor day. kron4 is heather donald explains. >> you may notice the price of beef is up of the supermarket a year ago or pound of beef cost $4.18. now is $4.44 a pound. a its crusade comes on supply and demand. the beef industry is concerned that the drinking. as unemployment levels are up in consumer confidence rises more people have been buying beef.
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demand is up and the prices are as well. >> we're going to take a break, we'll lose back with more in just a moment. as we go with your mind to it of programming changes saturday, nbc will carry the giants' game we'll kick it pickup 30 p.m. program " persons unknown " you to watch that right here on 8:00 p.m. on saturday.
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women in the the san francisco woman was among those killed in a plane crashed tuesday morning 18 years of candor fallon the. easier here she is teaching children at an orphanage in the village, the plane was headed to luka but which is a trucking base near mount everest's base price it crashed, three jurors sullivan passengers all killed weather conditions were poor and the plan was unable to land. meanwhile the soviet president is promising someone will pay for the bus hostage crisis that killed hong kong tourists he does not directly blame the place but said there were many failures and that someone failed and someone will pay the high. as is due to release several children and bus passengers early in the nearly 12 hours he's the then later opened fire on the remaining people that he was holding captive and hong kong business has halted for 3
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minute tribute to the eight jurors that have been killed. and now to chile words 33 miners trapped 700 monitors below wait and hope will their families!@ wait and pray one mire has become a symbol of brazil is curled and all reports. >> from the south of the earth, this message from the minor to his wife to say against all odds you still live. >> dear lila, i am ok thanks to god i hope to get out soon be patient advocates god is great we will make it gets. he writes , give a lot of kids is to my daughters and my grandchildren i love them state,, and still is on the love i love you so much and we will be happy forever with our family, we will see one
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another again soon goodbye my darling a kiss mario. >> he is the most experience of the 3363, his note was only shredded as akin to the surface state to the progress reusing to try and locate the missing men. the 30's had feared the miners were surely dead. >> upon the spirit and hillside relatives a half stars red flag for each of the miners trapped underground. 32 chileans legs 1 oblivion's egg. as long as it takes the chilean government is battling to bring each one of them home alive. as days mates families hope the fires in the camp where they've been meeting since the gave him. the way of dubai it may still take time but
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they now seem sure that the happy ending will come. >> will obviously follow that as it is dresses and a rescue effort continues meanwhile scientists say they discovered new species of plants and animals and indonesia. they use cutting edge technology to direct a deep sea area toward that it never been explored before new discoveries include a planned size sees brighter, sponges that appeared to become an arrest. the breed of is one of the most mysterious series and the planet. a break now, back with more headlines in a moment let us go outside a live look at this time from our bay bridge toll plaza or again traffic is really light as you make your way to the tollgates and across the
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and we're back, live look the james like lettuce talk about the weather that is what is really been changing over last 24 hours. we're back in to cool
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down won't, louisa has the details on how cool it will get. good morning. >> good morning james. what changes we had in today we're seeing that fall in love back into the picture we had a little break there and that he waived is officially over. we are starting the beginning of a cooling trend for today in fact as we head towards the weekend pretty foggy and a little bit cool. here's a look at where the fog is moving and current temperature 63 for oakland, 60 hayward. in two san jose as well. down to los gatos 62 degrees weird is keeping 60s across the board pretty different picture than what we have seen over the past couple of days and we're going to continue to actually cool down as well here's a look at that fog to sure you wear is creeping in this morning settled since the north bay, not really widespread getting some gaps. a
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little bit of fog serving on through. and then can the wrapping around the coastline down into more than help. here's a look for in now as we head into the afternoon date changes. triple digits, '90s topping of in the upper 70's. santa mill valley about 74 degrees, along the peninsula temperatures cool in the '60s, '70s 78 palo alto. 66 for san francisco. east bay '60s, '70s. 70 in oakland. hayward. fremont 77. in loans brought snow triple digits today. 89 for antioch. south bay every these as well. 85 for a camel. keeping those temperatures pretty comfortable at about 82 degrees. here's a look to your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. giving you a look at what you can expect over the next couple
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of days the upper 80s and and a lower 80s to the '70s so it will be very cold. drizzled + mixed results that fog. temperatures were down to the '60s. two deserters. james. >> thank you, checking your commune no hotspot for all residents is our green your right is your first the bay bridge is looking good, no issues across this man no-cal transport all lanes are available and factor making your way from the maze of the city nine minutes. sam-sharing is a smooth ride a little more traffic on this bridge in the bay bridge still moving at the limit. chp is running no problems. ride from marin county and san fran nice and light. it is hard to make note to you notice fog back in the mix. you cannot even see this out our.
