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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  August 26, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:30 >> at 4:30, we of news crews all across the bay area. covering stories here is a quick stories at eight stores in four minutes. >> and open, a 14 year-old was killed just blocks. jamone clark at 66th and bancroft frick teachers described him as an stiller athlete and a great kid. >> in concord, mass confusion over a city bus service for special needs students. parents had to scramble at the last minute for transportation. and
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mount diablo had to call that buses had to be laid, and it would reimburse them if that to drive them. and boss's woulschos have to be provided by city law. monday-wednesday will be faxed. >> early morning house fires and san jose put a short staffed by your department to the test. right after 5:00 a.m., this fire to broke out on rock ridge the people perhaps save the family. and this house also went up in flames, and pg&e is investigating and also shut off. >> and in san mateo county, the treasure is released into pilot because of a strike. 500-trash. really starting to pile up. this is d two, this local market that
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workers are taking matters into their own hands. . they're not service until this is over which is on friday. 36,000 residents are affected. >> a 40 man to a sewage pipe broke and spelled the countless amount-a 14 in. pipe broke. and with six garage, and a lagoon and a repair macke made a noisy night for neighbors. tinker's truckthere were taking this so w sewage out. and the city officials want this fact by the end of the day. in redwood city, kron 4 news. >> in berkeley, this house as been foreclosed on. and and nationally, the national bankers association that one in 10 is at risk of foreclosure. they've
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already missed a least one payment. and real-estate agents say if more homes, on the market at the same time because of foreclosures? prices could be going down on all homes for sale. in berkeley, kron 4 news. >> in mountain view, the sheriff's deputies are demonstrating how this and other aircraft are coming under increasing attack from hand-held laser beams. from people on the ground, deputy city as lasers available online, and at electronics stores as little as $10 can be blinding to pilot. in danger of the lives of the people on the airline, the aircraft, and on the the ground. and at moffett field, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> san francisco's golden gate park vandals of an attacking plants, trees. the rose garden has been the most attacked these are hacked. leaving only one
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behind. and vandals also ripped up new plants, and cut down these new redwood plants trees. why this is done? it is unknown, and enforcement is up and park officials are offering $2,000 reward leading to the rest of the vandals. in san francisco come off daniel villareal ♪ >> much cooler. and the fog remains steady along the coastline spilling into san francisco. the most is in the north bay, and in the south bay which are all back to comfortable levels. a bit warmer in antioch at 90 degrees. above that, the 60s, the 70's and a look at our temperature change the last 24 hours. fairfield, 23 degrees cooler than just 24 hours ago. 15-20 degrees cooler in the north bay each fluctuating temperatures also
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lower in the south bay, with temperatures as much as 60 degrees cooler. tomorrow, will be breezy and we are seeing with the fog, coastline that move back into the bay. tomorrow, the fog and drizzle will move back and the cool air will move back into the bay area and perhaps get worse. windy conditions, " tomorrow and additional going into the weekend and will take a look at that in your extended forecast in just a pemex. >> a small wild fire is burning right now. kron4's jonathan blum shows us. jonathan? >> it is right here, south of the city of san jose it is much smaller in mount diablo. this is only 40-50 a.. and in mount diablo? 37 5 a.. firefighters said that in the one last hour, they have contained this and even though it is still burning is not growing. it is in the northwest corner of santa teresa
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county park and the just up the hill from these kinds of homes, gardens, parks. and also, a golf course. perhaps golfers to not want that over there. it is been exclusively in this grass, no trees. firefighters say that there's been a perimeter, so far, there are walking the perimeter of a fire. trying to secure this and also to determine how big this is and how it started. the cause is still under investigation, and now, cal fire has taken over and they're also continuing to figure out what started this fire. to make sure that it stays contained in eventually, put out. jonathan blum. >> firefighters, are expecting to put the 37 5 a. near mount diablo state park fully contained today. this was from yesterday, three canyon road on
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the east side of mount diablo. with hot, dry conditions fuelled the blaze and threatened six homes. two firefighters had minor injuries and the cause is still under investigation. for the second day in a row, the extreme fire danger has prompted san jose to close this part. it is expected to reopen, tomorrow. park. >> new details as this massive egg recall, and even salmonella found in the food of the chicke the chicke chicken feed and consumers of egg have to different brand names to look for. >> here are the two different names released by the fda. cardenas and trafficanda you can find the entire list
4:38 pm and the federal center for disease control that there could be 2430 illnesses. all of these came from two different forms and northern iowa. and neither has been visited by federal inspectors. the aide industry has fallen to the cracks. >> we think that this high risk facilities including these egg plans should be visited every 6- 12 months. quickly important to produce the improvements and safety, spinach, peanut butter, eggs, lots of these products of the been causing outbreaks in recent years. >> heather donald, kron 4 news. >> a live check, and this is high 101. how northbound, south on, both directions are looking good and also the guadeloupe overpass is looking good. we will be right back.
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>> if you've ever been to the store in an reveikea and even
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plans to make this picture! >> residents are speaking out in emeryville. to plan to construct a $60,000 a square feet storage containment. the ikea store. this is where the store that is prospect, this is 53rd street. the plan would be for people to look purchase large items at the big store and pick them up here at the warehouse. people on 53rd are concerned that they are concerned about more noise, traffic. this meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. >> and our extended forecast will get cooler as we get towards the weekend. a nice cool down on saturday. and a warming trend coming up next week a full forecast coming up
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after this break.
