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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 26, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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remembering the life of a 13-year-old boy shot to death. friends, famathy and neighbors gathered tonight to honor the young victim. tonight we talk to concerned residents and uncovers the latest in the murder investigation. kron 4's reggie has the latest. >> reporter: friends and family gathered outside. many lit candles and signs. some of the messages say rest
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in peace. [ñindiscernibleñ] >> reporter: everyone walked with candles where clark was gunned down. some shouted stop the violence. a church member had this member for the killer. >> we were all shocked and devastated. but, again, we don't know any details, our hearts go out to the families and his brothers and sisters. >> we know he was saved, he loved the lord. we know he is in a better place now. we worry for the person that took his life too, do such a thing is a heartless thing to do. we ask for them to turn themselves in. bring peace to the situation. >> he was a weak shy of celebrating his 14th birthday. police say the motive is under investigation. no arrests have been made in the case. in oakland, reggie, kron 4
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news. >> police say crime stoppers is offering a $15,000 reward for information that leads to the killer. today marks the 1 year discovery of jaycee dugard. she had been missing for 18 years. she was kidnapped on her way to school. she was discovered in berkeley after philip garrido was trying to get a permit. he and his wife have been in jail for a year. he will appear earn court in october to determine if he is mentally fit for trial. >> day two for the garbage strike in san mateo county. more than 500 trash collectors and drivers called the 48 hour
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strike on wednesday. the strike is intended to express solididary with workers at the land fill. kron 4's marine kelly shows us the mess this strike is causing. >> people were supposed to have their garbage picked up two days ago. it's starting to smell and drawing flies. >> reporter: look over here. you can see it looks like raccoons have been at work. pulled out a lot of bags and ripped them open. there is old napkins. coffee grinds. a lot of homes have garbage bags bursting out of their cans. look here, you can see, check out how some of the carb bord is now littering the streets. the residents wish they have gotten some notice and hope it
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comes to an end on friday. a sewage spill that flooded garages and 6 homes made its way into the water. here is the scene where cruise to continue to work to repair a sewage pipe that burst yesterday. officials posted signs warning residents that the spill has been contaminated. a company is expected clean up tomorrow. it was much, much cooler out there today. look at the high temperature, temperatures in the 80s and 90s. more comfortable than yesterday. 69 in san francisco, 73 in santa rosa. 70 in hayward today.
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look at the difference over the last 24 hours. some places 15-20 degrees cooler. 30 degrees cool in santa rosa. the cooling trend will continue into the weekend. a big box home store in the east bay is looking to get bigger. ikea may be expanding its store in emeryville. that news has some residents outraged. jonathan attended a meeting tonight where the proposal was a hot topic. >> reporter: city planners approved plans for ikea to expand into a warehouse two blocks from where we are now. it comes with concerns from neighbors who say the noise and traffic will be too much to
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handle. when ikea announced plans to expand, planners held a town haul meeting and practically the whole neighborhood showed up. >> i am so upset about it. >> reporter: the counsel chambers are built to hold 75 people. some standing in back and stretched out on the floor. most angry homeowners. also present was ikea spokesman who said there would be no shopping of @ the -- no shopping at the warehouse. only storage. dozens stood up to say the warehouse could ruin the neighborhood. >> our community will suffer from this. >> the site that is proposeicide good for ikea but offers nothing to the neighborhood. >> use common sense and reject
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this project. >> reporter: neighbors were upset after the vote. if they want to appeal they will have two weeks. california homeowners and homeowners around the country, many are still struggling to hold on to their homes. plus how the bad news is effecting people trying to sell their homes right now. but deadly on fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control.
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new details about how much money bart spent in the wake of the 2009 new year's day shooting of oscar grant. >> reporter: we checked with bart and found out it spent $6 million on this, the videotape shooting of oscar grant. 1million to pay for the huge police presence in the after math of the shooting. you can see all the officers
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lined up here. now look at this video here, these two officers involved in the incident, anthony and marisol were eventually fired. that process cost $75,000. other costs include $1.5 million paid to oscar grant's daughter. $552,000 in lawyer fees and $12,000 for counselors after the shooting. the cooling trend continues into the weekend and a warm up into next week. your complete forecast is just minutes away. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad.
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>> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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firefighters fully contain the wild fire near mount diablo state park this evening. the fire started tuesday.
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hot and dry conditions helped fueled the fire that for a time threatened two homes. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. the crews are expected to stay in the area till saturday. this was the scene yesterday. official says the outlook for fulcontainment is good, which is 76%. the fire started tuesday west of los angeles. the fire is no longer threatening structures. the cooler weather conditions are going to help lessen the fire danger. looking at tomorrow, we are seeing fog into the bay shores. it's going to continue and spill inland. by 7:00 tomorrow morning we will see fog close to the coast line and drizzle there as well.