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no. traffic in a moment. not for developing story, a labor dispute really stinking up the streets in san mateo. bridge or cursor on strike today meaning the residents will not have their courage and spirit up businesses won't either. the other restaurants jonathan bloom has more. >> as cars whiz by them and lawn's richard johnstone it seems like the and the thing that are moving are these jurors chance. >> i do not like it we have a lot of garbage or one picked up or don't like it sitting here. >> give a lot of people generating. it will >> we have three kids, two adults. fibroblast house. >> how much courage as a craig? >> quite a bit especially with the baby in diapers. >> she takes it to i began to
4:34 am
garbage a week. now as workers and the today's strike the filing get bigger. >> it's and a smaller the weathering a hundred degrees. >> house is up? >> cat bacchantes will send as well. and that letter? >> a. gary donner cat litter. >> although they cannot agree a baseball team they do agree on one thing the city because it's hot inside and the smell. and now have about that. an abbey reported for the back. one frustrated residents rosa should never be allowed to happen. >> they work in public service, i believe those sessions and let go on strike. we get a smaller garbage away. cheeses behind a worker and since that son of most short-term residences behind her. i support workers and their strike but i hope they get it solved quickly. >> i agree with her.
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>> we will speak with messes and workers in red words in your drive to clean up a sewage spilled with a google order map showing you were talking about. right along the bay. main sewer line failed yesterday near david lane and acre circle that surge has flooded not only into the streets and into their garages of a good handful of homes. so that is what they're dealing with. it also ran into red richards lagoon. easier close as the water no word on how much is in the water. there are warning signs posted will get updates live from the scene of slater and sedate. people are being towed to steering from the area and ordered to his they also warn them not to clean out their own garages their obesity cures to come by. in one of the latest
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on the rug true the bay or of private began in the foothills. as of this morning that fire is now 90 percent contained in all three and a concern for acres were burned and kron4 is maureen kelly has been falling the story if you look over here is only about a quarter mile away from where the fire is burning now these sums are no longer said to be threatened because the fire is no longer growing. the homes respected yesterday but crossfire says weather is always run improvement homeowners here did a good job trimming back the fuel around the properties. >> in of extreme fire danger has fronted the city of san jose to extend the closure of on rock park today. with the remaining and accessible to the park.
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today's an era of the park is off limits. it is a source of to reopen tomorrow but if weather conditions are still in of the state level it will remain closed until the criteria are met. keep the ginger ruling in no firefighters say the outlook is good for the wildfire that is burning in california it started on tuesdays for to about a thousand acres. it is now 60 percent contained. more than a dozen characters are working to keep them under control. it is earning 60 mi. north of l.a.. rain near a. no structures are threatened to fire fighters say they're optimistic that the king did this thing under control fairly soon. of course we have more on the well fires on our website including a slide show the pictures the your been sending with the code for the latest. also today creek counselors will be available for the fans attended among winery concert or
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a man jumped to his death on stage. the band made arrangements with a greek support center to provide counseling service of the grief center has of for an initial group sessions set up for concertgoers their scheduled in palo alto for today. and its and unclear from noon to 130. 78. a performer is approved would improve 44 britain and was sentenced to one year in jail five years probation he fitted no contest to 26 felony charges he's accused of having sex with i teenager on his team. the girl's mother says she begins his riches after reading text messages sent from him to our daughter. san francisco is living with hiv and aids will lose services in october when the center closes its doors new
4:39 am
leaf in a mental health and substance will close after serving in the gay community for 35 years. it faced increased cross for more than two years which made it impossible to continue operating the center during these economic times. the redevelopment project will receive nearly 15 $5 million to support the project affordable housing after it was named a model for sustainable development. it will soon have more than 6000 housing units 30 percent of which will be affordable. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. back with more headlines of just one and never know to be doing here a live look as amigo 82 albany headlights are headed westbound from art to burke. they've been doing fairly well.
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and we're back, a quick look to
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your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is moving well in their. no issue on the stand it's a pretty good ride. highway 92 is moving well quick shot of traffic, those of those still it's headed from hayward to foster city notes issued to report. golden gate, really light ride coming at a berlin. nearly any traffic but we do have fog. that will keep temperatures on the poolside. more and your forecasts coming up. news this morning, no arrests made so far after a third is discovered a part growing operations. you can see the latest video from the scene it started in the garage at home on grand park circle. firefighters quickly put arrows but when they checked rest of the house that is when the founders nor furniture inside. that is when they discovered 200 marijuana plants. a neighbor josie had no clue. >> there was some smoke coming
4:42 am
known iris and cracking sounds ahead on line one. it is the houses ring next to mine. >> did you know there during marijuana had no clue. >> how about the folks live did you know them? it >> note. people came and set out ahead no clue. >> well, police believe the people responsible had bypass the pga neither allen is the flow of electricity that some things wrong never last year ways authorities have discovered marijuana plants that survive stores. community college students could soon have read easier time transferring into university systems that is because they can transfer with
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the status to j air into these for your institutions it aims to streamline the process for transferring since it was approved by the assembly had to the governor. there's a group that filed a lawsuit over documents related to june appearance by surveillant state university. it is claiming of mercury this morning a judge decided this bid did the university must release palance contract it comes after group filed a lawsuit in april after the school refused to disclose documents related to her parents. negotiations would the nation's first energy-efficient standards for televisions will be delayed by six months. the set was just approved i would push the regulations adopted