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♪ >> cooler up there this afternoon to roar golden gate bridge camera. up and down the coastline. temperatures are cooler be a real wide as the marine air penetrants the rest of the bay area. and eight- yearly wide, cooler marine air. and 20 degrees cooler in and even 80s in the inland. and coor in the south bay. with mid-upper 70's and the south bay. the weather headlines, the fog up and down the coastline. we will have a foggy morning qamar and wendy, cooler afternoon. the storms will dropping tomorrow- and windy-. if temperatures are going to drop off. the fog tracker, with widespread dog
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expected, and as the winds come up to the south this could break up later on in the morning. by 6:00 a.m., widespread, and 8:00 a.m., it could be widespread fog. and clear up in the north bay by 9:00 a.m., lingering along the san mateo coastline and cool tomorrow afternoon. when inland, 80s, and 70's in the north bay. san rafael, 69 degrees, and a 76 degrees in los gatos. they look at your kron 4 kron 4 7 day around the bay continuing cool in the weekend in cool air being shocked to the bay area. and as we go into next week a warming with that marine layer. perhaps the middle of early next week we will keep you posted as we get closer. >> and a california news, community college students could have an easier time transferring to a cal state. in a bill,
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community colleges would be required to guarantee students transferring with the status of a junior. that will streamline the process of transferring students and provide certainty for people trying to the four- year college degree. it only needs governor's signature. >> and the cal state must release the contract in the documents regarding her appearance. now, the campus says that it cannot comply because it does not have the documents. the contract wbelongs to the... the controversy was sparked when people were found out that she was paid $75,000. >> children might be required to wear helmets while the our ski or on snowboards. and a $25 fine if miners are caught without a helmet. also, ski resorts to post signs warning of this law. opponents say the parents should
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have the right. and this is also headed for the governor's desk. >> this just in, this is monitoring during the live at the bp officials testifying in houston. they're still not providing a clear picture of who was in charge. of who is in charge of the big rig, and attorneys have the coast guard are going back and forth and have spent most of the time looking for just basic information about the bp personnel structure. that is the latest, heather donald. banff gabriel slate's tech report >> could bring fatigue be a serserious side effect? with two different studies, all of these gadgets are depriving our brains of down time. scientists at you of them, say that people that are keeping their brains busy? they are
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rubbing their brand of down time. downtime is very important to the learning process it helps the brain over experience and solidify them can make them programming into long-term memories. >> the study suggests that people have no down time, ever. and self induced. >> and if we get free time? digital, gadgets, texting, enough, twitter, facebook, and e-mail, and ipad, smart phones and these are useful, entertaining but they take all of our down time. people that set, or took a walk by not using a gadget retained new information, easier. instead of those hooked on gadgets. >> and if you are trying to concentration, memories? " 20 minutes with no technology at all. give your prints and down time. see if that helps. for gabriel slate's tech report >> and toyota is announcing
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another recall. the automaker is recalling 1 million of the sedans, hatchbacks and the engines could stall. that there were sold here in the u.s. from 2005-2008. the three accents, and one injury been reported because of the problem and federal regulators-3 accidents. with stalling injuns and the corolla, has been reported since december. injuns. >> and 33 miners and a truck in the country of chile. signs of depression, and advice from submarine experts, there are three different polls, where the rescuers are sending down fresh air, and using to communicate with. the have been trapped since august 5th. also, they could be trapped into christmas. officials are planning exercise
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programs, and other activities to keep them occupied. and keep them fit so they can keep them through a rescue, one that is completed. >> we have a programming change to tell you about for this coming saturday. nbc will have the chance so we will of the nbc show, persons unknown. and then, kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 news room california food co. is recalling frozen fruit pops because of a perhaps typhoid fever. it is recalling its frozen for parfor pops, so by tm trucks, for bending machines, and these recalled of the pc that you see right there on your screen. 763734000097 that is
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live is, heather donald, kron 4 news. >> now, here is stanley roberts to found people behaving badly. >> crossing the street in san francisco should never be like, death. yet, people young and old do just that, they risked their lives because drivers do not know the law or just do not care. and this is sergeant mark campbell of the san francisco police department he risked his life, crossing dangerous intersections so you do not have to. >> and this is a crosswalk on geary. and all this does is cross the street to see if a driver will yield. some do but more than often, some do not, in this nissan. >> do you know what you are getting stuck? there was a " flock back there. there is a pedestrian. there is a pedestrian crosswalk back there to you know what your and stopped by me? >> drivers are required to
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yield. and in this case, that this person makes it until the center divide. and an opposing traffic must stop. >> during this testing, 110 tickets were issued and less than three hours. and the sad part, is the the san francisco police to barbara would be here tomorrow, it they would probably get 100 more. if when you see these white triangles on the street, please stop the struggle for safety. and even if you stop for pedestrians, you could still be cited. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news braveheart >> if you have an idea? e-mail us at: >> of the look outside at traffic on this thursday. and this is the golden gate bridge. that fog is slowly coming and and the traffic is relatively
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moving well. a bit slow on the left coming into the city. we will be right back. urs on my homework -- or at least that's what my mom thinks.
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