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the fog back to the coast at noon into the afternoon. we will see winds pick up in advance of cold air that's dropping down the coast line right now and heading towards the bay area. temperatures 82 tomorrow in our inland spots. tomorrow morning, fog blanketing the bay area early, 6:00. 8:00 pealing back, and then clearing up in the north by 9:00. but fog lingers. temperatures few degrees cooler tomorrow. 60 in san francisco. 77 in santa rosa, 80 for inland spots. we will see a cold storm drop
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down into california. temperatures drop off into s.a.t. saturday. only sitting 74 degrees, 15 degrees below average. sunday we will see some improvement. and into next week, a warming trend in store. we will keep you posted. >> homeowners in california and the rest of the cubry are still struggling to meet their mortgage payments. 1-7 mortgage holdsers facing foreclosure or behind in payments. that sound you hear is the american economy, jobs are the fuel and the tank is running dry. the number of delinquent mortgages is on the rise and the brokers association says they won't come down as long as unemployment remains high. nearly 10% of mortgage holders are one month behind.
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9% are serious behind. and 5% were in foreclosure proceedings. all those numbers are better than those in the 1st quarter but significantly worst than one year ago. kron 4's dan went to find out what the latest figures mean to other homeowners. >> reporter: the mortgage crisis is having an impact. this house is the victim of a a foreclosure and experts say as the trend continues it could impact others wishing to sell. >> if we have more foreclosures that will add to the inventory. >> reporter: glen says the number of homes sitting for sale in alameda county already doubled since the beginning of the year. add more foreclosures and it could put pressure on sellers
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to lower their prices. >> we had a drop from -- in the bay area from peek to valley was 53%. >> reporter: that means those wishing to sell have to consider whether now is the right time. what remains to be seen, how many of those homes at risk for foreclosure actually go into foreclosure. experts say the prognosis is not good. they expect this crisis to be around for several more years to come. dan, kron 4 news. a number -- the number of people sickened by the egg recalled climed above 1400. and they found salmonella found in chicken feed. two additional brands were added to the recall list, gar dean osand [inaudible]
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ranch. a serial stabbing suspect arranged today. [inaudible] arrived at a michigan jail. he is suspected of stabbing 18 people between may and august. 5 of his victims died. he was captured in atlanta. a jet blue plane blew out four tired at sacramento airport today. it started to smoke, forcing the crew to deply ploy the emergency slides for evacuations. 15 passengers suffered minor injuries. >> coming up the raiders switched locations and tiger woods back where he hasn't been in a long time. vern has all those details and the sports straight ahead. saturday, nbc will air the
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giants game or at 8:00 chronwill air persons unknown and then you can catch kron 4 news at 9:00.
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all right. show down deep in the heart of texas. the a's have been chasing down its foe. a dog day in cleveland, a possible three game sleep. kevin, second double of the game. davis scores the a's take a 2-1 lead. looked like a possible sweep for the indians. then [inaudible] made the only mistake of his outing. luporta made him play. the a's with the tying run at request. second base.
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the a's remain 8-1/2 behind texas. the final 3-2 today and the indians stop a 5 game losing streak. the giants grab the wildcard race. the phillys were even with the giants but astros won 3-0, jayson werth weighs at this pitch, as the astros complete a four game streak. puhose, in the fourth, gets his 400 career home run, third youngest to reach that plateau. albert pujols a member of the 400 home run club. tiger woods atop the leaderboard. 14th hole. here is tiger. hit nearly every fair way, was
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in the first group. that to get to 5 under par. first round since his divorce. finished at 65. >> feels good. feels good. feels good to control my ball all day like this. feel goods to have the things i am working on start to feel more natural. 7 birdies. tiger woods a co-leader. nfl, training camp is over today for the raiders. up in napa there is going to be a rally tomorrow. raiders play the 49ers saturday night. and campbell can't wait. >> probably the biggest pre- season game i have been a part of. two teams in the bay area. san francisco is a good
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football team, well coached. they do things with good discipline. great challenge for us. >> action tonight, super bowl preview alert, packers and aaron rodgers running out there, will host the colts. patten manning in mid-season form. 18 yards strike. 214 yards. rogers threw three touchdown passes. the packers win 59-21. rogers from chico. just like old times, tom brady, up top, the long ball. randy on the receiving end. 18 of 22, 273. st. louis won 36-35. these games don't count.
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