4:44 am
last year back until july 2011 in a basically give the sec time to develop its own labeling rules for televisions state riggers had hoped to lead the nation in setting new standards. we're going to take a break, we have a lot more news stayed ahead stick around for got a live look outside as we go a shot from ruth garrett is hard to see with the shot where fog is back over the city temperatures quite a bit cooler the earlier had. we're calling it off even more as we had to the weekend
4:45 am
and nearby, a quick look to the james like traffic is commander san francisco moving well, temperature and san francisco cooler that is the keyword louisa is tracking the forecast. >> are three days of summer are over. getting that five moving back into the picture this
4:46 am
morning. here's a shot from the san mateo bridge temperatures are much cooler than we have been seeing. let us go ahead and jury some of those numbers give you an idea of what you can expect. looks a good and of those here's looking your satellite pictures instead. fog is ceylon 101 also the fog is making a direct line radon through the delta through the golden gate bridge as well. wrapping around the cosine not widespread this morning but still started to work its way back into the area. 58 degrees for san francisco, 63 per oakland, hayward, fremont. south bay temperatures and low 60s. we are really starting to cool down. the past couple of days we have been triple digits. 90s to the north bay but today upper 70's to santa rosa. 66 degrees in san francisco. the warmer
4:47 am
spots palo alto 78. keeping seven is over to the spin as well. 7 degrees for oakland. austrian city 77 degrees those warm response only getting up and the 80s today. the santa sfa career under and 82 degrees. 81 n. san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to drop off even essential element of drizzle for some of the morning fog. late friday and your saturday temperatures around the bay in back taxes '60s. we could even get back down into the '60s. a drop in temperatures as we head towards the weekend. >> me would check your cameo the
4:48 am
good news is in no issues that will slow you down road race or green speeds are better than 50 m.p.h. and many of the bay area road race. they reversed course 580 traffic is nice, light no stopping of the toll plaza nice guy easy breeze through there. not sure on the spanish word nine minutes to get from the macarthur maze to san francisco. highway 92 moving well, as you can see in the shot no instance, no accidents. their problems to report from the chp. 12 mr. moore defroster city. golden gate, nice light ride. the chp is another they're not fighting from sunday part of one no one from nevada to the city. crossing the distance in 21 minutes. let us tell us more road traffic, when it comes to the rosa direct pedestrians in the contract subic bay of the river way some drivers incidents as the cover hard time remembering that kron4 explains.
4:49 am
>> crossing the street in san francisco should never be a lever that decision. yet people young and old just do that. miss their eyes because divers do not mobile lot of do not care. this is mark gamble make debt sergeant mark campbell. sergeant jim morrison's live carriage and the jurors to enter substance so you don't have to. this is a cross socks stain all mark does is of a cross street to see if the juror we give them some do, more than off and some don't. like the driver of his new son. >> you know i am getting stop? because you didn't use of the protestors registry did not stop. >> whenever one someone does that represent required to yield to the personal their in the crosswalk and to limit across the street in this case of a person makes it to the senate
4:50 am
ride. the near rows and traffic was stopped. during this brossard strain more than 100 and tentative three issued. get this less than three hours. the supper, they came to the same sex are draw their own brokerage hundred more. when for them to know when your perjurers truck and you see these trend goes in your industry face stop the trials for safety because even if you stop for pedestrians to bypass the strike goes you could be said it. stanley roberts some civic mr. gore kron4 news. >> as always if you ever, enter story idea for stanley < no cinnamon e-mail at people being badly at let's start where technology is now a kron4 supporter gabe slate tells us about some gadgets that to be bad for your help. >> could drain city be a serious negative effect of the digital devices in our life? according to two new studies all the
4:51 am
gadgets in our lives are driving our brains of much-needed downtown. scientists are saying that when people keep their brains busy with digital employed there for writing down time that could allow them to better learn and remember formation or come up with new ideas. downtime is very important to the learning process elyssa ran over the experience solidified and entering them into long-term memories. the study suggests that many of us now have no down time ever during a day. it is self induced. will we give free time we spend about traditional life or play of the gadget sending text message checking e- mail's twitter, facebook playing video games planify pods, ipad and smart phones. these gadgets are useful and entertaining but they said the dollar down time. research so view of the sadder to grow what the nature walnut using a gadget retains new affirmation easier than those suffered from the goddess 24/7. bottom line is
4:52 am
you're finding it hard to learn new things to concentrate in a rise straggling 20 minutes a day with no technology at all. do you bring some downtime see that helps. >> saying the tech news google announced it will stir google voice was due mail. that means the users will have the ability to make and receive phone calls from their in boxes in. we have got some video to show you, the call loan auction will appear in the google chat area the box of problems. you can dial numbers, make phone calls to raise awareness about this new global voice service the company is putting a red phone booths like him when you see there the public venues' the phones in those moves are part by internet connections not a land line of girls and even international ones will be free. our new ad on the iphone is making it easy to
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have food delivered to problems in his car parked the city will love means that iphone users, will be able to order a pizza police tape and other food governance from areas drew restaurants every it to their ticket locations. the ad uses the funds gps to locate you a service order last month at central park has been growing in popularity. meanwhile you can get more information about all of this text trees and everything else from our web site is a place to go. time for a break, we will be back with more in a moment: the forecast of some big thing is changing keep its inherent
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welcome back, now in its 454. here's a shot of the bay bridge if you're heading over to oakland temperatures cooler.
4:55 am
temperatures ever were cooler. coming in around 63 degrees this morning. heading towards noon adversities high-temperature in oakland only about 70 degrees. back to these temperatures to assist these truths not quite widespread you can see it's really moving ribbon to the golden gate bridge then pushing on to the delta. north bay pockets of fraud. half moon bay once again is locked in with fog. current temperatures. sixties elsewhere 9062, 63 san jose. into the afternoon no triple digits, no 90s today in fact rolling tapping out in the upper seventies for santa rosa. the descendants of novell is 74.
4:56 am
the coast is back in the '60s no more 90 degrees along the beach. 66 for san francisco east bay upper seventies as well. 77 hayward. inland warm in of keeping coverages since the '80s. 89 and some of the warmer spots antioch. los gatos more than help upper 80s. 82 santa clara, 77 sunnyvale. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. s. d. klein and temperatures each day towards the weekend. our floor director paul only sighs when it gets cold out. the new fog colder weather. >> drizzle> tiger woods is ex- wife has finally spoken she is broken or silence spoke out about all the she is gone through in this trees each sure people magazine she says in that spread that her life has been
4:57 am
living hell. she's never had an inkling that cheating was going on there when she foundered she was devastated. she also says she is now watch this and go round of golf and the tiger needs permission to enter her house which is where a mile away from where she is located. he's in preparing for a pga tournament in new jersey has a say. >> it is a sad time we're going to rain now. as far as my game either practicing. that is the secondary. we're trying to get our kids is rated tier new living conditions. that is our focus is serious obviously will follow that story and his effort to try and come back to the world of golf has happened to rob. it bridge now back with more
4:58 am
4:59 am
vice in the vmi, 5:00, taut
5:00 am
story is garbage workers on strike in san mateo. residents without anyone to pick up their trash. details straight ahead. san francisco police say they expect to make an arrest in the murder of german tourists. we'll tell you what they know. an overnight development and oakland a fifth homicide in the past week this as the union and the deputy chief dispute kind crime statistics. following the forecast, a live look to the golden gate as the reconfigured lanes bob novak in the mix a live as get the latest on that with louisa. ahoy >> closing date is often not widespread but it is starting to roll back into the picture. here's a look downtown san francisco, james lick currently outside and you're certain to see their father built in beginning a little bit of a cooling trend. this is sort of the beginning of it it would
5:01 am
discontinue as we head towards the weekend. this weekend is expected to be froggy, cool. big changes in the past couple of days here's a look where the fraud is starting cylinder the north bay. pushing and deductive. northern portions of the peninsula to the sun said also up in the north bay sarah r. succumb of petaluma. current temperatures aside, a big difference and yesterday only sitting in the '60s even some fifties. 59 and cinephile, because 57. set bay at the low 60s, after mountain view, san jose. as we head into the afternoon we're only getting inseverable these a day for sinner as a comer around a park. 88 for some the worst odds and fairfield also along the coast sitting in the '60s. the difference in yesterday's down
5:02 am
and to redwood city. over to the east bay temperatures in the upper 60s. the south inland 89. santa livermore 87 degrees. some of the debris in those temperatures into the upper 80s. 85 degrees for campbell. 82 and santa clara. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to show that cooled down. for the weekend. around the bay, getting down of the mid-60s. 56 rows. james. >> thank you. conditions are like barrier wide ellery's answers are green. none of this morning as you approach the bay bridge unless 580 pretty easy to get to the tollgates. no issue across the span. nine minutes from one into the other, san mateo, commuters on highway 92
5:03 am
seeing more company in the last half-hour to those satellites are headed westbound that is due to new direction. still moving at the limit. chp is now reporting in the back rubs out all. still 12 minutes from one end to the other. golden gate, we should do the shot a moment ago traffic is trickling in from marin county note from someone 01 as a major way from highway 37 that the san francisco be referred for some pockets of fog. we are back into what is becoming typical forecast morning fog, a drizzle cold temperatures. more and your weather, traffic in a bid. same as their prime county garbage workers with ways are on 82 every 48 hour strike that means bigger delays will aken continue for residences this is video of some of the pro workers walked off the job yesterday they're upset over contract negotiations and the fact that they have stalled there was expecting a
5:04 am
dozen rock get there were ready for that what they did not expect is that jordan of its detractors would join them in support. residents are we spoke with hope that this right reds and soon. >> i do not like it, all we have a lot of average and one that picked up of delegates sitting up here and from the house. >> to generating? >> three kids, to adults but people in the house. >> how much courage as i craig? >> quite a bit as reserve the bay area dippers. >> some customers will be serviced during the walkout workers are spurred to act on the job tomorrow. near falling delays of redwood city where they are trying to clean up sewage spill in the redwood stores never heard theories do dollars we're sure you're talking about this is david lane an anchor circle about 14 in sewer line ruptured yesterday in
5:05 am
that area spewing sewage all into the streets. and in to the garages of several homes but also ran into redwood shores the room you see the closest to the water no word on how much spilled hundreds of guns has been the only estimate herd. the city is continuing water quality tests to determine how bad it is. crews are also trying to figure out what caused this bill and how best to repair and they've been out there on my long warning signs have been posted. people of this one are being towed to stay away from the area to avoid health risks from exposure to the raw sewage. new details as well police and san francisco expert to make arrests soon in the case of murder of german tourists. he said a press conference that he believes they have identified the suspects involved in the killing of the german tourist back on august 8th. she had been walking in the former barbara mason was caught in the crossfire between two groups of
5:06 am
people. a developing story out of these big, oakland police are now investigating its 58th homicide of the year. a little 4930 last and officers' response to the 6100 baud for bancroft where a victim was found dead. is it the victim has not been identified and of this fine no word of any suspects. a dispute or crime sons the police officers' unions as a violent crime is up 9% since as 80 officers were laid off. but the deputy chief says that overall crime is actually down 16% from last year. >> i mean i is 28 clara i do not know if there's a strike and i do not know of the reason is because of its officers were laid off about a certain a crossroads of outside the realm of possibility the crime is going to be impacted by 80 furor very well trained police officers were noted during network. >> last wednesday jean kron told
5:07 am
the crowd on a special visual for to widows the budget crimes are down. she says she stands by what she said. bart has about more than $6 million to deal with the aftermath of the officer involved shooting of oscar grant. there across for details think of $1.5 million paid to grant dollar soared more than half a million dollars in attorneys' fees and nearly bart also is $100,000 for regular another new agreement to officers anthony peroni and marcel dementia or fired. that process, some rose $35,000 trade we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. will you back with more headlines in a moment. james lick freeway taking a look at traffic counts about 101.
5:08 am
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andrea back welfare coverage continues today firefighters in the county expects to have a fire burning canteens this is in the video that we captured with their cameras on wednesday, the blaze is fueled by hot dry conditions with temperatures to the and topping a hundred degrees our last couple of days you can see firefighters to their hoses crews are working around the clock. at last check if the fire was 95 percent contained and has duron still does 335 a. which is a little more than a square mile. six jones and 20 buildings were threatened with those structures and no longer in danger 3 fares offered printer no word on their conditions, the cause is still under
5:12 am
investigation a check mark the headlines stocks that drove higher as investors hope and to read yesterday's late the rally. the dow gained 20 points. it ended at 10,060. investigators are reporting the weekly report on jobless claims expected showed a lot way. apple is announcing a music team event and the differences go next wednesday and google is really taking of sky. gene will have the ability to make calls from their computers to cell phones anywhere on
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning is, is going to be a cool day today compared to what we have seen over the past couple of days. san jose is
5:16 am
temperatures are coming in right around 63 degrees by new and getting up in the mid-70s high- temperature about 81 back down again to 72. actually pretty comfortable today. cool down, this is how much these temperatures are pickling down for today compared to yesterday by 25 degrees and santa rosa. 16 percent fell. fremont is a drug #2219% jose livermore around 19 concord 21. so here is a lack of what is changing the fog. it's pushing in racine's of fraud this morning starting to silence of the north bay to the north bay and the delta. sunset is getting some fog also some patchy far this morning starting to build into the east bay. current temperatures cooler than yesterday 60s, 50s. 63 for
5:17 am
oakland 60 for hayward. none view, san jose into those '60s. after an highs getting into ever '70s. 7 several petaluma. 753 novato. down along the peninsula '60s as well. 66 for san francisco chile comparatively. palo alto 78 degrees over to these big temperatures in the ever '60s, '70s inland spots coming in in the '80s. upper 80s, antioch, pittsburgh down into livermore board 87 degrees south dade temperatures in the '70s, '80s. 81 in san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows of continuous decline in temperatures until the weekend a little bit of drizzle expected for your saturday but a much cooler forecast ahead. james. >> thank you. a checked and your
5:18 am
commute a project, there's not really going on so was the look of the bridges. here's a radical the present approach the bay bridge toll plaza nice, light no issues across the span all lanes are open and traffic problems in nine minutes from one end to the others in detail similar commuter traffic is moving without any problems from hayward to foster city taillights are headed in your commute direction westbound and 9212 minutes is all will take you from one end to the other golden gate has been nice, like all morning long continues to be that way as we approached by 6:00 p.m. traffic is moving well of marin county there's fog on the bridge, back into the normal pattern fog in the morning cooler temperatures in the afternoon as your item one a one cells 21 minutes. on the headlines now no arrests made yet after san jose authorities uncovered a pot growing operational fighting a fire the
5:19 am
belize. started in the garage and a home here on grant park circle firefighters put it out pretty quickly but one that went to check the rest of the house the founders and furniture inside what they did find was 200 marijuana plants a neighbor in fact house as he had no idea was going on. i mean they were there there was smoke coming from the chimney there is a pg&e metred i heard cracking sounds. i had gone 911. it was a house was right next to mind. did you know there are growing marijuana inside. >> i had no clue. >> you'll have to live there? >> know. i see lot of people come in and out the end to the go in and out people, they go inside and out of the global them. >> people will improve the service wants will had bypass commuter authorities have discovered marijuana plants at a
5:20 am
number of house fires lately. santa cruz pictures of his arrest a man arty in jail for setting fire to the business in boulder creek. he's seen year he was arrested for setting fire and not the store on saturday he was dirty in jail prior to the arson charge for calling 91 on every payphone in boulder creek and leaving the vogue of the hook. he is also being held for violating probation sending from a previous arson conviction. news run california community college since could soon have an easier time transferring to the california state university system all because of the senate bill was just passed the required community colleges to create degrees guaranteeing stevens a transfer with the status of junior. the bill aims to streamline the process for transfers since it was previously approved red assembly of eds to the governor for signature a group that fired a
5:21 am
lawsuit over documents related to june appearance mr. phelan is claiming victory this morning a judge decided yesterday that the university must release palance contract to the public it comes after the group filed a lawsuit brought in april after the school refused to disclose documents related to the appearance the new the university said it was hit by a nonprofit foundation and because of that was not subject to public records act. the nation's first energy efficiency standards for television to delay by six months if governor sorts near signed the bill that is now on his desk. that bill ride yesterday for a signature it would crush the regulations adopted last year by the energy commission further out they will not take effect july 2011 it would give basically the sec declined to develop its own nationwide of fish. they're hoping to lead the nation in setting standards. firebreak.
5:22 am
we'll back with more headlines than just a moment the latest news coming up. a live look from a rooftop camera icy fog. that is or back into cool weather pattern by by the hot temperatures hello to cool conditions not only for today but even cooler as we head into the weekend back with more minute. [ female announcer ] jcp cash is on the spot savings. earn ten dollars off on the spot when you spend twenty five! wow! unlike other stores... ...we don't make you come back to save. earn jcp cash -- ten dollars off when you spend twenty five,
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♪ what a match the kron 4 morning news time now is 526 river hurricane to talk about. weaver
5:26 am
graphic to show you what is going on hurricane danielle is now a category 2 hurricane out and midlantic lin said about a hundred and 5 mi. per hour. it is moving to the northwest but it could in fact that mrs. blackburn muted. could be a major hurricane by this weekend although i looks like it could be avoiding the eastern seaboard it is also going to create a direct effect of large swells. and a quarter of that hurricane could actually move towards north america0 you can see that as we head towards the weekend of looks like. it's still be in the are entered the clinic with up to hundred and. m.p.h.. this could become a major hurricane. james. >> thank you. world headlines this morning we will begin with the news of a local big down san francisco woman was among those killed in a plane crash and the paul tuesday morning 18 on a tender fallen she was hours a
5:27 am
teaching children at an orphanage in a village in nepal the plan to resign and was headed to a cola which is a trucking base near mount everest when it crashed. three true members of ross kron4 they all died weather conditions were for the plane was unable to land. meanwhile the philippines president is promising that someone will pay for the bus hostage crisis that killed eight hong kong tourist he does not directly blame the police but he says there were many failures and that someone failed and someone will pay. pastas jigger received relieved elderly rest passengers and children but later opened fire on the remaining people on board businesses have halted this morning for three minutes to pay tribute to those eight jurors that were killed. we're going to take a break. more headlines read had a quick reminder about a program in change coming saturday because the giants game
5:28 am
will be on nbc will carry nbc's programming at 8:00 p.m. that is " persons unknown " taking care said karen kron will follow the kron4 evening news and ibm. here's a live look to the golden gate, foggy of their the top part of your screen that is the south tower you cannot see it part of your screen that is the south tower you cannot see it sure didn't fog. changing sn çççóisçóçç know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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5:30 am
a live look here at 101 in san jose traffic in the northbound taillights are moving well but obviously beginning to build a full look to the commute coming up. first let's get a check on the forecast. dead's a good thursday morning. the heat wave is over, we're bringing back little of that fog. you can see this as kind of settled over golden gate this morning it is not quite widespread around the bay but it is kind of moving into several locations sentences
5:31 am
of 58. getting up to 62 high- temperature 66 back down again to 51 ready 8:00 hour. here's a look where the fog is actually selling into the is our san moving right on through. let's go ahead and take a look at our hurricane danielle which is in the pacific. it is going to be hanging on the pacific category to strengthening as it heads into the weekend currently here this is where that looks like get there in terms of your fraud. celia into the north bay you can see from santa rosa to petaluma also to the delta starting to move into the east lay down on the south bay wrapping around to morgan hill starting to see that fog just kind of get into place this morning current temperature is 58 for san francisco 53 oakland. some of the day lower 60s to remind you, san jose 58 for fremont. 10:00, warm it up
5:32 am
mostly sixties around the peninsula a few seventies as well by noon getting of the '70s even a few eighties. after an high topping in the '80s. no more triple digits no more nineties today here's a look of some of those numbers and what we can expect. the upper 70's. 85 for sonoma down london valley 74. much cooler coming in around 66 for san francisco redwood city 77. palo alto 78. 77 is a common member for hayward. castro valley a few degrees cooler. inland san ramon temperatures in the mid-80s getting up to 89. this is like any act. los gatos upper 80s. 77 sunnyvale. san jose 81 degrees. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows a continuous decline in temperatures heading towards the
5:33 am
weekend in fact we could bring back that fog now will produce some drizzle for your saturday morning much cooler forecast ahead james. thank you. a quick look here westbound 80 of your purchase of a red and traffic is good as you make your way across the bay bridge nine minutes is all will take you from the macarthur maze to the city highway 92 down by hayward is looking good traffic is building still moving without any issues. 12 minutes to make that distance. golden gate, giving is again a look alike to you coming at iran no reports of any delays or stalls nothing is really getting in your way other than the fog but it is still 21 minutes from 37 down 101 into san francisco. more weather, traffic and a minute. in san mateo counties eager bridge workers there and strike. the
5:34 am
two of the 48 airstrike which means pick of delays will continue for residents you saw some of those union workers were there signs they walked up the job yesterday apparently upset over contract negotiations that are stalled they said they expected those dozen workers to walk of the job what they did not expect is that too rigid and 50 tractors would join them. in support. so now we have trash cans there were strewn about the entire area yesterday. here's video what looks like nothing has changed. those garbage cans are still sitting up there with food is beginning to swell. do not forget we of record-breaking temperatures will the charges sitting out there the strike is just two days long. hopefully to moldova of their to get. cruz and redwood city are trying to clean up sewage spill and the redwood shores neighborhood of 14 in. your line ruptured near david lane and anchor circle we can see where it is located
5:35 am
really near water. this sewage spill their hundreds a gallon into the streets and into their garages or server alms a huge mess and now for those folks sewage also ran into redwood shores the been no word exactly how much allegiance to the water but the city plans to keep taking water quality tests crews are trying to figure out what caused the spill caused the rupture in the first place warning signs have been posted people are being told to stay away from the area. avoid any health risks they're saying do not in the the prior cells they will have crews coming by to properly sanitized that spell in the damage. in the wake of a may 7th 83 call prices are beginning to climb the u.s. department of agriculture reports that prices have been rising since august 16th when i recall one out in areas like new york a prices have grown by about 40%. similar
5:36 am
each races through much of the midwest as for say consumers can also see prices continue to rise before things get better. a bay area from may been the main source for discovering the salmonella outbreak about 30 students who went to a santa clara county from got sick last may from a costard there was served a was catered, that is when the carrier counted them. what would soon be a nationwide from. decatur did not do anything wrong something happens they haven't to get their pictures from the bakery and happen to source their ace from this particular out of an iowa. can the house officials are not identifying the school or the bakery but state officials said that an electronic alert to help officials against the country when clusters started to get sick. all the illnesses trees back again to those two firms that led to the recall of more than half billion eggs across 23
5:37 am
states. meanwhile nurses were gathered this morning to brother and friend of kaiser medical center in oakland in st. mary's hospital in savings as go to protest make women's voting record. they say will misfire form means declining care for patients in california hospitals women has pushed to roll back rows the guarantee breaks for plays and pay for time. she also hopes to cut retirees' benefits for nurses. that's why these rallies have been scheduled the hub and a 715 in oakland and 745 incidents as group. jerry brown says he will not rule out using a state plane if elected even though he has criticized his opponents reply on private jets smear campaign rally brown says that flying on a state plan is sometimes required as part of public service to make it to the important business functions from has flown on state plans
5:38 am
will slow times during his tenure as attorney general. we're going to take a break, back with more headline's adjustable minutes. a live look from savings is there james lick is showing you moving well. whether that is a big story that we're following we have cooler temperatures in store today and much cooler temperatures headed our way for the weekend we will be revived. national pastime?
5:39 am
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all lanes from a much higher. the labor department says the new claims dropped by 31,000 to a seasonally adjusted four under and 73,000. wall street economists had expected to drop by much smaller among the fact that it felt as much might mean that we're in for least a
5:42 am
positive start to trading. we'll let you know the bells entering 45 minutes. bad news to report for california members of in its and blue cross and blue shield. the state insurance different has improved larger rate increases rees and average right. it's and to cross 13 and a half percent and fee hikes. and in the cross is its largest for-profit venture with increases affecting iran 800,000 customers to hundred and 50,000 blue shield customers it will be affected providers must give 30 days' notice before they can increase rates. a live look good san mateo bridge as a good break. traffic is serving although it is building will have more commute on your weather coming up. )
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news 5 40¢ and that he waived that we've gotten so used
5:46 am
for over the past three days is over. here's a shot from san jose down and said bay temperatures are cooling off. fine in getting up to 70 high- temperature in mounds view only 76 degrees. back down again to the upper 60s by the a clock tower. here's a look rainout side giving you an idea of how much cooler it is claimed to be. 25 degrees cooler in santa rosa. six teen center fell concord 21 fremont 22. down into san jose about 19 degrees cooler overall most locations will really feel that cool down also feeling that fog start to build than really just kind of selling to the north bay. the peninsula's not as bad you can see that the fog pushing on to the golden gate to cinephile up to 11. petaluma. moving down around oakland to
5:47 am
the east bay and to morgan hill. current temperatures are much cooler than yesterday 58 san francisco 630 clint said bay, mountain view, san jose low 60s upper 50s for livermore. into the afternoon only getting a separate '70s for santa rosa runner park founder cinephile. and along the peninsula today checked out the difference you remember we were seeing temperatures in the '90s 66 today and san francisco along the coast same story east bay upper 60s oakland 70 degrees 77 for hayward. castro valley 76. cerone topping out in the mid '80s the warm response to they like antioch only getting out to about 89. los gatos 89 also morgan hill 88. santa clara will see those temperatures in the '80s. here is a look at your 7
5:48 am
day around the bay. a constant decline in temperatures we're lucky if we get out of the low seventies in the inland spots mid-60s to the bay and the coast. watching hurricane danielle of in midlantic this category two wins moving hundred and 5 mi. an hour this storm is expected to strengthen and could become a major hurricane by this weekend. james. >> thank you, a checked and your commute we are following the latest with the bay bridge. the looks like a little minor stopping go there in the cash lin as you make your way to the toll plaza everything is going fine to the gates of their in the issue all lanes are open. smoother ride from the macarthur maze to the city. just nine minutes. san mateo also showing a pretty nice commute. traffic is building slowing of the limit no reports of the chp ave backers, slowdowns as a major worry for hayward defroster city. checker north bay arrived,
5:49 am
101 over the golden gate looking well a few more headlights' volume is picking up as your entered the morning commute. fog is what you're dealing with is you make your way across the span. dry thyme 21 minutes from nevada to san francisco. when it comes to the rules of their road pedestrians in crosswalks have the right of the way right? and not but, some drivers have hard time remembering that kron4 stanley roberts explains. >>crossing a street in san francisco should never be a life or death decision. yet people young and old do just that. risk their lives because drivers either don't know the law, or just don't care. this is mark gamble, sorry make that sgt mark gamble of the san francisco police department. sgt. gamble risks his life crossing dangerous intersections around san francisco so you won't have to. this is a crosswalk sting set up on geary. all mark does is simply cross the street to see if the drivers will yield to him. some do, but more than often some don't. like the driver of this nissan sentra. >> you know why you're being stopped? when you crossed the intersection back there, did you see pedestrian crossing the
5:50 am
street? >> whenever someone steps off the curb in an attempt to cross the street at a marked, or unmarked crosswalk, drivers are required to yield to that person will they are in the crosswalk, until they make it across the street. in this case until the person walking makes it to the center divide, then the opposing traffic must stop. during this crosswalk sting more than 110 tickets were issued. get this in less than three hours. the sad part if sspd, came to the same exact corner tomorrow, and they would probably write 100 more. one important thing to note, when you approach a crosswalk and you see these triangles painted on the street, please stop at the triangles for safety, because even if you stop for pedestrians but by pass the triangles you could be cited. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. well as
5:51 am
always if you better story idea or, for stanley let him know said in an e-mail that people be having badly at another headline for you coming out of the north bay. of former sonoma valley soccer coach is headed to jail a judge sentenced 44 real scared retain to one year in jail five years probation he pleaded no contest to 26 felony charges he's accused of having sex several times with the teenage fire on his team back in 2007 the girl's mother says she became suspicious of the carriage after reading some text messages he sent her daughter. also this morning san francisco's living with hiv-will news service as an actor when the center closes its doors new leaf which is an aids mental- health and substance-abuse center will close a doctor were actor 15th. after serving
5:52 am
sentences for the gay community for 35 years new leaf has faced increased costs for more than two years which given the current economic situation has made it financially impossible to continue operations. meanwhile redevelopment roger dan san francisco mission bay will receive nearly one-and-a- half million dollars from the state to support the project affordable housing after was named a model for sustainable development mission bay a 300 a. former industrial site will soon have more than 60,000 housing units 30 percent of which will be affordable units. a live look from our rooftop camera foggy over san francisco we're back into that pattern again. brace yourself it is bigger whole lot colder as we head towards the weekend a complete 180 on the forecast double-digit down to really chilly temperatures in the afternoon hours
5:53 am
5:54 am
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and we're back, a here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing you the story of what's gonna happen today much cooler them what we had yesterday reconditions temperatures and and only getting up to maybe 89 degrees to the look as we continue on this saturday and drops down to the low seventies for a lot of folks in the inland areas dropping down to the mid- 60s to the media bay and into the 50s along the coast back into that typical pattern that we have seen during the first half of summer. that we warn back up maybe? maybe the next
5:57 am
week or starting a trend the we will refine the forecast the closer we get to it. tech news, a kind of interesting and new act on the iphone is making it easier to have food delivered to a popular stance as the park this city man that is what it's called it lets us by phone users can order a part called a cheese steak whatever kind of food from an area restaurant and have it delivered directly to the exact spot where you're having a picnic in the park. yes system to locate your specific spot the service started in central park last month is growing in popularity and now we've got here dolores park you can find out more about that napa and our other tax stories by heading to we're going to take a break back with more headlines the latest news stories coming up here's a look to the approach to the bay bridge traffic is moving well. ñóñóóó?i6 0
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